"Bringing my thoughts into the memory of time, grow now magnificently into Fancy Lala!"

Fancy Lala vidcaps by Fonzie

Fancy Lala involves a 9 year old girl named Miho. She wants to be a manga artist/model/singer. One day she finds 2 dinosaurs who give her a magic sketchbook. With this sketchbook, Miho can magically draw outfits to fit her. The only thing is, they come out 3 times her size! So, Miho must use the magic pen to transform herself into Fancy Lala, a 15 year old model/singer. The entire series is 26 eps long and it's awesome! Notice in the first pic how her clothes fit too big!

Prepare to grow up!

Miho's bod begins to change!

arm extends!

legs and torso change!

reaction to the transformation!

the whole transformation!

the whole transformation again!


Clothes too big after AR

AP on the beachblanket

Miho with Lala

Before and after AP cards


Four ages

Miho and Lala

Statue of Miho and Lala

Manga drawing art

Lala AR's back into Miho

Miho and Lala


Fonzie's box art scan

scan 2

scan 3

scan 4

scan 5


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