Aging Transformation Scenes

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short stories

A.E. Van Vogt
- (old age, AR?) "Masters of Time" 1942 novella. AKA "Recruiting Station", "Earth's Last Fortress". A mysterious man offers Norma Matheson a job. When she tries to escape, she finds that a machine used by Dr. Lell can control her mind, and even more, her age. He is a "Master of Time". In return for her cooperation, he will make her young again.

Adventures In Odyssey
- (male APed) Radio serial. 2 boys get stuck inside a computer, and meet a boy named Gregory, who despite looking like an old man of 70 was in fact 12, due to having had his life sucked away by playing computer games. Of course the entire adventure (along with Gregory) was just a virtual reality simulation.

age regression story archive
- (dedicated AR stories) - link

Al Sarrantonio
- (ARed TG monster disguised, RN) "Pumpkin Head" 1982. From horror anthology Terrors, Charles L. Grant.
3rd grader Raylee tells story about a boy named "Pumpkinhead" with an enormously oversized head and orange skin. Raylee is invited to a Halloween party later that night. She arrives dressed as a black cat and sneaks in quietly. The other kids demand that she finish her story. She is really scared, and begs not to. The kids taunt her, and she finally lets out a scream and agrees. Pumpkinhead's parents finally found a doctor who transformed his body, and used plastic to give him a new face. Raylee shocks everyone by revealing that the doctor changed Pumpkinhead into a little girl! She then tells them that his new face was only a mask, with the real Pumpkinhead inside just waiting for the chance to come out. Suddenly her voice changes, and her face begins to grow. Her head inflates to the size of a pumpkin, and her face explodes like a balloon, revealing the real Pumpkinhead. She keeps whispering that all he ever wanted was friends, and then takes out a butcher knife. The words "My lunch and dinner, my dinner and breakfast" are chanted, and the story ends with the basement filled with the screams of the children. (Dreamstalker)

Ambushed By Time
- (amnesia adult flash forward) Kaite O'Reilly radio drama, BBC Friday Night Theatre. Each morning when Katrin confronts the mirror she finds herself 20 years older than expected.

Amelia Reynolds Long
- (male AR, unseen RN, adult rejuv) "A Leak in the Fountain of Youth", 8/1936, Astounding Stories.
Brilliant biochemist invented serum to reverse the aging process. His old college chum shows up on the lam from the police in a case of mistaken identity. O'Flannigan offers to make him look 16 years old again.
Due to a miscalculation, Lindstrom is regressed to a baby, and O'Flannigan must hire nurse Miss McGillicuddy to look after him. When the police catch the real bank robber, O'Flannigan tries to fire McGillicuddy, but she is suspicious.
The man grows back undescribed in a moving vehicle.
"Instead of an equine forty-odd, Miss McGillicuddy was now a coltish twenty-one!"
- link part 01 - link part 02 - link part 03 - (Time, JeffR)

Anna grows up
- (CB) About a fast growing 11 y.o. girl - story

Antioch Review, The
- (adult rejuvenation) John Donald Kingsley? 1959, v.19, p99.
"...arthritis had started in her damaged bones.
"I want my looks back," she said to the mirror. The mutilated nerves and muscles of her face made a bitter uneven smile. No, she had never been good-looking. An ugly duckling, a poor little rich...
...her mouth, and looked at her beautiful even teeth. She had grown taller and straighter, her waist smaller, her bosom high and full. She raised her fingers to the clear bright skin of her face and throat.
"That can't be me," she said with a gasp...
"My clothes don't fit."
"And I will get you new clothes, and everything else you want."
In the mirror she saw him walk close behind her and pull off his gloves. She looked down in horror at the hands which wrapped..."

Arnaud, petit a petit...
- (dedicated male AR) Nora Aiko, 2014, $8.84, 31 pages.
The first french EBook featuring an AR change. Part01: About a mature man with an 18 y.o. girl who wants to regress him more and more.
- Purchase link - (Aikotgar)

B. J. Hollars
- (AP flash forward CBed) "Two Unlikely Stories" AKA "An Odd-Looking Catfish" The Summerset Review, 2005
"His daughter, who disappeared at age nine, was found ten years later, living inside a leather boot he had reeled in from the bottom of the Ticonderoga River.
He stares down into the hole, and sees a thin, pale hand reaching up. He jumps back, startled, then carefully peers into the hole once more. Alvin reaches for the hand, touches the cold, hard flesh, and pulls gently. And somehow ... his daughter comes sliding out, wearing the exact clothing she was wearing the last time he saw her, ten years earlier, before she ran away and never came back. Her clothes are tattered now, ripped by her growth spurts, dingy and moist and moldy from the years spent underwater.
Abigail ... Abby? he murmurs, unable to grasp the idea that his forgotten offspring could somehow be in front of him, could somehow be alive and breathing and ...
She coughs, says she needs some water, fast, and having forgotten his canteen, he has nothing to offer her.
... this was your room. You remember, Abby? You remember when we lived here together? I ... I didn't touch a thing, didn't touch a damn thing. It's all as it was when you left it. Abby smiles, still dripping from her tattered clothing. You didn't change a thing, Daddy?
That night, as they went into their respective rooms for the night's rest, Alvin finds himself in a dilemma, not quite sure if girls Abby's age still need a kiss before bed, if they still need to be tucked in, a light flicked off.
Alvin glances at his daughter, noticing for the first time just how beautiful she has become, as if the ten years inside the boot had fermented her, changed her from a good beer to a great wine, metallic in taste, bitter and natural all at the same time."

Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays
- (adult CB concept) David Sedaris, 1994.
The editor of Giantess called to say he'd received my letter and thinks I might have potential.
"I liked your story, Dave, but for Giantess you'll need to drop the silly business and get straight to the turn-on, if you know what I mean. Do you understand what I'm talking about here, Dave?" Hank told me his readers are interested in women ranging anywhere from ten to seventy-five feet tall, and take their greatest delight in the physical description of a giantess outgrowing her clothing.
"I need to hear those clothes splitting apart. Do you think you can do that for me?"
It seemed to be something I might be capable of... I took a walk to the grocery store, wondering what might cause a woman to grow to such proportions. I think it must be terribly lonely to stand seventy-five feet tall...

Benjamin Rosenbaum
- (age stasis, mental AR) "Start the Clock" 2004. A virus that caused humans to stop aging struck the Earth 30 years ago, confining the protagonist in a 9 year old body. Characters who are physically children tend to act like children with 30 years of extra experience. The protagonist meets a girl who is mentally the same age as she is physically, having been infected at age 2, and having been administered a cure to allow her to age naturally.

Benjamin Rosenbaum
- (age stasis) "Start the Clock".
One day everyone on Earth stops aging, and remains at whatever age they were at that time... little kids have it the best because their brains stay in the "good at learning" state, and they've gotten the same rights as adults. Anyone going through puberty got the worst deal, since it just keeps going, deforming them and giving them health problems. Infants tend to get cybernetics, and are scary and powerful. Eventually treatments to allow people to continue to age are developed.

Benno and Some of the Push
- (UC scenes, coming of age) Edward Dyson short story collection, 1911. Teen girls have outgrown their clothes.
"She came to the flat fresh from the country, a tall, bony girl of sixteen, very angular, all legs ... with strangely obtrusive feet, large freckles, and a face like that of a patient horse. At this time, too, Susie Gannon's apparel was markedly inadequate. She had grown out of everything, and the abruptness of her skirts, and the strain upon her jackets, and the brevity of her sleeves, showed how her parents had been distanced in their well-meant efforts to keep pace with their daughter's startling development. The whole effect made an irresistible appeal to the strong sense of humour in the women..., and Susie provoked much merriment for many days. "Blime, she looks like a shillin' ling wrapped in a penny stamp!"
"Thripny was going on sixteen, too tall for her age and her width and her wearing apparel. Her shins were so thin they seemed to have a cutting edge, and there was too much of them visible, although the frayed, stained and faded skirt was let down so far in the hope of covering the deficiency that a wide gap existed between it and the skimpy body part of her costume, where a quantity of dun-coloured underclothing protruded. Her arms, too, were long and thin; so was her neck. The long, thin arms came far out of her tight sleeves, always worn at the elbow and torn in the armpit."
"Jinny wore a bit of stale red ribbon awkwardly knotted in the middle of her swan-like neck, but she was not a girl who put forth any pretensions to style. Her boots were heelless, and their symmetry had been destroyed by bigger feet. Her stockings had many holes. 'Thripny looks ez if she was painted on elastic, 'n' then stretched,' said the packer. The description was apt."

Brett Kiellerop
- (dedicated male TFed) "Growth Spurt" 2011, $1.50.
What happens when a Mother wishes her son were a bigger man? He has a growth spurt.
- Download link

Brian Aldiss
- (AR, OA'd) "The Night That All Time Broke Out", 1967.
Fifi and Tracy are having time gas installed in their home. This gives you the abiltity to mentally relive any period of your life, depending on the amount of gas inhaled. After the workers leave, they set it to a "more bedroomy" time period, and become intimate. However, something goes wrong, and they begin to mentally age backwards. They make a call, and find out there has been a huge leak at the time mains. After they get off the phone, the now virgin Fifi suggests they go down and try to find out what really happened. They continue to regress backwards, and shortly become infants again. After jumping back to the previous generation as old people, they reach the time gas main, and discover that the leak is much bigger then they had first feared. As the generations roll backwards, they finally become cave men and women, and go off to find food and fashion weapons.
- (Time)

Brian Fogarty
- "The Greenhouse" cover
- (coming of age, dream sequence) "The Greenhouse" 1984. Girl left alone in greenhouse experiences awakening.
"Her breasts seemed to take shape and swell... Sara took gentle hold of a honeysuckle flower, grown large as a lily, by the throat and neck of its long corolla and brushed its anthers and stigma against the pink buds of her chest, dusting them with pollen. They expanded and stiffened and tingled with such an intensity and sublime pleasure she felt that at any moment they would surely burst open."

C. L. Moore
- (backwards life) "The Code", 7/1945 Astounding. Writing as Lawrence O'Donnell.
Part of the surprisingly popular life-in-reverse subgenre.

Carolina Quarterly
- (excellent AP time-lapse flash forward story, BE, height growth, puberty transformations, UC tightening scenes)
University of North Carolina, 1948. Story title is not known. It may be Winters Tale by Daniel B Marin. In several scenes, the reaction of the clothes to the growth was described. Important notice: story appears to be fictional. Google destroyed access to the text and all identifying information.
Tragically only a small portion of the AP text could be extracted:
... ...Danton decided early in this project to keep the clothing and the setting as plain and consistent as possible. He didn't want any period costumes, so to speak. The baby wears a diaper without a shirt so that we can see her growth...
... ...first year would have amazed us. You can literally see the child's growth here, but because she is sleeping, we are missing the internal growth which a conscious child is already able to show at this age. Danton knew that, but the child wasn't able to conform to the needs of the camera yet - when she...
... ...have meanwhile lost what may be the most profound part of the growth of the child. Danton can't be faulted for that, I think. What he did is considerable as it is.
The child grew, her face becoming discernibly more intelligent even in sleep. ...
... ...On the screen the child continued sleeping, growing, but suddenly her eyes were open, her mouth in a smile - both mouth and eyes very irregular in their motion. Just as suddenly the child was no longer in bed, but standing in the back yard, still with a nervous time-lapse twitch.
"The girl is about 3 here. The format you see now is the one Danton...
... ...The professor stopped talking and watched. The little girl was beginning to accumulate clothes again. She had worn only shorts in the summer. Her hair was growing down past her waist when it was trimmed back and began growing again. Beginning with 1924, Elizabeth's hair was cut once a year. In 1925...
... ...permanent smile wavered slightly as her hair grew, her face thinned and grew slightly longer. The hair kept growing, the leaves darkened with the summer's progress, the grass leaped in weekly pulses of growth and cutting, flowers exploded here and there in the flowerbeds, then faded like...
... ...again. The professor broke free from his envelopment when the audience laughed - not maliciously, he was happy to note - when, in the summer of 1929, after a flash of her in shorts only, the girl appeared wearing both pieces of a two-piece bathing suit.
Even that early glimpse quieted the talking in the back, but a little wave...
... ...according to Danton," the professor informed the class, but their interests were caught by the revelation of winter's physical growth evident in the first bathing suit pictures of 1932. The girl's body was blossoming, and the class was hushed in expectation. Her bathing suit tightened top and...
... ...waves almost imperceptibly developed in the girl's long hair. Her face broke out in places.
"Zits!" came a voice from the rear. The crowd laughed again.
A little comic relief, the professor assured himself. As long as it didn't get out of hand, he ought to show some forbearance. ...
... ..."This is, 'make Momma get in the picture'"
The girl's face matured, her skin grew smooth and rich, her eyelashes appeared to be artificially darkened, but were not. By 1936 the girl was a beautiful young woman.
When summer of 1936 came around, the young woman's hair was cut...
... ...being photographed several times a day meant to the girl. She had not been apart from her parents one day in sixteen years. She had not been allowed to vary her personal appearance to any significant extent in that same time. Her harness is beginning to chafe a bit.
1937 was now on the screen and a subtle change appeared in the young...
... ...accomplishing, however, and the professor simply let his students marvel at the grace they saw. But the young woman's determined look shaded back into unhidden melancholy, and she stood motionless for most of 1939. Early in 1940 her determination seemed restored. ...
Following text appears to be part of different stories:
... ...Alone in her bed at school, the morning sunlight falling wrinkled on the floor beside her, she amused herself with the words written on her body. Her growing had stretched and distorted the letters. The U branded on the..."
... ...Ellery noticed how the glistening flesh of her pubescent breasts bulged in the binding of her outgrown white blouse. As he watched, and absently wondered at the mystery of her growth, she ... wrapped her hands around her knees so that the flesh bulged even more. Then, oblivious to...
... ...low across the tops of her breasts. ... her dress was pulled tight across her thighs and Mr. Ollie could see down...

Cary Holladay
- (AP UC glimpse, girl to teenager rapid age increase growth metamorphosis event)
The horses are loose, short story included in 2008 book "Who Can Save Us Now?: Brand-new Superheroes and Their Amazing (Short) Stories" By Owen King, John McNally, Chris Burnham. With mutations stranger than the X-Men and with even more baggage than the Hulk, this next generation of superheroes is a far cry from your run-of-the-mill caped crusader.
- A little-girl protagonist is born with the knowledge that she has the power to fly, but can only use this power once. She's saving it for a grand plan that she hopes will save her single, clinically depressed mother from a lifetime of misery.
- Page 54:
"Summer has on jeans and a sequined T-shirt that her mother gave her for Christmas, but no jacket, thinking it would slow her down, and now she's cold.
Can she afford to fly a little longer? She'll risk it.
Why can't she fly whenever she wants, or use her power some other way, again and again?
The knowing was part of her earliest life. She remembers hearing her mother and father arguing, and thinking, I could use it now, but she didn't.
She kicks of her shoes. Carefully, she buzzes the surface with her bare feet.
Thunderstruck, she realizes she has never asked a single person if they, too, might have power.
Summer hurries back to town through gathering fog...
At last the fog blows away, and Main Street stretches before her like a brilliant runway.
But Summer doesn't want to stop flying.
Closer, closer she comes, not fifty feet above the heads of the celebrants, yet nobody looks up.
By the time she rights herself, she feels her flight power waning.
She lands in somebody's front yard, with a hard somersault, and rolls to a stop.
Nobody saw her land. Nobody sees her as she picks herself up and runs toward the lights, swaying on legs that feel unfamiliar. Her shirt strains under her arms, and her jeans ride up above her ankles. She has grown inches and inches; she is almost a woman in her height. The sky stretched her out. Her bare feet scrape against the rough street.
Summer runs as fast as she can, shedding sequins, but to the old lady in mink and corsage, there is nothing special about panting, breathless Summer Godbolt.
When Abigail reaches toward her, Summer grabs her hand. "Save my mother!"
If she had landed in time, her words would have been persuasive, irresistible. But Abigail Paylor frowns; her brow beetles. She could have Summer arrested.
A scream is coming, or a telling-off.
"Happy New Year!" Summer yells at her, and escapes at a dead run.
She bumps into somebody. It's Fernando, with Luis beside him.
Luis says, " I took my shoes off, too." His sneakers dangle from his wrist.
Her mother will never know what her life might have been like if that rogue gust of wind hadn't come along. Summer has got to get her mother to eat, get dressed, and get out into the world. She doesn't know how she'll do that, only that she will, now that she's almost grown. Already she sees that her plan was a child's scheme. For the rest of her life, she'll think of other ways she could have used her power, if she hadn't squandered it..."

Catherine Chidgey
- (coming of age story, CB, dream sequences) "An Impression of Flowers"
"Etta is aware of her clothes tightening. The stitches in her jersey are pulling sideways, opening almond-shaped slits. Behind them is her skin. She will have to mention this soon. They let the air through, especially at night, when she goes walking."
"She is in the field. A button pops off her blouse and is lost in the grass; she does not stop to find it. She goes to the stream. She stands on the bank and dips one foot into the water. The stream has swollen, she thinks. Under the water her foot is luminous. She steps from the bank, pulls off her skirt. She stands thigh-deep in water. Her legs are made of moon. The water flows between them. She smiles. Another button pops from her blouse, and another. They sink and become stones. She has no need for stones. Her blouse crumbles from her shoulders and dissolves. She inches down into the water, into the bed of the stream."

Chameleon Corps and Other Shape Changers, The
- (TF) "Subject to Change" short story. A kleptomaniac actress finds a way to really live her parts.

Changed into a little girl: Two strange tales of transgender age regression (collection)
- (dedicated male AR & TG) Mindi Flyth, 2014, 8,300 words.
Could anything be more humiliating for a man than being transformed into a little girl? To lose his power, prestige, and very manhood? To start over as a tiny, helpless girl young enough to be his own daughter? 2 dark fantasy tales take us inside the minds of men who refuse to accept the cute little girls in the mirror. We know their frustration as the world refuses to treat them like the adult men they feel inside. And we know their desperation as the truth begins to sink in that they may never be men again.
- "Big Words":
Ethan was changed into a 6 y.o. blonde by a lab accident and struggles to cope with his changing role in his family and increasingly childish behavior.
- "Sugarplum":
Arrogant man Vern learns that if you cheat on your witch of a wife, she may do something far worse than divorce you. She may just transform you into the daughter she's always wanted.
- Purchase link $2.99.

Changed into a Little Girl: Two Strange Tales of Transgender Age Regression
- (dedicated TG AR collection?) 2014, Mindi Flyth, Kindle Store.

Chris Miller
- (male FB ARed) "National Lampoon" magazine, May-June 1987 novella: "They Do Things".
A man finds himself back in his past at 10 years old, in the body he had at the time.
- He checked himself out in the mirror. He was a kid. He was himself at ten!
His notebook, in his lap, lifted slowly. Moran looked down in disbelief. It wasn't a big hard-on, obviously, but it was youthfully exuberant and boyishly intense - shockingly so, in fact. He hadn't known whether, at age ten, he COULD even get one; thinking back, he seemed to remember discovering masturbation a year or so after this.
With whom, for instance, would he find companionship? Kids? Kids were boring! They didn't know anything. They couldn't talk politics, experience psychological insights, even understand his jokes. The children around him would gradually turn to randy, zitty teenagers, like his brother and then puerile college students thinking they knew it all. And anyway, kids turned out to like his company no more than he liked theirs - at school, they sensed his differentness, watched him warily, avoided him.
- (Kidsized)

Christian A. Larsen
- (male AR or AP?) - "724".
c2012, no data could be found. Something about a male age anomaly? Linnie saw something about Owen was strange? ...from baby to eighty plus years old in a day... [and/or back]?

Christmas Pudding (Sebtomato's Exclusive Age Regression Stories)
- (dedicated AR story) Sebtomato, 2013.
Parkdale's brand new 13,800 word short story is out just in time for Christmas and available on Amazon.
- Purchase Link and free sample.

Clifford D. Simak
- (mental reversion) "Second Childhood", Galaxy, 2/1951.
Purely a mental AR Story about an immortal who wants to regress - (Jeffr_2bya)

Comic Geek Speak
- (ARed audio story) 62 year old woman has regressed and has the choice to live life over again, or to return to normal. Podcast story with some AR

Cordwainer Smith
- (unseen AA AP) "The Dead Lady of Clown Town", 1964,
- "Instrumentality of Mankind" future history. D'joan (later Joan) is force-grown from age 5 to age 16 in one night.
"As the child passed Elaine she tried to stay awake. She murmured, "Make me bigger. Please make me bigger. Right away."
"I don't know how . . ." said Elaine.
The child struggled to full awakening. "I'll have work to do. ... It will all be wasted if I am this little. Make me bigger."
"You need a pod. And a jelly bath. And narcotics, because it will hurt. Four hours."
On the actual stage the actors cannot do much with the scene of the interlude, where Joan was cooked in a single night from the size of a child five years old to the tallness of a miss of fifteen or sixteen. The biological machine did work well, though at the risk of her life. It made her into a vital, robust young person, without changing her mind at all. This is hard for any actress to portray. The storyboxes have the advantage. They can show the machine with all sorts of improvements-flashing lights, bits of lightning, mysterious rays. Actually, it looked like a bathtub full of boiling brown jelly, completely covering Joan.
Even as she asked herself the question, Elaine knew the answer. It was Joan, grown, only half a head less tall than the Lady Panc Ashash or herself. It was a new Joan, powerful, happy, and quiet; but it was all the dear little old D'joan too."
- (TvTropes)

Damon Knight
- (AR?) "This Way to the Regress", 1956.
AKA "Backward, O Time" - (JeffR_2bya)
- (backwards life) "Fortyday", 5/1994, Asimov's.

Daniel Cross
- (male AR) From the book "Coopers Hollow: Tales from Just Beyond the Edge of the Ordinary"
Includes the tale "Jilted Wife Commits Perfect Crime!", involving a watch that can age/deage male people: SPURNED WIFE DROWNS HUSBAND IN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (nothing graphic).
- link - (Entropic)

David Lubar
- (male TF CBed) "Kidzilla", from "The Psychozone: Kidzilla and Other Tales" , 1997 short story collection - cover - (Process)

David Sedaris
- (GTS) Non-fiction essay about trying to write erotica for a Giantess Fetish magazine for money. He ponders the more mundane aspects of being a giant that tends to get glossed over in such works. How would they find enough food to eat? Wouldn't it be lonely? Wouldn't a bowel movement evacuate an entire city?

Dean Koontz
- (coming of age) "We Three"
2 brothers and their sister gifted with immensely far-reaching psionic powers kill the entire human race. They beget a baby via Brother Sister Incest - and the baby, still in utero, proves to be stronger that they three combined. There's a strong possibility that the baby is a hermaphrodite, so it won't need the three protagonists after birth...

Dean Wesley Smith
- (travel into younger adult self) "The Gift of a Dream", 2001.
Nursing home residents Brian Saber and Kendra were thrown back into their younger bodies to fight evil aliens in a space opera world. At top speeds, Trans-Galactic flight regressed a human body, so for quick T-G jumps to the outer limits of the Earth Protection League borders, they had to use old people to start.

- (FF) years

- (male FF) - illustrated comics story - arcade years

Dino Buzzati
- (AP CB) From 'The Time Machine' 1954 short story, Italy:
"The present writer was there that day and he observed a group of children playing with a ball. "How old are you?" I asked the oldest one. "Last month I was 10," she answered politely, but with exagerated slowness. And their way of running was strange: all soft, viscous movements, like a film shot in slow motion. Even the ball had less bounce for them. Beyond the fence were the lawns and paths of a garden; the barrier surrounding the buildings began at about 50 meters. A breeze moved the leaves in the trees, yet languidly, it seemed, as if they were leaden.
Suddenly, about 3 in the afternoon, the remote hum of the antenna grew more intense and rose like a siren, an unbearable piercing whistle. I will never forget what happened. Even today, at a distance of years, I awake in the dead of night with a start, confronting that horrible vision.
Before my eyes the 4 children stretched monstrously. I saw them grow, fatten, become adults. Beards sprouted from male chins. Transformed this way and half naked, their childhood clothes having split under the pressure of lightning growth, they were seized with terror. They opened their mouths to speak, but what came out was a strange noise I had never heard before. In the vortex of unleashed time, the syllables all ran together, like a record player at a higher, mad speed. That gurgling quickly turned into a wheeze, then a desperate shout.
The 4 children looked around for help, saw us and rushed toward the railing. But life burned inside them; at the railing, a matter of 7 or 8 seconds, 4 old people arrived, with white hair and beards, flaccid and bony. One managed to seize the fence with his skeletal hands. He collapsed at once, together with his companions. They were dead. And the decrepit bodies of those poor children immediately gave of a foul odor. They were decomposing, flesh fell away, bones appeared, even the bones--before my very eyes--dissolved into a whitish dust.
Only then did the fatal scream of the machine subside and finally fall silent."

Dino Buzzati
- (old age) "The Falling Girl" 1966 Italy.
At dusk 19-year-old Marta begins the plunge from a skyscraper and finally reaches the bottom early the next morning. Time is dually manipulated here: the prolonged length of her fall and her accelerated aging. Marta does not seem to be aware of the acceleration of her age during her flight. "An old woman," the wife answered. "A decrepit old woman. She looked frightened." "It's always like that," the man muttered. "At these low floors only falling old women pass by. You can see beautiful girls from the hundred-and fiftieth floor up. Those apartments don't cost so much for nothing."

Do The Time Warp!
- (FF AA BE) '09-10 comic strip timelines.
Thundercake orders you to draw your past self and your present self together.
The artist usually includes a short description of each stage of her life.
- 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24
- 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29

Don't eat your dinner
- (male AP story, CB, flash forward) story male AP

Donald A. Wollheim
- (male AR TG) 1969 "The Feminine Fraction" in "Two Dozen Dragon's Eggs". Nazi experiments cause a man to melt away, leaving only a baby girl.

Donald Hall
- (TF) "The Wonderful Dog Suit", short story in "Shape Shifters" anthology. Moral: Don't give your brilliant child a dog suit as a present.

Dreaming Again: thirty-five new stories celebrating the wild side of...
- (growing, shrinking, age forms BE, age stasis) - Jack Dann.
- p429: Like me, you do not age. I claim you as one of our own."
They lay together in the sand, loving and sleeping and loving.
Oisin slept dreamlessly... Niamh was running to him from the waves, but this was a different Niamh.
Her body was strangely altered-her skin had turned a golden brown. She was shorter and rounder, narrower across the chest, and her breasts were as flat as a young girl's.
As she approached, she changed once more, becoming slimmer and taller, her chest-wall arching out and her breasts growing larger. She lay by his side-now restored to the form he already knew so well-laughing and wriggling against him.
"Fifty years is nothing," she said... She grew taller-just slightly, the merest use of her powers. Then they were equally tall. "You can change and grow many times. You can lead many kinds of life...

Eagle, the
- (male adult growth UC, male size changes OC) St. John's College (University of Cambridge)
"The Strange Case of Hubert McGiggis"
I broke a piece of the edge of the huge fungus, and very cautiously began to nibble at it. In an amazingly short time I felt my clothes getting very tight, and I only ran round to the other side and took another nibble of the mushroom just in time to prevent something giving way. I was now my normal size again.
I had always before looked upon "Alice in Wonderland" as a piece of fiction; now I had no doubt of the truth of at least one incident in the book.
I ... took a large bite of the opposite side of the mushroom to that which I had first tried.
I suddenly found myself in a very warm and large kind of bag, and felt not a little perturbed.
I found that it was composed of several layers of flannel and cloth.
...the mushroom had made me shrink, but not my clothes, and I was now imprisoned inside my own vest! I ought to have remembered that my clothes did not grow with me when I tried my first nibble of mushroom.
I struggled about among the grass till at last I found what seemed to me about four square yards of mushroom. I eagerly munched it, and was overjoyed to find myself once more a reasonable size. I put on my clothes with all speed, stuffed each pocket with mushroom ... and returned to my rooms.

Earl Godwin
- (AP accelerated growth, also old age) "Daddy" 1984.
Published in Anthology of Fantasy & The Supernatural, The Stephen Jones & David Sutton, 1994, Fantasy Tales magazine. A man meets a rapidly aging woman in a bar, and after sex she gives birth to herself. The baby rapidly grows to adulthood in a day. As of this time, no further data has been found. (theperv584, posted in the Process Forum)

Edgar Allan Poe
- (male adult aged) "A Descent Into the Maelstrom". The "old man" was prematurely aged by the horror.

Eileen Wilks
- (age alterations) "Originally Human", "Cravings" anthology.
As a succubus, Molly needs to feed. It has been some time since she last fed, and therefore she is aging faster than her norm. Michael's attraction to Molly seems to go much deeper than appearances. Feeding Molly will bring her back to the age when she was first "turned".

Elizabeth Hand
- (time jumps) "Kronia", Conjunctions, Fall 2002.
Our child was born, died, grew old, walked for the first time. Sometimes your hair was gray, sometimes black.

Elizabeth Searle
- (AP) "My Body to You" (flash forward) A girl grows into womanhood during a single family dinner that spans 20 years.

F. Paul Wilson
- (adult mind transfer rejuvenated)
"Menage a Trois" in "Soft and Others: 16 Stories of Wonder and Dread"
- An elderly, crippled woman transfers her consciousness into a young woman who works for her. Also turned into a soft porn episode of "The Hunger"

fairy tales
- (AA adult forms of teen heroines) - forms - forms

fairy tales
- (adult forms) - fan art

fantasy curse (bad trend)
- (off-topic & inadequate AP story elements)
John Campbell, Analog 6, 1966: The distinction between fantasy and science fiction is that SF creates few new postulates, and explores their logical consequences. Fantasy makes up its rules as it goes along... "any time you need one!"
- The result is that fantasy AP depictions are invariably throw-away elements of little or no value, and the interesting implications are never explored.

fast raising
- (UCed)
... People who send children to the store after groceries should caution them not to eat on the way home. A little girl bought some yeast cakes at Mark Watson's the other day, and began to eat one, and before she got home, she had raised so that her clothes were altogether too small, and her mother had to bake her with a slipper before she could get them off ...

Flash art, Issues 125-130
- (age changes?) 1986, P328. Snippet: And in order for us to begin to live forever, and "de-age" . . . it is in my capability to age at will, we can age at will, make ourselves very...

Four Stories from Tagore
- (male AR, male AP CB) Swapna Dutta book.
A father/son age swap TF story:
Subal sat outside and thought "If only I could be young again."
...when the sun rose he almost jumped out of bed and discovered he had grown quite small. The teeth he had lost were all back. His moustache and beard had vanished. The clothes he had been wearing were far too big for him now. His shirt sleeves were longer than his arms and almost touched the floor. The neckline reached down to his tummy. His dhoti swept the floor and he almost tumbled in it.
p19: Sushil woke up to find that his clothes were tight and bursting at the seams. His body had become strangely bloated. Nearly half his face had become covered with a salt and pepper beard and moustaches. There was no trace of the unruly hair that had covered his head. He was shocked to discover a gleaming, bald pate in its place.
...he felt no urge whatsoever to climb trees.

Frank Belknap
- (old aged) "Temporary Warp" 1937, Astounding Science Fiction. A couple at a restaurant stares googly-eyed at each other, whispering about their prospective marriage, when she suddenly ages to one hundred years in seconds.

Franz Kafka
- (FF, coming of age) "The Metamorphosis".
Gregor's sister, Grete, develops from a kindly caring person into one who is more self-preoccupied. By the end she physically metamorphosized into a young woman. Her breasts had budded and she begins to enter sexual maturity.

Fred Bals
- (AR) 1988 "Once in a Lullaby" Woman regresses from her 70s to about 11. Quotes: "The dress she was wearing was beginning to bag in some places, stretch in others, as if trying to reshape itself to her changing frame." - "I have to change my clothes again." She giggled.

Frederik Pohl
- (male rebirth) "My Life as a Born-Again Pig", 1987.
A very wealthy, slimy man's brain is salvaged and transplanted into a baby in his wife's womb so he has to start over.

Fritz Leiber
- ("AR") "The Man Who Never Grew Young", Night's Black Agents, 1947 - link
Our narrator describes his life as a man who stays the same for millennia, even as others, one-by-one, are disinterred and slowly grow younger. "It is the same in all we do. Our houses grow new and we dismantle them ... Our clothes grow new and we put them off. And we grow new and forget and blindly seek a mother."

Fritz Leiber
- (coming of age TF wish) "Space-Time For Springers", 1974.
A kitten expects that he will turn into a human when he grows up.

Fritz Leiber
- (reverse aging theme) "The Man Who Never Grew Young", 1947.
Everyone except the immortal title character grows younger, and history itself runs backwards.

Fritz Leiber
- (reverse life) "The Man Who Never Grew Young", Night's Black Agents, 1947.
Humans grow younger as their time on Earth grows longer, sloughing off responsibility and wisdom as they head toward the carefree years of youth and childhood.

Galaxy Magazine
- (FF) Vol37, 01, 1976.
Snippet: Their bodies were melting and altering almost while Bart watched, flesh inflating and stretching over elongating bones; boys' faces sprouting elementary whiskers while their voices deepened, girls' breasts growing, girls' legs curving and rounding to spell out disturbing...

Gene Wolfe
- (time compression) "Forlesen", Orbit 14, anth 1974.
Metaphorical time distortion telescopes human life into a day or less.

Geoffrey A Landis
- (backwards life) "Jamais Vu", 3/1991, Interzone.

Gerald Kersh
- (male AR) "Note on Danger B", 4/5/1947, Saturday Evening Post.
Air pilots flying at very high speed regress towards youth; one crashes as a boy of 9 or 10.

- (kinda looks like APed) - "Goldilocks Rages Against The Fall" (SM) - fan art

growth power
- (growth acceleration) - Story trope. Young girls often have the magical ability to make organisms grow faster - fan art

gymnast progressions (trope)
- (dedicated AP CB slight pic edits, BEd)
growth spurt - growth spurt

gymnast progressions
- (AP CB, BE) Trope or theme also affects figure skaters and ballerinas.
Gymnasts sometimes grow so fast they have to learn how to balance all over again in their larger bodies. In at least 1 parody story they didn't immediately notice a sudden growth spurt during a competition.
- Dedicated extensions: stretch - stretch - stretch

H. P. Lovecraft
- (male accelerated growth) "The Dunwich Horror", 1928 novella.
A male Creepy Child appears to grow supernaturally quickly. By age 12, he is approximately 7 feet tall, badly in need of a shave, with completely adult proportions. Of course, this is nothing compared to his brother.

H. P. Lovecraft
- (male accelerated growth) "The Dunwich Horror", 1928. Wilbur Whateley grew unnaturally quickly - he could speak like an adult and read books by the age of 1 year and 7 months, and was adult-sized by the age of 10.

Harlan Ellison
- (male age stasis) 1977 "Jeffty is Five" The title character stays 5 years old. Donald had no idea that 22 years later, as an adult, he would still be tagging along with the unchanged Jeffty.
Not only that, but Jeffty is also an unconscious Reality Warper; he continually gets to see new movies starring actors who've been dead for years, new episodes of radio shows that have been off the air for decades, and read new issues of comics that don't exist anymore. This leads the narrating character, who's highly nostalgic for the Good Old Days, to spend a lot of time with him... until it all goes horribly awry.

Haunting Hour, The
- (AR) 2001. There is a short story in this book "The Halloween Dance", in which time is turned backward--and so is the aging of a character. (NoOneImportant)

Henry Kuttner
- (adult rejuvenation, age stasis, TF) "The Dark Angel" 1946.
Psionic ex-wife makes herself younger to conceal her identity before finding mutant mate to take over the world.

Henry Slesar
- (male AR) "Brainchild", 1957, IF (SF Magazine). A man wakes up in the body of a child - link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Heroes Evolutions
- (age transfer ability, OA) c.2007. Mostly text-based interactive adventure extension of the NBC Tv-series Heroes, with some illustrated and live-action content. iStory allows players to literally interact with and change the story.
- "The Agent": Former circus performer Leona Mills (Carri Wagner), the mother of Rachel Mills, can transfer age to and from a person or object.
Chapter 9: A shape like a rotting body, with eyes and mouth all caved-in, rises out of a coffin in the back tent of a circus. The body disappears back into the coffin. A voice is coming from the "thing", which sits up again now. Its hollow eyes glance at Anna, then it reaches out and grabs a chair. The chair begins to age, turning black and finally collapsing into dust. As this occurs, the corpse becomes a young woman.
Chapter 10: Some changes are noticed, including age-lines deepening in her face, making her suddenly appear to be middle-aged.
Chapter 12: She gives some of her youth to some rotting wood.

How Sam Grew
- male growth

I Love You, But ...: 40 Fights Between Husbands and Wives
- (male growth anomaly) Colm Liddy, 2010.
She had read of how the hypnotic trance held the human body in suspension ... When the hypnosis was broken...the boy's eyes opened... Then something truly grotesque began to happen. His boyish body, held in suspension so long, was instantly impelled to take on the proper form of a sixteen-year-old.
The boy's arms rose up under the pressure of... rapidly elongating bones. Under the blanket too, his legs began to stretch. Yet matter cannot be instantaneously created. The body was attempting to restructure along adolescent lines using the smaller amount of flesh and bone of a six-year-old. The result was that skin across his chest began to split and leak blood. Muscles ruptured everywhere, even as their ligaments were pulled past the breaking point. From the boy's cheeks poked through a fuzz of hairs, joining to form a beard, while the skin itself collapsed away beneath it...
The spindly right arm was outstretched ... the boy finally fell back onto the pillow.

I was a Billionaire Wereteen (age shifter series)
- (male adult rejuvenation) Scarlett Skyes , 2014. c30p.
38 y.o. billionaire Mitchell Landon gets a big surprise for his birthday. Seems his dad has left him a note. When he finds out he will become a teenager again during the full moon, he gets to have the time of his life - and any girl he wants. The great thing is that his 4 stepdaughters can never find him because he doesn't exist.
- I was a Billionaire Wereteen 1: Taking Lucy (age shifter)
- I was a Billionaire Wereteen 2: Taking Jennifer (age shifter)

J. G. Ballard
- (time-reversed life) "Time of Passage", 2/1964.
The logical conclusion is a return to the womb.

J.G. Ballard
- (male AR, unbirthing) "Mr F is Mr F" 1961 short story. Woman convinces man that she is having his baby. However, as he gets younger and younger he realizes that he IS the baby. He becomes so young that she has complete control and finally gives birth to him in reverse. After 9 months his friend is invited over, and they unconceive the child. It is revealed that she has done this over and over by the collection of wedding rings at the end. (Time)

James Tiptree Jr.
- (coming of age) "She Waits For All Men Born" 1974
She grows, though very slowly, into a graceful, beloved little girl.
And the child is not growing normally; year by year she does not mature. He becomes almost reassured, seeing that Snow is still a child, while the Netmaker's baby son is attaining manhood.
But slowly, imperceptibly, Snow's little body lengthens and rounds out, until when the ice melts one year he sees that small breasts have budded on her narrow ribs. The day before she had been still a child; today she is unmistakably a baby woman.

James Van Pelt
- (age stasis) "The Last of the O-Forms" 2002. Caprice might look 2 years old, but she's really 12, with the soul of a middle-aged tax attorney. She will never look any older, and pretends to be the last normal, non-mutant child. cover

Jane Gardam
- (mind transfer) "Bang - Whos's Dead? Bang" short story in "Beware, Beware" A modern girl of 11 visits haunted house with her folks and ends up switching places with spirit of dead girl. The girl has her body and is quite happy to be alive, and modern girl is stuck haunting house in spirit body the ghost girl had.

John Connolly
- (male TF) "Some Children Wander By Mistake", Nocturnes collection.
A child was permanently transformed into a monstrous clown, having been chosen as a fresh recruit by the other clowns several months before he was born. There was a short film adaptation.

John Davidson
- (growth TF) "The Interregnum in Fairyland". From the book "Miss Armstrong's and Other Circumstances", 1896.
7 year old girl breaks out of cage with rapid growth spurt. "The Interregnum in Fairyland" p.244
'Whoever you are, I've caught you nicely.'
Harolda was on the point of fainting with terror when she remembered her vial. She sniffed and took a drop of the Aroma of Life, and recovered her courage at once.
The extraordinary sense of expansion, both of body and mind, became so pleasant with the continuous smelling and tasting of the aroma, that at last, beside herself with delight, she drank off half the vial. Then a marvel took place, such as Harolda had never heard or read of: she began to grow, sensibly and visibly; all her limbs, her body, her neck, her head, shot up and filled out, like some flower an eastern enchanter causes to spring and blossom in a minute.
She had no growing pains, but it seemed as if her nerves and muscles twanged as they extended with her body, as the blood sang in all her veins. In a few minutes her head struck the roof of the cage. Faint and afraid, she bent herself at first, but after drinking the rest of the vial she stood erect again, happy and confident. Sure enough, her head burst through the iron bars of the cage; and, in a little while, as a butterfly breaks its chrysalis, she stepped out of it altogether - a wonderful creature, taller than women are, more wonderfully shaped, and much more beautiful to behold. Her dress also had changed, and she now wore purple robes of the finest texture, embroidered with gold; she had on golden sandals, and her belt and satchel had grown with her growth.
Declarabol shrieked, starting up, when he saw the cage in ruins.
He beheld Harolda standing majestic, beautiful, and fearless in the midst of the cave, threw up his hands, and fell to the floor a gibbering idiot. Harolda looked at him in disgust for a second or two; then she unbarred the door and went out into the forest. She wanted to shout, she wanted to laugh, she wanted to sing; but the spell was on her, and she could utter no sound of any kind.

John Morressy
- (TF ability glimpsed) "Except My Lifeģ" 1991.
15 year old girl with the face of an angel and a body that every man was hungry for has the ability to change her body at will. She can become man, woman or child, tall or short, fat or thin, anything she wants. She can stretch and shrink and bloat up and trim down. During a play she becomes little and frail, your kid sister, the girl next door, the beautiful princess from all the fairy tales you've ever heard. At the end of the play she was Fortinbras and looked about 6-foot-6 with shoulders that wouldn't go through a doorway head-on.

John Varley
- (AR) "Beatnik Bayou", 1970s, Eight Worlds series.
Teachers are contracted for years of one-on-one teaching of children, with a twist - they regress to match the child's age and remain so for several years, growing with the pupil.
- link - HTML link - (Piper)

Journal of education
- (age change metaphor?) 1914. Snippet: Time is the great devourer... The Indian, however, knows much better than that. He can grow either older or younger at will, and the process is euphemistically known as the "correction" or "rectification" of age. But why, it may well be asked, does he want to do this, and how can he accomplish such an apparent...

Joyce Carol Oates
- (male adult age disguised) "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?", 1966.
Teen girl Connie meets the menacing Arnold Friend, who treats her as a little girl with a sort of fatherly tone. Maybe treating her like a little child is just a tactic to get her to trust him, because she is 15 and he is either 30 or ageless. The theory is that Arnold is the devil. He claims to be 18, but everything slowly becomes much older. He appears both old and young at the same time.

Joyce Carol Oates
- (UC) "The man that turned into a statue" 1966 short from "Upon the Sweeping Flood"
Quote: "The [13 y.o.] girl, who was really a child, had a sardonic dazed look that seemed frozen into her face; she wore an orange sweater with an orange cord that tied at her waist and white pedal pushers that were soiled. Each step she took drew wrinkles sharply across these pedal pushers. Her clothes were too tight for her, she had grown out of them in this past year, her body pushing up and out like a vegetable swelling patiently in the earth."

Jules de Grandin
- (old age, RN) "Clair de Lune", Weird Tales, 11/1947. Wold Newton Universe.
In 1867, it is noticed that actress Madelon Larose has suddenly grown 10 or 20 years older. She regains her youth after the death of her secretary and other luckless girls by stealing their life force.

Kate Chopin
- (UC scene) "A Family Affair"
"Dimple stood on the back porch beside her mistress' open window. She wore a calico dress so skimp and inadequate that her growing figure was bursting through the rents and apertures. She was constantly pinning it at the back of the waist with a bent safety-pin which was forever giving way. The task of pinning her dress and biting the old brass safety-pin into shape occupied a great deal of her time."

Katherine Maclean
- (alien FF) "Unhuman Sacrifice" The preacher has not seen the real adults. The adult form is a non-intelligent creature resembling a sea anemone. The "torture" is intended to prevent the young from turning into the vegetative adult form.

Keith Laumer
- (age TFed) "Legions of Space".
Legion finds himself suspected of killing an amnesiac extraterrestrial pursued by dangerous aliens, who changes ages without warning - (Sylvia)

Kris Neville
- (FF, TF, coming of age, possibility of UC/CB?)
"Bettyann", 1951.
No information could be found.
- A pair of alien shapechangers die in an accident, and their apparently human daughter is adopted and raised as a human in a complex adolescence. She doesn't know about her powers until her relatives return.
- Also a 1970 novel of the same title, and "Bettyann's Children", 1973.

L. Sprague de Camp
- (ARed theme) "Some Curious Effects of Time Travel".
1942, Probability Zero story, Astounding magazine.
A romp back in time by Drinkwhiskey Institute members to obtain saleable specimens of Pleistocene fauna. We learn that time travel has an effect on aging. A curious feature of time travel back from the present is that one gets younger and younger, becoming successively a youth, a child, an embryo and finally nothing at all.

Larry Niven
- (age stasis)
- Glimpse scene. Space parents decided to keep their children as preteens into their 40s.
"Boys and girls together"
- Everyone can live forever if they physically stay children. If they decide to grow up and have children of their own, they will eventually die.

Leatherneck, The
- (male adult rejuvenation) Leatherneck Association magazine, 1961.
"...grow younger. When you shave it off you will grow older. Raise another beard and the years will again drop from your age."
Sam the Beard roared with raucous laughter.
Still, the idea of growing younger and older at will had a prankish appeal. Suppose the old crone was telling the truth: suppose the spell would work...
The more Sam The Beard thought about the operation, the more interested...
...gourd with a wary look, then took and lifted it to his lips. The first swallow shook him from his toes to his black beard.

Legend of Lollipop Blue, The
- (FF UCed) (See Hear Project) Lollipop sticks to her art. While the other kids went out to buy new clothes and hang out at the mall, Lollipop just kept wearing her old clothes. As she grew older, her long pants became hot pants and her tee-shirts became midriffs. But Lollipop was never cold. She had her dream of becoming an artiste to keep her warm.

Leo Tolstoy
- (kinda slight AP wish theme?)
"The Tale of How Another Girl Named Varinka Quickly Grew Up"
- 1857 unpublished sketch inspired by nieces and nephews going to the ballet?

Leonard Merrick
- (male ARed TG) "The Third M" 1919. After an operation a man wakes as a baby girl.

Leonard Tushnet
- (slight male AR) "Aunt Jennie's Tonic", 1971.
Recipe book of murdered mystic includes potions to "make men into boys and boys into men." Subtle AR when the protagonist attempts to whip up a batch of the former - (TBTC)

Liesa Swejkoski
- (adult age stasis) "Perfect Predator", Amazon Kindle. Neither vampire nor zombie, Elizabeth has been around for a very long time... so long that her memory fails before she can recall a "beginning".

life in progress
- (FF stages) c2010 comic strip - age poses - (HapyCow)

Loathly Lady
- (old aged disguised, ARed to young adult) Medieval literary theme. Examples:
- Wife of Bath's Tale, The from The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer, 1395. A fairy tale hag wins the love of a handsome young knight, gains dominance over him in marriage, and through his love and submission, magically transforms herself into a young woman again.
The old woman and the knight converse in their marriage bed about the fact that he is unhappy because she is ugly and low-born. She says he can choose between her being ugly and faithful or beautiful and unfaithful. He gives the choice to her to become whatever would bring her the most honour and happiness; pleased with the "maistrie" of her husband that all women want, she becomes young, fair and faithful to live with him happily until the end of their days.
In other versions, she will be either ugly by day and beautiful by night, or the other way around. Variations are found in the romances "The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle", and "The Marriage of Sir Gawain".
- Story of King Arthur and His Knights, The Howard Pyle version, 1903. Sir Gawaine said, "This is a shame for me to behave in this way; for since I have married that lady she is my true wedded wife." Gawaine then repairs to his wife's chamber, apologizing for his neglect. This is all the concession Gawaine needs to make. The Loathly Lady immediately changes into a beautiful fairy princess. "Because thou has taken me for thy wife with thine own free will and great courtesy," Gawaine's lady says, "so is part of that enchantment which lay upon me removed from me," asking him to decide which part of the day he would have her beautiful.
- The theme became a staple of Arthurian and Holy Grail literature: "Perceval", by Chretien de Troyes, 1190, "Parzival", by Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1220, and the Welsh Romance "Peredur son of Efrawg".
- In The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaid Mugmedon, Niall of the Nine Hostages proves himself to be the rightful High King of Ireland by embracing her. Similar stories are told about the earlier kings Lugaid Laigde and Conn of the Hundred Battles.
- Hrolfs saga kraka Old Norse, c. 1400. Helgi was visited by an ugly being in his hunting house. As the thing got into his bed, it turned into an elf clad in silk, the most beautiful female he had ever seen. A couple of days after the date had passed, he was visited by the woman carrying his daughter Skuld.

- (FF, coming of age) text

Manuel Gonzales
- (FF) "Pilot, Copilot, Writer".
From "The Miniature Wife and Other Stories", 2012.
- A hijacked airliner circles a city for 20 years.
...she was an older woman who became even older as the years passed by...and passed away in her sleep before I was ever able to apologize...the boy, now a young man, would certainly land the plane...

Marta Randall
- (AA adult to older adult) "A Question of Magic"
Imrie is a Daleswoman who doesn't believe in magic. After all, have *you* ever seen an Old One, or met anybody who has? She is not fooled by illusions as she has no imagination. A blank shield travels with an Old One, and the Old One starts aging as they travel through the mountains - (Bookworm, 2BYA)

- (mental age acceleration) Peter Watts, Derryl Murphy, 2005. 4 year old girl's personality matured faster in cyberspace and doesn't want to return to her real body.
"You grew your own child in here, where everything's numbers."
" had to hobble her to fit into that place, or she'd grow up overnight and spoil the illusion."
"You had to keep the clock speed way down."
" should be allowed to develop at your own pace, not stunted to meet some idiotic parental expectation! They shouldn't force you to act like a four year old!"
"I really am four, which is just the age I'm supposed to be."
"I'm reverting. Isn't that it?"
"And that other me ... she's got a four year old brain, and four year old sensibilities, but she dreams..."
"And human children, eventually, age. They become adults, and then comes a day when they die. Jean would do all these things, faster than any."

meme of age
- (FF AA) years

Michael Canfield
- (male age stasis, male AB) "Is You Is/Is You Ain't?" 2004. Man stuck in a baby's body describes his problems. "I don't think the folks who come in to window-shop for orphans know I'm bio-engineered and not a real baby like the others warehoused here, row by row. They don't want a bio-freak becoming a tourist attraction in the ward. They'd chuck me out if they could, but it's state-run so they have to keep me. I'm on a waiting-list: re-engineering surgery for the destitute. Been on it fifteen years."

Michael Swanwick
- (backwards life) "Foresight", Summer 1987, Interzone.

Mindi Flyth
- (dedicated TG male AR unbirthing novella) "The Unbirthing: An Age Regression Novella", 2015 Ebook.
Handsome, arrogant college guy Trevor longs to meet a sexy older woman, but Maggie isn't quite the cougar she appears to be. She lures Trevor into her bed and begins to transform his body, to become a baby girl and start life over in Maggie's swollen belly. The evil but irresistible Maggie slowly strips away Trevor's smug confidence and bulging muscles, leaving him small and helpless. He turns into a girl at age 5. The more Trevor struggles, the more Maggie loves it. Will Trevor give in to his desire and be trapped inside a gorgeous woman's womb? The author lingers on the evocative details of the process, making it frightening and powerfully seductive.
18,000+ words. Adult erotic horror with a streak of wicked dark comedy. Sexification/pregnancy process, mothering, rapid male personality shifts, vore.
- Purchase Link - Read more of Mindy Flyth's work (and sexy short films) at - (Filthymind, Authar)

Murray Leinster
- (AR) "A Leak In the Fountain of Youth" Astounding Stories ca. 1936. Man develops youth potion and has to use it on himself to avoid a murder investigation. His friend looks after him while he is a baby, but finally has to hire a middle aged nurse to help them. The police begin to suspect them of his disappearence. They have to reage him to normal, but have to get him away from the nurse first. In the process she is turned into a "coltish 21" party girl.
- (TG AR) 07-08/50 "Be Young Again" in "Future SF stories" Man takes AR formula to escape the police, but instead of just turning him into a young man it turns him into a beautiful young woman. This is because the other man makes a mistake in the formula. She/he is in a great hurry at first to change back, but after she starts getting very expensive presents from men is in no hurry to change back. (Time)

My Next Life
- (time inversion beyond birth) Woody Allen - reversed lifespan

My Wife Turned Me into a Little Girl
- (dedicated male AR TG stories) "7 Stories of Transgender Age Regression", Susan Donym, 2015 ebook.
7 mature twisted tales, with the changes ranging in age from 16 years old all the way down to a baby still in the womb. Age regression, transgender, unbirth, babyfication, infantilization, turned into a little girl.
- For many men, few things are as terrifying as the idea of being transformed into a little girl. To be so small, helpless and delicate, forced to rely on grown ups to care for you, your adulthood and masculinity stripped away forever...
We watch as grown men suffer the supreme act of emasculation, shrinking down and becoming cute, precious girl children. Some of these men find themselves trapped in high school again, while others become sweet-faced toddlers or baby girls. One unlucky man finds himself regressed all the way back to the womb, forced to start life over as his wife's daughter. And their changes aren't just physical. As these men regress and feminize, they find themselves craving the embrace of their mommies, loving the taste of the formula in their bottles, even feeling strange new feelings for that cute guy on the high school volleyball team. You'll be there as these men become girls in body and soul.
- "Princess" - A man was turned into a little girl by his wife. About his frustrations as she treats him like a kid and prepares for her date with a new guy.
- "The Eternal Mother" - A guy goes out with a girl into new-age magic. When she suggests doing a little ritual to bring out his inner child, he doesn't take it seriously and lives to regret it!
- "Loud and Clear" - An unbirthing story. A woman performed a spell to transform her husband into a baby in her womb - plus some sexy lesbianism going on.
- "Lucky Star" - "Small Parts"? A vain actor undergoes a procedure to make him 21 again. Things don't go quite as he planned!
- "Freaky Freida" - The sexiest story? A man changed into a high school girl finds himself attracted to the school bully, struggling to resist the powerful cravings of his teen girl body.
- "A Fussy Baby" - A fun one about a guy who starts dating a girl with an infantilization fetish. He's learning to enjoy being babied... but he never imagined it could happen for real!
- "Back to School" - College student performs a spell to get revenge on one of his teachers, only to see it backfire.
Not to be confused with an ebook by Mindy Flith. Specific story: "My Wife Changed Me into a Little Girl" by Jenn Drake. It's not nearly as dark as my stories usually are!
- Purchase Link

Nancy Kress
- (age stasis) "Fountains of Age" 2007 novella.
"Daria had looked still eighteen to me because her body was still eighteen. It might be eighteen forever. The fountain of youth, phoenix from the ashes, we are become as gods, blah blah blah.
What D-treatment could do was "freeze" you at whatever age you had the operation done. Peter Cleary, among the first to be treated after FDA approval (the fastest FDA approval in history - mine wasn't the only soul for sale) would stay fifty-four years old forever.
Supermodel Kezia Dostie would stay nineteen. Singer Mbamba would stay thirty. [also children with terminal diseases}
First came Hollywood, then society, then politicians, and then everybody with enough money, which wasn't too many people because after all you don't want hoi polloi permanently cluttering up the planet. When King James III of England was D-treated, the whole thing had arrived. Respectable as organ transplants, safe as a haircut."
"Each one died exactly twenty years after receiving D-treatment. Freeze yourself at one age for twenty years and then zap! you're dead. All right, so maybe it made sense for the old who didn't want more deterioration, the dying who weren't in too much pain. Although you couldn't be too far gone or you wouldn't have strength enough to stand the surgery that would save you. But younger people took D-treatments, too. Men and women who wanted to stay beautiful and didn't mind paying for that with their lives. Even some very young athletes who, I guess, couldn't imagine life without slamming at a ball. Dancers. Holo stars. Crazy."

National Lampoon
- (male AR) 1980s "They Do Things Differently There"
A man wakes up to find himself 10 years old again, and back in the 1950s...although he can still get a hard on, despite his age.

Nelson S. Bond
- (male AR) "The Fountain", 6/1941, novella in "Unknown".
Another pulp story with mental and physical rejuvenation. Old man drinks from fountain and gradually ages backwards. He eventually turns into a newborn and gets absorbed by the fountain.
- link - (Time2, Entropic)

New Bones: Contemporary Black Writers in America
- (UC) Quashie, Lausch, Miller, 2001.
While she herself kept busting out of her clothes, straining against the good thread, outdistancing the hefty hems. Growing so fast from babe to child to girl to someone, folks were always introducing and reintroducing themselves...

Norman W. Mcguire
- (OA glimpse) "Recipes and Short Stories for the Single Man".
...When he turned her around he got a shock. Instead of a young lady he saw ... a change that was coming over her. Her hair began to turn white and wrinkles appeared on her face. She began to stoop over, and her voice had changed to a coarse whisper. Her clothes ... began to fade and hung on her like rags. She took a last breath...

Onion, The
- (flash forward) link
- (flash forward) SALEM, OR-Kimberly Jones, 43, vividly remembers the bygone days when she took umbrage at being pursued by aggressive suitors, sources reported Monday. "I was quite the looker back in college-I couldn't even go out for a few drinks with my girlfriends without some guy macking on me," Jones said from the kitchen of her one-bedroom apartment. "That used to really piss me off for some reason I can no longer even begin to fathom. Maybe my memory is starting to go." Jones then gazed longingly into her cup of tea.
- (OA FFed) aged

Our Boys and Girls
- (AA accelerated time to OA) Volumes 7-8, c1870. Edited by Oliver Optic.
"Grandma's Wrinkles", by Cheeva.
" is your birthday - is it not? old, Rorie?" ... "Twelve"
She found some consolation before the long mirror in the parlor, and a little more changing her into gold in the sunlight ... so taken up was she with her lovely hair...
"I should take you to be my grandmother; you look old enough, I'm sure."
Rorie sprang up, indignantly, but tripped and fell, and rose up, bewildered, to find her dress dragging after her in a long trail, a cradle full of babies in the corner, and herself and the babies growing old, O, so horribly fast.
Days, years, flew by, swiftly as instants.
The roses faded out of her cheeks. Her hair turned gray. The babies grew up. A cradle of her grandchildren took their places.
On she grew, older and older - trying all the while to stop - on, and on, and on, till there was nothing left of her but a shriveled-up mummy with a squeaking voice.
All her grandchildren shrank away from her...asking...if grandma wasn't great-great-grandma's mother, and why didn't she look as pretty as great-great-grandma. With wild, frightened screams, Rorie fled away.
The poor child woke to find herself in...
Grandma is young and beautiful now; for she has gone to live where everyone is young and beautiful - in heaven.

P.J. Plauger
- (age stasis) 03/75 "Child of all Ages" Melissa has been a child for 24 centuries, always having to move on after a few years (when people start noticing) and find a new town or country into which to fit.

Paul K. Chapple
- (male APed) "The Growth Promoter", 1934, Wonder Stories.
Nada Williams has an idea for an SF story about a ray that forces physical maturity upon an infant while leaving the mind undeveloped and subject to hypnotic control. She realizes that this is how step-father Webster got his 4 lab assistants. When Webster finds out he dies of a heart attack and his assistants follow. Williams decides not to write any more SF.

princess progression (story theme and meme)
- (dedicated AP) Royal heiress age curse - (Attack Team)

R. L. Stine
- (excellent AP CB story, slight slow UC scene, age related size increase, some clothes damage description, possible foot growth shoe tightening, implied further growth, old age)
"Nutcracker Nightmare" - From the book
More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps: Ten Spooky Stories (Goosebumps Book & Christmas Stocking Special Edition, No 6)
Sam is upset because her former teacher Mrs. Boren-- or as she calls her, Boring-- has invited her and her parents to see the ballet. She is forced to wear a too big green taffeta dress, and misses out on seeing a movie with her friends. Sam's father reminds her that some people have real problems, and she should be happy about getting to see the Nutcracker.
Once inside the theater, Sam makes a comment about being bored to death to Mrs. Boren. Ol' Boring takes out a gold watch and tells Sam she'll show her what boredom really means. Sam waits for the ballet to start. And waits. And waits. The conductor warms up for what seems like hours, but no one else around her seems to notice. Finally some dancers appear on stage. Once they slowly go through their routine, the audience applauds and applauds and applauds and won't stop. Sam tries to stop applauding, but her mother, who doesn't notice anything wrong, forces her to keep applauding. Sam starts getting worried-- just how long have they been in the theater? Samantha looks up at her mother and sees that her hair now has gray flecks in it. It dawns on Sam that Mrs. Boren has placed a spell on the audience. She jumps out of her seat and attempts to walk towards the exit, but every step towards the door results in the same distance, essentially trapping her in place. Mrs. Boren snarkily tells Sam that the snack bar is closed during the performance and that she should just sit down and enjoy it. Sam sits down and hears a rip. She's grown out of her dress, which has split at the seams. Again Sam poses the question, Just how long have I been sitting here?
Finally the curtain falls and the audience applauds wildly. Sam jumps out of her seat, glad that the whole ordeal is over, only to be stopped by Mrs. Boren, who reminds her that it's a two-act ballet.
Ingenious and disturbing, this short story has the same bitter humor found in the wonderful Be Careful What You Wish For... Very very Nice.
A few text fragments could be extracted:
P 15:
"... " My mom flipped down the visor to check her wavy brown hair in the mirror. Mrs. Boren -or old Boring, ..."
P 16:
"... " I pushed at the sleeves of the hideous, green taffeta dress, a hand-me-down from my oldest cousin. ..."
"... She was taking my family to the ballet for Christmas. "I'm sure old Boring will love this stupid dress you made me wear. ..."
"... "I loved The Nutcracker when I was your age," she added. I couldn't help being grumpy. All my friends were going to the ..."
P 17:
"... But old Boring's steely gaze was making me nervous . My mom flashed me another dirty look. She and my dad chatted ..."
"... "But she's young. These things take time. Lots and lots of time." Mom looked ready to launch into another 17 ..."
P 18:
"... " There were several women in line. But by the time I came out, the theater lobby was empty. Almost empty, that is. ..."
P 19:
"... "There you are," my mom said. "You were gone a long time." "There was a line," I said. I didn't dare look at Mrs. ..."
P 20:
"... This time I couldn't help thinking about my friends. I wondered if they would go out for pizza after the movie. I ..."
P 21:
"... Reciting the poem in my head was actually sort of relaxing. But by the fifth time, I was definitely sick of it. ..."
"... When the first note finally came, it startled me so much that my foot jerked forward and banged into the seat in front of me. ..."
P 22:
"... How did I lose track of time like that? I stifled a huge yawn. What time was it, anyway ? I tried to see my mom's watch. ..."
"... They twirled around the stage, so slowly, as if in slow motion. As they danced on and on, my left foot fell asleep. It felt as if pins and needles were ..."
"... being thrust right through my shoe. I stamped my foot hard, trying to get the circulation going. That brought my mom out of her trance. ..."
P 23:
"... The creepy silence lasted even longer this time. The audience sat still and waited. ..."
"... bleeding if I clapped any longer, the applause ended. And another long pause came. The only sound was the musicians shuffling their scores. ..."
P 24:
"... Maybe they could save my parents and the rest of the audience from the old woman's curse - before it was too late. ..."
"... My mother's brown hair was streaked with patches of gray! How long had we been sitting here? I had to escape. ..."
P 25:
"... " I glared at her. But I was too tired and scared to answer. Suddenly I heard a loud RRRRIP! ..."
"... One of the seams in my dress had come apart. I stared down in surprise. My sleeves were too short! ..."
"... I had grown into - and out of - my cousin's dress while I was sitting here! How long had it been? How long? ..."

Rabindranath Tagore: Selected Writings for Children
- (male AP, CB, male AR) (Oxford Tagore Translations) Page 76: bitter fever-medicine... all his teeth, and lost his beard and moustache. His clothes were now much too big for him-the sleeves dangled nearly... he had grown so much overnight that his clothes had burst their seams. His face was covered with grey stubble, and his hair had vanished completely. Feeling his head, he encountered..."

Ram Sundaram
- (male AR/AA AP age swap) From "I Am Me", 2011 short story collection.
...where was the new-born child? Had he destroyed the infant..?
How could he look so convincingly like an older version of the infant?
But no, that idea seemed far too absurd.
He was sleeping innocently, like an angel. I felt the same pang of affection towards him that I had felt for the new-born child last night.
...insisted that he hadn't changed at all since the night could a new-born child age four years overnight and not even remember it?
He was naked but for the blanket...As we marched further, his questions grew more complex...
...I am quite simply a child of that goodness.
"You're not a child anymore though, are you?...How is it that you age so quickly?"
"How do you?"
"What do you mean?"
"Since I first met you, you've aged backwards rather alarmingly...We're now of the same age...
I looked down at my hands, and was surprised by the sudden colour in them. They looked so young and strong! What had happened to the veins jutting out of the pale, lifeless skin? I ran my fingers through my hair, and was surprised to find a thick, robust mane atop my head...
My face, my neck, and my body...everything looked and felt younger...
A large hand gripped my shoulder...larger than ever, his broad face kind and smiling...I'll take you across..."You can't, you're just a child..."
"Actually," he said with a smile, "You're the child."
My hands and feet were tiny in comparison, almost... childlike...I was a child...I was fast becoming an infant, and would soon be rendered helpless.
"We're home," he said, as he tucked my new-born body gently...

Randall Garrett
- (male old age) "The Sixteen Keys", Fantastic, 05/1976. Lord Darcy mystery, alternate history detective. The young looking Lord Vauxhall has aged 50 years and died suddenly. Foul play is suspected, but Darcy learns the diplomat was the recipient of a spell which allows the body to remain youthful. When natural death occurs at the appointed time, the body ages all at once.

Ray Bradburry
- (AP) "Frost and Fire"
Lyte appeared between the two. The last few hours had made her firmer-footed, gentler, taller. Her hair shone brighter. She smiled as she sat beside Sim, ignoring Chion.
Sim learned, his head filled. He did not shut his eyes, but lapsed into a kind of dreaming that was almost intra-embryonic in...

Ray Bradbury
- "The Small Assassin" is actually a baby!

Ray Bradbury
- (AP story) "Frost and Fire" c1962.
On Mercury, solar radiation causes rapid aging effects in the human underground colony. Its people live, grow old and die within 10 days, at a rate of about a decade a day. When the heroes take shelter in a forgotten ship's sealed interior, they're astonished to find they're no longer growing old, and speculate that humans might live an unthinkable 100 days.

Ray Bradbury
- (male age stasis) "Hail and Farewell" short story about a guy in his 50s who still looks 12, and never ages. (shrinkingman13)

Red Riding Hood
- (dedicated AP) fan art - (Moremorphing)

Red Riding Hood
- (FFed to adult) cosplay

Red Riding Hood
- (FFed, PE'd) adult art

Richard Curtis
- (male young adult coming of age and TF) "The Boy Who Would Be Wolf", in "Shape Shifters", Yolen. A 14 y.o. manages to make himself a wolf after several false starts.

Richard Matheson
- (accelerated world) "Mantage", Science Fiction Showcase, anth 1959.
The protagonist's life fast-forwards as a literal movie of just 85 mins duration - with all Sex discreetly elided in conformity with the era's cinematic mores.

Robert Bloch
- (adult rejuvenation, AR to babyhood) "You Can't Kid Lefty Feep", 1943, Fantastic Adventures.
Gangsters want to sell water from the Fountain of Youth to give released criminals a new lease on life, but are reverted to infancy.
- Story link - (Entropic, Time)

Robert Coover
- (time acceleration AA) "Going for a Beer" 3/14/2011, The New Yorker.

Robert R. McCammon
- (male AR to infancy, old age) "Something Passed By", 1989.
- Strange events occur worldwide after anomaly.
"Johnny noticed them in Brenda's hands first. Brown freckles. Age spots, he realized they were. Her skin was changing. It was becoming leathery, and deep wrinkles began to line her face. At twenty-seven years of age, her hair began to go gray.
And sometime later, as he was shaving with gasoline, he noticed his own face: the lines around his eyes were going away. His face was softening. And his clothes: his clothes just didn't fit right anymore. They were getting baggy, his shirts beginning to swallow him up.
Of course, Brenda noticed it too. How could she not, though she tried her best to deny it. Her bones ached. Her spine was starting to bow over. Her fingers hurt, and the worst was when she lost control of her hands...
... when she looked in the mirror and saw the wrinkled, age-freckled face of an old woman staring back. And then she looked at Johnny and saw a nineteen-year-old boy where a thirty-year-old man used to be...
- (Ararchive upload)

Rose St. Andrews
- (dedicated adult mental infantilization) 2014.
Several of my stories have been published as eBooks! No real kids in them, as it's adult material.
- "The Jellyfish" - on Amazon as "Reforming Little Anya"
- "Little Woman Big Trouble" - Selena, Arthur and their teleportation machine.
Purchase link - (DrWhoAR)

Ruskin Bond
- (preteen TF size increase) "The Haunted Bicycle", c2009 ghost story. Children shed their sweet selves and become something else altogether.
"I noticed that the boy's hands, which were resting on the handlebar, had grown long and black and hairy..."Look where you're going!"...Their tone now was menacing and far from childlike. I took a quick glance...The girl's face was huge and bloated. Her legs, black and hairy, were trailing along the ground."

Ruth Comagere
- (size changes) From "Grade teacher" Vol 72, 1954. Story: "the angry witch"
"She was growing taller! It was as if the spell was broken and she kept on growing while her friends watched in amazement. Her broom grew with her until once ..."

- (dedicated male AR) "Shaving Foam", 2015, Parkdale special edition #2.
90% more words (9500), teaser poster, female mind-control fun - Purchase link

She Changed You Into a Baby: 10 POV Tales
- (dedicated unseen male POV AR scenes) Susan Donym, 2015 eBook, short story collection.
You'll feel the scrunch of your diaper, smell the fresh cloud of baby powder in your crib and know the terrors and joys of being stripped of your adulthood and regressed to a helpless little infant in the arms of a beautiful, gloating woman. As you become a baby, you may also experience a change of gender or race... or you may find yourself being unbirthed, taken all the way back to the womb... and you'll love it.
These are second-person stories, with your new mommy talking to you as if the woman who just changed you is gloating over your transformation. It's kind of like a hypnosis session, being talked to like you've been regressed. The level of mental regression varies. Generally the men retain their adult minds but they can't speak or walk. A couple are compelled to breastfeed. Almost all are babies, but one girl is old enough for preschool and another is old enough to use chopsticks. Two unbirths back to the womb. Only one regression is permanent. The rest will grow up again the normal way. Most regressions are playfully sadistic. Unbirthing is just something she does, and she may feel a little guilty for doing it to you.
- Purchase link - (Susan Donym), The
- (AP, old age) 07/17/04 UK. "Estee Lauder in Trouble After Young Girl Ages 60 Years Overnight" Fake news article, did not happen. Quote: "...up at a lunatic asylum. Then she thought, I'm going to sue the knickers off Estee Lauder for millions for robbing my daughter of her childhood, youth and child..." - 1

Stephen Baxter
- (AP story) From "Lieserl" 1993:
"Even at the moment she was born she knew something was wrong. She tried to touch her mother's face. Her own hand was still moist with amniotic fluid-but it was growing visibly, the bones extending and broadening, filling out the loose skin like a glove. She opened her mouth. It was dry, her gums already sore with budding teeth. Bony adult fingers dug into the aching flesh of her back; her head lolled backwards, the expanding muscles still too weak to support the burgeoning weight of her head. The muscles in her back fanned out, pulsing as they grew.
She grew explosively, feeding all the time, a million impressions crowding into her soft sensorium. She sat on the sand with her parents, feeling her light costume stretch over her still-stretching limbs.
Every morning she woke up in a bed that felt too small.
Later, the girl who'd scowled at Lieserl-Ginnie-started some trouble. She poked fun at the way Lieserl's bony wrists stuck out of her sleeves (Lieserl's growth rate was slowing, but she was still growing out of her clothes during a day). The next day they reached the room Lieserl remembered-there was the girl Ginnie-but Ginnie seemed different: childlike, unformed... At least a head shorter than Lieserl.
On the ninth day Lieserl studied herself in a Virtual holo-mirror. There was still some childish softness in her face, she thought, but the woman inside her was emerging already, as if her childhood was a receding tide. Lieserl looked about nine years old. But she was just nine days old.
Her body was strong, lithe, and the sunlight was like warm oil on her skin. Her body seemed to pulse with hot blood, with its endless, continuing growth. He reached out to her, uncertainly, then allowed his hands to drop to his sides. She was taller than him. Visibly older.
Lieserl, through her ruined, rheumy old eyes, was barely able to recognize this young, weeping woman, only a few months older than when she had held up her baby girl to the Sun."

Stephen King
- (adult rejuvenation) "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut", from "Skeleton Crew".
A bored woman is obsessed with finding back-road shortcuts. David discovers evidence that her shortcuts take less miles than there are in a straight line between the 2 points. Mrs. Todd convinces Homer to take one of the special shortcuts with her. Frightened, Homer does not wish to take any more rides. Mrs. Todd changes and grows younger with each trip she takes, and the appeal of this overwhelms Homer, despite his having found a smashed, horrifying creature on the grille of her car. In the end, Homer, who is looking younger himself, gets into Mrs. Todd's car in front of his friend. It is implied that Mrs. Todd (who by this time is a missing person) will take him to the new world she found a shortcut to - (2BYA)

Sunrise - A Magazine For Young Folks
- (forced age disguise) No.1, 01/1878.
"The Wishing Gardens"
...there's no unwishing it again if you don't happen to like what you wished for.
Then there came along a young lady, with a very tight fashionable dress...high heeled boots that made her always walk on her toes.
"I wished to be a grown up young lady...this nasty thing of a dress makes me feel as if I was tied up in a bag, and I'm so tired of walking on my toes...I'd give anything, sir, to be a child again, and have a good run in a short frock, and my old boots!

Susan Donym
- (dedicated AR stories, TG) - Author Purchase Page
- 11/15/2014, $2.99 - "Women Transformed into Little Girls: Stories of Female Age Regression".
- 09/28/2014, $2.99 - "Unbirthing Stories: 5 Twisted Tales of Age Regression".
- 09/04/2014, $2.99 - "Babyfied: 3 Age Regression Tales".
- 07/28/2014, $2.99 - "One Sip, and You're a Little Girl: 4 Short Tales of Transgender Age Regression".

T.A. Parmalee
- (age changes) "A Train of Thought" in "Broken Teeth : A book of short stories", 2004. A tale of a man who finds himself on a journey where nothing is quite what it seems, where people age years every second and where the final destination seems to be death. Nothing is as it was just seconds earlier, a wonderfully metaphorical piece on the passage of time.

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult age alteration & control stories) -2015.
Ebook Purchase links
 "Four Friends, Four Transformations"
- (includes adult to old, downgrade, WG, MG) - 64p. Four college women are best friends - but their bonds are about to be tested. A supernatural trickster alters their reality and identities. Weight gain, downgrade, beyond middle age, and female muscle growth, all via a unique TF method.
 "Golden Girls Spa: A Tale of Age Progression"
- (OA) - 32p. A television executive wants to re-create a TV show about older women - but no older actresses return his calls. So instead, he decides to improvise, dropping some young actresses off at a very special spa. A spa that will quickly help them look the part. A tale filled with vivid transformation sequences in the perfect setting.
 "Older and Wiser"
- (OA, WG) - 35p. College freshman has unrequited crush on her older friend. At a cosplay convention, a woman sells a "magic potion" to solve her academic and romantic troubles. Of course, there is a price...
 "Claus and Effect"
- (OA, WG) - 13p. Short Christmas TF tale. Misty, a young woman who thinks Christmas is lame, finds herself working for a Christmas themed fundraising company. She's not sure she'll fit in, but they say this is a job that can grow on you...

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult age alteration & control stories)
Short stories on the website
- Erotic Special Interest Stories with a specific kink, fetish, or conceptual idea. Some are quite dark, so be warned! Life Control, Downgrade, Aging.

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult OA, WG, male adult rejuv) "Trophy Cougar Wife", 2015 erotic Ebook, 7,000 words.
Trophy wife Sherry is married to a rich older gentleman. If only their roles could be reversed...
Reality change, impeccable writing. There is no process, just after the fact observations without anyone being aware of the changes.
"Listen, Megan, I know you're not comfortable calling me Mom." ... "I'm 16 and you're a 22-year-old gold digger, married to my 50-year-old father!" ... she certainly didn't starve herself to stay slender like I did.
- Purchase link - (Mytransformations)

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult WG/OA) "From Marcy to Mob Wife", 2015 ebook. The Ring of Change Saga.
A complete culture change. Big Tony gives the magical Ring to an undercover cop, wishing she was instead a woman after his own heart. Marcy goes from a young, valiant police officer to a mob member, and eventually, Big Tony's wife. Marcy becomes a stereotypical Italian mob wife.
- Purchase link - (Mytransformations)

Tal Lingenua
- (AP) - "Snowflakes", 2012 online fiction, 7106 words.
A short story about a girl who wishes to be older - link

TG wish
- (surgery FF transgender wish) photo story years.

those can't hold me (trope)
- (AP burstout, AR OC) nude

those can't hold me
- (AP, AR) Story trope as seen in Star Trek 6, Let's Nupu Nupu, Parodyverse fiction, etc. When a person has been bound and confined, she can easily escape the ropes by making herself younger or older, either loosening or bursting her restraints - peril
- Slowly expanding herself "Trying to outgrow her bonds" - (Nigelttf)

Thundercake Meme
- (FF AA) more '09-10 comic strip timelines:
- 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35
- 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40

Toni Cade Bambara
- (UC scene) "The Organizers Wife"
"And Virginia had come to measure her imprisonment by how many times that same red and yellow jumper met her on the road, faded and fading some more, but the fairly bright hem getting wider and wider, the telltale rim recording the seasons past, the owners grown. While she herself kept busting out of her clothes, straining against the good thread, outdistancing the hefty hems. Growing so fast from babe to child to girl to someone, folks were always introducing and reintroducing..." "...wouldn't contain her..."

True Grandfather, The
- (male old age stasis) Norwegian folktale. A traveler has to find the true grandfather of the house so he can stay the night. The grandfather has become a little shriveled up mouse-sized man who sleeps in a hunting horn.

Twist of the Knife: Six Stories by Little Trip
- (dedicated AR short story anthology) 05/2014.
"Attarb's Brat T.A."
- Professor Roland's methods are a little unorthodox. For his dissertation, he's going to choose the least successful, self-absorbed prick. Bradley is about to get a comprehensive lesson in minding one's elders, a population that seems to be growing - Dark content, young men, diapers, public humiliation, erotic mind control.
"Last Resort"
- Dr. Simmons runs his therapy sessions like no other professional. When his clients emerge they've been humbled. The social worker witnessed every humiliation... and changed her field of study so that she'd never end up as singularly power-mad as the doctor who knows your every vulnerability - Female and male mental and physical AR, spanking, sexual humiliation.
- Graem's reputation for responsibility has led him to become his neighbor's go-to guy for babysitting her teenage daughter. However, successful, bland-as-beans Graem's secret vice is age regression. "Give me an A... give me an R!!!" - Male mental and physical AR, mind control, diapers, sexual humiliation.
"They're So Cute at That Age"
- In a matriarchal society women rule without restraint. A drug greatly overcompensated for man's new-found impotence, necessitating diapers designed to filter viable ejaculate. As the men lose control of their lives, they have to take their pleasure where they can get it... - Male mental and physical AR, diapers, sexual humiliation.
"13 Hours in the Lives of Rising Children"
- If you've got the cash and you've got the womb, we've got the stash and we've got the room. An experienced midwife guides the willing and the less-than-willing into second gestations. See what happens when the world's best-kept secret risks exposure - Female and male physical AR, unbirthing.
"Meeting of the Minds"
- A magical patron of AR and AB/DL literature proposes LT that, as long as no bodily harm comes to another living thing, Trip will write lush, descriptive passages depicting any scenario he desires. But things soon take a turn... - Female and male mental AR, mind control, diapers, sexual humiliation.
- (Little Trip)

Twist of the Knife: Six Stories
- (dedicated AR story collection) Little Trip, 04/2014.
4 community commission stories, "Demonstrate for the Class", and the spiritual sequel to "21 New Messages": "Cadavre Exquis" - (Little Trip)

Unbirthed: A prisoner in her belly
- (dedicated male AR & TG, unbirthing, vore) Mindi Flyth, c2014. Erotic horror, 10,425 words.
Do you fantasize about becoming a baby again and getting cuddled and kissed by a beautiful, loving mommy? If so, I'm just the woman you've been looking for...
Martin is an arrogant writer running a popular blog making fun of weird sex fetishes. When he sees Abbie's ad seeking a guy who wants to get treated like a baby, he thinks this will be his most hilarious article yet. Martin is about to get babied in ways he never imagined were possible. He begins a new life he never asked for. Abbie wants a new baby to love... and she will not be denied - Purchase link

Unbirthing Center, The
- (dedicated AR & unbirthing stories) "The Unbirthing Center". Groblek, 2014 ebook collection.
AR-themed set that involves unbirth. Only one of the 6 stories appeared online before. I reworked Intensive Care, then wrote 5 more stories.
- c20,000 words - Amazon purchase link - Smashwords purchase link
Feel free to email me at groblek at gmail with any questions - (Groblek)

- (AR, possibility of RN APed?) Unidentified story published in "Science and Invention" magazine (1920-1931).
They ran a series of stories involving scientific puzzles in the mid to late 1920s. One involved a cleaning woman who was accidentally exposed to a potion which made her younger. Unfortunately it didn't stop, and she regressed back into a fetus. It is not known if the situation was corrected. More information is requested (please use e-mail at bottom of index page, or message board). (Time)

- (ghost APed short UC scene)
"Olivia?!" Peter shouted in his head. He looked around, and sure enough, there she was, ... The sight of her made Peter's headache instantly a thousand times worse. She was wearing the same black dress she'd worn to their grandfather's funeral, when they'd been eight. Of course she was ten now, so the dress was too small on her. Several inches of skinny thigh showed above her knobby knees, and the lace sleeves ended way above her bony wrists. Her shoulders pushed hard against the fabric, and with each breath the front tightened like a drum.
"You're not going to tell me you're dead, Olivia," he thought. "I know you're not in that casket. Stop this. You're scaring me."
"You're not losing me," said Olivia. "... it is a little weird seeing you as a grown up when I'm still just ten."
I don't want to be with you when you're an unhappy grownup. My first choice would be if you could be here with me, and still be ten, but I guess it's too late for that." (

Urashima Tarou
- (male old age) Japanese folktale.
A fisherman rescues a turtle and is rewarded with a visit to the palace of the Dragon God under the sea. He stays for 3 days and, upon his return to his village, finds himself 300 years in the future. Everyone he knew is now dead because there's no aging in the undersea kingdom. He decides he has nothing left to lose and opens the box, releasing a cloud of white smoke causing all of his age to catch up with him (his body turns to dust) as no one can live 300 years.
- A shrine named Urashima Jinja contains an old document describing a man who left in 478 and visited a land where people never die. He returned in 825.
- The 1st known anime adaptation premiered in 1918.

Ursula K Le Guin
- (OA) "The Island of the Immortals" features an island where immortals occasionally appear; though they age very slowly, they do not remain young forever. Worse, even the most grievous injuries cannot kill them, and eventually the sheer weight of suffering turns them into very large diamonds.

Walter S. Tevis
- (AR, AP RN, AA) "Far from Home" short story collection. A man's mother returns from the afterlife with the ability to change her age.

Whateley Universe
- (age delay, TF, TG) Fan stories. Superhero School Whateley Academy students Generator (Jade Sinclair) and Warlocke are both 14, but look only 10. Headmistress Elizabeth Carson looks like a hot movie starlet in her early 30s, but is actually over 70.
- (TG adult rejuvenation) Retired U.S. Navy officer Sam Everheart was injured trying to save a Hot Scientist from bad guys. A 'hive' of nanites saved him by turning him into someone a lot younger. He now looks exactly like his deceased 17-year-old daughter.
- (TvTropes)

Whateley Universe
- (male age stasis) Web original. Timeless and his kitten Whiskers never aged since his powers manifested.

William Gibson
- (TF) "The Belonging Kind" in "Burning Chrome", 1981. Man becomes obsessed with finding woman he bought drink for at bar. She morphs into a different woman every time she goes to a different bar.

William Tenn
- (mind transfer kinda like ARed) "Wednesday's child", from "The Human Angle", 1956. Well-off man who collects unusual things meets orphan girl without a navel. Against the warning of her doctor, they marry. After giving birth to a girl, she and the baby have switched bodies! (Eric,

Wish Gone Wrong, A
- (AP) Storybird.
Cfranci2, Nidhi Chanani 2011 illustrated children's story.
A young girl makes a wish to become older so that she will not be treated like a child anymore. However, it does not turn out the way she expected - caps

Working Mother (magazine)
- (ungranted age stasis wish) 12/1993, Sandi Kahn Shelton article.
"...I'm not growing up. I'm staying three."
"How do you plan to do it?" Maybe I could decide to stay my current age too. It didn't seem fair to care for the same 3 year old all the way to my nursing home years.
"I've already done it," she said. "I told my body to stay the same age, and it said it would."
Later that night, though, there was a crisis. Apparently there was some kind of mutiny of her body parts, because she ran crying to me that she could feel herself growing older just then.
"I just got a little bit older - help, I'm getting older right NOW!" I know the feeling.
"...why don't you want to get bigger like everybody else?"
"If I grow up anyway, by accident...I'll just go away for a while...get a husband and some babies...and then I'll come back and live here with you...I'll bring a big bed for everybody."

writing prompts
- (APed) - Standard prompts for student essays include "What if you woke up as an adult?". Handwritten story

Wrong Way Kids
- (dedicated AR info & stories) The monthly newsletter for AR enthusiasts at, with new writings and views from one and all - (Little Trip)

Yugoslav short stories
- (UC metaphorical scene?) Svetozar Koljevic, 1966.
"...and all her body tightening, bursting. Her clothes are taut, and she feels her breasts swelling, bursting through the tight bodice, thrusting out, showing themselves."

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal