big girls small clothes

No our clothes don't fit us anymore!

kidsized001_small.jpg kidsized002_small.jpg kidsized002b_small.jpg kidsized003_small.jpg
kidsized004_small.jpg kidsized005_small.jpg kidsized006_small.jpg kidsized006b_small.jpg
kidsized007_small.jpg kidsized007b_small.jpg kidsized008_small.jpg kidsized008b_small.jpg
kidsized009_small.jpg kidsized010_small.jpg kidsized011_small.jpg kidsized012_small.jpg
kidsized013_small.jpg kidsized014_small.jpg kidsized015_small.jpg kidsized016_small.jpg
kidsized016b_small.jpg kidsized016c_small.jpg kidsized016d_small.jpg kidsized016e_small.jpg

That old costume was too small it ripped!
she decided to put on a pair of my pants from 7th grade and dance around...until they ripped _b
child sized tee shirts toddler ages 2-4 sized shirts fit us i swear
kid jackets
baby shirts
sleeves too short, too tight _b
shirt a little small dont you think _b
have to remember to hold my breath ... _b
we found kiddy shirts
old old dress
guess i've been growing
Me and my 2nd grade dress, shoes, and bathrobe haha i look like the hunchback from Notre Dame
exploding out of jacket
found my old jacket
yeah, we tried on kids clothes _b c d e