big girls small clothes


No our clothes don't fit us anymore!

kidsized017_small.jpg kidsized017b_small.jpg kidsized018_small.jpg kidsized018b_small.jpg
kidsized018c_small.jpg kidsized019_small.jpg kidsized020_small.jpg kidsized020b_small.jpg
kidsized021_small.jpg kidsized022_small.jpg kidsized023_small.jpg kidsized024_small.jpg
kidsized025_small.jpg kidsized026_small.jpg kidsized027_small.jpg kidsized028_small.jpg
kidsized029_small.jpg kidsized029b_small.jpg kidsized029c_small.jpg kidsized030_small.jpg
kidsized031_small.jpg kidsized031b_small.jpg kidsized031c_small.jpg kidsized032_small.jpg
kidsized033_small.jpg kidsized034_small.jpg kidsized035_small.jpg kidsized036_small.jpg
kidsized037_small.jpg kidsized038_small.jpg kidsized039_small.jpg kidsized040_small.jpg
kidsized041_small.jpg kidsized041b_small.jpg kidsized042_small.jpg kidsized043_small.jpg
kidsized044_small.jpg kidsized044b_small.jpg kidsized045_small.jpg kidsized045b_small.jpg
kidsized046_small.jpg kidsized047_small.jpg kidsized048_small.jpg kidsized049_small.jpg
kidsized050_small.jpg kidsized050b_small.jpg kidsized052_small.jpg kidsized050c_small.jpg
trying on kids clothes _b
it totally ripped _b c
dress is too short now
feel a draft? _b
it burst
in old l.c. cheer outfit lol we played dress up
jeans jacket
@#*! my butt's too big
pants shrunk or butt grew?
How I fit into baby clothes
tryin on little kids clothes lol..didnt fit _b c
trying on my little brothers old pj'!
yeah i took this shirt from when i was like 2 and let me tell you so freaking hard to fit in it. natalie had to help me haha and then the skirt is uhh well a tube top. _b c
my shirt popped
In a little kid's shirt at the Smithsonian gift shop
super tight costume
In her ski clothes from when she was 5
Modelling childhood dress
outgrown _b
wearing 3 year old niece's dress-up clothes
She can fit in Baby Shirts... This was before I had to help her get out of it! hahah! _b
can't close dress anymore _b
they must have shrunk
trying to wear my little sisters shorts well, since i cant wear a 5 in juniors, shouldn't it be obvious i cant wear 5 in little girls either haha
my halloween costume from when i was 2 years old it almost fits!!!!
in her 7 year old brother's jacket.. Can YOU fit into a 7 year olds jacket..I THINK NOT...THAT'S PIMP!
i love 8-yr old clothes! _b c
TIGHT old pants