big girls small clothes


No our clothes don't fit us anymore!

kidsized053_small.jpg kidsized053b_small.jpg kidsized054_small.jpg kidsized055_small.jpg
kidsized056_small.jpg kidsized057_small.jpg kidsized058_small.jpg kidsized059_small.jpg
kidsized060_small.jpg kidsized061_small.jpg kidsized062_small.jpg kidsized063_small.jpg
kidsized064_small.jpg kidsized065_small.jpg kidsized066_small.jpg kidsized067_small.jpg
kidsized068_small.jpg kidsized068b_small.jpg kidsized069_small.jpg kidsized070_small.jpg
kidsized071_small.jpg kidsized072_small.jpg kidsized073_small.jpg kidsized073b_small.jpg
kidsized074_small.jpg kidsized075_small.jpg kidsized075b_small.jpg kidsized075c_small.jpg
kidsized075d_small.jpg kidsized075e_small.jpg kidsized075f_small.jpg kidsized075g_small.jpg
kidsized076_small.jpg kidsized077_small.jpg kidsized078_small.jpg kidsized079_small.jpg
kidsized080_small.jpg kidsized081_small.jpg kidsized082_small.jpg kidsized083_small.jpg
kidsized084_small.jpg kidsized084b_small.jpg
This didn't fit 3 years and 5 inches ago, but it sure looks hott now, eh _b
boobs v bra
fun with old clothes
won't button up
lil gown
costume fun
trying on a little boy's Spiderman costume but its starting to riip
At home for dinner, wearing my little sister's Halloween costume
trying to fit into her childhood nightgown...not too successful
just had to put on a 4 year olds jacket
2nd grade dress
mom daughter swap
outgrown _b
can't close buttons
my favv shirt that dont fit all that well nemore...
in a tree skirt and in a sweater i actually wore circa age 5
outgrown _b
we put on old Power Rangers costumes but our boobs and butts just ripped the fabric poor costumes it's a tragedy _b c d e f g
definitely won't fit
in her halloween costume from when she was like 5 lol
she's wearing clothes from 6th grade can you tell
my giant boobs ripped the stencil...wild & crazy
fairy spell
growing Goth schoolgirl
too small overalls _b