unfound AR/AP content (wish list)


An idea to share: I was searching for AR content lately and came across this Japanese thread:
It's a forum thread listing AR and AP content, with quite a fair bit of AR info I didn't see anywhere else. The catch is that since the thread is so old, several of the ARs mentioned became very hard to find; I've been searching for days to no avail.
The page is basically a temporary forum, where users list the ARs and APs they came across; from video games (standard or VNs), TV dramas, anime, manga, short novels... I browse through the page, translating its entries with Google, and when one catches my eye, I search for it online and see if I can find it.
The thread being almost 12 years old as of late 2017, many of the finds mentioned have become quite rare; still, I think it's worth looking into. Hence the wish list idea. Would a page that lists all unfound age transformations in general be worth making? I feel it would be a good idea to let other AR/AP lovers know what could be out there, in case they'd be willing and able to search for it.
This page is also intended for very vague descriptions of half-recalled scenes where we don't remember the title of what it was.
- (Azerty47, Klatuk4u)

3x3 Eyes
- (AR?) PS1 or PC or Saturn. One of the games seems to have AR offscreen only mentioned; I'll look into it further when I can - (Azerty47)

Penguin no Mondai
- (AR) A Penguin's Troubles - Ep76 c2009?
The first of 4 anime Tv series? 250+ eps. Rejuvenating chocolate causes several characters, including the main female lead, to regress into babies. I couldn't find a video of it, though; the anime is surprisingly rare - (Azerty47)
Does anyone have this?

The Devil is a Part-Timer
- (AR?) by Satoshi Wagahara, Oniku. Manga/light novel/anime, 2011-
AKA: "Hataraku Maou-sama!", "Working Demon King!", "Demon Lord at Work!". Also see:
The Devil Is a Part-Timer! High School!
AKA "Hataraku Mao-sama! Hai Sukuru!" Spin-off manga by Kurone Mishima, 07/2012, Dengeki Maoh magazine.
It's confusing me because my search phrase "turn into a baby" didn't pop up anywhere on the page. Furthermore, the manga's name sounds familiar, though my searches so far didn't yield jack, which makes me even more confused. So I have a question: does it indeed feature an AR that was already mentioned somewhere I missed, or did Google and my memory crap out on me? I'm continuing my searches just in case.
Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

THE Fundship Guardian Spirit
- (AR) "THE Fundoshi Shugo Rei" - by Masami Hosokawa? Weekly Shonen Champion, 03/14/2007-2008.
In one chapter, a man who can control people's time transforms the heroine into a baby, and the male lead into an old man.
Does anyone have this?

Seiken Kotonoha
- (AR) "Magazine Great", 05/2007 (special issue).
Unknown chapter has a high school shoujo trapped inside a cocoon and ARed in baggy clothes (I assume into a baby, but the term used in the entry could also mean child). The series was released in 4 volumes via Amazon import, which makes me wish I could buy them.
Does anyone have this?

Stamina Tenshi
- (AR) Yamada Mario, 05/2007. Houbunsha, Manga Time Lovely.
After bathing in rejuvenating hot springs or something, the heroes (male and female I assume) are regressed into kids and babies.
Does anyone have this?

Radio Shack
- (male AP CB?) 1980s? There was said to be a commercial where a boy supposedly grew up and burst through his clothes. There was a confirmed Flintstones Vitamins CM like that.
Did this really happen for Radio Shack or did someone just dream it?

Alosha Trilogy
- (AR?) by Christopher Pike.
Alosha (Book 1), The Shaktra (Book 2), The Yanti (Book 3).

Criss Cross
- (AR?) by Lynne Rae Perkins.

Alienators: Evolution Continues
- (AR?) 26 Eps, 2001-02. "Cradle Will Fall"?

Prison Break
- (pseudo rejuv or OA?)

Superman: The Animated Series
- (AR?) 1996-2000.

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