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Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter
- (banned male "FBed" comic) Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1, 06/1999. Baker, Glass.
This comic was pulped because of a portrayal of baby Superman in a microwave and various inappropriate situations - art extract - (JeffR_2bya)

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
- (demon TFed) Ep01-08 - Vol01Ch02.
Himea is called the most ancient vampire and is considered a witch by most. She was sealed off. Saitohimea first appeared as a 6 y.o. with magic hair that came down to her ankles. While imprisoned, she was still 6 in appearance, but she "aged" herself through magic to 15. Her appearance remained roughly the same, apart from her height and her breasts grew slightly, though still small compared to other characters her apparent age.

Little Prince, The
- (ARed) The Little Prince - Netflix licensed CGI animated movie.
Young girl starts listening to the fantastic tales of her new neighbor, who most see as a crazy old man. The girl imagines using the old man's old plane to find the Prince, now an adult working as a custodian named Mr. Prince who can't remember his past. They escape to the planet where the rose is. The Prince then all of a sudden appears as a young boy again, and they part their ways - Vid link - (Tazz)

Furaffinity: Chesshirer
- (dedicated AR) 2017 Halloween short comic. A beautiful woman dressing for a sexy date transformed into a little girl who has to bring a pumpkin bag full of candies to become big again. No visible parts of the body like butt or breasts - Restricted access link - (Gooddemon)

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Juneberry-Chan
- (dedicated TF in the future?) "age shift story" - Main page link - char. link

They Grow Up Fast
- (blurry CoA, some FFed) 2016.
With the birth of his first child, Darren Doane picked up his camera and began documenting the process of becoming a family. 10 years in the making, a profound and entertaining family documentary. From mud puddles and family road trips to backyard parties and the birth of their 3rd child in the front seat of their truck, Doane captures all the amazing adventures. Will entertain kids and inspire parents as they travel along with the Doanes on their grand adventure of growing as a family.

- (ghost slow AR) by Gabrielle Zevin.
People who die go to the title's afterlife, where they age backwards until they reach newborn status, at which point they are returned to Earth to live forwards again. Apparently, their mental state does not regress as their bodies do. 15 y.o. Liz dies in a bicycle accident; when she arrives in Elsewhere, she is taken in by her grandmother who died in her 50s but is now in her physical 30s. Liz is understandably ticked off at having to relive the parts of her physical development she wasn't too thrilled about in the first place. She was really looking forward to having physical independence!
- The book doesn't cover too much time, so we don't get to see the de-aging process really take hold. There's a kind of icky romance as Liz starts dating a man who died in his thirties who is now physically a slightly older teen (but still with the mental attitudes and interests of an adult).

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
- (AA ARed) DVD title "Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers".
Nice idea, but the execution's horribly confused: The villains spun the Earth backwards to reverse time. Not only the Rangers but everyone else became age-regressed, though the Rangers and the villains are the only people who seem to realize it. The plan was that the Rangers would lose their powers because they went back to before they acquired them. However, their base is still there, where they summon the alien Rangers to protect the Earth until they can return to normal - (Doctor Anguish)

Magiczne drzewo: Czerwone krzeslo
- (AR) "Magic tree: The Red Chair", Poland, 2009.
Based on a TV series. A storm has knocked down a huge oak, yet it was a magic tree... Unknowingly, the tree was used to make many objects sent to the shops. From that day on, strange things have begun to occur... A red chair has found its way to the house of a family. The chair can walk, fly and make wishes come true to someone who sits on it.
A recklessly spoken wish results in the parents not caring anymore. They leave to work abroad, and the 3 children must stay with their disliked aunt. The children run away and hit the road to find their parents, on a journey full of adventures and magical events.
The ARed Aunt is a prominent character in the movie. Firstly, they are saying to change her into a cockroach, then into a dog, but finally he says his wish is to make her smaller than them. No process, we don't see her getting younger. It's all off screen, in a poof transformation way. After she was changed, she started screaming and tried to order those kids around, but they were not listening anymore and started laughing about her. Then she started threatening them without effect. Now being too small to drive a car, she decided to join them as she is scared that someone could kidnap her.
The clothes did not change with her regression, if you look closely you will see they are now bigger on her, not hanging but longer. The dress reaches almost to the ankles.
SPOILER WARNING: I remember she was stuck like this, she does indeed stay little. Her mind has not changed, and she started going to school with other kids from that movie. I don't remember if she was forced to do that, or she chose it freely. At the end she seems to be reluctantly accepting her new life as a little girl. Probably that magic chair was destroyed, and not granting wishes anymore - (ARArchive board)

Some may be sad not to see more detailed AR scenes: "Sadly, no process, and the clothes are magically changed as well. :/"
I wish there were more movies, Tv series, or animations showing AR Process (for me mostly females) - but sadly there are not many movies like that. When it is about normal (non animated) movies, I know only one good female AR scene, and I was searching for a long time.
A shame, really, how movies tend to use cutaways, when it's not so difficult making Process with modern technologies. "Second Chance" and "The Nutty Professor 2" did it well, and they were decades ago. Just showing face and hand changing, then the kids in baggy clothes, that's not so difficult. Sigh.
About the clothes sizes, well you can't make a movie where a little girl will be shown mostly naked in too big clothes. People will not accept this, some may recognize it as pedophilia or something creepy, unlike adult rejuvenation scenes in movies.
There are some series and movies showing aftermaths of kids in their oversized adult clothes. As long as there's no visible privates, there is obviously nothing wrong with showing such scenes onscreen. It's been done before, it looks like kids playing dress up, it's cute.
Nudity would be too much for a regular movie for kids. Oversized or hanging clothes should be absolutely normal, accepted and cute.

Messieurs les enfants
- (male APed CBed, AR OC, unseen RN AA) A stern teacher gives his grade school students the following home essay: "You wake up one morning and discover you've been transformed into an adult. Panicked, you rush to your parent's bedroom, only to discover they've been transformed into children. Write the rest of the story."
The all-boy group of main characters hastily write a bad essay, and the morning after, they of course wake up with it having really happened.
One boy has both parents regressed. One has his mother regressed, who shows up in a dress which reveals her whole childish chest. The parents are now kids, having been mentally regressed as well.
If I recall correctly, another boy spending the night in the police station had the friendly male night cop regress instead of his mom (who left the house or is dead?), while his mute painter dad also regresses.
The boy with the mom in the red dress - who talked with the ghost of his deceased father in an "imaginary friend" fashion - has his father's ghost also regress into a boy ghost, although this one isn't mentally ARed, being imaginary (the actors look normal without sci-fi effects, it's just implied only the boy can see him, and only near the tomb).
It's the adaptation of a book. Actually, both the ecrivain and cineaste playfully made the book and the film from the little draft they had thought of together. The movie is quite good, with some well known French actors (notably the one with grey hairs), fun scenes, and the kids acting somewhat well. All the changes occur offscreen during the night, though - (Vended)

Da Grande
- (male APed CB, AR OC glimpse) I'm no Italian, so I don't know too much about it, but basically it's the movie "Big" - or rather Tom Hanks's movie is Da Grande, the latter having been made one year earlier - except that at the end, after the boy goes back to his grade school age (leaving a letter to his adult teacher crush) she joins him by wishing herself back into a kid.
When she runs back to him in the school hallway, her oversized dress cleavage shows her flat chest as well. We're like that in Europe, we don't treat kids' chests (that are exactly the same before puberty) any differently. ^^'
- (Vended)

Detective Conan
- (unseen AA RN APed, RN AR) Ep178 "Reunion with the Black Organization" (The Resolution).
Ai Haibara drank wine while having a cold, negating the effects of the APTX 4869 (Age Regression drug), and she returns to her teenage self. When she tries to meet Conan on the rooftop, she encounters two members of the Black Organization, Gin and Vodka, who try to kill her. Conan arrives and distracts the pair, allowing her to fall down a nearby chimney. At the bottom of the chimney, Haibara regresses back into a child. Unfortunately, when she turned back into a child, another member of the Black Organization named Pisco was in the room, watching as she regressed. As he is about to kill Haibara, Conan interrupts. Pisco is surprised by Gin, who proceeds to kill Pisco for getting caught on camera committing a murder. The order comes from the Boss of the organization. The Episode ends with Conan and Haibara wondering what to do, and Gin and Vodka are seen with the third member of the Black Organization, "Vermouth".
- link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

short stories
Nalo Hopkinson
- (ARed form, age stasis effect) "Message in a Bottle", 2004.
Kamala has an "outsized head" that looks "strangely adult." She also "speaks in oddly complete sentences" for a young child. At the same time, her body seems to develop very slowly: she looks far younger than what her parents believe is her chronological age. Eventually, Kamala is diagnosed with Delayed Growth Syndrome (DGS), a condition shared by other children who came up for adoption at the same time she did.
Researchers have no clue what's causing it, or if the bodies of the kids with it will ever achieve full adulthood. Their brains, however, are way ahead of their bodies. All the kids who've tested positive for DGS are scarily smart.
Kamala explains to Greg that she is in fact an art curator from the future, sent back in time to collect cultural artifacts that have been lost in her own time. Because of the energetic and financial costs of time travel, the future art gallery Kamala works for cannot afford to send adults back in time, nor to bring back the collectors once they have found what they are looking for. "Arts grants are hard to get in my world, too" - apparently, aspects of neoliberal governmentality remain in place several hundred years later.
So instead of sending arts curators themselves back in time, the future art galleries genetically engineer "small people... children who [are]n't children," to go back in their place. All the DGS kids are far older than they appear; Kamala, who looks 6, and whose adoptive parents think she is about 10, is in fact 23 years old. She is a genetic clone of the curator whose interests she represents, and the curator's actual memories have been "implanted" within her as well. But her chromosomes have been altered, given extra telomeres in order to "slow down aging." As a result, Kamala says, "my body won't start producing adult sex hormones for another fifty years. I won't attain my full growth till I'm in my early hundreds."
She will physically bring her artifacts back to the future by living through the entire span from our time until then.
"Do you know what it's like turning in schoolwork that's at a grade-five level, when we all have PhD's in our heads?" Their double consciousness on a sexual level is even worse: "the weird thing is, even though this body isn't interested in adult sex, I remember what it was like, remember enjoying it. It's those implanted memories from my original."
Some of the seeming-children from the future have an even harder time than Kamala, because they get abused, just as actual children sometimes do; or they find themselves "living in extremely conservative places"; or they fail to get adopted, and have to "make [their] own way as street kids."
In any case, these people from the future have no legal rights, because in appearance they are "never old enough to be granted adult freedoms." Some of them have already died, Kamala says, and she and the rest will probably be institutionalized at best. All for the sake of an art retrospective: "this fucking project better have been worth it," Kamala says.
- (JeffR_2bya)

New X-Men
- (adults FFed to older) "E Is for Extinction", 6/2015. Burnham, Bertram.
10 years after the death of Professor X, a group of middle-aged X-Men eventually show up, albeit late and pathetic. Cyclops pretends like he's still the guy leading an entire race, but he just makes a fool of himself. Magneto establishes that Cyclops and Emma Frost are basically a bunch of has-beens since their powers are fading away. Even the rest of Magneto's team goes out of their way to berate them, and not in a very good way.
Meanwhile, at a mutant medical center, a couple of prospective parents want to make sure their child is a mutant. In a domain where mutants are the majority, just being normal is basically a handicap, so they want to make sure their kid has that advantage - (MySpecialFX)

Secret Wars II
- (age forms?) 1984-85 Marvel cross-over, #5+. Shooter, Milgrom.
Boom Boom (mutant character). AKA Time Bomb, Boomer, or Meltdown.
Abrasive, vapid, and vain character, who fans love because she chooses to be those things. Tabby unrelentingly made sure she was in control of her own destiny.
The Beyonder, on a quest to find the meaning of everything, met 13 y.o. Tabitha Smith on a train, calling herself Time Bomb. She was ecstatic to find someone else with powers like her. Tabitha told him about her life, how she could generate "time bombs", how her father beat her because she was a mutant, and how she was running away.
The Beyonder saved Tabitha, and they traveled to the Worldcomplex Headquarters of the Celestials. Challenging the Celestials to stop him from destroying reality, The Beyonder tried to calm Tabitha down by giving her whatever she wanted: to be beautiful, to be older, to be normal, but Tabitha Smith was always comfortable in her own skin, and just wanted to go home.

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Klatuk4u
- (dedicated AR) Super Magic Regression Tournament! (2017)
The Tournament of Time begins! Eight magical users of all shapes and sizes enter for the chance to have their own power over time enhanced to incredible levels! The combatants come from many worlds and times and have gathered to win this great boon! However losing in the tournament comes at a cost! The loser of each round will be rejuvenated as punishment for the champion to decide what to do with them later! However not all is as it seems... and the tournament is being controlled from behind the scenes and other "non-combatants" have been drawn in to manipulate the events for themselves!
RULES: Two bouts will be posted each week! You have from Monday to Friday to vote and the results will be posted on Saturday! To vote please send a note to me on the AR Story Archive (under the same name of course) of your desired victor in the comments section of each posted round and let me know who you want to win! Be sure to point out which round it is~ The winner moves on! The loser is regressed for their failure! Please vote only once! If your character wins they may have their desire granted!!!
- link - Here is the official Tournament Roster and Brackets. Random Drawing has set the brackets for the first rounds.
- link - Here is ROUND 1-A.
- link - And here is ROUND 1-B.
May the best fighter win!

JackpotMans's Videos
- (vid links) - I created a vimeo group so that anyone can add videos from their computers. the Password is Jackpot. All you need is an account and click to apply to this group. Note that I have to accept it in order for you to be added (unless I invite you) so if you use a known username, it would make it easier. Also, if any of the moderators here want to be moderators for this group as well, I can oblige.
- videos - groups

Mork & Mindy
- (mental "ARed", voice change) "A Mommy for Mork"
When Mindy is reunited with ex-fiance Dan, she wonders what it would be like to raise a family, while Mork wonders what it would have been like to have had a mother. Mork kills two birds with one stone by using his Orkan Age Machine to mentally "regress" himself to 3, which results in hilarious complications - link

X-Men Unlimited
- (adults FFed) Vol 1 #26 "Day of Judgment"
X-Force (1991) #101 , Gambit (1999) #14-15 , X-Men Unlimited (1993) #26.
Depicted the X-Men in the future, showing many regulars in maybe their 60s or 70s.
I've uploaded a series of X-Men OA commissions that were done for me by Youthdrain years ago. You may have seen them before, I'm pretty sure I shared them at the time, but couldn't find them when I checked. A lot of this depiction of their aging is in line with what Tree imagined - (MySpecialFX)

Master Comics
- (male adults OA'd) #74 "The Fountain of Age" 11/1946.
Themes reoccur with Sivana Jr stories. His promises of reform are never kept, and his master chemist abilities cause chaos and havoc as distractions for his criminal endeavors. This time it is an aging potion that disables his adversaries by making them too old to resist. He gets a dose of his own medicine in the end administered by the Blue Boy - link

Alarming Tales
- (male adult to OA) #5 "The Fountain of Age" 1958. Doug Wildey - link

Even during a slight age increase, I know only too well that an erection can readily burst a zip fly ... not to mention fly buttons. This used to happen to me quite regularly in my age-changing days, until I was more careful to get trousers with more room where I need it most. It especially applied to tightish cords. Believe me, they were not good for age changing guys like us. ;) I can still feel the pain.
Disaster might happen suddenly (as with a very powerful and quick erection during an unplanned growth spurt), or, what I think was worse, I might gradually become aware of the slight breeze, and had to begin wondering just how long I had been walking around looking like that. :eek: For a while I had stronger zips put on my trousers as a matter of course.
I agree that mostly it is a matter of very sudden pressure and tension. But seams have split, the tension straps which run down the sides of my jock pouch have snapped, the top of the pouch has come loose, the little button holes on the front of boxer shorts (why do they put them there?) have been ripped .. all these have happened more than once.

She sighed as she placed her books on the table. As she waited on the seat, she felt her skirt slowly beginning to rise, sliding up inch by inch over her subtly thickening and stretching thighs. She tried to pull the skirt down with no use.
Half the time that she inadvertently changed ages, she outgrew her clothing to some extent. It always felt like they were shrinking against her body. In moments, Emery blossomed from a teenager into a beautiful young woman. No nudity this time, thank God. Her adult body had a relatively petite frame, with appropriately sized breasts and ass to match. Her skin remained flawless and clean.
- (PE Fan)

web fiction
- (TF ability, animal human shapeshifting) 2015 Wattpad story.
20 y.o. Stephanie Chapman is just like any other girl - except for her uncanny ability to morph into any animal at will. So how exactly does a girl live her life with such an extraordinary power? Surprisingly ordinarily really. Warning: does not exactly have a happy ending.
- Novel chapters link - (TF Fan)

- (age-related glitches) - report - report - (Will)

- (morph) - irklam telecom quality assurance faces
- (CoA FFed) - Kortney Dunbar grew out of her jeans, but not her game - story
- (FFed dream) - "Just wait till I grow up" - original meme

Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler
- (adults FFed) Vol01, 2014.
In a scene, the characters imagined their future appearances much older - (Yayame)

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