Jackie Chan:
All Grown Up
Part 1

by Beahunter

Disclaimer: This is a parody based on the WB cartoon series Jackie Chan. All characters belong to Jackie Chan productions and Warner Brothers.

“But Jackieeee, why can’t I go?”

“Because Jade,” the young girl’s uncle lectured, “This is dangerous and you are much too young. Besides, you have homework to do.”

“Ohhh,” Jade whined. “Hrmph.”

Once again Jade was left behind as Jackie went off on another mission for Section 13. Having recently met her future self, she knew that one day she would become the captain of Section 13, after Captain Black leaves to start up Section 14, but that was over ten years away, and she couldn’t wait that long. And whom did Jackie think he was telling her not to go. She’s been on almost every mission with him since he started working for the secret agency, and she’s hardly ever caused problems. If it weren’t for her, Jackie would have been killed dozens of times by now. And what made this even worse to miss was Viper was going. The female ex-thief was like Jade’s best friend. Jade was still hoping that Viper and Jackie would hook up together, and Viper’s hinted that she wanted the same, but Uncle Jackie was too nerdy to realize this.

“So why should this be different than any other time?” With an excited grin, Jade opened the door to Uncle’s Shop and ran outside, only to slam into something very large and heavy. “Oof,” she fell flat on her tiny ass. Looking up (way up) she saw the gentle face of her big buddy. “Hehe, hey T., what’s up?”

The large sumo did not share Jade’s excitement. “Jade, you know Jackie doesn’t want you going after him.”

“Ohh, but Toru, Jackie needs me.”

“Jade, please return to your room and do your homework.”

Jade sullenly walked back upstairs, but stopped when she reached the top. She waited until Toru went back to the mini television and his cookies, and then she snuck back down. “So everyone thinks I’m to young to go on missions, eh.” She quietly walked into Uncle’s research room and pulled down a spellbook from its shelf. She flipped through the pages until she found the spell she was looking for. “Bingo!” She had tried the aging spell before and it only made her giant, but she was better with Uncle’s spells now and she was sure she could get it right. Reading over the spell before casting it, she went about collecting the proper ingredients.

After only a few minutes she had most of them. “Mix with fresh milk for strength in bones. Garlic, make sure I have the garlic this time. Powdered oyster shell – eew, gross. And the last one is …” she had trouble making out what the last ingredient was. Since this was one of Uncle’s spells it was of course written in ancient Chinese, and even though she was from Tokyo, she had trouble deciphering the old word. “Hor…mones? Eh, whatever.” Since she found it among Uncle’s spell ingredients, she took it and added it to the spell. When it was ready, she poured the green liquid onto the petrified lizard and spoke the old Chinese words.

The spell finished, she started glowing green. “Yahhh!” she yelled as she suddenly found herself getting taller. Did it work? She looked around for a mirror, and fell flat on her face. For some reason she had lost her balance. She tried to push herself back up, but again couldn’t get her balance and once again fell down, only this time it wasn’t on her face. She bounced off of something under her chest. Had she landed on one of Scruffy’s squeaky toys? And was it cold? Looking underneath herself she screamed again, “Wah!” Jumping up to her feet, she beat her heart rapidly only to find her heart was being obstructed and she once again lost balance, this time falling backwards and landing on her ass again, but unlike earlier, she had a softer landing this time. But the floor was a lot colder.

This time she slowly got to her feet and found a mirror. She hesitantly looked into it, and her almond eyes widened in surprise. “Woe.” The spell had apparently worked. “Milk, it does the body good.” Not only was she three times her previous height, her chest had blown up like water balloons. Her hips were also larger, but not big. Her narrow waist made them look like an hourglass, and even her ass was bigger, yet still tight.

She looked exactly like her future self, except for one important detail. While future Jade was wearing Section 13 issued garments, she was wearing ripped kid’s clothes. Her favorite orange shirt and blue jeans barely covered her. She would need new clothes before going after Jackie. “Jackie!” she said as she realized her uncle was getting further ahead of her. If she didn’t hurry, he would be out of the country soon. Thinking about Jackie made her suddenly think about all the times she’s watched him training; his tight muscles straining under the pressure of his stretches, his body glowing as sweat drips down him, his ass tightening as he jumped around. As she thought about him, she found herself getting weak in the knees. She couldn’t understand it. The more she thought about him, the weaker she got, and yet at the same time, the more excited she became. She was so excited that her nipples where sticking out from her breasts, pushing through the flimsy material of her shirt that barely covered her. They had never done that before, though she remembered reading that this often happened to women who were breastfeeding their babies. But she wasn’t doing that now.

She ran her fingers over her nipples to see if she could push them back in, but it had the opposite affect; they only became harder and she found herself trembling. She liked how it felt. She continued playing with her nipples, pinching and pulling them, then switched to playing with her breasts themselves in their fullness. She liked how large and firm they were. She knew from magazines and TV that having big breasts is a good thing, but she had never seen any before. Viper was the only female role model she had, but she saw the ex-thief only once a month if she was lucky, and had never seen her naked before. The closest time was when Viper was wearing a bikini, but Jade was sure that her own breasts were bigger than the ex-thief’s.

Now thinking about Viper brought on a new wave of excitement in Jade’s body, and she had to lean against the desk to keep from collapsing. “This is so weird.” Where was this all coming from? She had never felt like this before. Could it be because of the magic? If so, she wasn’t complaining. Her fingers would seem to agree, as she suddenly realized that her right hand was furiously playing with her coochie. It took a few seconds for her brain to register the incredible sense of ecstasy this was causing, but when it clicked in, she was on cloud nine. “Oh god, yes. Incredible.” Now she did collapse onto the table.

Jade was fingering herself for only a few minutes, and she came five times before Uncle’s loud screechy voice broke the spell her hand was having over her. “Toru, fetch Uncle’s spellbook. Must do reeesearch.”

“Sigh. Yes sensei.”

Jade gasped as she heard Toru’s giant footsteps coming towards her. Pulling her hand out from herself (she’d worry later about why it was so wet and sticky, as well as why she was peeing some strange white fluid) she slipped out of the room and, dodging around Toru while he had his face buried in a box of butter scout cookies (her thoughts slipped to her fellow butter scout girls and she was once more almost knocked over by the strange feeling flowing between her legs) and ran up to her room. When Viper would visit, she’d share Jade’s room when they weren’t sleeping in Section 13, and she’d often leave some clothes behind.

Slipping into her room, Jade closed the door behind and went into her closet. It wasn’t very big, but luckily she didn’t have that much clothing in it. She kept most of her clothes on the floor. Viper hadn’t left much behind from her last trip, but Jade found exactly what she was looking for; Viper’s tight black leather cat burglar outfit. Jade had always wanted to try it out. “I will look so hot in this,” she said as she took it out of the closet. “Er, I mean cool. I will look so cool in this.” She didn’t know why she had said hot.

Holding up the outfit in front of her, she admired herself in her mirror for a minute. She really did have a great body. Throwing the outfit on the bed, she started removing her ripped clothes, but stopped. She looked real badass in this too. Her top barely covered her huge breasts, and her jeans, well her jeans were so tight she was starting to loose circulation in her legs, but they were ripped in all the right places and really showed off her tight ass. She also finally had the chance to notice that her zipper and button had burst open, exposing her white cotton panties. This was how she was able to finger herself so easily. And speaking of her panties, she wiggled around cause right now she had a major wedgie. Her tiny panties wouldn’t fit her anymore and they rode up her ass crack. Taking off her pants she turned around and looked at herself in the mirror again. In this angle, she was better able to see her butt and how her panties rode up her crack. “Hmm, not bad. A bit tight, but I like it. No panty lines.” She took off her tattered shirt to complete the ensemble.

Jade ran her hands over her naked body, impressed with how well the spell worked. Her breasts were huge, and her stomach was washboard flat. Even her muscles were well developed. “I wonder if this is how I will really look like when I’m 18, or just part of the spell.” Thinking back to meeting her future self, she’d have to guess that this was he body she was destined to have. “Considering I am going to be a part of section 13, I guess I’d have to be in great shape.” She also noticed her voice was different. A bit higher in pitch and not as childish anymore. “Being 18 so rocks!”

She continued looking at her naked self in the mirror for a few more minutes before she suddenly tensed up. “Oh, ouch, yikes.” She went nuts, squirming around, as her private parts started to itch real bad. Her right hand went down to her coochie and she furiously scratched it. She had forgotten about how wet her panties were and now that they were drying, they were very itchy. Especially against her sensitive skin. Not caring about how cool she looked in the small panties anymore, she pulled them down her shapely legs and continued scratching. She was just so itchy. The more she scratched, the itchier she became. But she couldn’t stop. It just felt so incredible.

Jade was bent over now, her fingers working furiously again. Still not used to the added weight in her new boobs, she actually fell forward again, but she just lay on the floor, her fingers still scratching. And it was no wonder. When she opened her eyes, she was once again surprised, this time to see a thick patch of black hair covering her coochie. Her fingers were becoming entangled in them. “What the…?” She no longer knew what was happening, but when her fingers accidentally went inside her coochie as she tried to untangle her matted hair, she stiffened. This was something that had never occurred to her before. After all, that’s where her pee-pee came from. But it felt incredible. “I wonder,” she said as she pushed a third finger inside. “Ow, ow, ow, tight.” She pulled her three fingers back out. “Okay, note to self; use only two fingers.” Saying that, she pushed her two fingers past her thick bush and back inside her. “Hmm, yes. That’s good.”

She continued fingering herself with her right hand, while her left moved over her breasts, squeezing the mammoth melons and pinching her steel hard nipples. It took only a few seconds before she was rolling around her floor. “Oh, oh, oh, oh god.” She didn’t know how to react. Her body felt like it was exploding. She wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Finally exhausted, she stopped, choosing to just lay on the floor in her pile of white fluid. She was all sweaty and sticky, but she didn’t care. She wondered what Jackie would say if… “Jackie! The mission.” She had forgotten the main reason why she had cast this spell in the first place. She was so late.

She quickly put on the clothes she had laid out. She couldn’t find any of Viper’s panties, so she had to go into her clothes drawer and pull out a clean pair of her own. She felt embarrassed with her options. None of them fit with her new teenage self. She finally chose the pink butterfly panties. Of course, they were too small and tight, the back not even coming close to covering her shapely ass, so she had to hike them up between her crack, and even the front was pulled up her snatch a bit, barely covering it. She could see its outline as it sucked the material in. This again made her feel woozy, but she had to push it aside for now. She had to catch Jackie before he left.

She found a problem when it came to her shirt, as she realized she didn’t have a bras. She may have been a little girl, but she understood bras. Viper had once explained when she asked that they were to help support the extra weight, and Jade could use that support now. She tried one of Viper’s bras that she found in the closet, but it was way too small. She would just have to go without one. Luckily Viper’s shirt was so small and tight that it held her breasts up well enough. Grabbing a pair of Viper’s high heel boots and a black baseball cap and dark sunglasses to finish things off, she jumped out her window.

“Oh shit!” she yelled as she found gravity working twice as much this time, but her natural cat-like reflexes had finally adjusted to the new her, and she was able to land on her feet. “Too close.” Free of Uncle’s shop, Jade made a fast dash for Section 13.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back inside Uncle’s Rare Finds.

“Toru, fetch Uncle’s spellbook. Must do reeesearch.”

“Sigh. Yes sensei.” Toru walked into Uncle’s research room, his half-finished box of cookies with him. Once inside the room he stopped and sniffed the air. Something smelled funny in here. It was probably some of Uncle’s ingredients again.

Looking around, he finally found the book Uncle requested. Strange that it was lying open on his desk.

“What is taking so long?” Came Uncle’s rasping cry. The old fool never did have much patience.

“Coming Sensei.” There were times when Toru missed the Dark Hand.

“Aie-yah!” Uncle cried out as he entered the room and saw the ingredients. “You are bad apprentice. You never use hormones in a spell. One more thing! You never mix hormones with ground oyster shell.”

“Uh, it was not I Sensei who cast the spell.”

“Ba’h. If not you, who then?” He glared at Toru for a second before his eyes bugged out as he realized who had cast the spell. “Oh no.”

* * * * *

Jade finally made it to Section 13, but it wasn’t easy. She must have wanted to stop and scratch herself almost a dozen times. She had stopped referring to herself as her coochie, having realized that it was a baby nickname for it anyway. She had learned that it was much more adult to call it vagina. But as she ran here, guys whistling at her and calling out to her bombarded her. Even a few girls tried to stop her. Each time she saw them, she felt herself become itchy, though she didn’t know why. She wanted to stop and say hi to them, but she was in too much of a hurry.

Finally arriving at the phone booth, she entered the secret code and waited for it to take her down to the secret underground base. Inside, she was able to sneak past all the guards until she reached the meeting room where she thankfully found Jackie still there. Captain Black was informing him and Viper about the up coming mission.

“Good, didn’t miss anything.”

“So that’s it team. Sorry to have brought you down here for nothing, but our agents in the area managed to stop the thieves before they could find the magic items.”

“Ughh.” Jade was upset that the mission was cancelled, but Jackie looked relieved.

“That’s okay Captain Black. At least this way I won’t have to worry about Jade tagging along. As it is, I’m sure she’s already here, somewhere.” Jackie looked around the briefing room, as if expecting Jade to pop up any second.

“Well, I have a few days free now,” Viper added, “So I wouldn’t mind spending them with Jade, if that’s okay Jackie.”

“Yes!” Jade whispered. The next best thing to a mission was spending time with Viper. The older woman would take her shopping and show her cool martial arts moves that Jackie couldn’t do. Then she remembered what she had done. “Oh no, my grow up spell.” Of all the luck. She didn’t have enough time to get back to Uncle’s either to find a counter spell.

“What am I going to do now?”

Suddenly the alarms went off through out the whole building. Jade had to quickly hide as some agents came rushing in. “Captain, we just found out that Terra Couto has unleashed an army of shadow khan in Puerto Plaza. We believe the ninth and final mask may be there.”

“But, how can he summon the ninjas without the masks? We have the other eight locked up in the vault?” Jackie was outraged.

“Worry about that later. Right now, the two of you are heading to the Dominican Republic.”

“So much for my time with Jade.” Viper said, and Jade was happy to hear the regret in the ex-thief’s voice. It felt good to know that Viper truly enjoyed their time together.

“Get your stuff together, the jet leaves in a few minutes.”

Jade was already moving, but the things she needed to gather would not pas through security. Reaching the vault, she entered the new passcode (good old Captain Black, so predictable) and strode in. Ignoring the sleeping Shendu statue, she collected the talismans she expected to need: snake, rabbit, ox, and dragon. She couldn’t take them all, because it was to risky, but these would be fun.

With the talismans in pocket, she followed Jackie and Viper onto the jet, and waited until they arrived. She had to find a new spot to hide, her usual one to small for her new body.

* * * * *

The jet flew for a couple of hours before finally landing. When Jade snuck out, she wasn’t ready for the beautiful weather, or the half naked people walking around. Sneaking past security, she got ahead of Viper and Jackie and raced over to the hotel.

Once in the hotel, she had to strip down and stand in front of the air conditioner. She was just to hot. Black was not the color to wear here. She would have to go clothes shopping later. She was once again surprised when she saw her nipples becoming rock hard. The cold air was teasing her breasts. She tingled.

“Let me just put my things away, and call Jade to let her know that we arrived safely.”

Jade spun around to the door upon hearing her uncle Jackie. She had to grab her clothes off the floor and run into the bathroom. She made it just as the door opened.

“Let me say hi to her when your done,” Viper shouted from her separate room.

In the bathroom Jade put her clothes back on, only to notice that she had forgotten something.

“Huh!” Jackie screamed. “What are these lady’s undergarments doing here?”

Jade had to cover her mouth to keep from gasping. He had found her panties.

“Something wrong Jackie?” Viper had walked in.

“Look what I found under my bed?”

Jade couldn’t see what he was doing, but she had an idea.

“Really Jackie, I had no idea.”

Jackie was sputtering. “They’re not mine. I found them here.”

“Well, they’re to small for an adult woman. Maybe a family had stayed here and the daughter forgot them.”

“I suppose.”

“That doesn’t explain why you’re still holding them.” Jade could hear the smirk in her tone, and she had to hold back her own fit of giggles.

Again Jackie was at a loss for words.

“Anyway, I just got word that the shadow khan have been spotted in the city, we have to go now.”

“Right.” Forgetting all about calling Jade, Jackie and Viper left the room. Jade didn’t come out until she heard the door close. Looking around, she found her panties in the garbage basket. Not willing to go through garbage just to have clean underwear (that didn’t even fit comfortably) she decided to leave them there and go without.

She was able to keep up with Jackie and Viper as they went through the city. She was so surprised by all the people and the small vendors selling all kinds of stuff. There were a few times when she wanted to stop and look at some trinkets, but she didn’t have any money, and Jackie would get to far ahead of her.

They kept walking until they reached old ruins. Of course this would have something to do with ancient … um whatever. Jade followed inside. Now, if only something exciting would happen.

As if her thoughts brought them out, Jade noticed the shadows moving around Jackie and Viper, who were still oblivious.

“Jackie, look out!” she cried out.

“Jade? ” Jackie turned around and saw her. “What are you doing here?” he cried out, then looked her over. “And what happened to you?”

“Talk later,” Jade was already moving towards the rising ninjas. They were part of the first tribe of ninjas, the ones that could pass for human and who threw shuriken. She managed to kick the first to appear, and punched the next, but after that they were all surrounded.

All three started flying around the room, fighting the shadow ninjas. “Where’s Uncle with a chi spell?” Jackie yelled as he jumped over a flight of steel stars.

Jade and Viper were fighting back to back. “Been playing with spells again Jade?”

“Hehe, how could you tell?”

They stopped talking as they flipped over each other and defeated more ninjas. “Well, at least you look great.”

“Really, you think so?” Jade couldn’t have been happier.

“Don’t encourage her!” Jackie yelled at Viper.

They continued battling until all the ninjas were finally defeated. With the situation under control again, Jackie was able to turn his attention to Jade.

“Jade, explain.”

“Well, you said that I was to young to go on missions with you, so I cast this really cool spell to make me 18. And check out my body, I am so hot.”

“Ack, no you are not. You are grounded.”

“Shuh, you can’t ground me. I’m 18 now.”

“No you are not. When I finish here, I am calling Uncle for a counter spell.”

“Awe.” Jade sulked.

“Don’t worry Jackie, I’ll take her back to the hotel, make sure she stays out of trouble.”

“Thank you Viper.”

Jackie turned his back on them and started his research. “Why are the shadow khan interested in this temple?”

Viper lead Jade out of the ruins with her hand pressed against Jade’s back. For some reason, Jade was really excited by the delicate touch. When they were away from Jackie, Viper broke the tension. “Nice spell Jade, but you know that it was very dangerous for you to do. And even more dangerous for you to follow us here.”

“Awe, I can take care of my self, you know that Viper. How many times have I pulled the J Teams ass from the fire?”

Viper stopped, shocked at Jade’s language. “Where did you learn to talk like that?”

“Relax Viper, I’m 18 remember.” She leaned to the side, her arm resting on her well-developed hips. Viper seemed to notice her new body for the first time, and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling appreciatively.

“Yes, you are 18 aren’t you? Tell you what, instead of going back to the hotel, why don’t we hit the beach. Jackie will be busy with his boring research for a while, and I don’t think the shadow khan will be returning any time soon.”

“Really?” Jade was excited again. “But I don’t have a suit.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll pick up something. I think I saw a small store selling them at the hotel.”

“Awesome. Let’s go.”

Jade ran ahead of Viper, who stayed behind the young teen, admiring the view of her ass.

When they reached the shop, Jade ran right in and started looking over the one-piece suits, until Viper stopped her. “Those are okay for hanging around the public swimming pools back home, but when you’re on a tropical beach, these are what you want.”

She led Jade over to the bikinis. “Now let’s find you a nice one. One that your uncle wouldn’t approve of,” she added with a wink.

Jade giggled and started looking over the flimsy suits. They spent over an hour trying out the different choices, and Viper finally agreed on a very mini red string bikini. Jade wasn’t sure about it, the top practically only covered her nipples, and the bottom was only a small triangle and a string that rode up her crack.

“Are you sure about this Viper? Isn’t this a bit, to um… nothing?”

Viper was sitting in a chair, her shapely legs crossed over each other. She was wearing a knee length blue skirt with her matching top, and Jade could swear she saw her panties when the ex-thief uncrossed her legs. “Relax Jade, that’s perfect for sun tanning, less tan lines. Besides, you have a great body, you have nothing to worry about.” Once again Jade thought Viper was checking her out.

“Only one problem however.” Viper looked down to Jade’s crotch, and the patches of black hair sticking out of it.

Jade had also noticed the hair problem. Not only was it unsightly, it was very uncomfortable. “Hehe, oh yeah. I don’t really know what to do about that.”

Viper smiled and wrapped her arm around Jade’s shoulders. “Don’t worry sweetie, we can take care of that back in my room. I have the proper tools there.”


“I’m just wondering why your other body hair hasn’t grown out.”

“You mean I’m supposed to be even hairier?”

“Well, usually after you hit puberty, you not only get hair, um, down there, but also on your legs and under your arms.”

Jade shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe it was because of the spell I cast.”

“I suppose. You know you really shouldn’t be casting spells without Uncle’s help.”

“Awe. But I’m good. See, this spell worked perfectly.”

“Can’t argue with that.” Did Viper just lick her lips? Jade thought that the ex-thief was acting really weird around her, but then again, she was a teenager now. “Come on sweetie, let’s go get ready for the beach.”

Jade changed out of her bikini and after Viper paid for it, as well as a new suit for herself, they went up stairs. “We’ll have to look for more clothes for you later. You can’t go out tonight in my old cat burglar suit.”

“Great. Um, can we also buy new underwear? Jackie threw out my panties and I can use a bra. My back is beginning to hurt. These things are heavy,” she said as she juggled her breasts.

* * * * *

Viper couldn’t believe what Jade had done this time. Jackie must be still freaking back at the ruins. That is, if he’s not getting the beating of a lifetime by more shadow khan. Hopefully he was doing okay. She couldn’t really think about Jackie at the moment. Jade had her full attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

For an 18 year old, Jade had an incredible body. Her breasts were huge, her ass nice and tight, and a slender waist. She reminded Viper a lot of what she had looked like at that age. She had gotten so hot watching the young teen changing into the different swimsuits. It had been a long time since she had made out with another girl. It felt weird to be attracted to Jade, so much so that she had wiped Jackie from her mind, but she didn’t care. She just couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

“Uh, Viper, why is your hand on my ass?”

“Oh, I’m sorry sweetie. I just need to see … um … what size of panties you wear. Your old ones must be way to small for you.”

“That’s true, I guess.”

“Here’s my room.” Viper used her key and escorted young Jade inside.

“Nice room.” Jade looked around until she spotted something that made her face light up. “Too cool, you have a hot tub in your room.”

“Yeah, I was hopping to use it … later tonight. After Jackie had finished his research.”

“Cool, can I go in now?”

“What about the beach? The sun won’t be up for ever, but the tub will still be here tonight.” Viper’s eyes were glued to Jade’s ass as the teenager bent over the tub.

“Oh, right. Got to get my priorities straight. Where’s my new suit?”

“Here you are sweetie.” Viper passed Jade over the gift bag. “But remember, we have to trim your hair first.”

Jade unconsciously covered herself with her hands, even though she was still fully clothed. Her face was turning bright red.

“Relax Jade, I’ll be gentle.” Viper then took Jade by her hand and led her to the bathroom. “Just take off your clothes first and hop in the tub.”

Again Jade was unsure, but when Viper flashed her gentle smile again, she relaxed and did as she was told. She started with her shirt, lifting it over her head, and exposing her mammoths. Viper’s jaw almost hit the floor as she witnessed how large Jade’s breasts were. “Wow.” Jade blushed again and crossed her arms over her breasts, but Viper took hold of her arms and moved her hands down to her pants. “You don’t have to be embarrassed sweetie, were both adults.”

Jade grasped the edged of her borrowed pants and slowly slid them down. She had some difficulty because they were a tight fit. Because she had no underwear, her thick bush was the first thing Viper saw. “Wow, is like a jungle down there.”

Jade blushed again, but she continued sliding her pants down, though she was starting to have some trouble.

“Here, sit down on the edge of the bed, I’ll help.” Jade hopped back to the bed.

Jade did so, and Viper tugged one pant leg. Jade had to lie back and pull on her end. Her face tightened as she struggled, and her legs spread open, giving Viper an even better view. She was so unprepared for this that when the pants came off, she flew backwards.

“Viper!” Forgetting that she was naked, Jade ran over to help the ex-thief up.

“I’m okay.” Viper reached up but missed the offered hand only to grab hold of Jade’s breasts. “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie.”

“It’s… it’s okay.” Jade was blushing again. She had enjoyed the feeling. “Um, let’s get rid of this che-a-pet now.” She patted her pubic bush and both ladies laughed.

Viper took her back to the bathroom where Jade hopped into the bath. “We just need to get you a bit wet.” Viper almost blushed as her imagination worked over time. If she weren’t careful, she would be the one getting wet.

Viper turned on the showerhead and ran the warm water down Jade’s naked body. Since this was just a wetting, she avoided getting her head wet, but as she lowered it down, she pushed the showerhead between Jade’s thighs. “Ohhh.” Jade gasped. “Oh, that feels…funny. It’s making me warm.”

“Oh really?” Viper ran her other hand over Jade, pushing the water in. “I’m getting a bit of the spray back, so let me change my clothes.” She passed the showerhead to Jade. “Hold that there for a second.”

Jade pushed the showerhead to herself while Viper took off her business jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. Jade’s eye’s opened as she watched Viper reach around and undo her bras. Viper’s breasts weren’t as large as her own, but these were the first real pair Jade had ever seen, and now that she was older, she found herself feeling funny.

Viper noticed Jade watching her and smiled to herself. Next she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Jade’s eyes were now glued to her panties. She was so enthralled that she was letting the showerhead fall. “Something wrong sweetie?” Viper kept her wicked smile on, while her fingers roamed around her panties. She was wearing a simple white silk thong, but she was getting wet, and it showed.

“Huh? No….” Jade couldn’t speak. She was hypnotized.

“I don’t think its fair that I should be wearing these while you can’t.” Having said that, Viper hooked her fingers under the sides of her moist thong and slowly slid them down, bending over so Jade could see the flimsy material as it left the crack of her ass. As the thong was pulled down, Viper’s complete baldness was exposed to Jade, who gasped upon seeing it.

“There’s no hair there at all. It looks just like mine did before I got older.”

“Yep, I always keep it bald. Never know when some hot guy is going to want to stick something in it.”

“Why would a guy do that? And what would he stick in?”

“Well, aside from the obvious, a lot of guys like to stick their fingers in me.

“Really?” Jade let the showerhead drop as she leaned closer for a better look. She reached out with her right index finger to touch Viper when the ex-thief did something new.

“Woe.” Jade said when Viper was completely bent over, her head poking upside down beneath her knees, and her hands grasping her ankles. “How do you do that?”

“Yoga. I’ll teach you later. The guys love it,” she finished with a wink. When her underwear was around her ankles, she snapped back up and kicked them away. “There we go, free and easy.”

Now completely naked, she returned to Jade and the tub. “I think your wet enough, let’s get started.” She moved Jade down to the other end of the tub, letting the water stay running. She explained that the steam from the hot water would keep them warm.

“Now, this can be tricky so I want you to squat over the tub with your back against the wall and your feet on the edge. You’ll need to stay balanced up there while I work.”

Jade followed her instructions. She was able to stay up by pressing her back into the wall and leveraging herself with her feet, but it wasn’t easy.

“Now I need you to open your legs as wide as they will go.”

Jade hesitated at first, but slowly she spread her knees apart.

“Sweetie, you’ll have to do better than that. I need full access.”

“Oh yeah.” Jade gulped and parted her thighs, and out popped her bush, weighed down by the water that still dripped from her.

“This is going to be tricky. We first need to cut away most of that.” From her kit, Viper removed a pink comb and small steel scissors. She started by combing though the thick tangle, causing Jade to wince and yelp more than once. Next she would use her scissors and start cutting out large clumps of hair, which fell into the tub and down the drain with the flowing water.

The trimming took a few minutes, but when it was done, Jade was left with a lot of dark stubble around her two pouting lips.

“That’s the first part. But I can do better.” After cleaning her scissors and comb under the hot water, she returned them to her bag and took out a can of shaving gel. She filled the palm of her hand with the green gel and spread it over Jade. When it was completely covered, she used her fingers to clean around the protruding flesh. “Wouldn’t want to cut off anything important, now would we.”

“Ohhhh!” Jade didn’t hear her. Viper’s touch was sending her to another world. The ex-thief would push her fingers inside herself to clear out some of the gel, and it felt wonderful. It was the same feeling as when she touched herself. How could this be? Viper was a woman. Of everything she had ever learned about sex, she never knew that a woman could excite another woman. She was ready to explode when Viper suddenly stopped and pulled out. “Awe.” Jade opened her eyes and returned to reality, but wasn’t to disappointed.

Viper now held a strange pink plastic razor. She recognized it as such because of the metal blade attached to its end, but it was completely different then Uncle Jackie’s razors, which where longer with a thinner handle.

“This is a lady’s razor. It’s better designed for all our curves.” With the razor, Viper started shaving all the areas that were covered in the gel. The blade felt smooth against her skin, and wherever it passed, small black hairs fell away with the green gel. This again took only a few minutes and when Viper was finished, Jade could see that all the hair surrounding her was gone.

“Just have one last bit to get sweetie, but I need you to turn around and lean up against the wall. That’s it, now put your palms flat up there and bend over a bit. Perfect. Just spread your legs open again.”

Bent over like that, Viper had a clear view of her tight little ass, as well as her lips hanging below. They weren’t too exposed, so she didn’t have too much trouble shaving the last bit of hair, but she had to place one of her hands over Jade’s smooth ass for balance. At least, that was the excuse she gave for touching her there.

Finished with the grooming, Viper told Jade to say like that as she got some lotion from her bag. “This is used afterwards to moisten your skin, which is always raw and soar after shaving. Standing up, Viper leaned into Jade’s bent over body and reached under her. With her dexterous fingers, she spread the lotion over her burning flesh. Jade’s breathing increased as she felt Viper’s fingers moving over her sensitive skin.

“Oh, oh, mmmm.” Jade muttered.

When Viper moved her hand to the front of Jade, the ex-thief pressed her hips into Jade, and leaned down so her round breasts were crushed into Jade’s back. Jade closed her eyes and let Viper work her experienced hand over her, the wet lotion cooling her burning skin, while Viper’s long fingers pushed themselves into her body. Viper’s other hand also slid forward to grasp Jade’s left breast, which she squeezed.

Jade’s nipples grew diamond hard and stretched and swelled painfully as Viper pushed them. The sensation of the fingers inside her also drove her wild, and started to shake and buck, but Viper kept a tight hold around her and when ever Jade would buck, Viper would push back with her hips, keeping the young teenager bent over.

Neither girl spoke, but both were moaning and crying out. When Jade’s eyes started tearing, Viper bent her head beside hers and kissed them away.

“Oh Viper, I’m … I’m going to … to explode.” Jade cried through pants of excitement.

“That’s it sweetie, just let it cum out. Don’t fight it.”

“Oh God, Viper!”

“Yes, yes.”

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!” Jade suddenly screamed as her body tightened up and warm sticky cum dripped out of herself and down Viper’s fingers.

Viper also came at that moment, but she was quieter about it, and managed to continue milking Jade, though her left hand now had Jade’s breast in a death grip.

They stayed together for a few minutes as their orgasms continued, but when they faded away to memory, Viper was the first to straighten up. Jade soon followed. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. While she was confused, and a bit scared, she was also very excited. She wanted to do it again, but her body was weak now. She had little energy.

Still in the tub, she turned around and became confused. “Viper, what’s wrong? Why are you sitting on the toilet crying?”

“Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I never meant to touch you like that. You must think I’m a monster.”

Jade went over to Viper and hugged her. “I admit, you did catch me by surprise, but Viper, I’m not upset. I loved it. I loved feeling you touching me, being inside me. It was the best.”

Viper stopped crying, but was still sniffling. “Really? You’re not angry?”

“No, just the opposite. I want to do it again.”

Viper now bore a smile to match Jade’s. “You do, huh? Well, that will have to wait till later, or we’ll miss the beach. Come on, let’s get cleaned up.”

With Jade’s help, she got off the toilet and both girls entered the tub, where they used the still running showerhead to clean off the sweat and cum that covered them. Afterwards they put on their swimsuits, Jade’s now looking better with the bushy black hair absent, and they ran out to the beach.

To be continued...

Was going to make this one whole story, but it would end up being to long, so I am breaking it up, and will write the next part when I can.

© CherryUniversity February 25, 2004