"The Genome Project" (Asylum on InsaneJournal) - story of an age shifter

name: Melanie "Laney" Riley (nee Evans)
age: 30
birthdate: September 8, 2016
sexuality: Kinsey 1
occupation: A/C repair
pro or anti-mutant: Pro
pb: Dakota Fanning/Michelle Williams

extent of power: Laney can shift her age in either direction for extended periods of time.
limit of power: She can only shift to an age that she will live to. If she is going to die at age 98, she can not (theoretically) shift to 100. Obviously, this does not take into account accidental death. Only cell age. Alternatively, she can only shift down to ages where she was self aware. Unfortunately, the more she uses her power, the more quickly her cells age. At the moment, the longest she will ever live is to 87. She can also only shift her age for a period as long as 8 hours, and has to be conscious while doing it.
origin of power: Genome Project
weakness: Unconsciousness nullifies the power.

positive traits: spontaneous, mature, good sense of humor (if not a little dirty), motherly
negative traits: doesn't think about consequences, rushes into things, impatient, curious, short attention span
strengths: bullshitting, eye for color, doesn't mind getting dirty, repairing broken things (specifically A/Cs)
weaknesses: listening, conforming to societal norms, being girly, cleaning up

family: Nathan Evans (father), Jennifer Evans (mother), Natalie Elwood (sister), Evan Elwood (brother-in-law), Leah Elwood (niece), Charlie Elwood (nephew), Noah Riley (husband), Robin Riley (9, step-son), Ruby Riley (6, daughter), Evie Riley (3, daughter)
favorite memory: Ruby being born
least favorite memory: Everything having to do with her father
brief summary: Laney was born the second child to Jennifer and Nathan Evans on September 8, 2016. Her older sister, Natalie, was almost 10 years her senior.

From a very early age, Laney decided she hated her parents. This faded eventually into a subtle loathing, but she could never get over how her father always treated her as a science experiment. Her mother was a different story, seemingly more focused on her own life than anyone else's. This caused Laney to act out in several different ways-- misbehaving, sneaking out, dying her hair and wearing inappropriate clothing, drinking, etc etc (all before the age of 14). Her father enjoyed diagnosing her behavior, and Laney enjoyed faking mental conditions.

It wasn't until Laney became a teenager, around age 13 or 14, that she really started repairing her relationship with mother. Laney started seeing a boy, Alfie Tibbits, and she would often go to Jennifer for advice. Eventually, the two became much closer than they started out, and Laney found she could confide in her much more easily.

Alfie was Laney's first boyfriend, and definitely her first love. He was everything she wanted him to be. They were best friends. As she got older, she began to question romantic relationships and whether or not they were worth having. Sure, Alfie made her giddy and happy, but what was the point? Everyone broke up eventually, and no one dated the same person since middle school, right? After nearly a year and a half of being together, Laney broke it off.

[Did they get back together? Ask Rogue.]

She graduated from high school with barely enough credits. Her gpa was about as low as one could get without failing. Naturally, she opted out of college, deciding that it was a waste of time. She just wasn't as interested in school as the rest of her peers were. Instead, she spent her time honing her age shifting abilities and working as an apprentice at one of the few blue collar establishments on the island. She learned pretty quickly, much to her surprise, and eventually worked her way up to a full time laborer.

When the news of the project came around, Laney couldn't have cared less. She was a bit disappointed to learn that she was, in fact, her fathers real daughter, but other than that, the scientific nature of their experiments explained Nathan's behavior better than any psych book could. She suddenly understood why her parents were sometimes distant. Though she still hasn't forgotten how miserable she was because of them, she's forgiven them for it.

In April of 2040, after watching nearly all her friends and family leave, Laney was finally allowed off the island. She was among the last evacuees to go. Once on the mainland, she was met with a plethora of discrimination, none of which seemed to shake her. Instead, she pressed on, applying at all the A/C repair companies she could until one finally hired her.

Shortly after, she ran into a man she had met once or twice on the island: Noah Riley. Eventually the two got married. He had a three year old son that Laney thoroughly enjoyed playing step mother to. Naturally, children followed for them. First came Ruby Roberta, named after Noah's dead sister. Then came Evie Elizabeth. The five live happily in NYC.

quirks: Bites her fingernails, sleeps with one leg hanging out of the blankets
cross to bear: She never had a strong father figure in her life.
biggest fear: That her children will grow up to hate her like she did to her parents.
pet peeves: clean freaks
likes: pink, horror movies, dyed hair, her children, Ruby's tutu obsession, chips and salsa, music, Apple, being a mom, Noah
dislikes: cleaning, picking up after her children, her father, thinking of herself as a responsible adult, folding laundry