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UPS Store, The
- (male FF slight AP cutaway) The UPS Store - "Grocery Shopping", 2018.
Her son grew older while the UPS guy was talking.
- CM link - screencaps - (Richard)

comments/encouragement requested
Age-Shifter, The
- (age changing ability mentioned) Story not yet written - Info link - Chapter 01 link - cover

fetish films
Deviant Artist: Dark Productions
- (dedicated CGI TF AP) 2019.
Female TFs using photo-manipulations and Photoshop/Poser shorts. I love AP, who doesn't?
- Halloween 2019, $5 Patreon Tier: "Ashley" - 11 minute short story.
Deviant Art link - Patreon link - Preview caps - (Mr. Dark)

mirror of age
- (male adult rejuved effect) c'19 adult illusion gag

manga progressions (fan works)
- (dedicated AP scenes) Student Lolita Mai-chan grew up in a short time. Who loves daughters wearing clothes that do not match their size? - (Yooi)

fetish comics
AP scenes
- (dedicated TF & aftermath)
- stretch swimsuit - shoujo - ARed disguise - Nude experiment

Mr. Teedles: The Gland Old Man
- (male adult mental) - illustr.

fetish films
shoe bursting
- (dedicated foot "growth", kinda could look like AP) Edited caps

- (adult CoA FFed) - differences from your 20s to your 30s.

coming of age (art theme)
- (age metaphor) c'10 painting

Hold Up Kids
- (old age) TF pic

- (AR) scene

TF tropes: overnight age-up
- (dedicated nocturnal sleep growth) CGI bed scene.

TF tropes: period progression
- (dedicated APed CB) First menstruation may come with a growth spurt - rest room shock

fan characters
Age Difference
- (never made comic) - sketches - agedifference.smackjeeves.com/comics/

fetish comics
Pixiv artists: Potter.L
- (dedicated TF) age forms

5000 Days Project, The
- (AA FF, CoA) Rick Stevenson documentaries.
A "personal time capsule" for children 5-18, the idea is to chronicle their lives for 5000 days. The child/adult transition through everyday footage.
He screened hundreds of kids near Shoreline, WA in 2001. The project went from 60 kids to participants in over 10 countries.
- Documentary film "Two Brothers", 2011.
- BYUtv episodes centering on one participant each, 2012.
- Plans for online "video journal" project - link

- (AA age forms, BE) - Fan art @ left is Maria Balthasar, Pixiv works - (Kero, Andu22)

fetish comics
shoe bursting
- (dedicated foot growth CB) Looks like it could be part of an AP scene.
- Story: you could imagine she was in trouble and needed to be stronger so she made herself older - running
- manga by Nathan123 - Kitsu Senpai - close-ups
- Story: early teens felt too young to drive so made themselves older - car growth

- (dedicated TF AP effect) c'18 Nude - Serena turns into Grace fan art

fetish comics
transformation scene
- (dedicated heroine/muscle upgrade) c'18 sequence

Milk: It Does a Body Good
- (dedicated fetish AA upgrade) c'18 CGI parody

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: WongSsj
- (dedicated shoujo TF sequences, some CB) Access restricted or censored, c'18.
Pencil art, new Gallery link - Uncensored previews:
- "The Goddess Blessing" stages - Hose tentacle swap stages - Native growth stages

- (classic AP/AR anime) Marvelous Melmo - AKA "Fushigi na Merumo".
1971-72 pioneer series (10 hrs.) - Episodes compilation - Episodes compilation - (Akira)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Sannamy
- (dedicated AR OC aftermath) "Unexpected Regression", 2019 commission for Areat.
She made two versions: with more items, or with a clearer view of the characters - link - link
- Main Gallery link - (Vended)

Demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka?
- (AA TF scene, older mahou form) Vol02 Ch22.
The grandmother's kid Momo also became a Magical Girl.
- Chapter link - extract - (NightElf37)

short films
- (excellent AP CB glimpsed) 2016, before/after sketch. Already linked from the short films page - The official poster

short comics
Coloring for Grown-Ups
- (slight adult rejuv illusion) Ryan Hunter, Taige Jensen, 2012 book.
A darkly satirical twist on the adult coloring trend - "Beer goggles" - can you find the differences?

W.E.I.R.D. World
- (male ARed) 1995 Tv movie.
At the Wilson Emery Institute for Research and Development (W.E.I.R.D.), emotionally unstable scientific geniuses develop projects in virology, time-travel, rejuvenation and robotics.
- Aftermath clip link - gif

short films
male AR gags
- (blur poof) c.'19 "The Age Changing Portal" - caps

short toons
AA FF tropes
- (grow up years) c'18 - gif - caps

Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness
- (AR) Pink hair shoujo undergoes a furry transformation. Due to the power of love, she regains her senses to stop the villainess, at the cost of turning back into a baby. The hero decides to raise her again - (Snark)

Clockwork Angel
- (TF, some "ARed" effect) Cassandra Clare, 2010.
In the demonic underground of Victorian-era London, orphan heroine Tessa Gray is forced to realize her powers of transformation. As a "changeling", she can take the shape of anyone she desires, becoming their doppelganger.
"...her reflection made her wince. There was the pale oval of her face dominated by hollow gray eyes - a shadowed face without color in its cheeks or hope in its expression".
Tessa is gray and colorless; a mold waiting to be formed. Initially, nothing but an object waiting for an identity. Her reflection, in Lacanian terms, is that of a fragmented body, a mirror image causing the subject to recognize she is not whole. As an unformed being, Tessa can take any identity. Regardless of how much Tessa dislikes her ability and multiple forms, her double self is necessary for her own identity. Without her ability leaving her questioning who she is, Tessa would view herself as fragmented.
"What if one of the times I Changed, when I turned back into myself, I didn't do it quite right? What if this isn't even my true face?"
Tessa's captors, the Dark Sisters, tell her to imagine herself as clay, being shaped and molded on the potter's wheel, her form amorphous and changeable. The first glimpse of Tessa's power is when she is handed a little girl's bow.
"She opened her mind and let the darkness come down, let the connection that bound her to the hair ribbon and the spirit inside it - the ghostly echo of the person who had once owned it - unravel like a golden thread leading through the shadows".
This doubling, Tessa literally becoming the young girl who wore this bow, is caused by a connection to the past through the world of shadows. Forced to change into murder victims, she fears her ability and only uses it when required of her.
The Magister wants to marry Tessa to exploit her ability. They tie her to a bed so she will not escape before the wedding ceremony. The young girl's bow allows her to change into a smaller child. Tessa, who could "Change into someone a second time, without touching something that had belonged to them", reshapes her body and slips the girl's smaller hands through the ropes on the bed. Tessa's lack of power while tied to the bed represents the perceived submission of a woman not only through marriage but the consummation of that union. Through the double, she gains freedom to choose her sexual fate, whether to submit to her forced husband or not. Tessa is empowered to break free from the bonds of an arranged marriage and losing her virginity.
She borrows fellow Shadowhunter Jessamine's ring and becomes her double: "Jessamine was gazing at her in abject horror, like someone who has seen a vision of their own ghost. For a moment Tessa felt a stab of guilt. It lasted only a moment, though. Slowly Jessamine lowered her hand from her mouth, her face still very pale. 'Goodness, my nose is enormous,' she exclaimed. 'Why didn't anyone tell me?"
In the nurturing environment of The Institute, Tessa was empowered to control her identity as a changeling. Soon she is able to easily and frequently change her appearance. "'If,' Charlotte said, 'you do not wish to use your power, then no, we will not force you to. Though I do believe you yourself might benefit from learning how it might be controlled and used.'"

Big Mouth
- (CoA) - caps

- (some slight mental "infantilization" tropes) 2019/09.
By Melanie Martinez, includes several of her music videos. Cry Baby disguised herself as a woman named Lorelai to free everyone from the spell.
- Cry Baby: Melanie Martinez - Lorelai: Katie Sheridan - Movie link 01:21:51 "TF" AA poof.

text fragments
short films
Guide, The
- (male lifetime FF cuts) "The Guide", Felipe Vargas, 2018.
From a mysterious void, a guardian angel figure guides a man through his first romance - Video link

- (face) - FF - (male ff) - 13 to 15 face
- (male young adult) - face - (young adult) - FF

text fragments
Force of Nature - The Shifter Chronicles (Book 1)
- (AA fantasy curse) Caelyn Shaner, 2019 - Purchase link
Sephora Cassidy is said to be a "shapeshifter"? Her mother worked tirelessly to keep her safe from a world that would destroy and exploit her? Can Seph escape her mother's iron rule and open her heart to someone who doesn't want to control her?
- There was no shifting in the preview chapters, only magic that can do anything.
"I should've known you outgrew your old clothes, Joey. That shirt looks like it belongs on a twelve-year-old." He walked around behind her, rubbing his hand through her kinky red curls..."

- (slight unintentional ff) Uliana 10/14 - Sherri Guzik? Brittany Marie & Sherri adult porn video motherless.com/AA7EA26

Midnight, Texas
- (cutaway human/demon APed, furry TFs) S1Ep4 "I Put a Spell on You" 2018/11/16.
A pregnant woman stumbles into a church, as her baby tears out of her stomach explosively. The baby had turned into a toddler in minutes. Mary the weretiger grew offscreen at an accelerated rate, having become a teenager after one day. Mary kills her two hunters. One of the hunters' ghosts explains they wanted the girl for their supernatural fighting ring.
  Mary age 03: Delilah Hanscum.
  Mary age 18: Sydney Wease.
- Info Page - text and screencaps.

fetish comics
Alice in Wonderland
- (dedicated AP) Alice in: Growing Pangs - c'18 Disney fan art - (Madbeavers)

- (dedicated foot growth shoe CB) "She Hulking Out" '15 - fan art - (Werewolfgirl)

fetish comics
sister swap (trope)
- (dedicated AA) - c'18 age exchange

Gate, The
- (CoA wish) - cap

- (male "muscle" CB) "Hulk" ice cream, Ecuador, c2003-15?
- CM link - screencaps - (Richard)

Geckoman The Series
- (male demon AR AA poof & aftermath, dog ARed/RN, male AA RN, female reflection AR)
AKA "Cicak Man" - Ep09 "Not Some Little Kid" c2016? Kartun Studios, Malaysia.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

me then, me now
- (AA FFed) c'19 - Same pose - Same pose - (Acca)

- (CGI male height/size reduction edits) - "IT: Chapter Two" (2019 movie): Kid actors were digitally de-aged because they grew too much.
- (FFed) - "Halloween Kills" (2020 movie): Former 8 y.o. child actress will reprise her role in "Halloween" (1978) as an adult. She already appeared 3 years older in "Halloween 2" (1981).

SuperCops vs Supervillains
- (AR) AKA: Task Force: Khatarnak Khalnayak
Formerly: Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath - Ep83, Hindi, c2016-17? "Reverse aging" - (FARfan)

La Brujita Tatty
- (AR AA, OA'd) "Tatty se Convierte en Bebe" 2019/04/12.
Girl witch wants to play mommy by turning her talking cat Misifu into a kitten, which it doesn't want. So while it flees, a bird was zapped into an egg, flower into bud, tree into smaller tree, butterfly into caterpillar, cat into kitten, then girl witch into baby. Then everyone back to normal, but at the end the girl and cat were poofed elderly.
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/Vs2a_UBPNKM - (Tazz)

Summer Camp Island
- (male elephant ARed effect) S02Ep11 "Pajamas Party" 2019/07/07.
Oscar's talking pajama feels afraid that Oscar will outgrow her. Hedgehog does a spell on Pajamas to make her bigger, but accidentally shrinks Oscar instead. The Toad Doctor gives them the RN potion, and a potion to make Oscar and Pajamas grow at the same rate. However, there's a chance they'll grow thumbs on their forehead. Jimjams explains to Pajamas that it's okay that Oscar is growing.
- Scene clip link - screencaps - youtu.be/t7ZJmnKAD44 - (Tazz)

Shimmer and Shine
- (AR AA) S4Ep3 "Genie Babies" 2018/11/19.
Genies into babies - Scene link - screencaps - youtu.be/gyiiRUf2jnY - (Tazz)

Hinduism: Odero Lal
- (rejuv/stasis water) Shrine near Yamuna River, Sindh province, Pakistan. The Muslims honor Khwaja Khizr and the Hindus Zinda Pir, the Living Saint.
Varuna informed worshippers he would reincarnate himself as an infant in Nasirpur. Ahirio was startled the infant Jhulelal had grown into an elderly man. He was then said to have turned into a young man. The waters can exempt certain of the faithful from death.

- (young adult dream FFed to OA) 2017.
Stalker fantasizes about growing old with her crush - Ep link @1:30 - caps - (Kappa)

Hinduism: Saisava fountain
- (rejuv/stasis) Ancient place of youth near the legendary Sarasvati River. Its waters make you younger. Drinking Soma will prevent aging.

short toons
How Captain America Returned The Stones (Lego Stopmotion)
- (male bricks ARed) JoMotion, 2019. Man into baby - link - youtu.be/phikBRpXTBo - (Tazz)

Little Charmers
Newly restored links:
- S01Ep11 "Add a little Parsley" - Boy into little kid, then back, then baby - link - dailymotion.com/video/x3o1djw
- "A Little too Much Parsley" - Older boy swaps bodies with younger girl - link - youtu.be/dHH4A7i3FWw
- "Goo Goo Ga Ga Charmer" - Girl into baby - link - youtu.be/_tzh5oC1b2Y
- "Egg Treble" - Owl into egg - link - youtu.be/GbwIxf8xUPc
- (Tazz)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume
- (adult FFed to OA) Squid Girl - S1Ep5 "Wouldn't having a pet be squidtastic?" 2010/11/02.
Incompetent and adorable anthro wants to take over the world. Eiko finds a really small Squid Girl and raises it as a pet until Eiko dies of old age at the end. It was a dream from Sanae, who is jealous of not being in it. Not canon - screencaps - (Kappa)

short films
Juventude (theme)
- (male AR OC poof) - "Generico tomou elixir da juventude", 2018.
Man into boy potion - link - screencaps - youtu.be/IZOsJcS2KxE - (Entropic)

Funko Pop! Figures
- (male RN ARed OC aftermath) 2019.
Bobble heads and toy figures from movies, shows, games, and comics. A wave of figures from the movie "Big" includes Zoltar (the fortune teller machine), adult Josh on the giant piano, and kid Josh from the end-of-movie RN scene. He is depicted in a giant adult-sized suit - (Tazz)

- (adult youth prolongation) Report from a journey to the Orient (or Ethiopia) about a violet-scented spring. Those who bathe in it live to 120.

House of X
- (reincarnation/reborn, repeating life cycles) #2, 2019/08/07.
X-Men miniseries. We learn that Moira MacTaggert's mutant power is reincarnation. Every time she dies, she is reborn in her own past. She finds herself back in her mother's womb, fully aware with all memories and intelligence intact. Through the issue, we see all 10 versions of her life.
In her first life she had a husband, kids, grandkids, and died of old age. Second time around she is thought to be a prodigy/genius, since she was super smart as a baby (when she really just already knew the stuff). Because she knew her husband's faults, they never married. During her third life she is captured by the villains Mystique and Destiny. She can only be reborn about 11 times. If she dies as a child before her X-gene activates (around age 12-14), she also won't reincarnate. The story picks up with life #11. She uses her knowledge to get Magneto and Prof. X to work together to create a utopia - Page - (Tazz)

- (adult uglification) - vid - (frog) - vid - (woman has turned into larger woman) - "Don't look back" vid
- (dedicated AR comics) - ArArchive payable works

Prester John
- (adult stasis) Mythical king from the late middle ages whose kingdom contained the fountain of youth, located near the site of Eden. If you drink from it, you will stay 30 forever.

- (male adult stasis) Moses met the prophet Khidr, AKA Green Man. He was immortal since he drank from the water of life 5000 years ago. Guardian of the water of immortality (Farid al-Din Attar, "The Conference of the Birds"). Also linked to the Green Knight from Arthurian legends, dragon-slaying Saint George, Wandering Jew legends.

- (role reversal) 2019/07, 75mins.
Trading roles adult/child theatre. "Growing Up Broadway" presents current Broadway kids singing roles they are a bit too young for, while former Broadway "kids" sing the songs they performed long ago. Conceived and produced by former Broadway kid Dara Paige Bloomfield - (TheObserver)

Ctesias the Cnidian
- (age delay) 4th C. BC. He wrote about "Indica", where the elderly sometimes made it to 200.
Related legends: Hyperboreans, the ageless peoples of the North.

text fragments
Shape Changer (Lafayette O'Leary #3), The
- (replacement bodies) Keith Laumer, 1972.
He finds himself swapping bodies with strangers for reasons he doesn't understand. It starts with a local thief, up to people from other worlds. The minds stay where they were, but the bodies change places.

Uttara Kuru
- (age stasis) Hyperborean continent whose sap-drinking populace lived for 11,000 years.
Rejuvenation water rumors spread to Masai lands in the steppes east of Kilimanjaro, or closer to the mouth of the Nile.

- (dedicated fan art of non-canon AR aftermath) "Claptrap's Screw-up" by Eduartboudewijn, 2018.
Commission for LordBwargle. 5 female characters from the series: Aurelia (top-left), Mad Moxxi (middle), Athena (top-right), Lilith (bottom-left) and Gaige (bottom-right).
- Fan Art - Restricted source link - (EduartBoudewijn)

- (slight unintentional FF) Early-mid-teens - Mallory - NewStar-Sunshine

Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon
- (demon TFs) - "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" - Kyoto Animation, 2017. Tohru and Kanna act like old ladies, mocking Kobayashi - link @14:15 - cap - (Kappa)

fetish comics
- (dedicated AR) 2019/08/15.
Authors include: TGTrinity, TinyThea, Golden Dawn, Typewriter 17, Lenio TG, JoJoTF and Miss Simone. Most do mainly TG comics, but there's a ton of male AR to infancy and breastfeeding too.
I update the site daily, including the Daily Comic: A Little Providence. If you happen to be a TF comic or image creator, you are welcome to become part of the team!
- Changing Comics link - Membership is free! - (Areg5)

Door Ki Awaaz
- (adult TG attributes swapped, adult rejuvenation and aging effect) 1964, India.
Full movie link @47:00 - screencaps - (Akira)

fetish comics
Rose's Writing
- (dedicated AR) 2019/08.
Site for my new comic with previews, text, and clips. First level free, second only $1, and I'm looking into creating a third where you can view the comic.
- Patreon link - (DrWhoAR)

Vinland Saga
- (male FF or AP?) Makoto Yukimura, Kodansha Afternoon, 2005+. Vol01, p120-123.
Also 2019 anime. Legendary warrior hailed as the strongest ever begat son Tolfin, who lives in the battlefield and aims to conquer the fantasy continent over bloody smoke! - ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/books/107593/A000014956/ - (Akira)

- (AA teen mind and voice exchange) "Popular Mechanics for Kids", c2000. Elisha Cuthbert and Tyler Kyte swap - scene - (Akira)

- (furry AA FFed) Ch 1-4, c2019. Wataru Murayama, Reika O-tsuka.
Age cut from kitten to cat person. Mysterious Kemonomimi creature with ears and tail like a beast fell down at the shrine. He gave it a candy ball that she adored. 10 years have passed, when he hears her voice calling - changed - (Anonsuper)

fetish comics
AP Girl (character)
- (dedicated AP CB/AR RN) SHFan character, 2006+
Imagine a super-heroine who "grows up" from girl to woman whenever her powers are needed. Her adult costume emerges from under the ruins of her child clothing.
- Deviant Gallery link - Registration is required to view content - "NSFW" by Deidurimour" fan art

text fragments
short films
CollegeHumor: When Theater Kids Grow Up
- (adults still acting like teens) 2019/05/14.
This skit was like weirdly hot to me. You know the cliche of high school jocks fixated on the past, never really growing up, kinda stuck the way they were in high school, just with some extra pounds and wrinkles? Well, this sketch explores that with 30 y.o. theater kids! Seriously, I don't know why, but it's a turn on thinking about those specific high school nerds grown up! - Skit link - (Kappa)

girl scout memes
- (FFed "UC" possibility?) "Cute scout gets fucked" - WARNING adult porn link - caps

short comics
- (unseen) Norm Feuti, 2006+ ffed Halloween costume "time gag".

Los Zapatos De Munia
- (slight FFed, some UC, CoA) by Asun Balzola, 1983 - Transl.: "Munia and the Red Shoes", 1984.
Although she followed her mother's advice and avoided jumping into puddles, Munia's shoes seem to be shrinking. Transparent watercolors of Munia extend across the pages. The reader is obliged to imagine which are the features of this girl who grows unstoppably whilst her teeth fall out, her shoes become too small, and she learns to say sorry to be accepted.

Insula Jovis
- (adult rejuvenation and stasis) c1500. The "island of the young" may be found somewhere in the Atlantic. The fountain of youth was thought to be around the Bahamas, possibly on the isle of Boynca. A Lucayo Indian claimed his father had gone to Florida as an old man, bathed in magical waters, and been rejuvenated. Chicorano said that in Duhare everyone was the same age, for the old were continually rejuvenated.

cheerleader memes
- (possible UC) "Trying On Old Cheer Uniforms!" c'19 link - caps

Theopompus of Chios
- (AR) "Philippica" fragments, c330 BC. He wrote about the island of Meropis, which has 2 rivers. The river of pleasure made you younger, ultimately into a baby.

"Trying on old clothes" c2019 screencaps
Note: most outgrown clothes videos only stay up a few weeks. Some can still be viewed by fashion researchers through archive sites and saved copies.
- 8 attempts - 8 attempts

- (adult to dust) Rotoscope animation, Rosa Salazar, Ep01 2019/09/13.
Amazon Prime, adult comedy-drama series. Trailer shows a woman being aged to a skeleton while sitting in a chair. The heroine travels through space or time, and materializes nude at her workplace. It sorta kinda looked like she flashed back as an adult into her own past, causing her clothes to explode off her suddenly enlarged body? We can be almost certain that nothing like that will happen, but will have to watch.
- Trailer link - gif - (Jeffr_2bya)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Roninkagashi
- (dedicated male AR) "Charley's Regression", reposted by jeff2beyoung, c2010s.
11 panels. Video extract link - Source link - (Akira)

fetish stories
CalebTheReaderWriter: "Jacob's Regression"
- (dedicated male AR) 2019.
Can you imagine being forcibly turned back into a toddler? Depressive 22 y.o. man Jacob was regressed back by his therapist and his wife as a second chance. A so-called fresh start as their own baby. The drug-induced AR was not the focus of the story, which is centered on his gradual mental adaptation as his emotions and knowledge adjust to his new body. Initially, the tot struggles mightily against his self-proclaimed new parents. It eventually turns sweet, as he slowly begins fitting in mentally.
- Story chapters link - (Vended)

I Am Mother
- (AA, cutaway "accelerated growth" unseen/glimpse) 2019, Netflix.
In the future, humanity is pretty much wiped out. A robot accelerated a baby girl from an embryo into a young woman, who is called Daughter. Eventually, she tells the robot (called Mother) that she is ready to take over.
Infant: Maddie Lenton - Toddler: Hazel Sandery/Summer Lenton - Child: Tahlia Sturzaker - Daughter: Clara Rugaard.
- Screencaps - (Rayc5678)

- (RN "APed" cutaway) - She grew back to normal overnight while wearing highly stretchable clothing. Level 16 AA variant - Aftermath screencaps

- FF - Fernanda

Pair of Kings
- (OA disguised) "The Young and the Restless" - Alternate episode link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Big X
- (male AA TF AP) Ep01 "Big X appearance" 1964.
Some of the old episodes may have been recovered/restored? Japan-only access.
- Blocked video link - Blocked channel link - (Akira)

Demo mahou shoujo ni naremasu ka?
- (male AR OC) Can You Become A Magical Girl?
Ch16 Vol02. A boy named Aoi is regressed into a baby to help save his mother's soul.
- Full chapter link - longer extract - (Carlton)

Son of Bigfoot, The
- (male CoA, some puberty metaphors) 2017 CGI movie.
Teen outsider Adam thought he was going through puberty. His feet burst out of his shoes and hair grows out of control. He sets out to uncover the mystery of his lost father, who is none other than the legendary Bigfoot!
- Trailer link - gif - screencaps - (Richard)

Luccas Neto: A Giovanna Virou Adulta de 30 Anos!
- (AA curse, also some limited RN "ARed") Web channel series, 2019/05/07, Brazil.
I've already made it clear how I feel about AA, so won't comment about this one. However, there are slight AA "AR" replacement poofs at c09:45, 10:54, 12:25 and elsewhere.
- Episode link - screencaps - cover

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Iizokore
- (dedicated FF & AP UC & CB) 2016+ sketch art.
Japanese schoolgirls have outgrown their clothing - Restricted Gallery link

- (dedicated demon TF, power upgrade) - Elf album link

short toons
- (AA CoA "TF") Romond Lola, French, c2014.
A boy and a girl AA'd through part of puberty. Toon link - screencaps

shapeshifter reports
- (TF) Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins; 2017 Howard Stern Show appearance:
"I was with somebody once, and I saw a transformation that I can't explain..."
Stern promptly cracked a joke about a woman becoming unrecognizable without makeup.
- 2018 appearance:
He saw the shapeshifter a second time, maybe had sex. "The person was naked."
"Are you saying it was a lover who shapeshifted," Stern pressed.
"I can no longer discuss this," Corgan said.

Wailing, The
- (AA ghost age appearance) - "The Wailing" AKA Gokseong. Korea, Na Hong-jin, 2016 horror.
The White Female is the little girl's dead Spirit grown up. She manifested older. When she passed, her ghost tried to help her dad break out of the cycle of hell. He saw the pink hair clip and his daughter's sweater on her, and said if you're a demon I cannot touch you. She held onto him as hard as she could, drawing blood. The movie ends with them on the carousel going around for eternity. Don't worry, he says, I love you my daughter. I am a cop and you will always be safe...

text fragments
Spider spins a story: fourteen legends from Native America
- (AA TF APed) Max, Annesley, 1997.
Magical powers turned a little baby girl into a woman, whom he took to be his wife.

text fragments
short films
Adult Wednesday Addams (web series)
- (FFed character) Banned parodies, 2 seasons. c2013-15.
Wednesday Addams is all grown up now, and has moved out of the family manor to experience adult life. She looks for an apartment, goes on job interviews and internet dates, and keeps encountering unfortunate antagonists - Full series link

- (age appearances) Hawaiian goddess of childbirth and fertility; also represents physical regeneration. In the myths, she shifted ages to enjoy companionship with other generations - thus, the cougar consciousness.

fetish films
Aedificatorum Nata
- (nude expansion) - screencaps

fetish films
Aedificatorum Nata
- (dedicated age growth scene) 7/2019 CGI video story by AGF.
In a darkened chamber, a nude Magician comes into her full powers. The Temple will not let her escape what is to come. Rising to meet her fate, the outline of her young body trembles as the stretching sounds begin. Before the suns rise, she will become a mighty Amazon who ascends to a higher plane. We have received a request to make screencaps as Vimeo is blocked in some countries.
- Video link - (Mister AGF)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated male rebirth, male "reincarnation" ARed, spanking) 7/2019.
Rose St. Andrews. $5, $10. Two issues done, 250 copies sold so far. All money goes to pay for issue #3.
Benjamin Mayhew was reborn in the 24th Century from the Brain Bank. Now in the body of a 6 y.o. boy, he's placed with his great-great-grand niece Michi Mayhew. Benji has revealed his spanking fetish to her, which she shares.
- DriveThruComics purchase link (registration required) - (DrWhoAR, Wise288)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
- (animal AA forms) S09Ep22 "Growing Up is Hard to Do" 2019/09/28.
Equine TF. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grown horses, they discover that growing up simply can't be rushed - (Soltiger)

Avengers: Infinity War
- (postmortem spirit AA age form) Following her sacrifice, Gamora appeared in the Soul Stone as a child, similar to when she'd first met Thanos. Thanos' consciousness briefly faced his adoptive daughter.

Ben 10 (reboot)
- (male AA ARs & male ARed aftermaths) S03Ep15 "Baby Buktu" 2019/04/06.
Several men were made into preschoolers offscreen by Nanny Nightmare, another in an AA magic poof. Puppet "AR".
- Video link - youtu.be/obfRt_w3ohs - screencaps - (Tazz)

Kind of Magic, A
- (male AA APed form) AKA Magic, France. S1Ep5 "Big Love" 2008.
Boy into young man to help older sister. At the end his hand shrinks back first. He runs outside.
- Episode link - youtu.be/nf46C-6osDI - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (father/son switch) - "Freaky Friday 2019" short - (pregnancy) - pirouette - (male face) - FF - (flash forward) - kids rooms - (male deepfake) - face swap
- (pub.) - toon pseudo ff - (dedicated mini-GTS) - tall tale - (medical) - Woman shrinks as she ages Vanishing Bones

Tense Suspense
- (male only AR) Vol01 #2 "To be young again" 1958, Fago - link

text fragments
Transformers: Rescue Bots
- (male AP CB, male AR OC) S2Ep3 "One for the Ages" 2014/03/08.
Cody was turned into a grown-up during an accidental experiment, and another man was poofed younger when the device was stolen. New partial links to replace deleted one:
- Scene link - youtu.be/QvmW5PsqBNU - screencaps - male AP.
- Scene link - youtu.be/JNbbFMN_jmM - screencaps - male AR.
- (Tazz)

- FF

Umi Monogatari
- (demon AA age forms) Newer links added.
A spiritual battle occurs beneath the waves. Urin's insectoid upgrade appears more mature (preteen to early teen), albeit not yet fully developed. Can they rescue her?
- Ep11 link - Ep12 link - screencaps - (NightElf37)

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
- (male TF maturation effect, muscle boost) "From Commonplace to World's Strongest".
Light novel by Ryo Shirakome, Takayaki. Anime: 07/2019 - Average male teen Hajime Nagumo was transported to a magical world. Ep01 presents a hunk treatment scene. His body got toned, and he gained a hoarser voice, implying that he was slightly matured. This surely opens the possibility of seeing the shoujos being TFed later on.
- Episode link @14:49 - screencaps - (The AP Master)

Issunboushi to Hime no Koi
- (male reincarnated ARed effect?) by Kiyo Fujiwara, 2016.
"The Little Priest and Princess Love". A lover from another life?
ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/books/403898/A001736435/ - books/403898/A001781490/ - covers - (Akira)

Demo mahou shoujo ni naremasu ka?
- (AA TFs, TGed, rejuvenated age form) Tomonobu Tsuyomi, Tsubaki Ayumi, c2019.
Can You Become A Magical Girl? Peaceful Amanogawa town is in crisis due to demon attacks. An 88 y.o. grandma is given the ability to TF into a young mahou shoujo to fight the demons. In Ch10, a young boy is also given the power to transform into a magical girl.
- Manga link - (Carlton)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
- (demon AA morphs, adult age appearances) A magical shapeshifter, Charlie became a member of the Legends. Her powers were suppressed by a spell from John Constantine, limiting her ability to change shape.
- TF scenes video link - adult AA TF morphs and adult age forms gif - adult AA TF TG & female morphs gif - (Shapeshift Videos)

Journey to the West - Legends of the Monkey King
- (male porcine AA TG AR TF flash, male simian furry AA TF AR flash, aftermaths) - Xiyou ji - 1999 Chinese animated series.
Ep06A: - TF scenes video link - screencaps - (World TG)

My Magic Pet Morphle
- (AA flash APed, RNed) "Mila is grown up", 6/2019.
The professor sprinkles her with AA glow-up potion. Being an adult is harder than it looks.
- Full episode link TF at the start - screencaps - youtu.be/piTjr9WgvfU - (Tazz)

short films
BabyCentre UK
- (POV baby videos) c2012+
Experience life through the eyes of a baby - Newborn to 6 link - 8 months old link - (Jeffr_2bya)

music videos
Celine Dion
- (some adult face photos FF) "On ne change pas" 1999 - Video link

Xu Fu
- (adult age stasis wish) Chinese explorer, founder of Japan. 219-210 BC: he sailed into the Pacific searching for the elixir of immortality.

Incredible Shrinking Girl: A Divorce Story, The
- (size reduction, some OC?) by Julie Verner, 2019 picture book.
A little girl shrinks smaller in response to her parents divorce. Penny's roller skates are too big. Her clothes no longer fit. And she can no longer reach the kitchen sink or her desk at school! A kind teacher shares her own experience of getting smaller.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (adult rejuv illusion morph, AA GTS TF) S02Ep16 "The Last Patrol!" 10/8/2010.
Elasti-Girl was wallowing in self-pity. When the Mutant Master attacks her mansion, Batman and Chief convince her to rejoin the Doom Patrol. She rapidly loses weight before expanding to full giantess size.
- TF scenes video link - screencaps

text fragments
Village Rockstars
- (continuity error FF) Rima Das, Bhanita Das. India, 2017.
The maker filmed the growing kids for 4 years. It was tricky to conceal their growth over that time. Fortunately the main girl's face didn't change. The director managed with more close up shots.

Fan lao huan tong
- (male AR, male ARed aftermath, male partial RN AP CB, male cutaway APed CB) Hong Kong, Chinese, 1989.
English title: Forever Young - Second Childhood - literally: "Rejuvenation" - 返老还童
- Boys-Only Law is in full effect. Uncle acquired a special syrup, and 4 men turned back into 8 y.o. boys. The ladies were horrified by the unexpected change. The boys attended elementary school with a 30-year-old's IQ. There must be a special place in hell for movie makers who make ARed characters retain their adult voices, though :o
@0:31:00 - male AR - @1:04:58 - male AP CB (albeit a little creepy) - @1:05:30 - male legs-only AR.
@1:07:40 - male AR aftermath (no process) - @1:28:05 - male RN CB aftermath (no process).
- Preview link - legal purchase link (preview thumbs) - search term link - limited partial screencaps:
- Poster - male AR screencaps - male ARed screencaps - male AP screencaps - male APed screencaps
- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YKbXzhYk33jH_L1wfBFJXwDqyW_PoWyu/view?usp=sharing - (Phenessy, TheFunHero)

text fragments
AA stories
Deviant Artist: ChinchillaChris67
- (dedicated male accelerated development glimpse) "My Cousin Billie" - 2019 short story featuring a clone that ages rapidly.
Avaricious young woman Billie Carter is forced to take care of Uncle Randall's experiment, as stipulated in his will. As the clone grows and ages rapidly, he develops the mannerisms of his origin, such as demanding decaf, being a compulsive organizer, and a recluse.
Bottom line: Billie has to take care of the clone under threat of being disinherited - Story link - (Christopher)

Guardians of the Galaxy
- (male demon AA cutaway APed) S02Ep11 "Rock Your Baby" 4/15/2017.
The sarcophagus opened and baby Warlock was born. The Guardians must raise it. As the Warlock "grows", they must keep it out of the hands of the Universal Believers, the Nova Corps, and Titus.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- Babette

Prosto uzhas!
- (males TFed cutaways, RNed, pseudo ARed/APed effect, OC aftermath & UC glimpse) USSR, 1982.
AKA Simply Awful! - Another Russian father/son body swap movie! Remake of "Two Days of Miracles".
- Boys-Only Law is in full effect. The film tells the funny adventures of 6th grader Anton Murashov and his dad, who are confident that being a different person would be much easier than being themselves. The father of a friend invented the "Wishmaster" (abbreviated as "IL"). With the help of this device, Anton and Vadim Petrovich switch bodies. Anton becomes his veterinarian father, who takes his son's place as a schoolboy. The UC was filmed very discreetly, with the pants effects only hinted at.
There is an especially great scene where the father drives his son around town in their car. Looking to the rest of the world like a child, he disguises himself with a hat while sitting on a booster seat to appear more adult.
This movie differs slightly from the original. In this version, the father accompanies his son and gives him directions at the vet's office, telling him how to act and what to say. Later, he even forces his son to read veterinary medical journals in case they don't swap back. Of course they do return to normal in the end.
- Full movie link swap @30:25 - screencaps - (Derek)

Kitsune no Yomeiri
- (male AR AA, male furry TFed age forms) Ch07, c2016.
A male becomes engaged to a fox deity after carelessly tying a string to a fox statue. He plays a card game with a jealous male fox, and is transformed into various things by the cards. When he is transformed into a small child, the male fox attempts to keep him stuck like that. The fox is found out to be a small child himself, who initially used magic to appear older.
- Full manga chapter link - (Gilamon)

Onsen Yousei Hakone-Chan
- (demon APed & AR RN poof) Ep05, 2015 - screencaps
- (demon AP poof) Ep06, 2015 - screencaps
- (NightElf37)

- (male adult rejuvenated AA, RN) by Tomi Hoshikawa, 1970+ mythological manga.
Ch04 - p162-170 - www.mangaz.com/book/detail/118264
- Small extract - (Akira)

Zoku Owarimonogatari
- (reality shift, ages changed) 2018 anime.
Koyomi Araragi believes he entered a mirror world when his friends and family suddenly appear different. His child ghost friend Mayoi Hachikuji now appears adult, while his busty friend and classmate Tsubasa Hanekawa appears as an elementary schooler. He learns in the end that the people in the city were changed to look like their inner selves.
- Cover art - (Gilamon)

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
- (VR illusions, pseudo-"TFed" AA age appearances) Sword Art Online spin-off. Manga 2015, anime 2018.
A university student has a complex about her height. She logs into the VR game Gun Gale Online, where her Avatar appears as a short middle-school girl, just like her university friend. A rival Squadron of mean looking women in the game are actually high schoolers in real life. At the end of the anime, it is revealed that her rival/friend Pito (whose Avatar is a tall woman) is a petite young girl in real life.
- Anime caps - (Gilamon)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (rejuv/ARed) Ch153, c2018.
An enemy targets Yuragi Inn with a magic spell that turns anyone residing inside into whatever they were 10 years ago - Chapter link - (Gilamon)
- (ghost "OAd") Sealed extra arc - link

Tondemo Senshi Muteking
- (male TF AA APed form) - Alternate Ep. link - screencaps - (Akira)

Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-chan
- (reincarnation aftermath, reborn effect) "Cute Little Granny Girl Hinata-chan" by Kuwayoshi Asa, c2019.
Adorable 6 y.o. shoujo is really reincarnated 88 y.o. woman, with full memories of her previous life - Manga link - (Gilamon)

Hakka Shoujo
- (ARed aftermath) by Yasuto Miura, c2012+
Young man meets little girl claiming to be his old nanny. She tended to him when he was young. It is stated she drank too much youth tonic.
- Manga link - (Gilamon)

- (age TF? probably male?) AKA "Patariro!", Mineo Maya, 1983+
Reportedly might involve boy AP? Ch05? - ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/books/126345/A000065428/ - (Akira)

Tsuma, Shougakusei ni naru
- (reincarnation "ARed" effect) Yayu Murata, c2019.
If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student - manga link - (Gilamon)

Musashi no Ken
- (age TF? probably male?) Reportedly might involve boy AP?
Shonen Sunday boy manga about a modern swordsman, by Motoka Murakami, 1981-85 - ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/books/276518/A000435445/ - (Akira)

Goodbye Deponia
- (ARed AA cutaway & aftermath, AA RN) Point & Click adventure, part 3. Daedalic Entertainment, 2013.
Donna became a red-haired baby offscreen due to a mishap in the clonation process. When Rufus acquires the necessary nucleic acid, she is briefly shown AA-ing to normal.
- Screencaps - (The Ap Master)

short films
Get Fact: Are Kids Replacing Us?
- (male "age disguise", pseudo "ARed" cutaway RNed glimpse)
Spoof news segment about the epidemic sweeping the nation: children. A grown man was really 2 kids in disguise, revealed @03:30.
- Video link - screencaps - youtu.be/rAmbh5z1yYY - (FARfan)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
- (anthros AR poof, RN) S1Ep1a "Purrfect Party" 1/18/2019.
Magical entities are poofed into crying baby creatures.
- Scene link - screencaps - youtu.be/3N4wsYgthhE - (Tazz)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- (dream simulation FB AA mental "ARed" form) S6Ep6 "Inescapable" 6/21/2019.
When Fitz and Simmons are locked in a Chronicom mind prison, Fitz goes through his marriage proposal again. Despite enthusiastically accepting, Simmons is terrified of telling Fitz the truth about time travel. She "turns into" her 7 y.o. self, and hides from him in her childhood bedroom - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

short toons
How It Should Have Ended (web toon series)
How "Avengers: Endgame" should have ended
- (male adult rejuv) 2019 parody.
Video link - caps - youtu.be/9VrjneFdZFI - (Tazz)

- (cutaway ARed AA & FFed old age AA) S3Ep1 "Mastering the Genie" 12/01/2018.
The characters find a magic lamp. The genie enjoys turning wishes into nightmares. Just a poof scene where the female teen protagonist became a baby and then old.
- Video link - screencaps - (JayTee)

Sofia's Secret
- (dedicated magical AR battle) AR/AB/DL. Windows, 2019 demo.
Fox Tales Games, Magician Game. Stand alone based on visual novel. You engage in a spell duel with a Dark Magician to babify the other. Sofia will try to reduce you to a baby state, with mind and clothes changes (18 bad endings). You can strike her with 3 different spells, or defend yourself and collect mana.
- Download link - (WARNING: 18+) - (Shlalom Masters)

- Noeline - Evie

One Piece
- (adult rejuvenation) Anime Ep888 "Sabo Enraged - The Tragedy of the Revolutionary Army Officer Kuma" 6/9/2019.
- Manga Ch908 "The Levely Begins" 6/18/2018.
The pirate Jewelry Bonney uses magical powers to make herself and/or others younger or older. Near the end of the episode, she uses Devil Fruit to revert from her old woman disguise (Connie, dowager Queen of the Sorbet Kingdom) into a young busty woman - (Carlton)

wish list
God Mars
- (male youth power-up TF?) S1Ep2 "Behold! the Six God Combination".
AKA Rokushin Gattai Goddomazu - Mecha anime series 1981-82 - Japan-only, blocked link - (Akira)

short films
Stella Show: Grownups turn into Kids, The
- (ARed fade OC, RNed AA fade) The Stella Show, 2019.
Mommy & Daddy wake up to find they have turned into children!!! They are too small to get anything done. James decides to take a lazy day while Erika goes to Stella's room and finds clothes that fit. Erika has ice cream instead of her usual oatmeal, and decides to go to work to cover for James. However, she is too small to drive the car, so takes Stella's scooter instead. After a long day at work, she returns to bed. They fall asleep and wake as adults again.
- Video link - screencaps - youtu.be/A84zMqCwFrA - (FARfan)

Yakusoku no Neverland
- (AR/AP) "The Promised Neverland" Ch136 "Maze" 2019.
Orphans must escape a demon food farm. Female AR and male AP of two younger characters - Full chapter link - (Vended)

Kumbh Karan
- (AA replacement cutaway poofs, ARed) S2Ep7 "Chhote Sardar" c2010. Hindi.
Old bird into young. Boy imagines other boy into baby. Old man into baby, old woman into little girl.
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/6eCRMgNaGeU - (Tazz)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
- (mythical reptiloid TF RN "ARed") S04Ep16 "Hey, World!" 5/20/2019.
Dragon RN into baby. In context, the dragon was a hatchling previously aged into an adult creature offscreen - link - youtu.be/LhZtdRdmbs8
- (AA FB/FF) Zari Tomaz appears as a future adult and past preteen with similar hairstyles. She found the egg in her childhood home and tames the monster - (Tazz)

Little Girl Who Wanted to Be Big, The
- (AA size increased) Dave Engledow, 2018.
Photographic adventure. Her dad told her that she had to think big. So she "grew" taller than the tallest buildings and larger than the largest mountain. What's the biggest girl in the universe to do when she's "grown up" a little too fast? - Cover

John Mandeville
- (adult rejuv/stasis) "Voiage and travails", 14th century.
He drunk from the fountain or "welle of youthe" that smelled like every spice on the Malabar Coast of India.

- (AA costumed age swap) - Sailor Moon alternate clip - (Akira)
- (adult) - face - (dedicated chat) - AR Central Discord - (Bmunk)

- (slight FF) - Mallory - months

Tanaka Learning Association
- (male cutaway muscle "AA" APed) Japan cramming college CM, 2019.
Tanakagakushukai.com. Learning strengthens you. Become stronger by learning.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Akira)

Star Trek: Discovery
- (dream sequence looks like ARed, adult rejuved disguise illusion) S2Ep8 "If Memory Serves" 3/7/2019.
Michael Burnham takes her adopted brother Spock to Talos IV, to explain his murderous visions of the red angel. Towards the end of the episode, she basically mind melds with him, and they have an argument inside his memories. They go back and forth from their current ages to the age when they met (around 8 to 12) - (Tazz)

Guardian Hearts
- (TF battle form upgrade) - gif - (NightElf37)

- (coming of age metaphor, TF CB glimpse) Chelsea Cain, Image Comics series, 2019.
In the near future, a Toxoplasmosis mutation will cause teenagers having their periods to burst out of their clothes and transform into ferocious killer wildcats. Easily provoked and extremely dangerous, the giant beasts devastate the area. Don't worry, the symptoms can be controlled by chemically blocking the process of menstruation.
- Purchase link - TF - Art - Pics

text fragments
Shrinking Violet
- (AA size reductions, RNed) by Lou Kuenzler, 2013-14. Illustrated.
Violet is normal-sized one minute but pocket-sized the next! Today, Violet is finally tall enough (1.4 meters to be exact) to ride Plunger, the scariest roller coaster around. But suddenly Violet shrinks to the size of a fish finger! "At least the clothes I was wearing had shrunk with me, otherwise I'd have had to make myself an outfit out of leaves or something." Although Violet doesn't stay little for long, her chances of riding Plunger are ruined. She never wants to shrink again. But then...
- "Shrinking Violet Definitely Needs a Dog" - 2013.
Violet Potts is definitely NOT allowed a dog. Being responsible is TRICKY for Violet, especially when she shrinks to the size of a dog biscuit! But then a naughty mutt comes along, who only behaves when Violet is tiny.
- "Shrinking Violet is Totally Famous" - 2014.
When Violet shrinks and ends up in celebrity stunt woman Stella Lightfoot's luggage, she finds out that her idol is not who she thinks she is.
- "Shrinking Violet Absolutely Loves Ancient Egypt" - 2014.
- AKA The Incredible Shrinking Girl series - covers

Reo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai
- ("APed" form) Spin-off manga by Ikuhara, Misaki Saito. RuTile, 2018-19.
Ch11: Reo and Mabu discover a baby in the street that can only say "dish". Searching for her parents, they give her the name Sara. In the penultimate chapter, Sara suddenly grew up into an adult. She thanks Reo and Mabu for being her fathers and disappears with a man. Was it a dream?

- (AA mother/daughter compare) - same dress

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Typhoon Manga
- (dedicated fantasy TF AP, RN AR OC)
Manga-style PG-rated comics commission. Story & characters by WildCirno, art by Typhoon Manga. All rights reserved. Artwork (c) 2018/2019 Typhoon-Manga. Do not use without permission, copy, steal, trace, tamper with, or redistribute.
- Part One:
Admired From Almost Afar - 12/2018.
- The Protagonist has been helping a young woman with her studies. Now he hopes she will ask to take him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Instead, she asks him to babysit her little sister, so she can go to the dance with someone else!
Little does he know the younger sister may be a mahou shoujo in training... The preteen tells the Protagonist he is much too good for her big sister. She tells him he deserves someone better. Someone like her.
Then a strange Reality Shift takes place: Her hairband snaps off. Is she looking taller? Suddenly, before him stands a voluptuous young woman with large manga breasts!
Her clothes have changed into a ball gown, and she asks him to go to the dance with her adult self. Now wearing a tuxedo, the Protagonist agrees immediately!
At the dance, there is a hushed murmur as they enter, and they are the center of attention.
A tale of wishes granted. Magic IS real.
- Pg01 link - Pg02 link - Pg03 link
- Pg04 link - Pg05 link - Pg06 link
- Pg07 link - Pg08 link - Pg09 link
- Part Two:
Midnight Fate Denied - 01/2019.
All good things must end.
The grown-up little sister reveals the magic will wear off when the dance is over. She will go back to normal, and is already shrinking down in her loosening costume.
The Protagonist cannot accept this, and begs for the spell to endure somehow.
There IS one way... Only the magical power of true love can make this happen.
The Protagonist promptly declares his undying love, and tightly grasps her child form on the dance floor. He really means it.
Darkness falls. He wakes to find the world and everyone's memories have magically changed to conform to their new reality. The younger sister is no longer little. They now have a fulfilling romantic and sexual relationship as adults (not shown).
- Pg01 link - Pg02 link - Pg03 link - Pg04 link
- Pg05 link - Pg06 link - Pg07 link
- (Nightelf37)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- (male demon cutaway TF ARed into fetus) c2010, "He Would Swallow God" - Pride's Death.
Before you judge, he might look like a "boy", but is really an evil being that's been around for ages. He poses as the leader's son. His empty clothes fall on the ground.
- Scene link - screencaps - youtu.be/DWnxnpxSR14 - (Tazz)

Horrid Henry
- (dream FFed to adults, RN) "Henry Gets Married".
Henry wakes up as a 27 y.o. man, married and with a baby.
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/pJh3zFz6wd0 - (Tazz)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- (male adult face to OA) c2010, "He Would Swallow God" - King Bradley death.
Man (long story what he is in the anime's lore) ages while he dies after a battle.
- Scene link - screencaps - youtu.be/PvC_4wEFkZ0 - (Tazz)

Mortal Kombat 11
- (flashed back to younger past self) Jade ending, 2019.
Jade rewound time to when she was a young girl to prevent certain events. So she relives her youth with future knowledge.
- Scene link - youtu.be/Aa98iC-FXs8 - (Tazz)

- (TF AP) Ep14.
Little Rizel runs out of capsules for her planned date with Iwaki. She infiltrates a science lab to look for the Cellular Growth Pills, which will turn her into an adult. She finds two capsules, a red and a blue one. She swallows the blue pill, and starts to grow into her adult self.
- Part 1: link - Part 2: link - (Juupton)

fetish comics
Too Much of a Second Chance
- (male AR) Art by Aogami, story by Shockcat. c2019.
Previews are thumbnail sized, full-size pages are 2MB. You have to download each page completely and find the full-size page in the downloaded folder.
- ArArchive link - Alternate link

We Can't Rewind
- (parents/offspring permanent mind exchanges) B.R.L. Coryn, 2016.
A Caribbean honeymoon cruise passes through the Bermuda Triangle. While they are having sex, Mr. and Mrs. Richards' minds are swapped with his 9 y.o. son and her 9 y.o. daughter.
Darker and edgier treatment inspired by the original Freaky Friday story. The book seriously examines the unsettling and far-reaching sexual implications of parent/child body swaps.

Saturday Night Live
- (father/son soul exchange parody) 04/2018.
Fake "Hollywood Update" interview with the creator of the "Switcheroo" reboot. This was an extremely controversial dad/son body swap sitcom from the 1980s: "...we focused exclusively on the sexual ramifications of the switcheroo."
- Info link - Info link - Video link

Horrid Henry
- (dream adults mentally reverted) S03Ep13 "Horrid Henry: Grown Up" 9/13/2011.
A boy dreams that his parents have started acting like kids, and now he must parent them.
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/OmNCwYEqy0I - (Tazz)

Chacha Bhatija
- (male ARed AA zap) Ep82/206? c2017.
Punjabi CGI series. Bhalla & Chacha became boys again.
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/0ka-lI9kso8 - (Tazz)

- (male demon TF CB AP) - UFO Robot Grendizer - Ep29 "Farewell to Space Friends" - Alternate link to the scene - (Akira)
- (UC) - too small now bikini

Boris e Rufus
- (furry AR, stasis, anthro porcine TF CB maturation) Ep20 "A Fonte da Juventude" 2018.
Brazil. Kids who haven't aged. Dog & cats (I guess... hard to tell) into kid animals, then back. Ageless pigs into adult swine and back.
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/QfjgdB2W-WI - (Tazz)

Ready Player One
- (virtual reality scene, adult demon sim to OA) 2018.
Bathroom "nude" ghost woman from Kubrick's The Shining transformed into old corpse.

Ponkotsu-chan Kenshouchuu
- (adult size increase, UC) "Investigating with Junk-chan", by Tsubasa Fukuchi, 2019.
Shuukan Shounen Sunday (Shogakukan) - #4. Every day, Yumesaki-san is given a new supernatural ability by an anonymous God-person. But for what purpose?
- Cover, small extract - (Akira)

- (male FF AP, some partial UC) "Stop wasting time", 2019 CM. Online coupons browser extension.
A son grew up on his father's lap while searching for working coupon codes. Boys-Only & Magic Pants laws are in effect.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (faces age-swapped) CM link

Lady Baby
- (reborn as past baby self, ARed aftermath effect, mental effects) Korean manhwa by Pingmin, Ju hyeon. Kakao, 2019.
Through nature's laws, Calliope's family has suffered from great misfortunes. After they were murdered in war, she travels back in time to her birth?! While Calliope slowly grows back up, she must find how to save her family. However, starting over as a baby is an enduring ordeal.
- Manhwa link - Ch10: Re-learning how to walk link - (Username)

Hot in Cleveland
- (toon dream sequence AR, partial AA) S05Ep18 "The Animated Episode" 7/30/2014.
Our ladies go 2-D in a fun-filled animated episode that involves questionable beauty treatments. Wendie Malick's character appears in a Willy Wonka-style scene, taking "chill pills" to feel younger. Of course she gets excited and takes more, resulting in a quick but well done AR scene where she becomes a baby.
- ArArchive Gallery link - (Kingschnopszilla, Klatuk4u)

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Revolutionary Girl Utena
- (mental revert?) 33 "The Prince Who Runs Through the Night" 11/12/1997?
In the climactic episode, Akio accepts Utena as his new Rose Bride. His sister/lover Anthy's eyes roll back in her head, and her dress falls to the ground without her in it. She reappears dressed in "the same" short red dress she wore as a child, symbolizing how she's reverted now that she's no longer the Rose Bride.
- (male age wish?) 18 "Mitsuru's Growing Pains" 7/30/1997.
Elementary schooler Mitsuru is desperate to become an adult to get close to Nanami. His struggles to enter the grown-up world of love and sexuality lead him to Mikage.

Alexander Romance, The
- (adult rejuv/stasis) c.5th Century+
Includes Alexander the Great's discovery of the Fountain of Youth in India.
- Inspired elements of: Knight of the Swan (c.12th C.), Bestiaire of Philippe de Thaon (c.12th C.), The Arabian Nights, etc.

Radio Shack
- (male comic growth spurts, shoe popping) 1994 Xmas Gifts commercial.
A "fast growing" boy urgently needs better Christmas gifts. His feet "grew" so much the fronts flew off his shoes. Limb extension from his sleeves and pants, sudden chest "inflation". Will it stop?
- CM video link - gif - screencaps - (David, Coiled Fist member)

app to become a child
- (face AR effects, TF) 2019, JP - Search link
This will make your face look younger on camera. Behind the scenes with Kanta and Tommy. Shooting with the app was too surreal.
A sense of incongruity. I got ridiculous. It looks like there is no make-up anymore!
I tried to use the app to become a popular kid now! Next, a drug to become a child in a few years?
- Vid link - screencaps - screencaps - (Akira)

Snapchat Baby Filter
- (face "AR"ed) 2019 - Celebs "regressed" link

- (AA movie, TFs, adult rejuvenated cutaway) 2000, Australia.
There was an age reduction glimpse when male teenager Jamie put the seal skin on older woman "Loopy" Laura, who was then briefly replaced by a "nude" young woman before morphing into a seal.
- Full movie link @60:15 - screencaps - (Bella)

Polynesian rejuvenation waters
- (adult stasis, rejuvenation, AR)
- 1831 missionary report - "The Voyage of Kamapiikai" legend:
On mystical "Haupokane" island there is a stream or life-giving fountain called "Wai ora roa", or the water of enduring life. It removes all sickness, deformity, and decrepitude from those who plunge in. You may find it somewhere between Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands or beyond.
- On the afterworld island of "Pulotu" (Pulom), there is a bathing place called Vaiola, or "the water of life", that bestows eternal vigor.
Trobriand Islands
- Malinowski: All deceased end up on the spiritual isle of Tuma, where they turn into unborn "baloma" who live in a state of eternal adult youth.
- Alternatively, when they feel too old and/or ugly they go to the beach spring "Sopiwina" (washing water). Inhabitants bathe in the spring which morphs them younger, possibly into children again.
- However, one old woman cast of her skin bathing in a tidal creek and was thus turned younger. After being rejected, she put her skin on again. There was no more rejuvenation for her descendants after that.

- (male) - ff - (low qual AA pseudo "ap"ed) - replacement poof maybe @2:15? - (reality shift?) - time jump question - (younger impersonator) - 8 y.o. "mini-AOC" - (skeleton bone ff) - pelvis

Legends of the Prophecy: The Seventh Child
- (male AR fantasy curse, level 03 variant AA curse) by LaTrisha Jones, 2013.
...before everyone's eyes, the man began to shrink ... Not just shrink, he was growing younger. When Ira removed his hand, what was once a grown man was now a boy of about 9 or 10 years old ... "If you want to be an adult again, you will lead us out of here." The little boy soldier now had tears in his eyes, but he nodded in agreement.

- months April, 2 sisters - months Merlina

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