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- (male AA APed muscle forms) - Toon heroes Twitter comic artworks - (O')
- (boy into monster TFed) - Hikari Sentai Maskman Ep24 1987 - Japan-only blocked episode

Mr. Pickles
- (adults FFed to OA) S1Ep5 "Dead Man's Curve" 2014/10/19.
The Kid and his love interest Sally back in the '50s and now. He was trapped in his car all that time until the rats bit through his seat belt - link - link - screencaps
Also in S2Ep2 "Cops and Robbers" 2016/04/24, Tommy mistakes a midget for a child his own age.
- (Kappa)

MTV's Daria: The Iconic Cartoon 20 Years Later
- (young adult continuity FFed) 2017.
Music: "Sophomore Makeout", Silent Partner - The cast 20 years later: info toon link - cap - (Kappa)

Simpsons, The
- (male FFed) - In the not too distant future, Nelson sold his pituitary gland, which aged him into a senior citizen.
- (adult old disguised) - In The Simpson's Universe, Carmen Electra spent lord knows how long in disguise as a rich, elderly widow.
- (Kappa)

- (very slight FFed AA) Luda age 10 to 11 - months - last one.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger
- (male AA TF AP form, costume inflation growth) AKA Dai Rangers Super Sentai Series.
Somewhat perverted 9 y.o. Kou Koshinsei (Kiba Ranger) grabs Rin's breasts and looks up her skirt at times, wishing to marry her - link
- Ep17, 1993 - male TF APed scene link - (Akira)

- (unseen adult as teen disguised) - Online predator article
- (age forms) story series

short toons
Geuloing Eob
- (offscreen ARed AA) CK Animation School. S-Korea, 2017.
"I wish I could not have a nagging mother!" CGI manhwa style.
Selfish Yeon-du just hates her nagging mom. After arguing over spending, she wishes her gone. That night, the family picture changes, and the next morning, Yeon-du meets her young mother. The daughter learns what it's like to be in the mother's shoes. (Off-screen regression & RN)
- Video link - screencaps - (Username)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Hs2300
- (dedicated old age TFs) - similar to Yayame/Turn White Gallery

flash forward
- (AA pose years) - Various comparison tropes pics

Note for Klatuk4u: This picture originally came from this French video (youtu.be/UL2f48jZ5vY).

Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin
- (mahou/demon AR) The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods.
Anime S03Ep66 "A New Threat" "Aratanaru Kyoi" 2020/01/15.
- Meliodas sensei (the leader of the Sins) shows up. Merlin tries to use her magic seal, but is countered by the new Ten Commandment demon, and Merlin's spell hits herself instead. She was TFed back into a little girl, which is revealed to be her true form - chibi - (Carlton)

Mizutamari ni Ukabu Shima
- (males swapped) 2020/01.
He is trapped inside an adult man's body, while his sister is left alone with a killer in a boy's body - extract - (Akira)

Val x Love
- (demon AA age poofs) "War x Love" by Ryousuke Asakura, Ch40-50, c'19.
It seems ecchi anime just allow themselves to delete all AP-related content and seclude it to never-coming following seasons lol. Only Date Alive comes to mind that breached that barrier.
- Ch link - extracts - (Andu22, The AP Ninja)

fetish videos
Dark Productions TF
- (dedicated TF AP scenes) CGI purchase commissions, 2020.
To unlock the content: tier $5 on Patreon.
- Chibi to Blacklady AP - Hotaru to Mistress 9 AP:
Sailor Moon short animations of pure enjoyable AP growth.
- Kidnapped AP:
I teamed up with AgeGrowthFictions. His music is awesome. Probably the best yet I've stretched myself to produce, esp. with the sounds & animations. A little girl trapped with a kidnapper is forced to grow. Some voice overs were a little tough to pull off...
- Friends1 AP - Forced AP1 - Beauty of Growth - Sex AP Growth 1.
Twins will be forced to age by a little girl demon... - More with the $1 Tier.
- Hoping everyone can spread the word about the quality of the attempt to release some good AP, being there is not much out there that tries to focus on longer growth sequences. If you have commissions, I will try to give honest numbers for how much work goes into making custom content, because animations take a lot of time.
- (MrDark Productions)

Violet Evergarden
- (AA FF) Akatsuki, Takase light novel. Kyoto Animation, c2018 - Ep10 caps

Carole & Tuesday
- (adult FF) Music anime, Shinichiro Watanabe, Studio Bones, Fuji TV, 2019 - cap - (Kappa)

My Love Tiger
- (furry/demon age forms) S-Kor. manhwa, c'19.
Animal TF forms extract - extract - (Boi, The AP Ninja)

Ninin ga Shinobuden
- (AA mahou teen to full adult, heroine TF sequence) AKA "2×2 = Shinobuden", "Ninja Nonsense: The Legend of Shinobu".
Ryoichi Koga. 2004 anime, Ufotable. "Magical Nin Nin Shinobu-chan" parody mahou shoujo sequence:
- Ep12a "Onsokumaru no Himitsu no Maki", "Onsokumaru's Secret" 2004/09/23 - TF scene link - screencaps - (Andu22)

Melty Lancer: The 3rd Planet
- (AA TF APed) PSX strategy game, Tenki, Konami, 1999.
Mahou shoujo anime spin transformation - Full Ep link @17:58 - TF Scene link - screencaps - (Andu22)

fetish fiction
American Association to Aid Age-Regressed Girls
- (dedicated AR) AKA "AAAARG".
3 stories written by ARthur, c2000, with comics illustrations? AR Archive stories section:
- "Who You Gonna Call" "The Ex-Women" "To Ling Chin: Thanks For Nothing. Naomi Claussen" - (PixChick)

American Dad
- (adult dream FFed to OA) S14Ep08 "The Long March" 2019/06/03.
Faced with a lifetime in a lousy job, Hayley quits to go on the road with Jeff. Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

music videos
Marshmello ft. Bastille
- (AA lifetime FF) "Happier", 2018.
Video link - (Kappa)

text fragments
Daisy Sour Cream
- (AA time skip cuts) "Holidays: Dollops for Generations", 2018. CM link - (MeanMark)

- (adult FF) - She has like 30 years of adult aging... was thick and super hot a few years ago - flickr.com/photos/john_colby/ - (Thetreerollins)
- (FFed) - "Caillou The Grownup" Old Caillou sure did a number on his folks! - (Kappa)
- (ARed) - fantasy story

- Caution Nude Erika

- Trying on slightly old clothes - 5 more attempts

time gags
Holiday gifts
- (FF cut) - 2 panels, same pose then and now through the years - (AgingWomen)

time gags
married years
- (adult FF) - 4 panels, couple gag - (AgingWomen)

time gags
Deviant Artist: Xailenrath
- (adult FF) - "my own personal apocalypse", c'19 "Goth to MILF" story - (AgingWomen)

time gags
Jonathan Pugh
- (male "puberty") 1 panel bearded primary student.

time gags
David Horsey
- (male giant baby) 1 panel - Baby Boomer retirement - (male tantrum FF) 2 panel - clean-up refusal

short comics
- (adult size reduced) 1 panel - c'18 miracle slimming pill shrinkage "It worked, didn't it".

- (male AR/AP RN forms) Telugu, 2004. Tamil version: New, dubbed Hindi: "Naani: The Magic Man", 2015.
8 y.o. Naani was turned into a grown man by a scientist, before being changed back. Naani reconciles with his mother, but that night he returned to manhood again. Naani must live as a boy during the day and a 28 y.o. man (Vichu) at night.
Raj kidnaps him on his wedding day to Priya, but Naani shrunk back to boyhood. The kidnappers release him. Naani grew up again in time to marry Priya.
Naani turns into a man in front of Priya, who is shocked to learn she will be bearing the child of a child.
20 years later, 28 y.o. Naani lives with Priya as her husband. He goes into his room and comes out aged 48, father of a 20 y.o. son.
- Full movie link - AR @02:00:20 - (Akira)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: MeanMark93
- (dedicated adult to old age TFs) I am doing some photorealistic OA TF comics based on the Power Rangers Dino Thunder Donkeyvac character suddenly stealing adult youth of unsuspecting starlets.
Am also open for commissions of anyone's celebrity or non-celebrity of their choice.
- "Donkeyvac attack" gallery link - (MeanMark)

Awesomes, The
- (adults rejuvenated) The Awesomes Ep1.
Closeted supervillain Tomboy has battled Gadget Gal for decades, secretly hoping to spark lesbian attraction. They're having another violent brawl in the retirement home. The nurses do nothing, cause even though they're both 80-something, they could legit beat the crap outta muscular men a third their age! At the end of the fight, they both get their adult youth back in a freak explosion. Tomboy had built a rejuvenation ray to give herself and Gadget Gal 25 y.o. bodies again.
Now restored to her prime, Gadget Gal rejoins The Awesomes, but still acts and talks like an old lady. The inevitable showdown follows. Imagine kicking the crap outta your crush for decades, getting old and grey, and, somehow, finally, getting the chance to admit your feelings.
- Caps - (Kappa)

fetish stories
Deviant Artist: Rivazza06
- (dedicated TF scenes) 2019+ short stories.
I write AP-related stories and captions. I'm also "continuing" Faky3ah's series "Insta-Cosplay" with his blessing.
- Main Page link - (Alessandro)

Old Navy
- (recast as younger versions, adults FFed) 2012 Christmas commercials.
Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo recreate the settings of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989 movie).
  "Sweaters" - CM link - youtu.be/9Mp9zddu1YM - screencaps
Several classic Audreys and Rustys (Juliette Lewis, Dana Barron, Anthony Michael Hall) appear from the films. At the end, "new Audrey and Rusty" are introduced as preteens!
  Indoors - CM link
  Outdoor decorations - CM link
- (Kappa)

Nilus the Sandman
- (mental/dream pseudo-"ARed") S1Ep2 "Rockabye Baby" c1991.
12 y.o. Todd must deal with the troubles his baby sister causes. Nilus gets diapered in a giant nursery. Might have been Nightmare Fuel for some kids who watched it.
- Episode link - (Username)

Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan
- (time reboots/age stasis effect) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - gag manga by Shuuichi Asou, 2012+.
Saiki is a powerful psychic who reset the same year over and over to stop a volcanic eruption from destroying Japan and the world as we know it. I think he reset the world 4 to 7 times.
Point is, everyone was the same age and repeated the same year over and over, like this messed up time bubble. You enter high school, and by the end of the year you once again enter high school. You turn 5 and you continue to be 5, celebrating your 5th birthday and that's perfectly normal to everyone - (Kappa)

short comics
- (old aged, reptile ARed) Webcomic, c2016.
Witch toon woman tries to console the protagonist, who's had to accept the fact he died. And when I say console, brother, do I mean console! She later turns herself old for a magic spell, swapping time with a turtle.
- m.webtoons.com/en/comedy/undeaded/ep-4-rigormortis-slightly-mature/viewer?title_no=468&episode_no=4 - m.webtoons.com/en/comedy/undeaded/ep-90-ageing/viewer?title_no=468&episode_no=90
- Scenes extract - (Kappa)

Descendants 3
- (Disney AA, AA OA'd) 2019 musical Tv film.
22 y.o. Mal is magically converted into an old hag in a dark robe. She is restored at the Isle due to the suppression of evil magic there.
- Scene link - screencaps - (MeanMark)

Exes, The
- (adult mental aging) The Exes sitcom. S03Ep20 "The Old Man and the Holly" 2014/02/26.
Holly starts dating her old law professor, who happens to live in an assisted living facility. After Holly falls out of his bed and hurts her hip, she starts acting and looking elderly at the facility.
- Episode link @15mins - caps - (Rayc5678)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil
- (adult alien elderly disguised) Cool, mysterious club owner Milly Sparkles runs the Bounce Lounge, where kids across the Multiverse have been partying for millennia! Well, turns out the party has to end... Look at that tired, old granny on a mobility scooter. Best reveal eva! - caps - (Kappa)

short comics
time gags: Wooden Plank Studios
- (adults FFed) 2010s+ webcomics.
woodenplankstudios.com - old folks home, now & in 50 years - (Kappa)

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
- (adults FFed to OA) Count Dracula found love in the '70s and ended up looking like this! - caps - (Kappa)

American Dad
- (adult premature aging) S14Ep13 "Mom Sauce" 2019/07/08.
Lindsay Lohan is revealed to be the corrupt, abusive Foster Parent beating the young boy in this photo with two other old ladies. When confirmed she's Lindsay, she responds "Don't do drugs, kids," and drags Snot off to the foster home - screencaps - (Kappa)

- (multiple FB/FF young/old adults) WWII hero American Ranger's wife was seen at different ages; Zenith/Portia: Amazon Goddess/ Talk Show Celebrity was a member of the League in the '70s; Black Saturn's mom was a "Super Model" member of a Charlie's Angels parody group; S03Ep10 "Comicarnage"; Dr. Devizo's Ex Wife - 1 - (Kappa)

- (adult anthro fowl FFed to OA) - Grandma-ma cap - (Kappa)

text fragments
Nike Air Jordan shoes
- (AA FFed) 2012 Olympics CM.
2 preteens in China and the U.S. watch the Olympics and are inspired to pursue careers in basketball. It shows them training throughout grade school, playing each other in college sports, then being recruited for the 2029 NBA draft, then playing in the 2032 Olympics in Cairo. The technology gets increasingly high tech, showing whole building ads and futuristic TVs that take up whole walls.

Sitio do Picapau Amarelo
- (reptile ARed) S2 "O Aniversario da Cuca" c2013.
Crocodile witch into egg which does hatch - Ep link - .be/zgbSu4SFJg8 - screencaps - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: WyattX
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation & adult OA sequences, FMG) 2019/20 - Gallery
Happy New Year! - (De)Aging stages - stages - stages - OA stAges - stAges - (Wyatt)

- (AA poof age-up superhero forms) 2019.
The "Shazamily" appears at the end. The 6 orphans were all AA poofed into older combat forms. Young adult Mary Bromfield (Grace Fulton, Michelle Borth) undergoes the smallest change, only AA poofing about one inch taller. Preteen Darla Dudley (Faithe Herman, Meagan Good) AA poofs into a full adult. In the comics she only AA poofed into a tween.
- TFed scene link - Age forms - forms - forms also stunt doubles.

- (creature ARed form) Ep "Leila And The Little Pets", 2019.
Biggs transforms himself into a cute baby creature to infiltrate Leila's Zoo to steal the Earth Stone. But all the sweet attention from Leila makes Biggs question his loyalty.
  Episode link - .be/Z8cYiVy_znI
- (creatures into puppies) Ep "Silly Smighty Day" 2019.
Sneevil and Biggs transform Smighties into helpless puppies. Zap has to pretend to be a puppy to stop the Villains.
  Episode link - .be/zUTb7YdNzlI
- Screencaps - (Tazz)

Toaru Majutsu no Indekkusu
- (mahou age forms, AR OC tricks) "A Certain Magical Index", light novel by Kazuma Kamachi, Kiyotaka Haimura. Dengeki Bunko, 2004+
The Kamisato Faction includes a pirate-themed magician with age control. 15 y.o. Toyama Luca magically controls subjective time. She can change into a preteen or a young adult, with her costume remaining the same size. During combat, she often uses this magic to slip from enemies and evade their attacks. According to Fran, she can also skip past that time of the month.
- Vol17 age forms

Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom
- (fairy pseudo-AR effects into baby doll)
S01Ep34 "Queen Thistle's Day Off", "Dolly Plum", 2016.
- Episode link - .be/Nh1JTKaZnyY - Episode link - .be/kXh9X317oXQ - screencaps - (Tazz)

New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad
- (male mental pseudo-infantilism) "Xin datou er zi he xiao tou baba"
S04Ep25 "Become a Baby" 2018, CCTV. Boy at his request is treated like a baby by his parents.
Many small and interesting stories suitable for children. Big Head Son, Little Head Dad, and Apron Mom are a trivial family of three, the typical epitome of modern Chinese family education - Episode link - .be/ElgkHQtt54E - caps - (Tazz)

Sadie Sparks
- (mental ARed?) S01Ep46 "Oh Grow Up!" 2019/09/19.
CGI. Young girl with magic powers and a talking rabbit is instructed to invent a spell? An immaturity spell is cast to slow her down, but it hits Gilbert instead? Sadie is forced to babysit two immature mentors? Could be mental? - (Tazz)

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
- (animal ARed) "Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang".
Ep "Baby chief". Old sheep into baby (remains that way for several episodes).
Episode link - .be/1E9Kmemiw-o - (Tazz)

World's End, The
- (adults rejuved effect) "The World's End", 2013, UK.
If you let a robot replace you, it will have some of your memories. The robot can appear as a young adult, so you will still look like a hot high school girl decades hence.

- (AR info) - Superheroes Who Turned Into Kids - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (male AR/AP poofs) - NBC promo, Fall 1976, Big John, Little John @15mins - (Kidsized)
- (dedicated TFs) - fetish comics Gallery - (Username)
- (anthro age poofs) - Mickey album - (Tazz)
- (infantilization fetish) - 27 y.o female adult baby
- (male "APed") - UC spurt glimpse - (teen FFed) - Eilish 3 years interview
- (male AP) - Mado King Granzort - Ep34 link - (Akira)

text fragments
Unicorn Store
- (mental CoA) 2017.
Brie Larson still lives in her parents' house and sleeps in her childhood bedroom, dreaming of owning a unicorn. "The Salesman" invites her to "The Store" that sells "what you need": the chance to fulfill her childhood fantasy.

text fragments
- (some FF OA'd) stop-motion, 2015+. The League of Freedom is led by aging superhero Titanium Rex.

H-E-B supermarkets
- (dream "ARed" AA aftermaths, RNed reveal) Holiday Magic, '19.
Mirelly Taylor, Zuri Calderon "reverted". You'll feel like a kid again.
- Kitchen CM link - .be/9JYbpQosHFA - screencaps - (FARfan)

- last Fernanda - last Oxi (Caution Nude)

- (dream "ARed" AA illusion, RNed reveal) "Inner Child" (Director's Cut), 2019.
Mother & Daughter enjoy a water park in Singapore. All the fun has shrunk her to look more like a slightly older sister.
- CM link - vimeo.com/356254297 - screencaps - (FARfan)

fetish films
AgeGrowthFictions: The Ageshifter - The Duet
- (dedicated CGI AP scenes, female & male, PE, CBed cuts) 2019/12. Caution: Nudity!
Dark Magic is afoot as the rain pours down. 2 young dancers get furious when their teacher forces them to practice far beyond exhaustion. Their rage becomes so strong that it awakens an ancient being. It gives them the power of revenge to escape the realm it's been trapped in.
Their scant underwear is not the slightest obstacle for what is to come. Stretching, moaning, tearing sound effects. I enjoyed the growth, and the large appendage the boy sprouted was very well done. First he pushes the fabric out of the way, and then his Male Organ expands enormously. I did wish the girl blessed with large endowments too. The characters urinate before growing to represent they're losing control of their bodies while transforming. I think I won't do that again as it seems to disgust some people ^^'. Sorry about that.
- Official video viewing/download link - drive.google.com/file/d/1DhaOOKbByD2CNjVN9sS9n1H-fkFPsH7v/view
Previous link was disabled because the video is in violation of Google Drive policy. New link - (Mister AGF)

Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou
- (male furry dream AR) AKA "Ke Ai Qiao Hu Dao" - Striped Island Tiger Shimajiro.
Ep "Become a Child" c93-08, Pierrot. Tiger boy into toddler.
- Episode link - .be/wQYv0Dmr2lA - screencaps - (Tazz)

My Magic Pet Morphle
- (ARed AA) "Mila the Baby" 2019. Dog into puppy, Toddler into baby.
- Episode link - .be/g4XwJ6voc1A - screencaps - (Tazz)

text fragments
short stories
Joseph Markell
- (adult droid rejuv "TF" illusion) Scifinine ebook, "Decoy".
Intelligent, strong, high-tech policewoman of the future can change her appearance to adapt to situations. Would make a great book or television series.

adult face
- (FF to OA) c'19 decades - (Acca)

- (toonoid AA AP to OA) Ep16 "Oldie But A Goodie" '07.
Pimple supervillain exposes heroine to slimy substance that causes her age form to elevate rapidly.
- Full episode link - (Mysteryshadow)

Ojii-san to Obaa-san ga Wakigaetta Hanashi
- (adults rejuvenated cutaway) Webcomic by Araido Kagiri, c2019+
"A Story About A Grandpa and Grandma who Returned Back to their Youth." Twitter series about octogenarian pensioners Ine and Shouzou, who mysteriously had their adult youths restored back to their 20s overnight.
- Chapters link - (Mysteryshadow)

Dalao Chongfan Shiliu Sui
- (male mind transfer rejuved effect) by San Mao, Ye Yi, Xing Kong. China, c2019+
"Gangster returns to 16". Powerful crime lord got shot and killed, but then wakes in the body of a 16 year old male at high school.
- Chapters link - (Mysteryshadow)

Naneun I Jib Ai
- (reincarnation ARed effect) by Shiya, Cotun, c2019+
"I Am a Child of This House". Nobleman's illegitimate daughter "Pink Eyes" gains memories of her previous life as a Korean woman of House Castielo.
- Chapters link - (Mysteryshadow)

Happy and Heinous Halloween of Classroom 13, The
- (male ARed, "ARed" effect, werewolf CB) Honest Lee, Matthew J. Gilbert, 2018.
Classroom 13, juvenile series. For Halloween they all "turn into" their costumes, including "little baby Liam". Their teacher Ms. Linda "became" Little Red Riding Hood.

- (special effects AA) - How they did it: Renesmee's simulated accelerated growth glimpse.

- (young adults, 3 year reversal into younger selves) by Mitsurou Kubo. Weekly Shounen, Kodansha, 2011-14.
On their last day of high school, a stairway tumble sends friendless outcast Kin'ichiro Imamura and popular girl Akira Fujieda back to their first day of high school! He seizes the opportunity for a second chance, joining the school's troubled cheering section club.

- (young adults, 3 year reversal into younger selves) TBS, MBS drama based on Mitsuro Kubo manga.
10 Eps, 2014. Kinichiro Imamura wasted his years in high school. On the last day he falls down the stairs in school. Soon he realizes he has returned to the day of his high school entrance ceremony 3 years earlier! Yoshiko Usami, the captain of cheerleading squad, talks to him. Kinichiro's high school days are about to start again...

- (shapeshifting ability glimpsed) S5Ep8 "Nothing's Shocking" 2019/02/28.
Jane Cartwright/Jane Doe:
- During her time at Indian Hill, Jane was experimented on by Professor Hugo Strange, being given the ability to shapeshift. Psychological trauma caused her to discard her old identity and become "Jane Doe". It also caused Jane to view herself as hideous and monstrous, unaware she was a normal looking young woman. Hence the mask when she was in her own form.
Jane escaped and vanished into Gotham City. She blamed the detectives investigating her father's murder for what happened. Taking the form of Dix, she killed two retired officers. She later went to Dix's house with the intent of killing him, but ended up fleeing. Gordon and two officers tracked down Jane to her childhood home. She knocked out one officer and took his form, but was sussed out by Gordon, who managed to subdue and arrest Jane. Left alone in the interrogation room, she contorted her hand to escape the handcuffs (scene link). Taking Bullock's clothing, she took his form and strangled Dix to death. Jane then took the form of Barbara Kean and held her at gunpoint, before fleeing the precinct. Bullock confronted Jane at her home, urging her to remove the villain mask. When she did, he was shocked that she was normal looking, but Jane thought otherwise. She raised her gun so he shot her, ending Jane's misery once and for all. The case obviously haunted Bullock. Killing the shapeshifting girl was difficult but he couldn't right his wrongs, and shooting her was the only way to save himself.
- Tribute vid link - caps

short toons
Yo Mama so Hot! Thanos Snap - Avengers: Infinity War
- (male AR AA, adult rejuv effect, male baby FB) 2018.
"Yo Mama So" jokes with the Marvelverse - Episode link @2:14 - screencaps - (Username)

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
- (male time reversal to preteen self) Kei Sanbe manga, 2012-16.
Young man Satoru Fujinuma possesses a "revival" ability, which sends him back in time before life-threatening incidents to prevent their occurrence. When his mother is murdered, Satoru flashes back 18 years to elementary school! This gives him the opportunity to prevent the kidnapping that took the lives of 3 childhood friends, and his mother in the future - covers
- 12 episode anime series, A-1 Pictures, Fuji TV (Noitamina), 2016.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
- (male time reversal to preteen self) based on Kei Sanbe manga, 2016.
"The City Where Only I Am Missing" Japanese fantasy mystery thriller, 2016.
- In 2006, aspiring manga writer Satoru Fujinuma works as a deliveryman. Satoru has the ability to "Rewind," flashing back to the near past to prevent fatal accidents. One day Satoru's mother, Sachiko, senses a man about to abduct a girl, reminding Satoru of a tragedy 19 years before. Satoru gives chase to his mother's killer but is captured by the police, who accuse him of the murder. His Rewind activates and he is sent 18 years into the past, back to his elementary school life in Hokkaido.
Satoru remembers his Rewind activated after the murder of a classmate by a serial killer. Kayo is still murdered, and in frustration Satoru flashes back to the present. Believing that Satoru is innocent, teen colleague Airi helps him track down Sachiko's killer. When Satoru is again captured by the police, he notices that one of his captors is the killer, activating his Rewind and sending him into his past again.
To prevent Kayo from being alone, Satoru takes her away from her mother, but the killer throws Satoru in the river. Satoru is returned to a 2006 where both his mother and Kayo, who is now pregnant, are alive, he is no longer estranged from his childhood friends, and his manga is successfully published.
Airi no longer recognizes him. Yashiro tells Satoru his demented motive: he kills to prevent children from having a bleak future. Satoru stops him from committing suicide, causing himself to be mortally wounded instead. Ten years later, Sachiko memorializes the 10th anniversary of Satoru's death, attended by Kayo, Kayo's daughter, and others, while Airi, now a photographer, finishes reading Satoru's manga, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
- (male time reversal to preteen self) Based on Kei Sanbe manga. 2017.
J-drama, 12 episodes, Kansai TV. Yuki Furukawa: Satoru Fujinuma - Reo Uchikawa: Satoru Fujinuma (young).
Satoru Fujinuma's special "revival" power allows him to travel back in time before terrible incidents occur, and to right whichever wrong occurred. He travels back continually until he finds the person who killed his mother. Satoru is sure her death is related to a serial child murder case 18 years ago - poster

Mizutamari ni Ukabu Shima
- (body swap, child/adult) Kei Sanbe manga, Ch01.
A shocking exchange happens in the gondolas. When he comes to, all is different.
- Small extract - (Akira)

Mizutamari ni Ukabu Shima
- (male replacement) "The Island Where Puddles Float" by Kei Sanbe. Kodansha Evening magazine, 2019/11/26.
An older brother and sister spend their days waiting for their beloved mother. A checkered fate visits the brother in the middle of a downpour. The elementary schoolboy is "replaced" with a man who is a murderer?! What is the catastrophe attacking the protagonist? I'm looking forward to seeing how he returns to his original body. It looks like a psycho horror story.
- cover - (Akira)

Kami-sama x Ore-sama x Danna-sama!?
- (ARed cutaway) Ch24 (Finale) 2019.
Amane Ninomiya stopped growing at age 7. A god kisses her, and her body grows... temporarily!? There was one last AR at the very end.
- Full chapter (Japanese) link - scene extract - (NightElf37)

Mickey Mouse (series)
- (anthros AR & OA AA poofs) c2013.
International versions:
Mickey - (Abril) 853 (Brazil) "O Dr. Tic-Tac" - Aku Ankan taskukirja - 438 (Finland) "Tohtori Tiktak"
Super Picsou Geant - 191 (France) "Les enquetes de Mickey & Iga Biva contre le docteur Tic-Tac!"
Lustiges Taschenbuch Maus - Edition 6 (Germany) "Der mysteriose Doktor Ticktack"
Komix V’ Periodos - 2 (Greece) "Doktor Tik-Tak"
Topolino (libretto) - 2998 (Italy) "Topolino e il Dottor Tick-Tock" - Speciale Disney - 70 (Italy) "Doktor Tikk-Takk"
Donald Duck med Fargesmell - 3 (Norway) "O doutor Tic-Tac" - Disney Comix - 196 (Portugal)
Mickey & Iga Biva are intrigued by a newspaper story about an old actress made young again. "Docteur Tic Tac" is selling a youth treatment to rejuvenate old adults. They start investigating the place and discover a room with toys, but are thrown out by the employees of the hidden Dr.
A little boy is being handled roughly by a late middle aged couple. They believe the true doctor has been kidnapped, as well as his grandson the boy. They follow the couple from earlier in disguises, and discover the couple also run a homeless charity with strange tanning booths. For some reason, the homeless guys look very old. The device "takes" the years from them, and empties them out equally to others.
Mickey and Iga are taken prisoner and meet the boy again, who they discover isn't the doctor's grandson, but himself. The fake Dr. Tic Tac is of course Pat Hibulaire. The invention was to make rare trees healthy again, but the couple tricked him into believing it destroyed the forest, and the police from that foreign country would arrest them. So they hid by making him a little boy, and the couple got a bit older. In Mickey & Iga Biva's country, they then made a deal with Pat Hibulaire to sell rejuvenation services for money, intending to get young again later.
Pat and Mickey fight over the age-transferring ray gun. They accidentally become old men anthros fighting with canes, and then poof into babies. The good guys win and restore everyone except the Dr., who will destroy his invention and start over.
The End - (Vended, Tazz)

Daily struggle
- (adult aging & rejuv body morphs) Annelien Hofmans, LUCA School of Arts, Belgium 2016-17.
Bachelorproof? Video installation shows the aging process of an adult female body and her invincible struggle against it. 3 stacked monitors show her body maturing and rejuvenating like a balloon. The viewer hears the sound of breathing in (symbolizing the effort to appear young) and breathing out (symbolizing inevitable aging).
- Vid link - gif

Earth X (Hulk variant)
- (male "ARed" effect) #0, 1999/03.
Earth-9997. Bruce Banner's mutation caused him and the Hulk to split in two. Banner now has the body of a 10 y.o. blind boy, who is psychically linked to a near mindless simian-like Hulk. Banner can see through the Hulk's eyes - art

Waffle Crisp
- (old adults disguised as younger, unmasking, male teen into elder TG effect) Breakfast cereal commercials, 1996.
Who among us hasn't infiltrated a Granny Factory to steal Waffle Crisp cereal boxes back in the day? Boys send in a masked spy disguised as a "Real Granny" to steal a supply.
- CM link - screencaps - "Infiltration".
In Part 02, the boys fall victim to a pair of pretty teen girls who suddenly remove their masks and costumes... revealing "Real Grannies (TM)" underneath, who steal back the cereal and escape. Women.
- CM link - screencaps - "Grannies in disguise".

Tomb Raider
- (dream AR AA) #16 "Nest of Vipers" 2014, Dark Horse.
Lara is rowing a boat in a dream. She sees her friend Grim but then spots the Loch Ness Monster, and is AA'd into a little girl.
- Full comic link - extract - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Eggo Waffles
- (younger male disguised as grown man, OC, masking) 1996 CM "Dad Disguise".
"Mission: Impossible" parody. Teen boy is preparing waffles as his younger brother dons a rubber mask of his father, along with a black business suit. He jumps from a vent and says "Leggo my Eggo... son" (still in his true voice though). Then the real father enters, saying "Good morning," and the ad ends with him glancing suspiciously at the copy of him at the table with a shorter body and wider shirt collar.
- CM link - screencaps

- (face FF morphs) "aging timelapse closeups", Podermanski etc., stock clips.
Face - link
Eyes - link - link - Face gif

Last of Us Part 2, The
- (face FF, teen to full adult) 2020. Very difficult 40 seconds.
"Ellie" trailer link - gif

text fragments
House of X
- (clones unseen age up) X-Men comic miniseries.
#4: a team of X-Men is killed on a space mission.
#5: Prof. X has a plan to restore them; involving the mutant Goldballs' eggs, reality warping, cell reproduction, and a time manipulating mutant to "age" the embryos. Cerebro uploads the dead mutants' minds. When the eggs hatch, the killed X-Men emerge the same age as when they died - (Tazz)

Ugly Americans
- (demon BE) The presence of a baby can cause immediate breast swelling - gif

Wonder Bread
- (male AA FF) "surfer" 1970 CM link - gif

- (tree APed) - aftermath only - (male FFed) - E.T. "reunion" Christmas ad CM & info - (furniture UC) - Teen got stuck in kid sized chair emergency

- 5 more attempts

AR fiction
Rescue Mission to Wonderland
- (dedicated male AR) Prelude, Part 01 - by Ambrose, 2019.
Story expanded from a plot discussion - link - (Vended)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, male rejuvenation) Issue #3, 11/2019.
I'm using all funds from the issue to pay for the next one. Got plenty more to come!
- DriveThruComics purchase link - (DrWhoAR)

- (male AA monster TF) - Ben 10 space battle - (Akira)

Hotel Transylvania: The Series
- (demons ARed AA, ARed aftermath, RNed AA poofs) S02Ep16 "Holy Babies" 2019/10/21.
Mavis and Pedro lie about their birthdays to get free ice cream. Death decides to turn them both into babies to correct his records.
- Episode link - screencaps - (JayTee)

music videos
- (male muscle APed CB dream cutaways) "Closer featuring Jennie A." (UK Version), 2016.
Angry schoolboy keeps "growing up" offscreen whenever something goes wrong, before going on a rampage. His uniform was torn.
- Video link - gif - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

short films
disguises (un/masking tropes)
- (adult TG rejuvenated illusion) c'10. You can do a lot with a bodysuit - caps

fetish comics
Furaffinity: Izayoi_16
- (dedicated animal or male TF expansion)
He specializes in manly transformations. Some works show male creature AP as well. NSFW sequences.
- Access blocked - FA account needed to view - boy/bear link - APTF link - APTFMGWG link - APTFMGWG link
- Access blocked - Pixiv account needed to view - Gallery link - (Male TF Blog)

fetish films
Girls Mature Faster
- (dedicated AP) c'18 - 4-panel gif link - caps

short films
Guys during puberty vs girls during puberty
- (pseudo TG CoA sim) 0:07 TikTok meme, '19 - Clip link - gif

fetish films
transgender (tropes)
- (adult BE TF TG) from "Transformed". You could sorta pretend it's really a puberty transformation in close-up - gif

Sergi Cadenas
- (face FF to OA) Spain c'18, kinetic wall art. The paintings look different as you walk past them - "Getting Old" link - gif - portraits

Wonder Bread
- (male AA FF "AP") c'60 - CM link - gif - screencaps

- (pregnancy UC) - snug leotard - (puberty AA FF info) - cgi docu - (CoA info) - How to know if you're growing - (age disguised?) - Orphan

As Boas Maneiras
- (boy werewolf TF CB glimpse) AKA "Good Manners", Brazil, 2017.
A dark fable of animalistic passion and isolation - scene link - gif - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

fetish films
Growth Spurt
- (dedicated adult pseudo FFed slight UC glimpse) - Caution Nudity: caps

Ugly Americans
- (male demon baby expansion) - gif - caps - (Male TF)

Esquire (magazine)
- (face FF) Pictured Essays: "A Little Girl Grows Up", 1964/12/01.
"Look on this picture and on this: the counterfeit presentment of Virginia Fagini, aged thirteen and eighteen. The photographer, Bob Willoughby, first saw her in Rome in 1957 when she came into a little trattoria in search of pasta, and he thought 'Botticelli?' and he thought 'Madonna'. (That is how photographers think when in Rome.) She was shy, the family's permission was needed to make a photograph; she was a student in the School of Industrial and Applied Arts; she used no arts and applied no makeup. Back in Rome five years later Willoughby looked her up and found her as you see her. She was shy, the family's permission would be needed, she was going to art school in Rome. Nothing had changed. Except that the world of a pretty child is several light-years removed from that of a beautiful woman and Virginia Fagini had made that invisible and unimaginable journey." - teen years scan

Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3
- (adult female warrior OA glimpse) Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 - Ep33, 1978. Nagoya TV.
Endrad is the last golden city of the ancient Anka Empire in the forests of Shangri-lia. Meganoid seeks the power of secret treasure "Orichalcum" at magnetic Point X. Biologic meganoid Commander Doyle obtains Colosse's permission for a third survey with subordinate Satan Soldier. The Death Battle reaction team rushes to Endrad, facing traps such as moving walls and skeleton soldiers.
- Episode link @18:50 - screencaps - (Akira)

- (kinda looks like the first few seconds of an AP scene) - Clothes can very suddenly become outgrown, so they won't fit right anymore. They're harder to take off than put on, but not always because they grew while wearing them - 5 attempts

male puberty (tropes)
- (male height increased) - caps

- Jane Withers

fetish toons
Intercourse with the Vampire
- (dedicated demon AA TF upgrade) Nevarky, 2019/10/25 Hentai/Porn video.
Beware of non-human entities, for dark magic always has a price! A nocturnal monster appears in the protagonist's bedroom, and proceeds to extract his seminal essence. But that was only the beginning, as the creature's neotenous somatotype then expands to its hyper-sexual form. The TF happens around 1:30. Warning, a bit of lolicon at the beginning. Save for the scarce TF seconds, it goes on with the NSFW tone understandably. EDIT: The male moaning is gone!
- Video link - Patreon link - screencaps - (The AP Ninja)

- Fernanda

short films
Lele Pons: I'm a Baby?
- (young adult mind swap into baby, POV ARed effect) 2018/01/19.
Short film about that time she accidentally switched bodies when her parents only had attention for their (female) baby.
- Video link - screencaps - (Guest)

Lab Rats
- (adult "TF rejuv" disguise hologram) - "Morph" scene link - reversed caps

- (mental age anomaly) UK experimental horror comedy sketch show, Chris Morris, Channel 4.
"Jam 6", 2000. Parents believe daughter is really 45 y.o. man trapped in little girl's body.
- Easter egg: "London/Tokyo Jam Exhibition" deleted scene is similar to "45-year-old little girl" sketch. Adaptation of "Optician" sketch from Ep02 of radio show Blue Jam.

TJ Maxx
- (male UC, female UC glimpse) "TBS: Shrunk Clothing", 2015.
A boy tries on his wardrobe, only to see all his clothes are way too small. His sister walks in and she too has shrunken clothing on. When growth spurts happen, TJ Maxx can help.
- Commercial link - screencaps

short films
Juventude (theme)
- (female & male ARed cuts) "imprecionante agua da juventude", 2014, bryan vd.
Video link - youtu.be/ox3YaV1IFVk - screencaps - (Entropic)

Grandma's Little Darling
- (old/younger soul swap) Stephen R. George, 1990.
A young girl gets possessed or is forced into a life exchange, leaving her trapped in the body of an old woman. It started 5000 years ago, with the body theft of an infant to escape pursuers. They try to capture the Invader in Nora's body, but it can enhance the speed and strength of its host - (Lori)

Prince of Persia
- (male ARed AA poof) "DBX: Ezio (Assassins Creed) vs Prince of Persia" - 2019 fan video.
DEATH BATTLE! Which of these wall-crawling warriors will make it out alive? Linked to the Sands of Time, the Dagger of Time enables its wielder to slow, stop, and reverse the flow of time.
- Fan vid link - youtu.be/RYNpTJJg-q4 - caps - (Tazz)

text fragments
- (soul into body invasions) Will McIntosh, 2012.
Terrorist attack causes a percentage of the population to share their body with a ghost. Some scenes of a little girl possessed by a pedophile - (Syberia)

- (slight FF) - 4 sequences

Nilba e os Desastronautas
- (AR AA poofs, RNed) AKA Newbie and the Disasternauts, Brazil.
S3Ep9 "Desastrobebes" c2012. Woman into baby @2:33, people and monkey into babies, baby into newborn and woman into kid @3:03, everyone back to normal @5:28, aliens into babies @6:05.
- Episode link - youtu.be/gGaY5VQi2Lc - screencaps - (Tazz)

short films
Kids on Patrol
- (ARed aftermaths, some OC) 2018.
The entire Los Angeles Police Department has been turned back into children. It's a race against the clock before it's too late.
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

short films
A fonte da juventude existe mesmo!!!
- (male ARed cutaway) 2016 - Youth river gag link - youtu.be/Eh2vLCq1KvI - caps - (Entropic)

Wonder Bread
- (AA FF fake time-lapse) 1968 Tv commercial.
CM red dress link - gif - screencaps - (Osborn Tramain)

fetish films
- (dedicated adult TFs, rejuv) Siren Tales Productions, c2018?
$12.00. Feature length indie movie with body swap "TF" theme. Old to young adult, TG morphs, MtF, other - Purchase link

Walking Dead, The
- (FF) Telltale, Skybound, 4 seasons, 2012-2019.
Episodic graphic adventure game series. Clementine was introduced as a preteen at the start of the zombie apocalypse. She is found and cared for by Lee Everett, who is eventually bitten. Over several years, she becomes a guardian to Alvin Jr., and raises him as Lee did with her.
- Clementine character Art stages.

- (dedicated TG, TF, rejuv/AR effects, etc) - New story projects - Changing Comics - 2019+

- (AR, some AA AP) I have set up the classic videos/large media collection within the 2005 story archive - Video List - (Heidegger)

Big Fix, The
- (mind transfers, older/younger adults) "The Big Fix" - Caronna, Tobler. 2018 Christian movie.
A family was body swapped at the church. Mom and Daughter switched, and Dad and Son switched. Each member selfishly asked God to "fix" the others, only to miraculously have to experience life through the eyes of the other. High schoolers must run the family business, and parents have to go to high school - (Gnosis, Switchchick)

Choushinsei Flashman
- (male AR) Ep41 "Dai Becomes a Child" 1986/12/13 - Japan-only alternate link - (Akira)

Om Nom Stories
- (entities anthros TFs) S13Ep06 - Super-Noms 6th - "Baby Om Nelle" 2019.
Zeptolab YouTube channel. Bird into elderly @0:42, then baby @0:46, girl Nom into baby @1:04, villain into elderly @1:29. Boy Nom into elderly @1:33 then baby @2:08 then elder again @2:20 then with villain @2:57 into baby (Nom) and young (villain), then vice versa, then back to elderly, then both babies, then back to normal @2:57. Nom girl back to normal @3:09.
- Episode link - youtu.be/vq4D5YDJLyk - (Tazz)

Blue Jam
- (audio only plays, some age-related anomaly forms) Ambient surreal dark comedy/horror radio programme, BBC, 1997-99.
- 1.2 "oo ab welcome" - "Baby" trapped in the body of a man - 2.1 "oo vudge welcome" - "Little girl" had genitals of older man.

Influence, The
- (old to young body theft) "The Influence" by Ramsey Campbell, 1988.
Great Aunt forces little girl out of her own body after the Aunt dies. The girl spends most of the novel as a ghost fighting to regain control of her body from the Aunt - (Marcus)

La influencia
- (old to young mind transfer, AA FFed) AKA The influence - Rovira. Spanish, 2019/10.
Based on the 1988 novel by Ramsey Campbell. Witch grandmother tries to take over 10 y.o. granddaughter Nora. Spooky girl Luna is also involved - (4of11)

"Trying on old clothes" c2019 screencaps
Note: Girls grow at a constant rate, but the pressure on their clothes increases exponentially just before they explode off their bodies (not shown).
- 5 attempts

Miniforce X
- (male anthro bear OA & ARs, people AA-poofed into babies, AA RN poofs) PART 2: Ep10 "Go, Baby Max" 2019.
Full episode link - youtu.be/dOUeXilJiPc - screen caps - (Tazz)

fetish videos
Dark Productions TF
- (dedicated CGI toon AP) "Dorothy Changing AP", 2019/10.
Locked video purchase link

Raven's Home
- (TG body swaps, teen boys / women) S02Ep16 "Switch-or-Treat" 2018/10/19.
Raven and 13 y.o. boy Booker swap bodies on Halloween. Elderly Aunt Maureen swaps bodies with 13 y.o. boy Miles, who is Nia's crush - link - (Guy, KJ, theobserver)

text fragments
Kami-tachi ni hirowa reta otoko
- (male reincarnation ARed) "A man picked up by gods".
Limited time reading trial
link - (Akira)

Kaya Palat
- (male ARed & OC, male RN APed CB glimpse) 1983, Hindi.
"Life Prolonging". A scientist took a wrong medicine and transformed overnight from age 28 into an 8 y.o. boy. He invents an antidote to return to normal. He and his police friend then use the formula several times to turn back into boys, for fun and to catch culprits. No TFs, only offscreen age change aftermaths. He complains his payjamas became too small.
- Video link AR@24:30 RN@50:30 AR@60:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

music videos
Andrea Bocelli
- (dream sequence AA "ARed" & RN cuts) "Amo Soltanto Te" (I just love it) ft. Ed Sheeran. Italy, 2018.
Opera singer Andrea Bocelli, Ed Sheeran, and an entire wedding party appear as children. We see flashbacks of the couple as adults. @1:53: brief shot of the Bride as a little girl, a face flash as an adult, another flash as a little girl, then back to adult face. When the couple finally marries, everyone at the wedding has "poofed" back into adults. At the end everyone is shown as kids again.
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Yo-Kai Watch
- (demons AR flash) Ep206, 2018. Creatures known as Yo Kais into baby ghosts.
Scene link - youtu.be/I6j2xK6AM9o - screencaps - (Tazz)

Mini Beat Power Rockers
Discovery Kids Latin America, Spanish. The rhythm-filled adventures of a band of preschool musicians under the watchful eye of a babysitter who frowns upon their antics.
- (AR AA & aftermath) "Baby Dolores" 2018. Teen babysitter into baby.
Episode link - youtu.be/6JOc7JCdO9s - screencaps
- (AA cutaways) 2019. They want to enter a music festival. Babies poofed into adults.
Episode link - /wwDXIqX0W4o - screencaps
- (Tazz)

La vuelta en cuento
- (old dog to puppy, male adult rejuv) "La fuente de la juventud" 2017.
Old man wanted to rejuvenate to marry young woman.
- Episode link - youtu.be/c9F5L8ws0MY - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (dream sequence self-image, looks like male "ARed" AA RN cut) Linkimals "Circle Of Life", Mattel UK, 2019.
When Linkimals get together, they talk, sing, and light-up together! Each product sold separately. Man revealed to be baby with imagination.
- CM link - youtu.be/mR8HdnbMKFc - caps - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Finley (commissions)
- (dedicated young adult demon TFs) c2019.
A fully fledged dedicated TF/adult age comic, featuring their own original character who appears to be their mascot.
- Outline link - Intro link - (The AP Ninja)

Duck Dodgers
- (male anthro AR) "Duck Codgers" 2003.
Dodgers and Cadet are affected by a plant gas that causes rapid aging. They must bathe in a Martian spring guarded by X-2 to return to normal. X-2 was ARed into an infant in poof stages - New link - (Username)

short toons
- (male doodle FB/FF age poofs) #6 "Turtles in Time" 2009.
The Pencil confronts Hank Hanky with the notion of Time! Toon man fast forwards & rewinds through his life.
- Ep link - youtu.be/CeuSGnmKALU - caps - (Tazz)

Le Sens de la famille
- (parents/offspring body swap) In production. AKA "Family Swap"? Benes, Dubosc, Lamy? 2020? France.
The Morels' 2 teenagers & 7 y.o. daughter "Chacha" are driving their parents out of their minds? One morning, they all wake up inside each other's bodies? - (Eric, Greg)

- (early to late teens) - Yuumi - Yuumi

Sword Art Online: Alicization
- (software demon adult rejuvenated) 2018+.
The hero Kirito finds himself in a dream-like VR world with artificial lifeforms called Fluctlight.
- Ep12 flashback: antagonist Quinella uses a system command to restore her adult youth and cease aging - screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Strike the Blood II
- (witch demon age stasis, AA "APed" cutaway) OVA Ep5 "The Fugitive Fourth Progenitor II" 2017/03/29.
Saikai Academy teacher Natsuki Minamiya is revealed as the high-ranking attack mage "Witch of the Void". Refusing to let Kojou Akatsuki leave Itogami Island to save his sister, she traps him inside her spirit prison. There she appears in her adult form with full breasts. Outside the prison she looks much younger, her body having been in an enchanted stasis for 10 years. She usually wears a black gothic lolita outfit with a black parasol.
- "My name is the Void. I am she who reduces broken vows to ashes by my eternal fires" - screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

- (male AA TF battle upgrade) Japanese toys of the 1970s/80s, Bandai.
Kamen Rider X Transformation Belt - CM link - caps - (Akira)

fetish videos
Dark Productions TF
Ashley AP Film
- (dedicated CGI toon AP TF video) 2019/10.
Patreon purchase link

Mother, I'm Sorry
- (adult rejuvenated) AKA Mamma Mian, by Mitty, GuGu. S.Korea, c2019.
At his mother's deathbed a young man is approached by a gentleman who promises to save her in exchange for a large chunk of his lifespan. When he agrees to the deal, his mother awakens looking 20 years younger.
- Full chapters link - extract - (MysteryShadow)

My Junior Was My Mom In Her Past Life
- (reincarnation aftermath reborn) "Zense ga hahaoya datta kouhai", by Maki Komura, c'19.
Chapters link - (MysteryShadow)

Miniforce X
- (mass AR poofs, AA) Ep09 "The Witch's Curse" c'19. Anime-tokusatsu CGI toon, S.Korea.
Episode link - youtu.be/bKTyhdn0geM - screen caps - To Be Continued - (Tazz)

Fisher Price
- (dream sequence, self image cuts look like ARed AA) "Let's Be Kids", 2019.
Adults are shown having fabulous adventures. Then they are revealed to have been toddlers all along.
"Friend" - It's rude to boss your friends around, unless they come with an instruction manual. #letsbekids
- CM link - caps - youtu.be/vWKxDQPtGHY
"Speed" - You have to walk before you can run, and push before you can drive.
- CM link - caps - /SG-lJnIQ71E
"The Triangle" - Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, not all fit in triangle-shaped holes.
- CM link - caps - /MGnpDB_b5rs
"Why Do I Ride?" - The important thing is having the courage to get back on the puppy.
- CM link - caps - /UIBVNVO5Rgo
"Light Switch" - The home of the future has a really big light switch.
- CM link - caps - /N-a_Gfw7kH8
- (Jeff_2bya, Tazz)

music videos
Thomas Rhett
- (dream sequence adult rejuvenation twirl cut) "Remember You Young", 2019.
Old age to young couple one last time - link - youtu.be/f5pHiXBt8UU - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

Gemini Man
- (male adult younger copy) Ang Lee, 2019/10. Will Smith was recreated at age 23 for the character Junior.

- (dedicated classic AR stories) - Dive into the old php-nuke version of the Archive from 15 years ago!
  The formatting is minimal and the stories from 2002-2005 are alphabetical by title: List - (Heidegger)
- (YA FFed glimpse) - Stacy's Mom then/"now"

Monster Farm
- (creatures ARed) "Pablum Problem" c1999.
Corn into giant corn and small corn; monsters into babies; slice of pizza into giant.
- Episode link - youtu.be/hgwnrDuGXo4 - (Tazz)

Black Lightning
- (male adult was AA'd to OA) S3Ep1 2019/10/07. Last season, big bad Tobias Whale was finally arrested. Being a metahuman made him not age a day for decades. In the season premiere, he is dying of old age as time finally caught up with him due to withdrawal - (Tazz)

short toons
Pencilmates: Matherpiece theater
- (male doodle AR) Pencilmation, 2018.
- Math story link - /ufNdWuHghgE - caps - (Tazz)

- (slight FF) Luda

- (looks like adult rejuv) Does anyone know which manga this came from? Seems like she may be shrinking younger...
Thanks! - Warning: NSFW extract - (Hungry Hippo)

Demo mahou shoujo ni naremasu ka?
- (old to young adult TF AA rejuvs, RNed) Can You Become A Magical Girl?
There are a few more TF rejuvenations scattered throughout the manga, given the elderly protagonist's magical condition.
- Vol01 Ch01 link - The first TF extract - (NightElf37)

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion the Movie: Mirai Kara Kita Shinsoku no ALFA-X
- (male past self brought forward)
AKA "The Mythically Fast ALFA-X that comes from the Future" - "Godspeed ALFA-X from the future".
"Dad ... is a child?" New year's holiday in the theater! 2019/12/27.
9 y.o. Hokuto joins the cast... as the father of protagonist Hayato! Hokuto travelled from the past to help protect Earth, and find his way back to his own time.
- Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

Victor and Valentino
- (male AR AA, aftermath) S01Ep30 "Escape from Bebe Bay" 2019/10/05.
Seeking refuge from a water-gun fight, Victor and Valentino use an experimental rejuvenating cream to camouflage themselves. Turned into babies, they must escape a daycare center to get home. 2 boys & a man ARed together.
- Episode link - AR scene link - youtu.be/jZTgFsSoo4Y - screencaps - (Tazz, Username)

7 Flags Car Wash
- (male AA ARed cutaway) "Fountain of Youth", 2004, WA.
Man shows his adult sons how their car wash is like the fountain of youth by having them go through it. He emerges a little younger, while his sons became boys again.
- Commercial link - youtu.be/NQgbMZWU5b8 - screencaps - (Tazz)

Blue Dog RV
- (ARed AA aftermaths, couple AR poof) "Kid In You", 2019.
The sales staff was already ARed when they entered, then the customers were made to feel like kids again.
- CM link - youtu.be/4HONcHrs39A - screencaps - (FARfan)

Kingdom Hearts III
- (adult old aged to dust) 2019 RPG, Square Enix, PS4, Xbox One. 12th installment.
New spins on Disney movies, where Donald, Goofy, and Sora participate in the stories. In the 3rd game a level is based on "Tangled", including Mother Gothel's rapid aging.
- Video link @45mins - youtu.be/KqeAqPXJclg - screencaps - (Tazz)

Subaru Ascent
- (dream "ARed" AA cutaway) "A Big Day Out", 2018.
Curiously precocious little girl acting very mature was revealed to be Grandma at the end.
- CM link - youtu.be/fh8ylMedDMM - screencaps - (Tazz)

Chevrolet Camaro
- (adults dream rejuv cutaway) "The Pick Up" 2011.
Young man gets out of car and appears old. Walks old woman to car, and they became young adults again.
- Restored CM link - youtu.be/EuLOCSMS-3k - (Tazz)

Age-Shifter, The
- (age changing ability mentioned) Story not yet written - wattpad.com/story/28009300-the-age-shifter - Chapter 01 link - cover

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UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation