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Killer Friends
- (male demon AA cutaway TFs, ARed/APed age forms) by Rockin' Cartoon, Weekly Shounen Jump+, 2020/09/09.
Criminals and assassins. Small extract - (Akira)

Spirou et Fantasio
- (male AR cutaways, male adult mental AR, tree AR cutaway) Ep18 "Cure de jouvence" ("A Toast to Youth") 2007/05/17.
Franco-Belge cartoon. Spirou and Fantasio come to spend a quiet weekend in the mansion of old scientist Count Champignac. Alas, Fantasio inadvertently makes the count drink an elixir of youth that the scientist developed long ago. The Count is restored to the full dynamism of his adult youth. But things get complicated when it turns out the process is continuing. He physically regresses over the entire episode offscreen. Our heroes must find an antidote at the risk of seeing their learned friend irreversibly rejuvenated. Alas for them, the younger Champignac finds an unsuspected rebellious character!
Fantasio mentally regresses to a baby around the 11:00 mark thanks to a brainwash-esque helmet. At 14:30 it shows The Count regressed to a baby sitting in oversized clothes. He then mentally regresses to a baby shortly after.
With the help of a mycologist an antidote is synthesized. Towards the end, The Count reverted back offscreen.
- Episode link - male adult rejuvenation screencaps - male AR screencaps - male ARed screencaps - (Mad0charles)

My love tiger
- (furry/demon AA TFed, cat/fox APed forms) Ecchi manhwa Korea, c'20.
Beware if your cat comes in the shower - 26 MB Ch link - 30 MB Ch link - smaller extract - extract - (Boi)

nawa holang-inim
- (furry TF age forms AP) "Lord Tiger and I" by Yoon jae ho. Ecchi manhwa Korea, c'19+.
see: My Love Tiger - extract

muscle men
- Some Youtube channels and playlists about muscle growth (I love it):
- (Romain)
Growth and Transformations
- (male muscle growth) - Channel
Obsessed with all things transformational, monstrous and muscle. Hulk Foot Growth, Bigfoot Foot Growth, Male Hulk Muscle Growth...
Muscle Growth
- (male adult muscle) - Channel
Gelty Drake
- (TF creatures "growing") - Channel
The subject is growing! Every scene in cartoons or movies what contains size growth, inflation or transformation here it is! Help donating videos with growth...
- (male adult creature muscle) - Channel
Muscle and muscle growth channel of various media featuring only male characters.
I Am Sylar
- (male adult changes) - Channel
- (male TFs) - Channel
Male Transformation Fantasies
- (male changes) - Channel
- (Romain)

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male AA cutaway ARed/OA'd) Ep49 "The Fall of Great Professor Bias" 1989/02/18.
Great Professor Bias : Joji Nakata - Professor Bias (boy): Kentaro Ishizeki.
- Series Finale. A Bias with restored youth descends to Earth to continue his cycle of destruction for the sake of knowledge. Liveman must hold him off and find a way of either changing his ways or stopping the mad genius permanently.
- Full episode link - screencaps - (Akira)

Apple & Onion
- (anthro kitchen items AR & OA) S2Ep7 "Ferekh" 2020/10/14.
Apple and Onion babysit a chicken that scientists want to dissect for the cure for aging because it remains young. Apple & Onion age to elderly, while a security cop is turned into a baby, because the actual source was a green soup-like food the chicken was fed. We learn all the years are transferred to a single part of the body. The baby security officer has an elderly hand, and a news reporter who became a kid has an elderly foot.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Universal's Islands of Adventure
- (male growth TF CB glimpse) 1999, 2016 redesign.
The Incredible Hulk Coaster, launched roller coaster at Universal Orlando Resort, Fl.
- The '16 refurbishment involved heavy modifications to the line queue storyline. Guests are placed inside a perilous scientific experiment by General Thaddeus Ross. Screens now show human test subjects being exposed to gamma radiation and transforming into Hulk-like creatures. Don't worry, if you're female your sports bra can stretch enough to still cover your chest. While your pants will rip along the legs, the upper fabric will hold. Your shoes are goners though (not shown).
- Clip link - screencaps - (Romain)

Arabela se vraci
- Ep05: The evil wizard reaches the land of switched age.
- Ep07: The princess is pregnant with old people.
- Ep21: Return to the land of switched age.
- (Sickboy)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (furry AA age poofs) OVA-2 "Yuragi so no Oboro-san" "Oboro-san and the Hot Springs" 2018/10/04.
Chisaki and her mother become fond of Koyuzu and ask her to stay, but Koyuzu kindly rejects their offer because she thinks she will come to accept not being a complete adult. Smoke AA nude replacements. Also Ch09?
- Episode link @09:50 - screencaps - (Andu22)

short films
How girls hit puberty (meme)
- (AA BE & butt "inflation spurts") c2020 short video gags.
- Yes it really happens this fast. c15 sec vid link - gif

text fragments
- (FF cuts) "Every Family Moment Remembered", 2017.
This little girl's biggest moments happen on the green grass of her backyard, from first steps to wedding day - CM link - caps

- (slight FF) - Lea Wals months Lea Wals - ffed Kimmie's mom.

text fragments - links
Fairly OddParents
- (male TF growth muscle) - "Beach Bummed!"
Timmy wishes to be the strongest guy on the beach. He gets a lot of muscles and Trixie falls in love - scene
- (male adult muscle) - "Lights...Camera...Adam!" scene
Oggy and the Cockroaches
- (male insect muscle) - S04Ep48 "Oggy and the Magic Smile" scene
The Boys
- (adult to male shapeshift TG) - S02Ep04 "Nothing Like It in the World" 2020/09.
Doppelganger transforms into Madelyn and Homelander - scene
- (male adult was AA'd into muscular superhero) - "Warrior" scene
- (Romain)

- (male & female FF APed, CB glimpses) "The witch - Directors Cut" CM, 2020.
Swiss supermarket commercial, Witch Pot Pictures. A witch has imprisoned contemporary kids Hansel and Gretel in her house in the woods. She patiently feeds the children fresh foods to prepare them for slaughter. Finally, the big day has arrived. She flings opens the door, only to see that all the natural ingredients have caused the siblings to grow up. Gretel went from a pretty preteen to a smoking hot adult, while younger brother Hansel became a strongly muscular young man. We are permitted a tiny peek at the right half of Gretel's right shoe. As she grew from middle schooler to supermodel, her toes broke through the front, and her widening feet have damaged the rest, apparently snapping the laces? The fabric of her socks was also forced apart in spots. Hansel's shoes and socks were even more completely demolished. Gretel's shirt may have torn along the back, keeping her new breasts from being exposed, though it's tight on front? Now is the time for payback...
- CM link - Overview screencaps - APed CB screencaps - (M)

Kimagure Orange Road
- (male mind swap) Ep26 "Kyosuke Becomes a Kid! Getting Super-Close to Madoka!" 1987/09/28.
Beware of psychic powers. Teen male swaps minds with boy when they bump heads.
- Episode link - caps - (Akira)

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: Pandi360
- (dedicated male mental and physical disempowerment, pseudo male "ARed" effect) CGI comics, animations & software. c2020.
Set in the G.I.A.N.T. World: "Girls Implementing Anti-Naughtiness Techniques", a prosperous land of Brats and Beauties.
It resembles AR, but technically is more like shrunken man spanking, diapering & breastfeeding at the hands of normal sized women. Also F/F spanking art, but mostly F/m.
Though similar sized at birth, by adulthood the Brats (males) have grown little in stature, capabilities, or intellect. The Beauties (females) attain full maturity, and naturally take charge of the Brats' care and discipline. Young Beauties attend a normal school until adulthood, whereupon they attend a finishing academy for Mommy Training, learning all aspects of mothering in addition to specialized spanking, diapering, and breastfeeding courses. Brats make do with home training or daycare well into adulthood. By temperament, they remain impulsive and naughty, and therefore require regular correction at the hands of Beauties!
The girls are absolutely beautiful 3D images. The style of his models, and his lighting and framing makes them seem so real. One of the ways he managed to make them "come alive" is through his painstakingly created 3D CGI RPG POV game where you are the Brat. It's called:
  Little One in G.I.A.N.T. World (Little One at Home)
The object of the game is to avoid being naughty unless you want to be spanked. A meter in the upper left hand corner monitors your behavior. Of course, it is all about finding ways to be naughty, and who is going to spank you.
The game takes place in an apartment occupied by four beautiful women who take care of you. During certain scenes you view the action externally.
This is not a simple game but a full 3D world. Pandi360 has crafted a complete domestic setting. The girls even speak and move. It is a little addictive because of the immersion. You can explore the various rooms and pick up items that lead to different results etc. like a sophisticated online escape room. No one else is creating semi realistic 3D world F/m "AR like" Mommy Dom scenarios.
- The beautiful thing is the game is freely downloadable: Game Page link
For all other content you can pledge as little as $1.00 a month. I know times are tough but suggest $6.00 a month to get full access:
- Deviant link - Subscribe link
- (Alec Leamus)

Bishoujo Zashiki warashi
- (demon "ARed" forms & AA AP scenes) Nude hentai porn by Aida Mizu? c2017+.
Beautiful girl Zashikiwarashi sex manga, 29 chapters. Spirit-like beings from Iwate Prefecture in mahou fantasy settings. Youkai and my naughty sexual activity - The family business of the temple, kimono sex education. Ch05 AR, Ch06 AP.
- Ch03 link - Ch04 link - Ch05 link - Ch06 link
- Ch09 link - Ch10 link - Ch12 link - P213-214 link
- Manga P194-195 extract - P213-214 extract - P217-218 extract - (Andu22)

- (demon & anthro bee "OA'd" poofs, RNed) "Jogo da Velha" 2018?
Witch and bee temporarily zapped elderly by magic potion - Episode link - youtu.be/Cgl4vlieUvc - screencaps
- (anthro spider ARed) "The egg". Garfidea mistakenly took the Witch's rejuvenation potion and zapped back into an egg.
As the Witch has no patience with children, she sends Garfidea to Zuzu's house until she RNs - Episode link - youtu.be/YBqa7zsUsEM
- (Tazz)

Yokubou Pandora
- (furry demon AA AP) ecchi porn by Hizuki Akira, c2017+
Guy with crazy armpit fetish receives a demon to pleasure him - Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Arabela se vraci
- (AR) Czech, 30min. eps, 1993-.
In later episodes there is a world where people age backwards, with children behaving like adults. They have apples that turn old people into babies - (Sickboy)

- (mahou age TF forms) 2006+ anime, Gin Tama manga.
Kagura is a member of the Yorozuya and the Yato Tribe. During the 2 year time skip she trained at age disguising, appearing at times as a shoujo and at other points with an elderly appearance.

Life in a Day
- (accelerated growth to OA'd) AKA "Antidote", 1999.
Full movie: link - Another link - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male pseudo "APed" disguise, fem stasis "ARed" disguise) Ep20 "It's Tough Being an Adult" 2020/10/17.
Yoshio will be Dueling against Mimi, unaware that his opponent is his younger-looking mother, and Mimi fights against her son for his sake - (Akira)

old age prosthetics & make up
- (adult to older adult disguising) "Young to old. Special make up effects by Odd Studio." 2014 short film.
The making of "A Place To Call Home" commercial. OA appearance by Odd Studio of actress Marta Dusseldorp.
- Video link - screencaps

Doukutsu Ou kara Hajimeru Rakuen Life
- (AA demon TF, nude APed form) "The King Of Cave Will Live A Paradise Life", Naehara Hajime, Demise Takao, c2020.
Ch4.1 - link - extract - (Andu22)

- (anthro AR, adult youth theft & slight male AP) S03Ep11 "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!" 2020/10/12.
The episode mostly dealt with anthro AA aging. Ponce De Leon runs a popular resort for spring breakers. In order to stay young he uses the water's true powers. Basically it's a fountain of age in the form of a pool, and the teens who swim in it are aged, creating the youth properties he uses to stay young.
Uncle Scrooge and Goldie fall in and become teens. Duey dips his toe in and ages enough to become taller, and is now the older sibling. Another old villain becomes younger, and his Frankenstein goon/butler is given a huge jug and turns into a baby.
There is an" age to death" scene? Scrooge and Goldie turn back old, with the former teens on spring break and Duey returned to normal.
- (Tazz)

Divka na kosteti
- (male APed forms) "The Girl on the Broomstick", Czechoslovakia, 1972.
Teenage witch Saxana faces 300 years detention for failing her classes. She escapes to a human school and turns the faculty into rabbits. Boys disguise themselves as men.
2011 sequel "Saxana a Lexikon kouzel" (Little Witch on a Broomstick) follows her daughter.
- (Sickboy)

short comics
Deviant Artist: pzjp
- (FF, accelerated growth) c2015+
Comic series outline about the rise of a group of powerful metahumans. Emilka, Sandra, Ania etc.
- Gallery link - extracts

fetish toons
Dark Productions TF
- (dedicated CGI age TFs) Regular paid updates in progress.
"Cassidy Changes 2" - 2020/09 sequel, music by Mister AGF. Patreon $5 tier.
"The Barn AP" - $5 tier.
"The Formula: Final Chapter" (Part 03) will be released on Halloween 2020 on the $10 tier! 5 AP TFs, 4 female and 1 male. Just need the final sound effects, thanks to the voice actors. The edited short film combining all 3 parts on Vimeo will be about 29 mins long at $15.
These are quarterly releases. I still accept commissions at darkproductions@gmx.com
- (MrDark)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Siriage
- (dedicated CGI fetish stories with mostly nude AA AP/AR)
Note: you must sign up for an account or you can't see anything - Gallery link - (Andu22)

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male) 1989 - 3 - (Akira)

text fragments
Ms. Marvel
- (AA TF) Disney+, 2022.
18 y.o. Iman Vellani was cast as teen Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, who will have mighty AA shape/size shifting powers after being exposed to mysterious gas - news link

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Tasa
- (dedicated TFs, full adult to shorter teen) "Restoration of youth" - Gallery link - (Andu22)

- Special Edition: Trying On "Last Year's" Halloween Costumes.
Normally when girls grow they will discard their old clothes the instant they become infinitesimally too small. However, when trying on seasonal and Halloween costumes from past years, they may be shocked to discover their bodies underwent a significant growth spurt in the meantime. Since Halloween outfits are made of the most elastic materials they can sometimes still fit, but all must eventually yield before the unstoppable power of female growth - 11 attempts

Kyokushou Bikini saimin rabo
- (AR, RN AP glimpse) "Minimal Bikini Hypnosis Lab" by SHIRAI Momokichi? 2020/05.
www.sunday-webry.com/viewer.php?chapter_id=71779 - AR extract - AP extract - (Andu22)

Coz takhle dat si spenat
- (male ARed, female mental & physical ARed, male RN APed CBed glimpses) Czech comedy, 1977.
Two thieves steal an invention used to rejuvenate old cows, but end up as boys after eating spinach. The title means "How about spinach?", a sentence the server ask the men @00:24, followed by the wake up scene. There's no process, and worst of all the boys retain their adult voices, but it's a fun movie. The two thieves returned to their old selves overnight, in outgrown cracked boy clothes.
A woman around the 1 hour mark wakes up still adult, but mentally regressed to a baby with a baby voice. A woman was also regressed to a baby's body, still with her adult mind and voice. The baby became an adult woman again?
What surprised me most when I discovered this movie some years ago is the ending, which is quite dark for a comedy. The two thieves somehow end up shrunk down to 10 centimeters. I think they purposely tried to get younger again to evade arrest, but it somehow went wrong (something to do with spinach?). They successfully escape by hiding inside some pastries in a man's bag, only for a dog to eat the men alive as they scream. The movie ended with the woman wondering what was that noise. Oo
- Full movie link - screencaps - caps - (Vended)

Kimetsu no Yaiba
- (male TF or FF "APed"?) AKA Demon Slayer? Devil's Blade? Oni Metsu No Ha? Vol2? by Koyoharu Gotouge, 2016? - (Akira)

Franken Fran Frantic
- (omni-weapon TF "ARed" disguise, age form TF CB RN AP) sequel series, 2019.
"Devil of Biology" Dr. Naomitsu Madaraki worked for the Biochemistry Division during the War, creating Fran and her "sisters". Shapeshifting Transformer Gavrill Madaraki can destroy entire armies with little effort (often between panels). Who would have thought such a mighty assassin has disguised herself as an innocent little girl? An easy mistake to make... and quite possibly your last one.
- Extract - Extract - (The AP Ninja, Kaiza TG)

text fragments
- (rapid age acceleration beyond old age, unseen clothes removal)
P34: Lightly clothed 14 y.o. daughter Sophie wanders off. P47: The father orders a nude woman to cover herself up. "Good grief! Cover yourself, young lady!"
- Higher picture quality page scans - 38MB Zipped comic link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Black Knight Bat
- (AR & RN) Ch3.
Newly colorized English translation of previously mentioned manga, featuring apples that can make people older or younger.
- Chapter link - (Tazz)

I'm baby (meme)
- (mental infantilization) 2019.
Meme saying or post on social media, in which an adult refuses to accept adult responsibilities or care. Popularized by Little Space, "age regression" or "agre", & adult baby communities. If someone wants them to do something complicated they just say "I'm baby".
- Info link - link - link

unmasking tropes
- (young to old adult disguises & removal, TG) Adult age appearances, mask illusions.
Realistic looking old persons often seem to turn into younger adults - TvTropes info link
Comodines Casancrem "Milhojas", 2011 Tv commercial - example link - caps

Bakunetsu Sentouki
- (AA mahou TF AP) by Sosuke Kaise, Comic Valkyrie, c2009.
Ch02 & 10. The hot spring temples enter a tournament beyond human measure. "Fighting Spring Princesses" compete to become queen of all hot-springs!
- Extract P067-069-072 - Extract P134-141-142 - (Andu22)

short films
old face illusion (gags)
- (adult "OA" disguise) c'19, face angles & wrinkling effects - link - caps

Mou Hasamazu ni wa Irarenai
- (teen overnight "maturation" BE) Hoshi ni Onegai Shitara Konna ni Okkiku Nacchatta! c2017.
She prays to aliens to "grow"? Ep01 link - Eps link - Color manga link - Manga link - caps - (Andu22)

- (AA TF, possible AR?) Amazon Prime series, c2021.
In the superhero comic Invincible, we meet Monster Girl. A 29 y.o. woman was cursed to AA into a monster that gets bigger and stronger each time, but she turns slightly younger upon reverting! There is no cure. At the start of the series she was a preteen, and a possible future showed her as a baby that can turn into a skyscraper-sized monster.
The trailer briefly shows her AA-ing into a monster at the end - link - (Tazz)

Super HxEros
- (TF AA alien "APed" form) Ep12 "HxEros Showdown!" 2020/09/26.
In order to prove that the Governor is the enemy queen, the censor bug Chacha transforms into a fully grown package delivery woman @03:46. Not really a TF, more like using an illusion to appear as a different person. Not really a change, just a poof type thing - (PornAccount, TGManiac)

Awkward Years Project, The
- (AA FB/FF) Tumblr project, 2013+.
Time windows. Portrait comparisons of adults posing with awkward school, childhood, and teen self photos. Merilee Allred started it all to exorcise memories of her own painfully awkward childhood - Project link

Crusade Heart Karen - Juin Sennou no Wana
- (demon entity AA TF upgrade) Medieval fantasy eroge, tentacle and monster sex, 2014.
Capture and brainwash a wide variety of cute and sexy demons.
- link - link - Agnes Grim caps - (Coin, Andu22)

fetish comics
girls grow up faster than boys
- (dedicated nude FFed) c2019.
Manhwa, 3-panel comic & translation - age stages - (Andu22)

short toons
Avocado Couple
- (veg fruits AR OC) Webtoons series channel link - Episode "I was turned into a baby!" 2020/09/16.
Anthro avocado man into a boy vegetable, then back, then old, then baby, then back and forth throughout. Woman avocado also into baby.
- Webisode AR link - youtu.be/SncRbYigyT4 - (Tazz)

- (male ff 13-16) - years
- (adult BE'd) - Demi body - (adult age) - Paulina at 54
- (Pinocchio to boy) - Kashi no ki Mokku finale Episode - (Akira)
- (age forms) - story

- (slightly outgrown clothes try-ons) - 10 attempts

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male adult rejuvenated) Ep43 "A Mystery!? Guildos' Final Form" 1988/12/24.
Villain king was rejuvenated, but not yet to boyhood - link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (adults rejuvenated) Stan, Australia, S1 2019/01, S2 2020/04, 12 eps.
After a devastating flood, a new plant is discovered with the power to restore adult youth to the elderly. This miracle for locals brings dark consequences... - poster - (Jeffr_2bya)

Danger Mouse (reboot)
- (anthro chicken AR & OA'd effect, RN) S02Ep25 "Twysted Sister" 2018/09/17.
By mishandling her age-reversing balm, Danger Mouse accidentally turns Professor Squawkencluck (the show's scientist) into a teenager with no adult memories. He finds he much prefers her younger, more carefree self. To help her turn back, he asks for help from her alternate universe self, where things are reversed. There she is a mad old woman fowl scientist planning on draining the sun. They defeat her and turn Squawk back (with no memory of what happened).
- Episode link - youtu.be/o2IJUqNiNCg - Alt link - caps - (Tazz)

- (demon age stasis) Half-demon or half-fairy children.
Geoffrey of Monmouth, Arthurian legends, 12th century: Merlin was said to be the son of an incubus.
DC Comics, 1980: Raven's powerful magic comes from her demon father Trigon.

first day, last day of school (media genres)
- (AA FF comparisons, similar pose & background) by HeartHez, 2018/08.
"Getting Ready: First Day of Freshman Year vs Last Day of Senior Year!" Going through the high school motions at age 14 and age 18. So technically this video took 4 years to make...YEET
- Split/screen video link - screencaps

short films
recreated videos (genre)
- (AA FF comparisons, similar pose & background) "Same Skit.....but 9 years apart", by Secretly 12, 2020/07.
Before/after recreated video link - edited/sorted screencaps

dance of age (recreated dance videos)
- (AA FF comparisons, similar pose & background) UK, 2020/06.
24 y.o. woman recreates dancing to Madonna's "Die Another Day" as a 6 y.o. in 2002. She stumbled across a box of camcorder videotapes.
- Story link - split/screen caps

- (boy into adult monster TF merge) Ep28 "The Boy that Came from the Planet Argon" 1973/07/17.
AKA "Magma Man", Tsuburaya tokusatsu series. Boy alien Emusa arrived from the Argon Star with monster Bemutan's egg. A ferocious Devilsaurus suddenly appeared. Emusa turned into monster Bemusa King to coalesce with Bemutan into combat form - (Akira)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Skwang
- (dedicated TF AP) 2016.
"Aeron Ryans" by Sephzero & TF-SquareSting, 6 page comic.
- P1 link - P2 link - P3 link
Mature Lock requires login to continue:
- P4 link - P5 link - P6 link
Blocks still in effect for this site - Temporary reduced mirror art - (DarkProductions2019)

- Angelica ff

- (probable old age, possible AP, tiny possibility of UC?) M. Night Shyamalan, 2021/07/23.
In production. 2020/09 update: apparently this will be inspired by the (Type 12b) AA-curse comic book Sandcastle, which had children and adults in skimpy swimsuits who were aged on a mysterious beach. The age progression effects are shown in numerous pages, with kids having rapidly outgrown their swimsuits (as indicated by the fact they're not wearing them anymore). Adults begin to die from old age. Kids who became adolescents start to have sex, with a subsequent fast pregnancy, etc.
- Please note: there can be no nudity of the type shown in the comic in PG-13 films. He may leave out the children, but only show young adults being aged to extreme old age. This could be very interesting for old age fans. Current known cast list only includes adults - (TW, Vended)

short toons
- (male anthro pastry FF) Pixar, CGI short, 8mins, 2018.
A woman suffering from empty nest syndrome got a new shot at motherhood when a handmade dumpling came to life - caps - (Isabella)

- (male AP CB, ARed at end) - Da Grande 1987 full film - (Akira)

text fragments
She-Hulk (series)
- (femuscle? possibility of adult CB?) Disney+, 2021?
Marvel series. Tatiana Maslany has been cast to play She-Hulk. In the comics, the character started as a normal woman who expanded into a muscular amazon after a blood transfusion. The CB aspect was never really part of the story. The character tended to stay big without transforming back.

music videos
Demi Lovato & Marshmello
- (mental FB interaction with teen selves) "OK Not to Be OK", 2020/09.
They wake up again in their teen bedrooms, appearing as younger versions in the mirror. Lovato and her teen self trash her bedroom - Video link - info link

- (male AR) S1Ep9 "Tigtone and the Singing Blade" 2019/02.
Tigtone must recover a murderous singing sword wielded by a boy. Being a grownup hero he can't battle a kid, so he takes a universal transformation potion to poof into one. After sidekick Helpy helps him overcome his childishness, they battle the boy and reclaim the sword...
- Episode link - caps - (Username)

100-nin no Kanojo
- (mahou TF upgrades & AR poof, BE, AP-like aspects) Spanish scans.
- Ch13 extr. - Ch14 extr. - Ch20 nude extr. - Ch28 AR extr. - Ch29 extr. - (Andu22)

- (anthro AR) S03Ep11 "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!" 2020/10/12.
Scrooge and Goldie O'Gilt are turned into teenagers as they race Rockerduck to the Fountain of Youth - (Tazz)

short toons
WOA Luka
- (claymation AR) Familia LuKa, 2020.
LuKa convierte a su hermana en una hormiga con la linterna de Doraemon. Girl into baby with flashlight that turns back time.
- Episode link - youtu.be/uviMehZD_Y0 - caps - (Tazz)

Ollie's Pack
- (AA older age disguise, male old age effect) S01Ep11a "Getting Oldie With It" 2020/05/13.
The 3 main kid characters lick a creature to disguise themselves as adults of the same size to see a certain movie. Two let themselves turn back, as being an adult was boring, but the other licks more to experience it more. But lick too many times, and you will turn to dust...
- Episode link - "TF" caps - 2 - (Tazz)

short comics
- (male ARed illusion) - Beard shaving gag

Boss Baby: Back in Business, The
- (male mental AR) S3Ep4 "The Coo Chi Coup" 2020/03/16.
Boy was mentally "babyfied" - Episode link - youtu.be/GMFRlwPwwiA - caps - (Tazz)

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection
- (male age stasis) Comic miniseries, #1 2020.
Earth was invaded by zombies some years ago. We learn Franklin Richards has lost his powers and stopped aging (he is between 12-14 normally). Younger sister Valeria likes to joke he is her younger brother, which he hates - (Tazz)

short comics
busty girl problems
- (FF CoA BE'd cut) c'19 gag - anxiety change

1 year or more FF cuts

- (woman to dragon?) - Juukou B-Fighter Ep10 blocked - (Akira)
- (mother/daughter height comparison) - Jessica Alba vs. 12 y.o. daughter who is taller
- (mental "ARed") - Charmed 7x03 "Remaster" scene - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: Living legends
- (dedicated fantasy TF, demons, furries, transgender, adult monster entities, AR/AP elements) Mid-2020 update.
Paid commission rules and prerequisites as they apply to some of the most established fetish artists:
- Will ONLY do teen-adult AP, bonus points if it involves muscle growth. Nudity can only be displayed if the aged character is over 18, though some degree of physical underdevelopment is admitted in those of adult age. The TF mentality must be empowerment: won't do anything humiliating or degrading for the character - link
- AR only, babies included: consult rules - link
- Eager to do AP/AR, further noting needed to determine their limits - link
- Willing to do vanilla F2F - link
- TF sequence sketches. Willing to do vanilla FtF - link
- Eager to do AP/AR. Seen doing diapering commissions, so it seems like he has no taboos - link
- Eager to do Teen-Adult AP/AR - link
- Eager to do AP/AR of any kind as long as it is not sexualized - link
- Eager to do AP/AR, further noting needed about his limits - link
- Eager to do AP/AR, may need some direction. AR must not be too sexualized - link
Kojiro Highwind / Kojiro Brushard
- Eager to do AP/AR. AR must be non-sexual and the transformee does not go below 10 y.o. or becomes a loli - link
- Specialized in comics, eager to do AP/AR of all sorts. Regular client discounts apply - link
- Animations & art. Eager to do AP/AR, taboos depend on context - deviant link - fur link - pixiv link - patreon link
- Willing to do AP/AR - link
- AR only of all sorts and kinds, even diapers - link
- AR can reach diaper level. AP commissions: character clothes will change and they must have long sleeves at the end. Reverse ARs as progressions - link - link
Night / n647
- Eager to do AR/AP, although their women can get quite busty - link - link
- Specialist in BE/bimbofication, further noting is needed - link
- Willing to do AP/AR as long as it doesn't involve children (teenagers are OK). Only does comics - link
- Willing to do Old Age adult rejuvenation and vanilla FtF - link
- Willing to do vanilla FtF - link - link
- Very cheap commissions, specialized in sequences. Eager to do AP/AR. Watch for language, he has somewhat strict limits - link
TF-Artistchan (Britney)
- Willing to do vanilla FtF, further noting is needed - deviant link - twitter link - fur link
- Cheap commissions, eager to do APAR - link
- Willing to do AP/AR if it is not sexualized. Willing to do vanilla FtF with no taboos - link
- Eager to do AP/AR. Underage characters must not display genitalia - link
Zipalo / AntZurser
- Willing to do regular FTF - link
- (Process Forum)

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: rising stars (part 2)
- (dedicated multi-fetish TFs, demons, furries, transgender, adult monster entities, commission artists) Late-2020 update.
Paid commissions prerequisites. These are artists who don't normally draw female-to-female content, but can do so if asked, and occasionally have already.
- Generalist. Characters below 13 are taboo, specialized in comics - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. Avoid display of explicit genitalia - link
- Generalist willing to do AP - link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR - link
- Generalist. Regular Sephzero artist eager to do AP related stuff. Unknown AR rules - link
Eudetenis / gigiEDT
- Generalist, hourly commission rates, can draw TF sequences - deviant link - main link - pixiv link - picarto link
- Generalist eager to do vanilla FtF, nothing with underaged characters. Specialist in fusion/merge transformations - deviant link - fur link - tumblr link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR. Children must not be involved in sexual acts, pregnancy or gore. Somewhat strict limits - link
- Generalist, cheap commissions. Willing to do AP/AR (not below 14 y.o. in any case) - link
- Generalist. Limits worked out per commission basis. Willing to do AP/AR - link
- Generalist did TG and teen AP. Specialized in special sequences... check their mask TFs - link
- Generalist eager to do AR/AP, bonus points if it involves clothes stretching/loosening - link
- Generalist willing to do AR - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. It can be sexy but NOT sexual - link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR. No NSFW situations involving underage - link
- Generalist willing to do vanilla FtF (nothing involving minors). Please address her as Zi - link
- Generalist, seems to have no taboos. Seen doing AR/diapering commissions - link
- Generalist says he has no taboos. Seen doing baby AR, further noting needed - link
- Generalist willing to draw AP, Old Age, rejuv. Depicted characters are always over 16 - link
- Sephzero artist eager to do AP work. Unknown AR rules, further noting needed - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. No rape involved - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. Proper story behind the change is a plus. No brainwash - link
- Generalist has done occasional AP sequences, also draws comics. No hardcore porn.
He is not into what he draws but works for artistic passion and to challenge himself, so watch your language - link
- Generalist eager to do vanilla FtF - link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR, may need some direction - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR, but underage characters should not be sexualized - link
- (Process Forum)

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: rising stars (part 3)
- (dedicated fetish creatures, demons, furries, transgender, adult monster entities, possibility of age TF commissions) Late-2020 update.
A list of artists that have never drawn female to female TFs in their life. However, their art style (previous experience in other kinds of transformations) make them worth to try out for paid commissions, including AR/rejuv/AP-related works:
- Willing to do AP/AR. NSFW for underaged characters is forbidden, adult form is OK - link
- Willing to do AP/AR - link
- Has said he is willing to do AP/AR, further noting needed about limits. Has drawn muscle growth TFs - link
- Anything goes as long as the characters are adult. Has never drawn F2F, may need some direction - link
- Willing to draw AP/AR of all kinds. Everything under 15 y.o. must not be depicted naked. No shotas.
Is a bit normie so respect his limits. Has not drawn F2F before, may need some direction - link
- Willing to do vanilla F2F (no underage characters, but adult to older or younger adult are acceptable) - link
- Willing to do AP/AR but needs direction - link
- Willing to do AP/AR, has only done comics so far. No display of genitalia or sexual scenes - link
- Eager to do AP/AR. She has not ever done it so may need some direction.
Nothing Rated M must happen in the comic while the character is still underaged - link
- The intermediary of a wide group of artists with VERY different art styles & rules.
Highly recommended to discuss with him what you would like - link
- Willing to draw everything. She may need some direction - link
Non Deviant Artists available for paid commissions:
Furaffinity: Chessire88
- Seen doing FtF and AR, further noting needed - link
Furaffinity: Draltruist
- Generalist willing to do vanilla FtF - link - link
Furaffinity: Halcyon
- (dedicated TF art) c'19. Generalist eager to do AP/AR commissions. No rape involved - link
Pixiv Artist: Ichimatsu
- (dedicated TF) c'19. Skillots commissions.
You can use English, but they only speak Japanese - pixiv link - skillots link - twitter link - jimdo link
Pixiv Artist: Monochrome shio
- (dedicated TF) AKA "Shimodzuki shio" commissions, c'19.
Demon/mahou entities, has drawn mid-transformations in the past. Japanese-only - pixiv link - skeb link - twitter link - wix link
TF artist: Aogami
- Generalist seems OK about AP/AR, eager to do animations. Commissions paid hourly, not by number of characters drawn. Extra charges apply if contents are NSFW - link
TF artist: H-panda
- (dedicated TF) c'19. Generalist willing to experiment with pretty much anything.
Has not done AP/AR before - twitter link - picarto link - commission link
TF artist: JeiMorph
- Seen doing TF-related work, GTS/BE. Seems permissive enough to try AP. I have asked them, and they seem OK with it.
Their limits are still unclear. Further noting needed - patreon link - newgrounds link - twitter link
- (Process Forum)

Bokura no Ketsumei
- (male demon AA TF battle upgrade) "Our Blood Oath", Weekly Shonen Jump, 2020/09.
There are vampires on the side of humans. Younger vampire brother Kou Hitsuki will transform into his older form to defeat bad friends. After having lost his temper at school, his ears became pointed and his teeth sharp. A dense fog enshrouds his body, but he tried restraining himself. When he transforms, his black hair turns white - small extract - 2 - (Akira)

Head Kid
- (male adult/boy mind swap) David Baddiel, UK, 2018.
Illustrated children's book. What happens when the strictest head teacher swaps bodies with the naughtiest boy in school? A man so strict even the other teachers are scared of him, versus Ryan Ward, the maestro of practical jokes. Imagine his surprise - and Ryan's - when they swap bodies. Now Ryan is Head Teacher - and his mortal enemy is one of his pupils. It's every naughty kid's dream! But soon Bracket Wood School is a total mess - and only its worst ever pupil can fix things.
- Book cover - intro - (Muscledrain)

- (male ghost ARed, RN AP CB to OA) Doug TenNapel, 2010.
A guy in the afterlife was reverted to the age of a boy until he realizes his mistakes "...we get put back to our internal age. It gives us a chance to take care of unfinished business". He slowly grows back up on the outside as he does on the inside, with several CB moments. Live-action film adaptation got stuck in development hell.
- male AP CB - male OA'd - (Oof Deoof)

Kamen Rider - New (Skyrider)
- (male accelerated growth UCed, monster TFed) S01Ep25 "Heavy! Heavy! The 50-ton Baby" 1980/03/21.
6th tokusatsu series. Hiroshi takes a woman in labor to the hospital, but she disappeared after giving birth. The group must raise baby boy "Bongo" who proves very disruptive. Offscreen growth spurt aftermaths.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Akira)

animated true stories (short toons genre)
- (age/growth "anomalies"? FF/stasis) c2019+
Animated mini-documentary genre, illustrated depictions of true stories some of which were submitted by teens. Short toons where narrators describe the extraordinary things that happened to them. There may be future stories with age changes?
- Meet My Story channel link - My Story Animated channel link - Episode titles screencaps
- Mom is always 20 link - I was born old link - 50 but look 20 link - adult baby link - 14 but my biological age is 63 link

Star Trek: Lower Decks
- (male split/body slow OA/AR) S1Ep7 "Much Ado about Boimler" 2020.
A ship carries several crew members who had transporter accidents. One man is rapidly aging on one side of his body while the other half is getting younger. When we see him, his right side is an old man and the other half a boy. He needs a cane since his young side is much smaller. He goes back and forth between sounding old and young. Sadly we don't see any TF, and he doesn't change during the episode - (Tazz)

text fragments
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous
- (dinosaur accelerated growth) 2020.
Netflix CGI series where a group of kids gets into trouble during the events of Jurassic World.
- Ep2 "Secrets" - Dr. Wu mentions all dinosaurs are genetically altered to age rapidly to get them ready for the park. We see an ankylosaurus hatch after only 10 weeks. The kids befriend the baby which is already somewhat big. Throughout the season it ages.
- Ep5 "Happy Birthday, Eddie!" - Bumpy is much bigger (not adult sized yet) only a few days later.
- (Tazz)

fetish comics
girls grow up faster than boys (trope)
- (dedicated AP CB) We've all experienced our female classmates suddenly growing a lot taller in a short time.
c'19 - Manga style short girl growth scene - (Andu22)

- (AR) - Caramelle 29mins short film AKA Sweeties, rated X.
Anna's bloom is fading. Each sweet will make her 7 years younger... which might be tricky for a compulsive eater - English dub - (Jeffr_2bya)

fetish comics
Alice in Wonderland ("grow-up" trope)
- (dedicated AP CB) - Manga style scene - (Andu22)

- (FF) - years

Super Mario Bros. Super Show
- (AR AA, RN AA) Ep21 "Two Plumbers and a Baby" 1989.
Princess Toadstool, old men and King Koopa were AA-splashed into babies.
- Episode link - youtu.be/ce2__uqY_Sk - screencaps - (Tazz)

Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, The
- (male "ARed" AA) Ep8 "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel" 1990/09/29.
Mario, Luigi, King Koopa and others into mustachioed "babies" & monsters.
- Episode link - youtu.be/QNIV91df59I - screencaps - (Tazz)

Sesame Street
- (AA preteen puppet/adult male body swap) "When You Wish Upon a Pickle" 2020/06.
Prime-time special. A mysterious wishing machine is delivered with a magical talking pickle inside. Elmo wishes to "grow up" and run Hooper's Store, and switches bodies with Chris.
- Clip link - caps - (Isabella)

Ninjala: The Series
- (male/female AR) Ep3 "A Beautiful Intruder" 2020/09.
Japanese/American 2D cartoon anime. 20 y.o. Jane visits the research lab, where she finds empty clothes strewn about. She absentmindedly chews a ninja gum while hacking. It enhances ninja ability, but has a side effect of turning adults into kids...
- Episode link female @6:45, male offscreen @8:40 - youtu.be/1ND7PjiNH3s - screencaps - (Richforce)

fetish comics
MILF in Cheap Clothing
- (dedicated adult Vore TF, rejuv, mini-GTS) Vore Fan Comics - by Mac Rome, Octo, 2020/08.
"Anti-Aging Foods". Mysterious old woman Gretl Stein regains an Amazonian young adult body by devouring any adult with a figure sexier than her own. MILF, mouth/tongue stretching, body distortion, femuscle, outgrowing, button popping, shoe splitting, ripping, height increase, BE.
- Purchase link - (Valeyard Vince)

Mighty Raju
- (AR zaps, OC, RN AA) "Aging Chemical Locha" c2016, Hindi.
Supervillain attack, adults into little kids and babies with comeuppance.
- Episode link - youtu.be/dqIkq0_Icio - screencaps - (Tazz)

text fragments
Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner
- (male AR?) Ep23 "Restart! Investigate the ultra-ancient civilization!" 2020/09/06 - blocked link? - Ep link? - (Akira)

iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls, THE
- (age swap) 2019 doujinshi, Mika & Rika birthday festival.
Project iM@S, arcade games, social mobile games etc. Rika Jougasaki follows beloved older sister Mika into the idol world, exposing as much as Mika - Intro link - caps - (Andu22)

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
- (male adults, nightmare ARed AA) Attempting to escape from Hell, they must relive their worst boyhood fears.
- Scene link - youtu.be/scoyY8YrwYg - screencaps - (Tazz)

This Is Us
- (adult FFed) - caps

- (height comparison) "Kids Grow, Our Prices Don't" 2020/06 - link - caps - link - caps

- 9-12 FF

Baal Veer
- (male TF body swap, OC/CB, AR/AP-like aspect) Ep200? c2013?
The "boys only law" is the strongest law. Manav becomes Montu in a magical male exchange.
- Episode link @08:00 - screencaps - (Akira)

Chronos Ruler
- (adult ARed OC to unborn) Ep01, 2017/07/08.
Jikan no Shihaisha. Koyuki meets brothers Kiri and Victor Putin chasing a strange creature. If you make a wish under the old clock tower, time will turn back. Koyuki learns the legend is a ruse for horrifying time demons to steal humans' time. The "Oath of Time" item allows the heroes to manipulate time.
- Episode link @14:50 - screencaps - (Coodie2)

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
- (male reincarnation rebirthed) by Yuka Fujikawa, 2012+
Obese 34 y.o. NEET became a recluse following high-school persecutions. Evicted from his home, he concludes his life was pointless. He tries to intercept a speeding truck heading towards a group of teenagers in an attempt to do something meaningful. Awakening in a baby's body, he realizes he was reincarnated in a world of sword and sorcery. He discards his past identity and adopts the gentleman persona of Rudeus Greyrat - though his past life's perversion sometimes emerges and scares those around him - extract - (Akira)

text fragments
Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze, The
- (male dinosaur FF) 2001.
Mr. Thicknose "ages" in a flashback in the song "The Lesson" - (Isabella)

Ms. Marvel
- (AA character, TF size & appearance changes) Ordinary Muslim teen Kamala Khan gained AA polymorph powers due to a strange gas - adult age disguise form

Zwei Worter
- (furry AA cutaway TFed age-up form) Clock Up - link @4h59m - caps - (Andu22)

- FFed

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: The Ageshifter - The Giant
- (dedicated TF GTS AP) 2020/08 episode of the Ageshifter series.
CGI mixed comics/animation story. Olwyn has been mocked by the other schoolgirls for being taller and more mature than them. Her body feels weird as her heart rate quickens. While missing another sports lesson, she undergoes her full growth spurt alone inside the girls locker room. A huge figure crouches in a dark corner. The price to be paid for bullying can be high indeed...
- Animation link - Patreon link - (Mister AGF)

- (male CoA puberty growth effect) I remember a Walmart Back to School commercial focused around puberty, while watching "The Next Star" on YTV (2008-14). My favourite part was the male kid's voice deepening and him asking "what happened to my voice?" So yeah if someone could find this, that'd be great. I've been looking for a while... - (Roy)
- (male adult age forms) 2020. Middle-aged Bill from "Bill & Ted's Adventures" traveled through time in a phone booth together with his 1990's young adult self - link
- (AA GTSed, GTed) 2019 Back to School commercials:
"Big Day Back", "Go Back Big", "High Rise Mirror", 2019. A giant tween suddenly notices her reflection appears more mature and sophisticated than last year in the windows of a high rise building.
"Rehilete (Pinwheel)", 2019. A giant girl sits on the roof of her house blowing a pinwheel while waiting for the school bus to arrive. Giant male kids heading to school also appeared in the campaign.
- CM link - CM link - CM link - screencaps
(This concept was also said to be an inspiration for the unrelated Lana Del Rey music video "Doin' Time" (2019). Since she was already fully grown, she appears even bigger than the kids did - link)

Random Rings
- (male AR AA zap) S2Ep3 "Gramma vs Perry The Platypus" 2020.
Disney animated characters make prank calls - Ep link - youtu.be/ZFbXiOikWCg - gif - (Tazz)

"Find a Healthier You" health insurance campaign, Australia. This info was acquired through maletf.blogspot.com.
- (female adult middle age appearances) "Sarah's story", 2012. The second installment. There was also a male version.
Odd Studio prosthetic makeup demonstrating how badly bad health will age you - CM link - screencaps - ad
- (adult middle age appearances) "Meet the Healthier You", 2011.
Various adults meet healthier and therefore younger looking versions of themselves - CM link
- (male flash forward cuts) 3rd installment, 2014.
Male partial lifetime progression - CM link

Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
- (furry TF AR OC) S1Ep6 "New Roommate (?)" 2020/08/08.
Within the first 2 minutes of the episode, an identical animal twin of the main character shrinks back to her original form. Not much process breast/butt wise, but it's shown at least.
- Episode link - Alt. Ep link - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Shadowsbane99, Checkit1414)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
- (furry AR poofs) S1Ep7b "Fountain of Too Much Youth" 2019/02/17.
Dog into little pup, then baby, then over time into smaller baby, then aged to teen, then back to a baby, then aged to adult, eventually back to normal. Finally the main characters were splashed into baby creatures.
- Episode link - youtu.be/f9BfYjO9Jz0 - screencaps - (Tazz)

Turma da Monica
- (male cutaway ARed into baby) "A Fonte Da Juventude" c1980s?
Comic extract - Source link @7:25 - (Entropic)

Ben 10 (reboot)
- (male & monster AR AA poofs) S04Ep23 #155 "Growing Up Is Hard to Do" 2020.
Nanny Nightmare shows up to teach the skater kids some manners by turning them into babies. An alien and Ben are ARed. Others were gassed younger earlier, but this is the best clip I could find.
- Scene link - youtu.be/I5WtobzOr8o - screencaps - (Tazz)

Soul Eater
- ("ARed" AA appearances) Ep21 "May My Soul Reach You - A Dry Heart inside Unbearable Isolation?" 2008/08/25.
While battling Crona, Maka puts them in a dreamworld where he/she appears as a child. To finally reach her/him, Maka makes herself appear as a little kid, and the two become friends.
- Episode link - youtu.be/yeg1BQ4qY2M - caps - (Tazz)

Star Trek: Lower Decks
- (male alien TF ARed AA zap) S01Ep02 "Envoys" 2020/08/13.
(Best clip I can find) old Andorian revealed to actually be Vendorian shape shifter. Goes from old man to tentacled alien to little boy alien.
- Scene link - youtu.be/pt4xViM9MrI - gif - (Tazz)

Summer Camp Island
- (monster AR, RN) S01Ep36 "Midnight Quittance" 2019/07/14.
The Tome of Time: historical flashback of old monster into toddler and then back. Using Moon Rocks causes Time Babies to appear.
- Scene link - youtu.be/bYmxwiRkVmk - screencaps - (Tazz)

Homestart Finance
- (male adults cutaway FF to old) "Get into your own home sooner", Austr., 2013.
Odd Studio, 3 stages of ageing makeup for both men - CM link - screencaps
- A teen meets herself 3 months older. She does not look much bigger though - CM link
- Couple with baby in their future months - CM link - Redhead future months - CM link

text fragments
Yume no Crayon Oukoku
- (AR) Ep60. Several characters made into younger adults, kids or babies. New alt. link - youtu.be/OFf0b9Us5yI - (Tazz)

text fragments
Action Dad
- (AR) "Agents gone child" Adults into little kids, toddlers, babies. New alt. link - youtu.be/H87P3HLYA8U - (Tazz)

text fragments
- (AR) "Big Baby" People into babies. New alt. link - youtu.be/PZ_EPp6jTYw - (Tazz)

text fragments
Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tuee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru
- (male AR) "Cautious Hero".
Ep09: Man into baby (at ending). New link - youtu.be/EL3plQG3hV8
Ep10: Man into baby (flashback). New link - youtu.be/0ziUYtBGIxg
- (Tazz)

text fragments
Get Blake!
- (OA) "Get Old!" People made old. New alt link - youtu.be/HORjQak3KUQ - (Tazz)

- (male adult rebirth) 1982.
Sam is abducted by aliens. Woman's belly swells up with creaking sounds. Her robe falls away, and her belly is ridiculously huge. She dies as she starts giving birth in graphic detail to the full-grown Sam - (The Belly Guide)

text fragments
short toons
Mashed: Doom Baby
- (younger form) 2020/01.
Comedy short toons about video games etc. Not really AR, but what if the game Doom had a baby mode? Episode link - youtu.be/XNmozHXQ5zk - (Tazz)

- (slight FF) - Allison

Mountain View
Egypt luxury real estate. There are many Hulk-like transformations and cutaways.
- (male muscle TF CB, AP-like aspect) "Sleepless Nights", 2015.
CM link - screencaps
- (young adult muscle TFed CB, TG or pseudo APed-like aspect) C-Villa "Girl", 2016 cutaway.
CM link - screencaps
- (muscle TFed CB, male pseudo APed-like aspect) "Parents Meeting", 2014 cutaway.
CM link - screencaps
- (male adult muscle TF) - CM link

41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It, The
- (male adult AA pseudo rebirth) 2010.
After a case of sexual mistaken identity, Sarah shows up heavily pregnant the next day, explaining that she's half-Mexican. In Hawaii she appears even bigger while wearing a bikini. With a ridiculously huge belly she gives birth to the Verizon guy, and 4 babies from 4 fathers - (The Belly Guide)

Jacob Two-Two
- (male TF CB expansion, pseudo AP-like aspect) S05Ep08 #59 "Jacob Two-Two and the Too Big Tomato" 2006/08/13.
Jacob just wanted to be bigger. He borrows Mr. Moleculus' formula for growing giant tomatoes for himself.
- Episode link - gif - screencaps - (maletf.blogspot.com)

American Dad!
- (male adult alien neoteny, mental baby) S14Ep04 "Rabbit Ears" 2019/05/06.
Roger adopts the persona of a baby - Scene link - caps
- (male dream "ARed" appearance) S14Ep17 "Enter Stanman" 2019/08/05.
Stan appears as a helpless "baby" inside Francine's dreams - Scene link - caps

House on Mango Street, The
- (coming of age, FF) by Sandra Cisneros, 1984.
A novel written in vignettes. 12 y.o. Esperanza Cordero goes through adolescence and faces the realities of life as a young woman. In "Hips" she discovers she starts growing hips. They tell each other why women grow hips. She starts to notice that boys are looking at her.
- In 2020, it was announced "The House on Mango Street" would be adapted into a television series by Gaumont Film Company.

short toons
Le Refuge de l'ecureuil
- (FFed) AKA "Home Sweet Home", 2018.
An old lady suffering from the squirrel syndrome hoards cardboard boxes filled with memories. A colony of cockroaches became her friends. Granddaughter visits every Wednesday and invents wonderful stories. But the little girl grows bigger and space starts running out in the house cluttered with boxes.

- (slight) FFed

fetish toons
Dark Productions TF
- (dedicated AP) "The Formula: A Doctor Jekyll Story" '20 caps

- (FFed cuts, urban FF) AKA "Home", by Jeannie Baker, 2004.
Collage-based picture book. We follow the changing landscape and re-greening of a city in large panels as a little girl grows up.

- (male anthro moose dream TF, muscle CB, male furry AP effect) - S09Ep02b "George Blows His Top" 2004/12/21.
George becomes a Hulk-like monster when angered - Scene link - screencaps
- (male anthro adult rat dream TF, muscle CB) - S22Ep01a "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone" 2019/05/13.
Somewhat off-topic request but related, Mr. Ratburn becomes a Hulk-like monster when angered before his gay wedding - Episode link - screencaps
- (Isabella, maletf.blogspot.com)

- (TF preference survey) - '20. Tales from the Crib Keeper 10: DA Poll - (Jeffr_2bya)

House 3 - The Horror Show
- (male rebirth haunting) 1989. Young adult daughter Bonnie is suddenly pregnant, her big, vein-covered belly moving around violently. The adult face outline of executed killer Jenke pushes from inside her belly. Bonnie reappears holding a baby that resembles Jenke, but it’s only an illusion - (The Belly Guide)

- (male demon AA accelerated AP) 2002.
Newborn demon baby immediately grows and ages into adult. 500 years later woman gives birth to same demon @01:17 - (The Belly Guide)

- slight ff

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AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation