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Nightmare Ned
- (male AA APed dream) S1Ep5b "My, How You've Grown" 1997/05/17.
About a boy who goes to sleep a lot and ends up in all kinds of creepy events. In this episode, Ned wants to "grow up" and dreams of having been AA'd into a teenager, who is being guided by his little friend Norm to do things like shaving and getting girls.
- Episode link - screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

Body elongation

Super Meat Boy Forever
- (adult anthro entities to OA, RN) 2020/12 sequel.
Animated cutscenes link OA @15:10, RN @20:30 - screencaps - (The AP Ninja)

- (AR, furry TFs, OA) Combining blue and red pills can cause various animal transformations.
10 more caps - (NightElf37)

- (male furry shrink TF OC) - The Witches (1990) clip
  At the end he grew back up from mouse to boy and burst out the dollhouse - (Akira)
- (male unseen UC AP, adults to extreme old age process depictions) - "Old" 2021 movie trailer

Volcanic Age
- (demon AA upgrade, 18 to 21 "growth") AKA "Hwasan Jeonsaeng", by Jeong Jun, c2021.
A man who survived the age of war lived a life of regrets. On his death bed he was returned to the past.
- Ch158 link - screencaps - (Anonsuper)

- (male adult to OA) - 2021 Superbowl commercial. Nick Jonas OA effect link

Reddit (boards)
- (adult women FF to older) c2020. SubReddits about photos of aging women.
- NSFW411 link - MILFprogress link - link - link - ProgressiveGrowth link
- WomenEvolving link - link - BeforeVsAfter link - link - link
- (123anon987)

Snuggle SuperCare
- (adult couple FFed to older) "Time" 2020.
"Why are we in Florida?!" Love how both get out of shape as they get older, too bad the wife had to stay in her jeans, else her lower half would have gotten thicker as well as getting a noticeable belly.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Kappa, Fan2000, Tylerjmcmaster)

Sue Benner
- (adult face FF painting video) 32/62 "Self-Portrait Project - TimeLapse", 2020.
My 30th wedding anniversary, and myself as a 32 y.o. bride. 3 decades of change, 2 works of art, one collaged over a print of the first.
- Vid link - (Lunkpil)

Big Mouth
- (FFed to old) S4, 2020. This series is supposed to be funny, but it is extremely irritating for AP fans. However there is some good older age FF.
Matthew is singing about his Christian Mom who found out he's gay and isn't taking it well. Slight FB/FF - link - Adorable silver lining with his Dad during a conversation about Fuller House - link
- S4Ep6 2020/12/04.
30 years in the future, game show host Nick prepares to flee a dying Earth. He finds best friend Jay is now a sex cult leader in his childhood home and doing his parents - link - The actress from Jane the Virgin played a middle aged woman. Works well for me with her voice - link - Gina and Andrew die masturbating together as the world implodes. Nick's sister also looked nice in her middle age.
- (Kappa, Keith943)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
- (alien FF) CGI series, 2008-2020.
At first Ahsoka Tano was only about 5'6" at age 14, whereas Anakin was over 6 feet. They slowly made Ahsoka grow to Anakin's height of 6'2".

Saint Brendan the Abbot (ocean voyages)
- (male adult stasis) Ireland, written c900. Around the year 520 they find the island of the monks of Ailbe, who have magic loaves, do not age, and maintain complete silence.

Smurfs, The
- (anthro entities ARed) Les Schtroumpfs #13 "Les P'tits Schtroumpfs" 1988/04.
"The Smurflings", Franco-Belge comic by Peyo. The noise of Smurfs practicing for an upcoming concert causes Papa Smurf's hourglass to break. Natural, Slouchy, and Snappy Smurf go to Father Time's house for a new one. Natural's butterfly sneaks into a magical grandfather clock that goes backwards and de-ages them. They find they like their new childhood and return to the village.

Smurfs, The
- (anthro entities ARed) S5Ep1 "The Smurflings", "Sassette" 1985/09.
Adult Snappy opens the door to the magical clock. Nat's butterfly flies through, causing Nat to go after it. The clock goes haywire and begins to de-age Nat and the butterfly, and when Snappy and Slouchy go in they too are de-aged. Even Father Time can't undo the damage. In addition, the three Smurfs seem to forget their lives as adult Smurfs.

Defenders, The
- (AA, old aged to death) Vol01 #29, 1975/11, Guardians of the Galaxy series.
3 children were captured by Aleta's father Ogord, who turned them into psychic vampires to take revenge on Starhawk. While draining their parents, the children "age to adulthood". They were stopped and realized what they did, but the shock aged them to old age and dust - extract

Happy Heroes
- (anthros OA'd) S10Ep28, 2016, Chinese manhua/donghua-style series.
Planet Gray monster uses aging gun to turn Careful-S and Kalo into senior citizens.

- (slight UC) Trying on old clothes 5 attempts

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: The Ageshifter - The Giant
- (dedicated GTS AP) Videos were taken down by Vimeo. All alone in the changing room, young Olwyn's body begins to grow faster - screencaps - deviantart.com/agegrowthfictions

- (slight FF) - Friend's daughter months

text fragments
- (accelerated demon "pregnancy") S04Ep17 "Inside Out" 2003/04/02. Towards the end Evil Cordelia goes into labor. She lifts her shirt so Connor can place his virgin blood-covered hand on her belly to speed it up. A light shoots out of her belly and a full-grown woman steps out of it.
- (adult stasis wish) S01Ep17 "Eternity" 2000/04/04. Aging actress Rebecca wants to remain an eternal young adult.

Food of the Gods II
- (male growth UCed, giant rats) "Gnaw: Food of the Gods II", 1989.
Trailer link - giant boy link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (AR OC, AP, old age, WG) "Marvelous Melmo" first TF Compilation.
More to come - 10 screencaps - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Sannamy
- (dedicated couple AR aftermath) 2021 commission by Sannamy. Did a great job at it.
1-panel swimwear ARt link - (Vended)

fetish videos
Dark Productions
- (dedicated CGI AP) - 2021/03: $10 tier "The Unborn".
- 2021/04: $15 tier "The Life of Cyndee" Part 1 - 2021/08: $15 tier "The Life of Cyndee" Part 2.
- Feature film "Female Transformations Stories Vol. 1#" & feature film project by AGEGrowth and me - (MrDark)

- (male AA) Ep03 "Now in Color" 2021/01/22.
Wanda finds herself pregnant like in a 70's sitcom. Throughout the day she becomes more and more pregnant, eventually giving birth to twins Billy and Tommy.
- Ep05 "On a Very Special Episode" 2021/02/04 (80's sitcom).
Wanda and Vision are having typical parent issues with the babies not sleeping and crying. Their neighbor Agnes volunteers to watch them. When they go back they hear the voices of children, and see the twins have been AA'd up to age 5 - link. Later Billy and Tommy find a dog (sitcom fashion) and try to prove they can take care of it. Wanda and Vision say they can maybe have a dog when they are 10. The boys grin and AA themselves up to age 10 (visually instead of offscreen). When the dog dies, Wanda tells them to not AA themselves further to feel better "because its convenient" - (Tazz)

short films
- (young adults into older) 2021 short videos. #fastforward touch the mirror challenge.
"Daughter into Mother" trope. Fun idea, in theory - one that I'd love to see more of. Or maybe even a daughter-mother-grandmother version! (Also, the mom has a lot of fun dance videos on her profile. She has quite the... caboose, if that's your thing):
- link - link - link - link This one is glorious! What a time to be alive.
- link - link
Found some more under #motherdaughterchallenge:
- link - link - link - link - link - link - link
Other fun ones I found under #2078 / #oldagechallenge:
- link - link - link - link - link - link
Some random OA:
- link - link - link
- (MeanMark, Chronoeclipse, Ark)

She Spies
- (age disguised) 2002-04.
Shady charity uses little girl in wheelchair as their poster figure. However, the 10 y.o. has been used in that role for a decade. It turns out she's a 30 y.o. criminal mastermind, with a genetic disorder that makes her look like a kid. The spy chastises her for abusing the trust of people as she drags her out of the wheelchair... only to discover the woman really is paralyzed.

Raymond James
- (adult to OA FF) "The Woman Who Lived Longer Than Any Person Who Has Ever Lived" 2010.
"Tales of Financial Pragmatism" campaign. Fastidious librarian still enjoys life to the fullest at age 187 thanks to careful planning. Fun commercial that goes with my type of extreme gradual old aging process.
- CM link - (Keith943)

TiVo Stream 4K
- (adults FF to older) 2020.
Be careful when fast-forwarding your streaming device - CM link - caps - (Kappa)

short comics
Charles Addams
- (male ARed) - Research lab 1-panel gag
- (male ARed) Another cartoon shows a group of boys standing next to a fountain in a jungle, all holding metal cups and dressed as Spanish conquistadors. One is saying "So, great. We found the Fountain of Youth. Who's gonna sail the old tub back?"

Suterareta Tensei Kenja
- (male "reborn", demons TF CB with AP aspect) Ch01. Oosawa Yuusuke, Miraijin A, 2021.
The Abandoned Reincarnated Sage ; I will forge the strongest empire in the Demon Forest!
Goblin village transforms into their evolved form with the help of magic. It's similar to Slime Isekai. No further TF until Ch23 so far.
- Chapter link - extract - (Anonsuper)

text fragments
Loud House, The
- (young adult FF) S03Ep41 "Driving Ambition" Lori Loud Grown up - Scene link - caps - (Kappa)

short films
Totally TV - Disney Princesses (parodies)
- (old aged) 2018 Chrono thread about a fairly fun video of the Disney Princesses as Milfs - link
2020 sequel video about an old age spell, this time with more Disney Princesses.
- The effects and acting are not great, but still fun nonetheless - link - (MeanMark)

AI Dungeon
- (story writing software) 2020. Create a writing prompt and the AI creates a story based on your inputs. It's like one of those online chatbots but much more advanced. It takes hours of reverting, reloading, and saving to get even a few pages of passable content, and I realized I was still doing 90% of the writing anyways by giving very detailed commands to the AI. Then it pastes a few generic sentences that fit what you're looking for based on SCIENCE! In theory it will learn more of what we like, but for now you pretty much have to lead it by the nose.

- (AR) c2020. Short for "age regression", related to Adult Baby, Littlespace. For people who want to live as if they are much younger - link - link

text fragments
- (virtual FF?) Ep28 "Lost in Newtopia" 2020/08/29.
Anne's Mother (what Anne will likely look like middle aged?) scene link @00:52 - cap - (Kappa)

- 11/14 weeks/months Kaitlin

fetish story
Christmas Wish, A
- (dedicated male AR, reality change, mental regression) by GeorgianSandwich, 2021.
Christmas story commission. Don't hesitate leaving a review if you found it as good as I did.
- Short story link - (Vended)

New York Lottery
- (adult FF to OA, FB) "Cash 4 Life", 2015.
Ann Carr sat in the makeup chair for 5 hours to become the old rich woman who bought the winning ticket because a rude guy snatched away the last snack.
- Commercial link - Spanish version link - screencaps - (Horseluis)

text fragments
fan characters
Shadow of the Titans, A (fan story)
- (fantasy curse AA) 2010. Jade uses a staff based on Mad Mod's technology to drain Cyborg's age, making herself an adult while turning Cyborg back into a boy robot. She reversed the process as she became sick of the Power Incontinence of the change - link

Hon Papa Da Con Gai
- (young/older adult TG body swap) "Daddy Issues", Vietnam, 2018.
Adaptation of "Papa to Musume no Nanokakan". Father and daughter magically switch bodies - poster

Adventure Time
- (furry vision FF to OA) Charlie reads her future.
Scene link - screencaps - (Jero17)

ghost girls (theme)
- Fan AP - couch aging.

- (fantasy TFs in mainstream media)
  Folder for all the age videos I will be uploading from now on - (Apfan101, TGManiac)

Flashpoint (comics reboot)
- (reality shift, pseudo adult rejuv effects) 2011.
At the end, The Flash "fixes" The DCU by merging it with the WildStorm and Vertigo universes into the New 52 timeline. When Flash's cosmic retcon made all the heroes Younger and Hipper, he erased a ton of characters from history. The actual culprit is Dr. Manhattan messing with the entire DC Universe from outside.

short films
High and Dry
- (adults OA'd) Flash in the Deadpan Prod. 2012.
While doing laundry, young couple Fiona and Floyd discover their dryer has a strange power. The young woman ages with a flash every time she sticks her head inside. They struggle to overcome the widening gap between them.
- Full video link - screencaps - (Agemagic, Chronoeclipse)

Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite
- (young/older adult body swap) 2014. 47 y.o. mother and "17" y.o. estranged daughter magically switch bodies when their elevator plunges down.

text fragments
fan characters
Sengoku Basara (fan story)
- (fantasy curse TFs, RN AR) "The Battle of Aki" fanfic, 2018.
Kyogoku Maria feeds an aging potion to 1-month old son Nobushige, turning him into a teenager. Kyogoku reverts him back into a baby - part 2 link - part 6 link - (SilfofinaDragon)

Little Charmers
- (mind exchange) S1Ep5a "Switcheroo" 2015/01/21. Hazel and Hazel's mom AA-switch through so-called magic aging cream.

- (adult ff to oa) "Circle of Life" CM link - (Lunkpil)

- Trying on old clothes attempts

Mushoku Tensei
- (male rebirth "ARed") "Jobless Reincarnation: I Will Seriously Try If I Go to Another World", 2021.
A loser man was reborn into a fantasy world while keeping his memories.
- Anime trailer link - youtu.be/OS6KeVt1Ve0 - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

- ("virtual" rejuvenation & male AR) S07Ep10 "Near-Death Wish" 2012/08/15.
Scene link @1:00 - screencaps - (Kappa)

Embrace The Grey (social media)
- (female adult face hair FF to OA) 2019+
Instagram time-lapse video channel link - Stages of Grey morph link - (Ark)

- (male anthros AR poofed) Hero and villain into babies.
Video link - youtu.be/RB22srw_Pd0 - screencaps - (Tazz)

short toons
- (plant girl AA sprouting cutaways to OA) c2016.
Animation link - (Alexander)

short toons
- (male AR) "Call me baby" 2020.
Web toons. The worst nightmare day when Fidd changes into a baby!
- Animation link - youtu.be/KkdL8GVhqwo - caps - (Tazz)

Firefly Lane
- (FF, FB) Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke series, 2021.
Based on a novel about 2 women's friendship over 4 decades. They meet as tweens in 1974, so in the present day should be around 60. Both actresses are in their 40s now, so we should at least see them play women their own age and maybe older! The trailer seems to show de-aging effects on the actresses.
- Trailer link - (Chronoeclipse)

music videos
- (adults FF to old age) "Repeat", 2020 - Video link - (Kappa)

Kay Jewelers
- (adult ff) "Someday" 2020 - CM link - (Kappa)

- (dedicated adults to aged aftermaths) - photo story captions - (Chronoeclipse)

short films
DUST - Future Boyfriend
- (adults "FFed") 2017 Sci-Fi.
A woman's date takes a strange turn when their future selves are revealed.
- Short film link - caps - (Kappa)

phenakistiscope (video device)
- (young adult face to old demon or back) Fantascope spinning animation disks, c1835+.
Joseph Plateau & Jean-Baptiste Madou. It shows the head of a young woman morphing into an old witch and then a monster - Vid link

Smurfs, The
- (male anthro oa & rejuv) S06Ep1-4 "Smurfquest" 1986/09/13.
Grandpa Smurf returns from a long journey. After the elements are added to the magic stone, Grandpa ages so rapidly he collapses, to be revived by the tears of mourning Smurfs.

Nao-chan wa shougakusan nensei
- (AA adult men appear as schoolboys) "Nao-chan is a third grader", TV Tokyo, 2021/01/08.
A slightly black human comedy-drama about the daily lives of 4 adult men who "became" real third graders? They are men but everyone sees them as schoolboys? Including a rich and smart boy, a poor and rough boy, and a crybaby boy, walking again the path that everyone took? They became visible only to elementary school students?
"I'm sure many viewers can't imagine what kind of work it will be, but hope you see it from various angles."
- link - 1 - (Akira)

puberty animations (subgenre)
- (FF AP) There are many different kinds. Most are low-detail, minimalist line animations - morph test - morph

Schoolia - Norowareta Gakuen
X-rated manga by Kisaragi Mitsuo.
- (male AR, man to baby) "I love You on a Snowy Night".
Chapter link - extract
- (adult couple to OA'd) "Inlan Space".
Chapter link - extract
- (Jeffr_2bya)

music videos
- ("rebirth" reincarnation) "The Ancestor", 2012.
Getting older over and over with your soulmate? - Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

- (unicorn AP) Tezuka Productions anime blocked link 285 MB @480p - (Akira)

Immortals Fenyx Rising
- (mythological entity ARed AA, RNed AA cut) Ubisoft, 2020.
You must help the goddess Athena, who was turned into a child (sadly offscreen). She was restored with a poof, but there was some screentime with kid Athena. It's not much, but it's something.
- Video link @16:50 - caps - (Kupy, Anonsuper)

short toons
Wolfoo Family
- (furry AR) YouTube web toon series.
"Wolf Dad Turned into Baby", 2020.
- Wolfoo and Lucy dream wolf dad turned into a baby. Wolfoo and his little sister are so tired of taking care of daddy.
Episode link - youtu.be/X6dXdfnF7ds - caps
"Lucy Pretends to Be a Parent for Brother", 2020.
- Wolf girl dreams wolf brother turned into a baby.
Episode link - youtu.be/eGYp-AYLzx4 - caps
"Wolfoo Pretends to Be a Parent of Alien Baby", 2020.
- Animal kids into babies - 0:13 to 3:23, AR starts @2:49.
Episode link - youtu.be/qCEbm-bhqrk
- Wolfoo has a chance to use Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos. When he snaps everything, a miracle will happen. Reportedly animal into cub?
Episode link - youtu.be/KwXrmVDfsSM
- (Tazz)

text fragments
Inainaiba tsu
- (ARed?) Peek-a-boo "Our grandfather and grandmother!" 2020 E-tele song.
Art by Nishiuchi Toshio & Pocket - /uxphajBHBSo - cap - (Akira)

music videos
Foo Fighters
- (adults made up to look old) "Run", 2017 - Video Link
- Link - Behind the scenes videos of the Foo Fighters themselves showing off the prosthetics.
- Link - The dancers sans makeup working on the choreography for the video.
- Link - Makeup artist Alterian: Behind the scenes stills of the women.
- (Fan2000, Chronoeclipse)

Owl House, The
- (adult demon AA TF, limited OA transfer) S01Ep19 "Young Blood, Old Souls" 2020/08/29.
Lilith's Redemption / Shares curse with Eda. Big Sister gains strands of grey to save demonized sister.
- Scene link - caps - (Kappa)

text fragments
- (male AP) Toei anime, 2000. Eps 1-5.
The long journey of Yakumo and Mushra is about to begin - Japan-only link - (Akira)

music videos
Kou Shibasaki
- (ff slides, future older self at end) "Birth", 2020 - link - (Uk)

music videos
Michael Jackson's Ghosts
- (male adult "OA'd") 40mins short film with 3 songs, 1996.
The pop star played the 60-something white mayor and his opponent, the performer who entertains children with magic tricks - 1

- FF

Nissin Foods Group
- (ARed like effect) Donbei Kitsune, vanishing fox girl, 2020.
CM link - link - screencaps - (Akira)

Tom and Jerry Tales
- (dino monster AP) Ep13 "Din-O-Sores" 2006/11/04.
Tom and Jerry are washed up on a deserted island where they find dinosaur eggs. A Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus grow instantly into adults.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Isabella)

fetish comics
Watkins Cosmetics
- (dedicated rejuvenation and...) Multi-part CGI comics. Concept by Louder, storyboard by Areg5, 2020.
15-20 p. installments. Miranda Watkins is too busy climbing the corporate ladder to be a proper mom to 16 y.o. niece Lucia. The accident so traumatized Miranda she can't remember her brother's adulthood, while Lucia struggles to remember her own missing childhood. Feeling old for a scheduled business meeting, Miranda asks her friend to help improve her appearance. Vanity and desire have everlasting consequences...
- $10 and up Purchase link

- (male reborn, "ARed" effect) - "Partner", Russia, 2017.
As the Police Force Major dies, a baby is born nearby. He wakes as a toddler in a crib at 19:56, already having spent a year in reincarnation "prison". Damn that fortuneteller curse! The mother has no idea that her son is capable of interrogating criminals, and the policeman father is forced to become Chromov's unwilling partner. Father and son must hunt down and capture the dangerous mafia boss.
- Full movie link - youtu.be/oWHtDj3HHvI - (Tazz)

Legend of Dick and Dom, The
- (AR) S2Ep3 "Hag Puss" 2010/03/17.
BBC show set in the Middle Ages. A puddle of youth causes involuntary AR.
- Episode link - Male AR @05:40 caps - Male RNed caps
- 3 witches AR @25:35 caps - Male AR facial hair aftermath @26:50 caps - (ARFan)

short toons
Diana Cartoons
- (male ARed) "Misty turns Diana's friends into babies" Claymation webtoons, 2019.
Kids zapped into babies - Episode link - youtu.be/KqgrZCKZddI - caps - (Tazz)

fetish toons
- (dedicated male AP AA, puberty muscle & sexual development) "Growing muscle boy animation" 2014/11 - Video link

text fragments
Ultraman 80
- (male TFed size increased) Ep39 "I'm a Monster You Guys!" "Boku wa kaijuuda" 1981/01/07.
Some kids find a UFO. One male swallows it, and then transforms into a monster.
- Blocked episode link - (Akira)

text fragments
Tengoku to jigoku - Saiko na futari
- (adult TG mind exchange) "Heaven and Hell - Psycho Two People", TBS Sunday Theater, 2021/01.
The souls of a psychopathic murderer and a 35 y.o. inflexible female detective who has a strong sense of justice are replaced just when she was looking forward to her rewards! From "woman to man" and from "good to evil" - The fate of two people whose lives have been reversed intersect!
- Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
- (adults zapped to old age) Ep06 "Abare Idol-Aged Daughter" 2003/03/23.
A rival idol from Ranru's past has reappeared! A Trinoid turns her into an old lady!
- The American Power Rangers were based on Japanese series, often using similar plots and characters, and recycled Japanese monster scenes. "Power Rangers Dino Thunder" follows this season of Abaranger.
Ep06 revolves around Donkeyvac, the youth-draining monster. There are some differences from the American version:
This show is MUCH more dramatic; the pop star character is actually portrayed by an elderly actress once zapped; Donkeyvac was unaware of his power at first, and seemingly develops a fetish for draining adult youth; Donkeyvac targets female victims specifically. The group of already adult schoolgirls who were aged @12:25 might be my favorite.
- So many great quotable lines like:
"You're not garbage! You're a star!"; "One youth scoop please!"; "I think turning girls old is way more fun than fighting you two"; "I may be an old lady now, but still, if I was a dinosaur it'd be great!"; "It looks like he sucked up too much youth and now his tummy's messed up!"; and of course: "Once you eat some pomegranates your tummy will feel all better and you can take some nice donkey dumps!"
- Episode link - (MeanMark, Chronoeclipse)

shadow plays
- (adult face silhouette to OA) Francois Dominique Seraphin, French shadow play showman, c1790.
He used a metal shadow figure with jointed parts to have the face of a young woman "change into" that of a witch - (Catherine Darley)

- (furry pseudo "ARed" manifestation) - "In Shapes" 2020 CGI/mixed short toon
- (male ff) - "Birthday" 2018 CGI short toon
- (adults "OA'd") - "50 years in 5 seconds" - "legend"/report - other: vm.tiktok.com/J2E9oev/
  Super weird! I recently had an experience where I saw an adult turn into a little kid. Freaked me the fuck out, was shaken all day from it. I'm convinced what I saw could be a cryptid or some kind of haunting/possession experience - (P3tM3tt, ayyyy1steaksauce)
- (adult AA size increase) - "Elasti-Girl" toon "growth" scenes

- (slightly too small clothing) - They notice the grow-up pills have just started to work - 10 attempts

Guruguru Medaman
- (male APed AA?) Ep13 "Haunted Lullaby" 1976. AKA "Guru Guru Medaman".
Toei tokusatsu series, 30 episodes. Hiroshi (Satoshi Osaka?) became an adult (Dan Iwao) - caps - (Akira)

Animaniacs (reboot)
- (chibi TF poof, male ARed effect) S1Ep3 "Gold Meddlers" 2020/11/20.
At the Olympic games, people were poofed into pink cute animals and a man into a pink baby.
- Scenes link - youtu.be/yKyDkO1XtfQ - caps - (Tazz)

- (AA TF age form upgrade) Tatsunoko, DongWoo anime.
Based on PriPara ("Prism Paradise") arcade game by Takara Tomy, successor of Pretty Rhythm. Main heroine Laala Manaka: age 10-11 (S1), age 12 (S2), age 13 (S3) 7th grader at Paprika Private Academy. In her original PriPara form, Laala "grows taller" to match the height of a middle school student, making her look more mature. Looks best in lovely-style clothing.
- Ep1 "I Became an Idol!" 2014/07/05 - A PriTicket appears and floats down to Laala, much to her surprise. Meganee determines the most befitting clothes are Twinkle Ribbon, and leads her to the scanner. Upon arrival in PriPara, Laala is startled to realize she has "grown up" as she admires herself wearing the Cutie Ribbon Coord.
- Scene link - caps
Idol Time PriPara - 2nd anime, 2017. Succeeded by Kiratto Pri Chan in 2018.
- Laala's "main" idol form matches her appearance outside PriPara after Yui accidentally folds the PriTicket. Ep178: Laala's PriTicket is repaired by Falala.
- (Akira)

Idol Land PriPara
- (AA age forms) T-ARTS mobile game, PriPara multimedia series, 2021.
Also web-series - art

Time Bokan
- (adults poofed to OA) Ep41 "Ryugu is the best Petcha" 1976/07/17.
So many great little touches in that scene - from her breasts dangling and the squids mistaking them for other squid, to her dentures popping out toward the end.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Box0783)

fetish toons
Dark Productions
- (dedicated AP) - "The Room" - $5 tier - "The Formula" link 18+ (music by AgeGrowthFiction) - "Cyndee (Kitchen AP)" - ongoing story $5 tier.
"The Unwanted Change" AP - $5 tier - "Ashley's Growth" - remake/directors cut w. added content, $15 tier or $10 annual - (Mister Dark)

Teen Titans Go!
- (TF poof reduction) S02Ep31 "Hose Water" 2015/02/19.
No TF... They turn younger into eggs. Weird concept, but based on what was said, I guess everyone starts as eggs in this universe - link - youtu.be/PBWnjVKpGtg - (Tazz)

born sexy yesterday (trope)
- (young adult women depicted with childish innocence but full sexual maturity) 2017 fantasy movie trope.
Best known example "The Fifth Element", where a sexy woman was artificially created as a full-blown adult without ever having grown up. Usually seen in science fiction scenarios, featuring various adult female gynoids who may be brilliant fighters, but are completely naive about social mores and romance. That means they also don't have any inhibitions - Info video link

Trouble with Being Born, The
- (robot "little girl" age uncertainty) Germany, 2020.
Described as the "antithesis to Pinocchio". Wollner initially intended to cast a 20 y.o. actress in the role of the android Elli, but instead chose 10 y.o. Lena Watson. She wore a silicone mask and wig to conceal her identity, and to help her resemble the older "real" Elli who appears later (Jana McKinnon). All of Elli's nude scenes were CGI. A few quick adjustments turn Elli into Emil, a replica of mother's brother who died 60 years ago.

short toons
What If You Were Born Old and Grew Younger
- (reverse aging) Bright Side, 2020.
Animated short about a "Benjamin Button" world where you are born old. As the years go by you get younger instead of older.
- Video link - youtu.be/9PvkwrIglY4 - (Tazz)

ARPO The Robot for All Kids
- (male adult mentally pseudo-"babyfied") "Baby Bob" CGI manhwa 2012/05/15.
Not really AR. A vision error mishap causes a robot to think that a dad is the baby it watches.
- Episode link - youtu.be/nfM7GErmBPE - (Tazz)

- Kiala 4/15 & sis slight FFed.

- (adult toon FFed to OA) - "Alone Again, Naturally" - Immortality Isn't Fun, 2018.
  Steven Universe Animatic fan toon - (JankyBones, Kappa)
- (adult FF) - Brigitte
- (male AA ff) - toon spurt hospital checkup commercial - (face FF OA/FB AR) - Emma face morph
- mp4 - mp4

Jeannie Aur Juju
- (male AR AA poof) India sitcom, SAB TV. Ep90, 2012-2014.
Episode link - caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adult demon age stasis, cutaway to old aged) S01Ep20 "Cocoon" 1989/04/29.
A detective enlists his psychic girlfriend to help investigate a strange woman. The male victims were spun into cocoons to steal their life energy. It's a bit dark and hard to see but still pretty good OA aftermath.
- Episode link @17:10 - caps - (Freeforumuser)

Teen Titans Go!
- (TF poofed male "ARed") S06Ep34 "Toddler Titans... Yay!" 2020/11/14.
Control Freak thinks the Titans' humor is too juvenile for their timeslot, so he "ages them down" to a preschool show. They were poofed into spoofs of Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues.
- Scene link - youtu.be/P_dB-IGqymo - caps - (Tazz)

short toons
Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids
- (adult rejuv) Youtube channel, web toons. Rapunzel Series - Ep10 "Three Great Favors" 2020/10.
Ep link @0730 - youtu.be/l90gNtB_Sao - caps - (Tazz)

- (TG age appearance illusion) "In Dad's Shoes" 2020 Christmas CM.
A little girl "turns into" her father when she steps into his shoes (everyone else sees her as him, she follows his daily routine and has his reflection, but is still the same actress). This experience helps her figure out what to buy him for Christmas, which turns out to be comfortable socks.
- Commercial link - (DB Cooper)

old age makeup (methods and techniques)
- (adult to elderly, face disguise prosthetics)
Various materials applied to the face plus wigs and voice/posture changes to give a more elderly appearance:
- "Old age Makeup Tutorial | FX Makeup Tutorial" 2018. 180 year old female makeup.
  Youtube video link - (SchminkenGrime, Keith943)
- "Old Age Latex Stipple Makeup Tutorial" 2014. Detailed face application process.
  Youtube video link - (Glam&Gore)
- "Magnet", 2018 concept "Betrayal Shigeki".
  Yumi Adachi (37) "transforms into" funky and cool "Shigeki" grandmother dressed in street fashion at Shibuya spots where culture was born.
  She expresses reborn Shigeki by combining things betraying existing images - Vid link - caps - (Box0783)
- "100 Years of Beauty: Aging | Cut Has A Field Day" 2015 - "Field Day" short films channel.
  Couple in increasingly old age makeup - link - caps - (Lunkpil)

Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company
- (woman meets future older self) c2018.
40 y.o. J-Pop singer Miho Kanno has a curious encounter at the bus stop.
- Commercial link - caps - (Uk)

Look Around You
- (adult and elderly forms interact) S2Ep4 "Food" 2005/02/21 UK educational parody.
In 1980, 30 y.o. Olivia Colman's character Pam gets to meet herself at age 90!
- Episode link @22:02 - caps - (Chronoeclipse)

text fragments
- (alien TF AA, age forms) S5Ep1 "Event Horizon" 2019/10/06.
A group of young girls are touring Kryptonian artifacts on display. Mallory looks curiously at the pod Superman arrived in. She changes into a T-Rex and scares the class, before changing again and stealing the ship. Mallory is actually Malefic J'onzz, J'onn's brother.
- (alien TF AA, age forms, TG) S5Ep2 "Stranger Beside Me" 2019/10/13.
Mallory who is actually Malefic continues morphing into multiple forms, including Alex and Kelly. While in the form of Alex, there is a fight with Supergirl.
- (Sara)

Saturday Night Live
- (adults acting as aged characters) The cast often appears in "old age" makeup for various sketches.
"Visiting Grandma" 2020 - Family attempts socially-distanced visit at grandma's (Maya Rudolph) nursing home.
- Clip link - caps - (Rayc5678)
"Active Jack" 2017 - Cast of 1970s kids exercise show reunites in the present day.
- Clip link - caps - (Kappa)

- (adult swimmer "FF" cuts to "old age") Israel, TLV, 2018.
Commercial link - Backstage link - caps - (Uk)

- (adults wearing/decorating with child styles) 2010s aesthetic centered around bright colors, 90s icons, and kiddy themes.
Common motifs are highly saturated primary colors colors used on kid's toys, indoor playgrounds, stuffed animals, robot pets like Furbys, "naive" furry art, Lisa Frank artwork, rainbows, etc. Adult-sized kid-style fashions can have basic primary color patterns, but also include baby/pastel colors like purple, baby pink, baby blue, and rainbow colors.
- Collared shirts, light-up shoes, old sneakers, denim overall shorts, T-shirts of kids shows/animals, striped socks, stockings, knee/ankle socks, shorts/jeans adorned with stickers/glitter, toy earrings, friendship necklaces, bandages.
- Spooky Kidcore subgenre mixes cute things with witches, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns. Overlap with Halloweencore.

- (male "age stasis" disguise attempt) Second City Television Oh That Rusty! sketches, 1976-84.
Fictional sitcom has been running for decades with the same over the hill "child star" well into his 40s. Martin Short's memorable Beaver-like character Dickie is clearly an adult who basically runs the show now, but his character Rusty is still an 8 y.o. boy. The show recast the other characters and redesigned the sets to hide this.
- Clip link - Clip link

Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG)
- (pseudo "infantilization" styles) 2010s ageplay. BSDM, kink, fetish wear, fashion trend. Hypersexualized "child" aesthetic which also borrows from anime. E-girls may look more mature (dominatrix) and/or younger (babydoll) than they really are.

- (FF) - You see the mom, but dad is the focus. That said, I totally get why this fictional woman married him.
  2018 Bouygues Christmas commercial - (Kappa)
- (FF videos) - school photo years
- (teen FFed) - Eilish 4th year interview
- (oldsters acting like young adults, "OA'd" disguises) "City Girls - Senior City Girls Twerk", 2019.
  Cardi B and Yung Mami redid their twerk videos disguised as old ladies together with real ones. You can twerk at any age.
  Music video - (Wazzupdawg)

- (slight UC) More examples of girls who took grow-up pills, noticing that something is starting to happen. The floor looks further away and their clothes feel tighter and too short.
  "Trying on old clothes" 10 attempts

morphing software
- (FF AP) Programs/apps to transform one image or shape into another.
Morph animations became very popular in the early 1990s. For the first 20 years, morph source and target images had to be manually edited and geometrically defined by the video creator.
See example puberty time-lapse animation (also this site in 1999 but AVI's don't work anymore).
After 2010, morphing software began to automate more common tasks with Smart Assist etc. FantaMorph 3.5. added Face Extractor, Face Locator and Face Mixer functions.
Deep learning/machine learning made it even easier to smoothly blend and transform image features and videos together (see: DeepAI). Artbreeder (link) uses a generative adversarial network (GAN) to identify and metamorphose selected features in multiple images.
Our favorite use for morphing software is to create realistic looking aging animations (or the reverse).

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!
- (AR AA, RNed) Vol. 1, 2000/07.
Original Japanese version of Digimon movie 3. Corrupted Digimon Wendimon didn't recognize Wallace as he had gotten older. In his confusion to find his human partner, Wendimon abducts the original chosen children (minus Takeru and Hikari) and puts them in a strange space within himself. While inside they start to de-age. They were released back to normal after Wendimon's defeat.
- Screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Fancy Lala (unauthorized fan hentai)
- (AR RN) Trigun - group: Gold Rush, author: Suzuki Address, C54 short.
Defloration doujinshi. "Lala" walks in at a bad time. It looks like she shrinks back 6 years into "Miho".
- Manga porn extract - Uncensored adult link - (Nightelf37)

Boss Baby: Family Business, The
- (male AR, OC) AKA "The Boss Baby 2". 2021 CGI movie, sequel to 2017 film.
Tim (still a boy in the 1st movie) is now a dad with 2 daughters of his own (the older one is the same age he was in the 1st movie, the other still a baby). When his brother Ted (the now grown-up Boss Baby) comes to visit, the two inevitably come to blows.
It turns out that Tim's baby daughter is a boss baby herself, and needs their help to stop a madman from turning babies into bad babies. She gives them a formula that turns Tim back into a kid, and Ted back into Boss Baby for 48 hours, with actual process.
It actually looks very cool. They start as adult characters, so we get used to them first. The AR apparently happens in spurts as they drink from the special baby bottle, and they regress to kids while their clothes remain unchanged. Perfect combo. And there's voice crack, a big plus.
If the formula is supposed to turn adults into babies, why didn't it turn them both into babies? Don't get me wrong, I love the regression, but still. I think the more you drink, the younger you get. Notice how Ted was college age and then took more.
Hopefully they end up using it more near the end, maybe on the villain. Also hoping for interaction with Tim and his daughter. Obviously some back to normal AP as well, if they don't hide it offscreen.
- Trailer link - screencaps - (Tazz, Vended, Ouroboros)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive
- (demon AR AA) Ep10.
When a Vampire Lord leaves her sealed coffin her magic is greatly reduced, giving her the body of a small child. She briefly regains her adult body after absorbing magic from the male lead Yuuki.
- Screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Teen Titans Go
- (AR AA poofs) S6Ep36 (297) "Baby Mouth" 2020/11/21.
To find out his family history, Robin takes a DNA test and discovers he's from Babylon. That explains his baby hands. Everyone in the whole world was AR poofed, with 5 examples being shown. It's Teen Titans Go, expect not too much.
- Episode link - scene link - screencaps - (Username)

Touhou Project dj - Chiisana Mokottouhou
- (ARed) by Hama-chon. Yuri doujinshi, c'20.
- Ch. link - Ch01 extract - Ch03 extract - (Andu22)

fetish comics
Crybaby (review)
- (dedicated AR) Dreamtales comics.
The first two chapters have also been leaked. If there isn't a surefire cure for the age regression ray, Superman and Lana's amusement at Lois shrinking and toying with her by pretending not to recognize her is rather monstrous. And while I get it's AR, I do find the tendency for the girl babies to be depicted with giant lips and eyes as if they have a full face of makeup rather bizarre. It's like a baby with Liza Minnelli's head.
While the script suggests it might have been planned, the story avoids outright on-camera nudity by Lois after she starts shrinking. We see her nude as an adult, then again as a baby, but not in-between. I suspect this might be partly to avoid inappropriate accusations, and partly because it doesn't seem to appeal to Dreamtales. If this is indeed the case, many of the stories I suggested are inoperative.
One bit of Baby Lois nudity that is shown is the re-imagined version of the splash page with Lois in a playpen fuming while Lana hits on Superman. In the original, she's diapered; in the revamp, she's naked, presumably to amp up the humiliation. This is also presumably why she's given a "Goo gah!" speech balloon. It's worth noting that Lana's outfit is also altered; her skirt is shorter and her sweater now has a plunging neckline.
- (Doctor Anguish)

face aging software
(adult to old age photo/video editing) - 2020 and ongoing.
- FaceApp Video Creations. Was messing around with a video of a woman trying to youthen herself and it back fires, causing her to age. Though the make-up is subpar, I believe I improved it some.
Video link - caps - (Niddlyby43)
- Female age progression Photoshop.
Info link - preview link - tutorial link - gif - (Keith943)
- Angelina Jolie age progression Photoshop.
Info link - youtu.be/aQ1TJJtrjYo - caps - (Keith943)
- StyleGAN high resolution facial age transformation - link
Lifespan age transformation synthesis link - info link

- (male size / age appearance reduction) Vol01 #115 "The Midget Superman" 1957.
Dreamtales has archived a quasi-AR story. Not sure if this quite counts but I ain't gonna quibble and besides, it's uber-weird. A little person couple have a vaudeville act where they play mini-versions of Superman and Lois. When a freak accident somehow makes the guy expand to normal adult size, Superman fills in for him. He does so by traveling through the time-stream, and meeting up with the younger version of himself and temporarily swapping places with him temporally, so "Supertot" can take over the role. It makes no sense whatsoever, but it was late Golden Age so you have to expect that...
- (Doctor Anguish)

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?
- (furry pseudo adult age disguised) "And you thought there is never a girl online?" c'17.
High school student playing a popular RPG game on his computer once asked a fellow player for an in-game marriage. She rejects this, claiming to be a man in real life. However, it is later discovered the player was really his female homeroom teacher.
- Anime screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
- (AR, male AR) Ep14 "Crybaby and Candies" "Nakimushi to Amedama" 2002-03.
Toei, 26th Super Sentai series, used in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. This was previously listed as Hariken(ja).
The villains randomly regressed various people into 5 y.o.'s, both physically and mentally. One of the heroes was also affected and became a clingy, frightened child who must find courage to help his friends triumph. The kids were shown in oversized clothes, but that's pretty much it.
- NOTE: Super Sentai kids Tv shows were re-edited to create Power Rangers. Several episodes of the various series involved AR, with the "teen" heroes being regressed into children, sometimes along with supporting cast members. One series had an extended arc where the Sentai remained children even in superhero form.
- Small caps - (Doctor Anguish)

- (male monster impersonation) - Ultraman 80 Ep35 "The 99th Year Dragon God Festival" 1980.
  RN: The boy's body can be seen falling at 24:08 after the dragon's defeat - Ep link - (Akira)
- (adult to OA) - Wizards of Waverly Place "Max's secret" - Alex uses middle aged spell @07:35 - link - (Hideyoshi lacan)
- (male AR) - W.E.I.R.D World 1995 SciFi movie. This has intrigued me for a long time, never been able to see the whole thing.
  It's all pretty interesting, haven't watched it properly, yet, just skipped around. A lot of the scenes look subliminally like a hot guy is regressing.
  Different than the subject of the popular screen shots. I'd love to know what you think - link - (Magicformula)

- (adult FFed FB, age 27 or 58) 2020.
Paula Abdul dances with her past self from 30 years ago to illustrate arthritis pain relief.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou!
- (male soul transfer into younger body) 2020 anime.
"The 8th son? Are you kidding me?" 25 year old man awakens as a 6 y.o. boy in an alternate world full of magic - Info link - (MysteryShadow)

R. White's lemonade products
- (adults FFed to old age) UK commercials.
The secret R White's Lemonade drinker from the cult advert is back - but this time he is sneaking downstairs in the dead of night for a Lemonade lolly. They remade their 1973 commercial shot for shot using the same actors 40ish years later. Any Classic Doctor Who fans out there might recognize the wife as the pixie-ish girl from the Tom Baker era episode "Genesis of the Daleks".
- 1973 CM link - 2012 CM link - comparison screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Sozoshu nano de Motto Yasashikute Kudasai!
- (TG soul transfer into younger body) Seto Ichiri, 2020.
After dying from a blow to the head, a man wakes up in a fantasy world... what's more, his body is that of a loli girl - link - (MysteryShadow)

Motherland: Fort Salem
- (adult rejuvenation, adult to old age) In an alternate universe, the US Military has witches. General Sarah Adler is over 300 years old but stays physically in her late 30s, thanks to a group of 7 witches that sacrifice their adult youth to her - "The Biddies". These are all young witches who became physically old. They travel with the general and share a sort of psycho-symbiotic relationship. When one of them dies they revert back to their younger selves, but the general gets ancient and needs another young woman to give her adult youth to her.
- Ep03 "A Biddy Life" 2020/04/01.
One of the biddies passes away at the end of the episode. We see her revert back to her young adult self as she dies in a bed. A young recruit is brought in, who puts her hand on General Adler's shoulder and ages into an old woman.
This episode was directed by Amanda Tapping, who played Samantha Carter in the Stargate franchise. I find it funny that Amanda directed an episode with some OA, seeing that in the series finale of Stargate SG-1, Amanda's character was aged into an old woman, and she (along with the rest of the regulars) wore old age makeup.
- Ep10 "Witchbomb" 2020/05/20.
In the climax the main characters are attacked. Two of the biddies are struck down, causing General Adler to become a dying gray haired old woman. Main character Tally, portrayed by 27 y.o. Jessica Sutton, sacrifices her adult youth to become a biddy in that moment, aging rapidly into an old woman thanks to make-up effects. It's very well done.
Excitingly, Tally being an old Biddy will continue into season 2! Hopefully we'll get some scenes of General Adler replacing the other biddy she lost, as well as Tally whenever they make her character younger again.
- (Spyguy, Chronoeclipse, Rayc5678)

Mission: Yozakura Family
- (AR) Shounen Jump. Formerly normal high schooler Taiyo "marries" into a superpowered spy family. Taiyo and Mutsumi are in fact too young to be legally married, so they abstain from sex.
- Ch60, 2020. Taiyo is suffering the aftereffects of overusing his new powers. To aid in the recovery, he's given a potion that turns him into a baby physically and mentally. No process just a "poof", but we do see baby Taiyo sitting in a pile of clothing. Most of the story is about the family members reacting to how cute babies are. No process on the return either, but Taiyo wakes up in an embarrassing position.

God, The Devil, and Bob
- (adult OA'd effect) Ep13 "Bob Gets Involved" 2000/2005.
He is shocked at his wife's older appearance in a stage play. Episode link @14:15 - screencaps - (Kappa)

music videos
Tegan and Sara
- (young/older adults comparison photos) "I Know I'm Not the Only One" 2020 video link - (Kappa)

Little Girl Who Loves Leggings, The
- (FF, slight UC) c'19, ills. extract

- Middle Sister, 10-12 "Through the months" (5 pics). All pics on one page

Zig & Sharko
- (anthros ARed & OA'd, AA poofs) S03Ep74 "The Cloud" 2020/01/21.
An electrical cloud that randomly AA poofs animals and a mermaid from young to elderly to teen to baby? On a cruise ship? 1000% on board for stories like that!
- Episode link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

- (AA TF sequences)
- link - Guilmon digivolution to his Ultimate/Mega Form Dukemon (Dub Name: Gallantmon), then with Grani's strength and power becomes Dukemon Crimson Mode
    (Dub Name: Gallantmon Crimson Mode).
- link - Terriermon digivolves to his Ultimate/Mega Form.
- link - Renamon digivolution to her Ultimate/Mega Form.
- (Akira)

Iliza Shlesinger
- (adult "OA'd" effects) "Elder Millennial" sketch, c2018.
A really funny clip of a beautiful woman pretending to be an old lady was further improved with an old age edit by Niddlyby43 using Faceapp. The edit goes great with the aged voice and her stance.
He has also done other OA edits, like the 100% improved version of "Youth Potion Gone Wild" from Taylor Made Clips.
- Original stand-up link - Old Age edited link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse, Niddlyby43)

Saturday Night Live
- "TV Funhouse" animated segments.
- (adult smurf pseudo-FFed to middle age) "The Smurfette Show" 2002/10/05.
Parody of the cartoons. An obese middle-aged Smurfette stars in a spoof of The Anna Nicole Show.
Segment link - screencaps - (Kappa)
- (adult rejuv RN effect) "Cokee, the Most Expensive Dog in the World" 2003/05/17.
In the future, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were rejuvenated offscreen with plastic surgery. It happens very, very fast. Too bad they didn't show elderly J.Lo's backside as they entered.
Segment link - screencaps - (Kappa)

- (AA FF, face age morph to OA) "Grow Healthy", c2017.
Shorter than I'd prefer, but worth checking out nonetheless. Starts around 00:18.
- Commercial link - gifs & caps - (Lunkpil)

fetish comics
Campfire Tales (Halloween Special)
- (dedicated TF, young adults AA-zapped into fully matured adults) "The Milf Witch" by JayBeeTG, 2020/10.
Purchase link - extract - (Andu22)

music videos
Melanie Martinez
- (adult to old aged, vore) "The Bakery", 2020/09.
Near the end Melanie is in old age makeup eating a cookie version of herself. Overall, it's okay in my opinion. I would enjoy it more if it was better video quality.
- Video link - screencaps - (Fan2000)

- (adult to old age dream cut) c2020.
Future Self commercial link - screencaps - (Uk)

Once Bitten
- (adult demon to old age fade cuts) 1985.
My hope for the Vampire Countess aging upon losing her power was fulfilled. Been told this is kind of a classic in some circles.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Spyguy)

music videos
Lil Dicky
- (adults FFed to OA) "Lemme Freak", 2014.
Relationships are hard. Staying with a young hottie for 60 years is even harder. Future scene starts @03:30.
- Video link - screencaps - (Wazzupdawg)

- (CoA, slight FFed) Ep "Mit Liebe gemacht" c2015, Germany.
Animated short about puberty and "love" for the ZDF Tv show explains in a child friendly and charming manner the changes that happen to your body when you hit puberty and how babies are actually conceived - caps

- (boy change TFed in episode) - Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman (Tekkaman: The Space Knight) Ep10 1975 - Italian dub - (Akira)

text fragments
Becoming You
- (CoA aspects) Apple TV+, 2020.
6 part series about "child development" scientifically engineered to send you into a "they grow up so fast" spiral. Focuses on the first 2,000 days using footage of hundreds of worldwide kids hitting various milestones. Watching all these babies learn to walk, talk, think and interact in all their different ways filled me with so much hope and wonder I felt like a remote and minor but happy god, marveling at all these extraordinary and glorious little beings.

- Trying on slightly outgrown outfits 10 attempts

- (adults mentally acting like children) Fashion/lifestyle theme of people seeking to relive the joys of early childhood while rejecting the harsh adult years.
Elements include pastel colors and oversized soft shapes. Babydoll/lolita dresses, mary-janes, barrettes, ribbed socks, overalls. Fruit-flavored or very sweet sugar sticks, candy necklaces, cotton candy, lollipops. Artists: Melanie Martinez - info link

- 8-10 ff

Captain Barbell
- (male AR fades) 2006.
Magnetika's force caused a man to be regressed into a boy, a baby, and then nothing.
- Clip link @01:10 - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Happy Tree Friends
- (adult furry & inanimate anthro FFed to OA) iS03Ep58 "A Sucker for Love part 2" 2008/02/08.
Violent series Valentine's Day Special. Nutty and a chocolate heart box are seen to have aged over the years. It wore off again.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Isabella)

Soul Eater
- (demon mind transfer from adult to child, "AR-like" body theft) S01Ep29 "Medusa's Revival! A Spider and Snake's Fateful Reunion?" 2008/10/20.
Anime possession. The villain Medusa Gorgon was like a witch with snakes. She was killed halfway through the show's run, but one of her snakes survived and possessed a dog. 5 y.o. Rachel Boyd finds the dog and the snake possesses her. As a result Medusa is alive again, and 100% in control of the little girl. The girl became a younger version of Medusa, with all signs of the original gone. She talks with her normal voice, though at first this didn't fool the mother.
- Small caps/extracts - (Tazz)

Where's Waldo
- (AR poof, AA RNed) S02Ep10 "Toddle-lu, Mexico City" 2020/08/20.
Waldo and Wenda are invited by 12 y.o. antagonist Odlulu to Mexico City to celebrate her quinceanera (15th birthday). Since Odlulu isn't 15 yet, she wants to use the AA "Grow-up Key" to AA herself to age 15. Hijinx ensue, and instead Odlulu was AA'd back into a toddler who promptly runs off. They search for the key to AA her back to normal.
- Episode link @06:42 - screencaps - (Username)

short films
Quarantine Leap (YouTube series)
- (male adult to younger/older TG mind transfers) Anthology by multiple Youtubers, 2020.
Generally comedic series conceived by James Ward, creator of dedicated adult TF-related content ("Wand of Change" series (link), "The Hit Girl" (link), etc.).
He's bodyswapping with various people during the Covid lockdown. At the beginning he swaps deliberately just to get out of the house, but then things go wrong, he loses control of the swaps, and never knows where he'll end up next. He's swapped with some really sexy women, a goth dominatrix, a supermodel, and a male werewolf, with ethnicity & TG age-up swaps & some ARed-like aspects.
- Swap with teenage beauty queen - link - Weeks long trilogy swap with 9 y.o. girl competitive dancer - link - Swap with teen cheerleader - link - caps - (Mindi Flyth)

My Hero Academia
- (body reversal or regression aspect) S4Ep3 "Boy Meets..." 2019/11/23.
About a world where 80% of people have quirks which either give them powers or make them look different... so basically mutants. 6 y.o. Eri's quirk is "rewind", the ability to reverse anyone to an earlier point in their timeline. She can heal her wounds, the wounds of others, or even bring back old wounds. It's hinted she can rewind people to before they existed. In a flashback, she accidentally made her dad disappear in a pile of empty clothes on the floor. The villain even states she could possibly rewind someone to a monkey - Explanation video link - (Tazz)

Bus Baby
- (dream talking baby, kinda looks like ARed aftermath) Wingard, Evans, c2010.
Pregnancy prevention PSA. Teen mother pushing pram imagines she is being scolded for not using birth control by her talkative baby in the bus. She screams for it to shut up but everyone is staring at her - link

Baby Alive (dolls)
- (toy AA AP) "Baby Grows Up!" dolls, c2020 - CM link - caps

- (adults rejuved, slight AP mentions) - Writing Prompt, 2020/11: One morning everyone wakes up in their 18 y.o body, memories intact. Society tries to continue as normal, but a world full of energetic adolescents certainly has its quirks - stories

- (preteen to teen FFed) Clara (Brazil) - growing older

- (pseudo adult baby, fashion/decorating styles, AA) c2015+ aesthetic involving "cute" babylike paraphernalia. Leans toward softer pastels and more kawaii elements, unlike bright colorful kidcore styles. Babycore adherents know all about fashions and decorative flourishes, unlike real babies. Adult sized pacifiers, onesies, bonnets, ribbons, snug blankets, rattles, simple toys, etc. It's important to make sure everything fits comfortably.

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: The AgeShifter - The Minion
- (dedicated magical power TF AP CB) 2020/10 CGI animated comic story.
This has one of the best CGI CB depictions yet. Subtle effects and selective camera angles give a realistic impression of the process of female puberty. She grows about 5 to 10 years older in this episode.
- Story: It's so unfair! 12 y.o. Melany's mom won't let her go out to have fun on the weekend. Instead, she has to take out the trash in the rain.
Things can't get any worse. Her mom won't even buy her new clothes for her growing body. Then a lightning flash exposes a massive shape crouching in the darkness...
She runs back inside, but her mom just mocks Melany's terror. This proves she's still just a child. In a rage, she storms upstairs. There, a Voice starts to whisper to her of changes to come...
The skimpy outfit she's wearing never stood a chance. First, her socks start to rip over her toes. They break through the front with each step. Soon the socks will be entirely gone.
A side seam gives way at the bottom of her skirt, then a separate split over her swelling buttocks.
Her shirt rises and rips along her upper back as her height increases. The top button explodes off her shirt, then the next one over her growing breasts. Her shirt rips over her right upper torso and shoulder and falls partway down, still held up on her left side.
Her panties snap along the side, and fall away. Her widening arm bursts through her left sleeve, and the tattered remnants leave her body for good. Now fully nude, she looks down at her womanly form...
Her mom finds pieces of fabric on the floor of the dark attic. Where is Melany?
In the stormy backyard, Melany's mom demands her nude adult daughter return inside. No matter what happened, she must resume her subordinate role at once. That won't be possible mom. And it just feels too good.
Another lightning flash at the climax, and then mom beholds the towering shape in the storm. Every Giantess needs a Minion...
- Full Patreon link - Reduced video link - (Mister AGF)

- (adult rejuvenation, cutaway ARed glimpse) Dascomi Vol09. Ep05, hentai porn by Ban Kazuyasu, c2020.
A salesman sells a woman some age regressing body wash. Massive sex follows forthwith. Caution: Nudity.
- Full Chapter link - small extract - (Jeffr_2bya)

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The Alec Leamus Files
- (dedicated AR stories) 2020/11.
All my stories in one place, plus a few new ones, including:
- "Navi's Little Halloween Misadventure" - Shrunken woman/spanking/kinda AR story based on Pandi360's current Halloween series.
- "Ghostly Rapping" - A straight spanking story.
All site content is free. I will eventually write new AR, and move all my stories there. No captions, news sightings, or others work - (Alec Leamus)

text fragments
- (older male/younger female adult TG mind exchange) 2020/11/13.
Tormented high school senior Millie becomes the latest target of an aging serial killer. His magic dagger causes her to swap bodies with him, and Millie has only one day to reverse the switch. Hunted by the police, she must recapture her own body being used to target her classmates - Trailer link

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation