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Cat-Man and Kitten
- (superheroine power upgrade AP CB) Cat-Man Ashcan #2, "Kitten's Nine Lives" 1996 reboot of 1940s series.
The power of feline magic! After years of searching I managed to find an online copy of the AC Comics retconned version. Written in the style of classic WW2 comics, this content would not have been allowed back then.
- Cat-Man's sidekick Katie rapidly grew from a young girl into a fully developed woman. Mortally wounded in action by Dr. Macabre, Katie's life was saved when Cat-Man remembered the mystical tigress who raised him also grants the power to return from death in the prime of life. Cat-Man invoked the tigress' spirit to pass that power onto Kitten, transferring one of his 9 lives into her. This had the effect of irreversibly aging her from 10 to 20 (and applying lipstick for some reason), although she still retained a child's mentality.
Her superhero costume feels too small now. The "tights" were sufficiently elastic to conform to her long, womanly legs, her flexible boots and gloves were also stretched, but her top was made from a different material and was ripped by her widening and elongating arms. Fortunately her large breasts did not burst through the front, but there was serious underarm rippage from where the fabric was pulled forward as they swelled. Her waist did not widen enough to break her belt, but her costume trunks were ripped by her bigger hips, while her cape became too short.
Katie's emotional maturity caught up with her physical form, and the pair were married. All this was done by the writers as an excuse for preteen Kitten being fully grown in the later stories. Released from the Vault in the 1980s, they became allies of Miss Victory and Femforce. Unfortunately, Dr. Macabre was also revived and continues to attack the Merryweathers.
- Full comics link p15 - Character intro extract - AP/CB & aftermath extract
- (Asher)

Black Hammer: Age of Doom
- (AA TF poofs into ARed form) #10, 2018.
The heroine Golden Gail received her powers at age 10 as a gift from The Wizard of Zafram. When she's not Golden Gail, her alternate personality is Gail Gibbons, who ages normally and eventually became very old.
- Heroine restoration AR extract - (Username)

- (dream sequences; excellent slight AP CB glimpse, adult to old age face, male AA APed to death) S3Ep3 "Mystery Loves Company".
A discussion about aging. Blink-and-you-miss-it dream scene where a toddler girl rapidly grows into a young child, her dress tightening and ripping one shoulder seam as strain lines develop around the fabric from the sheer pressure of her growth. There is a combined rubberlike/fabric stretching and tearing sound. Obviously, it had to stop there or she would have ended up naked. The mother then ages to elderly, while a young brother became a young adult who then aged into a corpse.
- Full episode link @20:45 - gif - gif - screencaps - (Deniz)

Us Again
- (adults dream rejuvenation) 7 mins, 3D CGI Disney short, 2021/03.
Released with "Raya and the Last Dragon". An elderly couple regain their adult youth in a rain storm and dance the night away.
As the people of New York dance to the music, elderly Art grumpily watches TV while his wife Dot tries to get him to come out. Art looks at a photo of himself and Dot when they were young. He steps on the fire escape when it suddenly begins to rain, which rejuvenates him. He sets out into the city, where Art and Dot encounter each other, with the latter also having become young through the rain. They dance ebulliently through the streets.
When the clouds begin to move, Art continues to chase the rain. Eventually, the clouds leave completely and Art also reverts to old age with Dot. Art and Dot proceed to dance together, though not as vibrantly as before, as a younger couple watches admirably from afar. The rain puddle beneath them reflects their younger selves.
- 01 - (TAnimation)

Daft Planet
- (male accelerated growth APed) S1Ep4 "The New Me - Kinda" 2002/09/23.
The science class learns about the horror and beauty of human cloning. Ched accidentally sneezes into a petri dish that contains a cloning formula and mistakenly pockets it. The next day he discovers a baby version of him in Hudson's living room. The clone has a lifespan of one week. He goes on a date with a girl as a teenager, and is an adult by the time the movie ends.
- (body swap) "Trading Faces". Ched and Harley learn what the other's life is like.
- (Deniz)

- (accelerated growth APed glimpse, old age) 2021.
As mentioned, this appears to be an incomplete combined Type 03, 04, and 12 AA curse, but there was one aftermath glimpse where it looked like the early-teen daughter's swimsuit became too small for her bigger and taller body after she grew up into a fully developed woman. "Dad, why are you looking at me like that?"
- Trailer link - 01 - 02

- (TG, boy to girl) - Jigoku Sensei Nube S, manga Vol04 - https://ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/books/527593/ - (Akira)

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara
- (chibification kinda looks like ARed) - If Her Flag Breaks also known as Gaworare - 2011+
School elder and legal loli Tsumugi Ryuukishibara appears as a young child with a bonnet. In truth she once was a fully-grown woman, but shrank to her current height as she got older. Tsumugi seems to think it's perfectly natural - 01

text fragments
Amazing World of Gumball, The
- (male anthros age form upgrades) "The Mustache". Gumball and Darwin temporarily "grew up" from a supplement.
Info link - Episode link - (Akira)

Dixie Cups
- (adult FF to old age) Aging Mother, 1970 CM.
Addresses a woman who feels she's scrubbing her life away washing reusable cups. Age wardrobe and makeup illustrate the suggestions of a grandfatherly narrator recommending a Dixie Cup dispenser for the kitchen.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Lunkpil)

- (adult face rejuv morph) 2021/04/16.
Can blood from young people slow aging? Biotech startups are trying to hack aging and stave off devastating diseases.
- Cover clip - (Fan2000)

Time of the Giants, The
- (UC?) Anne Kennedy, 2013.
Affectionate yet satirical sequence of poems about a family of giants. Young woman tries to conceal from normal sized lover how tall she truly is. Disturbing/fabulous fairy tale showcases fanciful aspects of contemporary manners. No access.
...Her black trousers are strangely short...she's getting bigger slightly, the buttons popped off...burst from her shrinking dress...Glad to have her dress burst from her quite frankly...

Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang
- (furry AR) Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - Joys of Seasons Ep09.
The goats need to save Mr. Slowy from dying of old age and Wolnie wants to restore her youth. There was no water left in the fountain of youth because too many animals drank from it - (TvTropes)

Disney theme parks
- (adult rejuvenation) Indiana Jones Adventure - Disneyland 1995, Tokyo DisneySea 2001.
Enhanced motion dark ride. Turbulent quest aboard troop transport through subterranean lost Temple of the Forbidden Eye or Temple of the Crystal Skull.
If the transport gets the Fountain of Eternal Youth, Mara says, "You have chosen wisely. This path leads to timeless youth and beauty." Purifying water cleans the rusted, corroded doors. In the Hall of Promise, painted murals show the ageless beauty of Mara's chosen ones, as everyone else gets old. Scrims depict true believers drinking mystic water, discarding their withered skin, and emerging young and beautiful. Mara suddenly opens his eyes and rescinds his gifts. His marble stone face begins to crack and "age" as the vines shrivel and petals fall. At the end of the ride, Sallah mentions "If you drank too much from the Fountain of Youth, we will be happy to assist you with strollers."

Saturday Night Live
- (lower back morph OA) S29 "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover" 2004/05/01/
When hot young girls become Milfs they should lose their lower back tattoos. Erase regrets in an "easy" application process.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen
- (adult rejuvenated) Everybody is weirded out that Noriko's "big sis", who Noriko told them was a middle-aged woman, appears to be the same age as Noriko. Kazumi giggles and says that she has the same body as when she first piloted Gunbuster with Noriko. After being pulled into the black hole her wish overcame time itself, and thus she was reborn - (TvTropes)

Nart sagas
- (age reversal) North Caucasus mythology.
Eating the special apple from atop the golden tree will cause a person to grow younger with each passing year instead of older.

- (adult & male anthro FF to old) S1Ep2 "The M.O.D.O.K. That Time Forgot!" 2021/05/21.
Marvel, Hulu, stop-motion adult animated television series. Time travel episode. MODOK and Jodie get stuck in the past. They watch themselves grow as a family and prevent themselves from time traveling, erasing their development.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Garrett P.I. series
- (adults rejuved & stasis) "In Gilded Latten Bones", 13th novel, mystery/fantasy by Glen Cook, 2010.
Trio of necromancers have been keeping the King of Karenta and themselves unnaturally young adults. They retain their gray hair, so must wear wigs to suit their youthful bodies.

Daniel Amos
- (AR scene?) "¡Alarma!" Newpax, 1981. Alarma! Chronicles, 2000.
In a short story that accompanied the album, an entire church congregation reverted to babies before the narrator's eyes. This was meant as a satire of real-life Man Children - (TvTropes)

text fragments
short films
How Hard Did Puberty Hit You? Use 2 Pics Only
- (low quality face FF) Tiktok trend, 2021/05. They upload photos taken before/after puberty, always from different angles and with different lighting, makeup etc. The first photo is a "dorky" candid snap and the second a posed glamour shot, so you can't tell it's the same person - link

text fragments
music videos
Faith No More
- (old adults mentally revitalized) "Sunny Side Up", 2015.
Apply The Power of Rock to a retirement home and the pacemakers blow to kingdom come. General Surgeons Warning: Won't last forever - link - (TvTropes)

- (adults FF) - 1988-2021, Coming 2 America actors - (Kappa)
- (AA CGI FF) - 1 to 18 clip - (CGI nude adult) - anime character growth chamber
- (dedicated CGI AP) - "Female Transformation Stories Vol. 2#" - Purchase link - (MrDark)

AR stories
- Story - "The Reckoning" by Maire Flynn.
- Story - "The Uninvited Christmas Guest" by Libra.
- Story - "Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage Witches" by JR Parz.
- Story - "You're only as young as you feel" by Libra.
- audio story - "The Reading Corner" by Libra & Jeff.

text fragments
- (UC scenes & glimpses) Paragraphs from books etc. - text - text

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon TF AR) by FUNENO Maho, Magazine Pocket, Kodansha, 2021.
Ch01. Something about a witch losing her powers? I like how her hat also somehow became smaller lol.
- Manga link - small extract - (10th_man_down)

Dr. Stone
- (FF "APed") by Riichiro Inagaki, Boichi. Weekly Shounen Jump, 2017.
Teenage science genius plans to rebuild civilization after humanity was petrified. Younger character ages during timeskip from 8 y.o. to 15. Before checking the latest chapter and spoiling the story, I recommend trying the manga itself since it is quite good.
- Full manga link - Ch196 extract - Ch197 extract - (Anonsuper)

Himitsu no Akko-chan
- (AA RN AR) - adult to child disguise screencaps - (TF Dimension)

AR stories
- Story - "Three is a crowd" by Libra and StevenB.
- Story - "Time Orb" by Libra.
- Story - "The Power" by Merlin.
- audio story - "The Loser" by Libra & Jeff (01:14:17).

- (TF OA'd glimpse) - Witches battle screencaps

- (slow AR, demon AA TF TG) Amazon Prime, 2021.
The superheroine Monster Girl is a "Hulk-like" AA-character whose human form gets younger every time she transforms into a monster. She claims to be 24 but looks like a preteen already, and laments to another character that it makes dating hard. Later the character Robot falls for her, and copies his consciousness from his broken body to a younger body around her age in order to be with her.
- Power-up screencaps - (Sen)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: Homeward Bound, The
- (dedicated male ARed) "Working the Show" 2021/05.
Purchase link - preview - (DrWhoAR)

- (breast development UC) - teenager at puberty problems toon
- (kids FF) - piano years

adult tight clothing (classic fetish)
- (women's fashion styles, tight clothes kinda look like UC) - 2000-2005 Yahoo Groups trend, and ongoing.
2021/05 Instagram post featuring adult UC #dressup #selfies. Just something that was found, I have no relation to it:
- New dress series.
We also found some classic 2000's photos taken from the deleted adult fashion groups by Jambal and others:
- CAUTION Nudity - Virtual UC - bustout - bustout
- Fashion series - series
Dedicated/fetish photo captions: over-18 stories that show adult performers wearing tight clothing designed to display cleavage etc. The text explains that only recently, they were much smaller (the women, not the clothes).
Professional Japanese models often wore outrageously styled or minimalist swimsuits. Teen models also experimented with lightweight outfits. This does not exist anymore.
- Idol stars virtual UC - dedicated captions - teen art/fashion models
- (Alex, Jambal)

AR stories
- Taken from the 2003 and 2009 archive.org crawls.
- Story - "My Little Aunt" by Libra.
- Story - "Neverland" By Libra.
- Story - "Power Bottles" by J.P. Chabot.
- Story - "Spider of Riddles" by Libra.
- Story - "Sweat Fever" by Libra.
- Story - "The Gift" by Innerchild.
- Story - "Just a Little More" by Libra.
- audio story - "Gone South" by Libra & Jeff.
- audio story - "Sharp Sword" by Libra & Jeff.
- audio story - "Takeover" by Libra & Jeff.

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: BoyFromAnotherPlace
- (dedicated male infantilization stories) c'20.
"Becoming Baby Brother", "Little Tina", etc. - Stories link - (mARc)

short toons
SCP Cartoons
- (demons ARed) "Cartoon Dog Don't Tease Baby Piggy - Pretends to Be a Parent", 2021/03.
No dialogue. Crossover entities are zapped into babies during bank robbery.
- Video link - youtu.be/VjoK32ssscU - (Tazz)

- (adult age disguise) German sketch show, 1973-79.
In an SF setting, the bratty pre-puberty daughter says she has bought bionic boobs - and proudly shows them (the character is actually played by an adult woman, so they are her own real ones) - (TvTropes)

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: Thetra
- (dedicated TF AP scenes) CGI heroines, c'20.
As always, the preview clips were severely reduced. Click links to see original full-size videos - 3 clips - Gallery link
TF Artist
- (dedicated instant puberty AP clip) - 2017/04 quick AP scene

- Slightly too small outfits - 10 attempts

- months - months - months

text fragments
Totally Spies
- (AA RS AR) "Evil Airlines Much". The villain uses a super fast airplane to reverse the rotation of the globe and rewind time. A super short scene of people regressing with clothes changing too. We see a woman reverting to early teenhood, her clothes changing in such a way they conceal her breast reduction from the censors - Direct episode link - previous caps - (Janna)

- (dedicated male mental / infantilization) c2011+ The #1 Gay AB/DL Community. For gay, bi, or curious guys into diapers.
Their stories section is heavily focused on Reality Change aspects. Also check out their forum archives for great old stories - Forums - (mARc)

AR stories
- A reader has reported that several classic AR stories listed at the 2BYA Story Archive have gone missing. They sent a list of 26 stories. Also some old MP3 audio stories were found, 6 of which were not listed on the story page. We have temporarily lost access to the main 2bya.com story page, but will restore the stories in stages. The story index page will also be updated.
- Story - "A Voice in the Darkness" Ch1-4 by Ouroboros.
- Story - "Extreme Reality Game" by Libra.
- Story - "Experimental" by Libra.
- Story - Story - Story - "Generations: Island Adventure" (Part 1-3) by the AP Scout.
- Story - "Hourglass 2: The Next adventure" by Libra.
- Story - "The High School" Ch1-5 by StarImage.
- audio story - "The Dropout" by Libra & Jeff, 21:47.
After 10 years, a professor is visited by the 15 y.o. genius girl he molested. Justice comes in unexpected forms. Now he'll have PLENTY of time to think about his past mistakes.

Reality Change stories
- (dedicated RS mental infantilism stories) I've commissioned a ton over the years and put them all in one place.
Reddit - (FoxingtonIII)

fetish toons
Dark Productions
- (dedicated TF AP vids) 2021/05.
"Untitled" short. 21/05 - $5 tier.
"Life of Cyndee" annual short. 21/06 - $10 tier.
"Leia in Prison" in a partial Leia slave outfit, $5 tier.
"Plants and Heather" c20 mins.
"Female Transformation Stories Vol. 2#" Vimeo On Demand, 21/05 - 42 mins. "A crush to Love" combined with 2 other recent productions.
Upcoming feature film, Vimeo On Demand, 45+ mins. AP, BE, Rapid Preg, AR, and more!
- (MrDark)

- (teen CoA) - Last of Us "Ellie" CGI character evolution story
- (adult rejuv) - face CGI

Star of Gray
- (TF UC) by Hubbard J. Tozer, 2012.
...look...different." ... Jyrisa's hair was no longer brown and curly, but long and rippling silver. She had also managed to grow about a foot, and her clothes strained to contain her new frame. Jyrisa looked down at herself and sighed.
"Oh yeah. Sorry about that. My concentration was broken. Give me a second." She closed her eyes and her body started to change. Within seconds it morphed back into the small Latina women that she had been before. Taris' mouth dropped.
"... I'm half Ato. All Atos are morphers."

Big Bottom Church
- (UC glimpse) by Bill Patterson, 2010.
...these kids growing up in poverty right around us ... the girls are even worse. They've all outgrown their clothes. Their shirts just come to mid-waist, their jeans were way too small - I don't even know how they got into those pants without breaking the zippers or popping the buttons - and the way they wore them...they just did rise above their hip bones. And without a momma to teach them where to put their earrings, they've got them all over their bodies. Their bodies, I'm telling you... Those poor things.

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: Fap2000
- (dedicated TF AP clips) c2020. CAUTION topless Nudity:
Aging - CGI study of clothes reacting to various female AR/AP processes while they are walking along.

short toons
Wolfoo Family
- (furry ARed aftermath) 2021/01. Everyone but main character into babies.
"Oh No, Wolfoo! Mommy and Daddy Turned Into Babies - Wolfoo Pretends to Be a Parent"
- Episode link - (Tazz)

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: Fap2000
- (dedicated TF AP clips) c2020. CAUTION topless Nudity:
Aging - You can dance yourself older in just a few short seconds. May be part of a mystical transformation scene.

voluntary shapeshifter (trope)
- (dedicated TF BE AP) A shapeshifter who can fully control their transformation process at will, instead of it just happening to them like a natural force. There are many kinds, but we prefer humanshifters, and even better ageshifters - future INFO

Subaru To Suu-san
- (male ARed aftermath) "Subaru and Sue" by Natsuko Takahashi, 2020.
Harta Comix, Kadokawa, seinen manga. A story about the cohabitation of "young man" Subaru (who suddenly turned into a child one day) and his lover Mio. It finds light in them living together, as they masquerade as siblings with an age gap. Mio begins her hard investigation in what she can do. Meanwhile, Subaru learns best friend Nishio fulfilled his dream to open his own shop. To keep his promise, he goes to see Nishio in the form of a child - Small extract - (Akira)

short toons
- (furry AP) Paul Cichon, Magnetfilm, 2021.
2D short animation film about the question why technical devices break after a certain time. We see a mother opossum working inside a coffee machine with her three children. Soon enough the children get out of hand and make a mess of their mother's work. Eventually they burst out and get their own coffee jobs, leaving the mother alone with three new children. The growth is very visible, and even the mother grows a little by the end when comparing the inside of the coffeemakers.
- Cartoon link - screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

Dark Seduction
- (TFs, ARed-like form, TG) by Cheyenne McCray, 2012.
"I need to get these cuffs off." She concentrated on an image in her mind of a small child she knew. She shuddered and started to shift. Oddly enough, it hurt even more to shrink in size than it did to grow taller. Her muscles compacted, her bones shortened, and she grew tiny and slender. The cuffs slipped off her wrists and dropped to the concrete floor with a loud clanging sound.
She sounded like a little girl as she spoke and was tiny enough to slip through the bars.
...While they watched, she shifted into Carla, growing six inches taller, pain shooting through her as her limbs grew longer, her scalp tingling as hair spilled down into a golden fall past her shoulders.
...She grew four inches taller from Carla's height - which was ten inches from Tori's natural height - her face felt rough with stubble. Other parts of her anatomy felt odd, something she never got used to when she shifted into a man.
...She slowly shifted back into her own form, not Carla's. her cover was blown ... McKnight studied her. "And who are you really?" Tori held out her hand. "Agent Tori Adams."

- (furry FF) "Compare the Meerkat" campaign, 2009+ CGI commercials, UK.
Series of ads about rich meerkat Aleksandr Orlov and his assistant Sergei, pleading with viewers to stop confusing their meerkat comparison website comparethemeerkat.com with comparethemarket.com car insurance. Eventually, the two adopt a child named Oleg, who they decide to leave with a native family on safari in Africa. Oleg's new home gets destroyed, so he has to travel with sister Ayana to find Aleksandr and Sergei, and become a happy family of 4.
Over the course of the ads Oleg goes from a baby that can barely talk to a child who is able to wander all over San Francisco.
The size difference is noticeable in this video. He is on Sergei as a baby @00:23:
- Link - "Baby Oleg's Highlights", 2015.
He has grown slightly more in comparison to Sergei @00:20:
- Link - "How to get pups to sleep", 2020 - CMs screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: Fap2000
- (dedicated TF AP videos)
"Out To School":
- Purchase link - preview gif
"Naughty Girls" - partial age/status swap, animated CGI comic:
- Purchase link - preview gif
Walking into puberty and then adulthood. Cost: 50 points. "Marvelous Designer" software was used to create virtual garments with arrangement points and pins. It took me a lot of time:
- Purchase link
Muscle AA AP preview video of a little comic I made. This is a bit more than I normally transform the girls into. I added something totally new to me, and it may not be for everyone:
- Purchase link - (Fap2000)

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Ambrose65
- (dedicated AR stories) - Deviant story link

short story
Michel Choquette & Anne Beatts
- (male FB "ARed") "Going Back", 1971/10 National Lampoon magazine, "Back to School" issue.
Co-written by Anne Beatts who went on to write for Saturday Night Live. Illustration by Dick Hess.
Middle-aged man was somehow transported back to when he was 12 y.o. - except he retains all the experiences, memories, and physical appearance of his adult self. A literal exploration of "if I knew then what I know now", with disastrous results - (Kidsized)

short story
Chris Miller
- (male FB "ARed") "They Do Things Differently There", 1987/06 National Lampoon magazine, "Sex and Other Unusual Practices" issue.
They had a story about a man who hated the 10 y.o. boy next door, who annoyed him greatly. He was in the yard and the boy threw a football over the fence. The man picks up the football which is a personal time machine, and is transported back to when he was 10 himself. He was going to yell at the boy, but the boy seemed to vibrate or lose sharpness for a second. The boy comes back into focus and looks at him and says "Hi Frank", then he hears his mother calling and says "Mom"? as if he had not seen her for a long time. He runs to the house.
- The hero gains advantage from his adult mentality (makes money betting, seduces his schoolteacher, knows where to score dope, etc.) unlike the hapless slob in "Going Back", who just runs into constant trouble with authority for being a smartass kid - (Kidsized)

short story
Once Upon a Rose (4 novellas)
- (adult age stasis, OA) Nora Roberts, 1998.
Bryn's eyes opened wide... Youth and beauty will be mine once more! Now she was paying for the years she'd kept her youthful beauty through means of the Dark Arts. Her skin was increasingly furrowed, her eyes duller. She could feel herself aging minute by minute. And now, here was the chance to reverse the terrible process...

Fallen 5: Armageddon, The
- (male AP) by Thomas E. Sniegoski, 2013.
Enoch writhed on the department store floor ... and that was when Johnny noticed that the baby looked bigger. At first he just believed it to be a trick of the light and shadows ... Enoch's clothes had become too small, the sleeves of his heavy sweater hiked halfway up his arms, his bare legs exposed below the cuffs of his heavy pants.
"Bloody hell, you're growing!" Jeremy exclaimed.
Enoch yelled as if he was being murdered ... The child continued to moan and grow larger before Jeremy's eyes. He wished he had more of a chance to marvel at the transformation ... Jeremy grabbed the child and started to run toward the shopping cart and their things.
He unceremoniously dropped the toddler into the cart ...
"We have to go," the child said frantically.
Jeremy was briefly taken aback that the child was no longer a toddler.

fetish fiction
Madrigal16 (Giantess writer)
- (dedicated male size reduction) "Jealous of His Own Child", c2019.
This isn't technically AR, more like size change, but interesting. A "Giantess" tale with flaws - chief among them that just when the story was getting good, the author abandoned it.
- A man waits till his wife and daughter leave for a week to try out a shrinking formula that makes him smaller than his 4 y.o. daughter. He wears her clothes, deals with his house from a 3 foot tall perspective, and jerks off in his daughter's pajamas. So he has not become a child again, but is child sized. He would love to have them come back and be that size (or does he dread it?), but the story ends there. Could have been interesting if he actually became a young boy again with this strange concoction, and turned into the "son" of his wife and "brother" of his daughter (though he could go back to normal if he so desired)
- Short story link - (Kidsized)

Marvelous Effect, The
- (adult stasis & OA) by Troy CLE, 2007 juvenile.
... the crazy events in town, her sudden aging, ... his mother saw the situation as it truly was, and she was in his corner. He looked over at his mom. Her previous aging had begun to melt away. She was now the same mom that he had always known ... If he stayed close, she would always be young.

- (FB dream AA age appearance) S1Ep8 "Previously On" 2021/02/26.
Agatha Harkness shows Wanda pivotal moments that shaped her life. When showing her a flashback of when Wanda and Pietro were kids in Sokovia, Agatha pushes her and she "becomes" her child self (but acts normally). Agatha later pulls her out from under the bed and she is normal again - (Tazz)

Neil and Yuki- Unexpected Changes
- (male age forms?) Jasmine Marie & Krystal Jo-Lynnelle, 2012.
p18: "Maybe stick with the 16 year old..."
Neil: "I could change my age so I'm older too you know. I learned how." ... "That's very cool; you could have some major fun with that."
Neil: "I forget how old you are Yuki. In looks. How long...

- (UC glimpse) Shaw Desmond, 1921.
...Deirdre's new clothes wore out ... lifting up her foot, showed Finn the broken upper ... her best dress refused any longer to permit itself to be mended under the arms ... it broke upon them that clothes did not grow like skins.

Arsenal: Slaves Among Us, The
- ("TF" with possible adult age disguise?) Kenneth Whaley, 2007.
...I want her to give us a little demonstration. Stand up, Rose, and show us."
"Which shall I show you, Mr. Vaugh? My face? My color? My hair? she asks.
"Rose has the ability to somewhat change the features of her face and her hair. She can also change her appearance by looking thinner or heavier."

short story
Gleason's Monthly Companion
- (dream AA "APed") Volume 3 "The Enchanted Necklace" c1875.
... take this necklace ... whatever you wish will come to pass ... I wish I was a grown-up woman, with a beautiful house, and splendid furniture, and plenty of servants." ... she found herself in a gorgeously-furnished parlor, seated at a grand piano ... "I wish dinner was ready." ... glancing up, she beheld a hawk about to seize ... "Oh, I wish I was a little girl again. I wish the fairy would take back the hateful necklace."

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: Fap2000
- (dedicated TF AP) c2020+
Large CGI galleries with female TF videos. You must create a DeviantArt account and certify you are over 18 to download the full-sized SWF videos (this is to protect the youth) and unlock preview thumbnails.
The videos also offer a detailed look at the late pubertal breast growth spurt, when they get very large.
- Gallery and Purchase link
Reduced size preview clips and purchase links - CAUTION Topless CGI Nudity with erotic sounds:
Teasers - Age Morphs - Short Clips
- Adult weight loss - link - Intercourse POV with BE close-up - link - Adult BE & hip widening - link

Chibi Devi!
- (dream ARed) Ep44 "The Dream Picture Book" 2013/02/11, & Ep45.
Middle school girl discovered a devil baby on her bed one day. Daycare principal ordered a dream picture book to allow the sleeping devil children to share a "Big Adventure" dream to the treasure cave. Their parents also appeared in the dream as children.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Setsuna)

Warehouse 13
- (adult rejuvenation, adult old age) S02Ep04 "Age Before Beauty".
The magic camera stole people's adult youth and transferred it to others. At the end he was defeated when the camera was used against him.
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (TFDimension)

old age tropes
- (adult characters old aged) Age transformations of certain kinds have been common in comics almost since the beginning. The two permitted types are adults somehow poofed into babies/children (the RN process is glossed over), and adults aged into oldsters. Sometimes the change may only be mental, but is visually depicted by exaggerated expressions and age-altered activities. Many classic covers depicted their characters aged to decrepitude through various means:
- Comics covers

Human Kind Of
- (AA curses, monster "TFs", CoA themes) 2018. Nerdy teen Judy Reilly learns her estranged father was an extraterrestrial. Surviving half-alien adolescence seems pretty hopeless. With the help of her dangerously upbeat mother and comics-obsessed best friend, can Judy learn to control her powers? - Episodes link

text fragments
Elena of Avalor
- (furry AA poof) S03Ep25 "Heart of the Jaguar" 2020/08/02.
Elena poofed into a baby Jaquin - video link - youtu.be/nhSvv6kRxaU - caps - (Tazz)

growth acceleration chamber (trope)
- (AP) Various maturation machines and chambers have been depicted in all media - future INFO

Rated A for Awesome
- (mental "ARed") S01Ep38 "Brat Busters" 2011/12/20.
Lars has to babysit little cousin. After his kiddy-hypno-ray fails, Thera, Les Lars and Mr. Twitchy have to keep Derek entertained! Kids mentally into babies.
- Clip link - youtu.be/Yuhr5LOhaMY - (Tazz)

fetish toons
old age
- (breast sagging process) CGI TF, c2020 - Caution: Nude dance of time gif - (PiritaArgenta)

Special Unit 2
- (adult demon cutaway TF OA poof, adults OA'd) S02Ep03 "The Years" 2001/10/17.
Enigmatic fashion designer could be a "Year Witch" that kills its victims by sucking their adult youth right out of them - screencaps - (TFDimension)

short toons
Lion Family
- (furry male age swap) "Lion family pretends to be a parent for dad" 2020/11/01.
Web toon series. Little Lion baby and dad swap bodies and ages.
- Episode link - youtu.be/Jns20zqLDzA - (Tazz)

Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang
- (furry ARed) Ep47 "The Crisis of Shrinking" 2021/03/20 - Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Chinese animes.
Baby goat, who was old in the prior episodes, went back to adult. Goat and stars into babies.
- Episode link - youtu.be/akZ4VmMhwFQ - (Tazz)

- (AA button gap styles) - fashion article - (male UC) - try on old clothes
- (adult FF) - pregnancy - (male AA) - toon baby grows gif
- (AR) - story - (male AA AP) - "Life is Short" Xbox commercial - (Akira)
- (FF AA) - Kiernan Shipka still fits in old dress

overnight age up (trope)
- (mostly male AP depictions) Trope found in all media. When a child is rapidly aged into an adult, the change often happens while they are sleeping (real life growth spurts tend to happen overnight). When they wake up they think everything is normal, until they get out of bed and notice the floor looks too far away. Sometimes they only notice when they look in the mirror and scream.
Examples: Big (film), Akumu no Present (hentai manga), True Blood (Tv), Big For Christmas (book), etc.
- Caution CGI topless nudity - Future INFO

- Peyton months - Sammi Hanratty

short films
Ryan George: If Adulthood Had A Job Orientation Day
- (mental CoA sketch) 2021. No age changes or other TFs but still funny. Just an orientation for a "boy" before becoming a man; though the actor does act like a kid.
- Video link - youtu.be/b4ZGkEzn9PE - (Tazz)

text fragments
- (vocal age disguises) Joe wonders why Soul #22 sounds like a middle aged woman (Tina Fey). She explains and makes herself sound like an old man, a little kid and even Joe - link - (Tazz)

Dungeon Meshi
- (male demon age stasis, male pseudo "ARed" & RN AP CB effect) AKA "Dungeon Rice" by Ryoko Kui, 2016+
Cooking/gourmet manga. Magical team brainstorms how to reach dragon dungeon in time to save Falin from digestion. Laios presents a cookbook about making meals from monsters to sustain themselves. The pros and cons of these meals provide running gags.
- The halfling Chilchuck Tims looks like an elementary schoolboy with large ears but is really 29 y.o. He got married and has three daughters. Chilchuck was killed by mimics multiple times while a novice adventurer, and narrowly escaped being used as succubus bait. Like Marcille he draws a hard line at eating demi-humans. In Tall-man form he looks like a human adult - Small extract - (Akira)

- AP frontal standing pose

Haunted Mansion
- (ghost old age) Disneyland attraction & ride, 2021 makeover.
There is a new changing painting of a woman rapidly aging to death and beyond like the Aging Man in Disney World.
- Behind the scenes video link @01:00 - gif - (TAnimation 7)

breast swelling (process)
- (real life BE) As we know, the process of female breast swelling during sexual arousal has never been filmed or photographed. The reason is very simple: this size increase is most pronounced in young women under the age of 18. So you will understand why it can never be recorded and we can't see it. Sorry, it just can't be done (the only exception is maybe by accident in some public setting where the camera person doesn't even notice it's happening). Breast swelling is inherently sexual, even more so than the process of breasts growing. The size increases with each heartbeat. We can only hope for secondhand reminiscences or crude simulated depictions

- (adult rejuvenation & stasis) Ep06 "Supernova" 2021.
Adult teenagers were rounding up old folks to infuse life into an adult girl. The hula hooping should have been a giveaway that she is older than she looks. One man became a young adult again thanks to a piece of space debris. The other man ages back to elderly after getting too far away from the object. Don't you wonder why the debris takes people back to young adults but no further? The couple decided to give back the piece and die together on their own terms - (Carlton)

Tora wa Ryuu wo Mada Tabenai
- (demon AA TF, CoA themes) "Tigers can't eat dragons yet." by Hachi Inaba, 2021/04. A beautiful tiger and young dragon Shota live together as different races! The true identity of the dragon was a small schoolboy, while the tiger was a young woman with huge breasts. How will the relationship between predator and prey, who are incompatible with each other, change in the future? Let's take a peek at the communal life of two people living hard in harsh nature - Small extract - (Akira)

Steven Universe Future
- (male monster TF expansion, pseudo male "AP" CB effect) S01Ep14 "Growing Pains" 2020/03/13.
Steven laments how everyone is getting married except him and glows pink in frustration. His body suddenly swells up, causing him to accidentally rip the freezer door off. His hand swells so big that he accidentally accepts Connie's call. She expresses worry as she sees his face and body begin to swell up, and suggests he go see her mother at the hospital. Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran checks his temperature and heartbeat. As she takes his blood pressure, his right arm swells and breaks the cuff. He glows and swells up, and she manages to calm him before running more tests. His x-ray shows numerous unusual fractures. Despite "miraculous recoveries", she wonders if he has suffered emotional trauma in addition to the physical traumas. Steven recalls past events, including aging quickly. Dr. Maheswaran concludes his body is responding to minor threats as major ones from the incredible stress he has been through. As he thinks about his proposal to Connie backfiring, Steven starts to glow pink again and grows exponentially. Connie comes into the room and witnesses Steven growing out of control. She realizes that Steven's rejected proposal the other day was the doing of this. Steven continues to grow and becomes even more stressed when he learns Connie never told her mother about what happened. The entire room is damaged as Greg arrives at the last second. Greg assures him that he'll be there when he needs him and is able to calm him down and get him back to normal.
- The videos were in that annoying webp format, they may not work in all browsers - clips

- (TF, OA, AR) - Final screencaps

Meng Yue Jingling
- (anthro/furry creatures ARed) Ep13, 2012, M&D. Chinese donghua/anime.
Nana Moon, "Moon Dream Elves". Magical creatures poofed back into babies.
- Episode link - youtu.be/anegbgfw0ao - screencaps - screencaps - (Tazz)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (male AA AR poof, RN AA) 2001/02. Some mental effects because he had a backup brain.
Full comic link - extract - (JK Andrews)

- (anthro AR AA & AA FF TFs) S3Ep9 "Age Gun".
Chicken into egg, caterpillar into butterfly, apple into seed, cop into elderly, Lamput into elderly, goons into baby & teen, old woman into young, egg into adult bird, thief into kid, teen into baby, Lamput into baby, goons into elderly.
- Episode link - youtu.be/4H17XXH6xRI - screencaps - (Tazz)

- slightly outgrown outfits

Warau Salesman
- The Laughing Salesman - Warau Seerusuman
Anime series about strange salesman Moguro Fukuzou who grants people's wishes. When the customers invariably ask for more than what was offered, Moguro unleashes magic punishment to ruin their lives.
- (adult infantilizations) Ep76 "Sandlot in the Sky" 1991/11/26.
Salary man wishes to return to his youth to play in the sandlot from the good old days, where he left a box of treasures in a pipe. Moguro grants his wish by giving him clothes that make him look like a child again. The secret sandlot is filled with adults playing in children's clothes recapturing their childhoods. But, the condition is that he can't mix his sandlot life with his real life.
All seems good until he meets a girl who tempts him into breaking that rule. Shizu reluctantly "admits" she works as a prostitute to pay her father's debts, so Gaki embezzles money to help her. Having broken his promise to Moguro, he loses access to the sandlot AND the money. Shizu was revealed to not only have a boyfriend, but be lavishly wealthy.
"Chibi" effect, mental AR. There is a difference in how the adults look compared to when they dress as kids.
  Episode link @01:10:04 - screencaps
- (male adult infantilization) Ep82 "IV Patient" 1992/01/21.
A salary man is envious of hospital patients and their nurses giving them motherly love. He's admitted after collapsing from overwork, and becomes addicted to hospital life. Over time he gets it too much, and ends up acting like a baby. By reducing him to an infantile state of mind, Moguro lets him spend the rest of his life in a hospital being cared for.
  Episode link @02:10:09 - screencaps
- (male AR, male adult infantilizations) Ep96 "Kindergarten CEO" 1992/08/11.
Busy CEO of a Kindergarten business desires the freedom that children enjoy. Moguro enrolls him in a kindergarten for powerful adult men, but warns he must not bring in any external power imbalances. After being victimized by a bully in the kindergarten, Taizou discovers the man is head of a construction company seeking a building contract. Taizou agrees to the contract if the man allows Taizou to bully him in the kindergarten. For breaching the condition, Moguro turned Taizou back into a toddler. The secretary screams in horror.
Same plot and setup as Sandlot In The Sky. The biggest difference is that the punishment was being turned into a physical toddler.
  Episode link @04:30:17 - screencaps
- (male adult age stasis effect) Ep40 "Youthful Pride" 1990/08/28.
Youthful looking manager is concerned he is beginning to look his age. Moguro gives him a doll to wish for adult youth, and it proves successful. Moguro warned Wakasa not to overdo it; however after meeting a beautiful woman, Wakasa overexerts himself and dies on the dance floor.
- (male adult old age face) Ep48 "Old Face, Young Body" 1991/04/23.
73 y.o. company president feels his age but looks much younger. Moguro gives him special dumbbells to recover youthful strength. However, it only works if he sticks to golf and does not pursue women. Wakashi ignores the warning and spends the night with a young woman. This does not effect his muscular body, but causes his face to decay into an old man's.
- (male adult older form) Ep66 "Long-Term Break" 1991/08/27.
Mature company man helps with the rehabilitation of a young woman, but becomes attracted to her. When Nagai returns to the apartment, he finds an aged version of himself needing home care.
- (TAnimation 7)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
- (male FB RN ARed) RPG, Nintendo DS, Square Enix, 2007.
A kind of age regression ending of sorts. The main character appears to wish for a reset following some violent events. They are reduced back into a young boy, and time has reverted to the start, only without the events from before happening again.
- Walkthrough link @07:16:00 - screencaps - (Reina Watt)

Warau Salesman NEW
- (adult old aged) Sequel show to Laughing Salesman. Ep01 "Make A Budget And Stick To It" 2017/04/03.
Unpopular and unhappy office lady with obsessive shopping habit runs out of money. The loss of face is unbearable. She is given a special credit card by Mr. Moguro with unlimited money in it. The catch is that everything she buys will be repossessed the next day.
At first she admires the card, but soon gets bored with her purchases being taken away every morning. She decides to use the card on things that can't be repossessed, like spa and cosmetic treatments. In the end she learns there are no exceptions to the deal, and wakes up having turned into a saggy old lady.
- Full episode link @00:12:15 - screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

short toons
- (male AA poof "ARed") "Check-Mate" Pencilmate's New Body!? 2021/02/27.
Web toons. Man grows large nose, then becomes creepy, then a kid @0:45, then giant, then flat, then gets a fish head, then a pencil, then a doormat - Ep link - youtu.be/aGY-zMgHGJE - (Tazz)

- (anthros poof TFed) India, S03, 2020.
  S03Ep11 "Age Remote" - link
Lamput and the docs mess with a special remote that can change any living being's age.
  S03Ep17 "Transfer Gun" - link - youtu.be/48ZNdo5y6os
People and things swap bodies. Like a cat and a fish, Lamput and the villain, a dog and its master, little crying boy and his mom, mom proposing to girlfriend. It's funny as you see their roles being reversed, like a little boy dragging a crying mom.
  S03Ep23 "Memory Loss" - link - youtu.be/iWJ9nWhuSJc
Goon gets amnesia and believes self to be a baby.
- (Tazz)

fetish toons
Student Surpasses the Teacher, The
- (dedicated AP TF) 08:11 short film, CGI tableaux with multiple TF animations, 2021/03/31.
After 15 days of early access, the collaboration video was released for everyone - 807 MB video download link - Full size content purchase link - link
- Note: Dropbox is blocked in some regions and countries like China. We have been unable to upload detailed AP videos to Youtube.
It's another quiet day at the elementary school. During study time in Miss Daisy's classroom, little Misty is perusing an occult tome. She overhears the boys discussing their beautiful young teacher's immense bustline. While annoyed by their immature banter, Misty can't help wishing she herself wasn't so small. At this point, a formal wish is made...
After momentarily dozing off, she wakes to find her own breasts have begun to bud. This is typically the first stage of female puberty. Instinctively, she runs off to the bathroom to be alone.
- screencaps
There's a gap between the bottom of her shirt and her pants, which look a bit short now. As her body enters Tanner Stage 2, the front of her shirt can't take it anymore and begins to tear along the seams, exposing her nipples and areolas.
- screencaps
Her short hair grows longer, sliding down her back. As her pubertal growth spurt reaches its full velocity, her shirt is completely torn open. She is now approaching her mid teens.
- screencaps
Enlarging feet snap the sandal straps. She'll be barefoot until someone provides her with bigger shoes.
- screencaps
Her hips continue to widen, and she is getting the fuller, well-defined legs of an older teenager. The button of her pants breaks off, the crotch rips open, and they begin to tear in many places.
- screencaps
Misty's pants are completely torn off and the panties snap away, exposing her buttocks. We see she now has the thick pubic hair development of a fully adult woman.
- screencaps
An urgent knock on the bathroom door. With her voice still recognizable, Misty is persuaded to open the door. At first Miss Daisy doesn't recognize this strange naked woman who may be a security threat. On the floor near the corner are torn pieces of fabric and two ruined sandals. The astounding truth is soon revealed. And it's clear the growth hasn't only been physical: there are new passions, as Misty expresses an intense fascination with her huge new breasts AND Miss Daisy's. Realizing Misty still has the knowledge and experience of a child, the teacher is unsure of her educational responsibilities at such a delicate time. In a moment her mind is made up, and the bathroom door closes behind them...
- screencaps
- (Mister AGF, Dark Productions)

fetish toons
pubes growth (trope)
- (dedicated nude close-up FF AP) CGI animations, c2015+. Depictions of the accelerated development of pubic hair. Tag: pubesgrowth.

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: Homeward Bound, The
- (dedicated ARed) 2021/04. The latest issue of my spanking-themed comic is out - Purchase link - cap - (DrWhoAR)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: Island Visit, Island Sacrifice!, The
- (dedicated male spanking, "rebirthed" aftermath) Rose St. Andrews, 2021.
Remember the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" group spanking scene that was aborted? Damn disappointing! In this comic, the main character gets to live it out without interruptions.
- $10.00 purchase link - preview cap - (DrWhoAR)

Kokkoku: Moment by Moment
- (male adult demonic degeneration & rebirth) Ep11 "The Eleventh Moment" 2018/03/18.
Juri Yukawa's family has the secret ability to stop time. Cult leader Junji Sagawa of the Genuine Love Society was transformed into a Handler demon. Sagawa's body dissolves, leaving only his brain that shoots out threads. Sagawa is reborn as a baby.
- Episode link - youtu.be/AURnleeczgk - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

Total DramaRama
- (male AA ARed & AA APed poof) S02Ep41 "Space Codyty" 2020/12/19.
Two little kids and the guy who watches them are sent through a wormhole @6:00 and start turning into things. From the kids into adults and the man into a baby, to all three becoming giant block heads and then cats before turning back.
- Episode link - youtu.be/vGov_CKBnLo - caps
- (male AA "TFed" pseudo ARed) S02Ep19 "Us 'R' Toys" 2020/09/15.
When Chef brings in some old toys from his childhood, they get poofed into them. Man into baby toy and kids into other toys.
- Episode link - youtu.be/uAFVYVCgrqw - caps
- (Tazz)

Jujutsu Kaisen
- (male demon AA cutaway TF ARed effect) Ep13 "Tomorrow" 2020/12/26.
Itadori and Nanami vs. Mahito: King of Curses fight. Baby/Junior versions can exist. Bad guy shapeshifted into demon boy, then into other forms.
- Scene link - youtu.be/X5RZy3fJYR0 - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

- (male cutaway ARed OC glimpse, AA RNed) S03Ep01 "Sooty's Baby" c'04?
UK puppet show. Man into baby @7:30; RN @13:20.
- Episode link - youtu.be/khjTx2SJmCE - screencaps - (Entropic)

Avocado Couple
- (demon rejuv, AR AA poof, ARed aftermath) Barbara turned into baby - Beauty Hack Fail - BABY Potion Disaster, 2021/02/27.
Old witch into young, woman into baby - Episode link - youtu.be/DplwcYb0src - screencaps
- (anthros CoA FFed) Short web toons channel.
High School You vs Child You, 2020 - link
- (Tazz)

fetish toons
Dark Productions
- (dedicated CGI TFs, AP & AR scenes) 2021/03 updates:
"Oh, Harley" - Short story about 2 best friends.
  Harley is having a rough time of it since her father threw her into his experimental lab, but things are about to change in a Big way...
"The Unborn" - $10 tier.
"Best Friends Forever" - $5 tier, short.
"Day at Grandma's House" - $15 tier, AR.
  Little Alice goes to see Grandma and is very surprised...
"Siblings at the Pool" - $10 tier, 10 minute epic short film project.
  Renders are done, animations & visuals are completed, finishing up music and sounds. It will be one of the best Age Progressions.
  The story is mine, and the stunning visuals are AGEGrowth's.
"What becomes of Elonora" - $5-15 tiers, quick She-Hulk type animation story.
"The Student Surpasses the Teacher", 2021/03/31.
  Epic short by 2 artists in the Female Transformation webring - Trailer link
- AGF purchase link - Dark purchase link - (Mister Dark)

Koukousei Kazoku
- (male mental pseudo "ARed" effect) "High School Family" gag manga by Nakama Ryou, Shonen Jump, 2021.
Young fellow Kotaro learns that his father, who never got a formal education, will be going to high school with him. So is his mother, who also had to drop out early. His genius little sister will be skipping several grades to join them, and for some reason their cat Gomez also! They all wind up in the same homeroom as the High School Family.
- Ch31: A classmate confesses to be in love with Kotaro's mother. With a little close questioning, Kotaro realizes the fellow was raised by a single father, and only wants a mother figure. Kotaro gets Mom to roleplay being their classmate's mother, with scenarios going back in time to the classmate being a baby in a stroller (without of course physically regressing) - (SKJAM)

short toons
Pringus McDingus
- (AR AA poof) "Babey", 2021/03/10.
Return to ba- oh god... Context: they are remaking Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The developers decided to make the characters chibi, so this is making fun of it. Woman is involuntarily zapped into toddler with resulting mind change.
- Video link - youtu.be/f0yjdlESQ6g - screencaps - (Tazz)

short toons
Cut It Out
- ("unbirthed" ARed, pseudo OC, AA RN cutaway) CGI animated short, The Animation Workshop, 2021.
Psychological drama following Tara being guided on the task of defusing an organic bomb in a school. All is not as it seems. She gets consumed by the bomb, and was turned into a baby. After she fights her way out, we find the change is very symbolic.
- Video link - info link - screen caps - (TAnimation 7)

fast forward (age tropes)
- (dedicated AP) Blink cut/fade effects to visualize accelerated time. Video can be sped up or intermittently slowed to create time and motion blurring, along with reality distortions and glitches. Examples: FeardotCom, Annabelle, Legend, etc.
Also see: Marionette Motion, Adrenaline Time, Bullet Time, Dizzy or Jitter Cam, Ramping, Over/Under Cranking, ghost girls etc - fan morph - The glitches happened when the before/after image sections were randomly morphed into each other instead of the correct source/targets.

Blue Lagoon, The
- (AA FFed cutaway) 1949.
Boy & girl grew up alone on an island - Full movie link FFed cut @35:00 - (Akira)

Secret Magic Control Agency
- (AR AA poofs, ARed aftermath) Netflix, 2021/03/25.
Hansel and Gretel of fairy tale fame grew up to become secret agents who now hate each other. They must use magic to find a kidnapped King. Thanks to Hansel's constant bumbling they were accidentally poofed into kids, and a monster dog became a puppy.
- Trailer link - poster age forms - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Tenchi Souzou Dezain-bu
- (angel/demon ARed) Ep10-11, 2021/03 - Heaven's Design Team
They invent Earth's animals through funny trial and error. At the end of Ep10 they studied how aging works in species, including those that don't age (like lobsters) or those that rejuvenate. A horse becomes a blob like a jellyfish. They change the calculations with a halo on a creature, but it's used too much. An explosion turned the older one young again. He wonders if the others were affected... - (Tazz, Username)

Kim Possible
- (male AR cutaway) Disney Channel, 2019/02/15.
Kim short-circuits Drakken's motivation transferring machine. He was regressed back to boyhood - screencaps

Kippo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
- (male anthro arthropod, age form TFs) Netflix 2020.
Mutant insect Dave can change his life cycle at will. Throughout the show, he daveamorphasizes into baby, child, adult and elderly versions of himself. Usually for humor, like turning old when there is danger, but becoming a super buff young adult when it has passed. If he dies he can still be reborn, restarting his life cycle anew - caps - (Tazz)

Magic Kids - Three Unlikely Heroes, The
- (male AA monster TF, pseudo male AP aspect) 2020 - "Werewolf" caps

- (male FF) - 9-13 - (FF) - 0-6 - (FF) - 8 years - (adults) - ffed
- (FB) - sister 21-7 legend - (teen) - increased height legend

Tales of Suspense
- (dedicated ARed OC) #15. Klatuk4u & Lordbwargle commission.
Goom regressed Emma Frost and Madelyne Pryor. Experimenting with comic line art, stark black shadows and (cross)hatching.
- Temporary backup pic for areas where DA or Process are blocked. Fake issue cover fan art - (EduartBoudewijn)

age progression
- (dedicated FF) - Pixiv fan art. Warning shoujo Nudity, 4 poses 2 series

- months - months 9/12

Locke & Key
- (male slight AP cut) Hill, Rodriguez. "In Pale Battalions Go", 2020/08.
Still too young to go to World War 1, he uses the magic time key to "age up".
- Full comic link - extract - (Jeffr_2bya)

Age of Empires III
- (dedicated AR) 2005.
Pirate character Elisabet "Lizzie" Ramsey found the Fountain of Youth being used by a dark cult for nefarious ends. They end up destroying it.
- What if she had sampled the fountain instead, and found it a bit stronger than expected? - 3-pic fan art sequence - (EduartBoudewijn)

- (male AA TF poof APed) - Kuro Ame 2001. Boy turns irreversibly into black candy man - restored commercial - (Akira)
- (height comparison "ff") - 2020 taller - sister - meme
- (face app "OA") - Tiktok age transformation meme
- (face app "OA") - Buzzfeed celebs put through the faceage app. A lot look really believable! - (Chronoeclipse)
  Would be great to have a full body nude aging ai to show how her chest would sag and her butt get flabby and weak kinda like this - (123anon987)
- (adult to OA) - Evil Queen TF from Disney's Snow White - (Lunkpil)
- (adult dream "FFed" to OA) - s1ep5? Mohawk Girls fantasy sequence. Bailey feels trapped in marriage - (Wazzupdawg)

Shakunetsu no Nirai Kanai
- (demon force AP, RN AR) Ryuhei Tamura, Shounen Jum, 2020. AKA "Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin" Ch31-32.
Underwater magic. Preadolescent shoujo is possessed by Poseidon, who ages her up to more effectively use her powers. He was only able to get her from "10 to 12" but apparently she'll have quite a growth spurt, because her clothes got a bit too short.
- Manga extract - (SKJAM)

- (reversal) Ep01.
Wanda has to prepare a last minute full course dinner for Vision's boss in 50's Tv style. She uses her reality powers to cook a chicken, but turned it back into an egg.
- (adult OA effect) Ep08.
The opening shows Agatha Harkness in 1693 during the Salem Witch Trials. Other witches attempt to destroy Agatha for using dark magic. She quickly drains them of their life-force (her mother included), leaving them withered and nearly skeletal. Apologies for the lackluster quality, and don't be shocked if the Mouse has it removed! - link
- (adult to OA) Ep09 "The Series Finale".
Wanda battles Agatha Harkness for the town inside the Hex. Agatha drains Wanda's energy/magic to the point that she looks like a shriveled old woman. She regains control shortly after.
- (Tazz, MeanMark)

short films
TikTok face apps
- (young adult to "OA" face memes) c2021.
  link - link - link - link - link - link
- Multiple OA filters link
"Life as a youngster" is "AR" really but it works for me! - meme link
- Bonus milf link - (Ark)

fetish films
Getting Older Fast
- (adult AA POV mini-GTS illusion) Ivy Starshyne - $18.99, 18 mins, 2019.
She grabbed some of her "Step-Mom's" clothes to try and impress you. But when you see her "flat" chest and those "scrawny" legs with no ass ... well... You're NOT into her, she's just too "young" for you. Pissed off, she decides to drink some stuff left by her "parents". She's grabbing her body, feeling very strange and... is taller now? She's almost to your shoulders? And her tits are bigger too, "almost" "exploding" out from her top. And her skirt even hikes up to show an ass that's filling in a pair of panties MUCH better! This woman is now a full-blown WOMAN. And her mouth starts to speak like one, too. She's much taller than you, placing her hands on YOUR shoulders, saying she knows how it feels to be the intimidating one - ultimately, to your demise - Purchase link

avatars (virtual fashion "models")
- (AA software) c2001-2020. Data from thousands of body scans was converted into 3D human body avatars by Alvanon Body Platform, Optitex, etc. They could be adjusted to all ages/sizes to "try on" virtual clothing for a proper fit - article link - link - link

links main
- (adults rejuved caption stories) - Nudity link

short toons
Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion, A
- (kid characters FFed to adults) - Animation Domination High Def - S01Ep10 2012/12/13.
The family's favorite Christmas rerun is back. Catch up with the Peanuts gang, Louis CK style. Charlie Brown telling Lucy to fuck off is wonderful. I love how much I hate Lucy?? - link - (Kappa)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Japanese AP Team
- (dedicated TF BE AP) I remember well that some of his/her art featured on The Process when it was more than just a forum and store.
AKA "Kingyoap" - restricted access gallery link - AKA "The A-Team AP Team" - R-18 Pixiv page link AKA Rush - Special Attack Guy etc.
- Pretty much everything they have ever done is there. We know access to these sites is blocked for some, but reportedly there are proxies? - (Kuriboh_fan, Abazaba)

Sayo: Daughter's Photography Birth to Adult
- (AA, some completely unintentional FF glimpses & nudity) 1996, black & white art photo book.
Suzuki Sadahiro photographed his daughter Sayo in various situations and poses - Caution partial artistic topless extract

- slightly too snug clothing try-on - 7 attempts

Celebrity Deathmatch
- (male younger past forms) S6Ep4 "King of the Lil' People" 2007/03/02.
Fight 1: "Lil' Bow Wow vs. Lil' Romeo". They were killed offscreen and resurrected via the Deathmatch time machine as their 12 y.o. selves.
- Episode link - youtu.be/WWS8zykoq48 - (Tazz)

Irmão do Jorel
- (AA APed, ARed) S01Ep13 "Aterrorizante Vida Adulta" 2015/02/09.
After swapping ages with his school bully by blowing on a magic candle, he and his friends have lost their youth.
- Jorel's Brother, Brazil - Episode link @06:00 - caps

short stories
Rabindranath Tagore
- (male AR/AP UCed) "Icchapuran" "When Wishes come True" 1895, Bengali.
Derivative works. Class 9 study guide: Sushil Chandra was not so well behaved. He kept playing pranks that irritated his neighbor. The Lady of Wishes felt father and son were unhappy in their present states. The father wished he were a child again, while the son wanted to be as old as his father. She wanted to see what would happen if they got their wishes.
Sushil had grown up overnight. His clothes had burst at the seams. His face was covered with gray stubbles of beard. He had become bald also. He did not feel like getting up from bed. Subal Chandra had now become very small. He had got back all his teeth. His beard and mustache were gone. His clothes were now too big for his small body.

short films
100th Day of School (memes)
- (adult "OA'd" disguises) c2020. ATTENTION, CLASS: it's the 100th day of the school year.
Be on the lookout for fun videos and pictures from teacher friends dressed as little old ladies! - Clip link - link - link - link - link - link - (MeanMark)

Kiviuq: An Inuit Hero and His Siberian Cousins (book)
- (AA FF) Kira Van Deusen, 2009.
The two of them lived together, and looked after the cows. As the girl grew, her clothes grew with her. Several years passed...

Superman: Red Son
- (adult aging effect) 2020. The battle turned Diana's hair whiter and caused some degree of wrinkling.
Also in the original comic from 2003 - extract

Animaniacs (reboot)
- (anthro "OA" scene) S01Ep11 "Fear and Laughter in Burbank" 2020/11/20.
Dot follows pink balloon into bathroom. Her reflection turns into an old lady. Nickelwise tells her she won't be cute anymore when elderly. Dot asks her reflection if she wants to adopt some cats. Old Dot agrees - (Kappa)

Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo
- (male TF, boy to were demon) S01Ep16 2021 - screencaps - (Akira)

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated CGI TF AP) In 2021 I was banned from Vimeo. If you want to see my content, my videos can still be accessed through my DA page. You'll find a dropbox link for each in the descriptions. Sorry about this situation.
- Deviant Art page link - (Mister AGF)

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
- (AR AA poofs & aftermaths) Ep21 "Everyone, Turn Into A Kid!!" 1993/09/05.
Reiko Mikami became a kid! Tadao Yokoshima and Okinu take her to Father Karasu's church, where they are attacked by the devil Piper. He also poofs Karasu, Pete, and multiple bystanders into kids! This episode was the basis for the side-scrolling videogame featuring the clown villain riding a rat who turned Mikami into a little girl during a boss battle.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Klatuk4u)

- (male AA AP) - Twins age 5 to age 10 gif

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation