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fetish comics
Deviant Artist: WyattX
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation & adult OA sequences, FMG) 2021.
"Growth and Ungrowth" transformation sequences featuring superheroine attacks and magical power-up restorations!
- (De)Aging DA link - IG link - 8 sequences - (Wyatt)

Power Rangers Turbo
- (male hero AA aged-up) Blue Ranger turbo change figure.
1997 toy review link - caps - (Akira)

Adventures of the Gummi Bears
- (adult rejuvenation & OA RN) S03Ep02b "Eye of the Beholder" 1987/09/19.
Ugly witch Marzipan is banished from an adjacent kingdom. She transforms herself into a beautiful lady to enchant all of Dunwyn.
- Scene link - youtu.be/7DPaDrb3n7w - gif - gif
- (adult rejuvenation & OA RN, anthro bear OA) S06Ep15 "Rocking Chair Bear" 1991/02/18.
Lady Bane uses a lock of Sunni's hair to keep herself eternally young. Unfortunately, the spell has an inverse effect on Sunni. Will she die of old age decades too soon?
- Scene link - youtu.be/7ZEKV7zXmLE - screencaps

Impostor: A Variants Novel
- (TG teen shapeshifter, slight UC mention) Tessa is just an ordinary teen girl who happens to be able to transform her body into anyone else's whenever she wants to. It was mentioned in passing her clothes did not change with her! In one brief scene they ripped when she had to morph into an adult male for a reason, but she gave the matter no second thought - Shoe burst fan art by MaddieJaneRann.

Hyperdimension Neptunia
- (AA TF teen upgrade age forms)
When the four Goddesses go into Battle their costumes are magically replaced, they transform into more powerful/mature Goddess forms, and their hair changes color.
- Scenes link - youtu.be/76CmkwpFxN4 - screencaps - screencaps - (Tazz)

Close Enough
- (adult age form illusions) S1Ep7 "First Date" 2020/07/09.
Josh and Emily mirror torture - Scene link - screencaps
- (male FB, adults FFed) S2Ep1b "Meet The Frackers" 2021/02/25.
Pearle tells the truth about Randy's parents. Here's what his biological mom looks like now. It's the voice that wins my favor.
- Scenes link - link - screencaps - (Kappa)
- (male adult muscle) - CB TF

short toons
Twenty Something
- (dream age forms) Pixar short with weird "AR" take. Disney+, SparkShorts, 2021.
On the first day of her young adult party years, Gia visits her first club. Her anxiety for everything to go right is personified in the form of younger versions of herself (ages 16, 10, 1) stacked on top of each other under a trenchcoat. The short begins with her 10 y.o. version "in the driver's seat". They refer to each other by age and the number on their shirts. She tries to chat up a male but her innocence and inexperience make a bad impression, and she falls apart. Her older sister then tells the 3 pieces about her own first club visit, and reassures Gia her romantic/sexual future is destined to be abundantly fine. The 3 Gias hug, and upon leaving the stall they reform into 21 y.o. Gia. As the sisters head out to dance the night away, they imagine the other clubbers as kids and babies (quick transition).
- 1 - (Tazz)

Jokamachi No Dandelion
- (AP/AR "age swaps") Ep3.
A Royal family has magical powers. Young shoujo Hikari Sakurada can make things (including people) older or younger for 24 hours. In this episode, she aged herself into a busty teen to become tall enough to reach a cat, but her clothes became too small. She made older sister Akane into a little kid offscreen to exchange clothes. Later, she ages herself into a teen and the sister into a kid again (all unseen) so they can spy.
- Scene link @0630 - youtu.be/y-AYdUeujNQ - screencaps

My Life As A Teenage Robot
- (FFed) "MLAATR: Twenty Years Later", 2021/03.
Fan video link - caps - (Kappa)

Ever 17: The Out of Infinity
- (age stasis) Visual novel game by KID, 2002.
Tsugumi reveals she and her pet hamster are carriers of the Cure virus, which halts biological aging. She is impregnated by Takeshi. Ryogo Kaburaki, the Kid of 2017, played the role of Takeshi during the recreation, having stopped aging due to the virus.
Ever 17 - remake, 2011.
- Cure-infectee bodies keep aging for 5 more years until their cells have been replaced with infected cells, and then their Super Healing prevents any aging whatsoever. Tsugumi never looks older than 17. Coco manages this naturally, appearing to be only 14.

short toons
Dolly and Friends
- (furry anthro AA TFs, size/age forms)
S4 "Apple of Youth" 2018. Witch into young, kid into baby then giant. Witch RN, giant baby RN-sized then RN to kid.
- Ep link - youtu.be/T_vOoQeQHCQ
S4 "Quick Growth Secret" 2019. Kid into giant.
- Ep link - youtu.be/RBoNR4NvG7o
- (Tazz)

West Coast Avengers
- (adult to OA) V2#12 1986/09.
Halflife: Banca Rech was recruited by Graviton. If she touched a victim, they would age halfway to the point where they'd die of old age. Doing it several times in succession aged a victim so much they died within minutes. Fortunately, this effect had No Ontological Inertia, so the victim regained his true age if Halflife was knocked out.

Boy Meets World
- ("age disguised") S5Ep19 "Eric Hollywood" 1998/03/20.
Eric goes to Hollywood to work on a sitcom. He meets an actress who plays a little girl on the show, but is actually 42 y.o. She then hits on him by grabbing his ass!
- George Feeny: And who might you be, little girl?
- Aggressive Actress (Lindsay Ridgeway b.1985): I'm not a little girl. I'm forty-two! I just play little girls on TV! (She walks by and pinches Eric on the rear.)

short story
Pierce Askegren
- (male age stasis, male AP OA) "The House Where Death Stood Still", 2002.
From The Longest Night - Angel (Tv series) short story collection.
- A quest for a missing boy taken by his father leads Angel to a house where the father made a demonic pact. He was dying and got desperate to see his son grow up, so he stole victims' years to stay young. When Wes came to investigate, his years were transferred into the man's son, who rapidly aged, allowing the father to see him briefly as an adult, and then de-aged, returning Wesley to his young state.
- Extract:
"D-daddy?" Timmy asked. His voice was deeper now, no longer a child's lisp. He was taller, too, and the pajamas he wore split and fell away as he outgrew them. "Dad? I-I feel funny-"
... The demon stared down at the young man who stood where a little boy had stood only seconds before. Already, the young man had become less young. With increasing speed, his hair thinned and faded, and wrinkles formed on his face and neck ...
Timmy's age receded, too. In a moment, the rapidly aging man had become a very young boy once more ... Even as he spoke, his youth and vitality were returning. Skin that had been pale and freckled by age was firm and ruddy now, and color had returned to his hair.

Gelsomino nel paese dei bugiardi
- (male "APed" fantasy curse) Children's fantasy novel by Gianni Rodari, Italy 1959.
"Gelsomino In The Land Of Liars" - Benvenuto "aged rapidly" every time he sat or lied down. He often sat down to help other people in need and, in the biggest Tear Jerker moment ended up dying at age 10, while physically in his late 70s.
- USSR movie adaptation "Volshebnyy golos Dzhelsomino" (Gelsomino's Magic Voice), 1977: Benvenuto appears only as a Bit Character old-clothes dealer and his tragic subplot was cut.

short toons
- (FF) 2010. The life of persons: Song expresses how 2 babies grow up as students, adults, newlyweds, middle-aged, old people - link - caps - (Lunkpil)

Tomb, The
- (old age) The Tomb, by F. Paul Wilson, 1984. Repairman Jack #1, part of The Adversary Cycle.
After Kolabati Bahkti loses her anti-aging necklace, age starts catching up very quickly. Donning it again, however, returns the wearer to youth.

Hunter x Hunter
- (TF "ARed/APed" elements) anime boy with incredible power goes on adventures, c'13.
S4 - Gon and Killua are transported into a "video game" island where they befriend young girl Bisky who is much older than she appears. A huge muscular person prefers a petite young form.
S5 - They must battle hybrids called Chimera Ants that recreate people without memories. A little boy and girl are killed offscreen as pieces of their clothes fall. They are reincarnated as adult hybrids: he looks older with bird features in face and wings, while she looks like an ant.
- Vid link - youtu.be/qyjRrTDs1Z4 - (Tazz)

Rick and Morty
- (younger versions look like ARed) 2021 April Fools Day prank. They pretended to announce Adult Swim Junior, with kid-friendly versions of their shows. Fake commercials ran throughout the night. They only changed the Rick and Morty intro, and dubbed a season 2 episode with kid voices. Morty tries the trench coat trick to get into a movie and younger Summer no longer has breasts though her chest is mostly hidden - Scene link - link - youtu.be/YdVOoDeBCHo - (Tazz)

- (boy time stop) - Motorist takes off helmet and it's a kid! Children are abducted through video games by Golgom to create child warriors!
  Kamen Rider BLACK Ep31 - (Akira)
- (male AA "TF" APed-like form) - blocked: Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Ep66 - (Akira)
- (adults FFed) - middle age weight gain article - (AgingWomen)
- (face FFed) - Hermione - (kid character FFed) - Ramona Quimby at 48
- (flashback) - voice glitch - (FB replacement) - cutaway glitch

Rick and Morty
- (anthro avian "ARed") S05Ep09 "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" 2021/09/05.
Rick abandons 2 crows trained to replace Morty on a planet of cybernetic anthro crows. He zaps one back into an egg that he steps on and says "he is definitely saving this one". It might not return, but sometimes they bring stuff back.
- (male APed, RN ARed age forms) S05Ep10 "Rickmurai Jack".
Season finale where Rick left earth and became an antihero space cowboy with his crows (kind of like Samurai Jack). Morty shows up as a 40 y.o. who says years passed on Earth. Rick returns home to find Morty just drank an aging potion. They go to the Citadel of Ricks to "Re-Build-a-Morty" (link) to age him down. A machine splits him 3-ways: He now appears 7 with a duplicate, who merge into one, leaving regular Morty at 14 and the leftover 26 y.o. Morty.
- (Tazz)

Left Behind series
- (male adult OA) "Glorious Appearing", 2004. Nicolae Carpathia ages into a decrepit corpse of a man whenever Lucifer leaves his body.

- (delayed age stasis) by Kei Toume, Afternoon, 2004-2010.
Title character has the body of a 12-13 y.o. girl, but claims to be 23. Her high school neighbor says that if she's going to lie, she should go all out and say she's Really 700 Years Old. She was involved in a superhero scientific experiment that slowed her aging. She'll look 23 by the time she's 80, but die around then because her lifespan is still normal.

Lucky Luke
- (male adult "OA'd") "La Fiancee de Lucky Luke", 1985. He is hired to escort a convoy of women to their long-distance husbands. A decrepit, cackling old man in a rocking chair listens in. Luke: What's so funny, old-timer? Old man: (angry) "Don't call me old-timer, I'm only thirty!" (dejected) "But this one time, I escorted a women's convoy..."

fetish comics
girls grow faster (meme)
- (dedicated FF APed stages) Scrawny nerd had a sudden growth spurt, c2020 - Art - (Lurkman45)

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: Quickie 3 - Bloom Bloom Challenge (TikTok Parody)
- (dedicated TF AP scene, rapid growth spurts CB, femuscle) 16 sec CGI animation, 2021/09.
A parody of the "Boom Boom" braless glow-up Challenge from TikTok. When I saw a compilation on YouTube, it made me think of this. She goes full Amazon at the end.
- Deviant page link - (199 MB) full download link - alternate video link
- For those blocked from the full-size video we have a smaller version. However, the original has more detailed body dynamics, skin texture, and fabric rippling.
- (1 MB) Thumbnail - (Mister AGF)

- (male APed) Zeitlin, 2020.
The Darlings discover that as long as the children believe in Mother, her influence will prevent them from aging. Buzzo lost faith when he lost his best friend, and became an old man. Wendy discovers that James' right hand has aged. She takes him to the other side of the island, where a group of "Olds" live a sullen life. An older James fashions a hook for his amputated hand, and he became elderly. Many years later Wendy has become an adult who recounts the tale to her own children.

Karin-dou 4koma
- (AR?) Japanese webcomics by Rakurakutei Ramen, c'20.
Reportedly, Seren and Elza's attempts at weight-loss magic turned them into children? Seren eventually turned herself back, but Elza preferred her new form? - Series link

fetish toons
Dark Productions
- (dedicated TF AP)
- "Ultimate Wishes" - 57 mins, $25 or $5 rental, made with AGEGrowth - Purchase link
- "The Assembly" - $5-$10 tiers
- "Life of Cyndee" - Part 1 & 2, 23 mins. Quarterly $10 tier.
- "Siblings at the Pool" - AP, INC, rapid pregnancy.
- "Changes in the Bathroom" - testing new model animation & resolution.
- (Mister Dark)

Yas Island
- (dream AR AA poofs) Abu Dhabi, UAE theme parks. "Everyone Wants To Be A Kid This Summer", 2021.
Commercial link - youtu.be/2QiVMN2uvv8 - screencaps - (FARfan)

- ("middle age", old age cuts) Some unspectacular OA work here, but hey, it's something.
As if aging from 20-40 does nothing but flatten her ass...pffft. We was robbed - Movie link @01:20:00 - caps - (Ark)

iKid, You Not!
- (male AR, aftermath, RN) Singapore, Mediacorp, 2020 shorts.
Simon and Ah Chuan are constantly on their phones working and neglecting their kids. The mysterious app iKid pops up. The only way to get rid of it is click Download. This magically transforms the fathers into their 8 y.o. selves! In their oversized clothes, they are horrified and struggle to explain what happened. The kids smuggle their fathers into their homes to get a change of clothes without mother knowing.
- Series link - Ep01 link - youtu.be/Nnu3PBQ9yTg - Ep02 link - youtu.be/1nfMNwCKhDg - Ep03 link - Ep04 link
- Male ARed Screencaps - Male APed Screencaps - (Entropic)

House of the Witch
- (OA'd glimpse) Generic Netflix horror, 2017.
A group of "high-schoolers" set out to play a Halloween prank at an abandoned house seemingly haunted by a witch. They soon get trapped, you know the formula by now. In a brief scene, cute blonde girl Rachel (who had a fear of aging) winds up in mediocre old age makeup. I was hoping for a better build up, but alas no. There was a bit of cute foreshadowing with the girl saying she needed chapstick because her lips were like an old granny's, and how everything is old; but other than that it's just fluke boom she's there in OA makeup and unfortunately that's it. Still it's something and might spark the imagination a bit, maybe even ideas on how to improve it.
- Blocked link @01:06 - (Fan2000, Deptx)

Otogi-Juushi Akazukin
- (AR AA zap, RN AA WG) Fairy Musketeers Little Red Riding Hood - Ep25 "The Tiny Princess" 2006/12/16.
Shirayukihime was given a magic comb. Things start glowing, and suddenly she has become a kid! The reversion happened unexpectedly.
- Scenes link - youtu.be/lnjypzGS1Uk - screencaps - (The Transformation Channel, Tazz)

Magical Girl Raising Project
- (AA TF AP forms) Lerche anime, 2016.
Ep 11 scene link - screencaps - (The Transformation Channel)

Trilogy Featuring: Bottle Baby with additional stories...
- (mental acceleration kinda like ARed baby) by Philip W. Kunz, 180p, 2012.
A super-human baby... A scientific experiment goes awry to change the life of a young man. Also an Old Hag in "The Hootenanny Massacres!".

When Evil Calls
- (old aged, wish subversion) Mobile horror series, 2006.
5 minute vignettes. Mysterious text messages grant the students at Wilburn High their wildest desires. Karen has a crush on her teacher, but he tells her that so long as she is his student, he will regard her as a child. She wished to be made older to peak adulthood, but was instead aged into decrepitude.

Woody Woodpecker
- (anthro avian FF OA'd, FB, ARed) "Born to Peck", 1952.
In the future, Woody is an elderly woodpecker whose beak is too weak. He recalls his bird babyhood and youth. AR was imposed at the last second by the animator to prevent his suicide - 1

music videos
Niana Guerrero
- (AA AP) Filipina dancer/singer/TikTok - c'21 gif

Gensokyo 20XX
- (mahou AR) 2nd story.
Reimu was regressed due to the side effects of a hibernation spell. She stays like that until the final chapter of 20XXV, where it's implied she's fully grown.

- (14-16-29-OA, RNed) by Lois Lowry, 2012.
The Giver Quartet #4, fantasy curse. Trademaster's bargain for transporting Claire to her son Gabriel is taking her young adult youth, which rapidly turns her into an old woman. She gets better when he is defeated.

short comics
Girl Genius
- (OA) 2001+ webcomics.
The creatures Gil's researchers pull from time-stopped Mechanicsburg rapidly age and decay. Vole ages hundreds of years in seconds. Luckily the information gained allows them to pull people out without more aging effects - girlgeniusonline.com

Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki
- (ARed aftermath) 1996 text adventure game, Square, Satellaview Super Famicom.
Kid was revealed to be Schala from the previous game. After the Ocean Palace incident, she was overcome by grief and guilt. The Frozen Flame transformed her into a baby. One cutscene in Chrono Trigger DS (2008) shows Lucca finding baby Schala/Kid and adopting her.

Cirque du Soleil: Nouvelle Experience
- (ARed) 1990.
The finale had the inhabitants of a Magical Land change The Everyman hero back into a child.

- (anthro furry AR) virtual pet site. Boochi is a random event NPC Baby Bruce with a ray gun that zapped players' active Neopets with the Baby Paint Brush after a successful hit.

Anna Radchenko
- (kinda like pregnant women OA'd aftermath) "GRANDmothers", c2020.
Multidisciplinary artist tackles ageism. Imagine 60- and 70-something Millennial and Gen Z women having children even as grandparents.
- Photos link - Short film link - (Chronoeclipse)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Ritter30
- (dedicated AP CB tales) c'20.
Fetish comic/stories written in such a way they almost seem like regular stories about a young teen girl who has a condition that causes her to grow older and bigger whenever she gets upset or anxious. She has to run off and hide before anyone notices her growing up and out (except for one friend who's in on the secret).
- Story link - "Shopping Dilemma" story & 6-page comic link (registration required) - Full comic Mirror - (Andu22)

short toons
girls grow up faster than boys (trope)
- (5-year FF) 12 to 17 years, 2021.
Anime-style short link - screencaps - (Anime Doram)

Magic: The Gathering
- (age stasis, rejuv?) Card games. Jhoira was exposed to time-warped water that extended her lifespan. By "Time Spiral" she is over 1000 but looks 19. Fountain of Youth card: The archmage Jodah came to be 1000s y.o. by the time he met Jhoira.

Starik Hottabych
- (male OA'd) "Old Man Hottabych" by Lazar Iosifovich Lagin, 1938, 1956.
Russian and transl. A genie was freed from captivity by a Soviet schoolboy. The genie's jerkass brother tells the heroes to choose the manner of their deaths. One boy says he wishes to die of old age... guess what spell the genie cast?
- Was filmed as "Starik Khottabych", USSR 1956, and remade as Khottabych, Russia 2006. No AP.

- (adult age disguise) - old lady - (Kappa) - (old age makeup) - tutorial - tutorial - (Keith943)
- (adult toon age appearances) - Why 30 y.o.'s in the past looked much older than now article - (Kappa)
- (super tall girls) - gifs - (adult face photo aging) - fiancee prank

- slight FF - FF

Kizoku jinan no nariagari
- (male rebirth with memory "ARed") - "mahou o kiwamete sekai saikyou ni natta tensei-sha".
"The rise of the second son of a nobleman - a reincarnated person who has become extremely strong in magic" by Nazuna Miki, Fuyugo Hayama, c2021.
Arad was working for a black company in Japan when he was reincarnated as a baby who grew in a different world - extract - (Akira)

Ayakashi Oppai! Hatsujou Souran Emaki
- (demon AA BE, ARed) Hentai by Miyashiro Sousuke, c2013.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Yokubou Pandora
- (demon AA age poofs) by Hizuki, Akira. Comic ExE, Ch 17-18+, c2020.
Armpit connoisseur Takai Tsukasa knows the beauty of women's shapely armpits. A careless wish summons the most gorgeous woman alive, who just so happens to be a demoness!
- Ch19 link - extract - (Andu22)

Power Rangers Turbo
- (male hero AA aged-up) 2021 action figure concept.
instagram.com/p/B7_czbeFHU7/ - toy collectible - (Akira)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated male ARed aftermath spanking) by Rose St. Andrews, c2021.
A fancy restaurant on the moon... The comic featured AR aftermaths of main characters Michi and Angie, and both got spanked - link - link - covers - (DrWhoAR)

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
- (furry AP) 2018+
Another (minor?) TF of Wendy Marvell. To occupy the overwhelming magic power, she grew up a bit. Don't know whether the others did the same, for "friendship" card was in play.
- Ch88 link - extract - (Kazumamiyato)

Senki Zesshou Symphogear XD Unlimited
- (mahou AA age swap) Bushiroad mobile RPG, 2017.
In the event "Stand Up! Girl!!" the youngest sister is older and the oldest younger.
- Video link - link - link - ages art - ages art - (Andu22)

One Operation Joker
- (male ARed poof & extended aftermath) by MIYAKAWA Satoshi, 2021.
After Batman fell into a chemical vat turning him into a baby, Joker must raise him again. Shame that it's a poof transformation, but a cool story from a deranged person slowly going "sane" sort of angle.
- Manga link - (Username)

Baachan, JK ni naru
- (adult rejuvenation) Sunday Webry one-shot "Grandma becomes JK" by Takashi Kasai, c2020.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

henshin heroine team
- (mahou "age forms", BE, tentacle) Pixiv hentai porn, 2021.
The serious small-breasted brains of the transformation heroine team - extract - extract - (Andu22)

Kozukuri Maeve
- (demon AA age forms) by Takeshi Kojima, 2021 - Ch01 link - extract - (Andu22)

Shitara na na
- (demon AP) "What should I do?" Pixiv, c'20 - link - extract - (Andu22)

short toons
AA scenes
- (FFed cut) c'21 cap

Androxi Effect
- (outgrown shoes) - Trying on shoes from when i was little caps - dedicated CB art

- 5 more attempts

Liberty Mutual
- (kids "old age" makeup) 2021. A fun behind-the-scenes post about the "Double Dutch" commercial. "Granny" pics of me... You think I'll actually look like this when I get older?! So much fun filming this and all the hours in the makeup chair were totally worth it!
- IG link - extract - (Mean Mark, Sydneytaleah)

Belial-sama wa Shitennou no Naka demo xx
- (demon AA age form poofs) Ch 4 & 17-18.
Belial-sama is one of the Four Heavenly Generals, by Hayashi Yuuichi, c2020.
- Manga link - demon AP extract - demon AR extract - demon AP extract - (Andu22)

- (demon AR) by Yuki Azuma, Kadokawa Shoten, c2012.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Clifford the Big Red Dog
- (furry male adult OA dream) S2Ep2 "Fan Mail/Hooray for Cleo" 2002/05/17.
Speckle Story: "Speckle and the Big Job". Speckle worries it will take him forever to clean up a big mess and he is growing a Rip Van Winkle beard?!
- Scene caps - (Ricco)

B-Robo Kabutack
- (robot TF "APed"?) Ep2 "Let a Miracle Happen, Kabu", 1997.
Metal Hero tokusatsu, Toei. Chibi bot battle upgrade - blocked vid link - (Akira)

Space Jam: A New Legacy
- (robot male "OA") 2021. Granny uses the robot Chronos time powers against him, and he became a rusty, old robot with a gray beard - link - (Tazz)

short toons
- (demons AR AA) "Older child vs Younger Child - Funny Situations In The Family" 2021.
Web toons, no dialogue. Kid again? - Baby Violet - Bully vs. Kid Pinky. Demon teen into little kid (1:32) demon woman into baby (5:54), demon teen into kid (10:09).
- Episode link - youtu.be/WEfTDFu1OWo - screencaps - (Tazz)

Xue ji yu qishi
- (furry AA age forms) The Blood Princess and the Knight PRC manhua.
Ch 17-18, 2018+ chapters link - extract - (Andu22)

Peach Boy Riverside
- (demon AR AA) Ep1.
Sadly it's offscreen, but seems like the female oni shrinks every time she unleashes her full power. Starts around 15 mins.
- Episode link - screencaps - (10th_man_down)

Yakudatazu Skill ni Jinsei o Sosogikomi 25-nen, Imasara Saikyou no Boukentan Midori Kashi no Akira
- (demon adult rejuvenation) Ch12, 2019. By Peroshi, Syuukichi, Guntetsu.
Chapter link - extract - (Andu22)

Jahy-Sama Wa Kujikenai!
- (implied unseen demon AR) Ep03 features no onscreen TF. In one scene, a character is talking to Jahy while her head slowly pans down, signaling that she is watching Jahy ARing - (The AP Ninja)

Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-san!!
- (furry AR AA RN) by Kutsugaeru, Web Comic Gamma Plus. Ecchi, c2019.
Adventurers venture in the mysterious underground labyrinth Tartaros. The rookie Rabi meets beast woman merchant Firo, with whom he makes a deal to be her #1 customer.
- Ch16 link - extract - (Andu22)

- (AA poofs) - "I turned into a BABY then into MOM! Time Machine FAIL - BODY SWAP" 2021.
  After the box fort time machine fails, Alexia turns into a baby instead of going back in time. Austin then presses the fast forward button but goes too far and Alexia became a grown up!
  When Alamo Mom gets home, she freaks out and faints after seeing Alexia as a grown up - video
- (age play) - Zity roleplay
- (teen FF cuts) - c'21 "Doechii, Why Don't You Introduce Yourself" trend - TikTok before/after vids.
- (face FF) - AI morphs

- slightly outgrown 5 try-on attempts

Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!
- (AR) "The Different World Magic Is Too Far Behind!" by Gamei Hitsuji, 2017.
Ch 21 link - small extract - (Andu22)

Magic School Bus Rides Again, The
- (TFs, AR AA, aftermath, AA RN) S02Ep16 "In the Zone" 2020/12/26.
"Time Zones" song. Kids invisible (10:20), Mrs Frizzle and girl into eggs and back (10:52), girl into moth and lizard made blue (13:01), invisible kids into moths (14:15), Lizard into dinosaur offscreen and everyone back to normal (16:30), boy into snake (16:53), Keesha into baby (18:08), woman into monkey (18:25), bus into various vehicles (18:47), the three previous people back to normal (20:45), boy into old man (21:24), girl into corn (22:08), girl into elephant then into elephant trunk (23:17), boy into bird (23:22), girl into dog (24:10), boy into stone block, woman shrinks, girl into ice cream cone, boy into skunk (24:24), everyone back to normal offscreen, boy into clam, girls into rabbits, boy into tortoise, boy into cloud, girl shrinks, women into penguins (26:35), boy who was clam into rock giant (28:20), then back to normal (29:42).
- AR scene link - screencaps - RN screencaps - (Tazz)

Mighty Heart
- (AR) Onekomimi, by Matsuri Seishirou, c2018+
Ch 38 link - small extract - (Andu22)

Robinsons (fruit drink)
- (male "ARed" dream, cutaway RN) "Thanks Dad", UK CM, 2013.
Two boys play outside, tease each other about girls, drink the orange juice, and watch a film together at home. The first boy falls asleep on the couch, and the second one takes off his shoes for him, carries him upstairs, and puts him into bed. The second boy pauses at the door as the first one sleepily says "Night, Dad." We see the "second boy" at the door again, now grown-up as his Dad. "It's Good To Be A Dad, It's Better To Be A Friend."
- CM link - caps - (TvTropes)

Adventure of Little Ralph, The
- (male nude AR & aftermath) Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken, PlayStation Japan, 1999.
2D action. The demon Valgo has come to town, transforming adult swordsman Ralph into a small child and kidnapping his girlfriend.
- Full gameplay video link - youtu.be/gxzv-sUmmnk - caps - (Jeff 2bya)

- (female AR/AP/TF) - YouTube playlist channel
  Download videos - (TGManiac)
- (fetish info) - The difference between age regression and ageplay talk

Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!
- (demon AR) - scene - (Tazz)

Fantasy Island (2021)
- (adults rejuvenated) Ep01 "Hungry Christine/Mel Loves Ruby" 2021/08/10.
A magical island can grant anyone's fantasy regardless of how crazy, but can't cure diseases. An older black couple wanted to have a wonderful last few days (she was dying of cancer). They are told to approach a jungle waterfall to begin their fantasy. They went through and became young adults again in their 20s. "I almost can't believe they're mine. Try looking in the mirror and seeing all this hair. And not a bit of it growing out of your ears. Let's just feel how we are in these healthy and young bodies." - caps - (Tazz, Carlton)

Us Again
- (male adult rejuvenation "dream") - Scene link - youtu.be/ZY4G6iADrA8 - screencaps - (Tazz)

Red Hood: The Hunters Guild
- (AA AP, RNed AR) by Yuki Kawaguchi, Shonen Jump, c2020.
A shonen travels with the mahou shoujo Grimm, a professional Hunter who eliminates monsters (especially werewolves). She AAs into an adult every time there's a battle ensuing. The manga has a Kurohime vibe to it, let's look forward to more TFs and a fun story.
- Manga link - small extract - (Azumamiyato)

Growing Up and Down
- (parents rejuvenated into teens) Disney sitcom Tv movie, 30 mins, 2014, 2017/10/07.
This show was canceled before it began. Sydney and Ben find a magic lamp and accidentally poof their divorced parents back into teens. Their parents go to high school with them, with troubles like crushes, skipping class, and kissing the bad boy your parents hate - info link

Rick and Morty
- (furry age poofs) S5Ep1 "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" 2021/06/20.
Complicated backstory, but anthro dog rapidly goes back and forth between ages like baby, old, and normal before exploding. Jessica decides to stay friends with Morty after her outlook changed significantly from being imprisoned for eons.
- Video link @14:59 - youtu.be/DYCEXg4_lCM - (Tazz)

short stories
Onion, The
- (unseen adult aging effect) 2021/03 parody news story.
"New Special Effects Technology Able To Age Young Actress Into Elderly 30-Year-Old" - On social media you can enjoy dozens of comments from fans freaking out at the idea of making Anya Taylor-Joy 30 years old. If only they could see the kind of things *we* do with her images! - Report link - (Chronoeclipse)

Uglies (series)
- (coming of age FF themes, beautification/(de)maturation) by Scott Westerfeld. Titles: Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras. c2004+
Dystopian SF book series about the future life cycle:
- "Littlies" are young, cute, and innocent children who attend elementary school until age 12.
- "Uglies" endure the burgeoning physical developments of the early teen years. They live in monitored dorms to attend middle and high school, and call each other nicknames (Fatty, Skinny, Squint, or Zits).
- "New Pretties" underwent the massive Operation at age 16 that made them perfect in beauty and health. This includes brain lesions for compliance. They move into New Pretty Town to have fun and maintain an active social life in popular cliques such as the Swarm, the Hot Airs, and the Crims.
- "Middle Pretties" have picked their professions after a second, minor operation to look older and wiser but still beautiful. They move to the suburbs and are allowed to marry and have limited children.
- "Late Pretties" or "Crumblies" live in assisted homes and receive life extension surgery.

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon AA AR/AP) The Witch Controls Her Age and Magic With a Kiss.
Mugura Tooru is so low-profile even his family loses sight of him. A witch's true identity was found out by Tooru. She says his most heartfelt wish must be granted to get her magical power back. Necessary to restore her power every day is... a kiss?!
- Ch09 link - extract - extract - (Andu22, The AP Ninja)

short toons
Magic Lesson
- (furry pony AR) "Forever Young ft DRWolf" 2019/10 web toon, Lightning Bliss.
Unicorn into baby - link @05:10 - youtu.be/tNXyOUS_Jfk - (Tazz)

Solar Opposites
- (adult FF, RNed) S2Ep3 "The Lake House Device" 2021/03/26.
After realizing his warranty complaint box can send letters into the past, Korvo uses it to make Terry more receptive to Korvo's work requests. The letters turn Terry into a psychopathic murderer. He meets a blind woman in a park and falls in love with Yasmine in an Up-style montage @16:00. Many years later, an elderly Terry sends a letter back to Korvo with instructions to return to normal - (Kappa)

Amusement Park, The
- (adult mental age degeneration) George Romero, 54 mins, filmed 1973, 2021 re-release.
The Amusement Park was a psychological thriller/educational film, made as a commission for the Lutheran Society about elder abuse and ageism. An allegory about the nightmarish realities of growing older, an older man ignores vague warnings by a battered version of himself. He then experiences horrific things at an amusement park where the rides highlight aspects of aging. He finds himself disoriented and increasingly isolated as the pains, tragedies and humiliations are manifested through roller coasters and chaotic crowds. A nightmarish hellscape in which senior citizens are scammed, ignored, and worse - (Tylerjmcmaster)

fetish toons
TF artist: Siritus
- (dedicated mostly nude CGI AR/AP) - 2 more age TF mp4s - (Siritus)

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: The AgeShifter - The Minion
- (dedicated CGI AP) 2020/10.
Normally, when girls grow up they have enough time to change into larger clothes as it happens, averting the fabric from being ripped apart by the mighty force of their growth. However this is no longer true when dark magic is involved. Melany is chosen by a Power greater than herself to enter a new subordination.
Caution: Adult Nudity.
- Original full-resolution animated story link - 11 AP gifs - before/after screencaps

Dora and the Lost City of Gold
- (adult TF rejuv fade) 2019.
Madelyn Miranda played 6 y.o. Dora. 16 y.o. Dora was played by Isabela Moner - screencaps - 02

Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie
- (age swap) 2-part anime film, 2021.
Part 1: Usagi and Chibiusa trade ages as in the original anime/manga. Sailor Moon & Chibi Moon turn back when they transform. They said let's try it, and when they do they are normal aged again. Also a scene where kid Sailor kissed Tuxedo Mask. Very weird out of context.
- Scene link - screencaps - (King_of_TF)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, females ARed) #06, 2021/08. Spanking on the Moon.
Michi and Angie reduced to little girls at Benji's mercy! - Purchase link - extract - (DrWhoAR)

Storie Viola
- (excellent AP CB scene) 10 "La vergine corrotta" c1986.
Italian fumetti series, Ediperiodici. Dutch edition Demonische verhalen 10 "De korrupte maagd" 1987.
- Mysterious stranger from the Lost Continent zaps a preteen alone at home for a sacrifice, causing her to grow up suddenly. She quickly goes out to have adult fun. However, her parents are "swingers" who believe they are dealing with a lunatic. They take her to their secret torture basement to a bad end. We would have preferred it to be like Fancy Lala instead (with clothes bursting) where she keeps her age changing a secret, but this was strictly a one off.
- Full comic page scans link
Extracts: before the AP - during the AP - after the AP - the end - (Andu22)

music videos
Paul McCartney & Beck
- (male adult "rejuvenated") "Find My Way" 2021.
Paul was faked into a younger adult. But not all is as it seems? Video link
- This is similar to "The Beatles: Rock Band Commercial Spot", c2009, where The Fab 4 come to modern day life - link

Phineas and Ferb
- (male AR AA) The Babe-inator - caps

Liberty Mutual
- (type 14 AA curse, "old age" FF cut without size increase) "Double Dutch" 2020.
2 girls and a boy skip rope for "many years" - CM link - caps

Dog & Pony Show, The
An anthro dog befriends a magical pony.
- (AR, AA RN OA'd cut) S01Ep20 "Growing Up and Down!" 2021.
Dog & Pony visit Pony's grandma and her friends in the nursing home. Pony makes 3 of the residents kids again to have fun. But when they try to make them old again, Pony (who does mess up spells) makes him, Dog and Misty old. The young old group must now help them.
- Scene link - youtu.be/wwWmrwqTr1A
- (anthro AR) S01Ep26 "Baby Pony!"
Pony accidentally turns himself into a baby.
- (Tazz)

text fragments
Hoshi no Oujisama Petit Prince
- (man & woman ARed?) The Prince of the Stars: Le Petit Prince, The Adventures of the Little Prince, 1978.
He lives on Asteroid B612 spending his days cleaning out 3 small volcanoes (which he also uses to cook his breakfast), weeding out the baobab trees that threaten to take over, and caring for his friend the Rose Girl. When he gets lonely he catches a comet in his butterfly net to fly to Earth - Ep01 "Small Stars in Hometown" link - (Akira)

short toons
Wolfoo Family
- (anthro dream ARed) Wolfoo, Don't Be Angry with Lucy! Don't Feel Jealous of Baby, 2021/06.
Kid dreams he was turned into a baby overnight - Video link - youtu.be/7k0yX_Jogao - (Tazz)

Super Spy Ryan
- (anthro feline AR) Ryan's World 30 mins toon/live action movie, 2020.
Anthro cat into kitten (plot revolves around characters being turned into babies) - Scene link - youtu.be/J8pylBVo8o8 - (Tazz)

Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!
- (demon ARed & aftermath, RN AA) Ep1 "The Great Jahy Can't Go Back!" 2021/08/01.
Second-in-command demon queen was reverted to childhood by a mahou shoujo as she fell out of the Dark Realm. When it's time to go to work at an izakaya restaurant, she uses a little leftover magic to progress back into her adult form. However, magic can run out at inopportune moments.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Fan lao huan tong
- (male ARed, male TF partial AP CB practical effects)
4 pals on a Thai tour drank a potion that turned them into boys, leaving one to try to steer them back to adulthood. There was some uneven restoration.
- Scene link - gif - screencaps - (Ian Ricky, Akira)

fetish fiction
TF author: ChronoEclipse
- (dedicated OA, rejuv, AR, AP) 2021.
I wanted to invite you to check out my Patreon. I mostly write Old Age TF; almost all my stories involve female age changes. I also wrote stories involving: old age & middle age rejuvenation & AR; infant to adult AP & child/parent age swaps. I'm open to writing all kinds of age TF genres if you are interested in joining and making your preferences heard! - Patreon link

- (type 8 AA curse rejuvenation) S1Ep3 "Guinevere" 2011/04/08.
Merlin is restrained to his bedpost by the powerful 25 y.o. witch Morgan Pendragon (Eva Green). She displays her dark transfiguration powers to assume a younger appearance? Later, these caused her to spew blood and suffer great pain.
- Scene link - screencaps

Adam Ruins Everything
- (AA "AR" dream poof) "Debunking The Tale of Pocahontas" 2018/03.
CollegeHumor, TruTV series with animated episodes, young adult into kid. Reanimated history: the "love story" of Pocahontas and John Smith was actually a very sad tale.
- Video link - youtu.be/iqMcrfHRYDQ - gif - (Tazz)

- Mai, anon, Thea slight face FF

- (male TF AA age form?) "Digimon Frontier" Ep01 blocked link - (Akira)

Tenchi Souzou Design-bu
- (tenshi ARed AA) "Idea 11" 2021/03/18 - Episode link - screencaps - (Setsuna)

King in Black
- (male AA demon TF "growth" illusion) "King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes" #3, 2021/04.
Venom series. Knull arrives with an army of symbiote dragons to destroy the Earth. The teenage male Bren Waters, AKA "Toxin", was bonded to the symbiote following its return from the brink.
- Pic - (Akira)

short comics
Project Star Tree
- (AA time jumps, AR/AP) c2021 webcomic by Spoon300.
The destruction of the Red Ring of Ciscero causes a time loop crash.
- CORRECTION: Onboard the Star Tree spacecraft Steven Spielberg, a woman suddenly respawned into existence 6 months pregnant. Acting captain TJ Delta Spooner crushes a server - which causes baby Gale to be abruptly born. The mother begins breastfeeding the baby for the first and last time: the acting captain karate chopping another server has caused another age-jump, and the baby starts teething. When the acting captain fires his gun at a third server, the toddler ages up to 4 or 5.
- Also, the medical officer and communications officer were shown to have been ARed by the sudden timejump - Webcomic link - sketches
- Ch03 P21: An illusionary AA AP scene involving a special outfit that grows with its wearer - extract - (Alexander)

Stunt Dawgs
- (AR AA poofs) S01Ep27 "Stunt Puppies" 1993/03/29.
The villain created a ray gun to turn people into babies to facilitate crimes. I spent years looking for it.
- Spanish dub episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime
- (younger male virtual creature "age disguise") AKA Belle - Toho, Studio Chizu, 2021/07/16.
17 y.o. Suzu lives with her father in a rural town that is a textbook case of depopulation in the Japanese countryside. For years, she has been a shadow of herself.
One day Suzu discovers the massive online world "U". She dives in as her avatar Belle and becomes a world-famous singer. A mysterious and infamous Dragon-like figure appears before her. They embark on a journey of adventure, challenges, and love in a quest to become who they truly are. However, the Dragon was really played by young elementary school boy "Tomo" in avatar form - Trailer link - (Akira)

text fragments
Wizards of Aus, The
- (male adult muscle morph) SBS. Ep4 "Canvassing" 2016/02/18.
A vote is called to kick all wizards out of Melbourne. Jack rallies his fellow magical immigrants to fit in a little better - Video link @03:18 - (Romain)

- (AR AA poof, RN) S01Ep05 "If Bureaucracy Be Thy Death" 2021/05.
Monica zapped back into kid, man into monkey, both back to normal, then both into 2d and back.
- Video link - youtu.be/wTbBVPFpi9I - screencaps - (Tazz)

American Dad
- (dream FF to OA) S11Ep20 "Gifted Me Liberty" 2016/06/13/
A girl "asks Steve out", he fantasizes a life together until they're old and grey, and she dies during what looks like an alien robot uprising. Then it gets worse again but he learns to adapt to the situation.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, male ARed) #05 2021/07.
Spanking in space - Purchase link - extract - (DrWhoAR)

Yousei Pelsia
- (AR AA, RN) Ep12.
Young girl AA poof into infant to help with babysitting, then around 8:12 she AAs back in stages through toddler, child, and preteen.
- Episode link - youtu.be/3i_q1MUglNg - screencaps - (Tazz)

Tale about the Lost Time, A
- (AR) Russian-Canadian Musical Drama Theatre, Toronto, c2012.
Based on Soviet film "Skazka O Poteryannom Vremeni", 1964 - link - caps

Coup de Jeune
- (male ARed cutaway) - Vid link - caps - (Cuteageregression)

short films
CollegeHumor: Optical Illusion Girlfriend
- (adult "OA" mental switch) 2009 short. Based on "My Wife, my Mother in Law" drawing (1888, 1915 W.E. Hill).
Guy brings home his hot girlfriend, but his friend warns him he is actually dating the "Young Woman, Old Woman" Ambiguous Figure illusion. However their viewpoints are swapped and they trade places. His friend then tries to put away her flowers in Rubin's Vase illusion.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Leslie Ober
- (10 year FF) "Growing Up Girl", 2020.
Recreated favorite shots of oldest daughter approaching the tumultuous teen years. We are desperately holding on to the innocence and purity that is the magic of early childhood - pics

Philippine series.
- (female AR) Ep10 "Melchora Meets Cedie".
- (OA'd cutaway near end) Ep41 "Stop Watch" - Channel link - caps - (Sickboy)

Peach Boy Riverside
- (demon AA TF age forms) Ep2 "Ogres and Humans" 2021/07/08.
Female ogre progression into combat form at 02:30. After female ogre fires magic cannon from her right eye, she depowers back to her shoujo form at 07:55.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Zenryoku Kaihi Flag-chan!
- (demon AA TFs, ARed poofs and aftermaths) "Full power avoidance flag-chan!" by Plott Inc. 2020/'21.
"What happens when you become an infant?"
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/UmmNaQ3kZkg - Well, I'm getting sleepy...
- Episode link
"What happens when everyone becomes an infant?"
- Episode link - screencaps - youtu.be/DxQsZt63qP4 - No way getting smaller twice...??
"What if an evil organization makes you a toddler?"
- Episode link
- (Tazz, Bart2)

Pierrot Gakuen
- (male AA AR) Clown School web toons, 2021/04.
I've become a baby! Guhehe! All-you-can-eat as a baby shota! Licca-chan raises her child and Miki-chan and Maki-chan take care of him!
- Episode link - youtu.be/oQnQN7u7720 - caps - (Tazz)

Zui qiang zuo si xitong
The Ultimate Self-destruction System
- (AP TF) Zhiyin Animation, Chibaofan Factory manhua.
A catastrophe known as Data Crash struck the earth. Survivors rule the game and losers are erased. Jacob Wei was reborn with the incredible Self-Destruction System. Now he earns points from his stupid acts on his way to the top.
- Full manga chapters link - Before/during AP chapter 23 - After the AP chapter 24 - (Anonsuper)

Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
- (demon AA age disguise as adult) The Eminence in Shadow - light novels by Daisuke Aizawa, Tozai. Ch16, 2018.
Elven shoujo Epsilon is known for her haughty attitude. She manipulates her slime suit to look taller and bustier than she actually is.
- Manga extract - (Andu22)

fetish comics
fetish toons
TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 4) "The Power: Playtime" CGI comic, 2021/06.
I decided to make a small follow-up comic to my animation "The Power". I wouldn't call this a part 2, but it does take place after the events of the first animation. Bobby and the girls explore their "reversed" roles when the element of sexuality is added to their relationship. Caution Nudity.
- PDF download link 20 MB - (Apfan101)

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: Quickies
- (dedicated male & female AP TFs, aftermath scene) 2021/06 CGI shorts.
A boy and a girl undergo separate age-up transformations in the dead of night. They grow up of their own free will. Reduced size/quality "shrunken" versions of the TF videos were also made. Only view these if your employer's firewall or data caps prevent you from accessing the full size videos. Adult Nudity:
- Male AP Full Size link 153 MB - thumbnail version mp4 2.2 MB.
His pajamas cannot take it, and are torn on top and at the bottom.
- Female AP Full Size link 115 MB - thumbnail version mp4 1.5 MB.
Her rising body pushes her clothes aside as irrelevant... Perhaps these 2 were destined to meet?
The Aftermath
- This video is just a compilation of Quickie 1 and 2 with a quick aftermath encounter. They come together to explore their changes.
- Download link 751.82 MB - (Mister AGF)

fetish toons
TF artist: Siritus
- (dedicated Nude AP, BE) 2021/06.
Enjoy some stuff I did. A blonde baby rises from the floor to grow up. She gets taller and taller until reaching her full adult size, at which point she actually looks down on us.
- Female AP Full Size link 55 MB - thumbnail version mp4 0.7 MB - (Siritus)

- Erin months

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita
- (ARed & aftermath, RN AP CB) Ep11 "I Ate Mushrooms and Became a Child" 2021.
"I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level" - Main female character Azusa eats a magical mushroom that turned her into a child. Eno gives Azusa pills to return to normal, but she forgets to change out of her child costume. It tears apart, leaving her half-naked after aging back to her adult form.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Carlton)
- (adult mahou aged, RN rejuvenation poof) Ep8.
Far into the episode, an elderly witch reverts into a young one. We learn her old form was a disguise. It's not the best, but it gave me a Howl's Moving Castle vibe so...
- Episode link - caps - (Kappa)

Pluster World
- (AA TF mahou APed form) Ep46.
Bouken Yuuki Purasutaa Waarudo, "Journey of Adventure: Pluster World" - link - screencaps - (Akira)

Charmed (reboot)
- (adults aged & RNed) S03Ep15 "Schrodinger's Future" 2021/06/18.
When Maggie and Macy returned from the future, they had aged a bit with gray hairs. Temporal Tea Potion was brewed by Mel and Ruby to reverse the side effects.
"I never aged, I never got sick until I gave up my immortality ... I'm feeling in the 18 to 21 range...
An acceleration potion, courtesy of my mother ... with this, it took her only 30 seconds to clean up after dinner.
Going to the future for more than 30 minutes ... can lead to a host of temporal issues like... Rapid aging.
Hands of time turn around. Help us back and homeward bound ... Oh, my God. We're... Old as hell.
Unless you guys really want senior discounts, you better start drinking."
- (Carlton)

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon TF age form) - extract

- (dedicated AR game) 2021/06.
I have been developing an AR/ABDL RPGmaker MV game. You can find the full information for the game & new demo on FTT or my Discord.
- FTT link - Discord link - (NEP)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, male ARed) #04 "Scarlett's Big Secret" 2021/06.
Scarlett works on a school report on Benji, gets spanked by him, and learns about the spankings he gets from Michi. Then she gets to give him one.
- Purchase link - extract - (DrWhoAR)

- (FF) - Lowe's "Don't Stop" c2012 commercial - (Lunkpil)
- (AA adult younger age disguise effect) - Japanese moms fit perfectly in their daughters high school uniforms.
  Keep in mind they are all in their 30's & 40's. Who's your favorite? Wish it wasn't in 240 lol. c'08 Contest - (Hideyoshi lacan)
- (adult toon weight gain OA) - Suga Mama looked decades younger while thin. When the pounds packed back on, so did the wrinkles.
  I heard they're bringing back Proud Family. Hope Penny gets new friends. Besides Sticky, they were all pretty shitty friends - Scene - (Kappa)
- (some adult FB/FF to old) - 30 years of "hi-res aging". Her husband takes these sHots - albums - (Thetreerollins)
- (adult rejuved & RN OA) - He's having a lotta fun with this sexy "young" blonde, turns out she wasn't as young as he thought!
  Wouldn't say I found it horrifying, but he sure did! Imagine a grandma suddenly on top of ya! - Misfits episode @06:53 - (Kappa)

- teen months

Bump in the Night
- (male anthro entity AR poof) "Baby Jail" 1994/10/22.
Stop-motion series. Bumpy accidentally swallows some baby formula while trying to feed a baby and becomes one of them.
- Info link - Episode link - caps

Athena Voltaire
- (male adult rejuved stasis?) "Athena Voltaire and the Isle of the Dead", Steve Bryant, 14p., 2009.
Series centered on 1930s aviatrix fending off occult Nazis. "I'm talking about immortality, Miss Voltaire."
A Spanish explorer discovered the Fountain of Youth. Rather than risk returning to find it gone, he filled as many barrels as he could. His ship however was sunk.

Chandra Mukhi
- (male AP) - New alternate full movie link @36mins - (Akira)

Sky High
- (AR poofs) 2005. The villain zapped almost all the superheroes into babies - caps

Donkey Kong Country
- (male furry rejuv) Nintendo, 1994.
Pre-rendered scene. Cranky used a potion to prepare for one last quest - cap

- (male demon TF, male AR) S1Ep7 "Mr. Grumpy-Pants" 2008/11/09.
A twisted, disturbing tale. On his birthday, The Warden's inner child demon escapes.
The Warden was feeling old and decrepit, so Jared bought "ancient Chinese mystery butter" to restore his youth. It ends up in the birthday cake, leading to a bunch of inmates regressing into toddlers who violently kill each other.
- Info link - caps

- (adult rejuvenated) #1897-#1910 "My School Chum Mum" May-Aug 1994.
UK comics by Andy Tew. A scientific disaster: after Rachel's father invented an anti-ageing cream, Mum was reverted to resembling a teen schoolgirl. She must pass herself off as Rachel's "cousin Emily" and attend Rachel's school until Dad returns from Antarctica. School has changed a lot since her day. Things get worse when Social Welfare suspects there is no adult in charge - extract
- (teen mind transfer?) "In Paula's Place". Carrie Weaver is fostered by the Hunts who are still grieving over the death of daughter Paula. Strange things happen after Carrie moves into Paula's old room and wears her old ring.

Left Behind (series)
- (AA age replacements) 1990s. The Rapture "rejuvenates" older Christians when they receive Glorified bodies, while children and teenagers are brought up to the same age level as adult believers. At the end of the Millennium, even the longest-lived naturals (who at that point are all believers) are restored to the prime of adult youth.

Dominion's End
- (adult mind transfer TGed & rejuved) by Yu WO, China, 2014-2017.
Light novel. Red meteors rained across the sky and humans no longer dominated this world. After the apocalypse, I struggled for 10 bitter years. When I opened my eyes again, I had "transformed" from an ordinary 35 y.o. woman into a beautiful young man of 18. The apocalypse had vanished with the unexpected return of 17 years of adult youth. Just as things couldn't possibly look any brighter, the end of the world came crashing down again.

Les Visiteurs
- (adult rejuved) '93. Early on, a witch forces an old woman to drink a potion. This causes her to inflate and rocket through the roof (judging from the other holes she wasn't the first victim), only to fall back a minute later as a younger woman.

Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop
- (male AR & rejuv) Ep39 "I Was a Teenage Zitbag" 1994.
Dr. Zitbag de-ages himself into a teenager to prove he's cool to Officer Deadbeat's son Damian and the Exorsisters' nieces. At first he mistakenly de-aged into an infant, but skeletal canine companion Horrifido helped him grow a bit older into adolescence. He reverts back to adulthood by the end of the episode.

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: The Ageshifter - The Duet
- (dedicated AP) 2019. A dramatic story of a boy and a girl dance student rising to overthrow their tormenting teacher before entering into a new union. It did show accurate loss of bladder control before the TF. Also a more clinical closeup scene of the pubertal development process affecting male genitalia.
- CAUTION: Adult Nudity:
Support link - Download link - female screencaps - male screencaps - male PE gif

- (anthro ball entities AR, male AR) Star Comics, #08.
Dr. Frankenbeans and bumbling assistant Snivelitch discover the Fountain of Youth. Frankenbeans tricks Horn Head, Wolf Breath, and Touchdown Terror into diving in and becoming Madball Babies. These were even more difficult to deal with, so he restored them to normal in the toxic pond where the Madballs were created. In retaliation, the age-restored Madballs turn Frankenbeans and Snivelitch into children.

Immram Maele Duin
- (anthro & male adult rejuved) "Voyage of Mael Duin", medieval Irish, c900.
On one of the unknown islands visited by Mael Duin and his companions, the voyagers observe a giant bird rejuvenating itself by bathing in a magical lake. Diuran the Rhymer tries it too and emerges permanently rejuvenated.

Mai-HiME: Fuuka Taisen
- (AR poofs?) AKA My HIME Fuuka Taisen? PC 2d fighting game, c'07? Yukariko's Child turns her opponents into young children?

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OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation