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Avataro Sentai DonBrothers
- (male ARed to boy form, RN AA poof) S1Ep9 "Don 9: Worn Out Taro and Robotaro" 2022/05/01.
A young boy floats in the air, shouting to the busy crowds it is time to play. The boy AAs back into Tokumeiki, and the people disappear because they broke the game rules - caps - (Akira)

Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
- (OA'd) - The executioner and her way of life - Ep6 "(Regression: Memories, Soul, Spirit)" 2022/05/07.
Menou taps into Akari's Pure Concept, super-aging lady archbishop Orwell to death - 1 - (Carlton)

Johnny Test
- (FFed to OA) S1Ep9b "Sonic Johnny" 2005/11/26.
Johnny and Dukey travel into the future where Susan and Mary are old ladies in a maximum security nursing home. The genius sisters do actually act elderly - Ep link @17:20 - (Rayc5678)
- (male mind swap) "Papa Johnny"
Kid and his dad swap bodies - Alt. link - youtu.be/rZsO182HWbg - (Tazz)

Date A Live
- (demon age TFed appearance?) S4Ep5 "Fairy Tale" 2022/05/06.
Westcott forces the Spirits to play the parts of fictional characters. An alternate version of Shido comes to their aid - (Carlton)

Senior Year
- (young adult "FFed" older) Netflix 2022/05.
Hot cheerleader falls off a pyramid into a 20 year coma and wakes up middle aged! She returns to high school to claim the prom queen crown.
- Trailer link - (Ark)

AR stories
Star Trek
- (male AR) "Insontis" by KCS Scribbler, 2012.
As part of a contract, Captain Kirk is regressed. Now the Enterprise crew must keep their young captain out of trouble while helping him learn the lessons he needs to grow up - link
- (male AR) "Insontis II" by KCS Scribbler, 2012.
After Captain Kirk is returned to his proper age, they study the planet's age-regressing technology. The ship is thrown into this strange situation anew when Spock tries the same thing - link
Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (male android mind transfer) "Small Packages" by GirlX2, 2013.
Directly after "Skin of Evil", Data is transferred into a 4 y.o. android body left by his late father. Played for laughs at first - link
Danny Phantom
- (demonic AR) "Facing the Future Series" - #8 "Stolen Years" by Aaron12, 2010.
Danny and Sam are reverted into five-year-olds in homage to ST:TNG episode "Rascals." Team Phantom must find a way to cure the ghost powered toddlers before they tear FentonWorks apart - link

- (adult to OA'd cutaway) S03Ep11 "Kill Zone"
tfdimension.com/TFvideoclips/misc/Donated_Clips/04/Various_collection_MacGyver_S03E11_Kill_Zone_TF.mp4 - screencaps - (TFdimension)

Chaos Rings III
- (adult mahou rejuvenated form) RPG, Media.Vision, Square Enix, 2014.
Kindly old caretaker and "retired Rank V Explorer" Dorothy was looking after the protagonist and his sister. Humorously enough, her busty young lady "battle form" looks younger than one son, who appears older than his actual age. All women would love to know her secret, though she may be accessing Drei 6 genes to transform - 1

- (AA face AP FF morph to old) "Made To Change", 2021.
Commercial link @00:40 - (Ark)

With Strings Attached
- (male adults "rejuvenated") AKA The Big Pink Job real-person fan fic by Aviva Rothschild, 2009.
The four ex-Beatles awaken on a strange planet terrified out of their minds, looking like 20-somethings again, their 1980 minds in 1964 bodies. They think they've been genuinely de-aged but find out they're in cloned bodies. The Fans wanted to give them fresh new bodies as payment for all the hassle; they were going to re-age them later. Because the Earth universe has no magic, the four had to be transferred back to their original bodies to return home.

WIRED: The Science of Slowing Down Aging
- (adult face morph to OA) 8.5 mins, 2022. Aging is inevitable, but what if it wasn't? Might it be possible to slow down? Perhaps, perhaps. Can absolutely imagine that she successfully restored her adult youth by stealing it off someone else - Video link - (Cousinkevin)

Mini Mari!
- (chibi ARed) Touhou Project fan Yonkoma webcomic by Beni Shake, doujin circle Honey Toast, 2010+
Cute witch Marisa Kirisame eats a mushroom that reverts her back to the body and mentality of a childish, Super-Deformed form. They soon grow to adore the newly-minature Marisa's sheer cuteness - link

Robot Chicken
- (young adult characters FFed to older) S03Ep50 "Moesha Poppins" 2007/10/21, Adult Swim.
"Girl Toys" parody segment. Michael Moore spends time catching up with classic toys of yesteryear, including middle aged Jem from the Holograms - Ep. link - (Kappa)

Pink Panther
- (male ARed) Pink helps somebody holding him up at gunpoint find the legendary Fountain of Youth. The person ends up an infant, unable to do anything with the wealth he acquired earlier. Pink names himself the man/child's legal guardian to have access to his fortune.

La formula del doctor Funes
- (ARed, male RN APed UC glimpse) - Movie link - (Whyamidoingthis3)
Scenes - male AR @00:27:40 - fem ARed @00:50:45 - ARed @01:00:00 - male ARed @01:14:20 - female AA AR @01:17:50 - male APed @01:24:00

- (male adult TFed rejuvenated form) DC, 1987.
As part of their bargain, the Falcon restores Jonathan Lord to being physically 30, the age when he made The Silver Blade film.

fetish toons
TF Artist: Nebaru6
- (dedicated heroine TF sequences, AP-like upgrades) 2022.
Japanese 3D TF sequence animator on Twitter creates enhanced versions of actual transformation scenes from various animes. They seem to be quite underrated at the moment, so give them a follow on Twitter if you like their works - Main Account
- link - Rika Nonaka and Renamon's fusion digivolution into Sakuyamon from Digimon Tamers.
- link - UFO Princess Valkyrie.
- link - UFO Princess Valkyrie arranged ver.
- link - UFO Princess Valkyrie arranged ver. of the BE part.
- link - Cyberteam in Akihabara.
- (Chriskim019)

- (furries FFed older) Finale - S25Ep04b "All Grown Up" 2022/02/21.
Disclaimer: This probably won't satisfy anyone's OA fetish. The show had 253 episodes over 26 years, and ends with aging the cast by 20 years. Honestly, that's actually kind of a nice way to end things. Who wants to be a child forever?!
Note Worthy Side Note: Jodie Resther, the voice of Francine, voiced her from age 18 to 44. I like how her character looks the most to be pushing 30 at the end - Episode link - (Kappa)

Guilty Gear (series)
- (male rejuved) 1998+
Kliff Undersn had the ability to use his ki to temporary regress to his young adult form at the height of his strength. In-game, this only activates during his Overdrives.

Wonder Woman
- (rejuvenations) Vol01#07 - Hippolyte shows Diana a possible future where Di and Etta Candy invent Life Vitamin "L-3" when Etta's mother Sugar is dying of old age. Sugar drinks the vitamin and rejuvenates back to her twenties. The rest of the vision shows the vitamin made available to the public, erasing death of old age as a concern. Diana and Steve live together for centuries.
- (AR) Vol02 - When Villainy, Inc. tried to take over Skartaris, the villain Trinity spreads a "virus" which de-ages many inhabitants into infants, and even to death in some cases.

Suite Life on Deck, The
- (FB & FF) S03Ep15 "A London Carol" 2010/12/03.
"Christmas Carol" episode showing past and future selves. Brenda Song wears tight gold pants while shuffling around in a walker. Debby Ryan needs help getting out of her chair now. Solid OA'd depictions.
- Trailer link - caps - (Wazzupdawg)

Dragon Ball Super
- (ARed RN) In a Bad Future, Mai had merely grown back to her teens instead of her original age.

- (slight FF) - 3 changes

text fragments
Death Note
- (life extension) Shinigami can steal the lifespans of humans by writing their names. Humans who use Death Notes don't get their victims' lifespans, but if a Shinigami uses their Note to save a human's life, the Shinigami dies and the human gets all of their lifespan.

short toons
Roger et ses humains
- (male adult muscle, adult TGed) S01Ep85 "Le culte de soi" 2022/04/20.
Dupuis, French web cartoons. Florence and Hugo with Roger link - caps - (Divxeur)

55:15 Never Too Late
- (adults rejuvenated to teens) Thailand, 16 Eps, 2021.
55-year-olds approaching the end of life look back regretfully. Whether through fate or a joke from heaven, they are made to restart again at age 15.
- Legendary dancing queen Jarunee is losing her fame. While renewing her secondary ID card for the last time, her earliest card was also copied. The next morning Jarunee finds herself at age 15 again for no reason. She decides to revisit her alma mater, now also attended by 18 y.o. rising rival idol Greta with 55 million views. Renamed Jeniya, who can only be a junior, must get close to Greta to climb the ladder of success once again.
- Four other humans with the same gift from the skies gather in the school cafeteria. The victims of the ID de-aging incident include the most brutal teacher in school, who gets in a relationship with the young journalist next door. Happy playboy dreamer wants to prove himself in the boxing ring again for the Under-17 Championship. Teen voice actor who lost his job wants to get close to his childhood crush who also regressed. Is he her only straight fan? Gay restaurant owner who hid his sexuality from conservative mother got connected to his crush's teenage son.
- They run back to the store where it all began, but the owner of the photocopier has died suddenly? Some of them may not want to revert anyway.
- Full episode playlist link - poster - caps - (Dylan)

- (male adult rejuv & stasis) S01Ep15 "Lost in Time" 2015/04/11.
Leo's archaeologist grandfather Flint disappeared long ago. A pool of water in a cave changed him back into a young man and maintained his adult youth for years.
- (male "TFed" age disguise) S01Ep5 "The Shadow of Exaton" - Anubis took the form of a boy.

Kaixin da maoxian
- (father/son body swap) - Happy Adventure - Li Zuonan, Guan Lijie. China, 2012.
The film revolves around a single-parent family. Father and son exchanged souls; father went to school for the son, son went to work for the father. They encounter a group of jewelry thieves by accident.
- Trailer link - caps - 2 - (Dylan)

fetish toons
TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AA AP) "AgeApp", 14min 22sec CGI, 2022/04.
A story told through dynamic panels and animated scenes. Teen babysitter boy installed a new App causing two toddlers to grow up into fully adult women. They take the initiative to introduce him together to the world of adult delight. But what if Mom comes home?
Let's be honest, we'd all like to be in that boy's shoes if it were possible. But if the gender was totally switched, yeah this comic would be wrong to exist - MP4 video download link (535 MB)

Adventures of Hatim, The
- (male ARed AA, aftermath, RNed AA) India, 2013+.
Hatim the Prince of Yemen went on a journey to solve 7 riddles to defeat evil sorcerer Zargam.
Prince Hatim touches a magical chalice to get teleported into a new realm. He became a boy again because that chalice also contained a curse:
- Ep63 link - curse @2:00, ARed @3:10, disguise @35:00 - caps
He bathes in a magical waterfall to become an adult again:
- Ep64 link @36:00 - caps - (Dylan)

- (AA TF AP) - Magical Emi transformation scenes - (Akira)

Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai
- (AR) The World God Only Knows - "Heart of Jupiter" arc, Ch190-268, c2013.
Keima travels through spiritual time with a mission to save an emotionless mystery girl who, when overtaken by despair, starts getting younger until she's transformed into a baby. This returns Keima to the start of the mission. The only way to stop the rejuvenation is by kissing her before babyhood.
- 3-chapter spinoff Magical Star Kanon 100%, 2013.
Kanon Nakagawa was turned into a child by a spirit. She must hide her identity while finding a way to return to normal. The OVA had Elsie turn back into a child.

SuperCops vs Supervillains
- (AR, RNed) S03Ep16 "The secret of life and death" India, c2015.
Multiple regressions and progressions. A magical fountain can cause people to undergo age TFed-like effects - Region blocked link - (Dylan)

- (adult rejuvenated) Webcomic, Ch04, 2013.
Luke Dugans interviews Shirley Kidd about her role in the mysterious movie Marvedyne. Shirley suddenly de-aged 40 years to young adulthood with no explanation, though there was a conspicuous cup of coffee in the scene.
- Scene link - link

Rakuen Tsuihou
- ("rejuved" teen appearance) "Expelled from Paradise", 2014 anime film.
Angela Balzac spent her whole life as a digitized person. When a hacker appears, she must suddenly enter the real world. Her archived DNA is used to clone a new body in an age-acceleration pod. Angela interrupts the incubation period at age 16 to emerge faster. She gets trapped in her teenage body rebelling against DEVA's oppressive government.

- (mental age appearance) c1996.
When Eclipse happened Casca was drawn 5 years younger, looking only 19. Mental trauma made Casca become child-like. When she regained her personality, Casca's facial features changed and she looked more mature.

short comics
- (AR OC, RNed) Webcomic, 790 "Forever Young" 2012.
One of Lamerix's alien inventions reduced Lauren's age. After losing it in the couch cushions, she was accidentally zapped younger while sitting on it. The change is not without consequences. Later she used it to turn Aragara, who was artificially aged with growth hormones, back into a kit.
- Start of the arc link - RN link

- (male adult age disguise) Kodansha's Weekly Shounen, 2006.
22 y.o. police detective Taketora Shibata can appear as a middle schooler thanks to his diminutive stature and baby face. He looks so vulnerable that bullies try to rip him off on the streets. However, he is actually an expert swordsman in kendo. Wearing a school uniform he easily blends into a class of teens, to the point his bosses note he started talking like them.
- Japanese live-action Tv drama, 2008.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
- (male rejuv & AR) The reason for the age reductions was the Golden Suit that grants youth to whomever wears it. When 70 y.o. Henry dons it, he is restored to young adulthood. When 10 y.o. Cole dons it in "The Stinger", he's reduced to infancy.

- (AR) Theatrical short featured a lake where one side turns the victim into a baby, the other side returns them to normal. Another short had aspiring scientist Hiyariko create a potion to make Baikinman stronger, only to turn him into a baby. When he runs off, she makes an antidote and sprays it around town... only to turn everyone into babies. Thankfully, the effects were only temporary, and everyone returned to normal.

Earthworm Jim
- (male anthros OA & AR) S2Ep2 "Opposites Attack" 1996/09/14.
Prologue. Evil Jim uses his Chrono-Laser to age Jim and Peter Puppy into seniors. The elderly Jim spits out his false teeth, putting the Chrono-Laser in reverse and causing it to de-age him and Peter into babies. The infant versions use their cuteness to scare Evil Jim away.

Gunsmith Cats
- (alt continuity age stasis) In the English version, Minnie-May Hopkins tried to make herself look older so as to not squick her adult boyfriend so much. This left her first looking older than she was but she hasn't grown an inch since.

Dracula (2020)
- (male adult rejuv & stasis) Drinking blood keeps Dracula young. When we first see him he appears sickly and old, but he quickly becomes a young man again due to Jonathan.

Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey
- (furry male anthro ARed) Anime film, 24th volume Doraemon Long Stories, 2004.
Elderly anthro dog Eiji travels across time to find ex-owner Nobita. The unstable time tunnel caused him to warp back to infancy. This also happens temporarily to Gian and Suneo.

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident
- (adult rejuv) puzzle adventure, Wii, 2011.
Magical dust has the power to rejuvenate people, the source of Malgrave Island's thermal waters curative properties. The elderly Winston Malgrave wants to collect some for his dying wife, or himself?

- (male adult stasis & OA) "Sai Kyou Shikeishuu Hen" - "The Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga" 1999-2003-2018.
Ch001-158, Eps01-24. Freakishly tall and muscular middle-aged man Speck is actually 97. The only thing driving his body forward is his determination to know defeat, hence his immunity to aging. Once he gets his wish, he rapidly deteriorates into a malnourished old man who goes out with a smile.

Doctor Who
- (alien ARed) "Boom Town" 2005/06/04.
Members of alien family are raised to be sociopathic criminals. When Blaine was exposed to the Heart of the TARDIS, her human suit was empty except for an egg. She will be returned to the planet's nurseries for a chance at a new life.

Fushigi Yuugi
- (AR) Time Master Subaru briefly uses her powers on herself and her husband Tokaki to help Miaka and the Suzaku Seishi.

Kamen Rider Den-O
- (male cutaway "ARed") c2008. After the 3rd movie the star moved on to other projects, and thus AR happened for protagonist Ryotaro as well. They simply brought back the actor who played his preteen version in the first film. This sort of thing happens when you mess with time travel. Due to retaining his adult spirit, the de-aged Ryotaro was able to transform normally into Den-O's costumed combat physique. Kid Ryotaro's actor later became a regular on Kamen Rider Ghost, so he could have returned to normal via The Slow Path.

Mighty Boosh, The
- (rejuv or AR?) S02Ep12 "Fountain of Youth" 2005/08/16.
BBC comedy. Howard and Vince visit Naboo's home planet Xooberon in search of the Fountain of Youth?

Hetalia: Axis Powers
- (ARed form) England de-ages France in an April Fool's Day event.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (male adult rejuv) S01Ep16 "Too Short a Season" 1988/02/08.
An elderly Admiral who must negotiate a hostage situation seems to keep getting younger. We find out he takes an alien drug, but the strain on his body kills him.

- (combat TF rejuv/AR) Avance became younger when donning one of the Nekroz armor. He also does this as Zefrasaber, Swordmaster of the Nekroz.

Transformers: Rescue Bots
- (male adult stasis OA/rejuv) 2012-16. Doctor Thaddeus Morocco stole a mechanical Fountain of Youth that he uses to stay young. He must do so very often since the machine makes him age much faster than usual.

100-nin no Kanojo
- (AR) Ch28. All the girls except Hakari were temporarily turned into babies thanks to one of Kusuri's drugs.

Double Arts
- (ARed-like appearance effect) Naoshi Komi, 2008. Going to meet new found friend's family, she is introduced to little girl she assumes to be his sister. But wait! That's his mom!

Faust - Eine Deutsche Volkssage
- (male adult rejuv) A German Folktale, 1926 silent.
Old man Faust makes his original deal with The Devil to save his town from The Plague. When the townsfolk cast him out he gets a lot less altruistic, demanding adult youth to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Sket Dance
- (AR) After Bossun accidentally drank Chuu-san's youth potion, Himeko absolutely flips over him. Himeko and Momoka were ARed several chapters later. Suffice to say Bossun had a swell time looking after them. In Ch239, Tsubaki reverted both in his physical and mental state. Everyone, including Bossun and Daisy, gush over how cute he is.

animated true stories
- (male AA poofs) - Story Time Animated.
"I Can Look Any Age I Want, its a curse", 2022/02 - Story link - youtu.be/zhQ2frJogxY - (Tazz)

Magic Knight Rayearth
- (age stasis or rejuv) The magical land Cephiro turns wishes and desires into reality, so people can control how old they look. Childlike Clef and Emeraude state they are Really 700 Years Old.

Captain Marvel, Jr.
- (male AR) Golden Age story had the young hero battling nemesis Thaddeus Sivana, Jr. He was using The Fountain of Youth to regress wealthy businessmen into boys he could bully. Captain Marvel Junior is temporarily regressed as well, but finds the cure and turns the tables on the villain.

Devil & Devil
- (AR) One of the first monsters was a huge tentacled... thing, that sucks time out of people. It turned a young woman and two young girls into babies, and a third young girl into a child, but they all reverted when it got its ass handed to it by Sword.

Horror Collector
- (rejuvenations) Korean manhwa series depicts Elizabeth Bathory as a young adult who reverts back to her teenage self through regular Blood Baths.

Dirge for Prester John, A
- (age stasis) Book series by Catherynne M. Valente.
"The Habitation of the Blessed ", 2010. "The Folded World", 2011. "The Spindle of Necessity". A literal Fountain drives the plot, but it's nothing like what the characters expected. No one who drinks from the Fountain three times will age.

Nanatsu no Taizai
- (age stasis) The setting has a literal fountain of youth that makes the drinker immortal if they drink the entire fountain (which is just a cup). This is how Ban gained his immortality.

Nochnoy Dozor
- (male adult face to OA) AKA "Night Watch", Russia, 2004.
tfdimension.com/TFvideoclips/movies/N/Night_Watch_TF1.mp4 - caps - (TFdimension)

Toaru Majutsu no Index
- (age stasis & disguise) A Certain Magical Index.
Rumors surface that Komoe-sensei was the subject of an age-regression experiment (though she denies it).
Natural Selector Arc: Oumi Shuri is over 30, but a Clostridium botulinum infection stopped her growth and preserved her skin and childish face. Then she had her body modified to the point she looks around 10 y.o.

Junji Ito (mangaka)
- ("TF" disguises, stasis effect) "The Face Burglar", Monthly Halloween, 1987/12.
Kamei is a shapeshifting schoolgirl who slowly takes the appearance of anyone she spends time around. It is stated she is not really a student there and has been attending school without permission, but they didn't know how to get rid of her until everyone wore masks. Kamei is far older than she appears - imgur.com/gallery/LxVmEnl
- "Hell O'Dollies" - A disease morphs innocent adorable-looking children into ultra-freakish monstrosities.
- "The Long Dream" - Horrible things happen when a man falls asleep for a few hours, while his brain ages 10 years.
  The longer he dreams, the more his body mutates.
- Giant caterpillar consists of the heads of Japan's wisest ancestors, who pass down knowledge.
- Most frightening of all may be the terrifying ever-regenerating succubus Tomie.

short toons
- (FB, male adult dream FFed to old at end) Stop motion short. Cristina Vilches, Paloma Canonica, 2020.
Daughter and father relive past journeys with the help of mementos - link

How It Ends
- (metaphysical younger self) 2021.
30-something Liza walks across various LA suburbs to meet people from her past and other characters. She is accompanied on this trip by her teenaged inner persona, who it turns out other people can also see now, because it's the last day of the world.
- Young adult Cailee Spaeny (b.1997) is very good at playing younger teens. The same thing happened in "Pacific Rim: Uprising" (2018).

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
- (demon age appearances) Like harpies, devils can look younger than they really are depending on their class. Lilith as a Lesser Devil has the body of a young child despite being adult. The bonus chapter reveals she exploits this by paying child fares for buses and movies.

Shining Song Starnova
- (FF CoA) c2016.
A dramatic story about the path to stardom. Aki Kashiwagi looks 12 but was actually 18 at the start. She's evidently a late bloomer, and goes through one hell of a growth spurt in several of the Multiple Endings.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
- (rejuv, AR, RN OA) Rigurd was a frail old man who became a huge mass of muscle in his 30s after being named by Rimuru.
Shizu must be in her 70s but looks 17. When she dies her hair whitens and her skin wrinkles to reflect her true age.
Rimuru in his human form looks about 16, but his mental age is around 40. His physical body is only about 3 y.o. at the end of the series.

Agents of Atlas
- (male restoration rejuved form) 2006+
Present-day Jimmy Woo was left horribly injured. Bob's last meeting with Jimmy was about 50 years ago, so Jimmy's physical and mental pattern gets reset to how he was in 1959.

- (male age stasis) 1997-2001. He hasn't aged a day since he encountered a water demon. When the story begins he's been 6 for the past 10 years.

Warehouse 13
- (age stasis) Mrs Frederic the Caretaker looks fairly elderly but is actually a LOT older than she appears. Her son is an elderly old man.
The final scene of the finale gives a "several decades" Time Skip. Claudia has taken over as Caretaker still looking the same age as before.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
- (age stasis) 2nd story arc Battle Tendency.
Joseph can't comprehend how Lisa Lisa could be 50 y.o. The answer is the Ripple, since supernatural powers slow aging. She was 2 months old in Part 1.

Yue Ban Ai Li Si
- (adult TF, increased beauty effect, adult UC) Oversize Love, Yue Ban Alice - China, 2020.
By chance chubby young woman Lin Xiao Xi is given a potion by the Mad Hatter to magically lose weight for 10 hours. She uses the pseudonym Alice to approach Huang Ke - Spoilers link RN BE @04:45 - (Mystery Recapped)

Twilight Zone, The (1985)
- (demon age stasis) S01Ep21 "Red Snow" 1986/03/21.
After arriving in the Gulag, a KGB Colonel meets a young woman who was exiled by Stalin in 1936. He learns she is a vampire in her 80s who looks 50 years younger.
- (adult stasis) S03Ep08 "Our Selena is Dying" 1988/11/12.
Martha Brockman is well into her 70s but appears 40 years younger due to stealing daughter Diane's Life Energy.

Hayate no Gotoku
- (demon age forms) Athena appeared the same age as the main character, but time flows differently in her realm. In the present, she aged appropriately since being locked out of the castle. She already acted like an adult when supposed to be 6 for the first time. Later she returned to that appearance.

Enter the Void
- (dream flashback fades look like AR, male fertilization and rebirth) 2010.
Several memories of people blurring through different ages are shown in similar situations through time. The reason is that he died after being shot by the Tokyo Police Department and his spirit revisits past experiences.

- (male mahou chibi TF maturation effect) - from Yamato Oji to Yamato Bakujin anime scene - (Akira)

Fountain of Youth (Marvel Universe)
- (age stasis) Original Man-Thing series, first She-Hulk series.
A small village of people from the Conquistador days. Bathing in the waters leaves one immortal, but drinking it turns one into a shriveled, red-skinned immortal. She-Hulk convinces them to destroy the Fountain as they've grown apathetic. Strong emotions break the immortality, causing one to begin to live and age again.

Saint Seiya
- (male OA stasis & rejuv) After Hades' defeat, Libra Dohko, a Gold Saint, was granted the divine gift of the Misopethamenos by Athena. A miraculous ability made his body impervious, but he became a diminutive, wrinkled man. After 3 centuries the moment finally came, and Dohko departs to battle Hades a second time, regaining his adult youth and formidable battle prowess from the 18th century.
He can slow his metabolism and retreat into a severely aged weak body, but with an extremely expanded lifespan. Anytime he stops using the technique, he returns to the age he had before activating it.

- (fantasy ARed) S9 "Fountain of Youth" 2002/10/05.
Tommy, Chuckie, and Kimi think the Fountain of Youth really exists. Tommy imagines playing with his Baby Father and Baby Drew. Young Chas and Stu also appear. The kids are happy until Angelica tells them she will be in charge after the adults are tricked into becoming babies. They decide to try to drain the lake.

Slow Start
- (age stasis) Childlike shoujo Kamuri Sengoku hasn't grown since elementary school. Her physical development greatly lags behind her actual age. When addressed with a sensitive topic, she manages to twitch her hair ribbon into an expression of her feelings.

- (adult age stasis, mental "ARed") Pool of Youth adventure. While it doesn't actually make you younger, it extends your lifespan indefinitely and gives you a younger mentality. One man claimed to be over 200 but felt like he was 6. The Pool was guarded by the Sea Hag's sister and her army of cavemen.

- (younger age appearance) 2013-17. College adult Mafuyu is often mistaken for an elementary schoolchild. She plays the role of Little Sister Heroine in a Cosplay Cafe. Even her coworkers have their perceptions colored by her childlike appearance: Kaho and Akizuki are discomfited watching her chugging a beer. Hideri, thinking about what Mafuyu might wear outside of work, imagines her in a preschooler's smock.

Krypto (character)
- (anthro canine rejuv) DC, c1956+ In his first Silver Age Superman-era appearance, Krypto the Superdog had grown so old he blunders his superheroics. Fortunately Superman discovers a Fountain of Youth in a Kryptonite valley, which restores Krypto back to his prime.

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: APfan101
- (dedicated AP) These videos were optimized as downloadable Adobe Shockwave Flash (SWF) CGI animations in 2018. Most video players and browsers can display the format.
Unfortunately the Deviant Art account seems to have been taken down? The original videos can be found on many temporary websites but the URLs are always changing. Reduced size MP4 previews only:
- Wand of Aging - Two shorts about a magic wand that can instantly upgrade any girl. With sound.
- Skipping Grades - Short film about 2 bully boys who get a kind of comeuppance in the school hall after teasing the wrong toddler. With sound.
- The Gym - Inside every Gym toddler slumbers a mighty Amazon ready to be awakened when called upon. With sound.
- Ring of Age - The Babysitter - Two short videos about the magic of growing up.

German Tanteidan Maringumi
- (man AR, boy APed) Ep13, 1988 - blocked link inaccessible.
8th Toei Fushigi Comedy Series, Tokusatsu Detective Team inspired by 1911-13 Zigomar films - (Akira)

links (new or updated media)
- (dedicated AA AP) - 2022/04 new animation preview link - (Apfan101)
- (AR) - Pokemon Journeys Ep90 - English dub link - (Adam)
- (AA TF) - Magicians Dead Next Blazing - "Tam" steals energy from opponents to turn from age 5 to 19 - link
  The game is coming back for PS4 along with that character - link - (Boi)

music videos
Foo Fighters
- (AA FF/FB cuts to OA) "Bridge Burning", 2012.
Girl in party dress was seen at different ages. In some scenes she was tall with big breasts, in others not - link 03:01.

Sekai wo Sukuu Tame ni Watashi to Asa Chun Dekimasu ka
- (furry/demon AP poofs) Ch12.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Lobos de Arga
- (male face AP) AKA "Game of Werewolves", Spain, 2012.
Calisto enters the labyrinth to kill the werewolf. Instead, he finds a boy whom he takes home. As they leave the village, the boy's age catches up with him. His face morphed into an old man's face and the screen turned black.
- Screencaps - (TF dimension)

Negima! Magister Negi Magi
- (demon/mahou age appearances) - Oldest-looking girl Chizuru is actually the youngest. The epilogue & cover show the Narutaki twins looking 15 instead of 10.

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated AR) "A session with Cherry", 2022/04.
Dr. Jessica Cherry uses the BTM for a session with Benji, and he spanks her. She accidentally became trapped as a little girl until morning. Michi and Angie take care of her, which means more spankings!
- Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Fullmetal Alchemist
- (age stasis) Martel looks early 20s but is much older. The snake venom cleared her wrinkles. During "Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa" Al looks 13 while his brother is fully adult. When Al got his body back he returned the same age as when he revived his mother.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken
- (preteen age stasis effect) "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying".
4-panel manga by Coolkyousinnjya & anime, Ichijinsha, 2011-2015.
Rino Juse looks and acts 5 despite being 25. Her husband Nozomu mistook her for a Child Prodigy and feared he'd be mistaken for a pedophile. They rarely have sex because he's concerned, though that didn't stop her from safely birthing triplets in the spin-off epilogue.

- (male adult to OA) S3Ep5 "Time Out" 2021/10/21.
Young man Tim inherits a wardrobe and discovers time moves a lot faster inside. This helps him find the time to study and get work done. Of course, Tim ages at an accelerated rate as a result. His body starts to fall apart, his attention isn't what it used to be, and he's grown prematurely old (unstable HTML link).
- tfdimension.com/TFvideoclips/episodes/C/Creepshow_S03E05_Time_Out_TF.mp4 - (TF dimension)

Ouja No Yuugi
- (age stasis) c2018.
Magic-wielding strategists look like kids or teens, but are adults trapped in young bodies. Inability to grow up is a price they must pay for super-powers.

- (furry AR) S2Ep2 "Baby Shenanigans" 2022/03.
HBO Max takes on classic Hanna-Barbera characters like Yogi Bear. Augie, Shag, and Yakky accidentally turn everyone in Jellystone into babies in hopes of having other kids to play with.
- Trope info link - left-corner blurry link - (Tazz)

Dragon Ball series
- (saiyan/demon age stasis)
Chiaotzu looks 10 his entire life. His design was based on a traditional Chinese ghost. Goku still looked 7 at 15. At 18 he finally started to look like a teen. Vegeta's brother Tarble looked teenaged at 40 when they met. Goku, Vegeta, and Broly at 43 looked like 20 y.o. hunks.
Mrs. Briefs, Bulma's mother, doesn't get older during the series. Krillin and Bulma looked middle/high school aged in their 20s. Bulma in the Buu Saga in her 40s could pass for late 20s. Bulma searched for Dragon Balls to become 5 years younger, with the implication she's done this before.
Cus/Kusu, the angel of Universe 10, is the Grand Priest's oldest child but looks and sounds like a little girl. Goten and Trunks at 14 showed no signs of 6 years of growth.

X-Files, The
- (adult age stasis/delay)
"Squeeze", "Tooms" - Eugene Victor Tooms was a mutant serial killer who needed human livers. He looked late 20s in 1993, first murder occurred in 1903.
"Our Town" - The Cannibal Clan preserved their youthful looks through their special diet.
"Tithonus" - The photographer Alfred Fellig unfortunately gained immortality by tricking Death. He's 200 but looks 65.

Aoi Destruction
- (male age stasis effect) Short story compilation by Kazurou Inoue, 2012.
The 38 y.o. titular father looks like a little girl. His late wife was apparently quite masculine.

- (male young adult age stasis) 2006+
Watanuki takes over Yuuko's shop after her death. He goes into a similar unaging anomaly-to-the-universe state. By the end he's over 100, but looks barely older than the teenager he was at the start.

House of Dark Shadows
- (male adult OA, RN) 1970 horror.
Overcome with jealousy, Julia gives the vampire Barnabas an injection which causes him to age rapidly. He was restored.
- tfdimension.com/TFvideoclips/movies/H/House_Of_Dark_Shadows_TF1.mp4 - male OA.
- tfdimension.com/TFvideoclips/movies/H/House_Of_Dark_Shadows_TF2.mp4 - rejuved - (TF dimension)

Ishuzoku Reviewers
- (adult demon age stasis & perceptions) Ep1. Ecchi sex comedy, AKA "Interspecies Reviewers".
Stunk's favorite prostitute is a beautiful elf maiden over 500 y.o. The 200 y.o. elf Zel (who looks like a boy) thinks Stunk is gross for sleeping with a hag older than his mother. His own preferred girl is a 50 y.o. chubby human woman, who he considers incredibly attractive because she's so much younger than him (Zel has been visiting her for 30 years since she was still young and hot). The halfling judges them entirely on their age, and gives the human the edge for being not as old. Conventionally speaking, the elf is obviously far more attractive, but Stunk is the only one to think so.

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: MadeofSpaces
- (dedicated male AR stories) "Power Play", 2022/04.
Co-written with Nebirosity - Ch01: AR to boyhood for our pair of protagonists, with further regressive fun to come.
Story page link - Co-author link - Ch01 link - (Carmelita)

Lyrical Nanoha
- (age stasis)
Caro still has her child-like appearance from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS despite being adolescent:
  Lutecia: "Even though we've got one shrimp, the three of us are of the same age."
  Caro: "What did you say!? But I've grown taller by 1.5cm!"
Chrono Harlaown looks 10 but is 14. Lindy Harlaown hasn't aged since her first appearance. She was 31 in the original and looked early 20s.
Precia Testarossa looks 24 but is 54. Momoko Takamachi still looked 25 during her ViVid cameo, despite being 47.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT alternate continuity: Alicia Testarossa is a teen who still looks 5.

One Piece
- (age stasis) Donquixote Pirates: Combat fighter Sugar looks 11 but is actually 22. Eating Hobby Hobby Fruit stuck her at that age. Miss Goldenweek appeared 11 but was 17. Young woman Shakuyaku is actually a 62 y.o. Retired Badass pirate. Kureha looks 60 but is actually 139 with a young body (Running Gag involves people assuming her to be a young woman until noticing said Butter Face). Charlotte Katakuri is 48 but could easily pass for half that age.

short toons
Pupu Family
- (furry AR) Baby Pupu and the alien/Pupu became a baby, 2021.
2 episodes: kid into baby cat - link - youtu.be/ZnpWczeYB9k - (Tazz)

Made in Abyss
- (age stasis) 2012+
Delving into the Abyss subtly changes them. Time flows differently down there.
Ozen The Immovable is 80 but looks 30. Lyza The Annihilator (protagonist's mother) still looks 20. Some of the Narehates in the Capital of Unreturned may be Time Abysses while looking like preteens. Vueloelco looks 18 but is millennia-old.

Cannon Busters
- (male age stasis disguise) American comic with anime adaptation - 10 "Squeaking Springs Afternoon" 2019.
Philly the Kid was arrested for murder. Said to be left alone by his parents, the childlike assassin/bounty hunter Jojo seems innocuous until called "short". He reveals his true colors when Casey helps Philly escape.

- (dedicated adult caption tales) - Sometimes they act like babies or ARed - Tcheser's Story Archive

- (mahou/demon age forms) When Jiraiya uses Sage Mode, he grows a beard and gets wrinkles (he actually avoids this so chicks won't be grossed out). Jugo temporarily looks several years younger after transferring part of his flesh to Sasuke to save him from injury (he recovered when he takes body parts from a dead opponent). Sasori is 35 but modified his body to become an unaging puppet of 15. When they meet, Naruto assumes Yagura is a child who never had the chance to properly experience life, but he's actually the adult Fourth Mizukage. At series' end, Shizune still looks as young as before.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
- (male cutaway RNed ARed AA form) S02Ep10 "Nice Jacket" 2017/12/16.
When he was returned to the magical land, his appearance had changed from a comatose old man back to boyhood as he was at the start.
At one point, holistic "shapeshifter" Mona Wilder casually mentions transforming into an aircraft carrier to burst out of and destroy the facility. "Please don't do that." It would be nice if more women acknowledged the latent power of their "growth" in some way, though this was obviously an extreme case. AA "TFs" were only shown in poof-like replacement cutaways.

- (male age stasis) Firo is assumed to be 14 but is 18. Now that he's taken the Elixir of Life, the disparity is only going to get bigger.

- (age retardation) Space visual novel/tactical RPG, Love in Space, c'15.
Cosette Cosmos may look 12, but that's only because toxic runoff stunted her growth. Calling her little or mistaking her for a kid serves as a Berserk Button.

My Hero Academia
- (male aged or preteen stasis) Mineta is by far the shortest member with a childlike appearance, but he's the same age as everyone in Class 1-A. La Brava looks like an elementary schooler but is actually 21. Her partner Danjuro Tobita (AKA Gentle Criminal) is 32 but looks much older.

short toons
Pica Family
- (furry AR) No No Don't Cry, Baby Puca! - Yes Yes Bedtime - Kids Stories About Baby, 2021.
What if Pica and Mommy switched places? Mom became little kid offscreen - link - youtu.be/1nM451plRgw - (Tazz)

Turning Red
- (AA RN APed cutaway) - caps

Medaka Box
- (age stasis) c2010+. Zenkichi's mother looks like a 12-year-old girl but she's actually 42.

- (teen FB) - 24 to 13 interview - (ageism) - Dakota Johnson wrongly cast as elderly villainess - (OA) - age makeup

- (slight FF) months/years FFed

text fragments
N.H.K. ni Youkoso!
- (age delayed) - Welcome to the N.H.K.
One of Satou's eroge "study materials" has a cover with a big-eyed, small-chested girl... and the title of the game is actually "I Am Not Loli!"

Avataro Sentai DonBrothers
- (TF rejuvenations) 46th Super Sentai series.
Ep02 "Don 2: Big Peach, Small Peach" 2022/03/13.
- A woman with a desire for youth transforms into Resshaki. Due to her desire she could de-age herself.
In the bathroom, Sanae laments her age in the mirror and wishes to be younger. A red aura emerges. At Shirokuma Express, a woman in her early 40s appears wearing Sanae's work uniform and ID. They think she is her younger relative. She asks Taro her age, and he once again responds she is 68. This upsets Sanae and she gets a headache, desiring to be even younger as the red shadow returns. Sanae reverts into a woman in her 20s and smiles in a mentally unstable way. Taro, despite Sanae being 40 years younger, still recognizes her, and once again says she is 68. He kindly tells her to head back to the office as it is too cold for elderly persons. Sanae demands to be even younger, as train tracks emerge from her body and she drains the life of several bystanders. Haruka tries to transform into Oni Sister to stop her.
- Voice Actors: Sachiko Matsuura (Elder), Sanae Yuki (40s), Momoka Kuroki (20s) - caps - (Akira)

short comics
Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
- (male AR AA dream) by Winsor McCay, c1904-11.
A series of Sunday Funnies that depict people who have odd dreams after eating certain dishes.
- Newspaper Page - (Thomas2)

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions & Dark Productions TF: The Carnival
- (dedicated AP and more) A young girl goes with her mother to the Carnival where she unlocks a dark energy of tremendous power. Her life will change beyond imagination.
- Purchase link - poster - (Mister Dark)

Kaijin Kaihatsubu no Kuroitsu-san
- (TF rejuvenation) S1Ep9 "The Rotting but Heroic Figures of Ancient Souls of the Dead that Congregate in the Abyss Find a Ray of Hope in the Darkness from Pride Pulled from Another Time" 2022/03/13.
AKA "Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department"
- Kuroitsu decides to relax at a nearby pub. He discovers most of the patrons and the proprietor are old supervillains and superheroes crying about their glory days. Near the end an old woman uses her mahou shoujo powers to regress into a magical girl and punish everybody who's fighting in the bar to keep them in line.
- (Carlton)

Teen Titans Go!
- (AR AA, AA OA) S07Ep31 "Control Freak" 2021/12/04.
When the Titans run amok in the Tower's evidence room, Robin does everything to keep things under control. With a special remote control, Robin AA-rewinds Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg back into babies, before AA-FFing them into elders.
Scene link - youtu.be/QXC1d4JShxE - (Tazz)
- (AA "OA'd") The Elderly Teen Titans also appear in these episodes:
S01 - "Super Robin"
S02 - "Salty Codgers" - "More of the Same"
S03 - "Operation Dude Rescue" - "Think About Your Future"
S04 - "Fish Water"
S05 - "Them Soviet Boys"
S06 - "Record Book" - "The Night Begins to Shine 2: You're The One" - "Bucket List"
S07 - "Glunkakakakah" - Various caps

Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, The
- (FF puberty APed) S01Ep01 "New Kids on the Block" 2022/02/23.
It opens with 14 y.o. Penny waking to discover she's grown several inches taller and developed breasts and a full butt overnight. This version of Penny is becoming a woman, which means now is the time to deal with her budding sexuality. Oscar tries to keep her conservative through various means. Her friends underwent similar massive growth spurts, though not enough to cause their clothing to tear.
- Scene link - caps

Thomas Edison's Secret Lab
- (AR) Ep29 "Burpin' Babies" c2015.
Kent's youth serum works a little too well and turns the gang into screaming babies. The serum soon "wears off" and now they're adults trapped in baby bodies. Von Bolt doesn't know whether to obey or burp them.
Boy into baby @03:00; boy and girls into babies @04:15; AA to normal @09:50.
- Episode link - youtu.be/l77omSlWLJw - (Entropic)

Robot Chicken
- (male action figure AR) S11Ep13 "May Cause Indecision... or Not" 2022/02/21.
"Space Ace" parody, man into teenager 0 - (Tazz)

Turning Red
- (regressed form) Her mom AA-poofs into a Godzilla-sized Red Panda and goes on a rampage destroying the SkyDome. Mei Lee does the ritual to restore her back to human. In the realm of their ancestors, she finds her mom as a crying young teen. Mei calms her down and walks her to the ritual site to get rid of the Panda... as they walk closer, her mom AAs back to normal.
- Spoiler link - youtu.be/ZOsc6jfinH8 - (Tazz)

Archibald's Next Big Thing is Here
- (anthros AR) S3Ep1b "Lil' Chickies" 2021/07/15.
Peacock jr. Following a lotion mishap, Archibald accidentally turned himself and his family increasingly younger. The characters had already become kids and then became toddlers and then eggs. A bee poofed into a pupa to a larva.
- Scenes link - youtu.be/-aVrdmZuph8 - (Tazz)

- (anthro AR) - "Change play with Miniforce", South Korea, 2019.
A team of four adorable animal friends. Creatures made into babies, elderly, caveman, robot, egg, kid (begins @14:50).
- Scenes link - youtu.be/LAsr6eDCoCc - (Tazz)

- (male past/future forms) - 45 "I'll Be My Own Teacher" c1979.
Nobita decides to ask his future self to do his homework for him, but his future self is dumb because Nobita didn't study now. His future self's future self complains that he is dumb too, because Nobita 3 years in the future also did not study. The three of them visit kindergarten Nobita to get him to study.
- (male FF, RN ARed) - 120 "Ran away to Uninhabited Island" c1979.
Nobita finds island life very difficult. By the time Doraemon finds him, it has been 10 years. They travel a decade into the past and use the time cloth to restore Nobita.
Similar to? - 910 "Nobita Runs Away From Home for a Long Time" 2018/02/23.
- (male AR) - #1563 "Nobita's 3 Years Old!?" c1999.
Boy into toddler. With the "What if Phone Booth" you can rewrite reality by saying "What if..." and it becomes true (other episodes he asked what if his family was poor or people flew).
Video link - youtu.be/BAgOSOGywVw - dailymotion.com/video/x267g7h
- (FB/FF) - 330 "45 Years Later... My Future Self Came to Visit" 2009/12/31.
- (FF) - 635 "Nobita's Bride" 2014/08/08.
Future Shizuka thinks that he's her son for some reason?? - link - cap
- (AA TF age-up forms) - 694 "I want to be an Adult" "Otonaninaritai" 2015/05/22. Boy into anthro cat & various adults.
Video link - youtu.be/ykr_sdwJy6E
- (AR OC, OC AA trope) - 734 "Mama is Still in Elementary School" 2015/11/06.
Woman into girl. His Mom continued wearing her adult clothes rolled up so there would be no CB if she suddenly grew back up. Unseen RN.
New alternate link @01:10 - youtu.be/iJTJ8b-Fkgo
- (FB) - 751 "Reunion! Nobita from 5 Years Ago" 2016/01/22.
- (AR, reversions) - 985 "The Time Cloth" 2019/03/08.
Dog into puppy (title card), kid into baby, older man made younger, objects made new or older, dinosaur bones made alive, eggs to chicks, bag into alligator.
Video link - youtu.be/3dCGj-ztVLo
- (future selves) 1043 "The Presents From Time Skipping Pulley" 2019/12/21 - Nobita's son
Similar plots: "Time Skipping Pulley", 1987 - "My Birthday's The Same As Always", 2008.
There were many mass upload dumps by persons who chose not to list the episode numbers, titles, or airdates:
- (AA AR) - "Past me" - Boy into little kid who time travels - link @03:20 - youtu.be/XfapPDlGLsM
- S_Ep10 "Nobita Turned 4 Years Old" Boy mentally time travels to his past (begins c10:15) link - youtu.be/hLX2yPQLn_o
- Boy & girl made older - link @04:30 - youtu.be/ddfckxQKKXk
(Tazz, AgeTheater)

short toons
Wolfoo Family
- (AR) "Oh No, Wolfoo Turned Grandparents Into Babies", 2021.
Wolfoo misunderstands that grandparents want to be babies with the help of an alien friend.
- Video link @01:25 - youtu.be/gakB8m9_JZo - (Tazz)

- (anthro AR) Elly's Magic Wand (Halloween Special 2020 II).
CGI. Object to giant size. Kid and duck into clay wads, balloon versions. Bird into cow creature. Kid into mouse, duck into octopus, then chair. Kid into baby and duck into egg that hatches @ 05:15.
- Video link - youtu.be/ywdrEJOysIs - (Tazz)

- (mom/son head swap) - Bandai, 2021. Charapaki excavation dinosaur chocolates! CM - (Akira)
- (FF/FB) - recreated snaps - (FF/FB) - then/now

clothing obliteration (rapid TF trope)
- (aftermath CBed) - Transformation scenes are easier to depict if they happened very fast, eliminating their clothes as a fait accompli - info

- (male AR AA, rejuvenations, RNed) Vol4 #109 "Young Wimpy Rides Again!" 1971/08.
Professor Wotasnozzle invents a youth pill and gives it to Wimpy, who then sells some to Pappy and Granny. Wimpy gets younger, Pappy and Granny get younger, Prof gets younger and hilarity ensues. 3 pages, poof & off-panel TFs.
- Full chapter - (Thomas2)

Virtual Mom
- (AR AA, partial RN BE) The uncensored movie (seemingly from someone involved with the production) is up on Vimeo now.
AR starts from 17 to 25 minutes in. Another cutaway ARed at 01:02:30.
- Face RN "APed" cutaway glimpse at 01:07:05 during their first kiss. Then there is a good BE AP closeup scene at 01:07:20 with bionic expansion sound. This hints at the raw force of female puberty in a way that is almost never seen in live action. Partial deflation AR happens at 01:08:30 with sound effects.
- Full Video link - (Malaise)

- (FFed) c'20 - 1

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions & Dark Productions TF: Carnival
- (dedicated AP & AR story) Vimeo On Demand, 2022/03.
The best animated short ever made in the history of Female TF? 20 minutes full of AR, AP, male AP, BE everywhere and much more.
- A young girl goes to the carnival with her mother. She visits a fortune teller who reveals an ancient Power resides within the Mirror House. In innocence she enters and makes a wish, thereby unlocking her Destiny.
- $18.99, Mature only - Trailer link - (MrDark)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated AR, spanking) "Evaluation Day" 2022/03.
Angie delights in teasing Benji about the special evaluation to determine his grade level. Michi gives him a little reward after the tests: she uses the BTM to make Angie young and Benji older, and he gets his revenge!
- Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

fetish toons
Dark Productions TF: Enclosed
- (dedicated growth) $5 tier, 2022 short.
A tale about a girl who is trapped in a room and can't get out. Suddenly she begins to grow bigger.

Fountain of Youth, The
- (rejuvenation wish) The King's Academy, Studio 70, 2021 student film.
High school history teacher adventures all across Florida to discover eternal waters to save his mother while dodging a washed-up celebrity survivalist. There was a male ARed aftermath @01:06:00.
- Full movie link - youtu.be/RRNN1eAmV6w - (Jeff 2bya)

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
- (teen/adult age forms) c2019. Puberty Syndrome is an elusive disease which only affects teenagers. Its symptoms are so supernatural that hardly anyone recognizes it. For reasons unknown, Sakuta encounters two forms of his first crush, beautiful girl Shouko: one is still in middle school like himself, and the other form has already become an adult. It seems she doesn't just grow older physically, it's like her future self gets pulled into the present - (Mitch)

Trolls: TrollsTopia
- (anthro AR & OA) S6Ep3a "Big Sis B" 2022/02/17.
Peacock show. Rhythm & Blues invent a de-aging machine to restore Poppy's cupcake. Older sibling R is accidentally de-aged into a little kid troll. Poppy and B have to babysit her till they can restore the machine. They went too far and she became elderly - (Tazz)

- (male age disguise) - "adult baby" stroller infiltration prank.
- (UC) - preg - (male "UC") - shirt
- (female puberty) - depiction toon Every girl has to go through it but it's not all bad.

We at 2BYA-Visible Time wish to congratulate Heidegger and the AR Archive on the site's 25 year online anniversary.

Twilight Zone, The (1985)
- (adult age stasis) S01Ep24b "The Last Defender of Camelot" 1986/04/11.
Based on 1979 Roger Zelazny story. An elderly Lancelot revives Merlin with an elixir in the Present Day. He discovers Merlin intends to establish a new order with his magic. Lancelot drinks the rest of the elixir to make him capable of fighting an animated suit of armor. After being defeated, Merlin realizes the elixir is temporary and he fades away. The wounded Lancelot goes to heaven.
- Episode link - (Christopher)

- (FF AA stages) RPG, 2020. 7-step .webp cut-sequence of the deuteragonist Aubrey through the years.
  (Contains spoilers) Happy Birthday! - (NightElf37)

Cosmic Baton Girl Kometto-san
- (FB/FF) Ep25 "The Forgotten Brilliance" 2001/09/16.
AKA Princess Comet - full Veoh link - Youtube link - time jump of the teacher and his class @20:55 - (Adam)

Agnyeoneun molaesigyeleul doedollinda
- (FB to past self) - manhwa by Sansobi, Ant Studio, 2020.
The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass - Prostitute daughter Aria Roscente was supposed to live a life of luxury after Mother's marriage into noble family. However, she received a terrible reputation due to stepsister Mielle's devious scheming. Being executed in her twenties, she sees a falling hourglass and is flashed back in time to age 14. She suddenly "grew taller" when she believed the magic hourglass took her life span?

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl
- (adult demon stasis, adult age transfer to OA) 2016.
Adele sees the decrepit figure of her dead aunt. Beth now possesses a monstrous figure, and must be much older than she appeared. Adele aged into decrepitude when Beth stole her adult youth. The cycle will repeat itself with younger adult sister?

Victor Nizovtsev
- (adult split/age forms) Russian oil painter, c2020 - art

Laurel Road bank
- (young vs. old adult selves interact) 2021.
"You'll Thank Me Later" ads - Young people just starting out in their careers meet their future selves. 'Wow you look like my mom.' 'I'm you in thirty years.'
- Commercial link - link - (Chronoeclipse)

Beatles, The
- (adult demon rejuved) The Beatles - Saturday morning cartoons.
S1Ep3b "Devil in Her Heart" 1965/10/10.
Several less-than-appealing ladies fall for band members in the course of the show. When Ringo wanders off from a picnic in Transylvania, he ends at an old witch's house. She falls in love with him and brews a love potion. George arrives just in time to knock the witch into her batch of brew. She emerges as a beautiful young adult; then Ringo chases after her! - caps

Kamen Rider Saber
- (adult age stasis) 2021. Tetsuo, Ogami, and Sophia appear to be from Wonder World, and stopped aging over 15 years ago.

Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo
- (male age stasis) ecchi comedy, 2016.
Ch13 - Torako's older brother Mashiro Torasawa is initially mistaken for a lost little boy by the Pet Raising Club. To the girls' shock, Torako call him "Big Bro". Mashiro then throws the insanely strong Torako around like a ragdoll. It's revealed he's really 35!
Bullet: Yes!! He's legal!!

text fragments
- (male delayed maturation) c2008+
Toriko's partner Komatsu looks like a teen boy, but is really 25. His skill as a Chef is acknowledged by the Four Heavenly Kings. During the Meteor Garlic Arc, he briefly became very muscular.

House of Anubis
- (male adult stasis, male OA) Victor looks like he's in his 50s but is actually 95 thanks to the elixir. Rufus looks about 40, but is also 95.
Robert Frobisher-Smythe looked 50 but was over 100. When the curse was broken, he reverted to his actual age.

Petite Princess Yucie
- (age stasis) In fact all the main girls are 17 y.o. but appear no older than 10, thanks to a spell cast when they were babies.

Turning Red
- (AA poofs, RN AA poofs, CoA metaphors) 2022 CGI movie. Disney AA curse.
13 y.o. Mei Lee discovers her body is replaced with the form of a giant red panda whenever she feels strong emotions. This is an old family curse - Trailer link

Mala carodejnice
- (adult stasis) Czechoslovakia, West Germany, 1984 series. Also a film adaptation.
14 eps. "The Little Witch" keeps the Witch's vast age, but changed her appearance to that of a little girl.

short story
Roger Zelazny
- (adult stasis & male rejuv) "The Last Defender of Camelot", 1979.
Lancelot finds Merlin and rejuvenates him from his centuries-long sleep with a magic elixir. He drinks the remainder to restore his own adult youth.

DC Showcase: The Phantom Stranger
- (male demon adult stasis, adult youth theft & decay to dust) animated short, 2020.
Seth and Phantom Stranger engage in a sword fight. Seth feeds off Stranger's magical aura. Marcie finds her friends as drained husks. She seduces Seth by saying he is a "king of ages" but needs a "queen". The ruse works long enough to grab his pendant and smash it to pieces. He turns to dust and ash.

Arata: The Legend
- (adult stasis) Princess Kikuri looks surprisingly youthful for a 60+ y.o. woman. Her powers suppress the form of her true age.

Maou no Hajimekata
- (male adult demon rejuvenated) by Yakan Warau, 2016.
How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King - Aur was an old man at the end of his life when he finished his mana potion. First he must die, to be reborn into the magical world as the mighty Demon King.

- (postmortem adult "rejuvenated") #8 "Another Cold Morning" 1998, Vertigo.
If you get your brain frozen after you die, they can eventually make you a new young adult body - extract

Himitsu Kichi
- (young adult & preteen mutual age confusion) by Nakahara Aya, c2017.
First Story: a May/December Romance between a 6th grader and year-1 high schooler Kana. She is head over heels for this mature guy whom she thought was in college, while he mistook her for an elementary schooler like himself - link

Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil
- (adult to OA) S2Ep9 "Deathday Cake" 2012/01/12.
Giant birthday cake eats students on their birthdays. Woman into old woman, 10 sec clip - link - (The Transformation Channel)

Minam isineyo
- (FF) 18+ manhwa, c2021.
AKA You're so Handsome; Hey, Handsome; What a handsome man you are.
Plastic surgeon Park Young-hoon decides to undergo full-body surgery. He became really handsome and the woman started to be interested. Doctor Park... Can I also become prettier?
- Ch25 - small extract - (Anonsuper)

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
- (demon form "AR"ed) It ends with Jason being caught in the New York sewers' nightly flood of toxic waste. This caused him to become a normal-looking little boy in swimming trunks.
Unused ending: a tiny, normal-looking child version of Jason tried to crawl out of Jason's mouth right before the tidal wave of sludge. He was restored to his form from before he drowned in Crystal Lake.

TED-Ed: A day in the life of an ancient Babylonian business mogul
- (FFed to OA) animated short, 2021.
Stylewise, it's not the best adult FF to OA animation at the end, but an interesting story nonetheless - link - (Kappa)

Himitsu x Senshi Phantomirage!
- (young adult to more mature, AA zap) Ep13 "Phantomi Dia's Identity!" 2019/06/30.
Young woman uses the Phantomi Dial and hensou key to disguise as Hikaru's editor-in-chief. Phantomi Diamond transforms and reveals her true form.
- Scene link @00:25 - (The Transformation Channel)

Adventure Time
- (anthros FF) S5Ep6 "Jake the Dad" 2013/01/07.
Jake and Lady Rainicorn's 5 offspring were born and became old enough to take care of themselves. The Rainicorns age fast, and Kim Kil Whan already has a beard! They return to the status quo with Jake living with Finn again.

Corrupting Virgins: Standing for Truth in a Jungle of Opinions
- (AP) Thabang Tlaka, 2014.
"Her chest began to expand and relax rapidly, her hips widened, while her eyes, though filled with terror and confusion, began to shine. 'What is happening to me? Mother, what is happening?' she frantically enquired. Her mother, filled with ..."

- (AA size increase) - pseudo doll-like witch girl AAs to normal size Hiccups
  @00:13 her witch hat flies off, as it didn't grow with her enlarging head unlike the rest of her clothing.
- (AA cut) - age-up poof.
- (FFed) - Memba her? The actress who played 13 y.o. Jennifer Garner in the AA-amnesia movie "13 Going On 30" is really 30 now
- (3 year) - AA FF - (ARed) - Ninjala 2D - alt. Ep3 - (Adam)

Yuri Detective
- (AP) scene start link

Madison Kelsh
- (FF AA multi-poses) c2021. "Dad takes picture of daughter every year wearing the hospital scrubs he wore when she was born".
When I was born, my dad wore these scrubs. He took a picture of me every year wearing them on my birthday until I was 18 - Montage link - reverse caps

text fragments
- (male TF) Italy, 1990. AKA "Re-Animator 2".
Mad Scientist determined to prove that his de-aging serum works ends up slowly becoming a reptile-man who kills almost randomly.

text fragments
Absolutely Truly (A Pumpkin Falls Mystery)
- (CoA, FFed) by Heather Vogel Frederick, 2014.
On page 9, awkward teen protagonist Truly Lovejoy felt like she was in "Alice in Wonderland" because she had grown so much taller recently.

Magicians, The
- (AA'd "APed") The Magicians - S3Ep2 "Heroes and Morons" 2018.
Fairy Queen claims that Fray is Eliot and Fen's infant daughter aged up to young adulthood in 2 months, but Eliot and Margo are skeptical. They refer to various Tv and movie AA stories where something similar happened:
Margo: What a cliche. The baby that becomes a teenager practically overnight?
Eliot: Right? Angel.
Margo: Twilight.
Eliot: Buffy.

text fragments
Men in Black
- (adult FFed) Remember that random pie waitress in MIB 2? - Scene link
Check dis out: MIB 3 info link - I mean, it's small potatoes. But I kinda like how 2 and 3 connect in an OA FF-related way - (AgingWomen)

text fragments
Last Defender of Camelot, The
- (adult age stasis, rejuv?) James Zimmerman, Zim Graphics, 1993.
Lancelot uses an elixir to rejuvenate Merlin from centuries-long sleep and to restore his own adult youth?

morphing (visual effect)
- (dedicated age TFs) - AP

- (rejuv/AR OC stages, male APed CB glimpse, ARed/male APed aftermath, RN OA & male AR OC) Ep11? "Melchora Meets Cedie" 1997. Philippines series.
Old woman reverts into little girl and little boy became adult man. RN scene at the end of the episode.
- Full episode link - AR OC caps - male APed CB glimpse caps - RN OA/male ARed OC caps - (Dylan)

Dragalia Lost
- (demon AA TFs, size/age form upgrades) mobile game, 2018.
Age/Size increases. Main character has a tiny faerie assistant named Notte helping on their quest. Characters are able to AA into dragons for the battles. Notte discovered she could AA herself into a human, giant, and adult form called Mega Notte.
- "Bigger, Stronger, Nottier! I can do it! I can turn into Mega Notte! Maybe grown up, I can wear that slinky gear Mym was going on about? Which do you like better? Mini Me? This Me? Or Grownup Me?"
- Magical forms - (Ghost 606)

Wansapanataym (2010 revival)
- (AA episode? AP, RN?) Ep92 "Pinay's Big Sister" 2012/07/21.
Pinay is not fond of giving way for her little sister. She is given a magical feather that makes things around her a lot bigger. Will Pinay finally learn the value of generosity when she accidentally enlarges her baby sister?
Someone posted a few pics, it appears at one point her dress maybe got too small? This person only posted very small pics, so we can't see for sure - small pics - (Maidofage)
- (APed forms) Ep294-299 "Just Got Laki" 2016/05/08 - /06/12.
After eating magical candy, Macky and his friends became teenagers. Who made the candy?

- (male AR & ARed aftermath, RNed) S2, 2018. Brazil series, 52 eps.
Evil scientist Randolfo erases genius scientist Artur Valentim's memory with Artur's memory helmet, and turns him into a boy. He enrolls him in Artur's son Joao's school with the new identity of Edmundo. Joao and his 3 siblings keep searching for their father, as Randolfo alters Artur's wife Alice's memory to marry her. Joao becomes friends with Edmundo and the 5 kids solve the mystery together. Finally Edmundo regains Artur's memory. He then made a potion to become adult again? Maybe by S02Ep24? Randolfo turned into a dog in the last ep.
- S02Ep01 memory erasure @18:30, male AR @22:00 link - caps - S02Ep21 memory restoration link - cap - (Dylan)

Wo de baba shi xiaoxuesheng
- (male old/young soul exchange) "Father or Son: A Wonderful Swap" - "My dad is a primary school student" 2021.
- Trailer link - caps - Full movie link bodyswap @02:30 & @17:00, RN @82:00 - (Dylan)

Sihirli Annem
- (AA TF, male ARed) - Ep63 - male AR @49:00.
Grandfather Taci was turned into a dog by his wife but poofed human again. However, his wife made him into a little boy of granddaughter Ceren's age - link - caps
Ep64 - Little Taci becomes a dog again at the end of the episode - link
Sihirli Annem 2
- (AA replacement zaps, age forms) - Ep72 - Various body and age swaps - link - caps
Ep73 - Everything returned to normal - link - (Dylan)

Bez Bebek
- (man/boy mind transfer) Ep29 c2009.
Emre swaps bodies with his father Hakan. Now little Hakan has to go to school and Emre to the office.
- Video link male old/young body swap @21:00, RN @1:16:00, female mental AR @15:00 - caps - (Dylan)

- (adult rejuv poofs) Ep086 "Mahiwagang Lampara" c1999?
Whenever the old lady lights the magic oil-lamp she becomes a young adult again:
- Episode link - caps - caps
- (group ARed poofs, AA RN) Ep 101 "Bata Okey" c2000?
Multiple female ARs/RNs - Episode link - caps - caps - (Dylan)

Qiangu jue chen
- (demon/goddess AA ARed disguise, AA RN cut) - "Ancient Love Poetry" - "Dust through the ages", China.
Ep22, 2021. Qingmu has AA'd Houchi into a little girl so that she can go with him without anyone's suspicion. She was AA-restored standing offscreen to the side.
- Blocked link - aftermath link - caps - (Dylan)

Hello Daddy
- (male old/young soul transfer) Kannada film, India, 1996.
A sorcerer swaps an officer's soul with his son to take advantage of his position. Father/son body swap at 1:42:00 and RN in the end.
- Full movie link - caps - (Dylan)

- "Me Then, Me Now" pics FFed.

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