Aging Transformation Scenes

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Deviant Artist: Demonda-Art
- (dedicated AR gifs) c2018.
- Samus link - Peach link - Rosalina link

Deviant Artist: IncredibleCaptainAsh
- (dedicated AR) "Unwise Bewail", 2017, 5.8MB.
AR anime-style gif story scene set in fantasy castle - link - (Inkognitolord)

Deviant Artist: TGtrinity-AP
- (dedicated CGI AR AA AP pics) 2018 - Main Gallery Link
Many dedicated magical changes in age and status.
- rejuv gif link
- AA AP gif link - AA AP gif link
- rejuv gif link - rejuv gif link

Deviant Artist: Thetra
- (dedicated CGI AP AA scenes) 2018 short TF test sequences.
Mystical heroine age form upgrade. Got some time off and played around with dynamic clothing... This may not work in all systems due to file sizes and software issues. Contains Nudity.
- TF scene link - screencaps - 55MB SWF "Purple Top".
- TF scene link - screencaps - 80MB SWF "Robe".
- (Thetra)

foot growth (scenes)
- (dedicated shoe CB) Female growth experiments - tearing leather caps - toe breakout caps

Giantess GG1
- (dedicated CGI clips, AA TF, AP to adult to GTS) 2015, Vale Serg.
His wife starts as a little girl who slowly AA-"grows" to a gigantic adult size and thereby forcibly raises her husband's arm.
- Clip link - Clip link - screencaps - screencaps - (Unread)

Naughty Machinima (Deviant Artist: Thetra?)
- (dedicated demon/monster TF/sex videos) 2017 CGI short animation. 11 second unclothed AP scene.
Trying out something new - Gif link - (Thetra)

PE TG (animated)
- (male organ CB, TG) c2010 - caution trans male nudity anime gif

Pixiv (site)
- (dedicated short CGI TF AR/AP) Over-18 access only.
Tools for more realistic age morphs are still in an early stage. Semi-deformed and realistic styles, baby & continuous morphs, catgirls.
Proportion & posture adjustments, youth & adult heads, cloth draping, age form skins.
- 2016+ Daz animations by randy8823 - caution Nudity.
- - gif
- - gif
- - id=64346857 - id=64213503 - id=64168696

Sims 2.0 AR Photo Story, The
- (dedicated male AR) 2013 CGI comics.
I hope to have another up pretty soon. It has embedded videos that can be viewed using Acrobat with flash installed, so any windows system should be able to handle it.
- Be sure to read Part 01 first!
Download option links: Mediafire - Deviantart - Youtube
- (Grimms001)

transformation trauma (trope)
- (dedicated TF AP) Age serum injections will trigger intense sensations as the test subject's body expands climactically.
"The kid" c2016 gif - (Spartanavis)

animation: A to F - G to P - Q to Z - short toons - fetish toons - fetish comics - fetish films - fetish stories

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal