Aging Transformation Scenes

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Aedificatorum Nata
- (dedicated age growth scene) 7/2019 CGI video story by AGF.
In a darkened chamber, a nude Magician comes into her full powers. The Temple will not allow her to escape what is to come. Rising to meet her fate, the outline of her young body trembles as the stretching sounds begin. Before the suns will rise, she will become a mighty Amazon destined to ascend to a higher plane. We have received a request to make screencaps as Vimeo is blocked in many countries.
- Video link - (Mister AGF)

Aedificatorum Nata
- (nude expansion) - screencaps

AgeGrowthFictions: The Ageshifter - The Duet
- (dedicated CGI AP scenes, female & male, PE, CBed cuts) 2019/12. Caution: Nudity!
Dark Magic is afoot as the rain pours down. 2 young dancers get furious when their teacher forces them to practice far beyond exhaustion. Their rage becomes so strong that it awakens an ancient being. It gives them the power of revenge to escape the realm it's been trapped in.
Their scant underwear is not the slightest obstacle for what is to come. Stretching, moaning, tearing sound effects. I enjoyed the growth, and the large appendage the boy sprouted was very well done. First he pushes the fabric out of the way, and then his Male Organ expands enormously. I did wish the girl blessed with large endowments too. The characters urinate before growing to represent they're losing control of their bodies while transforming. I think I won't do that again as it seems to disgust some people ^^'. Sorry about that.
- Official video viewing/download link -
Previous link was disabled because the video is in violation of Google Drive policy. New link - (Mister AGF)

Dark Productions TF
- (dedicated CGI toon AP) "Dorothy Changing AP", 2019/10.
Locked video purchase link

Dark Productions TF
- (dedicated TF AP scenes) CGI purchase commissions, 2020.
To unlock the content: tier $5 on Patreon.
- Chibi to Blacklady AP - Hotaru to Mistress 9 AP:
Sailor Moon short animations of pure enjoyable AP growth.
- Kidnapped AP:
I teamed up with AgeGrowthFictions. His music is awesome. Probably the best yet I've stretched myself to produce, esp. with the sounds & animations. A little girl trapped with a kidnapper is forced to grow. Some voice overs were a little tough to pull off...
- Friends1 AP - Forced AP1 - Beauty of Growth - Sex AP Growth 1.
Twins will be forced to age by a little girl demon... - More with the $1 Tier.
- Hoping everyone can spread the word about the quality of the attempt to release some good AP, being there is not much out there that tries to focus on longer growth sequences. If you have commissions, I will try to give honest numbers for how much work goes into making custom content, because animations take a lot of time.
- (MrDark Productions)

Dark Productions TF
Ashley AP Film
- (dedicated CGI toon AP TF video) 2019/10.
Patreon purchase link

Dark Productions
- (dedicated age TFs, AP) Febr. & March 2020 releases (depending on rendering time)!
- Girl to Taarna
Feb.14 - Commission inspired by the Heavy Metal animated film.
- The Twins
Mar.6 - 4.5 mins. In storyboard form till the TF, and won't disappoint. All the SFX came together in a double transformation involving the female twins. AgeGrowthFictions produced a beautiful musical score.
Parents are fighting and the daughters aren't happy. One wishes they could be older, the other doesn't want to age at all.
Too bad a demon girl was listening, who shows up to force them to grow older... - preview
- The Formula: A Jekyll Story
April - $10 tier (supports elements needed for animation/storyboard shorts, 10-15 every quarter).
A Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde plot line; storyboard-based. The TF scenes and some extras will be animation-based. I'm working with a voice actress to bring the female parts to life for the 3 characters at different stages.
- Darkproductions2019 on Deviantart was taken out. My new page is Darkproductions2020 - link
- Patreon purchase link - (Mr Dark)

Dark Productions
- (dedicated CGI TF with AP elements)
- 2020/06 - A few goodies for the Patreon $1 tier - $5-10 tier: "Tiffany Growth AP" short showing the power of Female Age Progression.
- 2020/07 - $10 tier: "The Formula" Part 2. Jade is making some interesting choices. Teaser link - $5 tier: young Genie AP in a cute transformation.
- (Mr Dark)

Deviant Artist: Anclar
- (dedicated mini-GTS upgrade) "Factory preview" CGI scene, 2019.
27.9 MB gif loop. This could be seen as teen-to-adult AP if you want. You could pretend that a series of identical clone girls are being upgraded from age 12 to age 21 with a growth accelerator to prepare them for their mission - Short gif link

Deviant Artist: Dark Productions
- (dedicated CGI TF AP) 2019.
Female TFs using photo-manipulations and Photoshop/Poser shorts. I love AP, who doesn't?
- Halloween 2019, $5 Patreon Tier: "Ashley" - 11 minute short story.
Deviant Art link - Patreon link - Preview caps - (Mr. Dark)

Deviant Artist: Demonda-Art
- (dedicated AR gifs) c2018.
- Samus link - Peach link - Rosalina link

Deviant Artist: IncredibleCaptainAsh
- (dedicated AR) "Unwise Bewail", 2017, 5.8MB.
AR anime-style gif story scene set in fantasy castle - link - (Inkognitolord)

Deviant Artist: TGtrinity-AP
- (dedicated CGI AR AA AP pics) 2018 - Main Gallery Link
Many dedicated magical changes in age and status.
- rejuv gif link
- AA AP gif link - AA AP gif link
- rejuv gif link - rejuv gif link

Deviant Artist: Thetra
- (dedicated CGI AP AA scenes) 2018 short TF test sequences.
Mystical heroine age form upgrade. Got some time off and played around with dynamic clothing... This may not work in all systems due to file sizes and software issues. Contains Nudity.
- TF scene link - screencaps - 55MB SWF "Purple Top".
- TF scene link - screencaps - 80MB SWF "Robe".
- (Thetra)

foot growth (scenes)
- (dedicated shoe CB) Female growth experiments - tearing leather caps - toe breakout caps

Forgotten One, The
- (dedicated CGI AA age stories) 2015. A new artist at tgcomics.
Playing House - link
- CGI comics. Playing with a 4 y.o. can be fun, but what if you transform into your roles as baby and mommy?
The Forest - link
- CGI toon short. AA AP nocturnal fantasy TF scene.
(Saixhinata, Fmoney963)

Giantess GG1
- (dedicated CGI clips, AA TF, AP to adult to GTS) 2015, Vale Serg.
His wife starts as a little girl who slowly AA-"grows" to a gigantic adult size and thereby forcibly raises her husband's arm.
- Clip link - Clip link - screencaps - screencaps - (Unread)

Intercourse with the Vampire
- (dedicated demon AA TF upgrade) Nevarky, 2019/10/25 Hentai/Porn video.
Beware of non-human entities, for dark magic always has a price! A nocturnal monster appears in the protagonist's bedroom, and proceeds to extract his seminal essence. But that was only the beginning, as the creature's neotenous somatotype then expands to its hyper-sexual form. The TF happens around 1:30. Warning, a bit of lolicon at the beginning. Save for the scarce TF seconds, it goes on with the NSFW tone understandably. EDIT: The male moaning is gone!
- Video link - Patreon link - screencaps - (The AP Ninja)

Naughty Machinima (Deviant Artist: Thetra?)
- (dedicated demon/monster TF/sex videos) 2017 CGI short animation. 11 second unclothed AP scene.
Trying out something new - Gif link - (Thetra)

Patrum Filius
- (dedicated male AP) 8m18s CGI animation, 2019/04.
The Son of the Fathers. A young squire suddenly awakens in a world of dark magic. The darkness partially conceals his nudity as he explores the empty chambers. The lad's body begins to stretch where he stands. Hair sprouts on his rising form, and his briefs can be heard to tear away. His testicles descend as new muscles begin to bulge and swell. We see his shoulders have widened, and he gained the powerful legs and chest of a mighty warrior. A lifetime of heroic destiny awaits.
- Streaming link - Full size download link (205 MB) - (Mister AGF)

PE TG (animated)
- (male organ CB, TG) c2010 - caution trans male nudity anime gif

Pixiv (site)
- (dedicated short CGI TF AR/AP) Over-18 access only.
Tools for more realistic age morphs are still in an early stage. Semi-deformed and realistic styles, baby & continuous morphs, catgirls.
Proportion & posture adjustments, youth & adult heads, cloth draping, age form skins.
- 2016+ Daz animations by randy8823 - caution Nudity.
- - gif
- - gif
- - id=64346857 - id=64213503 - id=64168696

Sims 2.0 AR Photo Story, The
- (dedicated male AR) 2013 CGI comics.
I hope to have another up pretty soon. It has embedded videos that can be viewed using Acrobat with flash installed, so any windows system should be able to handle it.
- Be sure to read Part 01 first!
Download option links: Mediafire - Deviantart - Youtube
- (Grimms001)

TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 1, mind maturation) "The Power" - 2020/07 CGI comic w. animations, 18:34, 234 MB download.
It began with a strange flash. A 15 year old male babysitter was tasked with watching 2 toddler girls while MILF mom is away. Wait, did they suddenly grow a bit older? Then it happened again. Little does Bobby know all his wildest fantasies are about to come true in Mom's bedroom. Be warned that this animation contains very strong sexual content.
- It can be accessed through the Process Forum thread - link - first 4 TFs (reduced) gifs Their bodies grow from toddlers to children - (Apfan101)

TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 2) "The Power".
Ashley's couch growth process. She quickly becomes the same age as Bobby. This time, she will take care of him - 3 gifs

TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 3) "The Power".
Jennifer's stand-up growth process. Her body stretches up to almost 6 feet tall and she also got her Mom's bosom - 3 gifs

TF artist: Syunsou
- (dedicated AR AA AP TF) anime shoujo Purori custom cast, @syunsou.
Revised movie of my child's rapid growth. Her childhood comes and goes in stages like Melmo-chan. Grow big, get small, go, go, go!
- Clip link - screencaps - (Mf2yxmsq)

transformation trauma (trope)
- (dedicated TF AP) Age serum injections will trigger intense sensations as the test subject's body expands climactically.
"The kid" c2016 gif - (Spartanavis)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal