Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation - Mail

Yo-kai Watch
- (male cutaway AA APed & muscle) 66 "Yo-kai Lafalotta" 2015/04/24.
The Yo-kai Lafalotta taught Nate how to be funny to impress his classmates. He trained and leveled up offscreen into a muscular adult to not embarrass himself again in a game.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Akira, Male Muscle Growth Archives)

Gabby Duran & the Unsittables
- (male young adult to OA) Ep35 "Fountain of Ruth" 2021/10/29.
Wanting to understand grandparents better, Jeremy and Principal Swift ask Wesley (b.2005) to pretend to be their grandfather with an aging drink. They eventually come to understand the meaning as the aging drink wears off.
- (AA TG TF age form RN "AR") Ep09 "The Party King and Timbuk, Too" 2019/12/13.
He disguised himself as an adult woman.
- Scene link - screencaps - (The Transformation Channel)

short comics
Family Tree
- (FF BE APed) Signe Wilkinson, daily funnies, 2009.
Eco-minded eldest daughter "Twig" underwent rapid pubertal developments off-panel. At one point her breasts grew so fast they damaged her bra in a classroom, but no one noticed.
- - panels

- (female TF adult rejuvenation) S1Ep5 - Scene link - screencaps - (Female AR & AP TFs channel)

- (adults FFed to old, flashbacks) - Alexa CM "I Only Have Eyes For You", 2021.
  Young couple dancing in the past into the present day still dancing as an old couple - link - (Chronoeclipse)
- (adult CBed) - jeans rip - - (Alex)
- (old adults flashbacks) - Vivo, Netflix, 2021 trailer
  Kinkajou embarks on musical adventure to deliver love song to Marta for his owner Andres. Some adult FB & character exposition - (Kappa)
- (FF) - 9 years in the life - (FF) - years - (slight ff) - everyday 4th grade
- (male) - face - (male) - face
- (AA) - age-up wish "La nina que queria crecer" - she wants to be like her older sister for a day.
- (AA) - "Teen Girl GROWING UP EVOLUTION", 2021. Stop-motion papercut animation
- (young adult FFed to old) - Samurai Jack S3Ep2: Rave Girl link - S5Ep6: Rave Girl 50 years later link
  In an apocalyptic future, I have hope knowing Grandma DJ's, drugged out young men in astronaut suits, and techno beats are a thing - (Kappa)

Dogs in Space
- (anthro canines ARed) S1Ep5 "Settle down" 2021/11/18.
Netflix. Stella discovers her crewmates have turned into puppies. They even changed the opening song/intro to "Puppies in Space". We learn what happened through flashbacks told like how kids explain things.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

- (old age face morphing) 2020.
Made using FaceApp and Deepfake tech! Download a song and it's yours FOREVER.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Tales From The Crypt
- (adult rejuvenation morphing) S04Ep14.
Scene link - screencaps - (Female AR & AP Transformations)

Gimyohan gajok
- (male slight adults rejuved) South Korea, 2019.
AKA The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale zombie comedy. When a zombie's bite makes people 10 years younger, people start paying $500 to get bitten.
- Full review link - - caps - (Jeff_2bya, Mystery Recapped)

Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, The
- (adult demon TF to old) Ep5 "Keep on Rollin'" 2020/12/04. Disney+.
Mickey and friends' disco night at the roller rink is crashed by Peg-Leg Pete and his roller derby team. His date is a young and slender hottie in skates... that suddenly explodes into Ursula from The Little Mermaid.
- Full episode link - TF gif - (Deleted, Keith943)

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
- (tied-up ARed, AA RN AP) Ep22.
Scene link - caps - (Female AR & AP Transformations)

Kiddy Grade
- (AR AA) Ep24.
Scene link - caps - (Female AR & AP Transformations)

- (young adult dream FFed to old age) Ep30 "Career Day" 2005/11/16.
Nikki and the triplets get a fast forward. I remember an episode where one girl got a tattoo and Nicki asked "Are you just going to be a 40 year old mom with a tattoo?" There was also an elderly couple who started dressing and acting young. The grandma started working at the Khaki Barn and dressed all preppy and stylish. Best part? The old lady had to explain a guy was gay.
- Scene link @16:50 - screencaps - (Kappa)

Simpsons, The
- (dream demon AA TF AP) Ep600 "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" 2016/10/16.
Lisa AA-progressed her imaginary friend Rachel into her own mother who is married to a dentist when she tried to kill Homer.
- Scene link - gif - caps - (Deleted)

- (adults FFed to OA) S6Ep7 "The Late Philip J. Fry" 2010/07/29.
Fry's delayed birthday card to Leela - Scene link - caps

short toons
Dangoheart Animation
- (male ARed) - Minecraft anime Ep11 "Witch's potion" 2021.
It's not much, but at least it's something. link - (Username)

Twilight Zone (1985)
- (adult OA'd) S2Ep2 "Aqua Vita".
What's great about this episode is the only way to escape the horror of old age is to embrace it. That ending probably scares a lot of people despite how sweet and positive they made it out. The makeup actually isn't *terrible*. When you have somewhat decent floating orbs I expect your makeup department to be decent too.
- Full episode link @21:16 - (Deleted, MeanMark)

Venture Bros., The
- (parody "adults FFed" older) S02Ep11 "Viva los Muertos!" 2006/10/01.
Adult Swim. What if they weren't Meddling Kids anymore? A van containing a quartet of aging hippies and their demon-possessed dog finds the Venture compound. The Groovy Gang were a group of mentally disturbed amateur detectives making their living by looting buildings they broke into during their adventures. They resembled an aged version of the cast of the Scooby-Doo series and certain infamous criminals.
- "Hunting for Groovy Treats" scene link - caps - (Kappa)

Star Trek: Enterprise
- (adult & future elderly self) S03Ep21 "E squared" 2004/05/05.
The 2 T'Pols meet in an alternate timeline - link - link - (Deleted)

- slightly older growth.

text fragments
Time Trap
- (time stasis, FFed) 2017.
A group of teens went into a cave where time runs much slower. It is the source for the legend of the Fountain of Youth. However, outside the cave many years are passing.
- Overview link - - (Jeff_2bya)

text fragments
Last Night in Soho
- (adult time/body jumps, FB/FF) 2021/10.
Young fashion designer with a 6th sense was transported to 1966, inhabiting body of famous nightclub singer who vanished.
- Trailer link - link

text fragments
Needle in a Timestack
- (adult time jumps, slight FB/FF) 2021/10.
Newlywed couple's marriage crashes after her ex travels through time to ruin the relationship. Based on short story by Robert Silverberg - Trailer link

What We Do in the Shadows
- (male rebirth) S03Ep10 "The Portrait" 2021/10/28.
Energy vampire Colin Robinson was reborn as his baby/junior version. It emerged to crawl from the ruins of his adult body.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

- (looks like "CBed" aftermath) - Favorite Summer Pants (2018-21) gone too soon.
  Ripped pic - (archived mirror) - (Alex)
- (male ARed aftermath spanking) 2021/11 comic issue - Michi and Benji visit a VR salon.
  He gets to spank Michi as Batgirl and later as Leia dressed in that slave outfit - Purchase - (DrWhoAR)
- (female/male adult rejuvenation/OA) ParangNormal Activity Ep12. Old woman regained adult youth by drinking blood of 3 men who became elderly.
  Near the end, the antidote aged her to dust and restored the adult youth of the three men - Scene - (TGManiac)

Campbell's Soup
- (adults to babies, AA cutaway) "It can make you feel new again!" 1989.
Commercial link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

first day of school
- (FF) - 07

Fancy Lala (doujinshi)
- (AR) Caution: manga nudity, sexual situations.
Remember the Fancy Lala hentai called "Magnificent Harvest"? I decided to make a short TFed GIF out of some particular last pages - (NightElf37)

short toons
Steve Cutts (animator)
- (AP FF kinda with both AA/UC aspects) "The Turning Point", UK, 2020 PSA.
Animals and humans have switched places. Now animals rule the earth and the human race becomes the hapless victim of climate change, environmental pollution and displacement due to the daily whims, needs and laws of the animal kingdom. An AA-growing girl gets strangled by plastic four-pack rings. Soundtrack: Wantaways.
- Video ad link @00:51 - - gif - (Jeff 2bya)

Smurfs, The (2021)
Les Schtroumpfs
- (anthros AR) Ep26 "La grande creche" "Stormy the Babysitter" 2021/10/22.
CGI series. A freak accident turned the Smurfs into babies. Smurfstorm has to take care of them while trying to find a cure. Only image I found is of Smurfstorm with a bunch of baby smurfs grabbing on to her - (Tazz, Username)

- (reality shift AA cutaway ARed, AA RNed cutaway) S4Ep6 "And Those We've Left Behind" 2011/11/11.
The Fringe Division begins to wonder about a series of time displacements. A young daughter was suddenly replaced by her baby self in a different room. Suddenly her mother is carrying her older form again. All the changes were kept scrupulously AA.
- Review link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

- (male anthro AR poof) Ep13 - Troll into baby - link - - screencaps
Ep04 - Troll into anthro/troll hybrid - link -
Ep18 - Troll into fly - link -
Ep19 - Troll into dog - link -
- (Tazz)

short toons
STA Studios
- (AR AA poofs) "Baby Mod Friday Night Funkin animation", 2021/09.
Characters from the rhythm video game into babies - link @03:52 - screencaps - (Tazz)

Walt Disney World Resort
- (dream ARed AA) "Make The Dream Come True" 1998.
An old married couple feel like kids again at Disney.
- Commercial link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Pokemon Journeys: The Series
- (AR) 23rd Season, Ep87-90, 2021.
Ash, Goh, Chloe and Dawn encounter an alternate universe due to Palkia and Dialga the Pokemon gods of space and time fighting? We see a Pichu (Pikachu's baby form), and a quick shot of what appear to be Goh, Dawn and Chloe becoming little kids? Their alternate selves are shown younger - Scene gif - (Tazz)

Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion
- (male AA AP to OA) S1Ep4b "The 'Stache'" caps

software or tabletop games
Warhammer 40,000
- (age stasis) 1987+. With the use of rare rejuvenation devices, it's possible for certain humans to look only middle-aged while pushing 80 to 100.

same clothes project
- (FF AP) - A lot can change in 2 years

Doctor Who
- (male adult hyper-FFed) Scaroth OA'd Professor Kerensky to death in City of Death. The novelization takes an alternate interpretation, describing how Kerensky was trapped in a faster timestream, spending the entire rest of his life there, slowly dying of old age, as the main timestream moved incredibly slowly around him.

fetish transformation genres
- (dedicated TF depictions) Many different tropes about various creatures changing forms.
Both visual and text media genres may only depict the physical metamorphosis, or include detailed story settings and characterizations. Standard tropes focus on different parts of the process, often with strong sexual overtones. Our favorites involve all types of growth-related clothes tearing and bursting.
Mainstream media TF scenes (AKA non-dedicated) have higher budgets, but are carefully designed to be non-arousing. For example, there has never been a good live-action girl to woman AP CB scene.
- Aging fetish CGI 3D stories - Old Age fetish photorealistic edits.
- Adult Rejuvenation fetish gif - gif - (small previews taken from deactivated Deviant Art account).
- Giantess fetish comics CB burstout - Giantess fetish films CB burstout - mixes of mainstream and dedicated content.

10 Year Challenge
- (FF) - Abigail Breslin Zombieland movie posters

text fragments
Odisea Burbujas
- (male pseudo "ARed") "La Fuente de la Juventud" 1983.
Men into "babies" (actually greenscreened smaller) after drinking from Fountain of Youth - link @40:44 - - caps - (Tazz)

- 5 try-on attempts

Ciel Halligan series
- ("TF" UC/OC) - AKA In a Fix series by Linda Grimes.
"In a Fix" (2012), "Quick Fix" (2013), "The Big Fix" (2015), "All Fixed Up: A Novel" (2016).
- Aura adaptor Ciel Halligan is able to take on her clients appearances like a human chameleon and slip seamlessly into their lives, solving any problems they don't want to deal with themselves. She has a childhood friend/rival with a constant flirtation. In Book 2, 10 y.o. sister Molly has already begun to show signs of being an adaptor. She accidentally took on the form of the baby orangutan she touched, and can't change back!
... Molly's hand slipped easily from the handcuffs ... "Then my clothes won't fit," I grumped ... Reluctantly I morphed into my client, wincing as my clothes suddenly pinched ... I almost changed right back into Mina so my clothes would fit ...

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: BlazePhoenix21
- (dedicated adult AA, mini GTS effect, AP-BE-like TF, RN-AR-like TF) "Origin Comic: Terra Kuroki - The Shadow Self".
12 pages comic, 2021/10. Undersized woman Terra Kuroki bitterly bewails her short stature and mousy look. Then a strange job opportunity flips everything on its head. A mighty dominatrix makes her first appearance in the dungeons...
- Full comic start page link - small extract - Artist gallery link - (NightElf37)

- (male old/young body swap) - Mizutamari ni Ukabu Shima - A boy switched souls with a dangerous killer.
  The final manga chapter - (Akira)
- (dedicated demon TG TFs, possible age change?) - Hentai stories Danna - (Andu22)

short toons
- (male OA) by TomSka, 2013/10 short gags - link
First Person: Hey, what did you get for your birthday
Second Person: I got...older! (Quickly turns elderly)
First Person: AAAAAAAAAAH - That is weird...

- (male accelerated growth AP) Syfy. Fun-loving trio of interplanetary bounty hunters chasing deadly warrants.
S4Ep4 "What to Expect When You're Expecting... An Alien Parasite" 2018/08/10.
- Delle has gone into labor, but the male baby is growing/aging too quickly for the birth canal, and Kendry's healing powers are working too fast to cut the baby out.
S4Ep5 "Greening Pains" 2018/08/17.
- Delle's baby continues to grow quickly, turning into a 5 y.o., then a teenager. They devise a bio-solution to slow down the aging. In a nod to actual biology, he eats a ton of food rather than just gaining mass from an unknown source.

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Dianhua
- (dedicated AR, some TG & AP) manhua artist "Telephone", c'20.
Restoration of youth, babification, into little girl - small extracts page & link - (Andu22)

Twilight Zone, The (1985)
- (adult to old aged, stasis & rejuv RN) S3Ep8 "Our Selena is Dying" 1988/11/12.
Debra Brockman has her Life Energy drained by Aunt Selena. She has gone from her late 20s to appear in her 70s. The same is true of Cousin Diane, whose adult youth was drained by her own mother Martha.

Pixiv artist: Kakomisuru
- (dedicated demon AR AA poof) "Chuu Sei" comic c'20.
Twitter channel link - manga extract - (Andu22)

- (adult anthros OA'd) Cartoon series was part of The Comic Strip show - Rankin/Bass, Lorimar, 1987.
A team of heroes could transform into amalgams of human and marine animals like the ThunderCats and SilverHawks.
- What looks like a hoard of golden spheres is actually dangerous toxic waste that will cause OA in anyone touching it. Both the heroes and a villain have this problem... the other villain learned his lesson many years ago.

fetish toons
Dark Productions
- (dedicated age TFs) 2021/11.
"Resident Evil: Escaping Raccoon" short on $5 Patreon tier - Sherry Birkin's Anti Virus went wrong...
"Forbidden Arts" will feature Elf progression in October...
- 3 young elves delve into a magic scroll that drains the age from their parents and transfers it into them!
Female Transformation Stories Vol. 3# - 3 stories including Traditions.
Female Transformation Stories Vol. 4# - Vimeo On Demand link
- $19.99 compilation, most of the shorts with Dark Productions! 1h28mins of straight TFs!
"Traditions" trailer link
"The Student Surpassing the Teacher" standalone on Vimeo On Demand link - Bonus: "Abby's Problem."

Batman Beyond
- (minor AP or more likely old age) 5 "Mummy, Oh! And Juliet" 7/99.
A mummy searches for his bride. In order to maintain his life force he must drain others of theirs, causing rapid aging in his victims - (Jeffr_2bya)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Karatekikku
- (dedicated demon/furry AA extreme body deformations, WG, BE, age forms) c'20.
Channels: Pixiv - Skeb - Twitter - (Kazumamiyato)

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
- (adult to extreme old age) S02Ep17-18, "Summit to Save Earth" parts 1-2, 1992/02.
Zarm infiltrates a summit and takes their places. He transforms Gaia into a mortal woman, and traps her and the Planeteers in his ship for 10 years. This inflicts old age on Gaia, and she would continue to age until literally becoming dust. She got restored later.
- Full episode Part 1 link - Full episode Part 2 link

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: U-Non
- (dedicated furry/anthro AA TFs) - furry dog girl - lineup
Uma Musume Pretty Derby horsegirl - dryad "APed" oneshota - (Andu22)

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion
- (male AA AP to OA) S1Ep4b "The 'Stache'" 2013/08/24.
CGI figures animation. Shakes is blasted with a ray that Briiian developed to use on Nate. Shakes is an old man by the time they get the ray to turn him back to normal. Episode link

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (adult to OA) S2Ep7 "Unnatural Selection" 1989/01/30.
Doctor Pulaski was rapidly aged due to an accident at a genetic research station that exposed her to a virus that rewrote her DNA.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
- (male "OA'd" dream) S03Ep18 "Distant Voices" 1995/04/10.
Doctor Bashir was "aged", but it turned out to be all in his mind (literally) because he was in a coma.

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Rimu
- (dedicated TF) transsexual fiction, rapid growth, nurseMC.
BE link - AA mental link - AA TG mind switch APed extract - R-18 continuation link - (Andu22)

Doctor Who
- (male OA'd) S18 "The Leisure Hive" 1980 - The Argolins racial trait keeps them youthful for most of their lives, before aging to death in a matter of hours. The Doctor is forcibly aged 500 years. Being that he was pushing 900, this only caused him to go from 40 to looking like his 80s.
- (adult OA "disguise") Series2 Ep12 "Army of Ghosts" 2006 - The Doctor pretends to the Torchwood Institute that Jackie Tyler is her mother Rose after having undergone OA. Jackie is not amused.
The Doctor: And just last week, she stared into the heart of the Time Vortex and aged 57 years. But she'll do. Jackie: (indignant) I'm 40!

Kamen Rider Double
- (male OA'd) One Monster of the Week had the ability to cause rapid aging, resulting in Shotaro getting a few scenes as an old man.

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
- (OA'd) Johnny Sunspot along with his two teammates were aged rapidly whenever Skeleton King was near. It all started because Johnny said "Hey, we have their robot... Maybe we don't need to be taking orders from you anymore."

Flash, The (2014)
- (male adult to OA) Griffen Grey has accelerated aging as a side effect of his superhuman strength, just like his comics counterpart.

Journey into Space (radio plays)
- (young adult age stasis, limited adult OA) BBC audio broadcasts.
The Red Planet, 1954.
- James claims to have been born in 1940, which is consistent with appearing to be in his early 30s. However, he was actually born in 1893, and he disappeared in 1924. He has not aged a day since. After he dies, his body reverts to its true age of 78. The crew discovers the same is true for every human brought to Mars. They are all at least 15 years older than they appear to be.
The Return from Mars, 1981.
- Cassia appears to be 17 but tells Jet she is 38 Tribosian years old. Jet is shocked her true age in Earth years is 152.

Fruits Basket
- (male "chibi" stasis, RNed) Momiji looks and acts like an elementary schoolboy. Tohru is shocked to find out he's going to her high school. He eventually goes through a growth spurt, and becomes as Bishounen as the rest of the boys (if not more).

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
- (male adult aged) Nick Fury has some of his life force taken, aging from looking like Samuel L. Jackson to his comics counterpart with darker skin. It looks like it's going to stick, at least for the time being.

Stargate SG-1
- (male adult aged) Jack O'Neill was rapidly (albeit artificially, and therefore reversibly) aged by nanobots.

Twilight Zone, The (1959)
- (male adult aged to dust, adult stasis) S05Ep23 "Queen of the Nile" 1964/03/06.
A woman used a magical scarab beetle to drain the adult youth of men for herself. As a result the men aged rapidly and died. She explained an old painting of herself as an adult as being a projected age progression painted when she was still a child. Cleopatra has gotten away with it for many centuries.

Blake's 7
- (adults to OA) 1981. The Villains of the Week in "Rescue" and "Orbit" were old aged.
The first had a Picture of Dorian Gray plot, so the villain aged and disintegrated to dust after his death. In "Orbit", exposure to Hoffal's radiation for a millionth of a second was enough to age a young research assistant into an old man! He later used it to kill his abusive partner in a Murder-Suicide.

fetish toons
TF artist: Syunsou
- (age forms AA, furry/anthro) VRoid custom cast sub-dirts, Odame (COM3D2) Cecil TF app. c'20.
Manga character art in non-erotic situations. All are basically original loli girls. Young regression to a small child / rapid growth age change to an adult sister situation.
The childhood appearance is -2.5 SD from the average assumed age. More like Warrior Gordian than Mysterious Melmo makeovers.
- Their clothes changed with - Small extracts page and links - (Andu22)

- FF through the months

Mazica Party
- (male AA TF preteen upgrade) card battle game, TV Osaka/TV Tokyo, 2021.
Ep28 trailer link - Ep29 trailer link - caps - (Akira)

fetish toons
- (dedicated AP TF) CGI short film, $11.99, 2021/10.
We've finally released our exclusive collaboration project with DarkProductions. It required a lot of hard work and I hope you'll like it.
In a magical fantasy world, young females are expected to follow a Code that transforms their bodies in preparation for marriage. Two youngsters defy the Laws of their village and must face the consequences... - Purchase link - (Mister AGF)

- (AA FF cuts) "You've Been Loyal" Rewards, 2021/07.
A girl goes to McDonald's over the years. From childhood to college and finally with a career and family of her own. Her tastes change but McDonald's stays the same.
- Commercial link - (Brendan)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: A Little Experiment, The
- (dedicated AR, aftermath spanking) by Rose St. Andrews, $10.00, 2021.
A blueberry pie trap leads to a trip onto Dr. Jessica Cherry's lap! Michi sentences Benji to help her, and each baking session includes another spanking. Then Michi and Dr. Cherry are zapped by the BTM into little girls, and Benji takes his revenge on both!
- Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Meow Wolf: Convergence Station
- (AA curse, Old Age cut) "Get Out and See the Worlds", Meow Wolf art installation, Denver, 2021/09.
Like "Omega Mart", it appears to be a normal commercial that gets weirder and weirder. One scene shows a young girl looking at her fast-moving watch, which leads to her AA-ing into an elderly woman. You don't see the AA process, except for her arm wrinkling at an alarming rate.
- Video link @1:47 - caps - (Lmorgado)

Centsables, The
- (ARed cutaway) "The Centsables" - S1Ep5 "Bouncing Baby Boy", Fox Business financial edutainment, c2014.
CGI animal superheroes that teach kids about fiscal responsibility are a group of friendly bankers by day.
Granny Villain of the Week apparently took notes from real-life villain Frank William Abagnale to produce a fairly simple check bouncing scheme. She uses the proceeds to fund a raygun that could turn everyone in Centsinnati into an infant.
- Episode link - caps

- (ARed) by Uraziro, c'20.
Hentai link - cover - (Andu22)

Growing Around: Party Panic
- (reverse life cycle) by Johnathan "Enter" Rozanski, 2016.
Sally Dunn is your typical 8 y.o. in a world where Swapped Roles are taken to the extreme: kids rule and adults get schooled. People age and develop as they do in Real Life. When Sally goes driving, she needs to try her best to not bump the other kids too hard. Sally gets a Party Duty letter and is forced to entertain the entire town. The author doesn't want to pen the Darker and Edgier Lord of the Flies-style Deconstruction that everyone's minds head towards - info link

Shadow of the Conqueror
- (male adult rejuvenated) by Shad M. Brooks, 2019.
Daylen attempts to commit suicide by jumping over the edge of Tellos past the bottom of the universe. Instead, it granted him a form of Lightbinding magic, while reversing his physical age to 17. Becoming a teenager again means that Daylen has to put up with raging hormones as well, which is especially frustrating for a former Dirty Old Man to whom Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere.

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon AA AP) - Ch21 extract - (The AP Ninja)

short comics
- (past/future selves) 2021 - Full comic link - extract

short story
Frank Stockton
- (rejuv) "Old Pipes and the Dryad" c1885.
A dryad is the spirit of a tree which takes human form. If one of them kisses a human, their age is reduced by 10 years. If done enough times, the human will become young again.

- (CGI AA FFs) - Sims 3 Generations Trailer - (Lunkpil)
- (adult toon faces aged) - Baldur's Gate D&D system RPG:
  Someone did some age work on the character portraits - (Ronin)
- (old/young adult selves) - The Twilight Zone - S5 "Spur of The Moment" 1964:
  Middle aged lady on horseback chases down younger self to stop her marrying a loser - (Kappa)

Crazy (magazine)
- (male teen TF, muscle growth "CBed") - Teen Hulk AKA "Chester Weems" - Earth-80360 character, 1980.
Marvel character, short comic parodies. High school nerd "hulks out" when angered. It was a different time - Cover
- Also the title of a proposed animated series where Bruce Banner would have been a teenager instead of an adult. A preview appeared in Comic Features #33.

Persona 4
- (OA'd) AKA "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4", Atlus RPG, 2008.
c'2020 - I had some art commissioned by Rebelminder based on my story of the Persona 4 Seniors playing the King's Game! - (JackpotMans)

Power of Six, The
Lorien Legacies: The Rise of Nine
- (microscopic mention of "age changing ability") Fantasy curse. We have to take what we can get. The character Ella, or "Number Ten", was said to have the alien ability to return her body to earlier ages she already lived through. The 2 books give us zero details and little else - However there was some promising fan art

growth spurts (aftermath trope)
- (dedicated FFed fan service trope) Common trope whereby a male protagonist is confronted with the fact a formerly little girl has blossomed into full teenhood. With panty flashes, oversized cleavage closeups, and male nosebleeds - manga scene

previous page

AP text fragments 170 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

Your info and submissions are welcome! Send 'em here.