Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 Be Young Again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation - mail/board

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken
- (male adult demon rejuvenated) TV Tokyo, Eps90-91-92, 2022/08/13-27.
Vearn's frail appearance was in stark contrast with his true monster form: a muscular, fair skinned, younger looking Demon Lord with long silver hair. He unveiled his real appearance by fusing with his original body. Dai fights a fully restored Dark King. The final decisive battle between master and pupil of darkness begins - Vearn art - (Akira)

Ultimate Spider-Man
- (adults OA'd glimpse?) S01Ep18 "Damage" 2012/08/19.
They work as a superhero battle damage repair crew. We now have two reports this episode showed the cast getting old for a brief moment, but were not able to confirm this - (Bella)

Sandman, The
The Sandman - Netflix.
- (male dream ARed cutaways) Ep01 "Sleep of the Just" 2022/08/05.
Morpheus the god of dreams is captured in a glass prison for decades and says nothing. When the capturer's son is an old man, Morpheus is freed by a guard. In his dream, the son walks down a corridor gradually appearing younger. Because of the son causing the world to be in turmoil, Morpheus gifts him eternal sleep.
Scene link - - screencaps
- (adult to old aged) Ep02 "Imperfect Hosts".
Ethel has lived a long life thanks to Morpheus' stolen pendant. After she gives it to her son, time catches up with her and she ages decades.
Scene link - - screencaps
- (Tazz)

SCP Foundation
Secret reports about various unexplained objects with sinister properties that sometimes may include some forms of age transformations.
- SCP-006 - (adult age stasis) - new entry. A small spring emitting "mineral water" with the unusual property of "health". Ingesting the liquid regenerates DNA damaged by sufficient duplication, heightens cellular duplication, vastly improves repair of damaged tissue, and frighteningly increases immune system effectiveness.
- SCP-483 - (adults mentally retconned "younger") - Pills that don't change you physically or mentally, but alter your and everyone else's memories and records to appear 1 year younger. Swallow too many and you forget everything except for basics. People may remember a stranger in your place.
Video link -
- SCP-723 - (adults OA'd) - A spiral staircase responsible for the disappearance of several local youths. When ascended it induces rapid aging in living subjects and decay in non-living materials. Subjects ascending indicate no feelings of pain or discomfort, and seem untroubled by their rapid transformation. They have no inclination of returning to the base.
Video link -
- SCP-728 - (male adults to OA'd - new entry. The interior of a standard shipping container experiences the flow of time differently from the outside world. Adults locked inside can experience many years passing.
Video link -
- (Tazz, Jeff_2bya)

My Parents Are Aliens
- (AA TG TF "AR" morphs) - S1Ep3 "The Date" 1999 - link - S2Ep7 "El Presidente" 2000 - link - S3Ep7 "Magic Johnson" 2001 - link
- Screencaps - (The Transformation Channel)

Miss Mystic
- (soul swap between old/young adults) low budget independent film, 2004.
A good body theft film if you can get your hands on it. I really like stories where old women "become young again" by tricking beautiful victims. It involves a F2F swap between a young woman and an old hag trying to escape death. The best part was Katrina telling her brother about how the young woman will just have to get used to living in her old body. After they tricked her into swapping bodies, they teased her and walked out, leaving Alyssa behind trapped in her old body.
- Snippets link - (BOB, ROBO, L, Dexter Dickie, Stag)

fetish comics
TF artist: Aogami
- (dedicated AR) - c2020+ Collections link - Small extracts:
A Much Needed Downsizing - Aligning Perspectives on Regression Research - Samus Bunny
I really hope s/he will finish up the undercover cop project. The plot twists and chaos so far are very entertaining - Scalamity (formerly Sblitz) link
TF artist: Inkgirls
- The Camera Subtracts 10ish Years... Give or Take
TF artist: Kimera
- Bathtime for Mommy
- (Katsumend, JeffR_2bya)

fetish toons
Pixiv artist: Randy8823
- (dedicated CGI age form TFs) Nudity TFs are a type of AA. c2020+
Restricted access link - link - vid link - link
BE vid link - BE vid link - video link - nude vid link
- Screencaps extract - extract - extract - (Andu22)

animated true stories
- (male young adult "OA'd") Meet My Story - "My Touch Makes People Instantly Old", 2022/08.
Whenever Rosamund touched a person, they quickly began to age (shown or described only once). Because of this she often had to change schools.
Video link - - screencaps
- (accelerated growth) Story Time Animated - "I can't stop growing", 2022/08.
She had a medical condition that sometimes caused her body to start growing at immense speed without warning. Once the trigger was identified (exposure to dairy products) her condition was soon brought under control.
Video link @02:00.

Harvest, The
- (male body reconstruction ARed) "The Harvest" by Robert Charles Wilson, 1992.
After the aliens had absorbed most of mankind, one adult character chose to let the nanites slowly convert his body back to boyhood in a cocoon to travel the depopulated countryside on a bicycle.

text fragments
AR stories
Villainess Will Not Bring Dishonor To Her Family, The
- (TG reincarnation reborn) by Bleezei, c2020?
Former samurai lieutenant Rei was reincarnated into the body of an 8 y.o... who happens to be the villainess in a romance novel for foreign girls destined to be executed by her fiance the crown prince - link

short films
- (young to old adult soul swap) Saico Films, 2016.
Luciana receives the visit of a strange old woman, who eventually steals her body.
- Video link AA swap @11:20 - (4of11)

fetish fiction
TF artists: young/old adult body/soul swaps
- (dedicated adult swaps) Erotic body theft stories where old hags switch their spirits into young adults.
Grumpy TG - TG adult to OA/rejuv body swap stories.
- "LadyLumps; It's Happening!", 2020. Based on "I was a teenage soccer mom" (changed into a sororite for legal reasons) - link
M. Wills - Captions and stories on BodySwapFiction.
- He's made a new release every few weeks for years. Most of his works are M2F, but the F2F old-to-young adult stories are real gems. My favorite is "Primed for Takeover" where an old woman befriends a young and sexy one to steal her beauty/wealth. She taunts the young woman while older woman Jenny controls her body from inside - Author link
Jimmy Zappa - Half his erotica stories are old women stealing young women bodies. A good one is "Inside Her Perfect Student", where an old college professor tricks her student aide into giving up her body. They fight for control over her beauty. "My Husband's Secret Crush" had a Skeleton Key type of ending.
Most of his stories are Kindle Unlimited only, they might go on Smashwords?
20-story F2F body swap and possession mega bundle "Erotica Megapack: 20 F2F Body Swap and Possession Short Stories" on Amazon. Favorite ones include "Let Her Inside Me" (old grandmother steals granddaughter's best friend's body) and "Make Her Naughty" (older witch tricks young woman into tainting her soul with magic to steal her body) - link
A handful of Blogspot caption writers that I've followed over the years had a lot of F2F old-to-young body swaps:
link Kawaii Switcher - not as active as she used to be (sensitive content warning for all blogs).
link Body Swap Fiction
link Secret Switch used to have a lot more captions. I think she had a meltdown and deleted a bunch due to negative comments. She claims Blogspot deleted them but I hope the best for her. there were SO many old to young captions.
Teh Switcher link - The Swapping Grounds link - no posts.
The Swapping Grounds is still active with very good caps at their new link
- (Dee Cypher, DBFinale, Kelin)

short toons
- (furry demons to OA poofed) "Pinky, You Got Old! - Age Swap Challenge" 2021/11.
A teenage cat-girl who is also a cheerleader witch and her kid sister swap ages and then attempt to revert, turning them both into old ladies around 04:30.
- Episode link - cap - (Chronoeclipse)

- ("age play" request, CoA) S1Ep2 "Episode 2" 2015/06/21.
Niska was created by David as a sibling for his son. After David's death she was kidnapped and sold to a brothel while pretending to be a normal synth. Her 14th client that day wanted her to pretend to act young, scared, and powerless like a little girl. When she refused the man throttled her. Enraged by his twisted fantasy, the renegade synthetic then strangles the man to death and removes the anti-theft chip from her neck.
- Young adult teen Toby Hawkins was infatuated with the family domestic synth Anita. He goes downstairs in the middle of the night while she is charging and tries to lay a hand on her breast. Anita warns him that inappropriate interaction would be reported to his parents as the primary users.

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: old age
- (dedicated adult to elderly TFs) 2022/08.
JackpotMans got these commissioned and they're awesome:
- Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel (Kamala/Carol) link - the old Marvels link
Hey, Lunkpil's doing stuff! Give their gallery a peak, they've been active lately:
- Pics and short story combos link
- "Sensible Attire" link
- "Hotel Transylvania" - An artist's opinion link
Deviant Artists who have a special place in my heart:
- Kamackazi link - Fan2000 link - JayTee-FAArtist link - Jake27 link - Mellissa822 link - JoeSixPack60 link - favorites link
Some more old age related postings:
- link - link - link - link - link
- (Kappa)

Copycat, The
- (AA curse, TFed, TGed "age appearances") "The Copycat" by Wendy McLeod MacKnight, 2020.
Extract: "... plaid work shirt and jeans morphing into a purple hoodie and black leggings ..."
Ali and her parents have moved at least once a year for as long as she can remember. Unexpectedly, she inherits the Sloane family's ability to change her appearance at will. Being the new kid is hard enough without worrying about losing control and turning into your teacher. With the help of her family, new friends, and a touch of magic, Ali might just survive middle school after all. She attempts to change into different animals and characters, including the Incredible Hulk.

Y ahora que?
- (excellent slight puberty AP growth spurt glimpse) Pakapaka, Argentina. 13 eps. c2014.
Animated series about the various aspects of growing up. Most of the growth spurts had their clothes growing right along with them. There was one very brief blurry AP micro scene, where it looked like a young girl really went through puberty all at once. Her sketched outfit became somewhat tighter.
- First episode link @17:14 - screencaps page

Paper Girls
- (future/past selves interact, CoA) Mystery SF, Vaughan & Chiang, Image Comics, 2015+.
Through time travel, the girls are frequently displaced between different centuries. They encounter future versions of themselves and are forced to come to terms with who they will become.

Paper Girls
- (future/past selves interact, CoA) - AA age caps
S1Ep1 "Growing Pains" 2022/07/29.
- In 1988, Erin, Tiff, Mac, and KJ begin delivering the morning paper. The girls rush back to Erin's house, only to encounter Erin's older self in 2019.
S1Ep5 "A New Period".
- Adult Erin leads a daring mission to 1988 and a big secret about her future.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
- (older adult demon disguised as younger adult) Ep3. Annoying district attorney Dennis Bukowski seeks damages from older adult "light elf" Runa, who used her New Asgard disguise illusions to convince him he was dating the actual Megan Thee Stallion. When the court rules in favor of Dennis, the chart-topping star is revealed to be in the crowd.

- (young/older adult) - same pose FF - (pseudo "UC") - "schoolgirl" skirt

- (anthros dream ARed) 2021/05.
You play as a sentient animal. After your character arrives in the ruins of their home village, they have a flashback where they seemingly regress to a much younger form. This happens again for additional skill and ability enhancement at various points. Your character "ages back" once the original flashback and subsequent training is complete. It's an interesting addition - (Reina Watt)

- (male furry dream FF OA'd) S02Ep09a "Lost!" 1997/10/30.
Arthur imagines himself older. "I've been on this bus for 40 years!" - transcript link
- (furry dream FF OA'd) S22Ep01b "The Feud" 2019/05/13.
Near the start, Arthur imagines himself elderly along with D.W. Read - transcript link
- (Bella)

short comics
Level 30 Psychiatry
- (anthro creature "AR" zap) webcomic, 2017.
With the assistance of Carmen Sandiego's Impossible Thief skills, Dr. Gardevoir removed the popularity of her species from the internet, leading to her De-Evolution into a Kirlia - link - link

Transformers: Rescue Bots
- (male adult rejuv/stasis, OA) - S02Ep23 "Double Villainy" 2014/07/26 - S02Ep24 "Rise of the Heroes" 2014/08/02.
Supervillain doctor Thaddeus Morocco periodically used his "Verne device" to rejuvenate. Later he was aged and his voice changed - info link - (Bella)

Final Space
- (older and normal age forms) S1Ep7 "Chapter Seven" 2018/04/09.
Little Cato and KVN are trapped in a time leak.
Video link -
- (OA'd, RN rejuv) S2Ep4 "The Other Side" 2019/07/22.
Half the ship is stuck in a bubble where time moves rapidly. Little Cato was trapped for 60 years (to keep sane he imagined the other crew with him). They destroy the barrier, and Little Cato reverts from his 70s back to teenhood. Mentally he may be 70s now.
Video link -
- (alien life cycle AP) S3Ep1 "...And Into The Fire" 2021/03/20.
Trigore lays an egg (his species switches between male and female every 6 months). The egg hatches into a baby and ages to full adult in seconds.
Video link -
- (rejuved effect) S3Ep3 "The Ventrexian" 2021/04/03.
Avocato is forced to relive his dark past. Could be considered healing, but he looks younger afterwards. Decaying villain was restored.
Video link -
- (mental FB) S3Ep5 "All the Moments Lost" 2021/04/17.
The ship is pulled into an anomaly. Quinn feels the effects by reliving her childhood memories.
Video link -
- (maturation effect) S3Ep6 "Change Is Gonna Come" 2021/04/24.
Ash, who was made a teen, receives a power-up which does age her. I didn't notice until the next episode when a character remarks she is older.
Video link -
- (Tazz)

Orphan: First Kill
- (young adult playing childlike young adult form of childlike older adult played by preteen) 2022.
12 y.o. Isabelle Fuhrman played a woman impersonating a child in Orphan (2009). They used a combination of makeup, body doubles, and forced perspective shots to allow now grown-up Fuhrman to again portray Esther at an even younger age - 1

- (demonic degeneration) Singapore horror anthology, 2014.
3rd film, TF scene in the elevator - screencaps - (Dutch Bull's TF Dimension)

Thanos Annual #1
- (young adult FFed to OA) 2018.
The most evil act in comic history may well have been when Thanos helped an old lady cross the street. By delaying the bus for a few minutes, Thanos prevented young woman Stephanie Kircher from having a crucial inspiration that would eventually solve world hunger and disease. These breakthroughs would end social ills and turn Earth into a paradise, whose example would inspire other worlds to abandon war and conquest - Spoiler art - (Kappa)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking AR) 2022/08. Both Scarlett and Benji's new friend Ariana get ARed and spanked.
Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Merlin (2008)
- (adult rejuvenation) S1Ep1 - screencaps

- (young/old adult soul swap) AKA "Mark of the witch", Jason Bognacki, 2014.
Old and ugly witch steals beautiful young woman's body - (4of11)

Robot Chicken
- (male action figure to teen AR) S11Ep13.
Borf the space genie gives Ace a second teenaged life... - Scene link - - caps - (Jeff 2bya)

Realnaya Mistika
- (adults poofed older or younger) True Mystery, Ukraine, c2015+
The project seeks to find a rational explanation for mystical events in persons' lives.
- "Kniga molodosti" Book of youth.
Episode link - caps - At 2:00, a ghost makes an old couple younger.
- "Magicheskaya karusel".
Episode link - caps - At the start a carousel regresses a woman to a child.
- "Rezinochki" Rubber bands.
Episode link - caps - A man becomes older at his wedding to match the bride.
- (Sickboy)

Casper the Friendly Ghost
- (AA ARed, RNed) 1991 series, #2.
Casper investigates the cause of the populace of a nearby town having been turned into babies. Sadly no process. We do see the zap when several were AA'd back to normal - link - (Tazz)

Owl House, The
- (FFed) - Time Passing Comic - Next generation Comic Dub
Plant Coven head witch gives off that crazy old drama teacher vibe... Terra Snapdragon Middle Aged - Elderly - (Kappa)

short films
I turned into Mom! Body Swap
- (TG mother/son soul swap) Remember The Alamos 2022/04.
What happens when you fight with your parents? - link - (Close door)

- (TFs) - I have a Terabox account where I am storing AP/AR & BE/BR content in case anyone is interested in taking a look at it.
  Code: 8gbj - AR/AP Website List - (Andu22)
- (young adults "FFed", OA makeup) Trevor Wallace shorts, 2022/02 - F*ckbois (and F*ckgirl) in the future login required - (Wazzupdawg)
- (amnesia pseudo "ARed") - news story - (adult face appearances) - fat filter
The Incredible Hulk
- (male adult muscle growth CB closeups) - 1977-1982 - all the transformation scenes

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: adult maturation
- (dedicated aging effects)
- GingerDaydreams - link - link - link - milf photo gallery.
- Amokk20 - link CGI timeline.
- SurakuraAnon - link teen to postmenopausal swimsuit art.
- BalancedCrib59 - link TG swap caption story.
- sagging link - stuffing link - big booty link
- "youth elixir" links - "age progression" links - gilfs/milfs links - (123anon987)

celebrities as kids (cartoon series concept)
- (flashbacks to fictionalized childhoods)
Little Rosey
- With Roseanne Barr, 1990-91.
Little Ellen
- Preschool series, 2021-22. Featuring 7 y.o. version of Ellen DeGeneres.
Little Bill
- Based on the "Little Bill" books by Bill Cosby, 1999-2004. Reruns until 2014.
  Follows the adventures of Little Bill Glover (based on Cosby) and his friends in Philadelphia, learning lessons or morals.
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
- 115 eps, 1972-85. Includes a character based on Bill Cosby himself.
Life With Louie
- Based on comedian/actor Louie Anderson's childhood, 1995-98.
The LeBrons
- A family of personalities based on LeBron James's childhood, 2011.
- Kids' WB, YTV, 1996-98. More or less based on Damon Wayans' childhood.

fetish comics
Pixiv artists: monstrous morphing
You must have an account to view the hentai illustrations.
Sanshiki / Noahidelaw
- (dedicated gynoid femuscle GTS stages, adult demon masturbation) Commissions link - Deviant link
Cobra nowoyatsu
- (dedicated femuscle upgrade stages) - link
Kei kurin
- (dedicated demon height BE upgrade stages) - link - (Andu22)

Pere Formiguera
- (nude FF, face & body, growth & aging time-lapses) Spanish photographer, 1952-2013.
- This project started in 1991. He photographed 32 people, ages 2 to 75, once a month over 10 years. By 2000, 30 people had completed the first phase.
Chico - Chica
- Double book set, 2006. I take this to mean that he continued photographing a boy and a girl through the early 2000s. The male photos of Pau are already on the photography page. However there was also a female version of the posted sequence, 64 photos of Julia with an average gap of 10 weeks between shots. Perhaps someday scans of Chica will be released but who knows - info link - 1

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AP text fragments 170 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

Your info and submissions are welcome! Send 'em here.