Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation - mail/board

Norman Normal
- (global AR AA, male cutaway ARed AA, AA cutaway APed, RNs AA) S1? "S.O.S. Bébé"? "Six Billion Toddlers"? 1998/99? 2005/03/14?
French, Irl. The Nicelys zap the world's population into toddlers because it's nicer that way (including the main character's superhero parents and their talking dog). He and his genius baby sister turn everyone back, but she became a teenager offscreen, and he a baby. She doesn't want to be reverted as her new appearance better matches her inner self but it's for her own good. In the end all members of the Power Family were restored, along with everyone on earth.
- Full episode link 14:40 cut 16:10 - - screencaps - (Tazz)

De Volta aos 15
- (mental time travel into past teen self) - Back to 15 - Netflix. 6 eps, Brazil, 2022/02.
Inspired by Bruna Vieira's book of the same name. Comedy series follows Anita's self-discovery and maturity journey.
- When adult Anita returns to her hometown, a string of disasters unfold. She takes refuge in her adolescent bedroom and turns on her computer. When she logs onto an old photoblog, our main character is magically transported back to her first day of high school - a 30 y.o. brain stuck in the body of a girl of 15. While trying to fix everyone's lives, each change in the past impacts everyone's future, and not always for the better.
- Trailer link - caps - caps - (Gnosis)

Jock Sturges
- (unintentional slight puberty FF glimpses) - Fanny - 2014.
His newest book is like Misty Dawn, just a different girl. An extended "portrait" of a young person's transition from child to woman made over 23 years. The images are at once beautiful in their detail of light and identity, as well as frankly anthropological in their descriptive effect. I've not run across scans yet - Art model

short films
Troom Troom Food
- (young adults pseudo "mind swapped", acting like children) "24 Hour Mom vs Daughter Body Switch Up!", 2022/01.
Mental roleplay, narrated. This day, everything turned upside down in Bob's family. Young adult "Mom" & "Daughter" have swapped bodies!!
- 11:46 episode link - caps - (Close door)

fetish fiction
Kat Rose (author)
- (dedicated AR or rejuvenation) Short and longer stories, c2021?
The author had a vast collection of low/mid quality erotic horror tales featuring age reduction. Access has been lost on Amazon Kindle.
- Her stories included the following titles:
"Betting His Adulthood", "Trapped in the Nursery", "The Diaper Cuckold Trap", "Losing His Manhood", "Under Her Gentle Care", "Cutie Star", "In the Crib", "The Loss", "The Regression Service", "Regression and Revenge", "Toddle for Her", "From Husband to Doll", "The Toddler Process", "Setting Boundaries", "The Doctor Decides", "She Scares You", "Made Little", "Cuckold in Plastic", "Sissified by the Sisterhood", "Punished with Pastel", "Pretty Pigtails", "Michael's Secret", "Surrender in Plastic", "Forfeit Maturity", "Let It Out", "Nanny Taylor", "Very Cute Vengeance", "Doctor Marcie's Procedure", "Cheated into Diapers", "Changing Jonathan", "The Invitation", "The Decision", "Trusting Jason", "Tricking Noah", "Helpless in the Hospital", "Always in Charge", "Therapy is Good for You", "Surprise Regression", "Trusting the Wrong Girl", "Completely Regressed", "Cheer Sitter", "Silly Teacher", "A Father's Daughter", "Safely Trapped", "Beautiful Punishment", "The Reveal", "My Diapered Nightmare", "Safe in Captivity", "Soft Captivity", "Curing Vincent", "Little Guys", "Amy's Absolute Authority", "A Cute Prison", "Her Rules", "Little Man on Campus", "Toddler Makeover", "Humiliated Boys", "Humiliating Performances", "Boy Toddler", "Kelly's Promotion", "The Demonstration", "Shrinking His World", "Cheated and Diapered", "The Right Punishments", "Helpless Little Husband", "Regressed by a Woman", "Adorable Dolly", "Bound Boys", "Mean Sisters", "Domineering Displays", "Safety Locks", "Magical Regression", "No More Authority", "Our Plans", "A Plastic Task", "Trophy Boys", "Utterly Helpless Boys", "Absolutely Helpless", "Cute and Owned", "Teasing Girls", "Regressing Ian", "Yes or Yes", "Taken Boys", "Adorably Male", "She Makes the Rules", "Demeaned Boys", "Rebecca's Rules", "Her Dolly Boy", "Replacing Her Toys", "Interior Regression", "Surrendered Adulthood", "Sweet Guy", "Loving Discipline", "Toy Boy", "Toddler Games", "Taking Care of Her Boy", "The Discipline Store", "Win or Lose", "Cheated Boy", "Infantile Performance", "Sissy Sitter", "Layers of Cotton and Plastic", "Cute Control", "Helpless Little Guys", "Plastic Nightmares", "Mistaken Boys", "Danny's Surprise", "Helpless Boys", "Punishment Lines", "Bulky Punishments", "A Helples Little", "Capturing Cute: An Age Play Anthology", "Training Pants", "Bound and Babied", "Irresistible Babysitters", "Females in Charge", "Soft Padding", "Drops of Surrender", "Gently Bound", "The Visit", "Tasty Temptation", "Adorable Boys", "Secretly Little", "Secretary to Babysitter", "Demonstrated Power", "For His Own Good", "Locking Cover", "Professionally Regressed", "Meeting Shawn", "Belonging to Lena", "Babied Men", "Enchanted Error", "Little Men", "Totally Cute: An Age Play Anthology", "Trusting Kelsey", "Sweet Little Boys", "Feeble Boys", "Toddler Boy", "Little Games", "Forceful Concern", "The Graduate's Toy Boy", "Men to Boys", "Talking It Out", "The Regressed Cuckolds", "Taking His Business", "Back and Forth", "The Movie Test", "Plastic Power Plays", "Diapered Frat", "Taking Kyle", "The Letter", and many more.
- Full title Info link - (Caleb)

short films
Teen Times
- (young adults pseudo "mind swapped", acting like children) "24 Hour Mom vs Daughter Body Switch Up!", 2022/05.
Mental roleplay, dubbed. Our main characters are waiting for a very difficult day! Young adult Mother & Daughter will have to exchange their bodies for the whole 24 hours!
- 26:22 episode link - (Troom Fan)

short toons
Poppy Playtime
- (arthro anthros ARed) Kikick!, Mymy, Gametoons, 2022.
"Mommy Long Legs VS Huggy Wuggy" - Spider creature into baby - link -
Creature into baby - link -
"Baby Huggy wuggy VS Baby Mommy long legs" - Spider monster & guy into babies. Guy into big baby - link -
"Everyone's a Baby?!" - Spider monster and creatures to babies. They get even younger (well tinier, and the spider an egg), then RN.
Another spider monster became old - link -
- (Tazz)

Kun Pho Kraprongban
- (TG swap, father/young adult daughter) "Father's skirt", Thailand Tv movie, 2011.
They discover the change upon leaving the elevator after a disturbance - Movie link swap @15:00 - caps - (Gnosis, Hektor)

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: Living legends
- (dedicated adult old age TFs) c2021.
BernardoNevermore - rejuv link - Wonder Woman link - link - link
ThatFreakGivz link - Rukarioru0930 link - ArkangelDan link - ClueDog link - CanaWrite link - RebelMinder link
- (123anon987)

Lost Universe
- (entity AA age forms) Ep13 "Reminiscence Whirlpools" 1998/06/26.
Scene link - caps - (TF Channel)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: 46val
- (dedicated adult OA) c2021 - link - link - link - link - (123anon987)

- (male demonic AA AP) Tv movie, 2015.
Young parents accept stranger's offer to resurrect their 6 y.o. son, but the boy who returns is not the same one they knew.
- Temp. 66 MB link - - caps - (TF Dimension)

- (adult age obesity) - photo edit and story by Ken4444 featuring Penny from The Big Bang Theory warped into a downgraded reality.
  A Big & Round 30-something Cheesecake Factory manager experiences the humiliation of her friends now being supermodel skinny.
  Notice how her weight really shows off her age, love that. Account required to view photo story
- (toon FF) - Steven Universe Vidalia young - old - (FF) - Every Peggy Carter (MCU) appearance in chronological order clips
- (demon OA) - Pinky, You Got Old! Teen-Z short toon - (demon FB) - Momma Orc reminisces, showing her younger form - toon
- (adult FB/FF) - "How I Met Your Father" Kim Cattrall as older Hilary Duff? Works for me! trailer
(all by Kappa)

short comics
- (AR) Webcomic by AsheRhyder, 2008.
Welcome to the Buildingverse! Characters from different fantasy stories live in nearby apartments. In the Kids Arc, the resident magical troublemaker reverted other cast members. Jareth casts a spell on Erik so he could spend an afternoon with Christine without her seeing his deformity. Thank god the magic only lasted 13 hours.
- first link - #32 link - #35 link - last link

Les 7 vies de Lea
- (F2F, TG body swaps) "The 7 Lives of Lea". French, 2022/04/28.
After finding a skeleton, 17 y.o. Lea wakes up in 1991 in the body of a young man who disappeared. She swaps 7 times, once into an older body?
- Trailer link - (Spyeye, Ben, Ludivine)

Touhou Project
- (demon upgrade) - by Pixiv artist: Rei Usaka - link. Rumia nude fan art - (Andu)

short comics
Doc Rat
- (avian "ARed") webcomics by Jenner, 2006+,
Reportedly, in one strip the use of heavy duty anti-ageing cream regressed a bird back into an egg.

Pixiv artist: Seedy Guy
- (dedicated AP BE) Peulla-woring Hateu AKA Flowering Heart - link - art - (Andu)

- (adult age stasis) Moon goddess, China. She flew there after stealing the elixir of immortality from her husband Hou Yi. She lives with her rabbit companion Yutu, who pounds the elixir of immortality in a mortar for the goddess.

short comics
True Villains
- (male AR & aftermath) webcomic by Kurtz, Hughes, Karpsten. 2009.
87 y.o. Elia keeps fresh with Black Magic and stolen skins. Old sorcerer Bayn Pheonix was TFed into a boy by demon Xaneth Antaris to surpass him in power. Now that age is no longer a factor he got roped into working for Xaneth once more, having only simple magical abilities. He's in a pretty consistent bad mood...
- AR scene link - link - link

Ne Zha zhi Motong Jiangshi
- (male demon accelerated age, AA fire TF upgrade) China CGI film, Yu Yang, 2019.
"Birth of the demon child Nezha". The Li household invites a nervous town to attend a lavish birthday party for their son. Shen reveals the truth of his nature. Ne Zha angrily unleashes his older demonic form with fire as the band plays the Terminator theme. Eventually unleashing his full demonic form, he defeats Ao Bing - (TF Dimension)

AR stories: fan fictions
Ranma 1/2
- (rejuv) "Ranma Restart: Bid for Freedom" by MM007, 2019.
Cologne uses the newly-created Spring of Ranma to make herself young again to serve as the template for the new Spring of Drowned Girl - link
Boku no Hero Academia
- (rejuv) "Alliance of Amazons and Izuku" by Yugiohfan163, 2019.
Recovery Girl is attacked with a de-aging Quirk, turning back to 20 - link

fetish toons
Pixiv artist: Kakomisuru
- link - very subtle AA link - (Andu22)

short comics
tall/short girl problems
- (adult height/clothing etc. issues) c2020 caps

Misteri Dua Dunia
Berburu Harta Di Rawa Demit
- (demon AA TG AP) Indonesia? SCTV? 2005-2007?
Tv movie part of "Misteri Dua Dunia" or "Misteri Ilahi" series? Little male djinn transforms himself into a woman.
- Scene link - caps - (TF Channel)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
- (equine AR) Age spells can only be performed by high-level unicorns. Trixie is able to turn Snips into a baby and Snails into an old stallion with her magic boosted by an Alicorn Amulet; Twilight Sparkle is unable to reverse it. In order to rid Trixie of the corrupting amulet, Twilight fakes having an equally powerful artifact while having Granny Smith and Sweetie Belle impersonate Applejack and Rarity.
- (monster "AP" poof) S01Ep23 "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" 2011/04/15. Twilight pulled it off unintentionally. During her entrance exam to magic school, she lost control of her magic, turning the not-yet-hatched Spike into an adult dragon.

fan characters
Gaia Online
- (male "APed") c2009.
Online character. Dr. Singh's much-abused assistant Timmy used to be a cute kid. Then he came down with megapuberty and got a plot-relevant age-up... into an incredibly ugly and gangly man with an enormous honker (while everyone was expecting yet another hot anime guy). Surprisingly many users thought he was Hollywood Homely at worst. He got Doctor Singh into a catfight with a girl over him. Also Fan Disservice art in the man-thong from Borat...

King in the mountain
- (male adult stasis, male OA) Legendary heroes sleep in remote caves; the Brothers Grimm mentioned Barbarossa and Charlemagne, others King Arthur. The sleeping king awaits a summons to return with his knights at a time of deadly peril for the nation.
Some herdsman wanders in and sees the king has grown a long beard. The king asks "Do the eagles still circle the mountaintop?" "Yes, they still circle the mountaintop." "Then begone! My time has not yet come." The herdsman aged rapidly, his hair turned white, and he dropped dead after recounting the tale.

- I have a new Odysee channel with lots of TFs including age videos - The Transformation Channel - (TGManiac)

life extension (theoretical research)
- (adult age delay or stasis or limited reversal) Aubrey de Grey, English author/biomedical gerontologist.
Might medical technology enable humans to avoid death from age-related causes?
Books: "The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging" (1999), "Ending Aging" (2007).
2005 plan: "Strategies for engineered negligible senescence" (SENS).
Research groups: "SENS Research Foundation", until 2009 the "Methuselah Foundation".
Commercial products: AgeX Therapeutics.

Petite Maman
- (flashback encounter with past form) Celine Sciamma, French, 2021.
Lonely child encounters a fantastical playmate by time-traveling to meet her own mother as a child.

- (some FF glimpses) Japanese lingerie corporation has conducted a fascinating project tracking changes in the female body since 1964.
Only limited info/imagery is available at this time - -
- - - screencaps

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: Quickie 7 - Female AP/FMG
- (dedicated femuscle, squirting, mini GTS, AP CB-like aspects) 2022/05.
Commissioned by BigHouseOfLove and AmateurUnleaded. Erotic moaning, voice deepening.
- A petite goth/emo chick sequesters herself in her room. There is no pressure as she freely embarks on a sexual journey of self discovery. Empowering waves of intense pleasure trigger her bodily growth into a nude Titaness. What happens next? Whatever she wants of course. The question is, are you man enough, knowing she could crush you with a twitch of her muscles? Now with full sound!
- Trailer link - 97.1 MB download link - 947 MB download link - Preview caps

Shade, the Changing Girl
- (old to male teen/baby, unseen TF cutaway & RNed) #9 "In the City, Part Two: Band on the Run" - "Babes in Arms", 2017/08, DC.
Shade attends a concert by aging rock group "The Sonic Booms". She's shocked the band and her favorite TV Show, "Life With Honey" became old. An audience member clues her in to "Listen with your old ears and see with your young eyes". She then AA-poofed back the crowd's ages, and a fun time for all ensues.
- Full page scans: before - after the AR - (Thomas2)

Big Bad Beetleborgs
AKA Beetleborgs Metallix - Fox Kids.
- (man woman AR?) Unconfirmed - S01Ep19? "Convention Dimension"? 1996/10/05? The Beetleborgs go to a comic book convention? - - (Akira)
- (male demon ARed form) S01Ep48 "A Monster is Born" 1997/05/09.
The Magnavores leave a baby on the Hillhurst steps. Suddenly, the entire household is talking like babies. Unfortunately the baby was the Rocket Man monster in disguise.

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib, The
- (male ARed aftermath) S1Ep1, Netflix series.
Ted (aka Boss Baby as an adult) was framed for corporate crimes. He still has the baby formula from the movie. Sadly no process, as he shows up at Tim's house already in baby form and goes back to work at Baby Corps - (Tazz)

Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver
Guyver: Out of Control
- (male "TFed" "APed"?) OVA, 1986 - Bio Booster Armor unit bonds with Shou, transforming him into Guyver I? Full movie link - (Akira)

Flash, The
- (TF male adult rejuv & OA) S08Ep16 "The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen" 2022/05/25.
The Flash gets blasted with a shock wave forcing his body to age prematurely. He confronts Orloff out of breath. Chester says Barry is over 100 y.o. but he keeps running. Orloff ages and screams. Flash tells him to embrace the time he has left in prison.
- Video link - - (Jeff 2bya)

- (OA rejuv) - Galtar and the Golden Lance, Ep3 Alt. toon scene - (Kappa)
- (OA makeup application) - Jess Ransom - Instagram video - (Ark)
- (adult CoA FF) - A Woman's body at 20 vs 50 years - (123anon987) - (OA) - Alt. scene - (Kappa)
- (old adult FB to young adult) - Google Shopping - "Shades", 2021 commercial - in the past at the end - (MeanMark)
- ("growth spurts" stretch AA) - POV - POV

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Megamega
- (dedicated demon GTS AP effect) "Philipe transforms", 2021 - TF link - (Andu22)

Fantasy Island (1998)
- (adult demon TF face rejuv effect) S1Ep5 "Secret Self" 1998/10/24.
Ariel was disguised as an old woman - Scene link - caps - (Transformation Channel)

Cool Kids Table (podcast)
- (ARed aftermath) "Hogwarts: The New Class 001: Voluntary Second Puberty", 2017.
Harry Potter-based game using Savage Worlds system. Jake, Josh, Shannon, and Matt Hoadley just got their acceptance letters. They were de-aged back to 11 to go through Hogwarts and learn magic naturally - link

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Dr_DragonBreath
- (dedicated gynoid upgrade) "Transform & Pimp Out" (Minerva), 2021.
Seems a little autobot medic is in a sticky situation - link - (Andu22)

Clash of the Titans
- (adult demon decay to OA) 2010 Scene link - caps - (Kappa)

creepypasta (genre)
- (AR) c2016. For one reason or another, I've been finding I'm really enjoying AR horror stories as of late. The concept is that the stories are somewhat presented as true events - link - link - (AncientOnly)

Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, The
- (flashback) - Suga Mama link @00:30 - caps - (Kappa)

fan characters
Whateley Universe (stories)
- (TG rejuv) Ma'at "trapped in the past" series by Itinerant, c2016.
70 y.o. Dr. Daniel Edward O'Neill was TFed into Dani, a 20 y.o. priestess of Ma'at - story link

short comics
Dragon Doctors, The
- (dedicated AR) TF webcomics by Speedball, 2013+
Further info about the "Thieves of Life" arc: Magical robbers try to steal a drum of rejuvenating fluid. A booby trap exposes one thief to an overdose, immediately transforming her into a baby.
- Backstory: a lake of youth was responsible for the "deaths" of several colonists. It's "hidden" for the simple reason that everyone who goes there dies. Surrounded by a desolate wasteland, the lake causes everything around it to un-grow. Even contact with the vapors can erase decades of age, causing people who get too close to vanish into empty piles of clothing. The discovery of the lake enabled the development of the rejuvenating fluid, after people figured out how to harness its effects - Chapter link

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: CrisKane
- (dedicated stock photo edits, age TFs) some AA line-up sequences, c2020 - Gallery link
- AR link - AR link

Colgate Optic White
- (adult "FF") "15 years", c2020 - CM link

short comics
Gender Swapped
- (dedicated TG, some rejuved) Rudedude55, Rabbityak90, c2009.
Comedy-science-fantasy slice of life webcomic following two teens swapped by a magic beam into opposite genders.
Morgan was rejuvenated after pestering Sven long enough to bend the rules - Text Only link - link - link - link

Sims 2, The
- (AA) Elixir of Life Aspiration reward. The "milk" produced by the cowplant in the University expansion after it eats a sim is more potent (making a sim 5 days younger rather than 3).

Sims 3, The
- (AA) The Generations expansion added the "Young Again" reward and the Age Freeze reward. The Fountain of Youth came with the Hidden Springs neighborhood.

fetish comics
Brother Complex
- (dedicated mini-GTS sibling) - art

short toons
Merryweather Media
- (FF) "Your Life in 40 Seconds" 4 panel anime, c2021 - link

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: AtomicRavioli
- (demon TFs, power upgrades) c2020 - link - link - link - (Andu22)

short comics
- (demon rapid hair growth) Dark comedy slice of life webtoon, Brandon J. Santiago, 2014+. Follows the misadventures of 8 y.o. half-youkai Erma Williams, tending to use her haunting abilities for everyday antics - caps

- (mother/daughter mind swap) - The Secret World Of Alex Mack S4Ep7 "The Switch".
  Alex and her mom accidentally switch bodies, leaving both confused - Alt. scenes - (Transformation Channel)
- (adult face FFed) - YOUNG woman into very OLD lady shopped - (face "FF") - drawing - (Kappa)
- (OA edits) - Parents see kids aged to 80 - makeup - (adult FFed old) - Katy Perry "The One That Got Away" - Alt. music video - (Kappa)
- (OA poofs) - Josie And The Pussycats S1Ep16 - Alt. toon scenes - (Kappa)
- (adult FF) - porn stars then & now - (123anon987)
- (FB/FF) - young & older selves meeting photo edits - (FF) Before and After Age collages - (Kappa)
- (young to old FF or predictions) - Edited/morphed celebs - celebs - celebs - celebs- celebs - celebs @01:03 Emma Stone - (all by Kappa)

fetish comics
Big Little Sister Part One, The
- (dedicated AP) 2018 Purchase link - cover

fan characters
Remnant (crossover stories)
- (dedicated reptile anthros rejuv/AR) "The God of Destruction comes to Remnant" by DragonKingDragneel25, c2016.
Crossover between RWBY, Godzilla, Jurassic World, and The Land Before Time. In Jurassic World, Rexy was in her twenties, elderly by T-Rex standards. In the world of Remnant she was TFed into a Faunus woman the same age, and now a smoking hot Statuesque Stunner. Gojira was really old, but his new body looked like a teenager. Leo and Junior should be at least 20, and Minya far older, but in Remnant they turned into children - short story link

- (anthro dream "ARed") Main frog character's reflection changes into tadpole while singing - link - - (Tazz)

Blue Lagoon
- (looks like "APed") - Lui #225, 1982/10.
Brooke Shields photo shoot for French men's magazine. In this shot they recreate her appearance from the movie a few years before, though her body has grown even more magnificent since then. We can't say for sure it's really an outgrown dress that she still has to wear after years of being trapped on the island, but the style is the same as in the earlier film, and her larger bust has now pushed open the front. Like we said many times, literally nothing in the world is more difficult to find than this sort of thing - photo

- (demon age poofs) Manhwa webtoons by Currygom, 2010+.
- Sura age in stages, going from infants straight to children after a few years, where they spend centuries trying to advance. The next change is virtually instantaneous, and suddenly they're teenagers. The last two stages work the same way.
- Leez was afflicted with a very dangerous murder spell, and finds herself waking from a nap no longer a 16 y.o. Butter Face gonk, but a beautiful young woman in her 20s. She loves her new form... until being told she'll die in 12 hours. Every mortal has a set time, and the spell brings your body to twelve hours before the end.

Tuo Pi Ba Ba
- (male adult rejuvenation) "Shed Skin Papa", "Peeling Dad", Tuopi Baba. Roy Szeto, China 2016.
A washed-up film director is able to bond when his ailing father begins to shed a layer of skin to appear younger every day.
- Trailer link - (Male TF Blog, Ian Ricky)

Kaixin da maoxian
- (father/son mind swap) "Happy Adventure" full movie link - (Akira)

Family Guy
- (male ARed aftermath) S20Ep17 "All About Alana" 2022/05/01.
  Parody of the 1990s cereal commercials. At breakfast it's revealed the dad has been ARed once again:
"Where's Peter?"
"He's just in the kid phase of the Mini-Wheats cycle."
"The shrinking process was incredibly painful. I take adult-sized poops, but I have kid-sized parts. I could die from this."
"Yeah, that's-that's part of why I don't let Peter do that."
- Scene link - caps

AR stories: fan fictions
Real Ghostbusters, The
- (male AR) "Changes" by RebeccaOTool, 2015 - link
Egon is turned into a boy due to an experiment gone awry. The nightmare sequence where he de-ages into nothingness while screaming for help from his uncomprehending teammates is chilling.
House, M.D.
- (male AR) "Monkey's Paw Syndrome" by GirlX2, 2007 - link
House and Wilson should learn to be careful about what they wish for...
  fan characters
Whateley Universe
- (TG AR) "Fox Tails", AKA "Kitsune" by Fiddlerfox, c2007 - link
Web original Superhero School shared universe. 38 y.o. Conner Jeremy Fox was TG regressed into a young teen. She gained a 32DD bust on a 12 y.o. girl's frame: "Another thing I wasn't happy about; the presence and existence of my bosom, as well as the fact that I was now one of those lucky girls who got hit in the chest by the boob fairy."

Outer Limits, The
- (adult rejuv, OA) S02Ep17 "Paradise".
Helen runs away from the care center with Gerry. A beam of light from the Stone rejuvenates them and they have intercourse. The 3 women who aged to death, along with Helen, first trespassed there many years ago. Gerry returned to his old age but healthier, while Helen remained young but became pregnant.
- Scene link - caps - (The Transformation Channel)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
- (male adult hero rejuv) - Further info: Alessi's Stand, Sethan, can revert characters back to youth. While this usually makes them weaker, it backfires on super-aged Joseph, only regressing him to his late teens. In Young Joseph's story mode, he maintains his adult youth after beating Alessi, but eventually returns to normal.

- (adult face "OA'd") - Jo Steel, 2021. Half Face makeup - (MeanMark)
- (adult fb/ff) - Gen Z parents/grandparents are going to be veryyyy interesting. Mayuhnaisemaya, 2020.
  Young woman fears what her future grandchildren will think looking back Grandma's TikTok - (Wazzupdawg)
- (adult elderly disguise) - The fun begins @10:00 - looks like they still have fun in "old age"!   Rickie Carmella, 2021. Night Out... Dressed as Old Ladies - (MeanMark)
- (adult aging effects) - short film "Friend Fights: 20s Vs 30s" - (Kappa)
- (adult "OA'd" disguise) - Sofie Dossi - Old Lady Prank, 2021/05.
  I aged 70 years! Time flies when you're having fun I guess. I transformed into an old grandma.
  I then went public to prank people and get reactions after I fell and ran away in a backbend - (MeanMark)
- (adult face FF "OA'd") - Mandy Moore's hair & makeup Transformation - (MeanMark)

A Minha Sogra e uma Bruxa
- (AA ) Ep1. Two kids use magic to AA into adults to spy on a lady in the restaurant. Later they reverted back.
Scene link - caps - (The Transformation Channel)

Saturday Night Live
- (premature adult "aging") Cold open, 2022/05/07.
In the year 1235, an 11 y.o. woman who looks older worries about childbearing. A haggard woman with gray hair enters.
"My god, an ogre!" Cumberbatch's character exclaims. "No no, just a woman in her thirties," Kate McKinnon responds - Scene link

fetish toons
AgeGrowthFictions: Quickie 6 - Vandukester's Male AP/Muscle Growth
- (dedicated male growth CB, muscle growth and facial hair, PE) 2m25s, 2021/12.
Underdeveloped young man flexes before the mirror, wishing for the strength of full masculine virility. He grunts and strains as his body bulks up with stretching sounds. The evidence of his potency escapes the boundaries of his briefs with a tearing sound to ascend skyward.
- Trailer link - 71.9 MB full download link

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (alien AA TFs, teen FB/FF) S4Ep5 "Mud Is Thicker Than Water" 2013/11/02.
Gwen and her Lenopan cousin Lucy Mann, shapeshifting through the years, ages 11 to full adult.
- Lucy says she is staying for a couple of months and promises Gwen she won't get mud on anything. Gwen runs into Kevin but it's just Lucy again. A younger Lucy asked Gwen what Kevin was like. Ben appears, but Gwen suspects it's Lucy again. After Ben convinces Gwen he's real, Lucy reveals herself, greatly annoying Gwen.
- Scenes link - (The Transformation Channel)

Amazing World of Gumball, The
- (furry adult dream FFs) S05Ep30 "The Heist" 2017/03/03.
An anthropomorphic cat woman had aged into a mature country club WASP.
- Scenes link @02:30; into skeleton; also male; main cast FFed @04:00 - (Kappa)

Twisted Metal 2
- (male adult below the neck rejuv) Warthog's ending was played for laughs. Upon winning the tournament, his 105 y.o. driver asks Calypso to give him the body of a twenty-year-old. Calypso did give him the body of a 20 y.o, but his head on the other hand...

James Fridman
- (photo edits) c.2015+
The concept is that people ask him to edit their personal snapshots to make them more aesthetic or professional looking, but he always gets it wrong and makes them worse in unexpected ways. In some cases, subjects ended up with an older appearance.
- Examples: OA - OA

Aladdin Di Beliin Mainan Baru
- (male AA poof TG "APed") Indonesia, Ep11.
MNCTV. Genie boy flashes into adult woman form.
- Scene link - caps - (The Transformation Channel)

AR stories: fan fictions
Boku no Hero Academia
- (male adult rejuved) "Karma in Retrograde" by Museflight, ohmytheon, 2018 - link
Dabi was struck by a de-aging quirk that regressed him to 16 with no memories, an innocent but troubled U.A. student.
  short toons
RWBY & Fate/stay night (crossover)
- (demons ARed) "RWBY: Epic of Remnant" by Doctor Snake Eater, 2018 - link
Gudako and her Servants get transported to Remnant. To their chagrin, they were turned back into teenagers.

- (adults FFed) 2022.
Characters full aging evolutions, male & female (age 20-75) - link - (Dax)

- (male adult "rejuv"?) - Stiftung folteropfer, Germany, 2005.
  Dungeon prisoner skin shedding, torture victims PSA - (Ian Ricky Male TF)
- (teen FFed) - Carly Rose Sonenclar evolution - (adult baby) - identification
- (OC glimpsed) Minami Kun No Koibito AKA "My Little Lover", 2015 J-drama series - shrunk
- (adult alien lesbian AA replacement) - Marvel's Runaways S2Ep12 morphs - (The Transformation Channel)
- (adult demon OA'd) - Special Unit 2 - S2Ep3 - Alt. scene - (AA AR) - Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk - Alt. scene - (Transformation Channel)
- (furry blurry AA poof upgr.) - Eto Ranger - Ep33 Alt. scene - (AR cut) - Red Dwarf - S8Ep7 Alt. scene - (Transformation Channel)

text to image generation
- (possibility of automatic AP pics) 2022. Neural adversarial networks trained on image/text pairs like OpenAI's DALL-E semantically generate images consistent with text descriptions. As you know they won't let you ask it to portray lifelike people, and it's still too early for realistic results anyway. First, the software would have to be pre-trained on vast image sets of persons at different ages and poses/clothing etc.

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: CubaGTS
- (dedicated growth TF) "Growing Sister", CGI, 2022.
After starting medical treatments, a young woman with dwarfism grows immensely huge and busty as her brother looks on. Gallery link - (Theperv584)

- (young women wearing old school uniforms) - BIGO Asian video trend, c2019 - 5 caps

text fragments
Ultimate Spider-Man
- (male adult mind swap) "The Incredible Spider-Hulk" 2013/06/16.
Spider-Man and The Hulk get their minds switched but return to normal at the end - short clip link - full vid link - (Bella)

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AP text fragments 170 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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