Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation - Mail

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: TheGodlyWaffles
- (dedicated demon TF age swap, AR) To Love Ru 4-strip fan comic, c2018?
This was apparently a special request. Every few minutes one heroine gets older, and the other younger. Only one way this story can end...
- Page 01 It's totally fine, don't worry about it
- Page 02 You thought it was over? Nah son
- Page 03 Doesn't Lala invent things? Ah whatever
- Page 04 Finally, i must go to my home planet now
- (Arlether, Dalzuffo, N Spark)

Fechippuru -Our Innocent Love-
- (female mental AR) by Zurachy Rurihara, c2019.
I love long hair! Under the impulse of alcohol, Tatsu Yunoki and Kotoka Hatsushima decided to date together. All they know is they love each other's hair and back?! It's not necessary to know anything else! And well... What is your fetish...?
- Ch27-29: A TV hypnotist causes Kotoka to think she's a child, and she ends up thinking that Tatsu and Mashizu are her daddy and mommy.
- Chapter link - (Sen Oluguat)

Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo
- (boy age change) Ep03? "dango candy brothers"? 2020/09/22?
"Mysterious Candy Store Zenitendo", E Tele anime. Traditional Japanese confectionery shop can only be reached by lucky people. The sweets recommended by owner Beniko are perfect for your worries, but should you foolishly use them wrong, misfortune will befall you! - (Akira)

text fragments
Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tuee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru
- (male AR) end Ep9, Hulu dubbed/subbed.
"Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious" - As mentioned, a powerful old king was cursed to turn into an infant seemingly at random. We see him turn into a baby and proclaim that he needs a diaper change. It is also shown and explained in greater detail in the beginning of Ep10. This only really happens once or twice, and it's a cut-away AR scene, but still comes out of nowhere if you watch the whole anime up to that point - (Ouroboros)

Kazan tensei
- (male life reboot, FBed to boyhood) "Huashan reincarnation" by Tomassi JUN, Kakaopage, c2019.
Kanade survived the war era and became an elder of the Hanayama school. The curtain fell on a life of regret for missed glory.
"I was reincarnated as myself at 8!" It's a cheat life for Kanade, who knows everything that will happen. Encouraged in his training to show strength, is it possible to redo his life and leave a name in the world of war?!
- Manga link - extract - (Akira)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2
- (rejuvenation poof) Last Day of Work, 2017.
Mobile game where you build an island settlement with micro transactions, paywall.
- The unlockable trait "Look of Youth" makes an older villager look 14 again, till their death as if they had aged normally. In the mausoleum they'll look 14. They can't have kids with this necklace unless they were between 18-49. The Look of Youth necklace will also age children to 14 years. If you reincarnate villagers, then buy the "age all children to adults" potion, you can have instant baby makers. There are traits that add 20 years or double to a villager's life using the Lavastone spin.
- (Reina Watt)

Tokyo Swastika Revengers
- (time slip FB to early teen) Ken Wakui, 2017.
The useless freeter Takemichi learns his only lover Hinata was killed by the worst deadliest villain coalition, "Tokyo Shikai". One day Takemichi was pushed off the platform and fell on the track.
"I was prepared to die, but when I opened my eyes, it was somehow 12 years ago!" Time-leaped to the peak of life in junior high school, he started a revenge effort to change fate.
- Small extract - (Akira)

Tripping the Rift
- (android old age illusion) S02Ep04 "Ghost Ship" 08/10/2005.
CGI series. The crew must face their greatest fears on a ghost ship. The upgraded sexbot Six is confronted with a hall of age mirrors - Episode link @16:20 - screencaps - (Dax)

- (AA OA) - Lilpri anime Ep45 "Otohime's Hospitality" previously posted episode - alternate link - (Joseph)

- (mostly old age) - Jack's old Dailymotion channel - Tv commercials thread
- (adult CoA) - middle aged appearances story from the perspective of a woman and husband - (Ark)
- (adult age crisis) - The Onion, 2012. Angry middle-aged woman was once carefree youth, onlookers speculate - report - (Hideyoshi lacan)

- (reportedly adult age increased?) S03Ep03 "Mystery Loves Company" 2020/07/16?
Live-action/animated shorts/sketches, FXX - no info - (Kappa)

Info Page update
Doctor Who
- (adult face to old age fades, RNed) S08Ep03 "The Claws Of Axos" 1971/03/13.
Classic episode where alien attempts to torture the Doctor by rapidly aging his companion Jo Grant - INFO PAGE - (Chronoeclipse)

- (adult face FF to OA) "Emma", 2016. Date site spot with 3 age stages.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Horseluis)

We Bare Bears
- (FB/FF scene) S03Ep36 "The Perfect Tree" 2017/12/01.
Chloe and Ice Bear imagine the perfect Christmas tree but have a lot of trouble - FF scene link - caps - (Kappa)

Close Enough
A show about living life in your 30s, by the folks that brought us the "Regular Show". Many jokes and comments about growing older or wishing you were younger.
- (pseudo "ARed" illusion) - S01Ep01 "Quilty Pleasures/The Perfect House" 2020.
A few scenes where the characters believe they are interacting with cute orphan children, only to realize they hallucinated elderly homeless people as youngsters.
- (male AR illusion morph) - S01Ep02 "Logan's Run'd/Room Parents".
Female character makes out with a guy she believes to be in his 20s at a club, only to discover he's literally a baby in disguise - it plays out like a pseudo male TF to infancy.
- (old age, AP UC, rejuv, RN AR) - S01Ep07 "First Date/Snailin' It" 2020/07/09.
Female lead was aged to elderly status, while Josh and Emily's 5 y.o. old innocent and naive daughter Candice Ramirez-Singleton was aged into a teen.
This episode contains: female adult to middle-age; brief female middle-age to teen; female child to teen AP; female teen to old age; reverts to normal of the elderly woman back to young adult, and the daughter from teen back to child at the end.
- Clip link - gifs - (Mecham, Chronoeclipse)

Info Page update
Life In A Day
- (accelerated pregnancy) DNA experiment. Her body's growth power is so immense that even as a fetus she can effortlessly burst her mother's clothing - gif - (The Belly Guide)

Info Page update
walkaway age change (effect)
- gif

- (male ff) - then/now change

Witches of East End
- (rebirth) S01Ep01 "Pilot" 2013/10/06.
Witch mom Joanna explains her 2 daughters' recursive immortality: flashbacks show them being killed for being witches, then Joanna immediately swells up to 9 months pregnant in a black dress, and they are reborn - (The Belly Guide)

Zong sheng
- (demon AA AP) "The Second Coming", Hong Kong category III, 2014.
Flashbacks show the mom trying to abort a rape pregnancy, but it fails. 18 years later, the family experiences supernatural phenomena. @01:15 her belly swells up in spurts beneath her clothing, blood leaks between her legs, and she gives birth to a ghost baby that immediately ages to an adult. It reveals that she was pregnant with twins, but the abortion only managed to kill one - (The Belly Guide)

Bob's Burgers
- (age stasis illusion) S03Ep05 "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" 2012/11/18.
Louise Belcher will let the Fischoeder family painting grow up in her place, so she will stay a girl forever. Her painted picture already looks older - art
- (male adult rejuv illusion) S04Ep17 "The Equestranauts" 2014/04/13.
At the pony convention, Bronconius tells Bob about his intent to achieve immortality by "merging mouths" with Tina's Chariot doll.

fetish videos
giantess videos (genre)
- (dedicated adult size increase) Adult sex performers overcome with lust pretend they have grown to giant size. Often uses greenscreen backgrounds and toy models for stepping on. One conceit of the genre is that the cameraman has to film any fabric tearing in extreme close-up. Sometimes you could almost imagine it kinda looks like an AP scene.

Legends of Tomorrow
- (gynoid entity TF, AR AA morph) S05Ep09 "Zari, Not Zari" 2020/04/21.
Nonhuman Multiverse deity Charlie (a shapeshifter) confronts her super powerful older sister. She makes Charlie feel like a little girl by using the term "Younger sister", which causes Charlie to appear as her younger child self. During the battle with Constantine, Sarah helps Charlie flee. She ran from behind a tree restored to normal.
- Scene link - gif - screencaps - (Tazz)

short films
one year older (side by side comparison trope)
- (FF) Xenia Kuprikova, Russia shopping reviews, 12 to 13, 2019-2020.
- Vlog link - link - screencaps - (Acca)

fetish toons
TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 1, mind maturation) "The Power" - 2020/07 CGI comic w. animations, 18:34, 234 MB download.
It began with a strange flash. A 15 year old male babysitter was tasked with watching 2 toddler girls while MILF mom is away. Wait, did they suddenly grow a bit older? Then it happened again. Little does Bobby know all his wildest fantasies are about to come true in Mom's bedroom. Be warned that this animation contains very strong sexual content.
- It can be accessed through the Process Forum thread - link - first 4 TFs (reduced) gifs Their bodies grow from toddlers to children - (Apfan101)

text fragments
Earth Granner
- (male AA TF "APed" form) Ep16 "OK Baby! Earth Granner Buffa Gator!" 2020/07/19.
New Granner Joe Pachero arrives from America, using lassos to hug them much too closely. A bond combination with Gao Granner Alligator forms Earth Granner Buffa Gator to battle Kakeru - blocked link - (Akira)

fetish comics
Crybaby Part 3
- (dedicated AR) Dreamtales, 34p, purchase link - (Doctor Anguish)

Fushigi na Chikara de Netorareta Ore to Kanojo to Choukyou Douga to
- (AR/unbirth) by Reitou Mikan, Konozama, c2020 hentai.
Female character was ARed and unbirthed to be re-raised. NOTE: It was found on Nhentai, but this scene features nothing mature/sexual.
- Full porn link - 4 page extract - (Klatuk4u)

fetish toons
TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 2) "The Power".
Ashley's couch growth process. She quickly becomes the same age as Bobby. This time, she will take care of him - 3 gifs

recreated photos from your past (meme)
- (AA project) Sasha Ice, Russia short films, 2020.
Repeat your child photos. Snapshot "reincarnation" videos with the same pose in the same place - link - link - screencaps - screencaps - (Acca)

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
- (male ARed effect) S02Ep08 "Fountain of Youth" 2004/05/20.
They discussed false claims about attempts to look younger via cosmetic surgery and the like. The show opens with the two getting their makeup retouched as Penn explains the premise and talks about their need to look good for the cameras. In a quick cutaway they were replaced by two tweens in the same outfits. "Penn", speaking with the actual Penn's dubbed voice, compliments the makeup artists for doing a great job, then throws to the title sequence - (Doctor Anguish)

Outer Limits, The
- (adult rejuvenation, RN OA) S02Ep17 "Paradise" 1995.
A strange case of women aging rapidly to death. It appears old ladies were restoring their adult youth to have sex. Helen becomes a young woman again and has sex, her abdomen glowing golden. At 35:00 she's shown heavily pregnant while topless. She and the other 3 women met a benevolent alien who implanted each with an egg that takes 50 years to mature. The alien also provided a method for them to temporarily become young again to attempt to have the egg fertilized. Helen gives birth to a normal-looking baby inside a sac - (The Belly Guide)

fetish toons
TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 3) "The Power".
Jennifer's stand-up growth process. Her body stretches up to almost 6 feet tall and she also got her Mom's bosom - 3 gifs

Melanie Martinez
- (mental CoA life themes) c2021. Rumors of 3rd studio album "Growntown" AKA Childhood Home, Growth Spurt, Time Traveler. Rumors of tracks "Wrinkles" or Wrinkly or Wrinkling, "Withering", "Rocking Chair".

- (teens disguised) - as oldsters - (AA curse) - get "older"
- (male UC) - old clothes don't fit right - (demon TF) - anime vampire upgrade.

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male AR) Ep20 "Failing Obular's Counterattack!" 1988/07/09.
Super sentai. AKA "Choujyu Sentai Liveman". Part 2 of 3.
- Gou Omura/Doctor Obular is kicked out of Volt for his failures, forcing him to resume experimenting. The brain beast Saiseizuno has the ability to rejuvenate Zimmer, and Liveman will also struggle - blocked link - (Akira)

Karada Wa Jidou, Nakami Wa Ossan No Nariagari Boukenki
- (male reality transfer, "ARed" body form) Rikisui, Chihiro, 2018.
"The adventure of the boy with the mind of a middle-aged man", Softbank Creative, Syosetu.
- Different world reincarnation fantasy. Older man Sagami Shirabe was magically reincarnated into the body of a boy struggling to learn magic. Finding himself in a poor noble family with a violent mother, he was exiled from the territory at age 13. "If that's the case, how about I just explore this world?"
- Ch. link - extract - (Akira)

text fragments
House of X
- (repeating lifetimes, "ARed" perception) X-Men franchise.
Moira MacTaggert has the mutant power of reincarnation. She recalls her past lives every time her powers manifest when she turns 13. Having had 10 lives already, she became more and more radicalized for Mutant rights - (Christopher)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Ginmedaru (Silver medal)
- (dedicated adult to older body swapped) "Ijiwaru Mom (replacement switch)", 7 manga panels, 2020.
I have to take my aunt's part-time cashier job to return to my body, I was told! - link
- Continuation of "Messy mother", 2012.
"My mother Toko has been unhappy since she was a child." Toko is jealous of only daughter Misaki, who she had before her husband left, and plays a trick on her!? Misaki and the customer's aunt Shinob are exchanged.
"Eh! What is this? Why am I in front of me?! I'm the old lady!!!"
"I'm sorry for you! But it's a really good body" - link
- (Kaminasama)

GeGeGe no Kitarou
Ser.04 Ep108 1996.
- (life drain aging effect) - blocked link
Ser.03 Ep046 1985.
- (life drain aging effect) - blocked link - cap
(Mf2yxmsq, Anonguy)

Fancy Lala
- (AR RN) Ep12.
This was the regular transformation sequence shown in reverse.
- (offscreen AR RN, clothes disappearing) Ep14.
Something has gone wrong! Miho collapses after transforming into Lala due to a fever. Her large adult clothes vanish one after the other, leaving her naked offscreen before she reverted unseen to age 9 just before her sister enters. At 10:07 she ARed even younger, while walking through Toyland in a fever hallucination.
- Episode link @08:15 - INFO PAGE

America's Got Talent
- (male "ARed" gag) 2020/07/14. Because of the virus they allowed contestants to audition from home. The judges commented about Heidi Klum's PJs. Simon Cowell said he had similar PJs, and would put them on. A minute later Howie Mandel remarked how amazingly young Simon looked with makeup. Cue Simon's camera, and we see a boy (his young son had sat down while he was away) wearing similar PJs - link - 1 - (Tazz)

Oh! Baby
- (adult rejuvenation, male ARed) India, Telugu-language fantasy comedy, 2019.
Remake of South Korean film Miss Granny. 70 y.o. woman Savitri dreamt of becoming a great singer during her young age. She finds a photo studio with the hope of getting a good photograph for her funeral. Astoundingly, after having her picture taken, she turned into 24 y.o. young lady Baby! Thereafter she starts a new life as part of her grandson Rocky's band. Chanti learns that if Baby loses her blood, she will again become an old lady. After reaching the hospital, she finds Rocky requires AB-blood, which Baby donates. In the climax, God is shown transforming Chanti into a young boy.

- (mental immaturity) Japanese for "adult child(ren)".

fetish comics
Sanakuku Complex (website)
- (fetish TF/age categories) Image posting chan site - Caution sex/nude link - (Entropic, Maniacaldude)

fetish comics
Danbooru (website)
- (fetish TF/age categories) Image posting chan site - Caution sex/nude link - (Entropic, Maniacaldude)

fetish comics
Gelbooru (website)
- (fetish TF/age categories) Image posting chan site - Caution sex/nude link - (Entropic, Maniacaldude)

Darling in the Franxx
- (social/mental age groups) AKA DarliFra, anime by CloverWorks, Trigger, 2018.
Immortal adults live in Plantation cities where procreation became obsolete. Artificial "parasite" children with short lifespans are kept in "birdcages" emulating bygone eras to pilot giant mecha Franxx in boy-girl pairs to defend against klaxosaurs. Hiro encounters Zero Two, an elite Franxx "Partner Killer". Despite the rumors, he volunteers to become her new "darling" partner. In the future, Hiro and Zero Two were reincarnated into children who meet in the final episode.

- (FFed) X-Men vol2 #8 1992/05.
Bella Donna Boudreaux becomes associated with the X-Man Gambit - pic

One of Our Spies Is Missing
- (male adults rejuvenated, male & feline ARed) 1966.
Movie version of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. S2 2-part Ep "The Bridge of Lions Affair".
- Suddenly youthful 83 y.o. male biologist went missing. Statesman Sir Swickert complains of being far too old to have political power. De Sala reveals her desire for such power, and her ability to make him younger with Gritsky's help. Swickert becomes convinced middle-aged Bainbridge is actually the elderly Lancer made young via a medical process.
Kuryakin tracks missing cats to a laboratory. He finds a cat de-aged into a kitten. They conclude the cats, having a similar nervous system to humans, are being experimented upon by Lancer and Gritsky. Swickert is de-aged and regains his stature as a man of power. Solo and Kuryakin confront him and demand the secret of rejuvenation.
Jordin blackmails De Sala: he will only continue treating Swickert if De Sala makes Swickert do THRUSH's bidding in political matters. Swickert decides that Gritsky and his secret must die to keep anyone else from suffering his fate.
Solo and Kuryakin investigate Gritsky's lab. Gritsky has committed suicide by de-aging rapidly into a child. Jordin takes Gritsky's notes and destroys the machine so no one else can have it. Since the secret was written in code, it will be lost to science for a very long time.

AA curses
-level 18 AA curse: continuity ignorance. They don't even care the clothes should have gotten too small with the age change.
-level 19 AA curse: Magic Pants curse. Clothes grow partially with. Actually THIS may be the worst of all, not the one where they take off their clothes before the age increase. It's hard to tell which is worse since they are all so bad.

Bridge of Lions, The
- (male adult rejuvenation reported) "(A Cock Robin mystery)" by Henry Slesar, 1963.
Basis of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." Tv episodes "The Bridge of Lions Affair" and the derived film "One of Our Spies Is Missing", 1966.

Simpsons, The
- (VR simulation, male muscle TF CB AP effect) S31Ep14 "Bart the Bad Guy" 2020/03/01.
Bart was trapped in the Marble Studios universe to stop him from leaking the plot of their new movie.
- (male adult TF muscle CB) S31Ep15 "Screenless" 2020/03/08.
Dr. Drew was at rehab because he was addicted to Fruit Ninja. When he got angry at the game he transformed into a Hulk-like monster.

Terrortory 2
- (accelerated pregnancy & growth) 2018. She reveals she wished to become pregnant. Her shirt is shown rising over her bare belly. It bulges before her body splits open, and a fully grown woman steps out - (The Belly Guide)

- (slight FF) Jamie
- (male) - then/now

Return: Aru Gekai no Gyakushuu
- (male life reboot, flashed back rejuvenation AR) Yuin, Yeon Jae Joong. Kidari Studio manhwa, 2018+
A Surgeon's Counterattack. "Igarashi Tohru" has lived a hard life of bullying and debt. After deciding to die while drinking alone, a mysterious woman recommends a glass of spirits to fall asleep. "When I woke up, I was in middle school!" Having the chance to start over in life, Tohru studies desperately. The goal is not to become an overworked surgeon, but a wealthy specialist!
- Chapters link - extract - (Akira)

- (types of AP depictions) The opposite of "unintentional". Almost all AP drawings and AP stories were deliberately created for specific purposes. Almost all real-life photo series of the same girl growing older were just random snapshots taken from many angles, that were later sorted. We have to be honest, we wish it was the other way around. We are looking for a more academic or medical or scientific depiction of the growth process.

fanfiction curse
- (low or no-quality throwaway TF depictions) Related to fantasy curse. Almost without exception, fanfictions are set in worlds as different from our reality as possible. There is no limit to the undescribed powers and magical figures passing through. Anything can happen for no reason. Universe-destroying magic is mentioned in passing and forgotten by the next sentence. However, every 10 or 15 years (it's getting longer) there might be a story set in our world, where the AP element is the only anomaly. Even then it will only be a few hastily scribbled sentences that are usually abandoned.

Fancy Lala
- (AA AP) Our first attempt to compare the reused transformation scenes from the credits and the first and last episodes. Using a nude template, the animators drew different outfits on separate cells for each episode's trance-like TF sequence. At the beginning, her adult-sized clothes are very loose on her child body. She must also have changed out of her underwear. Her legs stretch out from under her clothes, filling the leggings and shoes as she turns. An arm slides out of a sleeve. Much is hidden by the radiation. When her torso turns away, she has already grown halfway from age 9 to 15. The motion is calculated to conceal her widening shoulders and hips, and of course any active depiction of breast development, as her limbs are implied to thicken and elongate in a profusion of female curves. Her arm is raised as she emerges from the turn, but the full magnificence of her new bosom soon comes into view.
- 9 gifs INFO PAGE (8MB) - (NightElf37)

- TV Tokyo, Bridge. 6th spin-off anime, 20th anniversary series.
Ep7 "The Transfer Student is a Grade-Schooler?" 2020/06/20 - caps
- (age stasis pseudo "ARed") - 37 y.o. Mimi Atachi somehow has the appearance of a preteen, referring to herself as the "eternal elementary school student". This is useful for infiltration purposes. When she visits a bar she wears a sign around her neck stating "I am an adult".
Ep8 "Post-Apocalypse and Neapolitan Spaghetti" 2020/06/27 - caps - (Akira)
- (male RN AR illusion) - "Transform! Fight! Show the world your will!" Mimi's 10 y.o. son Yoshio Atachi "transformed" into muscle man Good Max, the Post-Apocalyptic Revolutionary King. A mighty warrior was actually a boy in disguise!

Gambit: The Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone
- (slow AR & aftermath, RNed) Daerick Gross, Earth-616, 1999/12/27. (Aol users only) lost digital comic, CyberComics line.
- After Gambit #10, referred to in Gambit #12. Years ago, a Shi'ar chronometric liquid fired at Remy was blocked by bounty hunter Spat. As a result Spat has been aging in reverse. Gambit helps Spat obtain the Tomorrow Stone to stop her de-aging. In his quest, he encounters Sekhmet who needs the Stone to save her mother from suspended animation. Sekhmet gets the Stone, but provides it to Spat to save her life. There was reportedly said to be a comic panel showing Spat having been returned to normal? - Character pic - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AA AP, RNed) Vol1, Tezuka Osamu, 1976.
Unico was driven from the mythical country by a trick of Venus. A fairy tale where it wanders through different lands and times, carrying warm dreams to people's hearts - small extract - (Akira)

GeGeGe no Kitarou
Ser07 Ep082 2018/11/24.
- (adults old aged) - Rat Man once again got involved in a shady deal. Aging incidents of rejuvenation cream users occur one after another. A woman, Kitarou the long haired kid, and his friend the light purple-haired woman were aged in the preview. Kitarou goes to the island of the cream manufacturer with his friends:
  Preview link - caps
Ser05 Ep083 2007.
- (adults aged drain effect) - There are many random victims - Ep. link - caps
Ser04 Ep097 1996.
- (male ghost OA effect) - Ep. link - caps
  - (Mf2yxmsq, Anonguy)

King's Raid
- (AA TF sequence, teen to adult combat form) - screencaps

Hyper Life 3D
- (CG AA FF) Apple store, 2020. Pretty much the game of life if you had an avatar that slowly "ages" - info link - (Kappa)

1 year older
- (teen slight FF, same dance costumes) c'19 pix

Escape From Virtual Island: An audio comedy
- (FB "rebirth") - caps

- (FF age 11 to 12) In the 3rd pic the gaps over the front of her chest have widened with time - Liv

short films
flash forward (time cut)
- (FF AA effect) c'20. Age cloth, drape or cape caps

- (mental "ARed" AA dream effect, RNed AA cutaway) "First Words" 2019-20.
Toddler girl in red dress and jeans jacket waddles and stumbles through the city, until she sees an advertisement for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. As the features are explained to her at the store, she is seen to have AA'd offscreen into an adult dressed in similarly styled adult clothing, who smiles and says "Awesome." You could kinda say she had been "ARed" at the start.
- CM link - CM link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

photo projects
school years
- (middle school AA FF) c'19 - 5 classmates 4 years older - (Acca)

Gatchaman II
- (accelerated growth, AA APed) We are very sorry, but you do not have the right to view the video in your area. Error code: LocationPermissionError::DISALLOW_ADDRESS
Ep01 "Governor X's Counterattack" 1978/10/01.
- Episode link - A child with special chromosomes is abducted from the sinking luxury liner Queen Margareth. With Governor X's scientific powers the child grows very quickly. It is given the name of Gel Sadra and assumes the task of becoming the new Galactor leader.
Ep50 "Mystery! Mystery? Gel Sadra's Mother" 1978/09/16.
- Episode link - Gel Sadra wonders about her past and asks Governor X. "You have been grown in a growth machine in an instant. That's why you don't have a childhood!" She goes looking through the ship's passenger list and learns her shocking origin as Pandora's daughter! Mother and daughter accomplish a moving reunion. Pandora thinks that the deeds of her daughter will bring Earth's destruction. She rejects Gel Sadra, saying her true daughter Sammie would never join Galactor. Governor X interrupts. The Science Ninja team has entered.
- (Akira)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive
- (demon age stasis & AA TF, mahou ancient entity upgrade boost, set-up & de-power poof could be seen as ARed)
Ep10 "Flowers in Eternal Darkness -Cursed Pudding-" 2020/06/08.
- "Diabolos" Guild Master Ilya Ornstein is temporarily freed from her curse, and vividly returns to normal in the protagonist's grasp. You could interpret the Vampire Princess as having been "ARed" the whole time, and also the return explosion at the end. The AA process was somewhat smoothly animated, specially the BE part.
- Episode link @12:27 - Clip link - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Blackdragon)

Tsugu Tsugumomo
- (some age poofs) 2020/04.
Season 2 features lots of offscreen agings and deagings of characters throughout the first 4 episodes. Sadly no process - (The AP Ninja)

Family Guy
- (male mental ARed) S18Ep15 "Baby Stewie" 2020/03/15.
Stewie mentally becomes what he is actually is... a baby. Then he is zapped into a tortoise, Stewiechu (a Pikachu/Stewie hybrid), a muscular toddler with long hair, a giant spider, giant plant, poop, and finally a gremlin - (Tazz)

documentary That's how the boner grows
- (male coming of age issue, PE animation) 2016.
If you're a boy going through puberty, you've probably experienced getting a boner. Don't worry, it's normal!
- Toon link - screencaps

fetish comics
Crybaby Part 2
- (dedicated AR) 2020/06.
- Dreamtales originally wrote 4 stories based on this classic DC Comic:
The 1st used new characters and went deeper into Lois' embarrassment at the hands of Lana. The man was also regressed to infancy; then in the sequel the antagonist as well. The 3rd tale involved Lana left on a desert island by Superman to care for Lois, who ended up getting breastfed. In the 4th tale, a restored Lois exploits an ARed and shrunken Superman (Red Kryptonite) on that same island. And there are grass skirts in the new preview pic...
- Other comics could also be revamped for Superman AR:
Imagine the Silver Age version of "The Babe of Steel" with several scenario changes: Perhaps the Red Kryptonite exposure is involuntary, perhaps his costume doesn't shrink with, perhaps his powers are a bit shaky at baby size, perhaps his day is a lot busier, and perhaps people aren't so laid-back at the sight of baby-sized Superman.
The Golden Age version could also be fun. After all, the Prankster's greatest joy is humiliating Superman, and this offers him endless opportunities.
- Purchase link - (Doctor Anguish, Oni)

Young Me, Now Me
- (FF) - then/now - (Acca)

Lego DC Shazam!: Magic and Monsters
- (plastic figures AR) CGI movie, 2020/04.
Sequel to "Lego DC Batman: Family Matters", which had Billy Batson about to become Shazam for the first time. Now he poofs into the adult hero when shouting "Shazam". Justice League are interested, but he fears they will change their mind if they discover his secret kid identity.
- Mister Mind, the super-intelligent talking Worm, creates the "Monster Society of Evil" of monster-like villains. They kidnap the Justice League. Brainwashing adults is hard, so they use a gas to turn Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern into child figures. Shazam must work with the youthened Justice League to stop the villains.
- Clip video link - (Tazz)

fetish videos
Dark Productions
- (dedicated CGI TF with AP elements)
- 2020/06 - A few goodies for the Patreon $1 tier - $5-10 tier: "Tiffany Growth AP" short showing the power of Female Age Progression.
- 2020/07 - $10 tier: "The Formula" Part 2. Jade is making some interesting choices. Teaser link - $5 tier: young Genie AP in a cute transformation.
- (Mr Dark)

- (male mind swaps, boy/man) - Kidou Keiji Jiban Ep44 1990 blocked video - (Akira)
- (face FF 0 to 10) - Dustin Bowen took face portraits of his daughter Julie every day
- (adult mini-GTS, femuscle edits) - women bulking up Massive Changes

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The
- (OA makeup, male reverse lifetime ARed) 2008 OA caps

old age manga
- (TF & FF to OA) - 7 extracts also male ARed in 1st - (various)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Agegrowthfictions
- (dedicated mini-GTS, femuscle, power maturation CB scene w. AP elements) "Nirvelly 2: The Elementalist".
Drawn by Navetsea, 2020/06. The second part of Nirvelly's mythical hero evolution. Destiny takes many forms. In a sword and sorcery universe, animal companions channel the magic waters through her body.
- Comic link - temporary reduced mirror for those blocked from DA - Caution Nudity - 10 pages - (Mister AGF)

super tall
- (height grown) - Elisany Silva (c1996) teen & pics link

Deviant Artist: GomyuGomyu
- (dedicated AR) AKA MogMog - It's been a very difficult year changes - changing

- Kelli Tennant pics

age makeup & prosthetics (techniques)
- (adults disguised as older adults) AKA aging make-up, practical effects.
Instead of using CGI, the actors are physically made old/elderly with elaborate face applications and bodysuits. Sometimes they also gain weight in real life. For example, Charlize Theron gained 50 lbs. for the film "Tully" (2018) - Google link
- The works of makeup artists Douglas Noe, Zoe Hay, and others are shown at the important site The Makeup Gallery - Link - "This Is Us" info link
About half the time the stories are fantastical, but they don't necessarily involve transformations.
- Depictions below include (movies, female): Big Fish, Captain America: the Winter Soldier, Destroyer, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Into the Woods, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, The Hours, The Reader - (movies, male): American Hustle, Gold, J. Edgar Hoover, Vice - (Tv): True Detective, Star Trek TNG - (movies, TG): Albert Nobbs, Suspiria.
- 19 pics INFO PAGE - (multiple sources)

Creamy Mami
- (AA TF sequences age-up) - The last 4: gifs - gifs

Mr. Nobody
- (anomalous life/time jumps) 118 y.o. Mr. Nobody's last words are watched by the world. The expansion of the universe halts, and time appears to reverse. Nemo is able to return to his childhood, watch his parents reunite, and be with Anna. His younger self finally found his one true love and life - caps

Adam Spizak
- (coming of age, precocious baby "kinda" looks like ARed aftermath) Photo illustration inspired by song "Sober" by Tool. c2009 - art

short comics
puberty memes
- (FF) - before/after panel gags, c2018 comparison

text fragments
fetish stories
Twist of the Knife
- (dedicated AR stories) Little Trip (ed.) anthology, 6 stories, 2014.
170 pages, 60,000 words. $29.95 PayPal to littletrip at live dot com.
- Variant data: "Torn" by Little Trip, "One More Night" by Nico, "Last Resort" idea by Wishfulthinker, "They're So Cute at That Age" idea by Charlie, "13 Hours in the Lives of Rising Children" idea by Groblek, "The Trip Back" sequel to "21 New Messages".

- (FF) then/now years

Talking Tom Heroes
- (furry AR AA, adult disguise rejuvs & TG, aftermaths & RNed) Manhwa web toons. Ep36 "Baby Potion" 2020/6/11.
Talking Ben has been turned into an unhappy kitten by an evil witch. Dog and cat into babies, plants into saplings.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Pink Panther and Pals
- (male demon cutaway ARed AA RNed) S1Ep11 20c "Pink! Pow! Kaboom!" 2010/8/13.
Pink Panther is pulled into his own comic book. Villain was redrawn offscreen into baby monster.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Solar Opposites
- (dream teen rejuv AA & AR, FF to old age) S1Ep8 "Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer" 2020/5/8.
The Pupa links with neighbor Lorraine to let her relive memories of her late mother in exchange for retrieving his whistle.
- Episode link @10mins - screencaps - (Kappa)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Davaba19
- (dedicated TFs, AA line-ups to old age) - Gallery link - c2020.
They are cute! I like how the characters relationships to the others change as they age.
- Example link - link - link - link - (Chronoeclipse)

short films
- (adult age appearances changed?) by Niklas Johansson. 16min, Sweden, 2014/02.
Alex, 59: Marie Ahl - Alex, 55: Maj-Lis Engqvist - Alex, 49: Anna-Lu Franz - Alex, 24: Cristine Berglund - Alex, 22: Oksana Maria.
- 59 y.o. Alex yearns for something more? In an attempt to fit in, she plunges into a journey of change, searching for the perfect facade? But how much can she change without losing her true self? - stills

- (male rejuvenated / age stasis) by Q Hayashida, 2000-18.
Manga/anime. Obsessed with sorcerers, Professor Kasukabe looks remarkably young for his profession. Estranged sorcerer wife Haru (who since became a devil) has de-aged him from his sixties into a young teen as "practice". Sorcerers use ordinary humans as experimental subjects. He hasn't aged in the decade since that attack. It startles people when they realize he's actually a mad scientist of renown, and not some random kid - pic - (SKJAM)

music videos
Your Favorite Martian
- (adults FFed to old) "Friend Zone", animated music video, 2012.
Warning: there's no kissing in the Friend Zone. Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

fan characters
Neo's Super Fetish Workshop
- (dedicated TFs, age forms/stasis) - Tumblr link 2016.
Joint blog workshop for performers who embody fetishes and kinks from across the spectrum.
- Matilda the Benjamin-Button (Irish female, age 89): Matilda was on the verge of death when she wanted one last hurrah. Neo felt sorry and decided to give her a second chance. He reset her internal clock and gave her the ability to control her age. She has, supposedly, 30 more years to live - pic

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: BernardoNevermore
- (dedicated TFs to old age) - Main Gallery Link, c2018+.
Adult femuscle & weight gain, demon witches, adult youth theft and rejuvenation, old age to decrepitude. Powerful villainesses and heroines. I always find Deviant Art tricky to search, but it's great when you unearth something as brilliant as this. Good A.R. in his catalogue as well if that floats your boat. Seems he's reduxing his prior pages and damn they look good.
Two main series include "BC Chronicles" and "BC Remastered".
- Temporary only: reduced comic fragments for those who are blocked from that website - temp. extract - extract - (Niddlyby43, Ark)

Horrible Histories
- (adult face FFed to old) "Albert & Victoria - A Love Story" BBC, 2012/04.
Comic live-action historical documentaries. Not based on looks? Albert was quite attractive when young. Tall, lean, and looked good in uniform. Victoria was VERY physically attracted to him, she talked about that in her diaries.
- Segment link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi
- (mahou upgrade, BE swelling close-up glimpse)
Princess Philip of Burgundy is also a Ulysses through the ancient cursed helmet and Montmorency's elixir. She takes the combat name Noire.
- Start of TF scene link - screencaps - (Sound613Wave)

What We Do in the Shadows
- (adult demon slight OA'd) 15 5 "Colin's Promotion" 2020/5/6.
Emotion-draining vampire Colin Robinson gets promoted, and can now drain anyone of their lifeforce just by entering a room. Vampire housemates Nadja and others became more aged and wrinkled. A drained Nadja comes back and we see gray in her hair. She raises her head and looks old. I loved seeing this as I think she is an attractive character (and funny). Too few scenes with the aged and drained vamps.
- (stasis or rejuv) 19 9 "Witches" 2020/6/3.
Lazlo and Nandor discover the witches want their semen to make a youth potion. Lazlo is enthusiastic until he discovers how unpleasant the process actually is. Guillermo saves the day by striking a bargain to provide the witches with unlimited vampire semen in exchange for a percentage of the profits.
- (Deptx)

Avatar: Legend of Genji
- (adults FFed) "Prologue - End of An Era" 2019/11.
Volunteer-based multimedia fan project in pre-production. Web-based Avatar sequel series. Korra has passed. An apocalyptic surge of spiritual energy erupted in a legendary feat of energybending. The future is uncertain... - Fan vid link - caps - (Kappa)

Sousou no Frieren
- (FF) Kanehito Yamada, Abe Tsukasa, c2020.
An elf's story has progressed 78 years. We've already come across people in her life that are now elderly... or dead. Fair warning it's a sad manga. One character has aged 8 years, and is now taller and older-looking than the elf.
Chapter 1: 50 years passed. Chapter 2: 20 years passed. Chapters 3-6: only 8 years passed.
- Manga link - (Kappa)

walkaway age change (effect)
- (teen/preteen age disguised/sudden change RN) "S.G.D. grows up fast" c2020.
Many short videos. Most often used for instant AR effects. "Grow up trick" gag works best when seen from behind - gif - gif

fan characters
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
- (fantasy curse) - Chrona Caster 2013.
Age: 16. A strange ability. Chrona can change the age she appears to be to whatever she wishes, though most often she seems to be in her twenties. Using this power causes for a few seconds the effects of rapid aging (such as looking 10 and wanting to be 50, causing her body to age 40 years in a matter of seconds), or the reverse when she wishes to look younger.
- Even stranger is Chrona's ability to reject time from upon herself. This means she can never die from old age, and will continue living until someone manages to kill her. It also allows her to completely stop any time-based powers from affecting her - RP stats link

- (anime chars FFed) - Naruto drawing by xXUnicornXx - (adult mental ages) - Interesting story idea, internal battles between Taylor Swift's younger and older selves - (Hideyoshi Lacan)
- (adult youth gag) - gets the imagination firing up, also it's funny! 30 y.o.'s secret - (Chronoeclipse)
- (age TFs) - story - (tall girls) - commercials
- (male AA) - Doritos ff CM - (FFed pic) - child starlet - (male aa face ff) - 1 to 18
- (dedicated weight gain, AA obesity, furry demon TG) - Deviant Art - Examples: toon lineup - lineup - (Kappa)

- (sisters FFed) before/after - caution some nudity 4 collages

Kuu Kuu Harajuku
- (male ARed AA & aftermath, RNed AA) S03Ep18a "Baby Rudie" 2018/12/08.
Let's never speak of this again - Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Crybaby Part 1
- (dedicated AR) 2020/05. Art by Yuan from Yard Work & Bojay. 32 pages, $10.99.
Dreamtales comic based on the classic Silver Age Superman/Lois Lane AR comic "The Crybaby of Metropolis", which had female rivalry, conflict, clear motivation and believable circumstances.
Not to be confused with the related "Crybaby Marilyn" comic by Palcomix, 2011. This version is directly based on the original, with well developed characters that have become embedded into our collective psyche. If given a choice to read AR comics about females inhabiting Superman's world versus similar new comics, I would choose the former. Perhaps that is the traditionalist in me.
- Lois slowly shrinks from a sexy adult to a skinny teen and finally a little girl. Sexy rival Lana smirks, as shrunken teen Lois tries to chat up Superman. Then she puts the moves on him.
However, I would have liked a bit more art work from each artist. The plot follows a similar path as the original, with some departures. I do understand that propriety prohibits showing too much, but would have enjoyed it had that line been pushed a little further. I really enjoyed the extra cover redo of the original 1958 art. BoJay loves to add every joke and pun he can think of into one panel. Yuan is responsible for Flu Shots, Yard Work and Little Joker to name a few. There is real energy in the art work. Bottom line is that I cannot wait for the next part.
- Also 6 pages of highly detailed B&W inked art by original artist Kurt Schaffenberger from 1958! This art is MUCH more detailed than what appeared in the comic.
Artist's Edition ($12.99) includes 20 pages of original sketch drawings plus 20 pages of uncolored inked and sketch drawings showing the amazing detail of the original art. 78p.
- Big Cartel purchase link - (Alec Leamus)

Kaibutsu-san wa mimamoritai
- (male TFed with some "Ap-like" aspect?) "Monster wants to watch", TACHIBANA Natsuka, 2020. Media Factory, Gene Pixiv.
A boy watched over a pointy-eared girl in the year 20xx? The classmate's secret cannot be revealed? - cover - (Akira)

- (dedicated FF pose recreation, teen months with some growth visible) - first/last day - (Acca)

Emerald City Confidential
- (male cutaway ARed AA) 2009. "The End" walkthrough.
Petra and her brother fought the First and Foremost Phanfasm - Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (AA FF fades, male AR AA & RN) #325 "Nazad v budushcheye" Back to the Future 2020.
Russian children's comedy show. Male students used an age ray to see the future of others, but also temporarily regressed the principal into a boy.
- Sketch link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

age regression
Reposted finds from Japanese boards:
- (male AR OC) poofback
- (dedicated fetish) Nude age swap

Creamy Mami
- (AA TF AP) - 2 gifs

Wreck-It Ralph - Safe Mode
- (anthro computer program AA upgrade) SB99, fan parody, 2020/05.
Vanellope von Schweetz was infected with a software virus that turned her older looking.
- Cartoon link @8m40s - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Chriskim)

tentacles (trope)
- (life energy suction) - adult to OA'd glimpse: desiccation

life simulation software (genres)
- (age adjustment sliders, FF) The Sims and many others. Select the attributes of your heroine.
c2005+ forms - forms

weight gain (tropes)
- (obesity/decrepitude, adult age effects) - extracts

- (adults FFed to old) - Playboy centerfolds - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Teri Hatcher well on her way to a grandma!! I do think she should go all the way - (Oaoaox)
- (adults FFed to old) - 50 supermodels - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Always knew Eva was getting longer in tooth... but she is really grey for her age!!! Let it all go EVA!! - (Oaoaox)

Jdrama (genres)
- (adults to old age, TF & FF) - 3 scenes

text fragments
Jewelpet Sunshine
- (anthro, male AR) "Baby Plum Section Yay!"
Labra doesn't like to be called a baby. She uses her magic to transform Ruby and her friends. Animal creatures and a boy turned back into babies who must be cared for in the girl's dormitory.
- New alternate link - - (Tazz)

- (male AA) - pseudo "puberty" cuts
- (adult rapid aging) - Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Ep19 info
- (AA poofs) - New dark hero "Earth Granner" spring animation. Boy & man voice actors -- (MtF TGed) - "Daily life of TS Gakuen" Boys school manga. A number of students with OTMS constitutions temporarily became female. The childhood friend suddenly became a beautiful girl and felt confused. Intro - (Akira)

Mole's World
- (male anthro villain poof, ARed AA, aftermath, RNed AA) S2Ep1 "Good boy, Bad Boy" c2011? China.
"Mo'er zhuangyuan". Based on virtual world game by Taomee. The villain Kula poofed into a baby after his lahm accidentally dropped a potion. Baby Kula wanders off to Lele's house and keeps wanting to play with his toys.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

old age anime
- (OA TF scenes) - 12 unsorted screencaps

- (dedicated adult to old age TFs & aftermaths) - Deviant Index - Index
- (adult FFed to old) - then/now Bond Lady
- (adults FFed to old) - "The Liverbirds", UK former girl band - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Kelly Ripa looks to be getting them grey hairs as well!! Would love to see if she goes full grey in 20 years - (Oaoaox)
- (young adults FFed to middle aged) - Zach Morris, "Saved by the Bell" cast - (Kappa) -- (adult changes) - Butt ages - (123anon987)

- (mental AR side effect) Greek word describing a change of "ousia" (state of mental being).

poof process (TF trope)
The easiest way to depict a transformation scene is to avoid showing it at all. One way is to make it so vague or blurry that nothing is visible. The change is completely hidden behind a sudden explosion of fog or a bright flash. Alternatively, a simple frame cut may be used.
Distinct from a cutaway, where the camera actually turns away from the process, as in Melisandre's old age TF in Game of Thrones (example link).
- (teen poofed to full adult) - age-up

old age manga
- (OA TF scenes) - 6 extracts

Jigoku Sensei Nube
- (teens AA'd to old age) "Hell Teacher Nube" - manga

puberty documentaries
- (CoA BE & FF tropes) - c2020. Proposed CGI breast development gif - line and animation art

- (teen months) - Cam

Hakushon Daimaou (2020)
- (AA age poofs, demons & male)
Blocked link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (Akira)

video reversal
- (TF scene inversion) Playing a film or photo sequence backwards or at different speeds is the oldest special effects technique. Videos and image series can be altered in many simple ways to visualize or simulate hard-to-see changes.
Rejuvenation process turned back into OA TF - Related to time-lapse images.

photo projects
1 year older
- (flash forward F/M AA) c'19 - More proof that if a girl were to suddenly grow 1 year older, her clothes wouldn't necessarily tear, especially if her shirt was already oversized to begin with.
The only exception might be if a sleeve was caught behind an extending arm, the increasing pull of her elbow ripping out the shoulder seams, or if very tight jeans were involved. Those could explode completely (involuntary flexing might also cause her shirt to rip along the back).
In this case, that problem was averted by changing into bigger pants for the 2nd photo. Grade 7/8 comparisons: last days of school - (Acca)
- (AA FF poses) - teen young adult - Comparisons collage

Bubble Guppies
- (anthros AR poofs) S5Ep9 "Super Baby!" 2020/04/10.
Mixed media/CGI. Mermaid cops into babies, sea creatures ARed.
- Scene link - Info link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Pink Pong
- (male rejuv & AR, female rejuv) Pingkeupong! Popular Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales, Korea 2017.
"Rejuvenating spring water" "Our old story". Old man into young man. Other older man made younger, then teen, then baby. Old woman into young adult.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

short toons
Noah Origins
- (AA "ARed" cuts) Ep22 The Age Game 2019.
Webtoons. Unlicensed animation properties poofed into babies and old - Ep link - caps - (Tazz)

text fragments
Henshin! Ponpokodama
- (AA TG poofs) 15 eps, TBS, 1973.
High school students Yuri and Yoichi got along despite their strong rivalry. The two picked up a Japanese raccoon dog stuffed animal in an open space. The alien Pekepeke gave them red and blue balls. You can use them for 10 minutes to switch bodies or characters (the degree of depiction was limited). If the time limit was exceeded, the sexes of the two were forced back. They were involved in much turmoil subsequently.
- Small scene link - screencaps - (Akira)

text fragments
Choujyu Sentai Liveman
- (AA TFed, male age form poofs) Toei, 1988. Access restricted internationally.
- Ep03 blocked link - Boy TFed into adult monster.
- Ep20-21 - Adult monster "ARed" back into boy.
- Ep48-49 blocked link - Man ARed into boy.

Zig & Sharko
- (anthros ARed) S03Ep64 "Daddy Bernie" 2020/1/13.
Seagull back into egg (which then hatches); shark, hyena, and mermaid back into babies - Episode link - - Info link - (Tazz)

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4
- (male toy figure "ARed", AA RN) 2010/06.
Graveyard, labyrinth. Baby Voldemort into adult in magic cauldron, c28:00 - Walkthrough link - - (Tazz)

fetish comics
- (dedicated fetish old aged aftermaths) First-person shooter game, 2016.
c'19 original fan art - Adult cast OA'd link - link - (AgingWomen)

- (adult inadvertent age disguise) - 30+ y.o. looks younger
- (fantasy APed) - Alice story scene.

text fragments
Bibi Blocksberg
- (male AA) "Bibi Blocksberg als Babysitter".
Baby boys poofed to toddlers to kids to preteens - alternate link - - (Tazz)

short comics
Roz Chast
- 1-panel Time Gags, New Yorker magazine, 1990-2000's.
- (ungranted age wish) "On line at the fountain of adulthood" - panel
- (male FF) "The seven ages of dudes - progression of dudes" - panel

- (growth glimpsed indirectly) - Ambrielle c11 y.o.

text fragments
short films
turning thirty (vlogging trope)
- (adult coming of middle age) The end of adult youth.
Gorgeous Irish gal talks in great detail about turning 30, the changes she's noticed (grey hairs, sagging boobs etc) and her fears about aging while wanting to stay young and beautiful:
- Link - Melanie Murphy, 2020. "The truth about AGEING (wrinkles, biological clock and fertility, sex, confidence & more!)"
Turns out there are way more of these kinda things than I'd have imagined!
- Link - Joanna Spicer, 2019. "Turning 30 and All My Eggs Are Dying".
Another similar video blog of a woman freaking out about turning 30:
WELP! Im turning 30 on September 2nd. Here are a few things I've come to realize in my old(ish) age :P
- Link - Jessica Wilde, 2018. "Turning 30".
Here's what one of these videos will look like after another 30 years. A 60 y.o. talking for 13 mins:
Life-changing advice from your 90-year-old self. When you are in your 20s, people on their 40s are "old," but, by the time you reach your 60s, you feel "young" compared to your 90-year-old relatives!
- Link - Sixty and Me, 2018. "Listen to this Important Advice from Your Future Self".
- (Ark, Chronoeclipse)

Sophie Ruby
- (male AR AA poofed into baby, ARed aftermath) Ep49, Hawkeye Becomes a Child, 2017.
AKA SofyRuby - South Korea, CGI manhwa magical girl series, Chu Kwang Ho.
- 13 y.o. mahou shoujo Ruby is given the power from the Wish Fairy who appears as a sketchbook to AA herself into 19 y.o. Sophie, in order to help cursed Prince Spinel collect "good deed stamps" to break the Magical Spell.
- Episode link @08:10 - - Part 2 link - screencaps - cover - (Tazz)

short toons
Scary Teacher 3d
- (AR AA & aftermath) "Scary Teacher baby" 2020/04.
Game-based characters. Old woman was AA-poofed into baby as a prank - Vid link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (male teen accelerated growth) Scott Brown, 2019 YA.
Only 4' 11" tall on his 16th birthday, Will begins to grow astonishingly fast for unknown reasons: " shoes still felt strangely tight." For the first time, Will is happy with his stature. People see him differently; more important, he sees himself differently. He's 7' 1" and still growing a year later. But the highest heights come with some low, low lows, and his most precious relationships suffer excruciating growing pains. Monitored at a clinic, he's always the object of special attention by the other patients in the waiting room.

Detective Bogey
- (male bug mobster AR into baby insect) Ep4, The Island of Eternal Youth, 1994. Spain.
Teacher Logan discovered the formula for eternal youth. Dr. Sinister kidnaps him to prepare the potion for himself, but Bogey attempts to rescue the poor teacher.
- Episode link @20:00 - - screencaps - (Tazz)

text fragments
Ben 10 (reboot)
- (male ARed AA) "Baby Buktu" - old link deleted - new link - (Akira)

- (months slight FF) fashion model Jenny

Hakushon Daimaou (2020)
- (AA age forms, demon & human) "Bob in a Bottle", 2020/04.
Sequel series to 1969 anime. Whenever someone sneezes, the genie Hakushon Daimaou must grant their wish until they sneeze again. Kan-chan's grandson Kantarou meets magical being Akubi as she prepares to be queen. They go on various adventures and get jobs - (Akira)

Steven Universe Future
- (male cutaway AR OC, RN AA AP) 2019.
Steven shapeshifted into a boy after a fight, then a quick grow-up scene back to adult man.
- Scene video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Khoanh khac ky dieu
- (male rejuv AA, female rejuv AA AR) "Suoi Nguon Tuoi Tre" - "Fountain of Youth" c2020, Vietnam.
Old man into strong younger man, old woman into beautiful young woman and then toddler.
- Episode link - - Male adult rejuvenation screencaps - Female rejuv & AR screencaps - (Tazz)

Saturday Night Live
- (male adult anthros FFed to middle age) animated segment "Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles" 2020/04/11.
The Turtles are updated to face middle-aged problems - Toon link - screencaps - (Kappa)

How to Live Forever
- (adult face aging pics) 2009. They did a photoshop manipulation of Suzanne Somers through the various stages of old age - (Chronoeclipse)

skeleton trope
- (pseudo "oa'd" effect) Comic trope used in throwaway gags. To represent that something took a very long time, they show the waiting person has passed on into an (often still standing) skeleton. Usually done in cutaways, but there may also be intermediate "old" aging stages.
- Short film example: CollegeHumor - "Sorry, I'm a Slow Eater" 2018 - vid link - caps - (Kappa)

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AP text fragments 170 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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