Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation - Mail

Kuu Kuu Harajuku
- (male ARed AA & aftermath, RNed AA) S03Ep18a "Baby Rudie" 2018/12/08.
Let's never speak of this again - Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Crybaby Part One
- (dedicated AR) 2020/05. Art by Yuan from Yard Work & Bojay. 32 pages, $10.99.
Dreamtales comic based on the classic Silver Age Superman/Lois Lane AR comic "The Crybaby of Metropolis", which had female rivalry, conflict, clear motivation and believable circumstances.
Not to be confused with the related "Crybaby Marilyn" comic by Palcomix, 2011. This version is directly based on the original, with well developed characters that have become embedded into our collective psyche. If given a choice to read AR comics about females inhabiting Superman's world versus similar new comics, I would choose the former. Perhaps that is the traditionalist in me.
- Lois slowly shrinks from a sexy adult to a skinny teen and finally a little girl. Sexy rival Lana smirks, as shrunken teen Lois tries to chat up Superman. Then she puts the moves on him.
However, I would have liked a bit more art work from each artist. The plot follows a similar path as the original, with some departures. I do understand that propriety prohibits showing too much, but would have enjoyed it had that line been pushed a little further. I really enjoyed the extra cover redo of the original 1958 art. BoJay loves to add every joke and pun he can think of into one panel. Yuan is responsible for Flu Shots, Yard Work and Little Joker to name a few. There is real energy in the art work. Bottom line is that I cannot wait for the next part.
- Also 6 pages of highly detailed B&W inked art by original artist Kurt Schaffenberger from 1958! This art is MUCH more detailed than what appeared in the comic.
Artist's Edition ($12.99) includes 20 pages of original sketch drawings plus 20 pages of uncolored inked and sketch drawings showing the amazing detail of the original art. 78p.
- Big Cartel purchase link - (Alec Leamus)

Kaibutsu-san wa mimamoritai
- (male TFed with some "Ap-like" aspect?) "Monster wants to watch", TACHIBANA Natsuka, 2020. Media Factory, Gene Pixiv.
A boy watched over a pointy-eared girl in the year 20xx? The classmate's secret cannot be revealed? - cover - (Akira)

- (dedicated FF pose recreation, teen months with some growth visible) - first/last day - (Acca)

Emerald City Confidential
- (male cutaway ARed AA) 2009. "The End" walkthrough.
Petra and her brother fought the First and Foremost Phanfasm - Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (AA FF fades, male AR AA & RN) #325 "Nazad v budushcheye" Back to the Future 2020.
Russian children's comedy show. Male students used an age ray to see the future of others, but also temporarily regressed the principal into a boy.
- Sketch link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

age regression
Reposted finds from Japanese boards:
- (male AR OC) poofback
- (dedicated fetish) Nude age reversal

Creamy Mami
- (AA TF AP) - 2 gifs

Wreck-It Ralph - Safe Mode
- (anthro computer program AA upgrade) SB99, fan parody, 2020/05.
Vanellope von Schweetz was infected with a software virus that turned her older looking.
- Cartoon link @8m40s - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Chriskim)

tentacles (trope)
- (life energy suction) - adult to OA'd glimpse: desiccation

life simulation software (genres)
- (age adjustment sliders, FF) The Sims and many others. Select the attributes of your heroine.
c2005+ forms - forms

weight gain (tropes)
- (obesity/decrepitude, adult age effects) - extracts

- (adults FFed to old) - Playboy centerfolds - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Teri Hatcher well on her way to a grandma!! I do think she should go all the way - (Oaoaox)
- (adults FFed to old) - 50 supermodels - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Always knew Eva was getting longer in tooth... but she is really grey for her age!!! Let it all go EVA!! - (Oaoaox)

Jdrama (genres)
- (adults to old age, TF & FF) - 3 scenes

text fragments
Jewelpet Sunshine
- (anthro, male AR) "Baby Plum Section Yay!"
Labra doesn't like to be called a baby. She uses her magic to transform Ruby and her friends. Animal creatures and a boy turned back into babies who must be cared for in the girl's dormitory.
- New alternate link - - (Tazz)

- (male AA) - pseudo "puberty" cuts
- (adult rapid aging) - Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Ep19 info
- (AA poofs) - New dark hero "Earth Granner" spring animation. Boy & man voice actors -- (MtF TGed) - "Daily life of TS Gakuen" Boys school manga. A number of students with OTMS constitutions temporarily became female. The childhood friend suddenly became a beautiful girl and felt confused. Intro - (Akira)

Mole's World
- (male anthro villain poof, ARed AA, aftermath, RNed AA) S2Ep1 "Good boy, Bad Boy" c2011? China.
"Mo'er zhuangyuan". Based on virtual world game by Taomee. The villain Kula poofed into a baby after his lahm accidentally dropped a potion. Baby Kula wanders off to Lele's house and keeps wanting to play with his toys.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

old age anime
- (OA TF scenes) - 12 unsorted screencaps

- (dedicated adult to old age TFs & aftermaths) - Deviant Index - Index
- (adult FFed to old) - then/now Bond Lady
- (adults FFed to old) - "The Liverbirds", UK former girl band - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Kelly Ripa looks to be getting them grey hairs as well!! Would love to see if she goes full grey in 20 years - (Oaoaox)
- (young adults FFed to middle aged) - Zach Morris, "Saved by the Bell" cast - (Kappa) -- (adult changes) - Butt ages - (123anon987)

- (mental AR side effect) Greek word describing a change of "ousia" (state of mental being).

poof process (TF trope)
The easiest way to depict a transformation scene is to avoid showing it at all. One way is to make it so vague or blurry that nothing is visible. The change is completely hidden behind a sudden explosion of fog or a bright flash. Alternatively, a simple frame cut may be used.
Distinct from a cutaway, where the camera actually turns away from the process, as in Melisandre's old age TF in Game of Thrones (example link).
- (teen poofed to full adult) - age-up

old age manga
- (OA TF scenes) - 6 extracts

Jigoku Sensei Nube
- (teens AA'd to old age) "Hell Teacher Nube" - manga

puberty documentaries
- (CoA BE & FF tropes) - c2020. Proposed CGI breast development gif - line and animation art

- (teen months) - Cam

Hakushon Daimaou (2020)
- (AA age poofs, demons & male)
Blocked link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (Akira)

video reversal
- (TF scene inversion) Playing a film or photo sequence backwards or at different speeds is the oldest special effects technique. Videos and image series can be altered in many simple ways to visualize or simulate hard-to-see changes.
Rejuvenation process turned back into OA TF - Related to time-lapse images.

photo projects
1 year older
- (flash forward F/M AA) c'19 - More proof that if a girl were to suddenly grow 1 year older, her clothes wouldn't necessarily tear, especially if her shirt was already oversized to begin with.
The only exception might be if a sleeve was caught behind an extending arm, the increasing pull of her elbow ripping out the shoulder seams, or if very tight jeans were involved. Those could explode completely (involuntary flexing might also cause her shirt to rip along the back).
In this case, that problem was averted by changing into bigger pants for the 2nd photo. Grade 7/8 comparisons: last days of school - (Acca)
- (AA FF poses) - teen young adult - Comparisons collage

Bubble Guppies
- (anthros AR poofs) S5Ep9 "Super Baby!" 2020/04/10.
Mixed media/CGI. Mermaid cops into babies, sea creatures ARed.
- Scene link - Info link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Pink Pong
- (male rejuv & AR, female rejuv) Pingkeupong! Popular Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales, Korea 2017.
"Rejuvenating spring water" "Our old story". Old man into young man. Other older man made younger, then teen, then baby. Old woman into young adult.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

short toons
Noah Origins
- (AA "ARed" cuts) Ep22 The Age Game 2019.
Webtoons. Unlicensed animation properties poofed into babies and old - Ep link - caps - (Tazz)

text fragments
Henshin! Ponpokodama
- (AA TG poofs) 15 eps, TBS, 1973.
High school students Yuri and Yoichi got along despite their strong rivalry. The two picked up a Japanese raccoon dog stuffed animal in an open space. The alien Pekepeke gave them red and blue balls. You can use them for 10 minutes to switch bodies or characters (the degree of depiction was limited). If the time limit was exceeded, the sexes of the two were forced back. They were involved in much turmoil subsequently.
- Small scene link - screencaps - (Akira)

text fragments
Choujyu Sentai Liveman
- (AA TFed, male age form poofs) Toei, 1988. Access restricted internationally.
- Ep03 blocked link - Boy TFed into adult monster.
- Ep20-21 - Adult monster "ARed" back into boy.
- Ep48-49 blocked link - Man ARed into boy.

Zig & Sharko
- (anthros ARed) S03Ep64 "Daddy Bernie" 2020/1/13.
Seagull back into egg (which then hatches); shark, hyena, and mermaid back into babies - Episode link - - Info link - (Tazz)

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4
- (male toy figure "ARed", AA RN) 2010/06.
Graveyard, labyrinth. Baby Voldemort into adult in magic cauldron, c28:00 - Walkthrough link - - (Tazz)

fetish comics
- (dedicated fetish old aged aftermaths) First-person shooter game, 2016.
c'19 original fan art - Adult cast OA'd link - link - (AgingWomen)

- (adult inadvertent age disguise) - 30+ y.o. looks younger
- (fantasy APed) - Alice story scene.

text fragments
Bibi Blocksberg
- (male AA) "Bibi Blocksberg als Babysitter".
Baby boys poofed to toddlers to kids to preteens - alternate link - - (Tazz)

short comics
Roz Chast
- 1-panel Time Gags, New Yorker magazine, 1990-2000's.
- (ungranted age wish) "On line at the fountain of adulthood" - panel
- (male FF) "The seven ages of dudes - progression of dudes" - panel

- (growth glimpsed indirectly) - Ambrielle c11 y.o.

text fragments
short films
turning thirty (vlogging trope)
- (adult coming of middle age) The end of adult youth.
Gorgeous Irish gal talks in great detail about turning 30, the changes she's noticed (grey hairs, sagging boobs etc) and her fears about aging while wanting to stay young and beautiful:
- Link - Melanie Murphy, 2020. "The truth about AGEING (wrinkles, biological clock and fertility, sex, confidence & more!)"
Turns out there are way more of these kinda things than I'd have imagined!
- Link - Joanna Spicer, 2019. "Turning 30 and All My Eggs Are Dying".
Another similar video blog of a woman freaking out about turning 30:
WELP! Im turning 30 on September 2nd. Here are a few things I've come to realize in my old(ish) age :P
- Link - Jessica Wilde, 2018. "Turning 30".
Here's what one of these videos will look like after another 30 years. A 60 y.o. talking for 13 mins:
Life-changing advice from your 90-year-old self. When you are in your 20s, people on their 40s are "old," but, by the time you reach your 60s, you feel "young" compared to your 90-year-old relatives!
- Link - Sixty and Me, 2018. "Listen to this Important Advice from Your Future Self".
- (Ark, Chronoeclipse)

Sophie Ruby
- (male AR AA poofed into baby, ARed aftermath) Ep49, Hawkeye Becomes a Child, 2017.
AKA SofyRuby - South Korea, CGI manhwa magical girl series, Chu Kwang Ho.
- 13 y.o. mahou shoujo Ruby is given the power from the Wish Fairy who appears as a sketchbook to AA herself into 19 y.o. Sophie, in order to help cursed Prince Spinel collect "good deed stamps" to break the Magical Spell.
- Episode link @08:10 - - Part 2 link - screencaps - cover - (Tazz)

short toons
Scary Teacher 3d
- (AR AA & aftermath) "Scary Teacher baby" 2020/04.
Game-based characters. Old woman was AA-poofed into baby as a prank - Vid link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (male teen accelerated growth) Scott Brown, 2019 YA.
Only 4' 11" tall on his 16th birthday, Will begins to grow astonishingly fast for unknown reasons: " shoes still felt strangely tight." For the first time, Will is happy with his stature. People see him differently; more important, he sees himself differently. He's 7' 1" and still growing a year later. But the highest heights come with some low, low lows, and his most precious relationships suffer excruciating growing pains. Monitored at a clinic, he's always the object of special attention by the other patients in the waiting room.

Detective Bogey
- (male bug mobster AR into baby insect) Ep4, The Island of Eternal Youth, 1994. Spain.
Teacher Logan discovered the formula for eternal youth. Dr. Sinister kidnaps him to prepare the potion for himself, but Bogey attempts to rescue the poor teacher.
- Episode link @20:00 - - screencaps - (Tazz)

text fragments
Ben 10 (reboot)
- (male ARed AA) "Baby Buktu" - old link deleted - new link - (Akira)

- (months slight FF) fashion model Jenny

Hakushon Daimaou (2020)
- (AA age forms, demon & human) "Bob in a Bottle", 2020/04.
Sequel series to 1969 anime. Whenever someone sneezes, the genie Hakushon Daimaou must grant their wish until they sneeze again. Kan-chan's grandson Kantarou meets magical being Akubi as she prepares to be queen. They go on various adventures and get jobs - (Akira)

Steven Universe Future
- (male cutaway AR OC, RN AA AP) 2019.
Steven shapeshifted into a boy after a fight, then a quick grow-up scene back to adult man.
- Scene video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Khoanh khac ky dieu
- (male rejuv AA, female rejuv AA AR) "Suoi Nguon Tuoi Tre" - "Fountain of Youth" c2020, Vietnam.
Old man into strong younger man, old woman into beautiful young woman and then toddler.
- Episode link - - Male adult rejuvenation screencaps - Female rejuv & AR screencaps - (Tazz)

Saturday Night Live
- (male adult anthros FFed to middle age) animated segment "Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles" 2020/04/11.
The Turtles are updated to face middle-aged problems - Toon link - screencaps - (Kappa)

How to Live Forever
- (adult face aging pics) 2009. They did a photoshop manipulation of Suzanne Somers through the various stages of old age - (Chronoeclipse)

skeleton trope
- (pseudo "oa'd" effect) Comic trope used in throwaway gags. To represent that something took a very long time, they show the waiting person has passed on into an (often still standing) skeleton. Usually done in cutaways, but there may also be intermediate "old" aging stages.
- Short film example: CollegeHumor - "Sorry, I'm a Slow Eater" 2018 - vid link - caps - (Kappa)

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AP text fragments 170 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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