Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation - Mail

Tsuma, Shogakusei Ni Naru
- (wife reappeared as reincarnated child) Murata Yayu, Hobunsha, 2019.
"If my wife become an elementary school student". An office worker and his cocooned daughter re-encounter their reincarnated wife and mother who died 10 years ago. The process of recognition is simple but accurate, telling secrets, vows, and occasions never mentioned to outsiders. Although the elementary school girl recalls previous lives, she also has another identity with her own family. She appears precocious due to her memories, showing a uniquely intelligent appearance in class. The straight-ball man is unwilling to let her go again. While he and his reborn wife disturb the emotional shackles of their shared past, their future may not be smooth. Ignore her? Keep a distance? Or wait for her to reach legal age to marry her back? This is the beginning of a miracle and trial. A female colleague becomes curious about the private life of her widowed male colleague, who has an ambiguous relationship with a 10 y.o. girl. A complex drama.
- Small extract - (Akira)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Siritusval
- (dedicated CGI AR, AP) AKA "Siriage". New artist, 2020.
- Deviant Art link - Pixiv link - Patreon link - (Lopi)

Hana to Akuma
- (age poofs) The MangaRock link I provided previously has been shut down. New translated chapters link - (NightElf37)

fetish toons
Dark Productions
- (dedicated age TFs, AP) Febr. & March 2020 releases (depending on rendering time)!
- Girl to Taarna
Feb.14 - Commission inspired by the Heavy Metal animated film.
- The Twins
Mar.6 - 4.5 mins. In storyboard form till the TF, and won't disappoint. All the SFX came together in a double transformation involving the female twins. AgeGrowthFictions produced a beautiful musical score.
Parents are fighting and the daughters aren't happy. One wishes they could be older, the other doesn't want to age at all.
Too bad a demon girl was listening, who shows up to force them to grow older... - preview
- The Formula: A Jekyll Story
April - $10 tier (supports elements needed for animation/storyboard shorts, 10-15 every quarter).
A Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde plot line; storyboard-based. The TF scenes and some extras will be animation-based. I'm working with a voice actress to bring the female parts to life for the 3 characters at different stages.
- Darkproductions2019 on Deviantart was taken out. My new page is Darkproductions2020 - link
- Patreon purchase link - (Mr Dark)

fetish comics
DreamTales: The Minotaur
- (dedicated TF) by Bojay, 2020.
A great talent for wild creatures, transformations, and period details. And of course, lots of nude beautiful ladies! A giant nude Aphrodite casts spells, lots of topless sexy ladies, and a whole panoply of wild fantasy creatures; including the Minotaur, Satyrs, Fairies and Centaurs.
Ch03: AP; shrinking; and animal TF as the half-man half-bull Minotaur grows up.
- Purchase link - (Utopianfubar)

Q ando A
- (ghost male age stasis) by Mitsuru Adachi, Monthly Shonen Sunday, Gessan, Shogakukan, 2009-12.
"Q and A" boys and youth comics. 15 y.o. Atsushi Ando's dominant older brother Hitsushi (AKA Q-chan) passed on 6 years earlier. When returning to their old home, Atsushi sees his brother is still around in the form of a ghost, waiting for the family's return all these years. Still 11, Hisashi now appears younger than Atsushi! As a ghost, he frequently flips girls skirts and engages in perverted acts. Strange girl Kyoko Kurosumi can also see him and other ghosts.
- Extract - (Akira)

- (AA time/flip age forms) - gif

fetish comics
DreamTales: Falling Leaves
- (dedicated AR, AP TFs) by PalComix, 2019/08.
#01: 30 pages, $9.99. A classic role reversal comic with some great sexy art. Little Emily is ordered around by big, bitchy, domineering sister Angela, who makes her work in the yard. But Angela's Weed Shrinker turns her from a young adult into an innocent little girl, while Emily grows into a sexy bombshell as she washes the car with Super Gro. Two more issues to come - Purchase link

Black Knight Bat
- (AR, RN AA) by Buichi Terasawa, Shueisha, 1986.
Ch03. A cool scene about magical apples that can affect a person's time.
- Chapter link - scene extract - (Andu22)

Prudential (UK)
- (FF head close-up fades) c2005? - Mother/daughter years CM link - caps

Shinju no Nectar
- (demon TF AP, BE) Yoshino Hiroyuki, Satou Kenetsu, c2019.
Ch 24, 26 & 28. A powerful being prepares for battle in a magical world.
- Ch. link - extract - (Andu22)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Red Chocobo
- (dedicated AR) Classic artist. Tifa AR, etc. His older Transformation art is lost - (Klatuk4u)

Creamy Mami
- (AA TF APs) - Just a hint of the power of female anime growth - 6 gif page

- (male AA body swap) - short - (Akira)
- (male TF AP form?) - henshin: Kamen Rider Kiva blocked - (Akira)
- (overnight age up) - mentioned in passing story

- (9 to 12) - Luda, Keyleisha months

Noragami Aragoto
- (male demon cutaway rebirth ARed) S02Ep13 "The God of Fortune's Message" 2015/12/25.
If a well-worshiped god dies, it will immediately resurrect as a small child without memories. The pacification ring killed the god Ebisu, who returned as a small boy. Yato tells the child Ebisu he was a brave and selfless man in his past life.
- Before/After caps - (Gilamon)

Tomica Kizuna Gattai: Earth Granner
- (male AA aged-up battle forms) Spring 2020 anime.
Mysterious alien enemy Dark Spinner battles secret defense unit Earth Granner over the energy from the Earth's rotation.
- Cover art - (Akira)

Creamy Mami
- (AP) - Higher resolution gif extract of her previously posted first TF scene.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
- (younger/older teen body swap) Eps 09-10 "Sister Panic" 2018/11/29.
"Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" - Sakuta is unable to find Mai Sakurajima. Upon spotting her on the street, he discovers Mai was infected by her younger half-sister, the idol Nodoka Toyohama. Her Adolescence Syndrome has caused both girls to exchange physical appearances!
The two try to adjust to their new lives, but harbor a grudge toward each other because of expectations levied upon them by their respective parents. Nodoka especially resents having to live in her older sister's shadow. Sakuta helps them to reconcile. As they embrace, the two revert to their original selves - Intro scene link - (Gilamon)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: IncredibleCaptainAsh
- (dedicated magic AR transfer) 2020/01.
"Sheila's regression" - 1-page short comic (9 MB PNG image, 5720 x 6205).
- Captain Ash has commissioned Secretagentmittens to draw a scene from The Mirror Mistress fetish story universe! In the ancient realm of Zumbia, a wondrous Looking Glass grants those who pass through it a second childhood, by trading places with their adult reflections.
- Full-size Comic link - small copy - cover - (Inkognitolord)

Kaii to Otome to Kamigakushi
- (AR storyline) by Nujima, 2019. Shogakukan, Yawaraka Spirits.
"Mysteries, Maidens, And Mysterious Disappearances" AKA "Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi" - Ch02 "Tsukiyomi's Water of Life 2".
- This looks pretty good. A mysterious incident occurs in a city. Aspiring writer Sumireko is a plain girl with a lot of sexual appeal in her body. A boy librarian is involved? Busty 28 y.o. shopkeeper regresses with pretty gradual process. It seems she switches between ages. Raws are behind a paywall.
- Ch link - link - slow AR extract - AR, AA AP extract - (10th_man_down, Case Scenario, Godleydemon, The AP Ninja)

Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to
- (TG body replacement into preteen) by Yuu Tsurusaki, Shin Ikezawa, 2019+.
AKA Fabiniku, Isekai bishoujo juniku ojisan to. A naked goddess forcefully summons two men to a fantasy world. Because of the goddess's mischief, she kills one and resurrects him as a beautiful young girl. To get back his body, he has to go on a journey with his friend to defeat the demon king! - Ch link - (Gilamon)

- (pseudo cutaway "rejuved ARed") S19Ep95 "Personal Demons" 2017/10/31.
BBC1 soap. As midnight draws near on Halloween, personal demons are unleashed...
- Episode link @16:00 - caps - (Coodie2)

Neko ga Nishi Mukya
- (AR, RNed cutaway) Urushibara, Afternoon. 2018+ seinen.
AKA "Cats are Facing West", scanlated Ch02-10. Mysterious phenomenon "flow" centers around two people and one cat.
- The girl with glasses got younger - Ch link - extract - (Andu22)

Ponkotsu-chan Kenshouchuu
- (adult body split, ARed doubling effect) Ch05. Tsubasa Fukuchi, c2019+
"Investigating with Junk-chan". Girl is given a new supernatural power daily. One such power allows her to divide objects. When she divides herself, two 8 y.o. girls appear in her place - one good, and one bad.
- Ch link - (Gilamon)

Kyupiko! - Fujimatsu Tenshi no Mismanagement
- (demon AR/AP poofs) by Yamashita Bungo, c'19.
Cursed by a lazy Cupid, unpopular loser Fushimatsu Fushio is hated by the entirety of womankind. God realizes how horrible this situation is for the poor boy, and kicks Kyupiko out of heaven until she fixes things. A shame the angel TFs were so poofy, could've been legendary lol.
- Chapters link - link - link - Ch02-03-09-17 scenes extract - extract - AP extract - one shot extract - (Andu22)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Multi-Commer
- (dedicated AA AP) "O.K K.O - Dendy's Age Device" etc, c'19.
Fun little progression comic. It's been a slow burn, but very cute - Gallery link - (Tylerjmcmaster)

- (FF/FB, adult time jumps, OA'd) Super Bowl LIV Commercials, 2020.
"Super Bowl now, #LaundryLater" - "Finally Later". For Charlie Day, some things never change, but stains can wait until later - MUCH later. They shot a lot of OA stuff, and used it to create another shorter ad. Seeing Emily Hampshire in old age makeup was INCREDIBLE.
- Commercials link - link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse, Tylerjmcmaster, Spyguy)

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, The
- (furry adult time acceleration, FFed to OA) #31.
Single issue arc. The two females are zapped by a mysterious ray into Hypertime, living life super fast while the real world moves suuuuuper sloooow! They realize they'll live out their entire lives before the weekend is out, but that doesn't stop them from several decades of hobbies, heroics, and science! Always love this sort of plot and aging.
Another multi-issue arc had Squirrel Girl trapped in the 60's because of Doctor Doom. She met an elderly version of herself who lived her life the long way round.
- Issue link - extract - (Spyguy)

music videos
Oh Wonder
- (some adult OA'd make-up) "Happy", 2020.
Video link - (Kappa)

- (trying on slightly old clothes) - Sorta kinda looks like they took a grow-up pill earlier, and they've just noticed that it's starting to work from how their clothes are getting too short - 7 attempts

Creamy Mami
Mahou no Tenshi Kuriimii Mami

- (AR AA TFs)
Someone made a compilation of all the TFs in the show, including the few AR RNs. More to come.
- All 3 AR AA morph gifs - (NightElf37)

Kekkaishi e no Tensei
- (male life reset) "Reborn as a Barrier Master", "Transmigration of Kekkaishi".
Kataoka, Katou, Souichi, 2018. Original light novel.
- When he reopens his eyes, 34 y.o. salaryman Kubota Tamotsu has been reincarnated as a 6 y.o. slave with low magic skills. To become a powerful Barrier Master, he begins a hellish training.
- Extract - (Akira)

- Oh how she grows: kindergarten through senior year photos - (Acca)

- (boy TFed) - Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn - 1992 anime, Takara, Sunrise.
  Japan-only blocked Ep03 - (Akira)
- (boy/robot interform) - Yuusha Shirei Daguon Brave Command Dagwon, 1996 anime, Sunrise.
  Japan-only blocked Ep01 - (Akira)

Death Stranding
- (adult aging effect) Open world action, Kojima, 2019.
Has a nice premise we might enjoy. Beached Things (BTs) are surrounded by Timefall rain, which speeds up decay. The character Fragile has one brief exposure scene. Her face was obscured during the process.
- Video link @33:37 - screencaps - (Niddlyby43)

Good Place, The
- (young adult form) 2020/01/30 finale.
Doug was initially depicted as a middle aged man. In the afterlife, he is a young man again. It's remarked that he chose his young adult body - (Tazz)

- (cutaway adult rejuved effect) "Fadeout" 2020/01/28 finale.
"Crisis on Infinite Earths" aftermath. Future Felicity is taken through a portal back to where she was during the show, and is reunited with Oliver. No TF scene. She went through and appeared in her late 20s again - (Tazz)

short films
Collegehumor: The Baby of the Friend Group
- (adult mental immaturity) 2019.
A 30 y.o. acting 5. Every friend group has a "baby" of the group, so they have to hire a real babysitter. Hope they do a follow-up in 10 years??
- Video link - caps - (Kappa)

text fragments
Short Circuit
- (flashback scenes feel like rejuv) "Cycles" CGI, 2020/01/24.
Disney+ animated shorts. Shows an elderly woman's life in her home from the present back to when they first moved in. It's just split second shots of precious moments in reverse order. We see the husband die of a heart attack, daughter coming home late and getting yelled at, Christmas, welcoming a baby, putting the crib together, etc. It ends with the woman (now elderly) leaving the home for the last time - (Tazz)

text fragments
Transformers: Cyberverse
- (robot mental "ARed") 2018+
Bumblebee has lost both his voice and memory when fellow autobot Windblade finds him. He is basically a mental child robot experiencing information for the first time. Acts very immature, is bratty at times, etc. Only in virtual reality does he have some maturity - (Tazz)

- (male adult face rejuved effects) - actors made to look younger.
- (male AR & aftermath) - only if you can read German: story

Naisho No Count 5
- (ARed only) Japan scan fragments. A medicine had a strange effect. Whenever they get shocked or angry, they become 5 years younger or older.
- Ch01 small extract - Ch03 small extract - (Akira)

29-sai Hitorimi Chuuken Boukensha no Nichijou
- (demon cutaway AA age forms) Ippei Nara, 2016. Bessatsu Shounen, Kodansha.
The character is a sucubo who transforms into an adult mahou entity at night. There is no process seen.
- Chapter link - small extract - (Andu22)

Studio C
- (adults FFed to old, lifetime metaphor) "The Restaurant of Life", 2015. BYUtv sketch-comedy.
They rarely bring you what you want to order in this restaurant.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life Insurance
- (adult faces morphed to old) "Medical Kit R", 2018. A new form of equity health insurance.
CM link - gif - (Mf2yxmsq)

Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle
- (demon ARed AA) Nao, Saitou, Abeno, 2017.
Ch13 V03. Evil mage Lieselotte Sherlock from the original manga can appear at different forms.
- RAR files link - small extract - (Andu22)

King's Raid
- (demon AA age forms) Manhwa-scrolling mobile RPG. Vespa, 2016.
Lewisia the Vampire Princess & other battle form sequences.
- AA TFed vid link - link - character animation link -- Age forms - forms - forms - (Andu22)

- (face FF) 2019.
Make a movie of your child growing up. Uses machine learning to rotate and zoom faces to get a good alignment between photos. You upload one photo per month and Kidlapse creates a face movie of your growing child - 0-9 link - 0-4 link
- -

Shokugeki no Souma
- (mental FB to YA self, OA'd shock reveal) Food Wars! Weekly Shonen Jump. Tsukuda, Saeki, 2012-19 tankobons, Shueisha.
Anime by J.C.Staff, 2015+. Grandma Fumio Daimido is the warden of Polar Star Dormitory.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

TED-Ed: Einstein's twin paradox explained
- (adult age differential) Carefully curated video lessons. Amber Stuver, 2019.
Space travel causing age gaps between sisters couldn't be more a turn on. Astronaut explores Einstein's relativity through the Twin Paradox experiment.
- Cartoon video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Science of Sex Appeal, The
- (face FF AA morph) Discovery Channel, 2009.
Scene link @01:50 - gif - (Lunkpil)

short comics
Cyanide & Happiness
- (adult FF years) - Time gag - gag - (Kappa)

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AP text fragments 170 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

Your info and submissions are welcome! Send 'em here.