Midnight, Texas - "I put a spell on you"

Episode quotes:

"Rev, her name is Mary. Please help her.
What the hell is she? [CHILD COOING] [STUTTERS] Hey, sweetie.
She wants to feed.
On what?
Violent child birth, carnivore growling, accelerated growth... [BOTH] She's a weretiger.
You really think it's safe bringing a weretiger - into our home?
She's just a toddler.
She's harmless, at least until the next full moon. And that's weeks away.
It doesn't freak you out that she grew three years - in three minutes?
It stops at 18.

I won't make it till sundown. This place is a pigsty and, I mean, she's all over the place. And then there's the questions. She treats me like I'm Siri.
Olivia, she barely knows how to talk.
She's been watching cartoons all day, and apparently she absorbs language as fast as she grows.
Lem! - We're out of meat.
Can I change? It's too small. And I hate purple.
I don't like that.
Well, you can put this on or you can stay in that shirt. Your choice.
Good choice.

Why am I growing so fast?
Uh, it's complicated - Because.
Because isn't an answer. Olivia, where's my real mom?
Look, kid, I'm not gonna sugar coat this for you. Your mom's gone. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Which means that you have to grow up. - Fast.

I'll bet the bitch had the baby.
Then let's find the damn kid.

A couple of thugs looking for Mary...

No! Get away from me! [SCREAMING, BLOWS LANDING]
Mary! [SNARLING] Mary? It's okay. It's me. Olivia.
I don't know what happened to me. I'm so sorry.

If Mary's a weretiger, how can she turn when it's not a full moon?
Blame it on puberty. I did a little research. Apparently when a were is in development, their cycles are all out of whack. Just like in humans. It's hormonal.
And I thought junior high was tough. It must have been scary for her to turn like that.
[APPROACHING SIRENS] Damn. Looks like we've got some 'splaining to do.
What happened to those two men is just awful. - Nobody saw anything?
Just looks like an animal attack to me, officer. Must be some real vicious animals here in Midnight.

What's wrong with me?
Am I some kind of freak or something?
No. You're special. And you're smart. And you're very strong.
[CHUCKLES] But special means different. And I don't wanna be different.
But being different is really cool. You'll understand when you're older.
When do you think I'll grow again?
Well, if you keep downing burgers like that, you'll be as tall as me by dinner.

Grandma? [GASPS] How is this even possible?
I know it's hard to believe.
[SIGHS] It's just... It's a lot to take in. Last week my Sheila was still pregnant. And now my granddaughter's a teenager. And yet you look so much like my Sheila. You must be my granddaughter.

[GROANS] [SCREECHING] Why are you doing this?
Cause you can turn a pretty penny when you get them to battle to the death.
Is that what you're gonna do to me? But I'm your granddaughter.
[GROANS] There will be no escape for you, Mary.

A vampire versus an unturned were, that's not a fair fight!
Now that's more like it!

[GROANS] - Mary. Is that you? I'm Mike. Your father.