The Little Prince (2015)

Arthur/Merlin Ficlet (male AR)

Just a cute little illustrated plot-line I found on the tumblr:

They get separated for only a minute, and this is how Merlin finds him. Then to Merlin's abject horror, Arthur starts crying.

The concept of Arthur crying is so unbelievably alien, Merlin does everything he can to get it to stop. He sings, he coos, and tells Arthur all manner of silly stories until the prince finally calms.

All in all, Merlin is pleasantly surprised to find he's rather good at this baby lark.

Unfortunately, it turns out that under the enchantment, Arthur is still Arthur - and is supremely embarrassed at having been coddled. He then naturally proceeds to make an utter prat of himself.

"No, the camp was that way, Merlin!"

"Of course I want to still hold my sword, Merlin!"

"No, I don't need to be carried, Merlin!"

And so on and so forth.

They end up deciding to ignore each other and sulk. Merlin can't believe he had ever thought Arthur cute, because Arthur is so very clearly, an ass.

Then of course, it starts to get dark, (and given that they're both secretly ashamed of their behaviour) they come to a grudging truce.

It turns out that grown prince or not, Arthur really does only have the physical capacity of a five year old. He ends up falling asleep in Merlin's lap, but not before mumbling a sort-of-but-not-really apology.

As they settle in for the night, Merlin looks down at the little lump under the cape that is Arthur, he does grudgingly admit (if only to himself) that this miniaturized version of Arthur might not be so bad.

- (Entropic)

Inktober Merlin fanart

Characters/Pairing: Arthur/Merlin

Theme/Scenario: "Fires in the Fall", the burning of heaps of fallen leaves in Ealdor or outside of Camelot Castle

Emotion: Remembrance, love, reflection - Mood: Intimate and pensive

I ended up veering from the prompt (apologies to OP) but hopefully the mood carries through! Go see all the other cool stuff over at Merlin Art Fest <3

Where Arthur is a brat about having his wing looked at because refusing absolutely necessary assistance is what he does. Merlin literally has his hands full.

Things Merlin knows about Arthur Pendragon:

i. Arthur, for all his nobility and things, is a child. No, really. seriously, they're stuck in a cave and just... Arthur sucks

ii. Actually, wait. He's not a child, he's a prat.

iii. To illustrate further, Merlin's personal favourite - There is this though. Arthur may be a prat, but he's Merlin's prat. And only Merlin gets to pick on him.