- basic morph tests

Morphing is a very simple 2D technique where one image is gradually transformed into a second image to give the illusion of smooth change. This is not nearly as good as real 3D animation, but probably better than just blurring one image into another.
It's done by defining corresponding points in both images to tell the software how to warp and distort the picture elements. The two pictures should have some similarities, or else it will just be like a fade.

- Drag the video slider on the bottom of the video, or click on it to view. Some videos will only start if you drag the slider:

This is our favorite pose for girl to woman age transformations.
It's the best way to see the height increase and other proportional enlargements.

Rapid puberty demonstration.
It only takes two seconds.

Adult woman needed to revert into young girl. Now it's time to turn back.
They usually remove their clothes before growing up to prevent them tearing.