"The High school" Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

by StarImage

School started much the same as it had the past three years. Nick and Nicole walked through the double doors and were greeted by all their friends. Nicks best friend Greg was there to greet them along with the four girls Nicole had been friends with since middle school.

Their was Megan, an ex-girlfriend of Nicks, the only one he was still friendly with, she was your average blond ditz- useful when going to the mall and fun to watch on a trampoline. Sometimes she was a little too bubbly and bouncy though. Next their was Michelle a tall beautiful red headed girl who was as Devious as she was gorgeous, and a bit narcissistic. She constantly flirted with Greg and everyone else.

Behind her their was Rachel fondly known as “Rae Rae”, she was a brown haired girl with huge japanimation like eyes. She was……..immature to say the least, but not in a way that annoyed people. She was described as innocent a seventeen year old with the heart of a toddler. And finally, standing to the right of Rachel with the best smile you’d have ever seen was Sarah.

Nick had lusted over Sarah since like preschool, Sarah had dark, dark hair and beautifully sunken in eyes and this huge smile that made anyone feel welcome. She had always given him lines like “I only want to be friends” and “You mean a lot to me but just not that way” finally he had given up and gone out with Nicole, who was a close friend of Sarah’s that he knew was interested in him.

These seven had hung out together for years and even though they had spent the summer together they all acted as though it had been eons since they last spoke. "Wow I cant believe this is our last year of high school" Megan said giggling. "Yeah all last week senior year just felt like a dream. Now it feels so real" Nicole added, Nick turned to her. "You should have come with me yesterday to get “reacquainted” with the school" now all the girls giggled and Greg smile trying to hold in laughter. “What? What the hell are you talking about “reacquainted” you sound like a dork.” He said.

Nick shrugged “You see some interesting stuff sitting out side the school” he explained. Michelle rolled her eyes “What are you going to see? Zombies eating the facility? Principal snider taking off his glasses to reveal he's superman? I mean hellooooo lame ass ritual, gawd" She quipped. Nick didn't mind though. he enjoyed his times in front of the school. "Actually I did see something. Some van drove off some old lady, she was dressed kind of strange and…” BEEEEEEEEEP!! The bell rang. “sounds interesting how ‘bout you tell us later.” Sarah suggested with a sincere smile. Megan and Michelle laughed. “Yeah we better get to our first class” Nicole added and kisses Nick and left as did everyone else. “Aaah another year.” Nick said shaking his head and walked down the hall.

By the time lunch came they all couldn’t wait till June. "errrrr! all of my classes are totally screwed up! I have FRESHMEN courses on my schedule. And this, this modeling course has screwed up my Tuesdays and Thursdays" Nicole screamed at Megan, Sarah and Michelle. "Hey your in modeling class? I wanted to get into that class but it was full. How about we go down to guidance and have them switch our schedules?" Michelle suggested Megan smiled at them "I’m already in the modeling class, but for some reason early childhood is on my schedule, twice! And they’re in two different rooms. What about you Sarah any problems." Megan asked. Sarah grinned “Oh no, no problem. I’m only taking 3 courses and have huge blank spots in the middle of the days but I mean Latin 4, Psychology, and AP Calculus are enough for a whole year.” The girls continued to rant about their schedule all through lunch.

Until Nick, Greg and Rachel came over. “Hey girls how’s school going?” Greg asked with a grin. The girls moaned “I’m actually starting to think this is going to be another dull year, more of the same. Blah I hope not.” Nick sighed, as if on cue principal Snider came on the intercom with an announcement. "As some of you may know we have a new head of the AV department Mr. Holden. He will be teaching Photography, Film, and a new Modeling class for senior girls. Also his wife Mrs. Holden will be teaching Early childhood and Health. I want you to make them feel welcome in our school, you kids have a nice day."

The kids all returned to their lunch. “Did anyone notice how robot sounding his voice was?” Michelle asked. Everyone nodded “He’s not human, but what principal ever is? Just accept him and don’t touch him when your hands are wet.” Laughed Greg, everyone chuckled. A group of girls walked by their Table. “Hey isn’t that the group Jenny Sevro hangs out with?” Nicole asked. Megan nodded “Yeah there’s Stacy Williams. But where’s Jen?” Both girls walked up to them. “Hey guys where’s Jen?” Megan asked, The group of girls all starred at her. “Didn’t you hear? Both of Jenny’s parents got killed in a car accident. She’s staying with her aunt in like Alaska. At least that’s what we heard.” Nicole put her hand over her mouth. “Oh that’s terrible I’m so sorry.” Stacy looked at her blankly chopping her gum “Oh its okay none of us mind, now maybe someone else has a chance to be head cheer leader and prom queen. You may even have a shot Megan……for head cheerleader I mean. I’m going to be prom queen.” The girls giggled and walked away. The bell rang before they got back to the table. “Come on Rae Rae. Lets go to early childhood.

Rachel and Megan off to their early childhood class. Once they got to the class they saw an attractive red headed woman holding a girl with raven colored hair. "Hello girls," the woman started to speak to the class "I am Mrs. Holden. My husband, Mr. Holden is the head of the AV department. We shall begin the class by asking if there are any questions.” One kind of mousy looking girl with glasses and brown hair asked "Mrs. Holden where did you live before Shiny Grove?" The teacher smiled "We spent some time in California" Michelle raised her hand. "Mrs. Holden, why is there two early childhood classes?" The teachers smile was a little more wicked looking this time "This class is.....'more advanced'. I suggest if any of you have the other class on your schedule that you get it removed. Its just a waste of your time."

Then Rachel raised her hand "Hi Mrs. Holden I’m Rachel Teddy and my question is, what is the name of the baby your holding?" Mrs. Holden looked down at the baby girl and replied "This everyone is Courtney" Mrs. Holden took the babies hand and had her wave at the class. "Wow we have a girl in our class that could be that girls older sister and hey! They have the same name.” A girl from the class called out, Others agreed. Mrs. Holden passed out little pamphlets to the girls and allowed them to talk for the rest of the class. At the end, as the girls were exiting the class, Mrs. Holden stopped Rachel. "Rachel can I speak with you for a moment?" Rachel nodded "I’ll see you at lunch Megan” She said. "All right.” Megan said and left.

As soon as she left the teacher handed Rachel the baby. "Rachel I’d like to get a picture of you holding Courtney if that's all right." Rachel looked confused "That's kind of random, but all right" Rachel replied and stood over by a wall. “I just notice what an innocent, almost child like quality you have. I’m sure your great with kids.” Mrs. Holden pulled out a camera from her desk and aimed it at Rachel. If someone else were there they would have seen that Courtney wasn't even in the picture. They flash went off and Rachel felt very strange. Rachel was short for her age. She was only 5'2'' but had large breasts that made up for it. But for some reason her breasts that were pressed tight against the baby girl in her arms seemed to feel looser as the child felt heavier in fact Courtney seemed to be getting bigger "I think baby Courtney growing" Rachel said with a higher voice. Rachel's breast were completely gone now and her face was getting rounder and the rest of he body gained back her baby fat. As she stood back up she noticed that her skirt was very loose and falling off she grabbed it with one hand and tried to hold Courtney with the other. “What’s happening to me?" she asked with a tiny squeaky child voice. Mrs. Holden just laughed at the Rachel. Rachel saw that with her small body her clothes were comically bigger. Her sweater arms were brushing the ground, and her Panty hoes were pudding on the floor. Her feet were tiny inside her shoes. Her dark brown hair came down to her shoulders around her cherubic cheeks. She was all of three now and very confused. Then Mrs. Holden lifted her up along with Courtney "Now now my two little girls were going to go back to my house and have some cake. Okay?" Both girls smiled and clapped with happiness forgetting what had just happened.

At lunch every one wondered where Rachel was. Nicole went to the office and they told her she was dismissed. It made well enough sense. Megan was a little confused since Rachel hadn't said anything about that to her, but her worry was quickly washed away with excitement by the time she was in modeling class. Not only was it a modeling class (cause enough for excitement), but the man taking the pictures was extremely cute in her opinion, and the opinion of every girl in the school. 'Too bad he's married' she thought. her thoughts were interrupted as Michelle tackled her with a hug and sat in the seat next to her. "Hey what's up Meg?" Michelle asked. "I was just looking at the others in the class people" Megan replied

She smiled "I know besides you I’m the best looking girl in here." As she said that an unbelievable knockout with long chestnut colored hair and long formed legs walked into the room. Michelle looked at the girl then turned to Megan "or Christina is.” Megan gave one of those vengeful blond glares and Christina smiled at her and took a seat. Mr. Holden got done with the note he was writing and greeted the class. For the next half hour he went over what he was planning on doing with the class, well half of what he was planning, as the teenage girls batted their eyes at him and cheered with excitement. Towards the end he asked who wanted to be the first to get their picture taken. All the girls excitedly raised their hands. He casually walked across the room looking at each one. Finally he stopped in front of Megan. He was looking and pointing straight at her. "How about you?" Megan was about to jump up but Michelle stopped her. Christina got up from her seat directly in back of Megan and walked down to Mr. Holden. Megan sulked but was relieved she was saved from humiliation.

As soon as Christina stepped onto the modeling platform the bell rang and a class of disappointed girls left. Once the last girl was out the teacher walked over to the door and locked it. "What are you locking it for?" Christina asked. Mr. Holden turned and smiled "We don't want anyone bursting in and disturbing the shoot. He walked over to his equipment and got it all set up. Christina got up on the platform and sat on a large block covered with material. "What would you like me to do?" she asked "How about you take off your shoes and lie across the block on your chest holding that vase?" he suggested. Christina did as he said and got the vase, taking off her shoes she laid across the block and made a pout at the camera. He assumed she was ready and took the first picture. "Just hold that pose it takes a minute or so for the camera to charge for the next picture."

He looked at her and was pleased. Instead of 17 year old girl with golden brown hair, their was a thirty something woman with duller auburn. Her face started to show feint lines he clothing started to feel tight since her muscles were become fat. Her pouting lips started to wrinkle as were the rest of her body. As her body became 50 her brown hair started to become gray and stingy. Her cheeks started to droop as were her large, breasts and ass. Her hands and feet began to thin and wrinkle veins showed up along them. Her legs became chubby then thin and wrinkled her hair became entirely gray and fell around her sagging neck. She was still posing in her not so seductive, almost depressing pout. In clothing no woman that age should wear. As Mr. Holden got back behind the camera flipped a switch and took a second picture. "Good we’re done. Let me help you out my special exit."

Meanwhile in the hallway Nicole and Nick met Michelle and Megan outside the class. Megan was still grumbling "I cant believe I didn't get picked!" She screamed. Nicole looked at her sympathetically "Hey theirs always next class."

Later that night Stacy Williams banged on the glass door. A janitor came a opened it. “Hey thanks a lot, I forgot my bag in my locker. It will only take me a minute” The janitor told her to go ahead. She ran upstairs to her locker. “Man the schools creepy at night” she whispered to herself. She almost had the feeling of eyes on her back but she figured the only people in the school this late were the janitors and those weird drama club members who were meeting downstairs in the auditorium. But she was right Mrs. Holden was watching from her class room across the hall. Stacy reached to grab a book, but it was too high,………..too high!? She was easily as high as the lockers she thought. Not only did she seem shorter but her clothes felt loose. Her shorts were very wide around her waist and quickly slipped off her showing skinny adolescent legs. She looked down, in time to see the remainder of her breasts sink into her stomach.

She pulled her shorts up quickly and in a panic turned around. But she tripped on her far too big sandal and fell flat, literally on her stomach. Her face was red, and was she crying? She sniffed and tried to force back tears she kicked off her sandals and her huge shorts and panties, hoping her now dress like tank top would cover her. She needed to run away and she tried. Her bare feet started down the cold hallway. With each step she got younger. Now about six tears streamed down her round child like cheeks. Her blond hair got shorter and shorter. She tripped again on the bottom of her shirt and fell but caught her self with her chubby little hands she tried to get up, but couldn’t. She sat up and grabbed on of her little feet with her tiny hands and rocked back and forth, she tried to call for help was “Ga wa wa waaaaaa” She cried as the remaining blond hair went back to peach fuzz, and all that left was a baby girl named Stacy.

Mrs. Holden came outside and picked up the baby girl. Looking around she assumed no one saw and took Stacy into her class. She was wrong. Sarah, who had just gotten out of Drama practice, had seen the whole thing and was now terrified and almost catatonic. And upon hearing Mrs. Holden Maniacal laughter she ran away.

"The High school" Chapter 2

Nick was not happy to hear that Megan and Michelle had called Rachel’s house that evening to hear that her parents had gone away spontaneously and taken Rachel with them. “What? That’s crazy! You know Mr. And Mrs. Teddy. When was the last time they left to go anywhere?” Nick asked trying not to sound too panicked. “I know, I know but maybe there was a family emergency or something. Maybe Rachel was so shocked by it that she forgot to tell us or something.” Megan said, knowing how lame she sounded.

“That’s complete Bull shit! Who told did you speak to?!” Nick asked now starting to loose it. “Some lady they hired to take care of there cats or something. I’m not sure it was just so confusing I forgot to ask.” Megan said now sounding a little scared. “What!? You forgot to ask?” Nick exclaimed loosing his temper a little he then calmed down for a moment and said “I’m sorry, its not your problem. I’m sure she’s fine. Just um go to bed and I’ll see you in the morning.” And with that they hung up.

The next morning started fine, Nick had his first class with Michelle they spent most of the class just writing notes back and forth ‘Do you think Greg will go out with me?’ Michelle would write and Nick would write back ‘We’ve gone over this before, I don’t know. He likes you but Greg’s not the kind of guy that gets into long term relationships’ and so on and so forth Nick found it pretty boring tell at the end of class he met Nicole. “Um hun, I’ve got some bad news…..” Nicole said with a look of worry on her face. “What is it?” Nick asked nervously. “Sarah never came home last night.” Nicole said softly. Nicks face turned pale. He didn’t give any response, he just stared blankly. Finally he said “I have to go.” And left. “Where’s he going?” Michelle asked. “Knowing Nick he’s probably getting himself dismissed so he can go look for her.” Nicole explained then the two walk off to there next class.

At lunch Greg was going on about how he was going to get with these two girls from another town at the same time, when Michelle came over. “So I was like baby take it off right now but she was like wait until toni…..uh Hi Shell.” Greg said as his faced turned red. Michelle smirked at him and sat down next to Megan. “Is nick all right?” Megan asked “We haven’t heard, He’s probably checking every place he could find……hey what is that van out in front of the school?” Nicole asked as she looked out the large window next to there lunch table. “Is it that van from the nursing home Nick was talking about.” Greg asked half joking. “No its an ambulance!” Michelle exclaimed.

Hordes of students gathered at the window to see what was going on. “Look they’re carting off principal Snider!” some one yelled and everyone watched as Snider was pushed on a stretcher into the back of the ambulance. Michelle noticed that Mr. Holden was talking with the super-intendant, but thought nothing of it. Soon the crowd was broken up as one of the assistant principals told everyone to go to there next classes and that they will be informed later.

Everyone went on to there classes until school ended. After the dismissal bell rang Mr. Holden sat at his desk inspecting his camera. As he did this he heard a bang at his door followed by giggling, followed by more banging, followed by another giggle and a female voice going “quite it, cut it out.” and more giggling. Mr. Holden got up from his desk and walked over to the door. He opened it wide and the two teenagers, who had been leaning against it tumbled in.

Mr. Holden immediately recognized Dan Kelsey, a high profile senior who plays varsity Football and Hockey. “Dan, What a nice surprise and who might this lovely lady be with you?” Mr. Holden asked referring to the blond, giggling girl with him. “I’m Tara, Dan’s girlfriends.” She said with another giggle. “Nice to meet you, hey how would you kids like to pose for some pictures for me? I’m trying to get pictures of all the senior class to hang up in the school.” Mr. Holden suggested. The two teens agreed and sat on the platform, give small fake smiles. “ No, no I want you to do poses. Get loose, let the camera do its magic.

Here Dan you sit like you are but look aware, get the stupid grin off your face. Look like your better than any other guys, cause you are aren’t you?” Dan smiled then gave a look of confidence as her suddenly flexed his bi-cep for the camera. “Now Tara hun, your going to be his motive. Take off your shoes so you don’t kill him with those soles, and give me your sweater.” Tara handed him her shoes and sweater she was now standing barefoot in a short skirt and a tube top. “Oh lovely wait let get a single of you for one sec.” He grinned wide as he snapped one of the innocent Tara. Tara shivered “Oo is there a breeze in here I just felt a little bit of a tingle.” Mr. Holden smiled, flicking a small switch in the back of his camera. “Yeah this rooms pretty draft. Don’t worry once we’re in a groove you won’t notice. Now kneel behind Dan and put your arms around him like your hugging him.” Tara did.

Mr. Holden noticed she was losing her teenage appearance as she gained one or two more inches and her face was much more mature looking, She was about mid-twenties. Her breasts grew slightly and Her legs and arms become firmer and more toned. But as she entered her thirties she gained small lines on her face and her blond hair wasn’t as shiny as before.

She changed positions for the next photo. Now she rapped her legs around his waste and moved her arms down to grab his chest. She left her thirties and turned forty as her body gained some weight. Her face looked a little tired and her hands and feet showed light veins. Her thighs lost there firmness and became flabby. As she turned fifty her blond mane gained some gray hairs. The lines on her face deepened, Her breasts slid down her chest And her exposed belly wasn’t as flat as it had been when she was a teenager.

Tara was now as old as Dan’s mom. “Now grab her legs like you giving her a piggyback and both of you close your eyes and turn to kiss each other.” Mr. Holden suggested. They did what he said. Dan thought it was strange how un firm her legs felt. And her lips felt different. Meanwhile Tara was in her sixties, Her blond hair was now almost all gray, her face was gaining wrinkle after wrinkle her hands were clenching his chest and getting wrinkles with her once delicate fingers bending from arthritis. Her feet were the same story as she turned seventy two. With her toes curling and age spots covering them along with wrinkles.

Her breasts completely sagged and her cleavage was wrinkled and large. Dan no longer felt them pressing against his back as firmly. He did how ever feel her lips and face became more and more withered and wrinkled. He finally backed away and gasped. “Tara what happened to you!?” He screamed dropping the elderly girl on her now aged ass.

Tara slowly stood up, disoriented. She never stood up completely because her back was hunched. She put a weathered shaky hand on it. Her long gray hair was stringy and half white in the pony tail. Her cheeks were sagging jowls and her face was very wrinkled. Her neck looked like a turkeys loose and jiggling. Her breast sagged flat onto her extended wrinkled belly. They looked pale and obscene in her tube top, all shriveled. Her legs were thin and wrinkled with her knees bony and her thighs wrinkled and swaying with vericose veins. Her feet were very withered showing veins and age spots and they looked funny with the nails of her crooked toes painted rainbow colors.

“Wh, what do you mean?” Tara asked with a quavering voice. “Your old and wrinkled. That’s what happened.” Dan screamed fear emanating from his voice. Mr. Holden smiled and quietly knocked the boy out with his tri pod. Then escorted the aged Tara outside.

Nick came home exhausted, with no luck finding Sarah. Her parents were funny about the whole situation, assure Nick that she would eventually show up. Nick wasn’t satisfied. He picked up the phone to report it to the police. “Hello I like to report a missing person.” Nick said, The man on the other phone sighed. “ Yeah you and half the town kid.” He said.

Nick was confused “what do you mean?” “seams lots of people have just up and dissapeard. Most of these people the cities don’t even have records for, like they don’t even exist. But hey give me a name a description and I’ll see what I can do.” Nick began to say “Her name is Sar…” When suddenly a small but firm hand covered his mouth and immediately hung up the phone. “I don’t want people looking for me.” a female voice said as she let go over his mouth. Nick turned and exclaimed “Sarah! Where have you been, I’ve been looking all over for you.” He said as he gave her a big hug. “I’ve been hear I came in through your back window this morning.” She said.

Sarah did not look well, her hair was all disheveled and she had been wearing the clothes she had on the previous day. “I’m sorry I didn’t speak to you sooner, but I thought it would be safer if I just waited out here until you got home. Please don’t tell anyone I’m here not Nicole, not Greg, Not anyone. Especially not my parents, though I’d be surprised if they cared right now. But I have to hide out for a while and I figure your house is the best place since your dads away for who knows how long and I trust you.” Nick gained a worried look. “Sarah your babbling, what’s wrong?” he asked genuinely concerned.

He knew Sara was never like this. She was always the down to earth one who didn’t let anyone or anything get to her. But now as he looked at her he saw a look of genuine fear in her eyes. “I saw something you’ll never believe at the school last night.” She started saying as they both sat down on his couch. “Well what did you see? I’m up for anything.” Nick said trying to give her a comforting style.

She smile back for a moment then tried to explain. "It was yesterday evening, I was coming from drama practice, when I saw what’s her face…” she scrunched her forehead and waved her hand trying to think of the persons name. “……Stacy! Stacy William’s. She was getting something out of her locker. I didn’t pay much attention to her until I looked back again and she was………..shorter……..younger. She couldn’t have been more than thirteen. She was struggling to reach her books for Christ sake! I kept watching as she realized what was happening to her, but it was too late. I saw her start to run down the hall, just getting younger and younger till she was just a baby. She was crying, I would have gone to get her but I saw Mrs. Holden come out of her class room and pick her up. But she wasn’t shocked like I was, She was laughing. I have no doubt in my mind Mrs. Holden did that to her.”

Nick looked at Sarah trying to understand. “You don’t believe me do you?” Sarah asked nick shook his head. “No I DO believe you and that’s what’s scary. How is it possible to turn a seventeen year old girl into an infant in a matter of moments?” Nick pondered Sarah put her hand on his leg “I don’t know but she could be doing it right now.”

At that moment in Mrs. Holdens class three girls sat in desks starring at Mrs. Holden. The middle girl, named Jen had a look of shear disgust on her face. “Do you have something you want to say to me Jennifer?” Mrs. Holden asked with a condescending tone. “Yeah, why are you making us stay after for an hour when we were only ten minutes late? The school only makes us stay a half hour. Don’t you have better things to do? A hobby or something? My god get a life!” Jen said trying to make Mrs. Holden upset. She appeared to have succeeded Mrs. Holden stood up.

“Girls you may leave. Except Jennifer we still need to talk.” The other two girls got up and quickly left the room telling Jennifer they’d call her. Once the girls were out of the room Mrs. Holden locked the door. “Hey! What are you doing!” Jen screamed, Mrs. Holden picked up her camera and smiled “Calm down Jennifer, I only want to take your picture. Its my hobby, my….life you would say. You know, you have a very pretty face when your not frowning.” Jen calmed down for a moment and gave a small smirk as the teacher snapped her photo. Mrs. Holden went back to her seat and watched Jen.

The changes happened very quickly, Jen was loosing a year every few seconds. Her height was decreasing and her boobs were deflating her face got rounder as she went back through puberty. "Now some people say bad behavior comes from not being raised right, I don’t necessarily agree but I do think another go at childhood never hurts…” Mrs. Holden was saying when a now nine year old Jen cut her off “Yeah whatever, can I go no…..Hey my voice, what’s wrong with my voice. What are my hands so small?” She gasped looking down at her six year old hands she was now a small child. Her shirt, which was very tight and outlined her curves before, now engulfed her. Her shoes were dangling off her much smaller feet and her shorts were very wide, like clown pants.

A four year old stood up, clinging to her enormous shorts to keep them from completely falling off. She finally gave up holding them and used her tank top as sort of a dress. A little round faced toddler yelled “hewp me missthes, howden” She plopped on her tiny behind and started to cry. Mrs. Holden came around her desk to pick her up. “Now there there little Jenny. There’s no need to cry. Your a good girl and I’m going to take you home. I’m sorry you won’t be here tomorrow because tomorrow everyone’s in for a big surprise…..”

The next morning Nicole and Greg met in the Hall. “Nick called in sick, he had no luck finding her yesterday and is probably out looking for her as we speak.” Nicole said, repeating what Nick had said to her that morning over the phone. “yeah well we have an assembly first thing, this morning. And I’m dying to find out what happened to principal Snider.” Greg said, The two of them met up with Michelle and Megan at the assembly. They chatted for a few moments when there assistant principal took the mike.

“Hello everyone, I’m glad your all settled down. Today I have some tough news, but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it and we can all go on with the year successfully.” It was obvious the man was nervous not because he was sweating, That was common for a man of his size and weight but because his hands shook like crazy. “Many of you saw Principal Snider taken away yesterday its fair to tell you that he suffers from a severe heart condition and yesterday he collapsed. He is presently in the hospital, now I spoke with the doctor about an hour ago and he said Principal Snider is doing well and that he should be able to recover with any problems. However it does not look like he will be coming back to the school any time in the near future. So in his absents a new principal was assigned by the super-intendant. This is only a temporary arrangement until Principal Snider is healthy enough to come back. Many of you know the man who has been assigned he started teaching here this year as the AV head, Mr. Holden. So let me give the mike over to him and let him say a few word to all of you.” The fat assistant principal stepped down.

Mr. Holden took the mike “Hi there. I think I’ve met most of you over the few months we’ve been together. Your all good kids and I don’t think any of you are big trouble makers. That’s why I’m comfortable to be starting a bunch of trips for various groups in our school. I’m going to be trying these out first with the seniors, then maybe some of the other grades. The first trip i’ve set up is for the Seniors on the cheerleading and dance teams to go to Hawaii for a month. So after this assembly I’d like to see all of you in my new office, principal sniders old office. “This year is going to be about fun and learning as far as I’m concerned so lets have some fun.” The students all clapped and got up.

Megan was jumping up and down with excitement. “Did you guys hear that? I’m going to get to go to Hawaii!” Nicole and Michelle smiled and nodded and Greg jumped up and down mocking her “wow really? That sure kewl” He said trying to imitate her voice. Megan growled at him then smiled and ran off to the office.

Back at Nicks house Sarah and him had come up with a plan. “So that’s it? we just sneak in there? And steal stuff from her room? First of all how are we going to get in at night, second of all how are we going to steal stuff. Anything important’s going to be locked up.” Nick said skeptically, Sarah smiled “Okay first of all the janitors at are school are very stupid and very dirty. Anyone of them will do anything for a poor scantily clad, teenage girl who needs help. then once I get in and access to her room, I’ll let you in. Once we get alone in her room we’ll make out…..no I’m kidding.” Sarah said with a grin, Nick was amused but still asked “Your kidding at a time like this?”

Sarah shrugged, “Its helps sometimes. Anyway once we get in her room we can use this.” She took out a small key from her purse. “What is that?” Nick asked, knowing very well what it was. “Its a desk key, and ironically it will work on just about any desk in the school. I forgot to return it to Miss Kendal when she had me get something out of her desk during drama.” Nick smiled. “Wow when did you become a bad girl?” “We’re not the ones who are changing people ages for no reason. From where I’m sitting, we’re the good guys.” They both laughed and waited for the night.

"The High school" Chapter 3

Nick waited in a shadowed corner outside the school. He could see his breath and feel his heart beat rapidly. He was extremely scared at this moment, if it wasn’t for the thought that the most beautiful girl he had even known would be eventually coming out of the door beside him any minute, he would of left by now. He wasn’t sure if he truly believed that Sarah saw what she said she did, but he knew Sarah was very down to earth and hardly ever assumed far fetched stories based on glimpses of things or pieces of conversations. A habit Nick himself was notorious for.

He began thinking of all the times Nick had jumped to a conclusion and looked like an idiot, no one ever took what he said seriously, ever. That is except for Sarah. Even Nicole took Nicks word with a grain of salt but Sarah always stuck with Nick and believed in him even though he was usually always wrong. Now that Nick though of it, he was a total jerk for even considering leaving Sarah here. He was kicking himself mentally when the door opened. “Hey are you a popsicle yet? Took me long enough huh?” A familiar voice asked. “Uh…no I’d never get cold waiting for you…uh I mean yeah,I mean no,…. uh…” Nick stuttered, Sarah smiled “I was joking. I did have a little trouble getting someone’s attention to let me in, but success!” She waved her key in the air and led Nick upstairs.

There was only one janitor on duty this late at night and he was down stairs sleeping when he should have been watching them. Sarah showed Nick the unlocked door to Mrs. Holdens room she had convinced the Janitor to open. “Great, lets look around. Hey this is kind of like that show with the two F.B.I. agents….” Nick said trying not to sound like a dork. “The X-Files?” Sarah asked, Nick nodded “You know you watch it.” Sarah said playfully , they both chuckled. “Okay Scully where’s the alien?” Nick asked in a mock tone.

“Maybe its watching us, it could be under the desk.” Sarah whispered with a smile as she led Nick further into the room. “It could be anywhere, on the ceiling, in the trash can, in the vent, it could even be righttttttttt HERE!” she said as she began tickling Nick, he couldn’t stop giggling. “Hey (giggle giggle) quit it, cut it out (giggle giggle).” He gasped, finally she stopped, with a mischievous grin still on her face she said. “sorry (snicker snicker) I just remembered how ticklish you were when we were kids and I was curious if you were still as ticklish. (snicker snicker) I guess you are.” She grinned from ear to ear. Nick glared at her then finally smiled back. “Yeah well we’re wastin’ time we should check this place out.” Sarah nodded.

“Okay I’ll check the desk you check the cabinet.” The both went at it, carefully checking paper after paper, but finding nothing. Finally Nick unlocked a small draw at the very bottom of the filling cabinet and found something. “Hey look at this.” He said holding up a medium sized black camera. “OHMYGOD! That’s it! that’s what she was holding when she came out of her room to get that girl. Hey watch where you aim that thing! Its dangerous!” Sarah yelled trying to stay out of the line of the lens. Nick picked up the lens cover from the draw and snapped in on. “There! Safe! Okay well I think we found what we were looking for, lets get out of here.” Nick suggested, Sarah nodded. They closed the door quietly behind them making sure everything was the way it was when they came.

The next day the cheerleading team showed up bright and early to go on the trip. Mr. Holden lined them up in his lounge outside his office. “Man, only ten of you. It still amazes me what a small cheering squad we have.” He said. “well its a small school Mr. Holden.” Megan replied, Mr. Holden nodded with a polite smile “And we have more members but some of them are absent.” Another girl mentioned, this caused Mr. Holden to chuckle slightly. “Okay lets do it this way, we’ll do a single picture of the two captains, then we’ll do one of all of you together. Okay? Good.” He said as Megan and another girl named Holly stepped out of the group. “Okay lets think of a creative pose. Something that can show off your youthful energy while you still have it…..I mean all that youthful energy that you’ve got.” He said with a grin.

“How about like a leap frog pose. Holly can crouch down and I’ll hop over her as you take the picture.” Megan suggested. “Brilliant! Your a very smart young girl, your sure to go places when your older. Now lets see if you can pull this off.” They took the pose Megan suggested and did it fine. Mr. Holden waited a second, pretending he was advancing his camera, When he looked back at the two girls he noticed immediate changes, slight but noticeable if you were looking. They both were out growing out of their uniforms as the entered their twenties. “Quick, now you two kneel in front of the rest of the girls and smile.” He said and took a couple pictures of the group. “I feel funny.” He heard Holly say after the picture were down. Her voice was much lower and raspier. The girls all looked over and gasped at the middle aged Holly and Megan kneeling on the floor struggling to get up. They had gained a lot of weight and looked very frumpy and silly in there tiny cheering uniforms.

“Look what’s happening to them!” “There getting old!” “Holly looks like her mom.” “Holly looks older then her mom, Holly’s mom actually looks sexy than she does now.” various girls called out in astonishment. “Oh its not just them, your getting older too. It’s just they’re getting older faster because of the second picture I took.” Mr. Holden explained with glee as Holly’s blond pony tails turns gray and white. The girls all screamed and tried to get out of the room but found the doors were locked. Megan stood up with a moan, trying to stay calm.

She glanced at the wall mirror and finally shrieked. She look to be around eighty with her long blond hair now silver and stringy, flowing along her sagging jowls which used to be rosy smooth cheeks. Here tight cheerleading top helped keep her now wrinkled breasts from completely collapsing onto her sagging belly. But the short skirt did nothing flattering to her withered broomstick like legs. Her back was hutched and her knees were shaky. She looked like her grandmother wearing a skimpy cheerleading outfit. She began to cry. “Look at us were shriveling up like raisins!” one girl called as she passed sixty. Some of the girls had taken off there tops because of there constrainingly small size. “Ew gross my boobs are all wrinkled and sagging, how will I explain this to my boy friend.” One girl cried “never mind your boobs look at my hair! I had the most beautiful head of red hair, now its all gray and ratty.” Each of them got older and complained more about superficial things.

None of them even thought to chase after Mr. Holden who had found refuge in his office and watched them through the two way mirror. He always found such enjoyment in watching these metamorphosis’ finally once he was sure the whole cheerleading team was old enough to get senior citizen discounts he went back into the room. “Okay ladies follow me and everything will be fine.” He said, the girls paused thinking that maybe they should get away, but they looked at each other. The former teenagers were far to old now to do anything but follow Mr. Holden to where he wanted them to go. They lined up and exited the room. Megan was the last one to leave. She took one last glance into the mirror, tracing the deep wrinkles that formed on her face moments ago and closed her eyes.

As Mr. Holden was heading back into the school he was stopped by Mrs. Holden. “One of the cameras is missing.” She said flatly “Are you sure? Did you look everywhere?” Mr. Holden asked cheerily, not a sound of worry on his voice. “Yes I looked everywhere. Its gone, It was an omni-version some one must have taken it.” She insisted “Well no one knows what they are used for. Right? You’ve never left witnesses have you?” Mr. Holden asked sounding like more of a father than a husband. “Of course not! You know me better than that. But still the cameras vanished.” Mrs. Holden reminded him “Its okay, I’ll make an announcement I’m sure whoever took it will return it in due time. We have some good kids here at the high school. They’re busy enjoying the best years of there life.” Mr. Holden said with a grin, which broke into an all out laugh, Mrs. Holden started to laugh along. Soon both of them were cracking up sinisterly.


Mrs. Holden smiled at her school service student. “ You wouldn’t happen to know who took my camera who’d you Mary?” She asked in a sweet voice, Mary shook her head “No I don’t even know what it looked like.” Mrs. Holden took out another camera from her desk and waved it at Mary. “One of these here, oop say cheese!” She said as she snapped a picture of Mary. Mary was caught off guard by the flash. “oh give me a warning next time you do that, huh?” she said still blinking. “Well I just wanted to grab a picture of you before you go, your getting dismissed at the end of this block right?”

The teenager nodded, or was she a teenager. Mary, who was very tall for a girl with long model like features found her self slowly shrinking. Her face got more an more innocent, Her sex appeal dwindling with her breasts. Soon a girl of eight stood with very baggy clothes draping off her and long brown hair adorning her adorable face. “Hey what’s happening?…” she asked shocked at how small and young her voice sounded. Freckles popped up along her face and her height dropped again her shirt now covered her whole body and her shorts were puddled around her short toddler legs “wh, wh ahm widdle!” She waddled around Mrs. Holden desk that now seemed absolutely huge. Since she was getting smaller and smaller.

A girl of about three stood with her socks trailing off her feet and her shirt covering her like a poncho. Her bottom lip trembled and her eyes started to glaze over as she looked up at Mrs. Holden “Me no wanna be widdle! Me no wannaaaaaaaa!” she wailed as she burst into tears. Soon she wasn’t old enough to stand, and tumble over still bawling. Mrs. Holden picked her up and calmed her down. Mary looked at her a cued sticking her thumb firmly in her tiny mouth and started sucking. “awww how adorable.” Mrs. Holden said and thought “Well so much for the senior class vice-president. She’s ready for diapers now, not politics.”

Nick kept clicking the button to take a picture but nothing happened. “Damnit, what’s wrong with it.” He cried almost throwing the camera on the floor. “Wait there’s got to be something were not doing. Like another switch or something. here let me see.” Sarah said, taking the camera from Nick. Turning it upside down she found a small hole. “Hey look at this.” She said excitedly, sticking her pinkie finger through it “Yeah there’s a switch in this hole. It has five settings” she flicked it and handed it to Nick as the camera lit up completely “All right! Lets see” He looked around for something to take a picture of, finally finding nothing her looked across from him a snapped a photo. “hey Sarah say cheese!”

"The High school" Chapter 4

Nick pressed the button and there was a flash. Sarah blinked as she started to change. She quickly got shorter and her face gained a more innocent look. Nick judged that she was closer to a high school freshman then a senior now, he watched as she got younger. Her shirt got baggier and baggier as did her jeans, which at his point looked like clown pants. Her feet slipped out of her shoes and lifted off the floor, as her legs got shorter. She kicked her now twelve year old legs back and forth as she sat on the couch wide-eyed, her socks hung off her now smaller feet. Her nose gained a more button like look.

she slipped back passed adolescence, her chest became completely flat causing her now seemingly large bra to hang uselessly under her shirt. She went back to single digits, her face was now very child like, round with a look of innocence. Her legs were completely engulfed in her pants and her shirt was half falling off. 8, 7, 6….as the years slipped her whole body shrunk and baby fat reappeared on her body. Her bra fell to the floor but she was able to keep her shirt even though she could stick both arms through the neck. She became a toddler again when the regressing finally stopped. Now a round faced, dark hared three year old sat in a mass of clothing. Sarah put a small hand up to her now cherub like head.

“Oh mi gowd, what happen to me?” She asked in a now much more child like voice. Nicked grinned nervously “Hey at least we know the camera works.” She rolled her eyes “gwaaaaaate” Nick grabbed the top of a small side table and held it up as a mirror. “Look, its not that bad.” Sarah starred at her young face, turning her head back and forth, then finally said “coowel now change me back would ja?” Nick gave an exaggerated sigh and chuckled. He pick up the camera and flicked it back to the medium setting in the little hole.

He clicked a picture at the small child who used to be an eighteen year old girl. She quickly started growing. Her legs grew outward as did her arms and torso, it looked as if someone was blowing up a thin balloon. She tried very hard to make sure her body was covered during this process. Her legs were now almost all the way through her pants, Nick could see her toes poking out of the ends. Her shirt was more of a problem, it wasn’t a form fitting shirt but as her chest started filling out again she had to keep the bottom pulled down so it wouldn’t ride up and expose her.

Nick noticed that she was blushing through the whole thing, almost as if she was embarrassed that he was watching her grow up. She was now in her mid teens with only a few moments to go before everything was back to normal. Her face gained back that look of maturity as she hit eighteen and the process stopped. “Wow that was something.” She smiled awkwardly. “yeah, hey your a pretty cute three year old, with a speech impediment and all.” Nick said as he watched her put back on her socks. “Yeah.” She said blankly. “your an even cuter eighteen year old.” Nick said with a grin. Sarah finished putting on her socks and looked at him. Her bodies was filled with all sort of random thoughts and feelings.

Nick was just sitting on the floor smiling and pushing his hair back when Sarah lunged at him. Catching him completely off guard she began kissing him. The kisses got longer and longer as they rolled around on the floor. Nick was about to move his hand up her shirt when he realized something. “I can’t do thing to Nicole.” He said pulling his head back, Sarah fell off him and sat neck to him shaking her head “ohmygodohmygodoohmygod.” She repeated over and over again.

“my whole life I wanted it and I get it when it wouldn’t be ‘nice’ to go along with it. wow….” Nick said softly. “That, I, I’ve never done anything like that. I’m not like that at all. I um..” Sarah began, Nick cut her off “I know. Trust me I know. Don’t forget who your taking to here. I’ve been in love with you since before I could ride a bike. I probably know you better than anyone and I have to say that was more surprising than a visit from Jesus and taking M&M;’s.” Sarah laughed for a moment and then stopped. “So what do we do now?” She asked. Nick stood up “I think we should go to the Holdens house. If the police aren’t doing anything then we probably should.” Nick said. Sarah put on her shoes. “You know I really did enjoy that though.” Nick started, “To the Holdens…” Sarah said trying to ignore the comment. Nick sighed “Riiiiiiiight.” And they left.

At the school:

Greg, Michelle and Nicole sat on the front steps of the school. “Any word from Nick?” Greg asked as the three of them starred off into the sky. “No I’m going to skip my last class and go to his house to see if he’s there.” Nicole explained. “Man like everyone’s missing. Half the students are completely gone, vanished.” Michelle said pointing out what was on all of there minds. “I just hope somebody figures out what’s going on before something happens to another one of us.” Greg responded. Nicole stood up and brushed off her jeans. “Listen everything’s going to be okay, I’ll find Nick and everything’s going to be okay.” She said softly as she walked away.


All through Greg’s History class he kept worrying about what happened to his friends. He turned to his neighbor, Shawna to keep his mind off of it. “Hey Shawna what are you sketching.” Greg whispered. Shawna grinned at him. She was an ‘artistic’ girl with dark make up around her eyes and black lip stick. She had Black hair that came down the her shoulders and piercings around her ears and on her nose, eyebrow, tongue, navel, nipple and perhaps other places, Greg wasn’t sure. She was wearing a black skirt and a “ Generation Why?” T-shirt. She had long black fingernail which were holding then pencil she was drawing with.

She licked her upper lip showing him the top of the metal rod that was sticking through her tongue. “Its a portrait to my favorite teacher.” She said simply letting out a small mischievous laugh and showing him the zombie looking old woman whipping a Neanderthal on her paper entitle “Mrs. Dolby: Older than the evolution.” They both laugh, which got the teachers attention. “Miss Baker do you mind sharing your art work with the rest of the class.” Mrs. Dolby rattled as she marched down and snatched the note book from the girls hand. “Well, well you do have a quite a talent. Is this some type of tribute miss Baker? Are you trying to immortalize my beauty?” The teacher went on sarcastically “You wish, you old bag.” The young girl shot back “Oh ho ho. I should hope that you look half as good at my age. Why, with all the holes you have in your body I’m surprised you haven’t sprung a leak.” The teacher said laughing at her self.

“I’ll never get as old and useless as you, you bitch.” Shawna yelled. Mrs. Dolby stopped laughing “oh now that is going to cost you. I want you to leave my class and go directly to Mr. Holdens office. Do you understand?” The girl picked up her things and started to leave. “You will not be a teenager forever miss Baker and your rebellious attitude will serve you no good in the future.” The teacher said as the girl left.

In Mr. Holdens office Shawna sat and looked around. There were tons off photos of teenage girl. Shawna laughed to herself imaging Mr. Holden was a dirty middle aged man who stalked young girls and took there pictures so get some sort of sick pleasure in life. Her train of thought was cut off as Mr. Holden entered his office. “well Shawna, I just got done talking to Mrs. Dolby. She showed me the picture you drew. Its a real shame to waste a talent like yours.” He said with a straight, serious face.

“Hey I was just sketching in my book, MY OWN PRIVATE BOOK. I can’t help it if what I drew hurt her feeling or something. Jeez I’m sorry but don’t I have freedom of speech?” Shawna began in defense. “whoa whoa, hold it. your preaching to the converted. I’m not here to judge you. I think actually, the drawing was kind of funny and clever.” He said with a smile. “But I do have to do something about your behavior. She expects me to, so how about a make a deal with you? I’ll take a picture of you and we’ll call that your punishment.” He suggested. “Are you serious?” Shawna asked completely amazed at how cool Mr. Holden was turning out to be. “Sure, you just sit right there and I’ll get my camera ready.”

Mr. Holden said as he grabbed his camera out of his desk draw. She starred deeply into the camera, with just a hint of a smile as not to give away her dark persona. The flash went off and the picture was taken. Shawna stood up and headed out the door. “Uh, hey better not go back to class. Mrs. Dolby’s still pretty upset at you, why don’t you chill for the rest of the period in my office waiting room.” Mr. Holden said. “Yeah, that would be great.” She answered and headed through the other door. Mr. Holden noticed she was already old enough to out of college. She had a more adult looking face.

Her shirt rode up on her stomach showing her pierced naval. He watched her through the small two way mirror in his office. She was pacing back and forth as she stopped growing in height at around her mid twenties. She stopped and winced a bit looking at her boots. She sat down and began to take them off. Mr. Holden figured she probably felt some constraining in her boots since her feet were now larger as she passed through her twenties. Lines appeared on her face around her shadowed eyes and pitch black lips. She finally finished taking off her boots when she turned thirty two. Sighing with ease and wiggling her toes in her fish net stockings. She stood back up and began to pace again.

Every now and then stopping to adjust her now very tight T-shirt. She examined the paintings on the walls in the room and flipped through the magazines completely oblivious to the fact that her body was now entering middle age. Her legs and arms were no longer as mussel toned as they had been a few minutes ago and looked quite flabby as she entered her forties. Her belly also was not quite as flat as it should be, sticking out from below her shirt. The lines on her face were getting deeper now and more in number, as she entered her late forties and then fifties. Her black hair was now streaked with gray.

Her breasts sagged a bit in her bra but were kept up as much as possible. Her belly however got a bit of a paunch with her metal belly ring hanging off the end. She flew through her fifties and entered her sixties as her Black hair was now half silver colored and her cheeks were sliding down her face into jowls. Wrinkle upon wrinkle was added now and she gained large crevices around her eyes. Her eye brow ring pointed down ward as did her nipple ring though Mr. Holden was unable to notice thanks to her bra. Her hands and feet gained age spots and vericose veins, as did her legs but they were obscured by the fish net. After she hit seventy her back started to hunch over.

Her hair was all gray and she was covered head to toe in wrinkles. Her black lip stick look strange on her wrinkled lips as did her nose gem on her now enlarged elderly nose. Her neck was wrinkled and loose and her belly was sagging past the waste line of her skirt. Finally she hit eighty and the aging had stopped. Shawna shuffled over to Her bag to get out her compact to check on her make up. She opened it with a withered hand painted with black nail polish as gasped. She dropped the compact and looked into the wall mirror. Starring back at her was not the sixteen year old dark teenage self proclaimed freak she had expected. Instead was now a very old woman who looked ridiculous with body piercings and black make-up.

She brought her shaky hand up to her gray hair and shrieked. A tear ran down her wrinkled cheek smearing her black make-up under her eyes. Mr. Holden ran into the room, laughing. Now now Shawna I think this is a nice look for you. Although I can’t say its new and different. A lot of your friends have been taking the old crone look recently.” “but, but…” She began shocked at how old sounding her voice was. Mr. Holden saw her tongue piercing and laughed even harder. “I don’t think you’ll be needing that anymore.” He said and led the old woman out of the building.

At Nick’s House:

Nicole walked up the front porch and banged on the door. She waited a few seconds and when there was no answer she rang the doorbell. When there still wasn’t any response she went around the house to look into one of side windows. She had to stand up on a bucket to see into the house and it was dark but she saw a lump of something on the couch. “He must be asleep.” She thought to herself and went back around to the front door. Slipping out the spare key from it’s hiding spot, she unlocked the door and went inside. Once inside she found out that Nick was not asleep but rather out and what she thought was Nick was a bundle of blankets. Nicole was about to leave when she saw something lying on the floor. She walked over and picked up a navy colored bra. Her mouth dropped with shock. She looked around the room further and saw a camera lying on the coffee table with two pictures lying beside it. She took a close look at the pictures and her eyes widened in disbelief. The first picture was of Sarah, sitting normally on the couch albeit looking a little startled. The second picture was on a young girl no more than five wearing Sarah’s clothes and sitting in practically the same position. “That can’t be Sarah, that’s impossible. Unless this camera…” Suddenly all sorts of things were being figured out in Nicole’s head, mixed with a bit of emotions from finding Sarah’s bra lying on Nicks living room floor. She grabbed the camera and stormed out of the house near tears.

At around the time Nicole walked up to Nick’s house, Nick and Sarah were walking up to the Holden’s large creepy house. “My god, they have a house like this and nobody suspected them of doing weird things?” Nick asked, Sarah nodded in agreement “yeah this place looks like Munsters vacation home.” They carefully walked up the shaky, rotting steps to the front door. “So what do we do just ring the front door?” Sarah asked, “Is Lurch going to answer? Mr. And Mrs. Holden are at school, don’ worry ‘bout it” Nick said with a smile. He took a sheet from off the porch and used it to cover his hand as he broke the window, clearing a big enough hole so he could crawl in.

Once he got to the other side he unlocked and opened the door. No one was there. He stepped outside and looked out onto the porch. “Sarah? Sarah are you there?” “BOO” she yelled from behind him. He flipped around grabbing his chest from being startled. “Wh, what….wow” He said as he recaught his breath, shaking his head in amazement. “You didn’t have to crawl in after me, I was going to let you in through the door,” He explained. “I know but it was more fun this way wasn’t it? Now come on, let search the house.” She said and bounced off down the hallway leaving Nick to wonder in he grew her all the way back. After catching up with her they began to check all the rooms. They found nothing, the Holdens seemed to be an almost too normal couple. Subscribing to your run of the mill magazines, memberships at your average health clubs, average food in the refrigerator, so on and so on.

The best thing they could find is a book shelf filled with medical books. “But wait that out of the ordinary.” Sarah tried to convince Nick “Look just because she owns a copy of ‘our bodies ourselves’ doesn’t make her a freak.” Nick said. “wait a second, Mr. Holdens a Photography teacher. He has all this equipment where’s his dark room?” Nick realized trying to figure out where it could be. “Maybe he uses the one at the school. And anyway the camera we found took Polaroid’s.” Sarah reasoned. “No I’ve seen him with both. And if you take the kind of pictures he takes, would you use the dark room at school?” He asked “And here! Look at this. There’s a room here with no door.” He said pointing at a point of the house that curved in. He searched around the area and found planks of wood in the wall beside the missing room that were not attached. With a little struggle he was able to push them in. He turned and smiled at Sarah “Hidden hallway, that’s out of the ordinary wouldn’t you say?” He commented as he led her down the small narrow hallway into a very dark room lit only by fluorescent purple and red lights. “THIS is a dark room.” Nick announced as they entered.

“Wow this is a small room.” Sarah said as she glanced around. Nick grabbed a small red light and used it as a flash light. All that was in the room with them was your average dark room tools and a bunch of picture of girls from there High school. “Look here’s Lizzie, here’s Robin, here’s Samantha, here’s …everyone!” Sarah said as she recognized people in the pictures. “Yeah but where are they really?” Nick asked as he examined the room a little further. “Wait stand back.” He told Sarah. She did so and her lifted a door from the bottom on the room. “AH HA!” he said as he ran down the stairs. “Wait Nick I don’t think I’m prepared to go to the basement…” She said but she followed anyway.

Under the house they found a whole new living space. It was carpeted and lighted with lamps. Nick heard some commotion come from the next room. “Hello?” He called and got poked in the back by Sarah. He walked up slowly and put his hand on the door. He cautiously opened it and peered inside. Once he looked in he immediately dropped his red light and stood there in shock. “what? What is it?” Sarah asked and pulled the door open all the way. “Oh….My….God!” she exclaimed as she saw what was in the room. Scores of old women sitting on couches, chairs, rockers, still wearing teen styled clothing and being waited on by teenage boys. Sarah called to one of the boys that she knew. “Ben, hey Benny. It’s me Sarah, Sarah Singer. We have Calculus together.” She said getting no response. “I don’t think they can here you.” Nick explained. “Look at there eyes.” He pointed, all of the boys eyes where devoid of pupils. Completely blank like zombies.

“Hey, Oh crap. I think I found Megan.” Sarah said pointing to a woman in her eighties sitting in a cheerleading uniform. She had the same hair style that Megan had done her hair recently except for it was now gray. “Yeah I think that is Megan. Okay um, make a note of her or something, we have to find Rachel.” Nick said as he walked into the next room. Here he found toddlers playing on the carpet and infants in cradles and playpens lining the extremely large room. Once again there was a number of mind washed teenage boys attending to them, feeding, burping and changing their diapers. Sarah slightly chuckled to herself at the thought that some of these boys might be going out with the girls there feeding and changing. The thought became more disturbing to her the more she thought abut it. Especially the boys tending to the old women, the thought of a young guy cleaning and feeding an old woman who days before happened to be his young a pretty girlfriend, creeped Sarah out to no end. He thoughts were thankfully interrupted by Nick.

“How do we know which one is Rachel?” He asked looking around at the almost endless number of babies and toddlers. “Well why don’t we just call her. Rachel….Rachel, cummere sweety…” Sarah called. Amazingly it worked five small girls responded to her. They toddled over, there were three blondes, a redhead and a brunette. “Um go with the brunette.” Nick said as her scooped up the two year old with brown hair off the ground. “Yeah you kinda look like Rachel in a ‘Back to the eighties’ sort of way.” He joked as her sat her on a table. She gooed at him and began to suck on her toes. “Okay here what we’re going to do. She’ll be to big to fit anything she’s wearing now. So I’ll do it and turn around and you’ll have to cover her with something when she grows. Here take my jacket.” Nick rambled shoving his Jacket into her hands. “Wh wait what are you doing?” She asked “I’m changing her back. Don’t you think that would be a good idea?” He explained, she nodded. “You can do that?” She asked him, he shrugged “I changed you back didn’t I?” He countered “But I left the camera at your house.” She said “Ah but I got this..” he began, holding up a similar camera “Upstairs, now do you want Rachel to go through potty training again or what?” Sarah shook her head and stood out of the way. Nick aimed the camera at the toddler and took a picture.

Quickly, he turned around so that his back was turn to give Rachel and Sarah privacy. He heard Sarah quickly removing her diaper and folding some sort of fabric and he was kept entertained by her little “Oh my’s”, “Wow’s” and “here we go’s” He heard her zip up his jacket and asked “Hey are you almost done?” “Almost she’s like around fifteen now.” Sarah responded. He waited a few more seconds the Sarah added “She’s done but Nick I think we have a problem.” Nick turned around and saw that Rachel was wearing his jacket and a sheet rolled up to look like a skirt, but she still hand a child like stare and still had her foot half in her mouth. “Damnit!” Nick yelled which started the now eighteen year old Rachel to cry. Sarah tried to calm her.

“Shoot how are we suppose to bring her back to mental adult hood?” Nick asked “Wait look at her.” Sarah said as Rachel stopped crying and had a confused look on her face. “Whe, where am I?” She asked as her memories started come back to her. “Why am I wearing this?” Rachel stared at Sarah and Nick expecting answers. Nick tried to explain the best he could. The three of them ran into the room to revert Megan. Slowly color came back to Megan’s hair and skin, wrinkles crept off her face and her breasts slowly lifted up her chest. After a few minutes her hair went back to being almost all blonde. Her back straightened up and her skin smoothed. She slipped back into her twenties, now all the lines were gone from her face and her body gained back its youthful figure. Finally she stopped at seventeen.

They waited a few more minute for the look of senility to leave Megan’s now youthful face. “Oh! I’m young again! You made me young again!” she screamed and hugged Nick and Sarah and Rachel. “And Rachel your back! Oh my god do the Holdens know your down here? Quick we have to go.” She went on practically dragging the rest of them. “Wait Megan we have to change back the rest of these girls.” Nick tried to explain. “No time. We have to stop Mr. And Mrs. Holden. They have everything stored in them. We can fix everything but we have to kill the Holdens.” She screamed. “But we can’t kill the Holdens. Megan what’s wrong with you.” Sarah said, Megan flipped around and stared at Sarah. “I’ve just spent the past day older than my grandmother and your asking what’s wrong with me? They’re not human Sarah.” She said conspiratorially. “There Aliens.” She whispered and the four of them rushed out of the house.

"The High school" Chapter 5

Greg sighed. It was getting pretty late and he still hadn’t finished his paper. “Why can’t I own a computer.” He thought to himself as he typed away at the computer in the school library. “Not even the teachers stay this late. God this sucks!” He slammed his fist on the desk in frustration. Just then a pair of hands covered his eyes. “Guess who.” A female voice said. Michelle took her hands off Greg face and Greg turned around. “Hey” he said with a tired sound to his voice. “What are you doing here?” he asked, she smiled wide at him. “Well…………I was thinking about things……and I decided that it would be okay with we went out!” Her smile grew even bigger but had a very nervous look.

Greg buried his face is his own hands this time. “Jesus, why now? I can’t handle this now.” He mumbled. Michelle’s smile faded “What’s wrong?” she asked him. “I….don’t know if that would be a good idea right now. I’m trying to keep as much of a straight head as I can right now and I don’t know if I can handle something like this, I mean I’ve got this paper due and….’ She cut him off “So that’s it? You shoot me down cause you can’t handle the stress? Cause you have a stupid paper!?” She started to cry and ran off. Greg slammed his fist on the desk again and shook his head.

Just a few minutes after Michelle ran off Nick and the girls came into the library. “Greg what are you doing here?” Nick asked startled. Greg looked up “Wha? Oh Jeez, Nick I uh….was writing a paper. Oh wow Rachel….Sarah! where have you two been?” He asked. “Two very long stories.” Sarah said simply. “But Greg you better get out of here. We found out why the students have been disappearing. He’s turning them into babies and old women.” Nick explained to Greg, who laughed. “What? That’s insane! What are you talking about?” Greg asked skeptically. Nick immediately took out the pictures of Megan and Rachel. Greg starred at the pictures then at Rachel then at Megan then at Sarah and Nick. “Mr. Holdens doing this?……With his cameras?” Greg asked, the four of them nodded. “Christ I have to go find Michelle.” Greg said as he ran out of the library.

In another part of the highschool:

“There, There sweaty. Its okay.” Mrs. Holden said while consoling the crying Michelle. “ You know, big girls don’t cry. Here let me take your picture. It will make you feel better.’ The teacher said while reaching for her camera. Michelle was too upset to realize how random this was. She put on a forced smile, her face still red from the crying. “That’s it give me a great big smile and ready, set..” “NOOOO” Greg screamed as he lunged in from of Michelle as the picture was being taken. Both Greg and Michelle looked at each other in complete shock. “Greg what are you doing?” Michelle asked sniffling her nose, not noticing that she was slowly getting younger.

“I was trying to save you. But I don’t think it worked.” Greg said as the bristles around his chin went back into his face. Michelle’s face got rounder and more innocent looking. “Save me from wha….Oh my god you look like a freshman!” She exclaimed not noticing how high her voice was getting. Her breasts were retreating back into her chest and her nose got slightly more up turned. “You are to ‘shell. The camera makes people younger. Nick just told me.” He tried to explain as his body became thin and scrawny like that of a twelve year old. “Ohmygod!” She screamed in a now pre-adolescent voice.

Her chest was now completely flat and her arms and legs were also thin. Both of them got shorter and shorter and they both gained more child like faces. As they passed into single digits they starred at the now towering Mrs. Holden. “HAHAHAHAHAHA you actually thought you could save your little girl friend? All you did ‘LITTLE BOY’ was crawl into the same boat with her.” They both began to cry as they slipped back out of school age 7, 6, 5, they got back all of their baby fat as their bodies transformed into that of two toddlers. Michelle slipped her now tiny hand into Greg’s and held tightly. There clothes now hung largely on them. At three, the pair tumbled backwards onto the floor and began to cry harder.

Michelle’s long hair got shorter and shorter till finally it had completely turn to the peach fuzz of infancy. The two babies sat there on the floor with there hands locked together. Mrs. Holden scooped them up and walked to the door. Just then, Mr. Holden walked in. “Good your here………..What are you doing with him .” He asked pointing at Greg. “He jumped in front of my camera trying to save this one.” She said holding up Michelle. Mr. Holden grimaced “What have I told you before? The machines can’t handle the male anatomy. They are made for females and females only. That camera is very dangerous now, give it to me.”

“Or better yet give it to me.” Nick interrupted pointing his own camera at the two teachers. “Ah you must be the boy who ransacked our home. A neighbor called, your lucky I didn’t have you arrested.” Mr. Holden said coolly. “Well if the police did come to your house how would you explain what’s in your basement?” Nick asked with a smile.

The three girls behind him were not as calm, they were getting more and more worried as the stand down went on. “Well, I could tell them the truth? I could say ‘ well officer me and my wife are what you would call aliens. We came down here to this small quiet town to get an energy supply that your females hold in there life force. Two kinds- one that can be extracted by aging a female right after adolescence and a second by regressing her back to infancy. So you see we did this to the fine teenage girls of your town because no one would notice, by the time it got out the story would be so far fetched it would make page five of star magazine. And to be honest we really need the resource its we use it in a similar way to how you use hydrogen and oil.’ And I think they would buy it. I’m not sure if you’ve notice by now but I have half the town brain washed. Which is why you’ll never make it out of here alive!” At this point Mr. and Mrs. Holden lit up and began to glow and change shape.

Nick starred in amazement. When there transformation was done they looked like large snakes made out of Pepsi. The four teens would have laughed at this if they weren’t busy being scared out of there minds. Nick gained an ounce of courage, and had enough sense not to let them know he was terrified so finally he shouted out “Your not going to win. There are four of us and only two of you.” Nicks thoughts had been the complete opposite but he crossed his fingers and hoped they bought it. “Well yes, but I was about to take care of the three lovely girls behind you. They won’t be much help in stopping us when they are tiny infants or feeble old women.” The creature that was Mr. Holden snarled and waved his camera in the air. Megan, Rachel and Sarah were absolutely terrified. The tension was broken when someone yelled “STOP!”

Everyone including Mr. And Mrs. Holden turned around and looked at Nicole, who was standing in the doorway with what looked like a large pair of scissors and the camera from Nicks house. “Nicole!” Nick yelled. “Shut up Nick! I know about you and Sarah. What the hell is going on here!” She had a look of pure rage on her face. She didn’t seemed the least bothered by the two obviously abnormal creatures standing or rather hovering in the center of the room. “What the hell is this?” she asked holding up the camera. “Well perhaps I be best to explain that…..” Mr. Holden began, shifting his liquid body closer. Nicole looked at him and her mouth dropped open and she almost dropped the camera. “What you are holding, though it may look like a camera is a device I created that is powered on and stores energy, energy that is created by removing life from human females. Now if you would kindly I’d like it back.” He moved closer.

Nicole backed away, closer to Nick and the group. “Um..n, no.” she was able to let out, her eyes still bulging from astonishment. “Very well then. I will have to dispose of you they way I did the rest. There is no way you can win, as you can see we are not made of flesh and blood the way you humans are it would be very hard for you to even harm us with something such as that pair of scissors your holding.” He made what seamed to be a grin. Nick felt sick to his stomach, He wanted very much to help save his friends but wasn’t sure how. Only one thought came to mind, he tried very hard to form the words on his mouth and finally let out “RUN!” the five teens ran out of the room and down the hall to the cafeteria. Huddled in a bunch behind a stove they tried to collect themselves. “Nicole what are you doing here?” he asked feeling bad that she was in the same danger he was in.

She let out a soft laugh “I came here to kill you. I guess I have to get in line huh?” she let out another laugh. “I saw the pictures of Sarah and found her bra at your house. I was very mad up until about thirty seconds ago when I realized there are much bigger things then our relationship.” A tear ran down her cheek. Nick put his hand on hers. “oh, Nicole I’m so sorry I…” His apology was cut short as Mr. Holden’s voice boomed from inside the room. “ well kids your only prolonging the inevitable. Don’t put yourself through this torture. Just come out now and I’ll be sure to make it quick and painless.” They could hear him moving. “where is he?” Rachel asked. “I think he’s in the main part of the café, when all the tables are.” Nicole whispered. Sarah put her finger over her mouth and looked that the others “I have an idea, just follow me.” She said very quietly. She made a motion with her hand for them to follow.

They all quickly and quietly crawled over to the serving counter of the kitchen. “I think he’s on the other side.” Megan whispered. Sarah nodded “Okay I’m going to have to open one of these cameras up and lung at him.” She said, her voice trembling with fear. Nicks eyes widened he was about to say no but it was Nicole who spoke. “ Your not going to do that. Its too unpredictable and dangerous. I will do it.” everyone looked at her and she started to cry. Nick moved to embrace her but before he could reach her she jab her camera with the pair of scissors she was holding. There was a burst of energy then her body lit up. She jumped up from where she was crouched and starred at the creature. “We are going to stop you, monster.” She said simply and jumped at Mr. Holden.

The two screamed as spark flew from the joining. Nicole felt her body aging. Wrinkle upon wrinkle adding to her face, her whole body shriveling and withering. Her hair turn from reddish brown to light gray, soft and thin. She was easily in her nineties when her body stop aging and reversed. Her face regained color, her cheeks smoothed out. Her hair filled out and regained it brown shade. Her back straightened her breasts firmed till she was young again. But then she started to shrink. Quickly, the breast that had just lifted up slipped back into her chest. Her height that she just regained she lost again as her legs got shorter. Her face that had become smooth became rounder and rounder looking ore and more innocent each moment.

Finally her body slipped into infancy her hair went back into her head and her legs and arms gained rolls of baby fat. During Nicole’s transformation Mr. Holden reached for his wife who had been standing behind him. They both screamed in pain. “You stupid, stupid girl. By destroying that camera you won’t be able to change back. And by killing us your condemning our race. We needed your energy, We needed your precious ener……” Mrs. Holden was cut off as her body slowly evaporated. When the light faded all that was left were two broken cameras and a new born babe. “We did it!” Megan yelled. “We….Nicole!” She screamed as she saw the baby lying on the floor. “Its all right. I’ll change her back.” Nick said holding up the camera he still had.

He snapped a picture and looked. But nothing happened. He snapped it a few more times with no luck “Damnit!” he screamed. “Don’t worry Nicole we’ll find some way to change you back, if we can’t we will take good care of you until you grow older.” Sarah said picking up the baby Nicole. Just then Greg and Michelle walked in. They looked every bit the eighteen year olds that they were, but their clothes were a bit disheveled as though they had just tossed them on. “What happened?” Greg asked. Looked at the mess on the floor. “Nicole stopped Mr. And Mrs. Holden but now she’s a baby. How did you guys change back?” Rachel asked “I guess when the teachers were destroyed the cameras released our energy or something.”

Across the town dozens of girls found themselves in a basement some stuck in small cribs others crawling on the floor. Some were drooling in rocking chairs. They all slowly realized how ridiculous they all looked and made there way out of the house saying little to each other on there way out. Back at the school the six teenagers starred at the baby girl with their head hung low. The knew this meant that there would be no chance of changing back Nicole, she would just have to re live her life and grow up again like a normal infant. They looked around the room one last time and left.

Eight Months Later:

The town had found itself in a daze after the Holdens trace was broken but they managed to slowly pull back together and regain a normal working township. Principal Snider’s health improved and he was able to come back as principal for the rest of the year. No one quite understood what happened between the end of September and mid October. And the six friends who had witness everything promised that they would never tell another soul.

“And Now it is time in our graduation ceremony for the Valedictorian to make her speech. This year we have a very special, gifted girl. So I present to you, Sarah Singer.” Everyone clapped and Sarah stepped up to the podium.

“Hello everyone. I wanted to talk to you all about our futures. We have all come from the same school and had the same experiences but some in different ways. We made mistakes, we’ve made good choices to. But we can never forget what’s pulling us. What’s driving us towards those goals that we have in our lives. No matter how little those lives seam to be we must understand that we can make our dreams possible and I think if there was one person who could show us that, it was Nicole Gillian.” Some clapped, crying was heard in the audience.

Sarah felt a knot in her throat as she went on. “Nicole is not with us anymore. But when she was here, when she was in the halls with us, when she was in classes with us, she showed us that things are possible. No matter how unbelievable it can come true. I believe that we can all learn from her life. May of us will grow up and say ‘If I could live my life over I would do things differently.’ Well I here to tell you that you don’t have to say that. You can start doing things they way you want now. This is the age where we take control of our destiny, and I don’t know about you but I am taking control of mine!” She stepped down, tears streamed down her face but a smile formed. She went back to her seat and the ceremony continued. When it finished Greg, Michelle, Rachel, Nick and Sarah hugged. Nick gave Sarah a long kiss and told her that her speech was perfect, then they all piled into Nicks car and drove away.

The End