Just a little more

By Libra

(Warning TG type story)

"They finally did it, Honey." Mr Tom Huff said to his 6-month pregnant wife.

"Did you get it?" Mrs Annie Huff said with excitement. "Here it is." Mr Huff said pulled a few vials out of his pocket that were in a case.

"I was lucky to pinch a few for us. Now I can be 18 years-old and after you have the baby so can you." Mr Huff said with real joy.

"Still can't believe those R&D; guys found a way of reversing the aging process. We are far too old to be raising a child, but soon all that will change." Mrs Huff said almost dancing on the spot.

"What does the color bands mean on the vials?" Mrs Huff said as she looked at the vials.

"Red ones counter acts what the green ones do. Those are for aging forward just case you take too much of the youth stuff." Mr Huff explained point to the red band.

"Well, Honey. You certainly did take more then a few vials. Won't they notice?" Mrs Huff worried.

"Are you kidding? They were making so much of it. There is no way in hell they notice these missing; besides not a soul saw me. I am after all the security guard." Mr Huff said.

"Besides we own a great deal of the company stocks now and just wait a few months and our life savings will pay off big time when this stuff hits the market." Mr Huff said with a big grin.

"Then we afford to buy our own supply for as long we want." Mr Huff said looking at the case in his hands.

"Shame we got to put these in fridge until our baby is born." Mrs Huff said rubbing her stomach.

"You can't anyway hun. I can take one or two vials right now." Mr Huff said picking out one of the green band vials.

"Trickiest part is not to drink too much. Changes happen under a day at the most. " Mr Huff said then drinking a little.

"Honey, won't they notice you looking younger?" Mrs Huff said little worried.

"Going to retire anyway. We have more then enough money to wait until the company stocks go through the roof." Mr Huff not looking the at least bit worry.

"Just think honey. This time tomorrow my gray hairs that were just starting to come in will fade away. I won't be over 30 years-old anymore, but 25 years-old again." Mr Huff said putting his fingers in his hair.

"Now let's go into the kitchen and I'll show you how to calculate the right amount." Mr Huff said. Mrs Huff wrote it all down on a notepad and stuck it on the fridge door.

It was a week after Mr Tom Huff retired and bought more stocks with his last paycheck before he mentioned the vials again.

"We have a few extras there. We could sell them off and still have more then enough." Mr Huff said counting them over. Eight vials of green bands and Eight of red bands where still there.

"I know I could sell one green to Lisa. You remember the surgeon with her own private practice."

"Good thinking." Mr Huff said. "Just look at you. Already you look ten years younger. " Mrs Huff said amazed.

"Amazing stuff I stole." Mr Huff said looking over his body. He was already firmer and healthier then ever.

"Shame you can't go back further back. I really want to see you as a child and get some practice in before our own little one comes." Mrs Huff said with a small smile.

"I could. We do have plenty of the red vials and green vials." Mr Huff said to please his wife. Lately their marriage was going down hill.

"Wouldn't reach childhood again until the end of this week. It means we have to sacrifice another green vial then a red one." Mr Huff said with a bit of disappointment in his voice. Those vials would sell for a fortune he thought.

"Just a little more." Mrs Huff said as she measured then poured the contents of vials into his glass.

"Better enjoy the adult version now. When I wake up I should be a teenager again." Mr Huff said with a happy tone.

Indeed that night Mr Huff was getting younger. It was early in the morning that he reversed aged passed his late teen years to become 15 years-old again.

"Tom, wake up." Annie said smiling at him. As soon Tom woke up, he felt an amazing pressure on his bladder.

"Tom?" Annie asked when he jumped up and ran into the bathroom.

"You ok?" Annie asked.

"Yeah. I just had to go really bad that's all." Tom answered back from inside the locked bathroom.

"Just simply a miracle. You don't even look old enough drive yet." Annie said looking over his body.

"I better start calling you Tom or Tommy from now on and you should call me Aunt Annie." Annie said as a set of orders to follow.

"Why honey?" Tom asked confused by his wife's demand.

"Because you not old enough to be married and besides when we are out in public I don't want to draw attention to ourselves." Annie explained.

"Since you're not old enough to drive I am going to ask Lisa to help out. Since she is my best friend I know she'd be happy to help." Annie said almost with a smile.

"Well, I going to do some work in the back yard. With that fence of ours no one will see me and I can do some yard work." Tom said as he dressed. He was forced to wear some old briefs he had and sweat pants. Annie found him an old shirt to wear while he worked.

Tom did very little work that morning. At first he sat inside watching a few sports games on TV. It wasn't until after breakfast around noon that he actually went out. After an hour of light labor he decided to take a rest in the hammock in the shadier part of the yard. Tom cleverly got up just in time to start working again before his wife came out. So it appeared that he never stopped working.

Lisa was right behind her as Annie walk into the yard.

"Well I be, It is Tom." Lisa said looking at his young teen face.

"Here honey. Have some lemonade I made for you and Lisa." Annie said handing the glass in her hand to his hand.

"Let's get you out of this sun. You have been working so long now." Annie said then turning to go back inside.

"I told Lisa everything and she agreed to help us out. She going to make runs to the store for us. She even agreed to pick up some clothing for you this afternoon."

"Clothing? What I am wearing now is ok." Tom said finishing off his lemonade.

"Afraid not. You'll be too young to wear that." Annie said pointing to his clothes.

"But, I haven't drunk any more of that one vial yet." Tom said looking at his wife.

"Yes you have and so has Lisa" Annie said looking at the both of them. Lisa raised her glass and finished hers off like Tom did.

"Don't worry about a thing. I put in just the right amount." Annie said using her fingers to show how much was added.

"How old will I be?" Tom asked.

"I'd say around 5 years-old by this time tomorrow." Annie said.

"But, Honey I don't want to be any younger then 10 years old." Tom said rejecting his wife's idea.

"Don't worry so much." Annie said then looking at Lisa.

"Lisa will be around if you need any help." Annie explained.

It was one thing for Tom to wake up as a teen with no wrinkles and in a better body he seen in years. He wasn't sure if he liked being a little kid again.

That night Tom was kick out of his own bed for wetting it.

"Tom. You can't sleep with me if you can't hold it till you get to the bathroom. Just look at yourself. You wet yourself and the bed." Annie said stripping the dirty sheets off the master bed. "Luckily I woke you up and got you to hold it until you finished in the bathroom." Annie said carrying the sheets to the hamper.

Poor 10 year-old Tom was so embarrassed to do so in front of his wife. During the day and brief time he was asleep he had slowly got younger by the hour. His bladder was smaller and couldn't hold whatever he drank earlier

"OK young man. Put your arms up." Annie said as she came back and stood in front of Tom.

Reluctantly Tom did it and she took his semi wet t-shirt off leaving him cold and naked.

Tom looked down and saw all his hair was gone now. Not even the wisp that existed just hours ago was there. He was hairless all over and with smooth bare skin all around his dick. Even that had shrunk due to the cold and regression. He was in child's body with nothing to show he was once a man

"Come on. Let's get a quick shower then I'm going to put you in the spare bedroom." Annie said from the doorway to the bathroom. Annie had Tom wait sitting on the toilet until she was done just in case he still had to go. All she did was wash her arms off then change out of nightshirts.

"OK. Step in Tommy." Annie said then handing a bar of soap to him.

"I'll be back when the spare bedroom is ready." Annie said leaving to go fix it for him.

Annie left to go into the nursery then walk through the door just beyond this room. The idea was they were going to make this room into a child's bedroom when their own boy/girl was old enough.

Tom was unsettle on how smooth is body was now. Except for his head there wasn't any hair on him. Height difference alone made him feel small. He could barely adjust the shower head with his fingers.

'Dam it. I'm still getting younger.' He thought as he reached.

Once Tom had finished washing off he got out to dry off.

Tom had just finished drying off when his wife returned.

"It's all ready. If you need to go again in the bed, I've put down plenty of old towels." Annie said leading her husband to his new room.

Tom didn't have time to grab his towel before she led him out.

"Now you just lay here and go back to sleep on top of these towels." Annie said as she helped her husband into his new bed.

"In the morning you will be a sweet little boy." Annie said then gave him a motherly kiss.

Having nothing now to wear that would fit him. Tom slept naked under the covers and on top of the old towels while his body continue to get smaller and younger.

Lisa idea of clothing was diapers made for kids with bed wetting problems and t-shirts just his size. Tom was still unsure if this was Lisa's idea or his wife's.

5 year-old Tommy was force to wear those diapers now. He lost all control over his bladder. Barely had time to move toward the bathroom before it went on its own accord.

"He just such a cute little boy running around in only those nighties." Lisa said when she saw him again at his younger age.

He flat out refused to wear the childish shirts Lisa got him and wore his own old shirts. Often he took those off as well because he was always tripping.

Tom had spent some time with Lisa. Annie refused to leave him home alone now.

Lisa had even changed his diaper once when Annie was away shopping. It was after that diaper change did Tommy had enough of reliving his childhood. No way was he going to run around any more in diapers and be half naked all the time he thought as he went into the kitchen.

Tommy gave the fridge door a pull and it didn't budge an inch. Looking up he saw it was fitted with a lock now.

"Wee saw" Tommy said pulling at the door hoping it would open. Tommy couldn't say many words just right.

"Oh, I see you saw what Annie did while you were asleep." Lisa said as she entered the kitchen.

"Sorry, Tommy. She is the only one that knows the combination to that lock. I guess she wants you to be like this for a little longer." Lisa explained to him.

Tommy was beginning to cry again out frustration. Lisa face fell when she saw Tommy so upset.

"Oh don't you cry over what Annie's doing. Aunt Lisa knows what you need. Come and join me in a hot bath and you can see what a woman looks like when she is not so pregnant." Lisa said bending down and undoing his diaper tabs.

Lisa was beautiful women in Tommy's opinion. He stopped crying and accepted her offer. This he thought was his only chance to see her naked. Just maybe he could trick her into holding him real close to her chest he went on thinking.

While Lisa was holding little Tommy against her body in the tub she told him that he should tell Annie to change him back when she gets home.

At that moment Tommy thought it was a very good idea. Tommy was really starting to like Lisa over Annie. She was a lot better in taking care of him then Annie was.

"Annie, I want to change back now." Tommy said that afternoon when she got home. He had enough of Lisa comments and Annie's treatment of him.' The motherly like affection toward him was driving him nuts unlike Lisa because she didn't treat him like a little kid all the time.

"I know what my little man wants." Annie said lift him up into her lap after she took a seat in the recliner. Slowly using one hand to hold him and other to lift her shirt up, Annie then undid one of straps to her support bra and let her left breast free from it.

"Go on Tommy. Just do what you like to do when we are in bed." Annie said shifting his weight so he could lay down on her body.

Tommy was unable to resist her offer. He sucked on her nipple and enjoyed her warm nipple in his mouth. Then he tasted her milk like before when he was much older.

"Just a little more." Annie said as she took a vial out of her robe pocket.

Tommy was relaxed now with his eyes closed like he always was when this happened. She carefully put the few needed drops on her breast and they slide right down into Tommy's mouth. She then sealed the vial and placed it back in her robe pocket.

"That's my baby. Drink all you want because when our own child comes there be no more for you." Annie said as she started to rock him and sing a low lullaby.

Tommy awoke in the spare bedroom. He had fallen asleep after his wife let him have some fun. It was getting dark outside now he knew he missed the entire day. Wasn't until he sat up that he noticed something was wrong. He had gotten younger. Judging from his oversized diaper and body, he was maybe 3 years-old or 2 years-old at best.

"Anmee!" Tommy shouted out of anger and completely unable to control his tongue to say her name right.

"What is it Tommy?" Annie asked a little shocked by his tone.

"You twick me." Tommy said looking up his much taller wife.

"I tricked you. Don't be silly Tommy. You wanted to be young again so I can care for you." Annie said to explain why he was so young.

"I am babee! I no wanna be a babee." Tommy said wondering why his mouth couldn't form more adult words.

"You are aren't you?" Annie said picking up him just under his armpits and out of his diaper. He was once again naked and now being held in mid air by his wife's arms.

Furious at her for turning him into a baby Tommy bust into a wild rage of kicking his legs and flailing his little arms at her. One kick hit her stomach and Annie shouted so loud at him it stopped his rage.

"Tommy! How dare you kick me in my condition." Annie said then putting him down and slapping her hand hard against his bare bottom.

"You could have hurt me and the baby." She said not stopping her endless punishment. Again and again her hand came down on him. Crying in full pain and shock Tommy could do nothing but buckle under the pain.

"Anmee, stop!" Tommy cried loudly.

"I am not Annie to you anymore. Call me mommy if you going to act like this." Annie said still not stopping her spanking on Tommy.

"Momee, stop." Tommy cried before he collapsed on the floor and wetting himself. He was beaten for now. Tommy knew there was no way he could win.

"That's better and kept acting like a good little baby and I won't spank you anymore." Annie said as she stopped spanking Tommy. Then she left him to lay in his own wet spot on the floor.

Exhausted from his struggle and spanking Tommy only laid there in his own mess crying and sobbing his eyes out.

Taking pity on him Annie picked him gently and took him into the bathroom. She put him in the bathtub and cleaned him up. Little eyes still so red and his toddler emotions had taking full control Tommy didn't dare fight Annie as she washed him.

Annie lifted him out and sat him on his feet on the bathroom rug.

"If you're good I promise you won't be a baby boy much longer." Annie said sounding like she meant every word of it.

"All you have to do is take the last drops of this vial dear." Annie said as she pulled it from her robe again.

"No!" Tommy said not wanting to be any younger then this.

"Your not disobeying mommy are you?" Annie said turning him around so his butt was in perfect view of her and smacking range.

"No." Tommy said in a very low voice.

"Good. There really not much left to drink just a little more then after this I promise you won't be a baby boy for long." Annie said as she undid the cap.

Tommy swallowed the last drops and hoped he'd least to be able to crawl this time tomorrow.

"What a good boy you are. Now mommy is going to call Aunt Lisa and I going to help myself to a drop of the aging stuff in the red band vial. Soon after that you are going to have a baby sister or brother." Annie said while she was wrapping a towel around him.

"Now let's go call her and wait." Annie said carrying him.

Confused on why Annie told him and doing this right now he only looked at her funny. Then he was dumbfounded why he didn't think of it himself.

'She promised to turn me back.' Tommy thought. Still her words rang in his ears.

'You are going to have a baby sister or brother.' Tommy kept on thinking. He then thought how long was she planning to keep him like this or was she planning on not changing him back to normal.

'The stocks were in both of their names.' A nasty thought pop in his head.

Lisa came over and was amazed at Tommy's new smaller size. She had last seen him at 5 years-old. Now he was barely 2 years-old only wrapped in a towel slowly still getting younger.

"One drop should do it and I go into labor soon after. Got everything you need?" Annie asked.

"Oh yeah." Lisa said opening her medical bag.

Lisa carefully put one drop in her very small glass tea and drank it.

Only a few hours passed before she went into labor. Her stomach had been growing much larger and Annie went on an eating marathon no person had ever seen. Tommy was stuck in a wooden playpen while Lisa was helping Annie give birth. It was a fast delivery and recovery for both mother and child.

"It's a girl." Lisa said as she held the screaming newborn. She wiped the baby clean and handed her to her mother. Due to Annie fast aging she healed and recovered her strength in under a hour.

"Time for part two?" Lisa asked in a whisper taking out a needle in her bag and filling it up with a small amount of an unknown liquid to Tom's point of view.

"Yeah. I want to time this just right." Annie said in the same whisper tone then looking at Tom.

Lisa set the needle down for a second then carried Tommy out of his playpen.

Tommy was even allowed to hold his daughter for a minute before Lisa put her back in Annie's arms. He temporary forgotten about the needle thinking it was meant for Annie.

Tommy looked at his daughter then turned his attention to his wife when she spoke.

"Going to keep my promise to you, Tommy." Annie said as Lisa stuck him with the needle and injected him. Being so small Tommy didn't even bother fighting her.

"When you wake up. You won't be a baby boy anymore, but a baby girl. I am going to make you a twin to Mary here. Lisa herself is going to perform the little operation." Annie said looking at her newborn daughter then Tommy.

Tommy could only stayed awake long enough to hear his doom before he fell and was caught by Lisa's fast arms.

Tommy was unsure how much time had pass. His one wish was now it all had been terrible nightmare. He thought as his body awoke.

"They are cute." Tommy heard Annie voice from what seem far away. He was head was aching and his body felt tired. He wasn't in pain, but felt like all his strength was gone for the moment.

"The drugs are starting to wear off now." Lisa said from his right.

"Good morning Tommy or should I say Teri" Annie said cheerfully.

"You were very young Tommy when you went under the knife. After Lisa made you better. I aged you little so you heal completely. All was left to do was wait for the drugs to wear off and you'd be ready to start your new life as my little angel forever. " Annie said carrying her baby over into the next room.

"There was something we didn't plan to happen just yet. It seems that Mary absorb some of the vial contents from me. She's now the same age as you and your both beautiful 6 month-old baby girls. Lisa even did some work on your face to match Mary's face." Annie said while setting Teri down on the floor next to another baby girl.

"See how good Lisa is at her job..." Annie said undoing Teri's diaper.

"Not a single scar and there is no way anyone can tell you were ever a boy. When I buy a supply of the vials and kept buying we can be young forever dear." Annie said as Tommy stared in horror at his lower half. He was truly a girl now in body anyway and there were no scars to prove he wasn't. Only the slit of young baby girl was where his manhood should be. Part of his mind that was still Tommy did give that area touch with his fingers. As she touched herself the former Tommy knew this was not a dream.

'She had kept her promise and plan for him to suffer like this as a baby girl forever.' Tommy thought.

"You'll be much easier to clean up now with no little stub of manhood to get in the way. Now you don't worry your pretty little head about it. Just sit here and play with your twin sister Mary. She loves to play games and she is a fast learner." Annie said lower him to the ground and strapping his diaper back on.

Teri noticed for the first time it had pink trim with ruffles on the back. Teri only sat there and cried and wailed till she couldn't anymore. Mary was so shock by her sister's crying she crawled over to her mother and watched her sister.

"It's alright, Mary. Your sister is just having a bad day." Annie said in reassuring tone.

Annie finished her drink of water that Lisa gave her then saw Lisa carrying in birth certificates.

"I almost feel sorry for Tommy. Shame he didn't know I could open that fridge at anytime." Lisa said as she came back.

"Well. Then we wouldn't reap all the rewards." Annie said with a wicked grin.

"I had to pull a few strings, but it is legal now." Lisa said handing some papers to her then walking behind Annie toward her medical kit.

"Lisa. You made a mistake here. You got one to many certificates and its says that triplets were born. My name is on here as the third one as Ann." Annie said then it hit her it wasn't a mistake and before she could react to a sharp pain was in her arm. Lisa had injected her with same stuff she used on Tommy.

Feeling dizzy Annie nearly collapsed on the floor. She barely made it to the chair to sit.

"No mistake. I do agree with your plan and all, but I didn't want to share the rewards with a partner. Now I can be you and become wealthy beyond my dreams. While you get to be with your family day and night forever and ever in diapers." Lisa said smiling at Annie as her eye lids closed and she slumped in the chair.

Annie woke up without know how much time had pass. She knew that she much of been out for a long time. She was in Lisa's arms and wrapped together inside a blanket in the nursery room in her own house.

As soon as Lisa felt Ann stir in her lap she gave her a update along with what age she was now.

"Awake at last little toddler Ann. Here I thought you slept until you were ready for the crib. Since your up now I don't have to feed you when your body wants it. I been giving you the needed doses to make you real young and it's time for your bottle with a few drops of your special medicine." Lisa said talking a bottle of milk from a table and trying to feed her.

"Noooo!" Screamed Annie loudly turning her head away to avoid the nipple.

Sounds of the movement came from the crib as both Teri and Mary were awaken by Ann's yell.

"Naughty little Ann. Waking up your sisters." Lisa said setting the bottle down putting her down to her feet while keeping one hand wrap around her little arm.

"Mary and Teri watch what happens when you're bad and don't obey your mommy." Lisa said yanking down Annie's diaper and then spanking her a few times until she cried without any control. Teri giggled with joy and Mary almost felt like crying at this event she witnessed.

"Are you going to drink your bottle now from your mommy?" Lisa said taking a break from spanking her.

"Yes" Annie said in low tone.

Another smack came to her butt.

"Yes, what?" Lisa asked sternly.

"Yes, Mum mee." Annie said holding back her tears and only managed to gurgle out her answer.

"That's my good girl. Soon you'll forget your nasty adult life and only remember being cared for and playing in the playroom that will be where the spare bedroom was. " Lisa said rocking her baby to sleep as Ann held the bottle herself drinking deeply. Annie given up and accepted her fate at the moment.

"Life will become endless days of diaper wearing and playing with your sisters." Lisa said to all the babies and soon to become baby.

"When mommy gets bored of her babies she go on a very long vacation with a boyfriend spending her endless amounts of money on the finest of everything. I will be sure to have wet nurse take care of you all while I am away and I'll come back every year to visit my little angels' then give you a drop of your special medicine." Lisa said with a grin.

"Drink it all up Ann. Just a little more" Lisa said smiling at her new daughter and stroking her hand over Ann's head very motherly like. Annie only cried silent tears down her cheeks at her situation and soon to be life with her family.

The End

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