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Part 1 ‘Introduction'

In a future not far away from now, in a world very much like our own. In a resort that is in the middle of a desert within a room that overlooks the beautiful pools and sun tanning area with one way looking glass.

"Sir?" asked a female assistant with a cautious tone.

"Yes?" came Peter's voice from behind a tall gray chair with its back to her. Peter was looking over the pools with the moonlight shining over them. Only the soft lights around the pools could be seen in the darkness below.

"More messages from different newspapers and reporters." She said with weary voice.

"More of the same?" he asked already guessing the answer.

"Yes. They want an interview with you and now want possible tour of the resort, sir" She said wishing she could see his face.

"Very well," Peter said now turning his chair around to talk with her face to face. Face of an 18-year-old teen with a worry expression now smiled weakly at her.

"Sir?" she asked not sure if he was joking.

"It was a matter of time, before word would get out. Now half of the world knows we can make people younger and tomorrow the rest of the world will know." He explained.

"What do have in mind, sir?" She asked feeling she was overstepping her boundary a bit.

"Press conference first of course. Then we must take things slowly. Within a week we have a mob of people outside our walls. I trust you to make the necessary security arrangements and get people we know we can trust. " Peter said now with a grin.

"Of course, sir" She said and showing her relief in her face.

TV stations were now airing the story almost every hour now and newspapers were selling out everywhere. At first almost no one believed the story, but as every source of media told the same story over and over. People believed soon after. There was a general feeling of excitement and curiosity now among people in small groups. The subject was the same "The 2nd Chance Resort".

Mostly the question of how they did it was asked. Soon rumors and grand stories were told among these groups. Details were vague on the resort. Only thing that was certain that there was a place now they could anyone young again.

The story had come out that a woman who's name was still unknown to the public had visited the resort to receive the special treatment it offer. While staying there she was de-aged younger then she wanted to be. It was still unclear on whose fault it was, but the general rumor was it was her fault.

Few details were known about her expect for that she was 34-year-old woman before she went and now was a 14-year-old girl now. After losing her case in a private court session, she soon after broke her contract of silence and told every media person she could contact with the help of her husband. The exact location was unknown but it was somewhere in Nevada.

"Sleep well, sir?" Miss Parker asked between answering her ringing phone. All lines on the phone were now lit up. All morning she sat at her desk answering questions with general response of no comment at this time.

"A few hours, how soon can we setup the press conference?" Peter asked as he stopped in front of her desk while he was on his way to his office.

"The reporters can be here on Wednesday and security has been stepped up." She said with a smiled.

"Good! Also if you get a chance send out memo to the staff to prepare." Peter said with a smirk as she gave a evil look at her ringing phone.

"OK." She said.

"Oh, remind me to give you a raise for the extra work you doing." Peter smiled as he continued his walk into this office.

"Thank you, sir" Miss Parker said with bigger smiled as she laid her hand on her phone.

"Hire more people to answer phones and letters if you need too. You have my permission." Peter said as he shut the door to his office.

Peter office was quiet and looked like an office with every modern wonder one could desire. Morning sun's light was now starting to come in through window just right of his desk. On the wall in front of his desk was a large flat screen TV. Plants were sitting in corners by the large window.

Peter was quick to sit and begin planning to what he was going to say at the press conference. Ideas came to him as he starting writing his statement to the media.

Over the next few days the office part of The 2nd Chance Resort was a busy one. Letters from everywhere poured in. Despite there being more assistants to take phone calls, the phones seemed never to cease ringing.

Local and federal government already known about the resort and its secret long before word had gotten out. Thanks to a few useful contacts within each they got great amount of support. Local law enforcement did have to call in state cops to help with the crowds of people that were now in the small town of Starlight. Most people followed the media as they traveled to Starlight, Nevada. If there had been fewer tourists and more reporters they would have noticed that there were no senior citizens in Starlight at all.

Reporters had little problems has they enter the resort on Wednesday. Thanks to the extra security and law enforcement. Soon the large meeting room was nearly packed with reporters, cameramen, and journalists.

The room grew quiet has Miss Parker enter the room with Peter right behind her. Most kept their eyes on Miss Parker thinking that Peter was her assistant, not knowing that Peter was just being a gentleman by opening the door for her. Resort security was already in position before they enter.

Few reporters were not surprised as the young teen took the main seat with where most the mics were placed.

"Welcome all! My name is Peter and I am one the owners of The 2nd Chance Resort. It is true that we here have find a way of making people younger. "

Instantly the room echoed with the sounds of everyone asking questions. Trying to make their own voice sound louder then the person next to them, Peter only smiled as he raised his hands asking for silence again.

"To answer the main question on how we do it, it is in the water that comes from a well with an underground spring. The water combine with a few other ingredients causes the water to have a youthening affect on the body. I cannot say what the other ingredients are, but I assure you they are perfectly safe. " Peter stated to the group.

"How long have you been making people younger?" asked a reporter in the back.

"Nearly 80 years now. My family started this resort when I was a kid and please I have to ask you to raise your hand if you want to ask a question." Peter said raising his head a bit to get a better look at the reporter.

Light chuckles were heard as some thought it was funny hearing this from a person who looked like he should be in school right now.

"Yes" Peter said nodding to a journalist in the front row.

"How much money does this resort make a year?" He asked with his keypad and pen ready.

"We don't actually make money or charge for membership to the resort. This resort is supported by the donations of its members and visitors." Peter grin as he thought he shot down a tough question.

"What is done with that money?" The journalist asked with a follow-up question.

"Expenses and cost of running the resort are taken out first then most of the money is donated to local funds and charities. We also help local people with our funds by providing state of the art healthcare and computers systems to the schools." Peter smiled as the journalist looked a little disappointed.

"Yes, you in the back." Peter said now pointing to a young woman in the middle.

"A previous member of yours was made younger then she wanted. Was she at fault or the resort?" She asked with a false warm smile.

"Yes, that would be Mrs Homes and she was at fault. Somehow Mrs Homes find out where we kept the small bottles of youth mixture. She broke in and took an extra bottle then she was given. Then later try to sue us for everything. This matter was settled in a private court. You have to talk to our lawyers for anymore information." Peter said moving his head side to side letting every camera catch his face. Then pointed his hand to another reporter.

"Is there a chance we can take a tour of the resort?" He asked nearly bouncing on his feet.

"We can take one now if you like." Peter said gesturing to the door.


By Libra

Part 2 ‘Into Neverland'

Soon a crowd of reporters, journalist, and security guards were gather around the pool area just under Peter's office.

"Kimberly!" Peter called out to a little girl who looked no older then 4-year-old wearing a Finding Nemo swimsuit. She was in the kiddy pool with her mother playing a splashing game with her. She ran over and stopped at his side.

"Kimberly here is one of senior members and one of our best too." Peter said as he picked her up and held her with his right arm just around her backside.

"How old is she really?" asked an older reporter just to Peter's left side.

"I am twenty-four" Piped the little girl with a cute voice and showing with her fingers her age by lifting two of her fingers then four.

Laughs from various reporters and some journalist came as she held up her fingers. Most only smiled at her response.

"Kimberly had some problems when she was young and had a problem with trusting people. She went to many doctors before coming to us. Thanks to treatments she has taken over the past month she has finally reached her desired age where she can feel that she can trust people again. As you can see and heard, she has no problems now with people and is in the loving care of her step-sister." Peter said and then setting her down to let her go play with her mother some more.

"How young can a person get and when does the mixture wear off?" asked a reporter right in front of Peter.

"As young as they wished. We do advise against in becoming very young. Less then 10% of our members choose to be back in diapers again. Most settle on becoming teenagers or children again." Peter responded with a stern look.

"It doesn't wear off. Anyone who takes the mixture has to reach their old age in the normal way. So as you can see this is not a true Neverland." Peter said as he looked around the pool area.

"Isn't it true that some come back so they can put off growing older?" asked a female reporter.

"Few people do come back every year. Mostly those people don't wish to grow up just yet. We have a private and very secure hot tub that takes a year off after you spend 30 minutes in it. Most of our members just come back after ten years or so for another treatment." Peter answered with a joyful tone.

"Please if you have any more questions please direct them to my assistant Miss Parker or you may ask our guests. The ones around the pool area have volunteered to answer your questions and we do ask you not to leave the pool area." Peter explained in a mild tone.

None of the reporters stayed long inside the resort. As soon their main questions were answered most of the reporters went out to be one of first to report what they had seen. The outside world was on pins and needles on any news about the resort.

People were amazed that such a place could exist and been around for so long. Soon there were interviews of people from Starlight to members from of the resort and almost always on TV. People were now camping on the side of road just outside Starlight because of its hotels were packed full. The local post office in starlight was overwhelmed with the amount of mail that came in now.

Soon the clips of Kimberly, once a woman turned into little girl, were on every station. Kimberly seemed to be sweet and adorable enough to capture hearts of most viewers. Comments from people on what they think about the resort were also show on the news. Upon hearing on how much good the resort did for the local communities most of the comments were positive. A small growing number of people were taking side of Mrs Homes and starting to believe that the resort was evil.

"Great idea with Kimberly, sir." Miss parker said as she sat down in a chair just across from Peter.

"I know. It was important that the public sees that we can do something amazing. " Peter smiled as he looked down at the pool now empty of all members.

"There is some bad news too. Starlight is being overrun with visitors and there are a small percentage of people on Mrs Homes side." Miss Parker said now looking at the same pool.

"Visitors will leave soon enough. Start some very small tour groups through the resort. With the extra security I see no problem there. Mrs Homes will be another matter. Even is she did take an unauthorized treatment we do need to fix that problem. " Peter said with his hands behind his back to keep his hands still.

"When she broke the contract she did lose her membership and we can take some legal action against her." Miss Parker said noticing his stress.

"No. That won't solve anything. Besides she has been through enough already. As I understand it, her husband is leaving her and taking the kids. Mrs Homes is now in protective care in a foster home for her own safety." Peter said with a slight sign of relief.

"It's not a matter of money now." Peter went on.

"We could always offer her a chance to start a new life." Miss Parker said with a hint of hope in her voice.

"Think she take it?" Peter asked now wondering if she really would.

"What does she have to lose now? Her husband left her so she wouldn't endanger his membership." Miss Parker said with a bit of disgust on her face.

"Grand idea, invite her in tomorrow. If she accepts we have her on the news in the good light of the public." Peter responded with blight smile.

Miss Parker had never seen so short of meeting. Mrs Homes and her lawyer thought they were coming to find out they were going to be deeper in the hole in legal matters, but instead to find out that they were giving her what no other member had been given; a chance to come back after membership was revoked. Since Mrs Homes's husband had own everything and she was minor with no ownership, Mrs Homes was barely left with her clothes and they were now too big for her. Of course she took it right away. Situation at the foster home was hell. Foster kids were ignoring her and some were too scared to go near her.

"Then it is settled. First thing tomorrow you apologize for your actions. Sign the legal form and we give you one last treatment with membership so you can come back anytime. When you come of age again your membership will kept you young." Peter said now standing up and shaking his Mrs Homes small hand then the lawyer's hand.

Same group of reporters and journalist were invited back to witness Mrs Homes transformation into a toddler, after her sad statement that what she did was wrong and signed the form the show started.

Peter pulled a small water bottle from his pocket and set it into Mrs Homes hands. Mrs Homes was only dressed in a white robe with a swimsuit underneath. She disrobed then drank the contents of the bottle in one gulp.

Silence grew more unsteadily as people watched for changes. Mrs Homes sat back in her chair and waited. It was always a cold feeling followed by a warm tingle.

Gasps and mummers of amazement were heard as they watched. Now once 14-year-old was now 10-years-old and losing height and age. Luckily her swimsuit had straps that crisscrossed. Now it was a few sizes too big, but kept her cover where it counts. Mrs Homes described as best she could what she was feeling. Soon her cute voice had an adorable lisp to it. She swung her legs happily when she became a small 5-year-old and was still getting younger.

Due to her deceasing height Miss Parker lifted her up to sit on the edge of the table so everyone could watch. Former Mrs Homes face become round and her hair was so short and thin now. Her body now showed her belly growing outward and her limbs become short and chubby. She stopped when she reached the age of 2-years-old. Her once tight swimsuit now dangled off her body. The former Mrs Homes now was just Daphne Homes, she folded her arms down on her swimsuit to give herself cover.

"Daphne, do you have any comments for your former husband?" Peter asked as he leaned forward toward the toddler.

Cameras zoomed on her toddler face as she turned back toward the cameras and blew a raspberry. Laughter exploded from everyone in the room and people at home were nearly in tears.

"Well!" Peter said sitting back and laughing.

Once the room was quiet again, questions came and Daphne sat happily on the edge of table to answer them. Everyone couldn't help notice that she was acting a bit like a toddler then a adult. Soon after, the question was asked to Peter.

"Yes, this is why we don't recommend going too far back. Once a person goes too far in body, the mind will follow. Daphne still has most of her adult memories, but she has lost some of her mental guards. Sometimes childlike behavior can be noticed, from swinging their legs to throwing a tantrum. Any younger and former Mrs Homes would be baby in behavior, but not fully in mind." Peter said while he stood up.

"So she could be upset easily if she was cold or being teased?" asked a journalist in the front.

"Yes. She still remembers what she learned in life, but doesn't fully understand it." Peter answered.

"Since Daphne is not younger then this she still has most of her adult self." Peter added.

If any doubt remained, one only had to look into Daphne's eyes to see that she was still an adult on the inside.

"Daphne, what are you plans now?" Asked a older reporter.

"Acting," The toddler Daphne said with a smile.

A few more general questions were asked, before Daphne tugged on Miss Parker's shirt that she wanted to leave to change into some new clothes. All the reporters left in a hurry to get on the air first with the story. Few reporters didn't bother leaving in a rush. Few of the stations did a live feed.

Back in Peter's office, Miss Parker waited with Daphne, now dress in a toddlers outfit that fit perfectly on her. Peter and Daphne's lawyer enter the room soon after she was fully dress.

"They want to see more transformations like hers." Peter said to Miss Parker as he sat down.

"Sir we could arrange more if you like." Miss Parker said as she sat Daphne on the ground to her feet.

"Yes, we have to do it." Peter said with a bit of remorse.

"So I understand you going to be Daphne's legal guardian now as well as her lawyer?" Peter said quickly to change the subject.

"Yes, I have a few useful contacts in Hollywood and a certain film maker thanks that Daphne would be perfect for a role in a movie. Where else are you going to find a toddler that can learn all her lines in so fast?" Lawyer chucked lightly. Daphne at this point was feeling too much like a toddler to say anything.

"Well I wish both of you the best of luck." Peter said now standing up to shake each of hands before Daphne was carried out by her lawyer.

"Sir, any ideas on showing the public more?" Miss Parker said as she shut the door.

"Thinking we could give out a few free treatments. A few of the letters including e-mails have a few good people. This one here is somewhat interesting situation." Peter said as he handed a small white letter to his assistant.

"Contact her and see when she can come in with her son." Peter said as he shut down his computer.


By Libra

Part 3 ‘Gift can sometimes be a curse'

"Mrs Paula Giles and her son Robert are here to see you Sir." Miss Parker said as she let them in.

"Have her son wait outside." Peter said as he offered her a chair.

As soon as the door was shut Mrs Giles spoke.

"Thank you for seeing me, Mr...." Mrs Giles stop realizing she didn't know Peter's last name.

"Just Peter. I had my name changed to only include my first name only. Very useful when one needs to protect family."

"Oh." Mrs Giles said, looking toward the door.

"Don't worry. This room is sound proof. Your son won't hear a thing." Peter smiled to help relax her.

"Well, let me just say the way he turned out was my fault and I just want to thank you for giving me a second chance with him." Mrs Giles said after she took a deep breath.

"I must congratulate you on being so honest and open." Peter said as he leaned back in his seat.

"Of course he thinks that you are here to get the treatment?" Peter asked briefly looking toward the door.

"Yes. I thought it be easier for me to get him here by telling him that." Mrs Giles said softly folding her hands in her lap.

"Despite all he has done you still love him?" Peter asked looking into her eyes.

"Yes and his father feels the same way. That is why I am prepared to give my life savings." Mrs Giles said with a serious look.

"No need. The treatment will be free. Part of a promotion we're doing. People are very interested in seeing more of what we do." Peter said as he reached in his desk.

"Normally we don't de-age anyone against their will, but a local judge can order it if it is in the best interest of the person. After you and your husband sign off on this. I am authorized to do so." Peter said after handing her a legal document.

"If I understand right you wish for your son to become a 1-year-old. " Peter said as she took the paper in her hand.

"Yes, you can take 11 years away from him?" Mrs Giles asked after she glance over the document.

"Oh yes, I do suggest you tell your son the truth tonight. You can even stay in the resort if you wish?"

"Yes, I will and thank you. My husband is still looking for a room to rent." Mrs Giles said as she stood up.

"No problem at all. Don't worry about your son. No one can get in or out of the resort without my permission." Peter said as he escorted her to the office door.

From what Peter could tell from the boy's behavior the kid was a punk by talking back to his mother, and later on causing trouble by bullying the younger kids. Little did he know that some of the children weren't really children in truth.

"I'll be glad when this brat is a baby. I had to assign a security guard every shift this to kept him from causing more trouble." Miss Parker said as she walked with Peter to his office. Still early in the morning and press conference was only minutes away.

"Yes I have heard. I had to assure some members a few times that this kid wasn't going to be bullying any one every again. Did I mention that our friends in the Government have finally come thru?" Peter said with a small smile.

"You mean they did it?" Miss Parker said as she stopped walking.

"Yup, three others have been found so far. I just happy fifty years of research didn't go to waste. I will announce it in this next press conference." Peter smiled at her surprised expression.

Newspapers were tired of writing stories about the resort, now nickname Neverland, due to Peter's comment. Peter was even referred to being Peter Pan.

Even some major news casters were dropping their interest in the resort. When the conference room was finished filling, it almost looked like there be nothing but cameras and cameramen. Most tourists had left Starlight to go back home and watch for any news on Neverland. New rumors were flying around and it was because of these new rumors most had left Starlight.

Cameras started rolling as soon the door opened. A young preteen boy could be seen entering the room with two security guards closing following him. Miss Parker and Peter came next into the room. No tables were in the room this time. Only chairs were in place giving a full view of everyone. To Peter's request the boy's parents were in the next room out of sight of the cameras.

Peter took his position in front of the mic stands. While everyone else sat in their chairs.

"This boy is you see before you is a trouble pre-teen. His parents and countless councilors have tried to help him with little results. His mother and father have asked me to give this boy one treatment. This means he will revert back to an infant. No more then 1-years-old, giving him a second chance at life. Just maybe through the love and compassion his parents will give him, he just might grow up to be a different person. His transformation will only be the beginning of others. This resort will be giving out a few free memberships to random people that we think are the best to receive our gift. Resorts like this will soon be common place. Thanks to a government support program and our efforts we have found more springs. One of these springs has been placed in the government care and the other two have been sold to other companies. We have already shared our secret of the youth mixture with them." Peter paused to allow any questions from the few reporters that remained.

"How soon will these other resorts be available to the public?" asked a local reporter in the front.

"From what I am told they will be open within a month and more springs will be found soon." Peter answered with a smile.

"Where are these other resorts?" asked a female reporter from one of the last major news networks people that stayed.

"Details will be given to you after this news conference is over by the president herself. Now to kick off our promotion I think I let Miss Parker do the honors." Peter answered politely.

Miss Parker was handed a small bottle then walked over to the boy. The boy was only dress in a hospital type gown and looked like he had accepted his fate for the moment. There really wasn't much of chance to escape now. The only exit was guarded by men two times his age and size. A few people in the room were surprised that he took the bottle so quickly and drank it dry of its contents.

The boy quickly lost height and hair. Then his face changed from mature to slightly cute. Since the gown threatened to shallow the boy from sight, Miss Parker easily slipped it over the boy's young body. He curled into a sitting position in an attempt to hide himself with little luck. Only the boy's heavy breathing could be heard now in the room. His body went from skinny to chubby and baby fat soon filled in all over his body. Now too small to cover himself anymore or he just didn't care anymore he sat back in chair while last of his memories faded away.

Now barely a year old in age, the baby cried loudly out of fear and being cold. Miss Parker picked him up and held him till he stopped crying then left the room with him.

"As you see sometimes a gift can be a curse. That is why I will ask the public to be careful before you decided what age you really what to be. I hope you choose the right age." Peter said with the most serious look he could have ever had.

"Hope to see you soon and that is all I have to say." Peter said before he left the room.

The End.