Sweat Fever



Three days now passed since I been sick as a dog Elizabeth Pane thought to herself.

Now only the sweats came and went. She knew what it meant as soon she got them. she hope that it was only the flu, but it was worse. She had what was post to be mankind’s greatest gift now turned into curse. She knew inside her body was a virus that gave almost any person youth again. Who would have guessed the bug would mutate into completely different virus.

She saw those who were infected before on TV and newspapers. At first they appear to be little kids wearing adult like clothing. As you got closer you saw in the eyes they really adults trap in a child’s body. She heard that the virus can make some people younger then that as well.

At least I have my husband to support me Elizabeth thought. Lucky for him he was born immune to the first version of the bug. There was only two ways to get the second version; Catch the first one then it mutates or by blood from someone who was infected.

Sweats were a sure sign you got the second version. Odorless and more water then actually human sweat would pour from your skin at night.

"My dear sweet Tom" Elizabeth whisper to him as he sleep. His mind free of worries and dreams untouched by nightmares.

When could she tell him and how. Elizabeth wonder in her mind. Soon she start showing the signs of the virus. At first it is a blessing. Extra energy and gain back your young teen body. Then it depends how you body reacts to the bug. You could find yourself back in diapers or picking out kid size underwear for the rest of your life.

Another cold spasm took her as she had a mental picture of herself as little girl no older then 6-years-old sleeping next to her husband dress only in little girl’s underwear. She could see the underwear as clear as day. Pokemon type that was blight pink with character Misty on it and cover with little strange creatures all over it including the rim. She saw Herself small and skinny all over. No signs of womanhood anywhere. Hairless pink skin girl that was once a woman.

Shaking her head to calm herself and rid herself of that terrible picture Elizabeth sat there on the edge of the bed. Tom had gotten use to her bathrooms trips when she was really sick. No need to worry about that anymore. Now it was only unscented sweat that came. It was her body riding itself of unnecessary water because it was now growing smaller as she aged backwards. She hope that it was morning sickness, but with the sweats there was no doubt.

Tomorrow at breakfast she decided. Then she got back into bed and almost curled up into a fetal position. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad she thought as she drifted into sleep.

"Good morning!" Thomas Pane said as he enter the kitchen and sat at the table. Elizabeth look a lot better now then he saw her in the past few days. He suspect he knew what was wrong with her.

"Honey, There is something I got to tell you…" Elizabeth said then halted. The words were lost in her throat.

"Are you late?" Tom asked with concern that this was causing his wife so much grief.

"Yes, but it might not be the cause your thinking of. It’s just I got the sweats after I got better." Elizabeth said in a rushed voice.

"your sure?" Tom asked with disbelief. He did notice the sheets were wet on her side. Like someone took a pitcher of water and poured across her side of the bed. At least it didn’t smell he thought as he remember it.

"Yes" Elizabeth answered back.

"We have to go see doctor to be sure. If it is the bug then we have a early warning at least. If it’s not then we get the nursery ready and spread the good news. " Tom holding his wife’s hand.

Then terrible thought came across her mind at that point.

"What if it is both?" She asked almost in pleading manner.

Tom went pale at her words.

"I don’t know." He said now getting up and calling the doctor.

They went on the same day and Elizabeth spent hours while she was poke with needles and examined over by three different doctors. Elizabeth feeling like a lab rat was glad when she told she could go home.

"We call you with the results." Doctor said as he talked with them as they were leaving.

Another restless night pass for the both of them now. It was just after noon when the phone rang.

Elizabeth couldn’t bear even getting up. Tom jumped up and pick up the phone with a slow hello. Then listen as the doctor spoke. Elizabeth only caught a few words from doctor voice. Not enough to make much sense from what she caught.

"Uh huh, then a OK" Tom said looking both relief and troubled.

Another "OK" came then he handed the phone to Elizabeth.

"Yes" Elizabeth said sounding like she was far away.

"Mrs. Pane, I just got done telling your husband that you have been tested positive and you are pregnant. " Doctor said in a calming voice.

"What will happen to my baby?" She asked almost going into tears.

"Before, your baby would have simply reverted back into a egg and sperm. There is procedure that we can try. " Doctor said now holding the phone back a bit. Her voice sounded too sad to listen too up close.

"Anything to save my baby. I do anything you want." Elizabeth irrupted the doctor.

"That’s good to hear, but we only half way there. The only way we can do it is by transferring your baby into a surrogate. Risky for the baby and surrogate. There is a chance that surrogate could be infected and baby will be lost anyway. " Doctor explain then paused.

"What would we need to do?" Elizabeth asked after she thought it over.

"First thing would be to found someone to be the surrogate. Closer in the family the better." Doctor said as he place the phone against his ear.

"I do have younger sister." Elizabeth said.

"Sooner the better. Your baby didn’t reach the fetus state yet and there is only so much time before it’s too late. No more then 2 weeks and call me when after you talk to your sister and discuss details then." Doctor said then writing on his notepad.

It was a strange call for Ann Lockard as she talk with her older sister.

"Does mom know yet?" Ann asked after she receive the news.

"Not yet. I wanted to wait for your answer. You understand there is chance this won’t work and we might end sharing the same room again if it goes wrong? " Elizabeth asked still unsure what the answer might be.

"I do it, big sister. Your always there for me when I younger and maybe this time I be the big sister for once if it goes bad." Ann answer back and adding a small joke.

"Thank you" Elizabeth said back now crying.

"I tell mom and we will fly in tomorrow if we can. I call you back if she can make it. Goodbye." Ann said then hanging up to call her mom’s house.

The phone rang within five minutes after Elizabeth hung up. Her mother and sister were coming tomorrow. Tom was at work when this conversation was taking place. He support her no matter what.

Due to the fact there wasn’t much time most of the paper work would be put off till after the surgery. After many release forms were sign and copies were made. Both sisters were taken to be prep over the next two days. Expert in the field was called ahead of time and arrive that morning of surgery was to take place.

As both sisters laid on the tables now inhaling gas from small masks and counting backwards from ten they reached out and held each other hands for a brief few seconds before their drifted off to sleep.

Surgery lasted for over five hours. Transferring a undeveloped fetus was new and tricky surgery. There was only a 1 in 4 chance it would work even if didn’t wrong on the table. There was also rejection or infection risk as well.

Two teams of doctors work on the sisters in the room. Exact the undeveloped fetus from the one sister then to prepare the other sister to receive the undeveloped fetus. Receiver was being feed mixture of special hormones through tubes to prepare her body. This would jump start her body into thinking it was pregnant until it took over on its own accord.

Elizabeth spent the next week in a hospital bed slipping in and out consciousness. She was kept asleep so her body could recover better.

When she finally awoke Friday she found her mother watching over her. Stoking her head like she would when her little girl was sick.

"Water" she croaked. Her lips were dry and throat felt terrible. With her mother’s help she slip from a cup of water by her bed.

"Feeling better" her mom asked taken the cup away from her mouth to refill the cup.

"A little." She replied back. Elizabeth body felt so weak like she never be able to move again.

"My baby?" she ask not sure she wanted to know.

"Safe for now." Her sister replied from the bed next to her. Elizabeth look over to her left side now. Ann look a hell of lot better then she could feel at that moment.

"Hey Honey!" Tom said as he came in carrying two very large, but equal baskets of flowers and place them each at their bedsides then giving his wife a kiss. Before sitting down on the opposite end from Elizabeth’s mother.

"Good your both up at the same time and everyone is here." Doctor said as he came in to make his rounds.

"It was successful. Congratulations are in order for the both of you. Looking at Elizabeth first "Your the now the 7th women in the world that this surgery has work on with full success." Then looking at Ann. "Your body has accepted the changes and you showed no signs of being infected. Lucky for us the womb provided temporary protection before it was too late." Doctor said smiling. He look like he couldn’t wait and go off to write paper on the subject.

"Ann will have a scar when stitches are taken off and bandages remove. Elizabeth won’t have one for long. Her body will recover faster now and she be out of here before Ann will. Drugs effects should wear off in the morning." Doctor said as he check over their charts.

"So sleep tight the both of you." He said now leaving to go to the next room.

Doctor turned out to be right. Elizabeth was release first and spent the next two days in bed with shorts trips to the bathroom.

Her mother stayed at the hospital to look after Ann. While Tom cared for wife over the weekend.

"I feel like such a pig. Sweating and eating so much." Elizabeth said after her husband bought her another dish full of food.

"Pigs don’t sweat dear and you just getting your strength back. So here eat up while you feel like it." Tom said sitting the dish on her lap.

"Look at me Tom. Already losing weight and my scar is fading." Elizabeth said as lifted her shirt to show her scar.

"Honey you know the regression speeds up temporary when someone is recovery from injures. You got a lot to recovery from." Tom Said now kissing her then stripping her shirt off.

"Lets get you a bath." He said taken his own shirt off.

"Get your little piggy wash." She said as she sat the dish off her lap and onto the night table.

"Your not pig." Tom said he walk with her to shower.

"I meant this little piggy." She said laying her hand on his crotch.

Tom was happy that night. First part of the regression is always a blessing. He couldn’t remember her being so frisky since their teenager days. As they laid together sitting up in bed watching TV it was Elizabeth that broke the their silence moment between them.

"Think if we ask my sister would move in with us?" Elizabeth ask Tom sounding like she wondering more then actually asking.

"There is the room next to the nursery. Its just as big as our room" Tom said thoughtfully.

"Can I trust you with two women in the house?" She asked only teasing.

"Yes" he said rolling his eyes.

"Think she just uproot herself from where she lives now?" Tom ask her seriously.

"Well, I know just became a nurse and all. I think she say yes because her apartment is hardly bigger then the spare bedroom. She could easily get a job here if she needs more room there always the basement instead." Elizabeth explain her opinion.

"Well, we ask her tomorrow. Lets get some sleep." Tom said clicking the TV off with the remote and switching the light off.

Ann herself had given it some thought before they ever asked her on the next day. After she fully recover she could get a job here in this same hospital if she liked. It be months before she be unable to work and she wanted to close to her sister. When they asked her she was happen they asked first and not herself. She took the basement over the room. she wanted more space then her last place had at the very least.

Sister’s mother was invited to stay as long she wanted. She could stay in the guest bed since Ann passed it up. Tom wasn’t sure if he wanted a house full women or not, but if it helps his wife he do anything.

Elizabeth regression slowed after she fully heal. Her scar now completely gone and she was back to eating normally. Weeks flew by as the odd looking family went out to stores to buy baby things and spent just nearly as much time fixing up the basement. Ann was glad when they finally able to move her stuff in. She was getting tired of sleeping on a cot.

It was pleasant surprise to learn that Elizabeth’s mother was leaving and going to moved into the neighbor. Elizabeth could still remember her words; "Don’t why I still living in that old house so far away from you all. Your father passed away years ago and it’s time for me to stop living in the past. My future is with my girls and my grandchild."

After all the moving was done and everyone settle in and the months seem to fly by. Tom and Elizabeth spent most of their time with each other and her sister as went to restaurants and movies. Elizabeth was getting younger of course. She could barely pass for 18-year now and dislike when people would raise their eyebrows at them as she held Tom’s hand. Tom didn’t mind her becoming a teen. Sex was great and for once she wanted more then he did.

While they came out movies now to forgot about their troubles they spoke in casual manner as before if nothing was wrong.

"Thank god for my parents leaving us so much money before they passed." Tom said as he held her slender hand. He also felt her wedding band with string wrapped around part of the band so it stayed on her hand. Sort of trick a high school girl does so she can wear her boyfriend’s high school ring.

Elizabeth did tease Ann a bit when she saw wadding as she walk. She was now close to due date.

"Think it will be a girl?" Ann asked hopefully as they enter the parking lot.

"Hope so!" Elizabeth answer back.

Tom didn’t voice his choice, but if they ask he say a boy for sure. He felt so out of place with all girl stuff happen all around him at home.

After helping Ann into the back of car. Tom jumped into driver’s seat of Elizabeth’s car. Since they kept getting pulled over by cops. Elizabeth was getting tired of showing her new id that explain why age appeared to wrong when they check the plate number. The new card was a driver’s license/ID card that was green with black font. Color green was to show that she was one of those rare cases.

Other main reason was Tom didn’t like her father giving her driving lessons.

As they pulled away from theater and was about to pass through a intersection it was Elizabeth that noticed first and too late. A car was running a red and didn’t see seem pull out. It was heading straight for her side of the car. Terrified screams and loud sick bang combination of metal, glass and plastic was last thing Elizabeth heard before she blackout.

"I think she coming around." Elizabeth heard Ann’s voice.

Elizabeth found herself on a table in a emergency room with Tom and Ann looking down on her.

Upon seeing her eyes open Tom said.

"Kid ran a light and crashed into us. You got it worse then us. Your a touch more bang up then us." Tom said gesturing between himself and Ann.

"The baby?" Elizabeth asked worry.

"Fine." Ann said with a smile.

"Thank you god." Elizabeth whisper as she got to her feet. Losing her only would be child would be too much for her.

"Doc’s got to check you out first then we can leave." Tom said as he help get on her feet.

"Oh honey, afraid we won’t be able to sell your car for what it’s worth." Tom said as he watched her rub her head bandage gently.

"Totaled?" She asked with a little remorse. She was hoping to sell it for more family vehicle.

"Completely. Only good news is the kid’s parents are willing settle now. Father of kid is some big wig at company. So we get enough money to cover these medical bills and to put into the next car."

"Not a car, hon. We need a mini van." She joked knowing Tom dislike the soccer mom van.

She was only in such good spirits because her love ones were still alive.

"Whatever you want honey." Tom said looking away.

"Lucky, I live so close." Was the sister’s mother first words when she arrived to pick them. Then came "Is everything all right?". She could see they all were cut and bruised. She drove little faster then normal to get there when she got the call from Ann.

After assuring her numerous times that everyone was all right including the baby. Ann and Tom spent the next week in pain from car whip lash. Elizabeth recovered after the first day. She lost a few more years as her body speed up to heal itself. She was starting to worry about what kind of diapers she think would like wearing if virus didn’t stop soon. It would take a full year for her body to become completely changed.

She now borderline on 15-years of age. What trouble her now was her body. She now had pimples and small teen breasts. Tom was getting less frisky with her and prefer to touch then have sex with her now of days.

"Don’t think I am beautiful anymore?" She cried out one night after he refused her. Teen hormones were back in full swing again.

"Honey, Your still beautiful to me just I figure since it hurts you a bit. You wanted me to stop. " Tom said and thought about the half of dozen times she ran to bathroom after ward. She had became a virgin and lost virginity six times now.

"Getting tired of popping the same cherry over and over?" She ask still furious as ever with no good reason.

"Baby, Your the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with." Tom said as he slid his right hand into her vagina and fondle her breast with his left hand.

Her body became overload with his touches and stokes she collapsed a few minutes later in great wave of pleasure.

It was a good thing that their child was born a few days later. Tensing inside the house was rising. Elizabeth was now stuck at home all the time. Her driving license was revoke now since she look 15-year-old. Her card was nothing then a ID now.

It was in the early hours of one morning that Ann came into their bedroom to wake them up. She gone into labor just minutes before.

It was strange site to see a 14-year-old girl in the delivery room holding a woman’s hand as she breath in and out. About to give birth to her child and her husband’s. Tom was on the other side holding her other hand and yelling out encouraging words.

"One last great push" Doctor said with such encouragement that rival Tom’s own words.

Smack sound was heard followed by a newborn’s wail.

"It’s a boy!" Doctor announce handing the baby to the nurse. He was clean up and wrap in blanket then handed into Ann’s arms.

"He so beautiful" they both said in almost perfect unison. Elizabeth held him next then finally Tom.

"It’s a boy, It’s a boy." Was Tom’s only words for a while.

With the new addition in the house. Elizabeth forgot her own worries and starting worrying about new ones. She was the one who changed him, diaper him, and dress him the most out of the family. Of course it was Ann who feed him and rocked him until he fell into sleep.

"What is it like?" Elizabeth asked in her still slowly increasing pitch voice as she watched Ann nurse her son.

"Kinda tickles." Ann said as she look down on her big sister. She now appear to look like a 12-year-old with hardly anything upstairs.

"Training bra days?" Ann asked as she sat down on the sofa from her walking back and forth.

"Yeah." Sounding younger then she appear.

"Wanna try it while you still have them?" Ann asking Elizabeth while looking at her chest.

"Doesn’t matter if you got milk. He suck anyway." Ann stated flat out.

Stripping her shirt and training bra off Elizabeth sat there on the sofa while her son try to get milk from her small nipple.

"It does tickle." Elizabeth said with a laugh.

She was soon embarrass when Tom enter the room. He slip in quietly through the garage door and no one notice the small sounds he made as he enter.

Handing the baby back to Ann she ran from the room in tears and covering herself with her arms. Tom hadn't seen her naked for over a month now and she didn’t want to be seen nearly flat chest.

Tom came into the spare bedroom. They had recently coveted into Elizabeth own private room. Still topless he found her crying and wailing into her bed pillow. She jumped when he touched her back and starting rubbing.

"It’s OK." Tom said softly.

"I think it’s sweet you wanted to know how that felt." Tom went on trying hard to sound like he was consoling a child.

"It’s not that!" she wailed from her pillow. She still had her head bury in it.

"Your still beautiful." Tom said before she could explain.

"Really?" Elizabeth said now drying her tears as she sat up drawing her knees close. So she have some cover while they chat.

"Cute as ever." Tom said as he put his arms around her and lifted her into his lap.

"I don’t care if I have to change your dirty diapers for the rest of my life. I will always love you." Tom said as he wiggled his nose with hers.

Elizabeth felt so small and timid as her big strong Tom held her.

"Touch me?" She asked with her sad eyes.

Kicking the door with his foot he fulfilled her request for most likely the last time.

Short time later. "Bath time now." Tom said as he open the door.

"I want you to come in with me." She said as they walk out of the bedroom.

"I wash you, but not joining you." Tom said as he switch on the lights to the bathroom.

"OK." She said smiling.

"Sis! Bring James for his bath." She called out.

Ann left the bathroom after she handed Elizabeth her son.

"Give you all some family time alone." Was her only comment as she left.

Elizabeth washed James as she sat Indian style and Tom sat on his knees outside the tub washing her body. She was nearly flat now and barely had any hair left down below.

"Does it even cover up anymore." Elizabeth said she look between her legs. Holding her son in her arms.

"Shhhh, Don’t think about hun. Just think of all goods things that happen. Your got child now that was nearly lost twice. Your sister and mother are close when you need them. Best part you got me to take care of you."

"Don’t want to be baby." She explained her worse fear..

"I know." Tom replied.

"Don’t worry you won’t be alone if you do." Tom said to reassure her.

"You mean" She started to say.

"Yup. If you can’t beat them, join them." Tom said with a smile.

"I share a crib with you until the end. " Tom said as he gently move her hair away her face.

Then he thought; There was no growing up again or living forever. Anyone that was infected lived on for 50 years and sometimes longer before their body would simply shut down. All cases were the same when they were about to pass on. They would become tired all the time then they fall asleep one night and never wake up.

"No!" Elizabeth nearly shouted.

"Not until our son is adult. He should have a father that he can look up too. " She added on.

"You sure?" Tom ask.

"Yes. If he can’t have full grown mother he should at least have a full grown father around." She said now tearing up a bit around the eyes.

"OK, only if you allow your mother to see you. Been a while and the last time I can recall was when she saw you at the hospital after the car wreck. I know you don’t what her to see you, but she loves you like you love James." Tom said as he grab a towel to wrap James in.

"OK. She can come over tomorrow." Elizabeth said after Tom took James in his arms. At that point she would have agree to anything to keep Tom from the same fate as hers.

Elizabeth’s mother had been over to see her grandson many times, but she never caught site of Elizabeth. Elizabeth would hide in her room until her mother left.

Elizabeth wanted to get dress-up a bit for mother. She even found the old dress that her mother use to love to see her wear when she was kid. She grew out and only kept it for around for memories.

"Mom, She lost a few years since you saw her last" Ann said as they sat down.

"I figured that much. How old would you say?" her mother ask.

"Between 11 or 12 years-old now." Ann answered back.

Elizabeth was in her new room looking over the old dress. Good thing it was vacuum sealed. Feels the same as ever she thought.

"Elizabeth, I just put James to bed and your mother is in the living room waiting for you." Tom said as he stop by the door before walking on.

"OK." She answer back before he was out of ear shot.

"Hi Mommy" Elizabeth said as she stood in the doorway to the living room. She was a lot shorter now and look so young to her mother.

Both just look at each other in complete silence for a few seconds.

"I am not going to spank you. Come here give me your mother a hug and kiss." She said then open up her arms wide.

Tom heard a "sorry" from Elizabeth as they embraced.

"I know it’s been hard on you. Suffering from this bug and having a baby in the family." Her mother said now only one arm wrapped around her wrist of her once oldest daughter.

"Love that you found that old dress just for me." Elizabeth mother went on as she consoled her.

"Tommy here, still showing he cares for you?" She ask looking from Elizabeth to Tom.

"Yeah, mom. I get plenty of kisses and hugs." Elizabeth said going red in the face. She felt so much like child now with her mother around.

"Good! If he ever stops you just come and live with me. It be like the good old days again." Her mother said with a bit laughter and very serious tone.

"Don’t worry mom, Tom not going anywhere. He even offer that he share the crib with me if I wanted him too." Elizabeth said a grin.

Tom’s face went red at that point.

"Really? Well that would be even better." Her mother went right along grinning with her daughters.

Few more months went by and Elizabeth kept getting younger. Seem to slow somewhat now, but she still lost 2 years every month now. Wasn’t till she was woke up now 7-years-old to find she wet the bed. She didn’t want her sister to know she was a bed-wetter now so she got Tom to help her with the sheets.

"They need a good wash anyway. I swear you nearly soaked the mattress all the way through when you get those sweats. " Was Tom’s reply as he carried the sheets to the washer.

"We have to get something I can wear at night." Lizzy replied almost in a whisper. Everyone now called her Liz or Lizzy since she requested a few days ago. She didn’t feel like being called Elizabeth anymore. It remind it her too much of her former life. She wasn’t much of Elizabeth now only wearing a T-shirt because she already took off her panties and pj pants and threw them in the hamper.

"OK. Go get dress and we ride down the store." Tom said smiling. She look so much like a little girl he couldn’t help let his heart melt a little bit for her.

Lizzy didn’t like the way people were treated her as a little girl, but she was still getting use too it. Now fully dress and looking out the window of the new family car. She was happy she live just outside the city and out in country type area. There was a old country store stock with latest modern things any family would need just down the road. It was there that they were going as she listen to ‘Beautiful by Christina Aguilera’ on the car radio. She really it for some odd reason.

Liz prefer to stand outside and wait while Tom shopped. Rebecca the clerk knew about Lizzy, but Liz didn’t like being the store while other people were shopping.

"Liz, I wish you stop pacing about like that." Blind Willie said then setting down his book down that was full of Gail words in it.

"How did you know it was me?" Lizzy ask with wonderment. She hadn’t said a word and Tom went in without saying hi.

"Because no child walks and breaths like that when they wait. Your steps are too slow and breathing is steady like an adult’s. That and your still wearing some that perfume your husband likes." He said grinning toward where she was standing. He wore funny circle like glasses over his eyes.

"Mind if I see your face?" He ask turning his right hand over to reveal is palm and fingers.

"No." Liz said then she guided his hand to the top of her face. She instantly closed her eyes as he gently ran his fingers down her face only once.

Then taking his right hand into hers and holding it he smiled again.

"Still beautiful as ever and cover with bunch of freckles I bet." He said patting her hand.

"Thanks." Liz blush a bit and withdrawing her hand. Old Willie could charm any lady he wanted.

"Your boy; James is a lot like you. I be willing to bet he got your eyes as well. Your mother stop by a few times when she was baby-sitting him." Willie went on.

"Still asking her to merry you?" Liz ask with a grin. Willie asked ever single woman that came by to merry him at least once a week. That was just a part of his charm and good humor.

"She still won’t have me." He said smiling back.

"Ask you play a game of checkers, but I know your not staying long." He said gesturing to the game that laid ready by his chair.

"I would, but we just here to pick up some supplies." Liz said with little disappointment. Willie was one of few that didn’t treat her like a child. He tend to judge by you what you say and what he could sense from you.

"Well, I hope you bounce soon. I rather smell that perfume then diaper powder. " He said with warm voice.

"If you ever want to talk and help a old man pass the time. Cut down the path behind the store from your house. We play checkers till the cows come home." He said opening his book once again to read.

"Hi William" Tom said as he came out carrying a few bags.

"Sorry I didn’t say hi earlier. Didn’t see you there before." Tom said after he drop the bags in the back of the car.

"That’s all right. I didn’t see you either so were even." He said smiling at his own joke.

"Never miss a beat do you William?" Tom asked grinning.

"Nope." He said now his smile turning into a grin.

"See you later." Tom said before he could stop himself.

"See you later, too." Willie said almost laughing now.

"I come by another time to play a game and chat. Even if I have to crawl all the way here. Bye." Lizzy said before she got into the passager seat.

"I got you the best ones I could find. Strictly night time wear stuff only. We hid them somewhere in your room where no one will see them. " Tom said as they drove down the road.

"OK." Lizzy said now wishing she could of stay at the store.

James was almost a year old. He came to rely on Lizzy for changing and other such motherly things, but it was his aunty Anna he went too when he was hungry or thirsty. Since Lizzy couldn’t reach the stove any more it was Ann that did most of the cooking. Ann stayed to help out with the house work and be close to her nephew.

"Hi ya James!" Liz said as she enter the house with Tom.

"Mommy!" James said then running to hug her.

"Been good? While we were out." Liz asked. She was only gone for twenty minutes at the most.

"Yeah." James answer.

James had his mother features when it came to his face, but he had his dad’s genes when it came to height. He was little tall for his age then normal boys. For James he had the best mommy in the world. She played with him all the time and took baths with him too. He spent nearly every waking hour with her and love that she was his playmate as well his mother.

"Get everything on the list I left on the table?" Ann asked when she saw Tom back from the hallway area.

"I think so." Tom answer back then sitting at the kitchen table

"I took the sweat sheets out of dyer for you while you did the shopping." Ann added before she walk back to the living to watch TV and finally to enjoy her day off.

"So what shall we do today?" Tom asked Liz and James.

"Coutwee bears" James said as his way to say he wanted to go see a movie. He saw the advertisement for it on TV.

"Be fine with me." Liz said. She often gave into childish stuff as long her son wanted to do it.

Liz got use to her night underwear within the first the month. With all the stress that came with becoming younger and rising a family it was no wonder her body was acting the way it was.

Tom stop in morning to check up on her before she left for her mother’s. house.

"Nearly a year now." Liz standing in front of the mirror only wearing a night time diaper that look like underwear. She looked at Tom in the mirror as he stood there looking at her body.

"Looks like you beat that bug. No baby diapers or cribs for you." Tom said with normal encouraging words. He was starting to wear down.

"Yup." Smiled a 5-year-old Liz. Looks like she was going to stop short of 4-years-old. She might be stuck to her nighties diapers, but nothing more then wearing a pad when she was a woman.

"Little younger then I hope for, but at least me and James won’t being using up all the diapers. " Liz said turning around.

Sliding her night wear down a bit so it fell freely to the floor she asked.

"Still beautiful?" As she looked up at him. Her body was completely undeveloped and hairless. Now start showing signs of toddler fat. Her face would soon become round.

"Always." He said picking her up and stood her on the bed to dress her. Lizzy love it when Tom would dress her and undress her. It was nice to feel his strong hands again as he gently help her in and out of her clothing. This was as close as she could get to being physically with him.

Knock came at the door at the moment. Liz jumped slightly. She was too busy noticing how strong tom was in the arms. He work out more then usual and his biceps were catching her eye. Tom kick Liz’s night time wear under the bed before the door open.

"Is Liz ready? " Liz’s mother asked as she enter the room and holding onto James’s hand.

"Nearly, Just a goodbye kiss is all that is left." Tom said then giving her a quick peck on the lips as Liz did the same.

Tom gave James a hug before they left to spent the day walking then head back to Grandma’s house for hot chocolate. She and James would spent the night before they came home the next day. Fall season was now setting in and days were getting colder and colder. Liz and James wore light clothes inside while adults wore pants and coats nearly all the time.

It was just a few days after James’s birthday that Tom broke down to tears of joy and sorrow. Liz was now 4-years-old and virus did all it can do in her body. She wore a little white soaks, blue skit and yellow sleeveless shirt that day. She recently taken up a hair style like Sailor Moon. Her and James would watch it in the morning and she like the style. It happen in the living room on their old brown sofa while Liz stood on a pink sofa cushion so she could be at eye level with Tom. Liz like the bulletin board just behind the couch. The board held pictures of herself when she was adult.

Tom had on his old purple faded shirt and normal blue jeans. As they chat about her regression finally being over.

"Oh Liz. I am so happy it’s over now, but so sorry I can’t be with you the way, we were meant to be." Tom said as tears came to his eyes. He loved the child in front of him, but missed his adult wife so much.

"Don’t cry." Liz said opening her arms to him and leaning into him as he moved his head toward her. She lifted her feet a bit to counter the weight of his head. Tom bent his head into her chest and cry a bit while he held her back with his left hand.

"Don’t cry." Liz repeated herself as she could only hold his head in her short arms.

"I know we be happy again someday." Liz said with a sad look as she looked down at her husband.

The End.