Three is a crowd



Revised by StevenB

“Who’s this stuff for?” Ashley asked her lover Katie. Ashley held up a strange looking plastic bottle of baby powder. Katie was too busy unpacking her clothes to give the bottle another look.

“Something my ex came up with right before I left him for you. He claimed that it could kept babies from growing any older and kept their parents young.” Katie answered and grinned at the disbelief on Ashley’s face.

“Does it work?” Ashley said giving the bottle another look this time on the back for instructions.

“Little bit of powder on the hands then wash it away a few minutes later. Please, you can’t take it seriously. He would have said anything to keep me from leaving. I guess that’s why he put it in there to remind me how badly he wanted me back.” Katie said looking amused.

“How sad.” Ashley said now looking at Katie.

“Wasn’t he researcher?” Ashley asked. She was unsure of the details of her lover’s former partner.

“Ha. He is a courier for a small research company. The company he works for makes those plastic bottles. It’s just a desperate claim made by a loser in life. Just toss it away along with any other stuff my ex slipped into my bags. ” Katie said looking at the bottle with slight disgust.

“It would be a shame to waste it all by throwing it away. We could have a little fun with it.” Ashley said playfully looking between the bed, bottle then Katie with curious eagerness Katie loved to see.

“Why not. Baby powder does smell wonderful.” Katie said giving into Ashley’s request.

Katie tossed the rest of the bags off the bed hazardously into the closet door. It had been nearly a full week since she had even kissed Ashley. Over the past week they had just missed each other when Katie just moved in with Ashley. Today was the last day she had to her things from her old life into her new life.

Being the more submission of pair, Ashley handed the bottle over to Katie. Katie poured a small amount into her small hand and set the bottle on the dresser. Rubbing the powder between her hands she then caressed Ashley breasts by slipping her arms under her shirt. Katie loved to feel the harden nipples and goose-bump skin as she caressed her.

As Ashley breathing increased, so did Katie temperature. Soon both were on the bed, Kissing increasing and Katie’s hand slipping down into Ashley’s pants as Ashley’s hand was slipping into Katie’s jeans.

A few minutes of light moans and mind blowing pleasures both laid exhausted on the bed. Each of them half naked and not caring.

“Think I’ve let my ex off too easy. I didn’t have the heart to tell him at the time I had fallen in love with another woman. He still thinks I found another guy.” Katie admitted as she gently stroked Ashley’s breasts slowly.

“That would have killed him.” Ashley said and sounded shock by the cruelty in Katie’s voice.

“That’s my old life and I like this much better.” Katie said giving Ashley’s right beast a small squeeze with her clean hand.

“Damn!” Ashley said jumping up from the bed as she glanced at the clock.

“Time does fly.” Katie said looking at the clock now. It showed fifteen til.

“Just enough time for a shower and to get dressed for work.” Ashley said as she dropped her pants and panties in the hamper.

Katie smiled at the nude from of Ashley for a minute and then decided to get started on the wash. She had a bag full of dirty clothes and wanted them clean today. Taking advantage of the spare sink in the other room where the washer and dryer were she cleaned up. Throwing an old shirt over her head she was dressed once again.

She had just started the first load in time to be back to the bedroom to see Ashley now getting dressed. No matter what state either woman was in both of them were beautiful. Katie found that Ashley’s wet body and hair was arousing her again.

“I’ll try to be back early tonight.” Ashley said in a loving voice then gave Katie a quick kiss on the lips. Katie noted the smell of baby powder on her as she leaned in to kiss.

“Sooner the better.” Katie said in a matter of fact voice then admired how young and fresh Ashley looked. She thought how lucky she was to find someone so early in her adult life and young looking.

Ashley looked like she regretted leaving, but her face changed to a more serious one and she left.

Katie busied herself with bags and cleaning that day. She wondered vaguely if she should have left her last job so quickly. Her old job place was on the other side of town and she did want to get a new job a little closer to her new home.

With nothing left to do at the house, she left to go job hunting. Perhaps she thought it was fate or just a strange happening, but she did apply for a job at a local daycare. Katie had some minor skills with computers and she was very organized. She was happy to see the vacant office space was far away from the children. She loved and adored children the same as any other person, but didn’t want any of her own. Neither did she care to take care of other people’s kids.

The pay was small for an assistant manager position, but Katie took it anyway. They needed someone ASAP and Katie decided to jump on it. Her past experience was very helpful in landing the job.

Getting home hours before Ashley would, Katie sat back and relaxed. It had been an interesting day so far. Walking around the house she noted little plans in her head for changing the house more to her style, a few minor changes here and there and she’ll feel more at home.

When she entered the bedroom she noticed that the baby powder bottle was gone. A quick trip to bathroom confirmed her guess. The bottle was sitting on top of the shower door.

Ashley in her playful manner must have put a little on after her shower to remind her of the morning’s events Katie thought.

Katie decided to go ahead with her shower. Not bothering with shutting the door or any fear of being spotted in the well curtained house, she stripped and her shower turned into a bath. She had enjoyed her bath so much she sprinkled a little baby powder in the water. The powder dissolved into the water turning it a chalky white.

Katie enjoyed the feeling of bathing in the creamy water. Soon after the water got cold and her skin wrinkled from the water. Getting out she drained the tub and dried off. Katie admired her beautiful body in the mirror. She looked trim and better then she remembered. Doing a quick check on the scale she saw she lost a few pounds.

“Guess all that holiday food didn’t go to my hips and butt.” Katie said out loud admiring her backside.

Putting the powder away in the closet and setting out extra shampoo bottles, Katie dried off and decided to wait for Ashley in just her robe that night. Ashley enjoyed the good news of the new job and seeing that Katie was so eager to see her when she got home that night.

“Funny, we are like two young lovers who can’t get enough of each other.” Ashley said as they laid in the bed holding on to each other like they always did after their love making.

“We’re just excited that’s all. Before we had to sneak around my ex so he wouldn’t know. Now we can be with each other night and day.” Katie said and Ashley being little younger then Katie snuggled closer to her body. Being more petite and shorter then Katie, Ashley enjoyed the feeling of her body against hers.

“You have been working out.” Ashley whispered as she glided her up to Katie breast.

“Ready for another round?” Katie asked her own hands in position on Ashley’s body.

“You bet.” Ashley said feeling like a teenager as she allowed Katie to proceed.

The next morning both felt alive and full of energy.

Now on the same work hours they both nearly left the house at the same time. To an outsider they appeared to be nothing more then room mates.

Nearly two weeks went by and both settled into their life of home and work.

“What did you do with that baby powder? Take it to work?” Ashley asked.

“No, Why?” Katie asked looking troubled by the second question.

“Well, just that since that first night I haven’t felt so alive. Shall we replay that night and use up the rest of bottle?” Ashley said in her playful manner.

“I guess its better then letting go on some rug-rat’s behind.” Katie said in a serious tone, but smiling to show she was being playful as well.

“Wait for you then.” Ashley said jumping up from the sofa and away from Katie’s arms. Katie normally likes to spend the evening cuddling on the sofa watching old movies, but thought Ashley had a good idea.

Grabbing the baby powder from closet she found that the cap was jammed with powder.

Katie found Ashley already on the bed and almost completely nude with only a sheet neatly place to hide very little.

Ashley giggled a bit as Katie struggled to move the lid. Ashley got up from the bed and leaned close to help out. When Katie popped the lid off, a cloud of white powder went all over both of them and the bed sheets.

Both coughed then laughed at each others faces. Each of them had a fair amount covering part of their face.

“Smooth one.” Ashley said touching Katie’s face to wipe away the powder.

“You look different.” Katie said after a moment. Ashley face was fresher in color and she looked smaller in size Katie noticed, as she looked over her body.

“Something about you as well that’s different.” Ashley said stepping back and looking at her.

“Been on a diet haven’t you?” Ashley said after another few seconds.

“No, hey your breasts are higher.” Katie said now seeing in total disbelief that Ashley chest was changing. Like her body was a peach color jell-o to form perkier breasts.

Running past Katie toward the bathroom, Ashley looked in shock at her face. Katie followed to look at her own face.

Watching closely they saw they were entering their late teens and then both realized what was happening.

“Quickly we got to wash this stuff off.” Katie said stripping away her clothing and ushering Ashley in first. Being younger then Katie, she was eager start the shower. Even more powder entered the air as Katie tossed off her clothing.

Both washed quickly out of panic and neither showed a sign of relief until they both were sure they had stop getting younger.

“It’s kinda neat.” Ashley said stepping out while Katie made sure to wash every part of her body.

“We nearly got turned into little girls.” Katie said and now looking over Ashley’s very young teenage body.

“We still had a few years before that would happen. Could you perhaps go a few more years down?” Ashley asked as she admired her 17 year or slightly older body. Ashley was still unsure exactly how old she was now.

“I look 18 years-old at best.” Katie said looking at her body then her face in the partial steam covered mirror.

“Just down to my age. Be nice to have someone my size.” Ashley said and motioned to her own body.

“Well, I guess I might get a little younger when I clean up the powder. One of us has to cap the bottle and clean up the powder mess in the bedroom. Grab some spare shirts from the closet and I’ll take care of everything.” Katie said after a moment of thinking.

Ashley grabbed some of her smallest clothing, which now hung loosely on her body. Meanwhile Katie cleaned up the mess and touching the powder as much as possible. She wiped down everything exposed to powder and had every sheet then clothing in the wash. Using a slight wet towel, Katie wiped away the rest of powder off her body and tossed her towel she was wearing to the hamper.

Ashley happily kissed Katie when she entered the living room where she was waiting. Katie was taken back that they were now at the same height and built in body. Katie knew her own body was more mature and larger, but now they were the same.

“What’s that’s word. Oh yeah. Cool.” Ashley exclaimed after a moment of admiration.

Katie finished dressing and noticed that Ashley’s clothes hung on her body.

“Fine mess we are in.” Katie said tugging lightly at her oversize shirt.

“Mess? Look at us. We are young again and can relive the past years all over, this time in each other company.” Ashley said happily and dancing a little on the spot.

“As who?” Katie asked trying her best to sound serious. Her teen voice was making it difficult to do so.

“Well..” Ashley started to say then realized the problem they had.

“Exactly. Who is going to believe we are a pair of mature women in our late 20s when we look like a pair of girls just out of high school.” Katie said in a depressing tone.

“Shame we don’t have a little more money. We could start a new life somewhere else.” Ashley said getting the feeling that Katie really did not want to stay young.

“We might sell the bottle of baby powder to someone, but it took half a bottle just make us teens again and we have no way of showing someone it works without using it on them. Then they might not pay us a dime.”

“Your ex. He might have more, but I doubt he’ll give any more to us.” Ashley said as a thought entered her mind.

“No, I think it is best if I can see if he has the antidote or not. Repeating college and working in a minimum wage job is something I’m not eager to repeat.” Katie said with a shudder as her nagging fears got the best of her.

Digging into her purse Katie flipped opened her cell phone and dial a number she thought she’d never call again. Ashley listened with a disappointed look as she only heard Katie’s response as her ex answered the phone.

“Sam?” Katie said after a moment.

“Look there been a little event that just happen over here.” Katie said staring out the nearly closed window rather then looking at Ashley.

Ashley noticed that Katie face went from clam to a shock expression.

“If you must know I look like I just got out of high school. I can’t go into work on Monday or let my friends see me like this. No one is going to believe who I am. Even if they do, they’ll treat me like a freak of nature or something. If you don’t have or know where I can get an antidote I’m calling the police and your work place to let them know you took some illegal samples while you were transporting them.” Katie said, her anger rising in her face then her voice.

Ashley watched in utter silence, as a few seconds later Katie’s face went relax and whatever she was hearing seemed to be the answer she wanted to hear.

“Be there in an hour or less. Bye.” Katie said briskly so not to suggest she wanted to be there. Katie carefully turned off the phone and put it back into her purse before going into a rant.

“That snake in the grass. He knew the entire time what would happen if a large amount powder got on a person. He said he’d hope this would happen so he could see me one last time.” Katie said furiously.

“Antidote?” Ashley asked trying to clam Katie rather than trying to act like she was curious to be returned to normal.

“He said he’ll give it to me tonight. He swore that he wouldn’t make me any younger and besides if I don’t return in a few hours you’ll call the police on him and tell them what my ex has been up to on his job.” Katie said the anger leaving her quickly as she hunted around the room for the smallest pair of shoes.

Putting on an old pair of Ashley’s tennis shoes and socks Katie was ready. She made a mental note not to speed or take a route where the cops might be watching.

“I’m going to worry to myself to death for every minute you’re with him.” Ashley said as she voiced her fear and looking serious for once in her life.

“Worst comes to worst you will change my diapers?” Katie said trying some of Ashley’s humor to defuse this serious moment.

Ashley looked shocked then grinned with relief.

“Hell I will. I’ll be there right next to you crying along for someone to change my diaper.” Ashley said jokingly.

“Try not to worry too much. Sam is too much of wuss to try anything against me.” Katie said as grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

“Be back soon.” Katie said as she turned to look at Ashley through her teenage eyes for what might be the last time.

The trip back to her old house was amazingly short. Katie showed no signs of being scared on the outside and she had the radio so far turned down it was nearly impossible to hear.

With the drive way being so short from the road, Katie pulled into the open garage. She noted that Sam’s car was park in front of the house, taking up the only free space on street that a person could legally park.

The side door into the house was open and Katie was about to asked the teenage boy who he was when she realized who he was.

“Sam!?” Katie said thinking she might have pulled into the wrong house.

“Wow. You look a little younger then a high school grad.” Sam said paying no attention to her slightly shocked face and question.

“Look..” Katie began then had to stop due to Sam’s rudeness.

“Come in.” Sam said then vanished back inside the house.

Angry by his attempt to get her to stay, Katie walked in. She couldn’t help but think that Sam might do something they both might regret later.

Katie couldn’t help but think, ‘Come in said the spider to the fly’, as she walked through the doorway.

At the small kitchen table were they had their meals together was Sam sitting with a mess of pictures of their past in front him.

“Good old days.” Sam remarked as she looked with some pity.

“Sam I need to get back soon.” Katie said seriously and was hopeful that Sam wouldn’t drag this out any longer.

“I married you if that’s what you wanted. I’m still in love with you.” Sam burst out in a quite voice.

“Sam. We had a good relationship while it lasted. I told you I found someone better for me.” Katie said taking a little pity on Sam. “Sam, baby. If you love someone you must let them go. You can’t force someone to return and except them to come back into your arms like nothing happened.”

“I thought if you saw me now in my prime, a young man with his whole life ahead of him, you’d stayed.” Sam said digging out a photo of himself back when he really was a college student.

“I’m in love with another person and we are very happy together.” Katie said and almost slipped up in telling him it was a she.

“Very well.” Sam said rising from his seat so fast that it gave Katie heart a jump. He turned and went into the bathroom.

A full minute passed and Katie wanted for the door to open. Katie took notice to some of Sam’s earlier childhood pictures. She looked when the door popped open and creaked a little as it opened only a little bit.

“Sam?” Katie called, now sense of dread in her mind. She wondered if he had killed himself. The door was ajar in a way that a soft breeze could have opened it.

Decided not to waste any time in foolish hope he come out, Katie marched forward and received the biggest shock for the entire evening. There sitting on the floor naked was a little boy no older then 6 years-old with an empty bottle of baby powder poured into his lap. The powder gave him little cover and most of it had landed on his belly.

“Sam!” Katie yelled then rushed forward to pick him up and put him in the tub to wash off the now soon to be deadly powder.

“Stop, unless you want to be a little girl.” Sam squeaked in his new little voice that almost sounded amusing.

“Just another missing person case.” Sam said more to himself then Katie.

Not wasting any time with useless conversation, Katie grabbed a towel off the rack and wrapped the 4-year-old Sam in it to protect herself and started a shower in the one person tub.

Sam screamed a bit as the cold water hit him, then yelled in anger and tried to get out. The tub sides were so high that no little kid had a chance of getting out without help. Katie quickly washed him and managed it so fast he appeared to be no younger then a 4-year-old.

Little Sam dropped to his knees and reached with pudgy hands in hopes of touching the powder water that had went down the drain. Only clear warm water was on the floor of the tub.

“I have a strong feeling to spank, but I won’t for the moment. Just look at you. Just two minutes ago you were a college kid. Now it will be years before you can even go to school.” Katie said turning the knob so water poured out the bottom nozzle.

“Antidote?” Katie said standing up and amazed just how short and small Sam was now. Sam craned his neck to look up and showed her only a stubborn face to express a defiant I’m not telling look.

“Fine. Be a little brat until you’re grown up again. I’ll call child services after I find the antidote.” Katie said looking around the room, skirting the small pile of baby powder dead center of the room. She was thankful that nothing had been poured out in the sink.

She looked in the cabinet above and below the sink area. Nothing new was in either of them.

Thinking then glancing at Sam she thought she saw his little eyes dart over to the closet for a brief second.

“In there isn’t it.” Katie said as she stepped over the pile and opened the narrow closet door.

Looking up and down Katie only spotted a few new items. One new item caught her eye the most. Funny bottle of body oil with the label torn off was right there on the bottom shelf if intended for a person who was very short or perhaps very young person, Katie thought.

Thinking fast, her first urge was to pour some on her hands and let it take effect. The caution part of her mind told her to try it on someone else first. Her eyes focus on Sam in a flash.

“Ok, sport. You first.” Katie said so playfully that would made Ashley proud to hear.

“If you have any hope of becoming an adult you can forget it. There is barely any in this small bottle.” Katie said has she turned off the water and move metal knot to close the drain.

Katie thought she had to smack Sam on the butt a few times to get him to cooperate, but with no sign of fighting in his face he stepped forward to the edge of the tub. Holding the bottle up high, Katie turned over the bottle allow a little to pour right on top of his head.

In surprise, Sam reached and just barely managed to knock the bottle into the water with the very tip of his fingers.

Katie started to make a grab for bottle then stopped in fear of what happen to herself.

“Now I will smack your butt for that before you age too much.” Katie said backing away from the contaminated water just after she turned the drain knob that just above the water’s level.

Katie had just missed the pile of powder by an inch as she back up.

Katie watched with interest for any changes in Sam. She thought for sure he’d shrink from sight and be nothing more then a sperm swimming down the water drain. Then she thought he was having a growth spurt that would make most kids look like nothing to his. Nothing happened and Katie stepped forward to get a full view of Sam. Sitting on the floor was Sam still stuck in a 4-year-old body, but now playing this toes.

“Time to face the music.” Katie said grabbing boy by the arms and hoisting him out. Katie didn’t think she would see a frightened little face with a vague look in his eyes.

“What a mess you made.” Katie said turn his body sideway as she put him on the bathroom counter in ready to spank him.

“Saw wee.” Sam shouted out before Katie had even her hand in the air. Then bawled into a fit of tears as is he was spanked.

Katie looked into his eyes and face of her former lover and knew no matter what age he was he would never act so much like a baby.

“There, there.” Katie said after a moment and took the near toddler in her arms and laid him against her own body.

After the sobbing stopped, which was really fast Katie noted, she decided to ask a few questions after she cleaned up the pile of powder. Sam sat on the edge of counter and watched with a curious stare that only toddler’s could have.

Katie smiled as she saw his once proud manhood now was a little cute penis with very a tiny sack underneath.

“How old are you Sam?” Katie asked in a very friendly voice.

Sam looked at her a moment longer then giggle as he said “thee, but I be four next month”. Then inhaled a lot air then held it so his small chest rose to show he was a big boy.

“You wouldn’t lie to Aunt-tee Katie would you? Punishment would be a spanking.” Katie said to watch his reaction more then listen to his words.

“No!” Sam voiced very loudly then back into the wall out of fear.

“That’s a good boy. Always tell the truth.” Katie praised.

“Hey, I naked.” Sam said after a moment and his little hands fell right on his manhood to hide it from view.

“Bet your cold too.” Katie said in a matter of fact tone.

“Clothes” Sam demanded and pointed to the bedroom.

Helping him to his feet Katie watched in amusement as little Sam ran off ahead of her into the bedroom they once shared when he was an adult. There Katie saw a large envelope of money and a bank receipt showing Sam had withdraw most of his savings.

Katie wondered vaguely if he had a planned of running away with her if she take him back. She got an answer almost right away as she looked on the other side of the bed where the little naked boy, that was once her Sam, digging into some bags for a t-shirt.

“I can dwress myself.” Sam said after he slipped on a shirt then tried to put on a pair of boxers that wouldn’t stay on his very small waist.

Katie took this moment to call Ashley on her cell phone. She left the room only for second to grab her purse from the kitchen table and was back in the bedroom to see Sam trying on more boxers and shorts in hope something would fit him.

Katie paced the room as the phone rang. Two short rings and she heard Ashley young voice answer.

“Hey Ash, I’m ok just in case your worried. Our mess just got bigger through.” Katie said looking at the little boy.

“No, I did not get any younger. I don’t think Sam had any antidote.” Katie said now returning her eyes to the money on dresser top.

“No, I don’t think my threat will have any effect on Sam now. I’m coming back home and bringing him back with me. You’ll have to see for yourself to believe what’s happened over here. I’ll have to make a quick stop to Walmart then I’ll be home.” Katie said picking up the money, spreading it in her free hand.

“Love you too.” Katie said then hanged up the phone, only a few seconds later she had well over few thousands dollars in hand.

“That’s mine.” Sam said from her side and tugging on her shirt to get her full attention.

“Where did you get so much money?” Katie asked looking seriously at Sam.

Sam put his index and middle finger into mouth and thought very hard on his answer. Judging from his movements, Katie could tell he was trying to remember.

“Bank I think.” Sam said after a minute. Katie was beyond amusement and could be entertain by playing with what was left with Sam’s mind.

“Well, what I should do with so much of your money?” Katie asked in a serious tone if Sam was still her equal.

“Buy toys for me.” Sam answered quickly smiling lovingly at her.

“Ok. How about some clothes too so you can have something to wear as you play?” Katie suggested almost casually.

“Ok.” Sam said sounding like he really didn’t want to agree.

“Time to go.” Katie said out loud to get Sam to leave with her by his own free will rather then dragging him out by the hand.

Sam tried his best to pick up the biggest bag out of the bunch, but he could barely nudge it off the ground before giving up.

“You grab that bag.” Katie said pointing to a small bag that held Sam’s former shaving supplies and toothpaste.

“Takes a big strong man to carry that.” Katie said as Sam pick up the bag with ease.

Minute’s later Katie back seat was filled with Sam’s bags and Sam was waiting for her in the passenger seat. Katie was glad she parked in the garage, it was such a secluded spot, no nosy neighbor could hope see what was going on.

Katie locked up the house and turned off everything so it appeared that Sam had left. With a large sum of money missing, and all his clothes gone, everyone would assume he ran off. As Katie climb into her car, she took off her winter gloves and put them in the side pocket of the car door.

Sam was bouncing in the seat, excited by the idea of going to the store to buy toys.

Katie found the trip to Walmart a nightmare. Unable to keep a hold on Sam, she had to drag him away from the toy department no less then six times. Finally she gave in and bought him nearly a shopping cart full of toys.

She wouldn’t have done so if Sam was better dressed and didn’t look like he going into a full temper tantrum. Katie couldn’t think of good reason why a child in her care would only be half dress and screaming about it was his money.

“There you go. No more fussing or Santa will put a coal in your presents instead of toys.” Katie said now leaving the toy area with Sam sitting in the child seat.

“Christmas time alweady?” Sam asked and did see all the signs the holiday was near, still thinking fall had just arrived. He couldn’t remember when or where, but he had a memory of jumping into a pile of leaves what seemed like only yesterday.

“Yup, be a good boy.” Katie said almost begging to this child.

Not sure if he was a bed wetter or not. Katie picked up some goodnight underwear for kids as well as some clothing. Sam looked curiously at the cartoon charters and didn’t know any of them except for the Disney’s ones. Katie didn’t bother going to the dressing room, instead pick out outfits she knew that would fit him.

Bored of looking for clothes, Sam’s eye lids suddenly felt very heavy.

“Time to go home now.” Katie said more relieved to hear it then Sam.

Katie did get a slightly dirty look from the check-out girl as she noticed Sam looked like a neglected child. No shoes, no socks, and no pants gave her this idea. At the moment it wasn’t snowing, but the temperature was dropping again. Katie said nothing except thank you when her change was given back to her and Sam’s things were in plastic bags.

Sam woke up when they left the store. The chilly breeze made him sit straight up and shiver as they went to Katie’s car. Dumping the toys in the little free space left in the back seats she kept a nice little outfit in the cart to dress Sam in now.

A quick look around and she was ready to dress him as he stood on the passenger seat. The adult shirt he was wrapped in was flipped over his head leaving his small body temporary exposed to the cold.

Katie was fast in dressing him and decided on a pair of Batman underwear with matching pants and shirt. Grabbing a small pair of socks she put them on his feet. Katie had to admit he was starting to look cute.

“Sit back down and buckle up.” Katie said once he was dressed.

Sam obeyed so fast one would think he was listening to his mother.

Sam was asleep a few minutes later as they drove.

Katie looked over to confirm it. Like a little angel he was sound asleep. Katie was finding it hard to believe this innocent little boy was once a man she pitied so much.

Katie had one more stop in mind before going home. She pulled into the side of a closed goodwill store. Spotting the clean metal bin people use to toss donations in, she dumped all of Sam’s adult clothing out of his traveling bags and empty the bags of any personal items before tossing them as well.

Katie felt guilty in doing so and wondered if it wasn’t better to drop the little brat off at the police station. The little chubby child’s face, asleep in the passenger window, destroyed any idea she had of this.

Finally she drove herself home. Ashley ran out to see if she was okay.

“That’s not Sam is it?” Ashley said after a moment she saw Katie was still her teenage self then spotting the child’s asleep next to her in the seat.

“Tried to do himself in with a bottle of baby powder. I managed to stop him before he disappeared.” Katie said as she got out and looked around the neighborhood. No was up or around as far she could tell.

“He so cute and small.” Ashley said reaching in and lifting Sam’s left hand to admire his small fingers.

Katie was too busy opening the back door of the car to comment on Ashley’s views at the moment.

“Help me with these.” Katie said quietly she grab some of bags filled with toys.

Ashley pulled herself out of the front seat area of car and helped carried the bags in.

Ashley offered to carry Sam in on the last trip.

Only waking up a little he was still too tired to remain awake much longer. Katie made a bed out of covers and a pillow for him to rest on while they went into the bedroom to talk then to sleep.

“I don’t think there is any antidote. We most likely we are stuck like this and Sam allowed himself to be expose to that baby body oil stuff so it affected his mind as well his body.” Katie said in hush tone of voice so not to be overheard or wake the sleeping child.

“I have been thinking. What if we simply got new jobs and just tell people we are just extremely young looking for our age?” Ashley asked half heartedly.

“Look at yourself. Your breasts are barely sticking out and you look hardly old enough to drive. Who’s going to believe that?” Katie said trying her best to get Ashley to see reality.

“Look at you. You’re hardly old enough to baby sit.” Ashley said grabbing playfully at Katie breasts.

“Not now.” Katie said fighting off Ashley’s hands.

“Such a drag sometimes.” Ashley commented and said in such a way Katie forgot for a second she really was a mature woman in age anyway.

“All of this is just too strange. I feel like I’m in an episode of The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone or something.” Katie said and exhaled out of tiredness.

“Bed time then.” Ashley said stripping down to her underwear then getting into her side of bed.

“What are we going to do?” Katie said as she stripped and laid next to Ashley.

“We’ll think of something.” Ashley said as she turned off the light.

Katie slept in since it was Saturday. It’s wasn’t the bright sun or Ashley that woke her up, but a small 4 year-old hand patting her shoulder repeatedly and without end that made her wake up.

“What?” Katie said in sleepy voice.

“I’m hungry.” A little boy’s voice answered.

Katie eyes flew open and it took her a moment to remember everything. She put her hand to her head and wished it all had been a strange dream. Getting up then looking at the little boy she knew this wasn’t a dream.

“You’re pretty.” Sam said seeing Katie is just in her underwear.

Katie felt ashamed for second and ushered Sam to go to the kitchen.

“Wait for me in there.” Katie said scooting the little boy out of the room.

Throwing on a robe and pair of warm slippers Katie went out. Not sure what Sam really like at this age she made a bowl of cereal and some eggs. Sam picked the suger sweet milk fill bowl of corn flakes over the eggs.

Katie had to delay getting her eggs out of the skittle for second to put two phone books on Sam’s seat for his little arms to reach his plate.

“Eat up.” Katie said sitting down to her plate. An extra plate sat beside where Ashley normally sits. Knowing Ashley and the smell of food in the house she would be up soon, Katie thought.

Ashley came in a minute later only wearing a night shirt she favored over her underwear. It covered the top part of her body, but didn’t do much for her waist area.

“We do have a guest.” Katie said and eyeing her shirt with disapproval.

“I know, but this is my house and I’m sure Sam doesn’t mind if I wear hardly any clothes do you?” Ashley said sweetly.

Sam looked excited at the idea of seeing her naked. He shook his head from side to side then grinned.

“In fact I don’t think I need this shirt.” Ashley said playfully then started to raise her shirt up like she going to take it off.

Katie started to say something then watched Sam’s little eyes. He was focused on Ashley’s body completely in hope of getting a peak.

“On second thought, I think I’ll better keep it on.” Ashley said dropping the shirt back down then starting to eat her fried eggs.

Sam looked on in a hopeful moment for one more second then saw Katie’s watching eyes before finishing up his cereal by emptying the bowl of milk.

“Such a tease, I swear.” Katie said grinning at Ashley.

“I know.” Ashley then winked at Sam.

Sam went red in the face and excused himself to go watch cartoons.

“This going to be fun.” Ashley said quietly to Katie as Sam walked away. Then Ashley got up and followed Sam.

Katie watched to see Ashley sit behind Sam then reaching out with her long teenage arms to hold him in her lap as some blue dragon on TV just blasted another monster on the TV.

“Neat!” Sam said then pointing to the TV.

“Cool.” Ashley said to the little boy as he turned to look at her face to see her expression.

Katie rolled her eyes and cleaned up the table. Before joining Ashley by taking her open arms.

“We are like one happy little family.” Ashley said looking around to see Katie.

“Yeah and he is our darling baby boy.” Katie said sarcastically.

“Not a baby.” Sam voiced loudly then sitting up from Ashley’s lap.

“We know your not.” Ashley said to reassure the near toddler.

The weekend passed in a haze of plans and preparations for future troubles. Ashley returned with good news as Katie stayed home on Monday to look after poor little Sam.

“Never believe it. I went there claiming to be a friend of yours and informed them you were sick and they asked me if I liked a job. Naturally I took it since my old job place would never believe who I am.” Ashley said excitedly.

“My old job?” Katie asked not wanting to belief they give her job so quickly.

“No, Child care trainee.” Ashley said proudly.

“Hope they don’t look too closely at your age record.” Katie said sternly.

“Any new ideas?” Ashley said setting down her purse and taking a seat at the table.

“We can’t go back to our normal lives so I figured we’d get new jobs and keep up appearances here.” Katie said almost in a defeated voice.

“And Sam.” Ashley said in a whisper and leaned close. Her eyes focused on the little boy in the living room down for his afternoon nap.

“We two alone can barely make ends meet. We’ll have to give him up.” Katie whispered to Ashley into her ear.

“I know we will.” Ashley said just as quietly

“Foster care then?” Ashley said in a sad voice.

“No, his mother is still alive, but I have been thinking of a way in convincing her. I wrote her a letter for her to take a bath and use a certain towel that is has a certain powder wrapped inside.” Katie said with a grin.

“After the powder takes affect then you reintroduce her son to her and leave before she asks any questions.” Ashley said finishing Katie’s speech on her plan.

“Hopefully she’ll take him back and raise him a little better.” Katie commented.

“To mom-me?” a sleepy little voice asked from the doorway. Neither Ashley or Katie had noticed Sam had awoken and overhead Katie last remark.

“Yes, dear. We had lots of fun, but you need to be with your mommy.” Katie said getting from her seat. Her playing motherly figure was nothing more then an act.

“You stay with me.” Sam said in a demanding tone.

“No no. I’m little old to be staying over at your house. I’m going to stay here with Ashley. She needs me. Little kids should be with their parents.” Katie said in wise sounding voice.

“You can keep all the toys and clothes.” Ashley said bending down to be more on Sam’s level. Sam gave her a dirty look then went back into the living room.

“I think that is called pouting.” Katie said to Ashley.

“He doesn’t look too happy does he?” Ashley said judging Sam’s little face carefully.

“No matter. I’ll call work tonight and leave a message that I quit. After I drop him off I’ll look for a new job. With any luck we can get away with the idea we are older then we look plan.” Katie said almost dully.

Sam things were pack in shopping bags and most of the toys were already in the car for transport that night. Katie tried her best to explain she couldn’t stay with him, but Sam was just as stubborn as a child as he was once an adult.

Ashley managed to put Sam to bed early on his usual bed of covers in the living room.

“Little rascal is already asleep.” Ashley said lovely as she climbed into bed with Katie.

“Well, goodnight. I start my job tomorrow.” Ashley said turning off the light.

Katie soon followed her into sleep.

Katie was half asleep when a giggling sound bought her back to the real world. A faint smell jumped started her mind and she flew out of bed, the smell was baby powder and there was a lot in the air.

Sitting up she saw in the semi darkness Sam standing beside the bed. A white bottle on the floor and it appeared to be empty. As Katie looked on, she saw Sam was smaller in size, his clothes hanging on his body.

“Oh my god.” Katie said and looked around in alarm at her own voice. A chilly feeling of fear over took as she realized her own voice sounded very young and not much more then Sam sounded.

“Ashley, Help!” Katie screamed and sounded so much like a child having a bad dream it scared her to call out for help.

Ashley awoke with start and took only a full second to realize danger.

“Shower, both of you.” Ashley yelled and jumped over Katie to pick up the now 2 year-old Sam, his shirt now as the only thing giving him any cover.

Katie slid out of bed to see white powder cascade off of her body and to feel her underwear slip down her now skinny legs. Halfway to the bathroom Katie tripped on Ashley’s shirt she had been wearing. Taking the shirt off she brushed as much powder off of her as she could and vaguely realized she lost her bra at the moment.

The sight of her body drove her into a panic run for the bathroom. She had become what she feared would happen if she was exposed to too much powder. She was a little girl of 7 years-old or so and fast approaching toddler-hood, if she didn’t react soon.

Ashley turned the corner at the moment and practically carried her into the bathroom where Sam was standing stark naked under warm shower water, crying loudly about being force into water so fast.

“Hurry!” 5 year-old Katie begged Ashley as she took a washcloth and wiped as fast she could.

Katie feared the worst as she looked at Sam then Ashley. Sam was close to her height and size and Ashley seemed very big and tall from her point of view.

Minutes later it appeared no one was changing any more. Ashley got exposed to very little of the powder and lost a few months in age. Sam hands and feet were exposed to a fair amount and he nearly became a newborn if it wasn’t for the fast reflexes of Ashley.

Poor Katie looked on in horror, as Ashley lifted up Sam with ease and wrapped him in a towel then sit him on the counter. Katie was nearly too scared to speak or move when Ashley returned her attention back to her.

“Is it bad?” Katie asked wondering if she’d be in diapers again. Her body was amazingly thin and small.

“How do you feel about kindergarten?” Ashley said and lifted her up to rest on her hip then turned so both of them were looking into the mirror. A young teenage Ashley was holding a little girl hardly older then 4-years-old in her arms.

“Oh Ashley!” Katie exclaimed and nearly went into tears.

“Shhh. Time to get dressed.” Ashley said sitting down Katie back onto her small feet. She had been small, but her weight was too much for a young teenager to carry around.

“Katie, get dressed please.” Ashley said as she dressed Sam in some training pants and a shirt that now double as his new night shirt. Sam was fighting her off trying his best not to be put in the training pants.

“Look at me.” Katie said and looking down at her body, small flat chest with two very small nipples with no signs of being a boy or a girl unless you looked a little lower. There was almost an unseen tiny slit that gave away her sex.

“I’m a baby.” Katie said collapsing on her knees and tears flowing freely.

“No your not. He is the one going to be put in diapers. You’ll be able to wear real underwear.” Ashley said picking up one of Sam’s old shirts out a shopping bag slipping it over her head.

“Sam, you will wear these. You’re a baby now.” Ashley said and returned her attention to the 2-year-old, trying her best to put some training pants on him.

“No, big boy.” Sam said and rejected Ashley third attempt.

“Bad baby.” Ashley said and turned Sam’s body sideways so his butt was in smacking range of her hand.

Smack or two later and Sam collapsed on the floor then into a crying fit.

“Serves you right.” Ashley said and went on with her spanking until she had him in full tears and too exhausted to fight back.

Katie watched with some joy, but she was still too shocked and sad to let it show she like seeing Sam diapered.

“Your going to stay in here and don’t let me catch you without your new diaper on.” Ashley said to Sam in a menacing tone and pointed to the over sized training pants around his waist.

Sam gave her a dirty look then look away toward the TV to show he heard.

“Come on my sweet Katie.” Ashley said to her and then picked her up like she was an over size baby. Katie didn’t reject to being carried like a bride over the thresh hold.

With the bedroom door locked, Ashley set her on other side of bed far away from the powdered side.

Ashley then went over to the other side to see what was left.

Katie was busy looking at her hands and feet. They were so small and chubby she didn’t think it was possible to pick anything up with them.

“Sorry, Katie.” Ashley said after a moment.

“I’d join you at that age, but there isn’t any powder left to do the task.” Ashley said and holding up an empty bottle.

“What’s going to happen to me?” Katie asked going into tears.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be here for you. I’d be your size and age if all the powder hadn’t fallen completely off the bed and through the rug.” Ashley said climbing over the bed then holding her hands.

“It’s hopeless. Gonna take me a lifetime to grow up again and your always going to be too old for me now on.” Katie said as she thought it out very quickly.

“Relationships change. We’ll start a new one not by choice I know.” Ashley said and she caught Katie’s look angry.

Standing up on the bed she wasn’t much taller then Ashley who was sitting on the bed.

“I can’t ask you to look after me. You have a new life to start and you don’t need a kid.” Katie said bravely and decided to offer her way out.

“True I don’t need a kid, but I do need you Katie.” Ashley said picking her up to sit on her lap then lay her on her chest.

“I think we should lay here for a while and figure out what to do.” Ashley said pulling her side of the covers to cover herself and Katie.

Ashley felt little Katie heart beating fast and she was sure Katie felt her heart pounding away out of fear she had just went through.

“Sleep time my angel. You have always been my angel.” Ashley said sweetly as their breathing slowed.

“Ditto.” Katie said softly just before her eyes closed. Sounds of a sobbing toddler in the next room were the last thing she heard.

In what only seem like an hour later, Katie felt someone moving her body. She kept her eyes shut tight in hopes this was all a dream.

‘Let it all be a dream. God please.’ Katie begged in her thoughts as she opened her eyes slowly.

She felt something sliding up her legs to be put around her waist.

Ashley was hovering over her and now putting some pants on her. Ashley smiled when she saw Katie’s eyes open.

“I know it’s early, but I got to take you with me. You do remember what happened last night?” Ashley asked a little unsure she should have asked.

“Yes, I’m still me. It’s the baby oil that makes you think you’re a kid.” Katie said a little annoyed.

“Well you went from adult to kid so fast I thought it might have affected your mind. I for one wasn’t giving you back to your mother and father. I imagined that would be hell for you and if your mind was effected it would be worst.” Ashley explained very quickly.

“You’re going to kept me?” Katie asked and amazed Ashley considered it so fast.

“If I recall right, you and your parents had a falling out. Of course you are going to stay. You may be a little girl, but you/re still my Katie.” Ashley said opening her arms for a hug.

“Thank you. I was so scared when I lost my adult life I’d lose you.” Ashley said as they hugged then her eyes filling with joyful tears.

A loud sniff from Ashley broke the silence then the hug.

“Put on Sam’s old shoes and we’ll leave now.” Ashley said walking out of the room. The pair of shoes sat beside Katie legs.

Feeling very sleepy and wanting to fight it off completely, Katie called out a question for Ashley.

“We’re not going to my old work place are we?” Katie asked fearing the answer.

“Do you have a better idea?” Ashley yelled back not in a sarcastic tone, but a tone of interest.

“No, but what if someone recognizes me.” Katie called back as she put the socks on.

“Not likely. I hardly recognized you and I saw you change right in front of me.” Ashley said from the doorway with a sleeping toddler boy in on her hip.

Katie just finished lacing up her shoes now.

“I guess you’re my mommy now.” Katie said sweetly and acted like a shy girl for a moment.

Ashley grinned.

“Hardly. Thinking more of a big step sister. I’d say big sister, but we don’t look much alike. Accept your fate that fast?” Ashley asked kneeling down to be eye level.

“Might as well. I did enough crying last night.” Katie said bravely.

“You know you were always the stronger one.” Ashley said admitting the fact.

“Don’t rub it in.” Katie said and her cheeks going red as Ashley stood back up.

Ashley turned and looked over her shoulder to See Katie following her out. Katie looked left and right and saw the house was a wreck. She made a note to clean it up as soon she got home.

“You’ll have to hold him in your lap while I buckle you in.” Ashley said as she opened the passenger door for Katie.

“Ok.” Katie said and took the toddler to lay on her body as she sat in the sit.

“Weighs a ton.” Katie said as she felt the toddler on her body.

“Tell me about it. My arm is already sore from carrying him around half the morning.” Ashley said fastening the buckle.

Katie was unease by car ride and felt a little sick. How she wished she was older so she could give Sam a real spanking. Then she would dress him nothing but a diaper and take him for the entire world to see, she thought as tops of buildings, telephone poles and bare trees passed by from her window view.

Katie was nearly drifting back to sleep when the car stopped.

“Game face time.” Ashley said and not taking her eyes off the building that must have been in front of the car.

“I’m ready.” Katie said in answer. Everything so far had happened so fast and she was looking forward to spending some dull hours in thought.

Ashley got out of the car and walked around the front to the passenger side to take Sam off of Katie’s body. Katie was glad because her legs were falling asleep.

Unbuckling herself she got unsteadily out of the car.

“Sooner the better.” Katie said to herself in a whisper that somehow carried up to Ashley’s ears.

“Yup, let’s get this over with.” Ashley said wisely.

Ashley was greeted almost the moment she walked in the door by Katie’s old boss, a woman by the name of Mrs Dotterson. When she inquired about the two children, Ashley was quick to give the story that one was her step kid sister and other was her nephew. She then expressed the hope it was ok to bring them along today for she couldn’t find a sitter on such short notice.

“What’s two more in a sea of kids?” Mrs Dotterson said in an almost dismissing tone. “I don’t what you distracted from your job. You’re going to be trained to watch all the kids.”

“I won’t and Kate won’t be a problem. She’s very mature for her age.” Ashley said and put her free hand on Katie’s shoulder.

Katie looked up in fear at the sound of her name.

“Is it just Kate or Katie?” Mrs Dotterson said bending down to shake her hand.

Katie thought for second and decided to use her real name. When she was an adult she had everyone call her by her last name.

“Katie” she said quietly then shook her former boss’s hand.

“Don’t be shy my pretty one. I simply adore children and could eat them up, but I could never eat a whole one.” Mrs Dotterson said as she stood up.

Katie grinned at the funny comment.

“Smart too.” Mrs Dotterson said as she realize how fast Katie caught onto her little joke.

“Your have to fill out a little paperwork in my office. Go wait for me in there. I’ll drop these bundles of joys off in the play room.” Mrs Dotterson offered and opened her arms to take Sam off Ashley’s hands.

Katie stepped forward to show she was ready to follow.

Ashley said a little goodbye for she didn’t know how long til they’ll meet again and Katie waved back as she followed her former boss to the back of the building.

Katie had always worked up front in the office area and had only seen the play room once before. The room was large and even larger now due to Katie new point of view of the world with only three exits out of the room.

The doors just behind her were the only true way out and were closely guard by least one person. Straight ahead was a door with a large glass panel in it that led to the fenced-in yard with an outside playground. The side doors to Katie’s right led to the pair of bathrooms. One for boys and one for girls for kids who were old enough to go on their own, but still had to have an escort to go with.

Katie listened as Mrs Dotterson explained the rules in a quick tone of voice and then announced she’d came just in time for TV time. Katie decided to follow the rules for now and play along. She had little choice in the matter due the fact the only person who knew who she was Ashley.

Katie joined the group of older kids in front of the TV as they watched the Magic School bus that was on tape. Katie looked back as she sat down to see Sam dropped in a play pen area with other toddlers and babies to play with.

‘It could be worse. I might have been in there.’ Katie thought as being stuck inside a cage within a prison. Worst yet to wear a diaper and have a total stranger change her. She shivered at the thought.

After TV time came, Play time was when they were allowed to go outside and play or stay in and use the toys inside the daycare. Katie, tired of the indoor life, went outside and climbed the monkey bars to the very top. It was only six feet at the very top, but she could see everything now. Katie was lost in thoughts when a voice, not too much unlike her own, irrupted her thoughts.

“Hi, I’m Cindy.” A cute short brown hair girl said as she climbed up to greet her.

“Katie.” Katie said happily so not to give away the feeling she wanted to be alone. “Love it up here. That’s my house.” Cindy said as she sat beside Katie and pointed to a roof not far away.

“Mine is too far away to see.” Katie said dully and looking in the general direction.

“Wanna be friends?” Cindy asked with no restraint in her voice.

“Sure.” Katie said quickly so not to bother anyone with her troubled mind.

“We can color together later then.” Cindy said then leaped down so fast from the monkey bars it made Katie heart jumped.

When Katie looked down to see she was ok or not, Cindy was already standing up and waving goodbye.

Katie smiled back and wondered if all kids her age did such things. Katie first pretended to enjoy the breeze then she discovered she liked feeling it on her face. She was called back inside by a teenager employee named Lisa or something she recalled a minute later.

Too soon for her it was lunch time, then time for her afternoon nap with the rest of kids. Katie never considered herself an admirer of looks and ways of children, but she found them easy to get along with. Far better then some adults in her old life.

Katie wondered vaguely if she was really ready to give it up so soon. She didn’t have any hope of ever returning to normal and how many people get a second chance at childhood. She thought as she laid awake and alert on her little floor mat.

“Katie?” a very young female voice called just above her head called out in little more then whisper.

Katie turned her head up to see Cindy only a mat or two away and her little head barely off the mat.

“We get to color after our nap.” Cindy smiled with excitement.

“Cool.” Katie called back then laid her head back down.

Being so tired Katie fell asleep for a while. The dreamless sleep could have gone on for hours if it wasn’t for someone nudging her.

“Wake up. Nap time is over.” a teenage girl said then moving on to the next little boy or girl to nudge awake.

Katie had to admit she enjoyed the last few hours with Cindy before Ashley showed up and to take her home.

“Made a little friend?” Ashley asked as she tried to get an excited Sam to calm down a little.

Ashley had a time to get the baby boy from bouncing in her arms.

Katie noticed his pants had extra bulk then the morning car ride.

“They put a real diaper on him while you were outside playing with Cindy.” Ashley said.

“How did you know?” Katie asked as she followed outside the building.

“You were so deep in thought you never noticed me over in the toddler area looking after them.” Ashley said as she sat Sam in Katie’s lap in the car.

“Your have to hold on to him until we get him home.” Ashley said helping Katie adjust the buckle strap.

“Let’s take him to his real home.” Katie said with a wicked grin.

“I nearly forgot. You wrote that letter to his mother. I would think what little powder is left should restore at least ten years back to her.” Ashley said and looked at Katie to confirm it.

“Well, half a bottle takes about ten years off of a person age so I think your right.” Katie said then pointing to the right.

“Turn here.” Katie said her little head just able to see over the car dash board.

Ashley looked on with pity, but returned her eyes back to road and follow her directions.

Being already half way there the trip was short.

Sam sat back and concerned himself with trying to bug Katie by teasing her. Katie ignored him and was glad to see a new car park just behind Sam’s car.

“That’s his mom’s.” Katie said only able to see the roof from her seat.

“Go ahead and pull into the driveway. She doesn’t know nothing about us and I doubt she has information at the house that would help her track us down.” Katie said and undoing her belt.

“I’ll grab the toys.” Ashley said when she saw Katie had Sam by hand and led him to the door.

Ashley easy carried the bags of toys although she did leave one small bag by mistake.

Being short did have more draw backs then Katie knew. She had to reach with all her might to hit the door bell.

Ashley had just reached behind them when the door opened. A little dazed and confused looking a woman about in her late 30s greeted them.

Sam exploded with joy and ran forth to hug her.

“Mammee!” He cried loudly.

“Oh my dear Sam. You’re far younger then expected.”

“You are Katie?” The woman asked Ashley.

“That’s me.” Katie piped up to be noticed and get an answer how she knew.

“All so confusing. Come in. I’m Mrs Sun.” She said speaking to Ashley then Katie.

“I have only two clues to what happened to me. I know for a fact I somehow become younger and my mind went along with my body. All this didn’t start until I took a bath. I thought it was a strange letter and even weirder when I took a bath in that powdered water then noticed that funny oil stuck to the side of the tub. All the powder has washed away now. Then there’s my son’s letter in which I was still thinking he was still in high school until I read it through. He remarked he went through a change and was planning on running away with the love of his life.” Mrs Sun explained very quickly and looked pleading at them for answers.

“There was a little accident with Sam.” Katie lied. She didn’t have the heart to tell this poor old woman the truth.

“Oh Sam.” Mrs Sun said and raised the little boy’s face to meet her own.

“He completely changed. His adult mind is gone.” Ashley said backing up Katie’s lie.

“How many times did I tell you not to meddle with things?” Mrs Sun asked her son and the baby boy only gave her look of shame in his face.

“I take it that the powder is root of this trouble.” Mrs Sun asked the pair.

Both nodded their head up and down slowly.

“Looks like you paid the piper for your curious ways, Sammy. I think I’ll do a better job this time. Once I sell your house and your car I should have more then enough money to raise you again.” Mrs Sun said bouncing the baby on her knees. She smiled as she felt the diaper on his bottom. Her darling baby boy was a nice early Christmas gift she thought as she looked at the calendar. The blessed holiday was only a few weeks away.

“We’ll be going then.” Ashley and and kicked one of bags of toys out of her way to get a clear path to the door.

“Wait. Katie, did my Sam do that to you?” Mrs Sun asked wondering why she didn’t notice the little girl was wearing clothes that were slightly boyish.

“Kinda.” Katie admitted and couldn’t look her in the eyes, so pitiful and loving.

“I’m sorry, dear. There isn’t a way back for you is there.” Mrs Sun pressed on a little.

“We should be going.” Ashley remarked then taking Katie by the hand so not to lose her.

“Do come back soon, I have more questions.” Mrs Sun almost begged as they went out the door.

“Let’s go.” Katie said coldly.

Ashley couldn’t look at her for minutes after they left. Finally she made a turn into the department store.

“We still have a little money left over from Sam’s envelope. You need some better clothes and we need some food around the house.” Ashley said grabbing Katie’s purse off the floor.

“Don’t you mean little dresses for me?” Katie said coldly and looked out the window.

“If you really want to wear a dress in the winter time you can.” Ashley said knowing this would get Katie to look at her.

“Look, I’ll try not to talk to you like a child, but you’re going to act like one.” Ashley warned.

“Point taken. Let’s get this over it.” Katie said opening the door to side of the car to get out.

Just inside the door, Katie got shocked when Ashley picked her up and sat her in the child seat of the cart.

“I know you’re a little big for it, but its best we appear as normal as possible. Besides, I’d love it if our roles were reverse. How I would be begging you right now to buy me some games or dolls.” Ashley said very truthfully.

“Me and you both.” Katie admitted. She did kinda like the idea of someone pushing her in a cart. It would of beat the long standing and walking periods that followed that evening.

Ashley had to ask her opinion on a lot of stuff since it was Katie who once did all the shopping.

“What about a booster seat in the car for you? Not a child’s seat, but something to help see more out the window.” Ashley asked carefully when they passed one of the baby’s isles.

“Wouldn’t mind.” Katie said interested.

“Try the last isle on the far end.” Katie whispered. She decided to use this tactic so no one noticed a little girl was having a very adult conversation with a teenager.

Katie was happy to see the endless roll of diapers as she thought about Sam’s fate, ‘Served him right’ she thought in complete silence.

Shopping for clothes was more pleasant then Katie could hope for. Katie never had someone serve on her hand and foot so much and she got use to the idea of having Ashley walking back and forth from the cart to the rack asking her opinion.

Katie eyes feel on a beautiful Christmas dress for a woman. The outfit was amazing, if only she could only get one in her size.

“We would make a cute pair.” Ashley said stepping forward. The odd quiet moment had drawn her attention to where Katie was looking.

Katie looked on to see that the rack next to it had a child’s version of the dress.

“I think it’s a matching outfit set for a mother and daughter.” Ashley said putting the woman’s dress up her body.

“Loose fit, but should fit nicely.” Ashley said

“Get it.” Katie commanded.

“You’re the boss.” Ashley said putting sizes that would fit them in the cart.

“Plenty of food to feed an army, enough clothes to see you through the winter at least, and enough goodies for me.” Ashley said looking over the cart contents.

“Ashley, would you buy me a Christmas present?” Katie said sweetly and pointed to pale pink stuff teddy bear. Katie wondered if just suddenly acting like a little girl surprised Ashley.

“Don’t know. Have you been naughty or nice?” Ashley asked catching onto the act.

“Huh...can’t say.” Katie said then giggled. Ashley joined her.

“You know I can’t resist when you do that.” Ashley said and grabbed one from the shelf.

“Even if you don’t want it, I’m going to stick it on my spot on the shelf.” Ashley said when Katie looked like she going to say she didn’t really want it.

Katie didn’t want to say or even admit to herself the plush toy did have a comforting feeling when she held it.

“If my math is right I do believe our little stash of cash is about to be spent.” Ashley said then whirled the cart around so fast it made Katie stomach jumped.

“Tell me Katie, would you rather I treat you like an adult or a child?” Ashley whispered as they reached the check-out.

“Just treat me like you’ve always had. I’ll tell you when you get too mommy like on me.” Katie said and decided not to say any more until they were out of ear shot of these strangers next to them in line.

Being the busy shopping time of year, the check-out girl hardly noticed the large bills of hundreds and rang up everything in a blur of movements. Katie watched the cute teenage boy put the stuff in the bags as the check-out girl slid them down the counter.

Katie was simply amazed how good Ashley was. They only met a year ago and started a relationship a few months back. Now she trusted her to be her adult protector against the world. Katie had to stop this line of thinking, she had a picture of Ashley in tights and a cape soon after.

“I promise we’ll settle into a dull routine soon.” Ashley said as she pushed the cart to her car.

“Hope so. Any more trouble and I think I’ll just stay in bed for the rest of my life.” Katie remarked just as they arrived at the car.

Ashley being the go getter, she was already installing the booster seat into the car with no problems. Katie was temporary put in back while she did so.

“There we go. Just think of it as a phone book to seat on.” Ashley said after it was installed.

“With a big cushion padding.” Katie remarked as she sat down in it.

Ashley eyed the seat for a moment.

“Wish my side had that much padding.” Ashley said feeling the hard steel frame of her seat.

Ashley remained quiet the whole way home, but glanced over to see Katie’s excited face as she look out the window to see the world again.

They only spoke again when they got home and where inside as they carried the last of the bags in.

“I’m still thinking that I’m going to wake up any moment and it’s just all a nightmare. What a wild time the last few days have been.” Ashley said flopping down onto the sofa.

The house was still in a state of being messy and had a bed of covers on the floor where Sam had slept that still needed to be cleaned up.

“You take the bed. I’m too tired to move from this sofa.” Ashley said grabbing a spare blanket off the ground to wrap herself in.

Katie finished putting away the food, but left her new clothes by the door.

“Ashley, where do you...” Katie started to asked then saw she was asleep. Putting away the last can of food in the cabinet with the clips she walked over to her to look at her.

“Which one of us is supposed to be the younger one?” Katie whispered and tugged the blanket higher up on Ashley’s body. She locked the front door and turned off the lights. Katie took the bed of covers on floor as her sleeping spot for the night.

Katie awoke early again that morning. Ashley was still snoring away in her quiet way. Haven’t nothing else better to do, she cleaned up the mess in the house went into over the past days. Using a chair, she was filling up the washing machine and the dryer door was in front so she had little trouble doing the wash. Next she did the dishes, hardly making a sound.

She did stay away from bedroom for the time being. Even there wasn’t a threat of the powder anymore, she didn’t like the idea it was in the covers and on the floor where she walked so many times. She had just finished undoing her make shift bed that night when Ashley awoke.

“Shrinking her down doesn’t slow her down I see.” Ashley said as she watched the 4-year-old Katie struggle with the blankets.

Ashley knew better then to help. Katie was a stubborn type and only asked for help when she needed it.

“I’ll make the bed and vacuum the bedroom while you do that. Then I think I’ll better do the trash.” Ashley said as she noticed by the clock on the wall she had a full two hours before work.

With the house clean and everything put away, there wasn’t much to do and it was still a full hour to kill. Katie stopped and went into her private room of the house. She liked to think of it as her study more then anything. The previous owners of the house used it as a child’s room before. Dull flower patterns still covered the walls and plastic glow in dark stars were on the ceiling.

There was even a bed with a lot of pillows on it to prompt up for reading long books.

The book shelves in this room were all her height and even the desk would be easy to climb up into. Katie had an idea and thought of all the changes she could do in here.

“There you are. Deciding to read a bit?” Ashley said and started to walk away then saw that Katie wanted to say something.

“Ashley, what do think if we redo this room? I’ll need my own room if you ever have guests over. Might be a little funny for people to think I share a bed with you. We can fool them by making this a child’s room.” Katie said looking at the walls then the carpet.

“A little wallpaper then a new carpet and I’d think we can pull it off.” Ashley said looking around the room. “You know we don’t have much money.”

“My problem, my money. What’s a 4-year-old girl going to do with a savings account anyway?” Katie said in a dismissive tone.

“I won’t argue. You got a good point. We’ll get to it in a few weeks then.” Ashley said turning off the light in the room.

“Let’s eat then off to work for me. Do you want to stay home? I can leave you here if you stay out of sight.” Ashley asked as they walked back to the kitchen.

“Miss out on TV Time, Nap Time and Play Time.” Katie responded in a serious tone.

“Guess it would be kinda wrong to leave you all alone. If there was a fire or something went wrong, you can barely reached the knob to the front door.” Ashley said as she put a bowel of cereal in front herself then Katie.

“If I cracked my head or broken my arm while climbing up and down on a chair it might be hours before you come home too. I thought about staying home too. Did all of my thinking last night.” Katie said and finished her cereal remarkably fast.

“Must be strange going back to your old work place.” Ashley said to change the subject. She didn’t want to dwell on the fact that Katie’s life had indeed changed more then she wanted.

“Not really. I worked in the office and never saw any of the kids. Unless they passed my door as their parents took them in or out.” Katie explained. Katie realized all this sounded funny coming from a little girl.

“Still can’t figure out how I’m going to explain what’s happened to me and you to my mother. She is bound to come for a visit and my dad is going to have a heart attack when he learns his daughter is a teen again.” Ashley said looking at Katie for an idea.

“Don’t worry. You’re an only child, their pride and joy. They’ll accept your choice to date other girls and have one for a roommate. I think they’ll be happy once you convince them. Just be glad you don’t have my mom or dad. With no siblings on my side, I won’t be missed.” Katie said and thought how sad it was she couldn’t at least get her brother to come visit. Her entire family refused to have anything to do with her since she came out of the closet so long ago.

“Guess when you left Sam and came here it killed family ties.” Ashley said knowing it well.

“You know all too well.” Katie said and thought how Ashley watched her family disowned her one by one.

“Time to get dressed.” Ashley said and saw their time was now short.

Putting on a new outfit for warmth and comfort then it looked like Katie was ready in no time. Ashley on the other hand had her purse in her mouth as she used both hands to fix her hair. She put it in a pony tail which gave her the effect of looking like someone’s babysitter.

“Take my cell. Put it in your purse.” Katie said and decided to leave her purse at home. It wasn’t much sense for a child to carry around adult things.

“I don’t know how to work that thing.” Ashley said and not really wanting to even touch it.

“I’ll teach you later. Never know who is going to call. Besides if anything happens I can call you.” Katie said thoughtfully.

“Ok.” Ashley said picking it up and they both were out the door.

“Looks like snow.” Ashley said lightly as they reached the car. The chilly wind was blowing hard.

Katie looked out the window of the car and thought so too.

Days went by and the first weekend came and left. Ashley and Katie fell into a routine of going to the daycare then home. The weather grew colder with each passing day.

Katie remained busy at home and only had to spend a few dull moments in the play room. There were times she felt trapped and wanted to scream out. Katie went outside most of the time to play with Cindy. Their trips outside were getting shorter every day now. Snow fell and then ice covered everything. One day the door was lock to the outside playground by the manager herself.

Katie thought she would have temper tantrums if it wasn’t for her friend Cindy. She was good company although she did leave the playroom with her mother at odd times during the day. Katie was shocked to learn her mother was Mrs Dotterson. She hadn’t known her former boss had a little girl.

Katie discovered why Cindy bonded with her more then the other children. The other children labeled her as an outcast to their groups, with her random trips out of the playroom and the constant story on how she has been coming to her mommy’s daycare forever. Even Katie thought about not playing with her. Having a more understanding side then most adults she talked with Cindy and slowly thought on how to talk about new things.

Katie thought things were going good now. She came to regard people and things in a new way and understood some things so much better then most people could.

It wasn’t until Thursday that week did something happen that made her wish she was an adult again.

Waking up from her afternoon nap she discovered she had wetted herself. Looking for Ashley she saw she was across the room and busy at the moment.

Then Cindy was sniffing loudly on the mat next to her. Katie turned over to see what was wrong. Cindy must have had a problem with wetting the bed. Her pants had a huge wet spot on them.

“Shhh... Don’t be ashamed. I wet myself.” Katie said put her hand on her shoulder. Her wet spot was tiny compared to Cindy’s.

Mrs Dotterson, Cindy’s mom appeared suddenly over them. Quicker then anyone realized both of them were ushered out of the room before anyone noticed. Mrs Dotterson acted like she didn’t want Katie to tag along despite her little problem.

“This is my private bathroom. Come in here.” Mrs Dotterson said after she unlocked then ushered both girls in. Katie noticed then guessed this is where Cindy came all the time.

“You first Cindy, dear. Then your friend.” Mrs Dotterson said as she hoisted her child to stand on the counter. Katie adverted her eyes while she now heard her friend being stripped of her clothes. She knew she’d be next.

“That’s my good girl.” Mrs Dotterson said as Cindy laid on the counter in a routine fashion.

The bathroom counter was just large enough for Cindy to lay across it. Katie now noticed as she looked up, her friends face was just visible over the counter top. Katie was surprised to see she almost looked bored by what was happening.

Mrs Dotterson gave a quick look at Katie then reached up into a cabinet for a bottle of baby powder then oil.

Katie felt her eyes go wide with shock then her body filled with dread. The bottles were the same design as the ones Sam had stolen. She watched Mrs Dotterson use the products then got caught looking.

“These are my daughter’s special bottles. I only use them on her.” Mrs Dotterson said as if she was holding back a treat for her.

Katie changed her face to a pleading look as she really wanted the same treatment.

Mrs Dotterson smiled and returned her attention to her daughter.

Katie watched as she applied a very small amount powder then even smaller amount of oil. Katie had to resist smiling when she saw Cindy’s face change to joy as her mother rub the powder then oil on. After the oil was applied she got a vacant look in her eyes then she appeared to be normal a second or two later.

Mrs Dotterson put away the supplies and turned the latch on the cabinet then washed her hands quite thoroughly. Reaching under the cabinet she pulled out a pair of little girl underwear and pants a lot like Cindy’s old ones.

Katie watched on and started to act like she was eager to get out of her wet clothes and into dry ones. Cindy stood up and didn’t care to appear to be half naked.

‘No modesty.’ Katie thought.

Mrs Dotterson dressed her then sat her back on the ground.

For Katie a towel was draped across the counter and she was allowed to sit after her clothes were stripped. She felt like she could have died right then there from the situation. Mrs Dotterson was usually fast in wiping her down and Katie guess she didn’t like her in there.

“I trust you’ll little friend won’t tell anyone. My poor baby had her little problem for a long time.” Mrs Dotterson said conversationally to her daughter then she turned to look at Katie.

“Can you girls kept each other’s secret not to tell anyone what happen in here?” Mrs Dotterson asked in a deadly sweet sing song voice.

“Uh huh.” Katie answered and heard a yup from Cindy.

“You’ll grow out of it.” Mrs Dotterson said after Katie was dressed now in some underwear and overalls borrowed from Cindy’s stash of clothes.

‘I’ll grow out of it, but Cindy never will.’ Katie thought then looked at her new best friend. How horrible was this woman, keeping her child in the bed wetting stage by insuring she’ll never age a day so she’ll always need her mommy. Katie stood there thinking it over in her head as Mrs Dotterson buttoned her clothes up.

“Back to your coloring books.” Mrs Dotterson commanded as soon they were outside the bathroom. She escorted them to the door and stayed only long enough to see them in.

When Katie and Cindy were alone at a little table, it was Katie for once who started the conversation.

“Cindy, How long have you been coming here?” Katie asked innocently.

Cindy’s eyes darted toward the ceiling after a while she said “long time”.

Katie figured she wouldn’t get an exact date this way. Thinking fast she thought a better way of asking.

“How many winters have you seen? When the snows comes then all melts.” Katie asked in the same innocent tone.

“Five.” Cindy answered proudly.

“Cool.” Katie said if she had said something wonderful.

“Had my birthday last month. I’m five again.” Cindy said as her previous answer reminded her of that date.

“Mommy says I’m her special girl and I always will be her little girl forever. Every time I have a five year birthday she gets me whatever I want.” Cindy said and not paying attention what her hand was coloring.

“What will she get you when you turn six?” Katie asked making sure she was getter her facts right.

Cindy’s face fell into a sad look and whispered her reply.

“If I ever turn six I’ll have to go to pre-school and be away from mommy all the time. She said I wouldn’t be here with her all the time then the other kids would laugh at me when I have my little accidents.” Cindy said in a very serious voice.

“Other kids can be mean.” Katie said and nodded her head to show she agreed with the last part only.

“Watch your lines.” Katie said to get Cindy to forget their conversation. Cindy looked down in a hurry and saw she had completely missed the cartoon character she was coloring in.

“Oops.” Cindy said then giggled loudly.

“Let’s have a contest to see who can do the next page better.” Katie said in a dare tone of voice.

“Yeah.” Cindy agreed.

Hours later back in Ashley’s car............

“You are sure it’s the same stuff?” Ashley said after hearing the tale of what happened to her and her friend.

“Are you kidding? I nearly wetted myself again when I saw the bottles. I was that close to being a real little girl in both mind and body.” Katie answered then showed her finger and thumb an inch apart.

“Don’t you think she might have an antidote?” Ashley asked almost reluctantly. The thought had even occurred to Katie at the moment then she wondered why she didn’t think of it.

“I don’t know. Didn’t see anything in there that look like the same type of bottle, just the powders and oils.” Katie answered then looked out her window to see some kids playing in the snow.

“I think you should have a slept over at her house. Maybe her mother keeps it there.” Ashley said as if this was the beginnings of a plan.

“Not likely to be within my reach. A woman who keeps herself young and her daughter as a child forever isn’t likely to show me the antidote to me right away.” Katie answered back.

“So have several sleepovers and little get-togethers. I’ll buddy up to her so I have an excuse to take you there.” Ashley said wisely.

“So help you if I end up a baby, I promise I’ll scream my little head off in the middle of the night of every night until I’m out of diapers again.” Katie said in a warning like voice.

“Better hope I don’t end up as a giggling teenager again. I won’t be much help to you if I don’t remember you.” Ashley said to show she was also in danger.

“Good to be home like always. Let’s see if we forgot anything in your room.” Ashley as they both got out of the car.

Slowly over the past week, Katie’s old study room was changed into a child’ room. New carpet was down and the wallpaper was replaced. A mature looking unicorn pattern now covered the wall. The soft blue carpet matched the walls very well. Ashley managed to sell the guest bed to replace it with a bunk bed that Katie always wanted when she was a little girl. This was a girlish style done in light pink.

The spare dresser from master bed now was in the room by the window with all of Katie’s new clothes in it. Hidden in the back of one of the dresser drawers was a small supply of good-nites.

The closet contained very little in toys, but held some pretty little outfits Katie really liked. Ashley discovered the forgotten bag of toys in back of her car and placed them in the room to add to the effect.

“Could use some dolls and few more plush toys, but I think it could fool even a real little girl.” Ashley said truthfully.

“Shall I invite her over this weekend?” Katie pipped.

“Should be fun. I’ll have to think of a few good movies to rent.” Ashley said walking out of the room.

“You do remember we are doing this to save my friend and possibly return me to normal.” Katie said calling after her.

“You worry too much.” Ashley said and Katie swore her voice faulted a bit.

Katie wondered vaguely that night as she tried to sleep next to Ashley if her next view of the world was soon going to be through wooden bars, but she could pull this off. She’ll be an adult again. Ashley and her could be together like they were before this mess started.

The next day Katie found it easy to ask Cindy. After permission from her mother she was going to come over that night.

Ashley was very discreet when she told Mrs Dotterson she knew about Cindy’ wetting and admitted she knew about Katie’s as well. Mrs Dotterson looked more worried about her little girl being away for her then caring about how careful Ashley was in telling her this.

“Here is my cell phone number you can reach us day or night.” Ashley said taking a slip of paper out of her pocket.

“Might call you just before her bed time. I always wish her sweet dreams.” Mrs Dotterson said trying to sound she wouldn’t this time.

“I’m sure Katie would love to spend a night at your house if Cindy wants to do a sleep over there.” Ashley mentioned toward the end of their good conversation. Ashley was not too surprised to see the subject of the daughter was one topic Mrs Dotterson love to hear and talk about.

Cindy wasn’t as attached to the idea of staying with her mother when she offered she could come home at any time. Mrs Dotterson could see that she really wanted to spend all the time she could with her new friend.

Ashley thought Mrs Dotterson was going to cry when they left.

“You sure she is not a good person?” Ashley whispered when they left.

“Trust me. Never judge a book by its cover.” Katie warned back.

Katie decided to sit in the back and let Cindy have the passenger seat. Cindy like the idea and grinned a lot on the way. Ashley found the little girl to be delightful to talk too.

Her speech was a lot like Katie’s except she didn’t understand everything that was said perfectly.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and that night. Cindy was only pulled away from the fun when her mom called to wish her sweet dreams. Katie thought Ashley joining them was a grand idea. They could reach others hair then talk about a lot things.

Cindy took this time to ask a lot questions. She seemed to have a hard time understanding the real world outside her home.

Katie thought she saw Ashley grinning more then once when it was bath time for herself and Cindy. Ashley sat on the closed toilet lid reading a magazine as they played in the water.

Katie was amazed at the smile she could easily bring to her friend’s face when it came to picking out a night outfit then which bed to sleep in that night. Katie and Ashley found the most interesting part of the night came when Ashley came in to wish them a good night.

Ashley wore a little night outfit that did very little to cover her body. Katie was hardly surprised to see her shiver a bit as she walked.

“How do you get to look like that?” Cindy asked innocently and pointing to Ashley’s boobs and curved hips.

“Hasn’t your mom explained the birds and bees?” Ashley asked carefully.

“Yup.” Cindy said grinning and giggled wildly.

“But, she said I’ll never have to worry about that for a very long time” Cindy said finishing her sentence.

“When a little girl grows up a little she starts to look like I do now.” Ashley said to answer her question.

“Sleep tight. I’ll keep my door unlocked if anyone has any bad dreams.” Ashley said and looking at Cindy a second or two longer then Katie. Both of them hoped if they could show Cindy another motherly figure unlike her mother she’d start to question her never ending childhood.

“Psst...” sound same a minute or two later after the light was off from just above Katie’s bed.

“What?” Katie called out and sounded like she was really excited to hear what Cindy had to say.

“Will you look like your sister when you’re older?” Cindy asked in secret tone hardly more then a whisper.

“Nope, my chest is going to be much bigger.” Katie answered back truthfully and both girls went into a fit of giggles and laughter.

“Mine too.” Cindy called back between laughs.

Before too long Katie was asleep then woke up again. The extra covers and the heating system made the room a little warm. Shifting around, she took off her night shirt then pants. She loved snuggling under the covers in just her underwear.

Katie heard Cindy move above her.

Cindy climbed down the ladder and looked hard at her face to make sure she was awake.

“Too hot up there.” Cindy said flipping over her own shirt over her then letting her long shorts slide onto the floor as she pushed them down.

“We both can’t fit in this bed.” Katie said then wondering if Ashley wouldn’t mind having company.

“Let’s go to the master bed.” Katie suggested.

“Your big sister is cool. Mommy never lets me into her bedroom.” Cindy voiced as they nearly ran to the bedroom.

Katie crept in first and saw Ashley was still in dreamland and she had pulled the covers down by accident leaving her chest uncovered.

Both girls climbed in and after a moment it was Cindy that said something.

“Dare you to touch them.” Cindy said and pointing to Ashley’s perky breasts.

Katie reached over and put her finger on Ashley’s right breast then pulled it away.

“Dare you squeeze it.” Katie said raising the stakes.

Cindy reached out from her side of the bed and give Ashley’s left breast a little squeeze. Both giggled a bit.

“Lets tickle her awake.” Katie said starting slowly on Ashley underarm.

“Yeah.” Cindy agreed then started to help.

Ashley stirred awake then laughed a little as she felt the attacked. Ashley then fully awoke and saw who was doing the tickling and attacked back by getting Cindy then Katie in an unending tickling hold. After a five minute session of this, all the girls when into the living to sit on the floor their backs against the sofa to watch TV. The morning cartoons were already on. With one little girl on each side, Ashley wrapped all of them in covers. Both little girls leaned their head in close to her body for warmth and comfort.

All too soon it was time to get dressed. They spent nearly all evening watching movies. Katie felt silly later when she thought about all the playing she did with Cindy.

It was close to supper time by the time they left Ashley’s place. Fully dressed and packed their only goal was to drop Cindy back home. Little did they know that Mrs Dotterson was a good host to her guests and offered for them to stay for dinner.

Ashley and Katie discovered she only done this so she could cross question them when she asked her daughter all that happened on the sleep over. Katie was surprised that Cindy left a lot out. She would only say she played games and watched cartoons.

Katie excused herself from the table to go to the bathroom.

“2nd door on the right just up the stairs.” Mrs Dotterson said and talked politely to Ashley. With Ashley’s diminished size, she felt a little shy around a mature woman like Mrs Dotterson was.

Katie only caught the last parts of conversation then she was out of ear shot. The stairs were nothing to climb and she found herself upstairs of the large house. To her right was bedroom that had to be Cindy’s. Katie never thought a child could have so many dolls and stuff animals on a bed.

To her left were a bathroom and two other rooms. Walking past the bathroom she looked for the master bedroom. She figured it would be here for any antidote if there was in deed one was hidden.

“Cindy? He is awake dear, if you want to come in.” An old voice called from Katie’s left. She had been standing at the end of hall looking in and wondering to chance it when someone had caught her.

Turning around she saw a darken nursery with an old Irish woman sitting in corner on a rocking chair quietly rocking it back and forth. In her frail, but strong arms was a baby, looking as if he had just awakened from a nap.

“Are you Katie?” The old woman asked after long ten seconds had pass.

Katie shook her head to say yes.

“I’m the nanny and any friend of my sweet Cindy is a friend of mine. You can come closer and see Cindy’s brother if you want. He is not scared of strangers.” Nanny said with her Irish accent.

Katie having no excuse for being at the end of hall went in and pretended to be curious of the baby. She did wonder if there was more then meets the eye to little baby boy.

Katie must have given a strange look when she thought about Mrs Dotterson and asked herself in her thoughts ‘did she keep all her children from growing up?’

“What’s frightening you dear?” Nanny asked.

“Cindy never mentioned she had a brother.” Katie said and thought how stupid it was to sound so adult.

“There are more secrets in this house then you know. I have been here for years and nothing has change when it comes to the children. A curious girl should never go into my mistresses’ bathroom just beyond her bedroom, at least when she is home.” Nanny hinted with a grin.

Nanny raised her head up to see who had just come in.

Cindy came bouncing in, looking curiously at Katie.

“You two go play now. Christopher needs his rest.” Nanny said giving both an extra smile.

Katie followed Cindy out of the room and to her room so Cindy could show her all her things. Katie was jealous for a moment by it. Every toy, doll and video game a little girl could want or desire was in this little room. Cindy even had her own DVD player and TV to watch any of the hundred or so Disney’s movies stored in the cabinet below.

“Watch any movie you want. I’m bored with them and know each one by heart.” Cindy admitted when she saw Katie staring at all the movies.

“Or wanna play a game? You can’t let me win, I got to beat you. Nanny and mommy always let me win.” Cindy said pulling out a board game of ‘Sorry’ which looked a few years old.

“Ok.” Katie agreed so she could talk to Cindy in a causal manner as they played.

“Baby brother is cute.” Katie said trying to sound off-hand is she just commenting.

“Guess so. You should see his winky. It’s only this big.” Cindy said holding her fingers apart only a little. It took a while for Cindy to stop giggling.

“Why doesn’t he go to the daycare with you?” Katie asked innocently.

“He is too small and always will be. That’s what my mom’s says.” Cindy said and last part she sounded almost sarcastic. This gave Katie an idea.

“Do you always believe what your mommy’s tells you?” Katie asked in the same tone of sarcasm.

“No, sometimes nanny tells me these funny stories...” Cindy started to say then went quiet.

“What?” Katie asked out of need to hear more.

“I can’t tell you. Mommy would punish me if she knew.” Cindy said in a little more then a fearful whisper.

A few more minutes passed in complete silence. Then Katie and Cindy heard their names being called. Running out of the room they saw Mrs Dotterson coming up the stairs with a plate of leftovers to take to nanny.

“Girls, it’s getting late and Katie needs to go home now.” Mrs Dotterson said as she reached the top.

“Ok, mom-me.” Cindy answered back sweetly.

“Goodbye.” Katie said and really meant it.

“Bye, Maybe next time you stay over here?” Cindy said and looked hopeful.

“Maybe.” Katie said then grinned.

Ashley and Katie kept up the act of being older sister and little step sister until they were in the car and on their way home.

“Strange woman. Nearly the entire time you were gone she talked about nothing but on how hard it must be a young girl like myself to raise you. Think I did a decent job in saying our parents were always away on business. Of course I thought she was going to offer a way of making me older. I hinted it be nice if I could be a few years older, but no luck. She just agreed then went on about the house and how it’s been in her family for generations.” Ashley said and explained the conversation that took place downstairs.

“What did you learn?” Ashley asked.

Katie went on to explain the nanny in the nursery, the rule about the master bath and Cindy’s room.

“Little brother..huh. Interesting. What about the nanny? Trustworthy you think.” Ashley asked.

“Don’t know. I got the feeling she was trying to warn me of something. She nearly flat out told me not to go in there unless Mrs Dotterson was not at home. Then there was that comment about the children. The way she said it sounded like she was tired of seeing them not grow up.” Katie explained.

Well you’ll get your chance next week. Mrs Dotterson or now Cynthia wants to go shopping. You know a little bit of last minute Christmas shopping. She also invited us over on Christmas eve to exchange gifts which is the same week.

“I think she has taken a little pity on us? The parents away and the little sister being looked after by her evil big step sister.” Katie said in drama like voice.

“Could be. I think since your best friend’s with Cindy is really why.” Ashley said grinning.

“It all centers around that little girl.” Ashley said as she thought it over.

Katie was too busy worrying about what going to happen next weekend to comment.

As the week went on, it was hard for Katie not to notice the oncoming holiday. The older kids were excited and talked of the coolest toys was often heard. Then a boy or girl would shout out to their friend they wanted a toy that just flashed on and off on a commercial when they were watching TV.

Katie’s only Christmas wish was to return to the life as a young woman. If she didn’t have Ashley waiting for her Katie thought for sure she’d relive childhood just to get better results out of it this time.

The ideal life of no real responsibilities, no adult lies, then having someone else wait on you hand and foot was paradise for a while, but it was fast becoming dull.

Recently adventures did however make it interesting. Katie felt semi sick when day of sleep-over finally came.

Ashley and Katie were too meet at Cynthia Dotterson’s house. Mrs Dotterson would take Ashley shopping while the Nanny would watch the kids.

“Now nanny can’t move around so well. So if anything happens call 911, if a fire breaks out or someone gets hurt really bad..” Cynthia said to Cindy then looking over to Katie to see if she understood.

Ashley not wanting to be outdone bent low to be eye level with Katie and added. “I have my cell phone with me so you can reach me at any time.”

“Girls stay downstairs and don’t spend too much time upstairs unless you’re going to bed.” Cynthia added as she went out the door.

Nanny was sitting on the sofa in the main living room with Christopher in his playpen asleep. Nanny seemed to enjoy watching the Christmas specials.

Just under an hour of playing with Cindy. Katie excused herself to the bathroom. She had her chance and she was going to take it. When she got to the master bedroom she found the door shut and locked.

Katie hadn’t noticed the lock before. Katie thought for second on any wild idea that might work.

‘Try again.’ Katie thought and went back downstairs to play with Cindy and talk about which movies they wanted to watch when it was close to bed time.

Short two hours later Ashley returned with Cynthia right behind in a somewhat merry mood. Ashley did give Katie a questioning look if she wanted to ask something. Katie guessing the on the question shook her head no. Ashley face fell a bit and she pretended to busy going over her bags.

“Ok, girls. Time for bed and no peaking downstairs.” Cynthia said to the pair of little girls.

Katie and Cindy spent an hour up past bed time. For Cindy it was the excitement of presents and cookies. Katie rolled over on her side of bed out of nerves.

Katie was nearly asleep then a loud thumping came from the hallway. Sitting up she saw Cindy was asleep. Slipping out of the strange new bed and making her way around the toys, she hardly made a sound and thanked her small feet for the feat.

Peaking out the door she saw some strange movement. Looking closely she saw someone was dragging a person up the steps and down the hall. As the persons pass under some dimmed lights of the hallway Katie gasped as she saw Mrs Dotterson dragging Ashley to the master bedroom.

Katie watched out of horror as she stopped to unlock the door keeping one arm wrapped Ashley’s shoulder then went into the room. Judging from the shadows figures now on the closed white door of the nursery she could tell that Mrs Dotterson laid Ashley on the bed.

Unable to help herself she went down the hall and peaked into the bedroom after she saw Mrs Dotterson shadow disappear.

Looking in she saw Ashley looking like she was knocked out or asleep on the bed. Dressed in the same outfit she went shopping in, but her shoes were off. Katie stepped in and saw the shadow figure of Mrs Dotterson in the master bathroom getting something then running water.

From the sound Katie guess she starting a bath.

While Mrs Dotterson was busy, Katie shook Ashley trying her best to awaken her. Ashley came out for a second then closed her eyes.

‘Drugged.’ Katie thought. Katie couldn’t think any more on the matter for turning of a step in the next room made her duck and do her best to crawl under the bed. The covers only stopped moving as a pair of adult feet stopped in front of her head.

“Time for your bath.” Mrs Dotterson said and Katie saw and felt the bed move as Mrs Dotterson dragged Ashley off and onto the bathroom floor to lay.

Katie was in a panic. Thinking things fast she thought about calling the police, but who believe a little girl. By the time she convinced them of some story she was in danger, it could be passed as a child’s nightmare by Mrs Dotterson and she might be stuck as a baby and put in the crib by dawn’s first light.

Katie foolishly came out of her hiding spot and went forth into the bathroom.

There she saw Mrs Dotterson stripping Ashley of her clothes. She was down to underwear when she looked up to see Katie standing there. Katie was scared by the evil grin that spread across her sweaty face.

“You ruined my Christmas gift I was going give to you. You see I have some magic water that will make your older sister into your new younger sister.” Mrs Dotterson explaining simply and sweetly that made Katie stomach turn with disgust.

“Why?” Katie asked and wishing with all her might she could move from her standing spot. She was frozen with fear and found herself shaking a little.

“Poor Katie. Your sister isn’t a good role model for you. She has a silly idea when it comes to dating. I’m going to fix it. Once your sister changes, you of course have to stay here with me. I’ll be a better mommy then yours. I promise I won’t be away and love you just as much as Cindy. You two will be sisters and go to school together.” Mrs Dotterson said and leaned over to get Katie to come within arm’s reach. Her hand was open and she was asking for Katie’s trust.

“You’re replacing Cindy. You’re going to let her grow up with me and Ashley is going to take her place.” Ashley said with cold dread and her blood going cold.

“My dear, you are very smart. I knew sooner or later you’d figure your friend had a strange secret. I’m wrong to believe that your sister is the only one who might know the same secret.” Mrs Dotterson said eyeing her closely.

“She might be a little confused when she wakes, but you’ll have a new family by morning. I promise she won’t come to any harm.” Mrs Dotterson said trying to convince her more with words.

“Christopher?” Katie asked glancing briefing at the door to the nursery.

“That’s a secret I can’t share with you yet. If you agree, I promise to tell you. ” Mrs Dotterson and now standing up.

Katie had thoughts of running, but where would she go. The windows and doors were locked and fresh snow was falling outside.

Katie figured she was just a 4-year-old or 5-year-old girl. She knew she wouldn’t get very far anyway.

“Mom-me, I had another accident.” Cindy voice came suddenly and slightly louder then her normal voice out of panic. Katie turned to see Cindy just turning the corner and then coming to stand in the doorway with Katie. No wet spot visible yet.

“Cindy.” Mrs Dotterson said and now stunned for the moment.

“What are you doing mommy?” Cindy asked looking fearfully at her mother.

“Cindy, go back to your room and wait for me. Ashley isn’t well and she needs me to fix her up.” Mrs Dotterson said trying her best to tell Cindy what was wrong.

Sensing there was more then her mommy was telling her. Cindy stood her spot by her friend.

“Cindy? If you don’t go back now I won’t give your Christmas wish. Instead of going to school you’ll be in the toddler area of mommy’s daycare when Christmas is over.” Mrs Dotterson said her anger rising along with her voice.

A soft creak from somewhere in the hall came right after. Only Katie heard it, but she dared not to take her eyes off of Mrs Dotterson. Now Katie could see he for the monster she was. Her face enraged and her face muscles tensed then her lips were gnarly like a dog.

“You’ll do no such thing.” An elderly voice came and Katie then Cindy felt frail hands push them aside as the nanny came into the bathroom. Both little girls were pushed gently into the wall on each side.

“No longer. I have put up with all of this as long as you never threatened my Cindy.” Nanny said looking at Cynthia then the tub with shallow water as she strode forward. As fast as she could, she grabbed Cynthia by shoulders they wrestled for a minute. The next thing Katie could recall were both women falling into the tub. Two loud thumps then a small splash as both fell into the white chalky water.

Fearing the water and not wanting to go near, Katie stood her ground and watched. She did however step into full view to see the results.

“Stupid old woman. We’ll both disappear. Let go of me.” Cynthia yelled in a high pitch scream.

Cynthia could easily throw off nanny if it wasn’t for the slippery sides of tub and nanny’s arms pinning her down.

“I bet you regret now making me so old.” Nanny said in a joyful voice.

As Cindy and Katie watched, they saw two amazing changes at once. Nanny’s white hair turn suddenly to blond and her skin became smooth. Clothes on her body were tight and showed a much healthier woman suddenly pinning a now teenager Cynthia. Her struggles become less as each passing second went by.

“Please, don’t do this.” Cynthia screamed.

Nanny only grinned and watched with a joyful look as she got younger.

Katie watched now interested by the strange event and looked briefly at Cindy’s reaction. There in Cindy’s face was something of a curious look then a look as if she understood something.

Sound of a sobbing preteen girl now filled the room. Cynthia had stopped pleading and now was in full tears and not fighting any more.

“Stay where you are girls and you my dear Cynthia will not get out of the tub until I say so.” Young nanny said now in body of young woman in her mid twenties getting up and out of the tub.

Moving quickly she undressed all her clothes and tossed them into the hamper and quickly put on a bathroom robe that was just by the door. Both girls got a quick view of her naked body. She was beautiful and her mature body showed her womanly features very well.

All the girls turned back to Cynthia. There holding herself up was a young girl of 8 or 7-years old girl with just a t-shirt covering her. Pair of woman’s underwear and pants was pooled around her feet.

Nanny went over Ashley’s body again then stepped forward and instructed the child to step out of them. She tossed the wet clothes along her old clothing into hamper.

Katie then watched her take off Cynthia’s last adult clothing. She didn’t struggle in the smallest way and only stood there naked and crying.

By the time her clothes were off, she had shrunk down to Cindy’ age and was still going. Unafraid of the water and its effects, Nanny picked up the now 2-year-old or so Cynthia and sat her on towel on the counter.

The baby girl reached wildly for the towel to dry herself, but Nanny kept her from doing so.

“A little longer. A Grandmother loves her baby and won’t let any more harm come to her.” Nanny said then finally started to dry the distressed baby. Katie was amazed by appearance of her. She looked so much like any other baby in the world; she wouldn’t have guessed it really was Cynthia.

Katie craned her neck to see baby Cynthia laying down on the counter. She was about 6- months-old and her legs were kicking angrily. Still the little legs were getting smaller until it finally stopped.

“There, there. At least you can still move you head about and you’re all dry now.” Nanny said picking the baby girl up then wrapping her in a new dry towel.

“Cindy, darling. Do you know who I really am?” Nanny asked. Katie was not scared by the sweet tone she used.

“Mom-me?” Cindy asked and looking very close at her face.

“Oh yes dear. I’m your real mother or also called Nancy Dotterson.” Nancy said to Cindy then Katie.

Katie could now hear the cry of the baby boy from the nursery and wondered when he started crying.

“Be right back, girls. All the noise must have awoken Christopher or he needs changing.” Nancy said carrying baby Cynthia out of the room and into the nursery. Katie grabbed Cindy’s arm lead her out of bathroom to follow Nancy.

There they saw Cynthia carefully laid into crib then Christopher taken out.

“Well, my poor Christopher. Time for you to return to normal and you too Cindy.” Nancy said holding her hand out for her to take it.

“Katie, all this must be very confusing. After I carry your sister to the bed, we’ll wait for her until she wakes up. Then I’ll tell her everything when things are back to normal around here.” Nancy said happily.

Young Nancy did her best to move poor Ashley off the floor and back onto the bed. Still asleep from some unknown sleeping pills she was breathing softly.

Katie watched with a puzzled look as Nancy grab two more bathrobes and asked Cindy to remove all her clothing. Cindy obeyed and Nancy or her mother as if wrapped her in the adult size bathrobe.

“It’s too big for me.” Cindy commented once Nancy tied the rube’s ropes loosely.

“Not for long dear.” Nancy said straightening up and opening the mirror cabinet above the sink.

“Here we go.” Nancy said a minute later then uncapping a bottle of body wash.

Katie remembered reading on the bottle’s front to remove powder and oils.

“Cup your hands.” Nancy said in a gently motherly tone.

Not touching the liquid herself Nancy tipped the bottle gently and put a small amount that filled Cindy’s cupped hands.

“Rub it on your face.” Nancy order quickly.

Cindy did so. Katie watched from the opened doorway the 3rd amazing transformation she witnessed this night. Slowly Cindy began to get taller. Her arms and legs lengthen as her body grew under her robe. Her face changed from a little girl to preteen girl.

“Mom? What’s going on and who are they?” A confess preteen Cindy asked looking around.

“Don’t worry dear. Just sit here and relax.” Nancy suggested then pointed to the closed toilet seat lid and picked up the last towel in the room to hold in her left hand.

Minute later a young teenager emerged through the morphing body of the preteen. Her breasts were barely pushing the top of the robe out. Katie watched with a happy thought as she saw Cindy’s arms and legs grew further out into lean thin arms of a woman.

“Mom, why am I not pregnant?” Cindy asked looking at her flatted stomach.

“Because you already had your baby. It was a girl. Just stay calm and it will come back to you.” Nancy said to reassure her.

Using the corner of the towel Nancy wiped any extra body wash off her face and left the towel on the counter.

“Mother, Cynthia plans to make us children.” The adult Cindy said then looked fearfully into her mother eyes.

“I know dear, but you’re little behind in the times. That happened five years ago.” Nancy said calmly.

“Five years? She used the oil on me.” Cindy said in answer to her own question a second later after taken in the last bit of information.

“It’s all right now. Cynthia is just in the next room and thanks to your friend there I got my chance to return you to normal” Nancy said then gesturing to the little girl in the doorway.

“Katie?” The adult Cindy asked and kneeling down so not to scare her.

“Yeah.” Katie answered and little confused why her best friend didn’t recognize her.

“I’m sorry to say I don’t remember you too much. Feels like I had a very long dream, but I do remember our friendship.” Cindy said then giving Katie a hug.

“Thank you so much.” Cindy said then straighten back up as she stood.

“Christopher!?” Cindy said as she looked back Nancy then the baby boy who had been playing with his fingers.

“She got him the same night she did you. The poor dear been like that since. I was aged to old woman who could barely walk around. After a few years of using the baby powder on him, I slowly regained some of my youthful energy. Of course I didn’t let Cynthia know about it and acted as frail as ever.” Nancy explained quickly.

“Yes I remember now. She told me just before she first used the oil on me when I was little girl. I cried a little at the idea no one would ever rescue me from my permanent childhood I was facing.” Cindy admitted her voice becoming surer of her own words.

Katie looked on in silence as baby boy was stripped of his clothes by Cindy and her mother and sat hap hazardously on the cold lid of the toilet. The baby boy looked curiously at all them and Nancy, with the bottle still in hand, poured a smaller amount then on Cindy’s onto Christopher’s right leg thigh.

Baby grew into a toddler moments later and all his baby fat melted down into his body as he took on the body of skinny little boy. The little boy looked around the room then himself and wondered for moment what was going on. Katie could only assume that he thought he got of the tub and these women were drying him off.

Little Christopher did seem a little shy when he saw Katie staring at him. He cupped his hands over his small boy’s penis and looked up for someone to hand him a towel. Nancy and Cindy exchanged grins.

“Here you go dear. Wrap this around your waist.” Nancy said taking the towel off the counter.

Christopher wrapped it loosely around his lower half then continued to age. Soon a young preteen looked around and went red in the face at being naked around two women and a little girl.

“Christopher honey, Put this on.” Cindy said handing him the last bathroom robe. Christopher took it without question and aged even more to a teen.

“Who are you?” He asked his voice deep and still maturing.

“Chris, do you remember us dating yet?” Cindy asked.

Christopher, puzzled and confessed by suddenly being in a bathrobe, looked long and hard at the beautiful woman’s face, looking very hopeful they were more then a strangers.

“I’m dating this girl Cindy. She is only a little younger then you. You could be her older sister.” A slightly older teenage Chris said still staring into her face.

“Cindy?” He asked a second later.

“Yup.” Cindy said and her eyes filling with happy tears.

“Our baby. Where is my little angel?” Christopher said looking around his feet then over at Katie.

“Can’t be her over there.” Chris said looking toward the tub now.

“She is in the other room. Mother has taken care of her.” Cindy said taking Chris’s hands in her own.

“It’s nearly finished. Once the body wash is applied it ages the body a little and completely restores the mind to its full state no matter what age they are.” Nancy said wisely as she saw the effects slow.

Chris, aging into a fine looking man, stood from his seat and looked around carefully.

“I take it I’d just been rescued?” He asked looking around at their faces.

“Yes, my husband. Out of diapers and a crib.” Cindy said hugging him around the neck.

“How long?” Chris asked once the hug was over

“Five years.” Nancy said still with her Irish accent.

“Wow. I remember it like it happen a very long time ago. Thanks for not spanking me.” Chris added on toward the end of remark to Nancy.

“Like I had the strength to do so.” Nancy said and grinned.

“I remember crying out for mother to come, but you were the only one who came to my aid. I must have seemed like a very fussy baby.” Chris said to explain his behavior as a baby.

“Chris, no need say anything else. We were all victims and prisoners of Cynthia.” Cindy said putting a finger to his lips.

“Who’s this?” Chris said after Cindy’s finger was away from his mouth and he was looking at Katie.

“The one who gave us the chance. Wasn’t for her and Cindy, I never would have awoken from my chair in the nursery to discover the bathroom unlocked and alarm to the door turned off.” Nancy explained to Chris very quickly.

“Indeed?” Chris said then stood over Katie.

“I’m in your debt, my young lady.” Chris said then holding out his hand to shake hers. The massive size hand engulfed her own little hand as they shook.

“Now, I think we all should get dressed and down to the kitchen for an early breakfast and we’ll hear Katie’s side of the story. I for one am very interesting in hearing it.” Nancy said to the group.

“To my room. I kept all your adult clothes in there after Cynthia put them in boxes for the trash man and don’t mind the girl on the bed. I’ll explain that when we are downstairs fully dressed.” Nancy said leading the group past the master bed into the hall. Katie had followed behind and had to make fast quick steps to keep up.

“Katie, my dear.” Chris said picking her up to hold at his side and now carrying her down the hall.

“I think I’ll make a glass of chocolate milk for you before I get dressed.” Chris said offering his first reward for her unknown actions that save him.

“Okay.” Katie said feeling like a little girl for the first time that night.

Sitting in Cindy’s old booster seat on top of oak chair in the kitchen/dinning room Katie drank her chocolate milk slowly. Recent conversations and events were now replaying inside her head. The amazing changes were bound to stay there for ages to come after this night. Then there was Cynthia. Katie grinned at her fate that might as well been hers. By a series of events, she herself just avoided becoming a real little girl or a baby just by chance. It was that bath that Cynthia made that did her in or down, Katie thought with a wicked grin.

“Oh, I can make some really good cookies to go with that drink.” Nancy said as she entered the room. Katie looked to see her enter dressed in a lovingly nightgown and Cindy in a causal outfit with baby Cynthia in her arms.

“Hard to believe my little darling caused all this trouble for us. I guess I should have paid more attention to her when she started to get older. Instead I sent her away to schools and baby sitters.” Cindy said to her mother.

“Perhaps, but you’ll get a rotten apple sometimes as well.” Nancy said opening a tube package of cookie dough with chocolate chips.

“Well, she is awake and alert. But it’ll be awhile before she can move her body to come downstairs. She was asking if you were alright. I told her you were fine and everything is right as rain.” Chris said as he came in a minute later.

Katie could see he only threw on a night shirt, boxers and long shorts. His bathrobe was still on his body.

“Chris used to be a doctor.” Cindy said to Katie.

“Yes, from an old medical kit still store in the closet I used it to get her back to the land of the living.” Chris said taking a seat beside Katie.

“Your?” Chris said looking at her carefully.

“Friend.” Katie said sheepishly.

“Friend was definitely drugged.” Chris said taking a glass of tea from his wife as she sat down on the other side of the table.

“Chris.” Cindy said looking past a point just behind him. There Ashley was awake standing pale faced at the group. Her body was swaying from side to side.

“My dear. You should sit down.” Chris said getting up from his seat and helping Ashley to sit next to Katie.

“Feeling better?” Chris asked after she was seated.

“Beside a headache and dizziness I’m fine.” Ashley admitted truthfully.

“Dizziness is my fault. Using one drug to counter act another drug does has its side effects.” Chris said apologetic.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Cindy asked curiously.

“Drinking some hot coco with Mrs Dotterson and she was saying how I was a bad role model for Katie because of my sexual choice. I confessed to her much early in the day when she talked about matching me with a young man she knew. Then I felt my head become heavy and passed out I think.”

Scoffs of disbelief and shock faces went around the table. Cindy held the baby girl up in the air so everyone could see.

“So it wasn’t enough to betray your own family, but you had to meddle with other’s people lives.” Cindy said to the scared little baby once she wrapped her from the baby blanket. Cynthia was only dressed in slightly oversize diaper and socks. Then Cindy sat her on the table to face all the people she wronged.

Accusing looks and furrowed eyebrows meet her eyes.

“Well I’ve hidden our special supplies and locked it all up. With of us back to normal and on the alert, she’ll never get her chance ever again.” Chris said tickling Cynthia chin.

Katie watched as her eyes took on sadden look, but she didn’t cry.

“So Nancy, Tell us everything that’s happen in the last five years.” Chris said after his first sip of tea.

“I try, but Cindy, Katie and your friend fill in any parts you know are facts. After so long in that old body, it felt like decades went by.” Nancy said taking a long drink for her cup.

So Katie listened as Nancy explained what happen. Her own deal with Cynthia to look after the children, if she kept silent, and Cynthia’s promise not to harm them or send them away. Cynthia looked around as questions flew and her name was bought up again and again. Her movements were becoming nervous like and her eyes not meeting anyone’s face.

“She bought a daycare?” Chris asked in wonder.

“Yes, so she could keep a close eye on your Cindy and mold her into her idea of a perfect little girl. I think after a while she started to believe Cindy was her child and not the other way around.” Nancy said looking slightly annoyed getting irrupted yet again.

Nancy went to explain her hopes that she could get a hold on the powder or body wash, but Cynthia took steps to prevent that until tonight. Then Nancy stopped to pass story to either Katie or Ashley.

Still feeling horrible Ashley looked to Katie to start talking.

Katie went on to explain how she became involved. How she knew about the powder and oil. She then admitted she had no idea of the body wash until last night, but thought there was an antidote.

“Lucky chance you befriended me. I do recall being very lonely when I was at the daycare.” Cindy said reaching over to squeeze Katie’s hand for a second.

“Birds of a feather.” Katie said almost giggling.

“Guess so, but what are the chances of us meeting. Both former adults changed into little kids.” Cindy said smiling broadly, as Nancy took some cookies out the oven to place on plate.

“So what do we do with Cynthia?” Cindy asked taking the baby girls in her arms and moving her little body away from the warm plate cookies that had just sat down in the middle of table, closest to Katie hands.

“Well there is the nursery we could raise her from her current age again. With a little oil we have our angel back.” Chris said with an evil grin then grabbing a cookie to snack on.

“My room is setup for a little old lady and there’s plenty of body wash to do the job.” Nancy suggested.

“Don’t forget my old room. If I remember right, it’s perfect for a little girl. Sure she’ll be a little confused on what year it is, but her nasty adult self will be gone.” Cindy said holding up the little baby to see if she could stand yet.

“She deserves any of those punishments, but I think you should show her a little kindness. After all she was planning to let you grow up Cindy. So I think she should be a little girl again and NOT use the oil on her.” Katie said leaving out the other part to show Cynthia her own pity for her.

Cynthia gurgled loudly at this point in the conversation. Everyone looked at her. Cynthia pointed to Katie when she had everyone’s attention.

“She agrees.” Chris said looking from his baby daughter to Katie.

“Besides, all the gifts in the other room were for a pair of certain little girls.” Ashley said looking out the window then reaching for her own little cookies to snack on.

“Bless us all. It’s Christmas morning.” Nancy said turning to see the sky outside the window getting brighter. Snow was coming down hard now, but the sun still managed to shine through the clouds.

“Besides our thanks, I think we should restore our friends to normal.” Cindy said getting up from the table.

“Could I perhaps stay like this for one more day? At least until the presents are opened.” Katie asked her head bent low her face hot.

Small laughter went around the table and few exchange smiles with each other.

“For you Katie, we’ll keep you as young as long you like.” Cindy said then looking at her mother and husband.

“Mother if you would take your granddaughter and follow us upstairs, we at least can fix a few things.” Cindy said handing the baby to her then helping Ashley out of her seat to walk back upstairs.

As morning Christmas specials were on every channel, Katie waited in Chris’s lap as they watched the beginning of Frosty the snowman on the TV in the living room.

Katie got one last surprise besides the presents when Cindy and Ashley came into the room.

Both women were now little girls of the same age of Katie.

“What’s one more day?” Cindy commented when Katie stared at the pair. Both were dress in clothes that had to come from Cindy’s old room.

“Merry Chris-was!” Ashley said to Katie as she looked at her.

Next Nancy came into the room and there was Cynthia hiding behind her leg. A little younger then Katie, but restored to an age and size of a little girl. Her outfit was a night outfit and Katie, from experience, saw some training pants just under her pajama’s pants.

“Cynthia.” Chris cried out and stopped his movement toward her as she shuttered with fear. Katie saw she firmly holding onto Nancy leg with as much strength her arms could do.

“I’m not mad, baby. Gravely disappointed and a shamed of you, but no spanking or time outs today.” Chris said not moving.

“Cynthia, do you have something to say?” Nancy said warning tone.

Releasing her hold on her Grandmother’s leg she step forward and looked at the expecting faces.

“I’m sorry.” Cynthia said her face paler then ever.

“Gain our trust and become a decent person and I’ll see it in my heart to forgive you.” Her dad said picking her up and holding her high in the air after he spun around. She grinned a little at being lifted so high feeling of flying as she was spinning.

“Be a good girl.” Katie heard Cindy say when Cynthia was put back down on her feet.

“Few years at that age should fix her.” Nancy said giving her a dark look.

Ashley had a wonderful time with Katie and admitted she kinda enjoy being a little girl again, a little too much. Cindy suggested after the gifts were opened that they play a game together. A fun game of Life was started and not really wanting to play but rather look over a book Ashley had given her, Katie noticed Cynthia was gone.

Looking around she saw Nancy staring hard into the kitchen not taking her watchful eyes off something or someone.

Following her eyes, Katie saw Cynthia alone at the kitchen table eating a stone cold cookie that was left on the plate.

Getting up from her sitting position on the floor she joined Cynthia at the table.

She looked up not saying a word at first.

“You can have this. After today it will be little use to me.” Katie said pushing a coloring book with cross word puzzles and mazes toward Cynthia.

“It’s helps with the boredom in being a little girl.” Katie said looking up at the plate, only crumbs remained on the plate.

“Why so nice to me?” Cynthia said looking at her.

“I know what it is like to be a little girl who was once an adult. I know what you feeling right now as well.” Katie said making sure her voice didn’t carry too far.

“I’m sorry. Grandmother is wrong about me. I’m really not a bad person.” Cynthia said sounding like she didn’t expect Katie to believe it.

“We’ll see. They are your family if you can’t trust them then, who.” Katie said looking at the sad face of Cynthia.

Breaking her cookie into two she handed one part to Katie.

“I made a terrible mess of things and it went on for years.” Cynthia said sniffing loudly and tears threaten to stream down her face.

“Shhh.” Katie said quietly and took a small bite out of her half of the cookie. She smiled as she thought about the Cindy when she was upset at the daycare over her little problem.

“I should be in diapers, if it wasn’t for you, I would have had my mind wiped clean of my adult life.” Cynthia said rubbing her eyes and drying them quickly.

“Hey, let’s go outside.” Katie said seeing the snow had stopped fallen.

“To do what?” Cynthia asked looking at the heavy snow just outside the window.

“To play, silly.” Katie said taking her hand and helping her down.

Looking reluctant, Cynthia followed her upstairs to Cindy’s old room and dressed to go outside. They passed Nancy who was watching from the bottom of the stairs and out the front door after Katie unlocked it.

“What first?” Cynthia asked as she was led to the middle of snowed covered yard.

“Snow angels!” Katie said and fell back on her own free will and giggled as she hit the semi soft snow ground.

Cynthia screamed out of fear as she fell back too and they moved their arms and legs to make their first snow angels in a long time. Soon Cindy and Ashley came out and they had a rousing fight with snowballs with Chris.

Nancy stared out of the window in awe at the wonders and miracles that the holidays would bring every so often and thought maybe her granddaughter at least deserved a second chance at the very least. She did find it increasing hard to stay mad at such a sweet looking girl.

The End.