Time Orb

By Libra

“Lets just do it.” Shawn Stein said to his best friend Norman Pits.

“We can’t, It’s too risky now.” Norman said to his life long friend now a teenager like himself.

“You have no sense of fun what so ever, man. ” Shawn said with frustrated tone.

“Sure it work last time and you got to see Amy Lawson in the nude, but it’s still a unstable invention. My dad is still working out the bugs in it. Didn’t you hate being a baby? ” Norman said looking questioning at his friend for some sense of reason.

“Yeah, but how times do you get a chance to shower with Amy Lawson if you’re a teen?” Shawn said looking very happy to go down memory lane.

“None, unless your Brad Johnson. Amy’s one and only boyfriend.” Norman said with a bit of angry. Norman knew well that Brad was the jealous type and would punch a guy in the stomach just for looking at his girlfriend.

“Perhaps we could cut Brad down to a more manageable size ?” Shawn said trying to seize the moment.

“We could.” Norman said vaguely and dreaming up a good revenge scene in his head.

“No.” Norman said catching his thoughts again from day dreaming.

“Can’t tell me you haven’t thought of it before.” Shawn said in a matter of fact voice.

“You just what to hop in the shower with Amy again as a baby so she doesn’t know it was you. ” Norman said in a accusing tone.

“I won’t denied it. There is nothing like being under two feet tall and being held at her side as she washes her breasts with her free hand.”

“How many times did it take you?” Norman asked with a raised eyebrow at his friend.

“Well,...a few times.” Shawn answered slightly more sheepish then normal.

“Oh course she thought you really were a baby.” Norman said with a little remorse in his own voice.

“She thought I was a really scared baby that had a fear to be in the water alone. Don’t be jealous of me. You flat out refuse last time.” Shawn said with a tone of success.

“Remember last Halloween when the effects of the time orb wore off? We barely got home in time to get some clothes that fit. Those children’s costumes we dug out of attic nearly ripped to shreds.” Norman said with a red face. Memory of running home in just his shirt and underwear with costume under his arm still haunted him.

“I admit I have some explaining to do if I suddenly aged back to normal while I was still under Amy’s care, but I think she freak and wouldn’t believe what happen.” Shawn said as truthfully he could.

“Your not going to stop are you?” Norman asked with a pleading look.

“Would you if you could live out a fantasy or two.” Shawn said in a tempting tone.

“Fine. What did you have in mind?” Norman asked reaching into the back of his desk drawer.

A small plastic and metal ball with digital display on top could be seen in his hands. Shawn always thought it look like a high tech web cam people would have on top of their computers.

“Amy’s little brother is having a sleep over thing tomorrow night and most of the neighbor children were invited. I figure we could slip in and stay half the night. We could leave early before anyone notices two extra heads in the group.” Shawn said in a practiced voice.

“How are we going to see Amy at all if we stuck in the basement full of kids?” Norman said knowing some facts about Lawson’s sleep-overs. Lawson’s were wealthy and their children always had the best parties and sleep-overs any one could remember.

“Who do you think is in charge of the kids?” Shawn said in voice that had a sarcastic tone to it.

“Why would their parents leave Amy in charge?” Norman said in a accusing tone.

“Her parents are going have a dinner party upstairs with most of the parents while the kids are downstairs. So they left her to charge and all the parents chipped in with babysitting money. She getting paid big bucks just to host a party for little kids while her parents host the main party upstairs.” Shawn said proudly.

Norman took a second to admire Shawn skills of getting information before he decided to say yes.

“Ok, I’m in. Tell me your plan.” Norman said quietly as Shawn leaned in closer over the desk.

Mrs Lawson had just seen a group of children downstairs as their parents join the other adults in the large living room when the doorbell rang out again. Mrs Lawson was still a beautiful even if she was a middle woman now. Opening the door she saw two more little boys looking ready for the sleep-over. Mrs Lawson smile hardly drop a little as she looked over the kid’s heads for their parents. She then figure these boys were more of her son’s classmates.

“Hello boys, Sleep-over party is downstairs to your right. You two look like your old enough to find your own way.” Mrs Lawson said and looking eager to return to living room where the adults were discussing hot gossip topics of the week.

Boys only grinned at each other and thank her before going down the steps.

“See, we already in and we didn’t have to answer a single question.” a 7-year-old Shawn said to a 6-year-old Norman in a whisper as they went down the steps.

Noise level in the house was at a heightened tone of excitement.

“Still can’t figure out why I am smaller then you though. I set the device to make us the same age. We should only be a inch in difference in height like we were when we really this young.” Norman whisper back as they reached the bottom step.

“Don’t sweat it, man. Talk like a little kid from here on out.” Shawn whisper back in a eager tone.

Before them was one big play room for anyone who liked video games and movies.

“This is the coolest rec room I ever seen.” Shawn said in awe.

“No kidding.” Norman said now gawking at the video games stack by the TV. A small group of boys were racing each other on the game system.

Norman thought after a while it was worth it. Not only was Amy there, but half her friends were there helping out. All of them dress in night shirts and shorts while all the little kids of the party were dress in pajamas.

Both boys could only dream of seeing the teenage girls in their night outfits.

Shawn wormed his way into most of the girl’s hearts by acting cute and shy. Norman grinned at his friend as the girls were cooing over him as he sat in one of the girl’s lap. Norman kept himself entertained by playing the video games and looking at the girls every once in a while.

Both boys quickly notice the much older girls didn’t bother with bras or very long shorts.

It was Norman who notice something was wrong with his clothes before Shawn did.

At first Norman thought he was growing back to normal age. The funny feeling his clothes gave him made him jump to this thought. Horrible the truth sank in as he realized that his sleeve and pants were slightly loose.

“Damn it’s still unstable.” Norman said in a whisper as he caught his reflection in the glass doors to the back yard.

Looking over where Shawn was he saw his friend looked a little different then before. Little smaller and more childlike.

In a panic walk Norman reached Shawn through the crowd of kids.

“Shawn, it’s time to go.” Norman said and turning his head toward the stairs.

“Not yet, man. Night is still young. No one as even notice two extra kids.” Shawn said as he took another drink of fruit punch from a fancy plastic glass.

“Night may be young, but we getting younger by the minute.” Norman said in even more urgent whisper.

“Are you sure? You like the same size as before. Still only a little shorter then me.” Shawn said looking Norman up and down.

“Yes I’m sure. If you don’t believe me stay here and turn into a baby. I’m getting out of here before it’s too late for me.” Norman said and then bending only a little to sneak past the girls now by the sofa.

Shawn only took a second thinking over what Norman said and followed him out.

With luck both at reach the top of the stairs with no trouble.

“Oh no.” Norman said as they reach the hallway.

Shawn also realize their next problem as well.

Between them and the front door was the doorway to the living room. Sounds of adults talking and glasses setting down on tables could be heard only feet away.

“Have to run for it.” Norman said in a panic and taking in deeper breaths.

“No, Side door.” Shawn said in a surprised tone.

“What side door?” Norman said and looking confused. “There is a side door that leads outside through the garage. I just remember it.” Shawn said and turning his head around back to dark hallway that lead to the laundry room.

“How do you know about the side door?” Norman asked as they made their quietly out the hallway to the laundry room.

“I spent last summer pulling up weeds and working in the garden with old man Flecther. I must of made hundreds of trips to the garage for supplies.” Norman explained as they crossed the room with a overwhelming smell of beach and fabric soften.

“There it is.” Norman said as they enter the cold garage. Just visible over the two parked expensive cars was their exit door that lead out into the now dark outside world.

Norman being more eager to leave tried the door first. To his terror it was locked.

“It’s locked. Where is the key?” Norman said trying again to open the bolted door.

“Didn’t have a lock last time I was here. They must of install one to add more security to the house.” Shawn said now trying to help Norman force the door open.

“Hey Norman, Do I look younger then before?” Shawn asked as his eyes adjusted a little better to the semi darkness of the garage. Only moonlight and streetlights outside gave them light to see.

“A little bit. Do you feel smaller or something?” Norman now noticing his friend’s clothes were loose on him.

“I feel the same, but it’s that you look kinda like a toddler now. ” Shawn said in frighten whisper as he look at his friend.

Norman felt his face and look in the rear view mirror of Mr Lawson car to see he was now at best an 4 year old boy.

Shawn with nothing better to do moved around the garage for another exit.

“Hey Norman, Over here I found another way out.” Shawn voice came from the back of one of the cars.

Norman hurried to the source of Shawn’s voice only to trip over his pants legs and slip on shoes.

“Come on.” Shawn said now more urgent then ever.

“Your little brother’s clothes are falling off of me. Give me a second.” Norman shouted in a whisper tone.

Norman with a deep cold feeling in the pit of stomach threw the pajamas pants over his shoulder and carried the shoes in his left hand to where Shawn was waiting.

“Where?” Norman asked as Shawn stood in front of him grinning.

“There numb nuts.” Shawn said and pointed to the dog door in the garage door.

“Brilliant.” Norman said and started to make his way through the door. Crisp cool breeze from outside meet his face as he pushed through the flap.

Shawn came right after and was stuck for minute.

“Pull me out.” Shawn said as Norman was about to break into a run.

With a great effort Norman managed to free his friend at the expense of losing Shawn’s pants as he slid through the flap. Shawn got up quickly and reached back through the flap and retrieve his pants before he joined Norman in the dash for his home.

As fast as their legs could carry them they ran through streets and around the block to Norman’s house. Through the unlock side gate and back door they stopped and walked up the stairs trying their best to catch their breath.

Shawn being the tallest of toddlers reached into the desk drawer and pulled out the T.O. as he called it.

“Any younger and we have to spend a few hours as babies before my dad would have found us and restore us to normal.” Norman pipped in a very high pitch voice. To Norman’s personal dislike it sounded almost girlish and almost whiney. Shawn was too busy hitting the arrows on the orb device to take much notice to his friend’s new voice.

“There.” Shawn said in a voice much like Norman’s own toddler tone. Oddly pitch, but still more boyish then Norman’s.

Two button clicks and a few minutes later both boys were restored to their normal teenage selves.

Shawn spent most of the time talking and laughing with Norman over their adventure.

“Ok, I admit it was fun, but we almost never got out of there.” Norman said toward the end of their conversation.

“All part of the rush.” Shawn said grinning and as he packed the his little brother’s clothes in a bag.

“We going to laugh this up for a long time.” Norman said and looking out the window toward Amy Lawson’s house. Only the Lawson’s roof could be seen from Norman’s bedroom window.

“Hell of way to start off the month. Catch you later. My mom going to kill me if I don’t get back soon. Nearly past my curfew.” Shawn said and glancing at the bedroom clock.

“Later.” Norman said with a sadden tone that Shawn didn’t catch.

Norman waited til Shawn was lost in the darkness of the street before he went downstairs. There in the basement was two rooms. A night light shone from one open doorway to Norman’s right. The other door shut and locked was Norman’s dad lab where his dad was working on a currently problem that effected the entire family or sleeping on a cot in the corner when tiredness overtook him.

Norman quietly made his way into the lighted room and switched off a baby monitor that stood on the desk by a playpen on the floor.

“Hey mom.” Norman said quietly and bending down to the eye level of a 6-month-old girl playing quietly with some plastic rings and a pole.

The baby girl in the playpen gurgled happily and fresh form of drool left her mouth to drop on her faded sleeper outfit.

Her wide eyes of innocent and curious wonder meet Norman’s eyes as he took a soft rag from the floor of playpen and clean her outfit of drool.

“It’s been hard not having you around. Dad says he almost got it figured out. Soon your be a adult again and things can back to normal around here.” Norman said as the baby girl return her attention to the plastic rings.

“I was nearly around your age tonight.” Norman said and tickling her’s neck to gain her attention again.

Her soft giggles had somehow lifted his sprits.

“I just wish I knew for certain you were still a adult inside and this innocent baby act will go away once you return to normal. If you can hear me mom don’t really become a baby. Fight it and hold onto your adult memories you have.” Norman said with tears leaking out of eyes.

“I want you back so bad I don’t care how much punishment I have go through after all the stupid stuff I done with Dad’s old prototype. Somehow I think if I admit it all to you. Your come back just to ground me. ” Norman confessed as he helped his mom to her feet.

unsteadily she stood looking at him and for second Norman thought he saw something in her face that told him she understood then was sure it was his imagine running away with him.

“I better go, before dad catches me past my bedtime.” Norman said setting her back down on her diaper butt.

Norman only glanced back once as he turned on the baby monitor and went upstairs. He knew he was cutting their private meeting close to her feeding time, but didn’t care. Before school had started he spent countless hours with her trying his best to take care of her and make her remember who she was. Norman could only imagine what it was like for his father to see his wife slipping away as she regress over a matter of weeks into a blissful second babyhood losing her adult self along the way.

Norman thought over and over how he fixed his dad’s prototype device he found in the trash and worked out the more serious bugs. Norman had added more safety programs to the device with the help of his computer before he started to use it. His first goal was to fix his mother and return her body and mind back to normal. This only resulted aging her to a little girl with the mind of a baby who still needed diapers before her first regression treatment would return her back to a baby a few hours later.

If it wasn’t for his friendship with Shawn and ability to keep his mind off his personal troubles. Norman would have destroy the device long ago and fallen into the routine of taking care of his mother and school. Even Norman’s dad said his mother would want her son to go out and have some fun and not spend all the time at home. Norman had never told Shawn what happen to his mother and would only say she was on a business trip.

If it wasn’t for Maggie the nanny. Norman thought for sure the house would be a mess and the laundry would never get done. His dad only hired her on after a few days after his mother’s regression had taken full effect. Norman would see her come and go at times whenever he got home. His own family wasn’t wealthy and could only afford her when Norman was at school and his dad was at work. Often his dad would stay with her trying his best.

Somehow telling his mom the trouble he got into relief his guilt in a way. Norman wonder if he ever get to see his mom back again or have her as baby sister if her adult mind was gone forever. Next use of the Time Orb came up only a week later on a Friday afternoon. Shawn’s normal routine never changed over the years as he made his way to his friend’s house.

“Heard about the big party?” Shawn said as he took his place on the other side of Norman’s desk.

“Who hasn’t.” Norman said sarcastically. Norman thought how he heard Amy’s best friend Cindy was throwing a party while her parents are away.

“You get a invite?” Norman asked already knowing the answer.

“Tony invited me. You should come too. Here is your big chance to meet some girls.” Shawn said with a excited voice. “Or get my head pounded in. Me and you are bound to be some of the youngest teens there.” Norman thought bitterly as he thought how much taller some of older kids were.

“Not if we use...” Shawn said then was irrupted.

“Let me guess. The T.O. again.” Norman said glancing quickly at his desk drawer.

“You did fix the last bug in it didn’t you?” Shawn asked his voice losing it’s happiness.

“Yeah, Turned out it was just a bad battery. Caused a power surge which made us continued to get younger.” Norman said almost as unconcern as he could.

“Excellent then. Since neither of us can drive yet. Tony going to give us a ride there. Don’t worry man. Just stay away from any Brad’s friends and your be ok. Besides they are not going to cause any trouble there.” Shawn explained if Norman had just said agreed.

“Look Shawn. There is a lot about this orb I don’t understand. If we keep doing this both of us or one of us could wind up in diapers or worse.” Norman said hoping his warning this time might have some effect.

“Granted I had some close calls, but I returned to normal every time. If ever I get stuck as a baby or a old man just make sure I get a pretty babysitter or nurse. ” Shawn said joking.

“You NEVER take anything serious. Follow me.” Norman said with his angry rising. Norman just had to show him how dangerous it can be.

Quietly and without a word Shawn followed Norman downstairs and all the way to basement room. Norman gave him a signal to move forward only after he switched off a baby monitor.

“Norman? What are you going to show me?” Shawn said with a little fear in his voice.

“My mom.” Norman said stepping back from the doorway.

Shawn stepped forward and saw a baby girl in just a diaper sleeping in a playpen. Sound of Norman’s voice had awaken her in normal dark quiet environment.

“Hey Mrs Pits.” Shawn said in a whisper and bending down to her level.

Baby girl only stared in a curious way that told Shawn she didn’t know him.

“She been like that for months now. She growing at the normal rate of any baby, but her adult mind isn’t there at the moment and there is a chance that she have to grow up all over again.” Norman said as tears threaten to leave his eyes.

“Oh wow. I’m sorry I didn’t take you serious. Is there any chance for her?” Shawn said in tone that was truthful for once.

“My dad is next door working on it. I hardly see him anymore. Maggie been doing all the housework and cooking our meals. She always takes my dad’s plate to his lab next door. I even tried to restore her to normal, but failed. Only thing that might help is using the device. The more use I do with it the more I am learning.” Norman confessed in a whispered tone.

Baby girl in the playpen was getting upset and her face screwed up and she started to bawl. The wet diaper she had was making her very cold despite the heated basement.

Quickly Norman switched on the baby monitor and ran with Shawn upstairs back to his room. They had just shut the basement door when the lab door unlocked and opened.

“All this time and you never told me.” Shawn said puffing as he enter Norman’s room again.

“There was nothing you could do.” Norman said coldly.

“Besides being a unwilling test subject I could of offered my moral support.” Shawn said quickly.

“Your right. I should of told you sooner, but just my dad wanted to keep this a family secret.” Norman said and looking shame with himself.

“Water under the bridge.” Shawn said after a second or two of thought.

“So what bugs have you not worked out yet.” Shawn said quietly.

“Main bug I been trying to fix is the unstableness of the power. You know well as I do that smallest power spike or drop can have a horrible result.” Norman said taking his own computer seat.

“So it takes up all the power in the battery if it gets used a lot. ” Shawn said trying to grasp the problem.

“Kinda, but you got the basic problem. The signal of the beam that tells the cells to revert to certain age might send the wrong information.” Norman said to simplify things.

“Check. Don’t overuse.” Shawn said more to himself as a mental note.

“One good thing I been able to do is put some safety commands to prevent the device from going completely nuts if there is power flux. Just some age limits so no one reverts back to nothing or ages to dust.” Norman said as his emotions were back to calm levels.

“Ok, So tell me everything. I might be able to throw some ideas your way or at least think it over.” Shawn said leaning over to show he wanted to help out as much as possible.

For the next hour Norman told him everything he knew. How the device work to the all the problems he fixed. After Norman exhausted the details of the orb Shawn slipped in the party again to the conversation.

“Well the more field testing we do. The more of idea I getting how to master it and work out all the problems.” Norman said in tone of consideration.

“Name of science and little bit of fun. I willing suffer any ill effects of the device.” Shawn said in a serious voice without a hint humor in it.

“I am accept your offer and thanks.” Norman said seriously. Trying his best to keep his face from smiling.

“Thank me later when your life is back to normal. ” Shawn said now leaning back in his seat.

“So lets discuss the party.” Norman said to Shawn’s slight surprised face.

Norman had just slipped on his new larger shoes he picked out earlier that day when Tony’s van horn sounded just outside. Norman told his dad he going out with some friends and be back later before he used the device on himself and Shawn. This measure of safety was almost pointless because his dad never opened the door to the lab, but talked through in a loud voice through it.

“Shawn wasn’t kidding when he said you look older with those clothes.” Tony said joking tone as he climbed in the back. Shawn was in only other seat in the van right next to Tony.

“It’s the shoes. They make me look a little taller.” Norman said weakly.

“So boys, are you ready to get some fine young ladies numbers?” Tony said as he checked his dread locks in the rear view mirror.

“Oh yeah.” Shawn said in almost a shout.

“What’s your type Norman? I keep a eye out for you and maybe hook you up.” Tony said turning his head slightly to get a better look at him.

“If it’s female its his type.” Shawn said before going to loud laughter.

“Then it should be a good night for all of us.” Tony said in between laughs.

Even Norman joined in the amusement by mentioning Shawn’s type.

“Your still hung over about Amy? Man, don’t let Brad find out. He will kill you if even thinks you looked at her.” Tony said after hearing Norman’s strike back at Shawn.

Conversation turned to music and movies after different girls were discussed. Finally they were there.

“Just meet me back hear when the party dies down.” Tony said before getting out and locking the van up after his friends got out.

“We do.” Shawn said with a grin and made his way just behind Tony up to the house.

Norman ran up to walk side by side with Shawn.

“Just relax and avoid you know who. Besides you a few years older now. Littler taller and little bigger.” Shawn said trying to give some courage to Norman.

“Yeah, but I’m sure Brad and his friends are still bigger then both of us.” Norman said as they reached the front door.

“First mission is test the aging effect of the orb and our second mission is to be teens.” Shawn said as they finally caught up with Tony at the door.

“First party?” Tony asked as he saw Shawn saying something to Norman.

“First one with girls.” Shawn said ringing the doorbell.

Tony only grinned and looked forward to the door as it opened.

A cute and slightly nerd-like girl name Sharon greeted them at the door. Tony gave a quick introduction for Sharon before he join the crowd of people inside within seconds.

Norman and Shawn fell back to put their coats in the closet by the front door.

“I just hope the device doesn’t screw up again. I don’t like the idea of turning into a old man.” Shawn confessed quietly as he put his coat on a hanger.

“Don’t worry. Even if it does I bought it along me tonight. It’s here in my coat pocket.” Norman said in a quiet whisper and pointed to his inside pocket before taking his coat off.

“Good idea.” Shawn said as he turned and join the crowd of noisy teens.

Norman had a good as time as Shawn did. It seemed that Sharon had taken a likely to him and Norman thought she was cute. There were talking happily as they discuss latest computer upgrades they got for their own computer.

neither Shawn or Norman had noticed that Brad Johnson and his friends had arrived. It’s seemed Brad never went anywhere without at least two of his football buddies. This made it easier for the football star to pick on the smaller kids. No one was ever crazy enough to say no to him or fight him. The worst thing Brad would do to unsuspecting kid is tripping them in the cafeteria and causing their food to land in his face or body.

Brad always thought himself as the greatest prankster of all time. He even thought it was a bit of laugh as he tossed down two new looking coats to put up his coat in the closet. A strange thump sound made him look down. A plastic looking ball no bigger then a baseball had rolled out of the pocket.

Brad’s friends were busy making their own to the food table to notice that Brad was still at the closet door.

As fast as lightning Brad picked it up. After a quick study of it he thought it was some kind of digital camera and this alone gave him a evil idea.

It was only minutes after Brad found the device before he was in the upstairs bathroom. He had decided to fill up the camera with nude shots of himself. He decided to make them close-ups of his crotch.

Brad just click the button and aimed the round cam at himself at his closed zipper. Next shot the zipper would have been opened.

Besides a creepy feeling that his skin was crawling Brad saw no flash or heard a beep to acknowledge a picture had been taken. Looking at the digital display he saw the number 16 in between to buttons shaped like arrows. Pressing the arrows a few times he took it back to 10 before trying again. Still nothing happen to give any sign that it had even worked.

“Piece of junk.” Brad said to himself before sitting the device on the bathroom counter. A bath towel prevented from rolling off.

Brad was nearly done using the bathroom when he notice something strange about his clothes. Sweater he had worn felt heavy and everything he was wearing felt baggy now.

Looking in the mirror he received a shock. A much younger and fresher looking face was staring back at him. Brad’s pants and boxers had fallen at that moment and he saw to his utter disgust that his dick had gotten a lot smaller then just a few minutes ago.

“What the hell?” Brad said aloud and was taken back at the sound of his own voice.

“I’m turning into a little kid.” Brad quietly as he looked at his reflection. A half naked 10-year-old boy stared back at him in the bathroom mirror. Brad to crane his neck to see the image.

Looking down at the round device Brad realized with a grin what had made him younger.

Setting the device back to own age of 17 years-old he pocketed the orb in his pants pocket. Soon the old brad was back and now fully dress.

‘Time to have some fun.’ Brad thought himself as he opened the door and made his way downstairs.

‘With this I can do anything I want.’ Brad thought as he went down the steps and feeling the device in his hand. Careful not to touch any of the buttons.

Dreams and fantasies of turning rival footballs players into kids and getting revenge on anyone who even slightly bugged him raced through his mind.

When Brad reached the bottom of the steps he saw his first victim. A overweight girl who’s name escaped him at the moment.

‘Lets make her a little easier on the eye. She had at the very least been cute little girl once.’ Brad thought as he adjusted the device.

Brad fired the device and no one noticed his actions. Brad moved away grinning and knowing in a few minutes the effects would begin to work.

Brad moved around now firing at certain girls that had called him immature or turned him down on a date before he became a football star. His choice of their new ages were all under the pre-teen level.

Brad looked back at the crowd as reached the very end of the room. The fat girl had excuse herself to the bathroom and hadn’t come out yet.

Other girls were just now trying readjust their clothes. Straps and pants were starting to slip down.

Brad made his way back around the teen groups and took even more shots. Now aiming for all the other teen boys who made higher grades then he did.

Brad was just about to fire the device at little nerdy Norman when Amy stepped in front of him.

“Hey Brad, Been looking for me?” Amy said sweetly thinking her boyfriend had been searching for her all this time.

“Yeah.” Brad said trying to put the round device back in his pocket. Amy had put her arms around his neck and was very close to his own body.

“What’s that?” Amy said then stepping back to look at his hand.

“Just a camera I got.” Brad said and finally putting in his pocket.

“Few pictures of the good times huh?” Amy said and little surprise by Brad’s behavior. For once he wasn’t giving her his full attention.

“Something on your mind.” Amy asked as she looked where he was looking.

“I show you later. I think it’s time for me to go home.” Brad said in a dismissive tone.

“Fine. I think I leave too.” Amy said a little angry by Brad’s tone.

Brad had just followed Amy out begging not to be angry with him. When the some of the teenage girls noticed something was wrong their bodies and not their clothes.

Screams and crying were the first sounds everyone heard at first. Shock of seeing friends and other high school students suddenly become younger caused a panic. Norman had just managed to pull Sharon out of the way as a group teen made a dash for the door. Girl in the back of the group had tripped over her now oversized pants.

Chairs and tables hit the floor as teens panic and ran for every exit. Some of teens thought a fire had broken out and ran with their classmates. Glass door in the back of house shatter to pieces a teen boy was pushed through it by other teens.

People were slipping and sliding on spilled drinks and food as they rushed out. Tony and Shawn could be seen back against the wall looking for the source of trouble.

“Where’s the fire?” Tony said keeping his head for the moment.

“Don’t think it is a fire.” Shawn said and seeing a little girl in teen clothing now crying her eyes out in the middle of empty room.

“Where did all these kids come from?” Tony asked now seeing kids how looked like they were playing dress up.

“I think we should get out of here. I don’t think we should stay any longer.” Shawn said and making his way toward the front door. Only Sharon and Norman were left by the exit now.

“Oh my god. Those kids were teens.” Tony said as he watched a boy lose a few more years as he coward in the corner.

“Come on.” Shawn said and pushed Tony toward the door.

Norman barely had enough sense to grab his coat before they were out the door.

“Did you see Norman? People were getting younger in there.” Tony asked with such disbelief that he needed someone else to confirm it.

Norman was too busy searching his pockets in vain and hoping against all his fears that he was wrong.

Remaining teens scatter to their cars while former teens now half naked children begged for their friends not to leave them behind. Only a few children managed to get a ride out of there.

Norman jumped into Tony’s van as the random sounds of cars banging into each other trying to get out of the driveway first.

“Think it was in the punch?” Tony asked as he drove over the lawn and on to the road as blue car followed him out. Tony was busy checking himself in the mirror to see if any changes were happening.

“I didn’t see anyone do anything to the punch bowl.” Sharon said from the back of van. She had jumped in the back with boys because her friend that had bought her already left just seconds before she was outside.

Tony and Shawn looked surprised to see Sharon in the back. Norman had thought they knew she had followed him out.

“It was like something of a horror movie. Don’t think it was a prank or someone slip some drugs in our drinks.” Tony said making a sharp right onto side road.

In the distance cop cars and fire trucks were racing down the road toward the house. Someone must of dial 911 with their cell phone. An ambulance raced by Tony’s van as he turned on the main road.

“I think its best we get back home. Maybe the cops will have everything sort it out in the morning.” Tony said with little hope in his voice.

Other three teens fully agreed. Much of the trip was in silence and random movement of Tony or Sharon checking their reflection.

Finally Tony drop Norman and Shawn at Norman’s house after he dropped Sharon at her home.

“What happen back there? Did the device go nuts or something?” Shawn asked as they enter the living room and eyeing Norman’s coat.

“No, the time orb is gone. Someone stole it and used it at the party.” Norman said quickly and thinking back to anyone who might have it.

“Who?” Shawn asked

“I don’t know. I left it in my coat so it had be someone who was near the closet just before all the trouble started.” Norman explained.

“Whoever has it knows exactly how to work it and what it does. Those teens that were hit were all certain ages or less by the time the effects were finished..” Shawn said and remember how one of girls were crying her eyes out.

“Police are involved now. They track down whoever it is.” Shawn said hopefully.

Norman gave his friend a look of pity and said nothing.

“What?” Shawn asked innocently.

“Whoever has the device can make themselves any age they want or any age they want other people to be. Even if the person is discovered it’s most likely that he or she will age them into a infant or a old person.” Norman explained.

Shawn cussed loudly and pace the room a bit.

“Ok, it had to be someone who came after us or left after we arrived. Did you notice anyone behind us or see anyone leave?” Norman said after thinking it through.

“I saw Brad and Amy leave, but neither of them had a coat on. They went straight out the door.“ Shawn said and still thinking hard for any other clues he saw.

“Only two new people I saw enter the room was Paul and Tim. Two of Brad’s football buddies. They normally wear coats.” Norman hopefully his mind would give a answer.

“If it’s in one of the football players hands then we are screwed. Something like that in one of those guys hands.” Shawn said more to himself then Norman.

“I think we just have to wait and see. I going to work on a way to make another device or finding the original itself. When Monday comes and we both at school do you think you can get the info on who was at the party that night?” Norman asked and looking eagerly at Shawn.

“Well, it won’t be easy, but I think I can at least do that.” Shawn said now stopped dead in his pace.

“If he or she did that to his own classmates I wonder what he will do to the teachers.” Norman said as if it was a riddle to solve. Shawn looked at him for second and figure Norman was trying to see a pattern.

“I’m going to bounce on out of here and go home to watch the news for any leads.” Shawn and making his way toward the door.

After a goodbye and good luck Norman was back in his room working furiously on a way to beat the time orb. (Meanwhile.........)

Brad was driving himself home. After a few angry words with girlfriend she had drove off before he tell her about the strange ball-like device. Questions were in mind on who made it and why. Did a guy like him just stumble across it like he did. Brad was wondering so much he hardly noticed he was home already.

To his dislike he saw his dad’s new girlfriend car sitting outside.

Slipping the device in his pocket he got out of his car and went inside. A cheerful hi from his dad’s girlfriend Lulu and a hey from his dad was first thing he heard after hearing the tv.

Brad only walk past them ignoring them as usual.

“He grow out of it.” was all Brad heard before he shut his room door.

A few minutes later a knock came at Brad’s door.

“Yeah?” Brad asked almost unconcerned.

Lulu came in and smiling as normal.

“Hey Brad.” She said as enter the room.

“What do you want?” Brad said with some hostile tone.

“Look. Like it or not, me and your father are in love. I may become your new step mom. I thought we could at very least get along. ” Lulu said and getting straight to the point.

“Yeah, whatever.” Brad unconcern to what she had to say and now played with the orb device in his hands.

“I know I am only half his age and it must be weird for you to see a girl nearly your age going out with your dad. ” Lulu said and now seeing what Brad was playing with.

“Some kind of camera?” Lulu asked now slightly distracted from the main topic of the conversation.

“Yeah, here let me take your picture.” Brad said and holding the device up to his right and pretending to snap a shot.

(Back at Norman’s house....)

Norman nearly worked until 2:00 a.m. trying to find a weakness or way of beating his dad invention. Unless he could get hold of it. There was no simple way of doing it. He had half thought of telling his dad, but figure he had enough problems at the moment.

Between work and the big problem at home. His father was going through hell already. Besides this was his problem and his mess to clean up.

Norman switched off the light and decided to spend all of Sunday working on the problem.

Finally Monday came and Shawn and Norman meet up just before classes were due to start.

Shawn looking very eager to see if Norman had the answer to all their problems.

“What’s that?” Shawn asked as he saw Norman pull something like a compass out of his pocket.

“It’s a sort of a alarm and compass to the Time Orb. If anyone uses the device it will go off with a small beep and point in the last direction it was used in. ” Norman explained as he showed off the speaker and the simple compass arrow.

Shawn gave him a look of disbelief and turned away looking at the doors to the school.

“I think I have better luck with latest gossip. Anything strange happens we discuss it in study hall this afternoon.” Shawn said and looking around to see if anyone was nearby.

“Keep your eyes open for any changes in students or teachers. No telling who has it now.” Norman said as they split up to go to their first class.

Only thing that was odd that day was the lack of students and amount of talking that was going on. Nearly thirty teens were absent Monday. Some of parents of teens called in saying their son or daughter was sick. While others students there was no word on status of the person. Even Norman had notice the extra talking that was going on. Teens were huddle in small groups between classes and even teachers looked worried.

Norman even overheard the wild stories of a super virus that was going around to someone spiking the punch bowl with some drugs at Cindy’s party. Cindy herself wasn’t there, but being held at the police station under some unknown charges. Most thought the drug story was more truthful. The idea of all of it being a drug induce hallucinated nightmare seem to make people feel more at ease.

Norman joined in by saying that someone could of done it with a device. This story got more laughs then nods saying they agreed. By the end of the day the retelling of what had happen at Cindy’s party was told over so many times that it became a work of fiction in Norman’s opinion.

Shawn had little luck with his skills of getting information, but did managed to shorten the list of who might have it to a few people. When they meet in their last class.

Norman looked at the hand writing list and saw it was down to three guys on the football team and two girls. One of them including Amy.

“Are you sure about this?” Norman asked and pointing to the list.

“Pretty much. They all left or came just before we got there. So it makes sense one of them got it. ” Shawn said and thinking back to all the people he had to question.

“Just thought of something. None of the people who were ared two nights ago were on football team or cheer leader squad. I think your list is pretty much on the nose.” Norman said and looking puzzled at Shawn confused face.

“Ared?” Shawn asked with confused tone.

“Age regressed.” Norman said briskly.

“Oh.” Shawn said now rolling his eyes.

“I wonder why the police or some government agency is not out here right now. You think after something this strange our little town be crawling with reporters and such. ” Norman said and looking at the window.

“Maybe they think its some kind of hoax or just going to hush everything up. Hope it goes away.” Shawn said looking around the room.

Here and there in the room there was whisper talks between teens in small groups. Shawn noticed the teacher up front was checking her reflection in her compact mirror at least once every five minutes.

“I do think they want to keep it quiet until they can figure it out.” Norman said and looking at the teacher.

“Looks like the virus story has gotten to most people.” Shawn said almost with a laugh as he watched the teacher now checking her head for fever.

“Come to think of it. Have you seen Amy or Brad at all?” Norman said as he peered down the list.

“No, I haven’t it. Strange they be absent because they left before the trouble started.”Shawn said as he remember some gossip about a fight they had.

“Don’t think Brad has the device do you?” Shawn asked a second later.

“Makes sense if he does have it. Put something like that in hands of a guy like Brad and your create a madman.” Norman said and face getting paler by the second.

“How are we going to get it back? I don’t think he just hand it over if we ask nicely. He is more likely to send us back to preschool age then hand over something with such power back over to us.” Shawn said his own face getting pale.

“Going to ask Sharon for help. She is one of Amy’s friends. Maybe she can convince Amy to help us out. Brad would have told her about the device. ” Norman said after a short pause in the conversation.

“I agree with you. We do need another person to help us out. Call her up and I meet up with you later” Shawn said as he noticed it was nearly time to leave.

Norman and Shawn rode on the bus home and said nothing more. There was a risk of being over heard due to the fact that the bus was only half full.

Norman got off the bus first and raced upstairs. Norman then began to assemble any item and clothing he thought he might need.

Maggie the Nanny his father had hired to take care of the house and his infant mother walk to the doorway of his room.

“Big date, Norman?” Maggie asked innocently as she adjusted the baby girl on her hip to a more comfortable position.

“Kinda.” Norman said politely.

“Can you look after your baby sister while I make a quick run to the store. Your dad had to go in early today and I be sure to be back before your date comes.” Maggie asked looking like she needed this favor.

“Okay.” Norman said and took the baby in his own arms.

“I promise I won’t be long and make it up to you later.” Maggie said as she reached for her keys in purse. Norman hadn’t notice she had carried it in.

“Be right back pumpkin.” Maggie said and giving the baby girl she adore a small tickle.

After Maggie left Norman thought it was fate they should be left alone for a while.

Norman thought it be best to wait in the living room for Shawn. After calling Sharon and telling her he had some very urgent news to tell her and then begged her to come over. After what had happen just two nights ago Sharon was eager to know if Norman knew something she didn’t.

Norman thought over what he would say. In the end he decided to keep it short and only reveal that he had inside knowledge on the time orb and who might still have it.

His stomach did back flips as he played in silence with his infant mother.

With some surprise Sharon had arrived before Shawn came in through the door.

“Shawn, It’s time to tell to tell Sharon what we know about the time orb at the very least.” Norman said in a low tone.

Quickly the pair filled in Sharon on everything about the time orb. Sharon after hearing all this notice something strange about the house. It was clean, but didn’t have a motherly touch to the place.

“Is the baby your mom?” Sharon asked not meeting their eyes, but staring at the infant.

“How do you know?” Norman asked and then giving a Shawn accusing stare.

“Well, just your mom been on that so called business trip for a while now . My mom was just saying something about it yesterday.” Sharon said and wondering why she didn’t see it before. After what happen at the party she thought it was dumb not to suspected.

“It was kinda of a accident. She got a younger body, but her mind went along with her body. My dad is still trying to figure out on what went wrong.” Norman explained and looking like he didn’t what to say much more.

Luckily for him the front door opened.

“Sorry dears if I kept you waiting.” Maggie said as she entered the house.

After quick introduction around Maggie went to the kitchen to put away groceries. Then returning to take Norman’s infant mother for her afternoon feeding.

“I think we should go see Brad. Sharon here can go up to the house while we wait behind. I imagine he won’t suspect her knowing anything and she might get some information for us.” Shawn said and looking at Sharon for her response.

Giving a quick glance at the distance kitchen where Maggie was strapping in Norman’s infant mother in a high chair she nodded her head in agreement.

Norman could only imagine what it was like for Sharon to be suddenly caught up in a unbelievable adventure. Then thinking what Shawn was thinking. Norman could conclude that Shawn was thinking about Amy safety. Brad was after all the jealous type.

After a quick goodbye the rode in Sharon’s car to Brad’s house. Sliding down in their seats in the back they waited as Sharon pulled into the driveway and get of the car to knock on the door.

Shawn took the risk of taking a peak.

“Doesn’t look like anyone is home.” Shawn said giving Norman the heads up on what was going on.

“The door is slightly opened, but she coming back.” Shawn said now sitting up.

Norman followed Shawn in sitting up to get a better view then open the door.

“I don’t think Brad is here, there is someone inside. They are sitting in front of TV. Looks like Brad’s dad.” Sharon said from side of car as the boys got out.

“Lets do it. Sharon you keep Brad’s dad busy and I search Brad’s room for the device and Shawn think you can keep a look out for Brad’s car if he returns.” Norman said now sounding like a general about to lead his troops into combat.

“Okay.” was Sharon all had to say.

“Yes, sir.” from Shawn came soon after.

Slowly they entered the house. Half the lights were out, but they could still see their way around.

“I think he is asleep.” Shawn said to Sharon looking at the figure in the living room.

Norman was already down the hall looking into room to room. He saw Brad room almost right away.

A scream from the living room had Norman running back into the room

“What is it?” Norman asked as he turned the corner.

Shawn was standing by a lamp he turned on and looking shocked.

Looking at Sharon first then the person in the chair.

A old man maybe 80-years-old or older was breathing slowly in the chair and looked to be in a deep sleep.

“Is that Brad’s old man?” Shawn said not meaning to slip in the pun.

“It is.” Sharon said and taking a few steps back then running to the bathroom.

Norman followed after her and saw she was getting a cloth wet for her head.

“It’s okay. We can change him back after we get the device back. There....” Norman said to ease her worries. Then he was interrupted by the a sound he knew very well.

“Sounds like a baby?” Norman asked and looking around. A very small thump sound came from the bathroom tub. Pulling back the curtains he saw a baby girl with blond hair staring up at him with pleading eyes.

“Must be Lulu.” Sharon said then grabbing a towel to wrap the baby in.

“Lulu?” Shawn asked as he came in the room. He only heard Sharon say her name.

“Brad’s new stepmother. I heard they were planing to get married.” Sharon said now using the wet washcloth to wipe down the baby girl’s privates. Lulu was squirming horribly and making very hard for Sharon to clean her up. Smell of urine was strong in the room now since the curtain was pulled back.

“Judging from the smell alone I say she been in here for a while.” Shawn said covering his nose.

“Hold still.” Sharon said then smacking the baby bottom on the side. Little Lulu stop moving at once and looked shocked of being slap on the butt.

“That’s better.” Sharon said and finishing up.

“Sharon, why don’t you take her to the living room and see if Brad’s dad is still ok.” Norman suggested and then back away from the door.

“Alright. I think she like to see if her boyfriend is still alive.” Sharon said and wrapping the baby in towel from the waist down before carrying her out.

While Sharon was in the living room of Brad’s house. Norman and Shawn tore up Brad’s room looking for the Time Orb. Neither of them were too careful with Brad’s things and toss most of it aside in their search.

“It’s not here.” Shawn said as he turned over Brad’s bed.

“Compass isn’t sensing it either. So it’s not close by either.” Norman said still looking hopeful at the compass would beep any second now.

“Any luck?” Sharon asked as she allowed baby Lulu to pat Brad’s dad on the chest. Trying to wake him up.

“No, you?” Norman asked.

“He wakes up every once in while and mumbles something then goes back to sleep.” Sharon said now picking up the baby in her arms. “Where could he have gone?” Norman asked the pair.

Lulu at this point seemed very excited and pointed to a picture.

“Amy’s” Sharon said following Lulu’s very small finger.

On the desk by the tv was a picture of Brad and Amy taken at the prom.

Minute later they all were in the car. Baby Lulu in Norman’s lap looking excited. Boys did have a short argument with Sharon about taking Lulu with them. Sharon simply refuse to leave a baby with no heathy adult around to take care of her. Shawn face showed more angry then Norman’s.

‘More one problem for them to worry about.’ Shawn thought as Sharon’s flew down the country road back to their block.

“Amy parents are at work until late tonight. There is Amy’s car over there and Brad’s car parked beside it.” Sharon said pointing them out as they stopped at the end of driveway.

“Park your car in front of both of theirs. So they can’t leave without your keys. Hide your keys somewhere.” Norman said as if he had this planned all along.

“Any ideas?” Shawn asked as the car stopped to park position right behind Brad’s and Amy’s Car.

Before anyone could say anything Norman’s compass went off. Loud beeping filled the car with sound and as Norman pulled it out the arrow pointed straight at the house. The baby girl shifted to his other arm.

“Brad’s just used it.” Norman said and looking curious at the house. There was no sign of any movement inside.

“Let’s go.” Shawn said sounding eager to get inside.

“We can go straight in. I been over here so many times I‘m good as a sister to her.” Sharon said as she opened the unlock door.

“Yeah and best not to alert anyone we are here.” Shawn whisper as they creep in.

Norman and Shawn exchange a strange look at each other as they went in. Last time they were here they had nearly turned into babies. Norman one hope he had left was that his own house was so close now. Maybe he could escape there if it goes South.

Norman sat baby Lulu on the floor. Lulu sat in silence looking around curiously. Norman was glad she had her adult mind and was staying quiet. “Hear that?” Sharon said looking around.

From somewhere in the house a crying sound was coming from somewhere in the house.

Shawn stepped forward and walked into living room to the kitchen. Crying sound stopped and Shawn looked around carefully. Kitchen chairs looked untouched only thing that looked out of place was slightly opened door to a pantry.

Shawn glanced around once more and motion for others to come in.

Without a word and out of site of the cracked door he pointed to the slightly opened pantry door.

Sharon moved forward with Norman and Lulu crawled away into a corner leaving her towel like diaper behind.

“Amy?” Sharon said then opening the door slowly.

Norman and Shawn stood back just in case this was a trap.

“Look out!” Amy said as she backed away from the pantry then turned her head to look somewhere behind Norman.

Norman duck out of way as compass beeped in his pocket. Shawn fell to the floor then scudded to the other side of room.

Amy had back into the wall and appeared be untouched.

“Sharon?” A young female voice came from the doorway to the kitchen. Seeing each other now in full view answered Amy’s question.

“Amy, how you get that from Brad?” Sharon asked and pointed into the pantry.

Shawn and Norman stood up slowly. Shawn had lost a few years and now looked like a preteen boy as a minute or two passed.

“So you know about this.” Amy said and grinned.

“Sorry about sneaking in.” Shawn said apologetically as his voice went slight higher then normal.

“Didn’t mean to scare you or anything.” Norman said and looking relief that Brad no longer had the device.

“Yeah we were worried that Brad still had it.” Sharon said.

“I assume this is yours. ” Amy said looking almost lovely at Norman.

“Yeah, kinda.” Norman said going slightly red in the face.

“Wonderful little toy. Brad told me all about it and how he got it. Come out of there, Brad.” Amy said and then looked at the pantry door.

Norman and Shawn looking at the open door saw a boy no older then 5-year-old step out dress in a oversize t-shirt that dropped past his knees.

“So how you get it from Brad?” Sharon said and smiling broadly. Brad bent his head low and looked too scared or ashamed to say anything. Norman could only guess he been younger much earlier and suffer some kind of punishments.

“He gave it to me. He wanted to use it get rich and be the top football star forever. I decided that he was being childish and I wanted this little toy all to myself.” Amy said and still pointing the device at Sharon who was closest to her out of the trio.

“Amy, you can’t keep it. It belongs to Norman and it’s too dangerous to play around with.” Sharon said in a pleading tone.

Amy laughed then looked seriously at the group.

“With this I can be young and beautiful woman. I can have a fortune that will rival my own parents money and if anyone gets in my way I simply send them back or forward into diapers.” Amy said with such joy in her voice it chill Norman’s blood.

“Just think of it Sharon. We can rule the school with other girls we trust. We could have a lot of fun with this and age anyone we don’t like to any age we choose.” Amy said pointing the device at Norman. With a sense of dread Norman he was greater threat now out of the group.

“This is crazy.” Sharon said and buying some time.

“Just look at Brad. With his parents unable to care for him he be stuck with some foster parents and play peewee football until he is old enough to play big boy’s football again.” Amy said in mocking manner. Amy seemed to be taking even more joy in belittling Brad even more.

Brad seem to be a shell of his former self. He sat down in a sitting ball position and started to cry again. Brad was almost in a fetal position and his thumb looked dangerously close to his mouth by the time Norman looked away.

Shawn grinned slightly at Brad’s behavior then went back to a stone face as he looked back at Amy.

“I won’t make them babies. They can be kindergartners and if they are good little boys maybe I let them grow back to normal in a little time. I know you kinda sweet on him.” Amy said now looking at Norman. “I saw you talking to him at the party.”

“The way he was looking at me. I say he likes me the way most boys do.” Amy said looking at Shawn.

Shawn blushed and only looked a little shocked.

“Come on Sharon, What is your answer? Join me and babysit these kids or join them in learning ABCs again.” Amy said waving the orb around almost unconcern where it was pointing.

Shawn and Norman both felt frozen with fear and dread and could only guess the other one felt the same.

“No. That thing as made you mad with power like it did with Brad. I won’t become like that. ” Sharon said and glancing briefly down at something behind Amy’s feet.

Norman and Shawn where on the other side of table and unable to see anything beyond Amy’s body in the doorway.

“She must have a plan.” Shawn whisper to Norman.

“Shame. I guess I didn’t know you as well I thought it did. Hope you like diapers.” Amy said and adjusting the Time Orb to lower age then she had it set too.

“After a few years in diapers I am sure your change your mind. Should be interesting babysitting you.” Amy said and rising the device to fire.

“Ouch!” Amy said and looking down at her leg. A baby girl had just clawed her on the patch of bare skin that showed between her pants and floor.

Firing device at the baby she realized too late this was a mistake. Sharon, Norman, and Shawn jumped forward and easily force Amy to the floor.

Norman heard the device fire again as he finally pulled the device lose from Amy’s fingers.

“Got it!” Norman said and backing away from the pile up of teens on the floor.

Getting up Shawn and Sharon looked each other looking for any changes. A full minute later after they all question each other if they felt any different. It was Amy who answer the unknown answer each of them had asked.

Amy was crying and her shirt was deflating in the chest area. Her clothes were already baggy looking. While on the floor Lulu was getting older. Soon she was standing and covering her privates and smiling at Amy’s misfortune.

“Who will be babysitting who?” Sharon asked as she now starting to tower over Amy.

Shawn was interested in seeing Amy’s trip backwards through time. It was like watching a home movie in reverse. Slowly Amy’s chest flatted on her height diminished greatly. Soon she was same height of Brad then getting shorter as she got younger.

Brad was grinning from back of Sharon legs and enjoying the show more then Lulu.

Poor Amy went from a beautiful teenage girl with ample breasts to a cute flat chested girl to now adorable 4-year-old girl now naked as her clothes were pooled all around her feet.

Lulu had walked to the door and wrapped a towel around her own 5-year-old body to allow herself some modesty.

“Looks like one of us hit the arrow button.” Norman said almost laughing. Amy was little shorter then Lulu. A good two inches shorter in height.

“She so cute.” Sharon said bending down to Amy’s height.

Amy picked up her adult t-shirt and held it close to her body in order to hide her small naked body.

“Little shy.” Shawn said and tugging playfully at the shirt.

“Nooo!” Amy said gasping the shirt tightly and backing away. She seemed to be too much in shock to say anything else.

“She even sounds like a baby.” Sharon said in a stun tone. Norman had forgotten this was all new to her.

“Make me older.” Brad order as he tugged on bottom of Norman’s shirt.

“Sorry, slugger. I think you should stay like that, but you will need someone to look after you.” Norman said and looking at Lulu with a towel loosely wrapped around her body.

“Promise to keep this little orb a secret if I make you a teenager so you can wear Amy’s old clothes. I make his dad the same age so you can have a long life together.” Norman said looking at Lulu then looking down at Brad.

“Ok.” Lulu agreed and looking shock of the sound of her own voice. High pitch and girlish.

After firing the device at Lulu she gather up Amy’s discarded clothes and ran upstairs to one of the rooms.

Brad looked fearful up the steps and then back at the pair and teen and pre-teen who all were a lot taller then himself.

“Hey mate. Don’t forget about me.” Shawn said trying his best to keep his own jeans from falling down.

“Oh, sorry” Norman said and firing the device at his friend to restore his age to his original age.

“We have a lot to clean up.” Shawn said after his own body finished getting older.

“Fine mess Brad made for us. I figure it take us days to restore everyone age back to normal.” Norman said and looking menacing at little Brad.

“You know kindergarten is too good for these two.” Shawn said pointing at Brad and Amy.

“How about terrible twos instead?” Sharon suggested. Sharon looked slightly evil and eager to get some revenge on Amy for trying to put her back in pigtails and jumpers outfits.

“Yeah.” Norman agreed and adjusted the device.

Both Brad and Amy panic and made a run for the door. The door knob was just inches from Amy’s fingers and Brad was having a hard time turning the knob with Amy’s little fingers in the way.

Shawn rushed forward and kept the door closed with one hand resulting in trapping the pair.

The pair held each other in what looked like a hallmark moment as Norman aimed and fired. Slowly they got younger and were soon a cute pair of toddlers no older then 2-years-old and Brad only slightly taller then Amy. Toddlers broke their held on each other prefer to cover themselves.

“They do make a cute couple.” Lulu said as she descended the stairs. Lulu wore Amy’s old pants and looked like she found some clothes from Amy’s closet. Along with a few dimond rings and one necklace.

“Hope you don’t mind dear. It’s not like your be wearing this for while.” Lulu said to toddler Amy.

“And you young man will respect me in the future. I teach you to leave me helpless when we get home. ” Lulu said picking up Brad putting him to side of her body.

Brad looked too scared to say anything or begged not to be punished. Instead he cowarded in fear against her warm body.

“Lulu, Don’t mind if we leave Amy with you before we go home.” Norman asked and looking at Shawn. Both of boys were in walking distance of their homes.

“I be delighted to take care of her. I’m not quite sure how to explain to her parents how she became a toddler. I take Brad’s car to get home. I find his keys in his pants pocket in Amy’s room.” Lulu said looking if she discovered Brad had done something bad.

“Just think of story. I’m sure Amy won’t tell the truth unless she wants to a baby for a long time.” Norman said in a threaten voice toward the toddler girl that was now hiding behind Lulu’s leg for cover. Her shirt was laying forgotten in the middle of room far away from the door. Amy could still stand on her own two legs and by the look on her face she wanted to stay like that at the least.

“I drive you home, Norman.” Sharon said smiling and pulling her own keys out from her hidden back pocket.

“Have fun you two.” Shawn said heading for the door. Lulu followed Shawn out after she grabbed Amy’s hand then pulled her out the door. The toddler looked sadden to leave her home. Everyone knew the toddlers would kept silent of the truth or they see bars of a for a long time.

“Lets get of here.” Norman said eager to leave Amy’s house for the first time in his life.

Minutes later Norman was home with Sharon’s car in the driveway. Sitting in Sharon’s car now Norman was back to his original age and Sharon was a little older then him. He felt silly sitting in the passager seat next to a girl that was older then himself. She was at least two years older and he wasn’t old enough to drive yet.

“You know. Your pretty handsome even if your little younger then me. Wanna catch a movie sometime?” Sharon asked after seeing Norman was too shy to say anything.

“Sure.” Norman said quickly and feeling like he could walk on the ceiling.

Sharon leaned in and gave him a kiss on cheek.

“See you Friday then?” Sharon said with a funny smile.

“OK, see you later.” Norman said and stumbling out of the car. Kiss had threw for a bit of loop.

Norman waved goodbye and nearly forgotten he had the Time orb in his pants pocket. He pulled it out and played with his fingers before stepping inside.

Norman’s good feelings left him as soon he step through the door. There sitting at the table was Norman’s dad looking completely unlike himself. Slightly unshaved and looking very tired.

Judging from his face Norman’s dad looked like he had the same old bad news. His face changed as he looked at Norman’s hand with the Time orb in it.

“How did you get that?” Norman’s dad asked looking at his son with a very confused look.

“Dug it out of trashed and fixed it up a bit.” Norman said holding the orb out for his dad to see.

“Norman, you just saved your mother.” His dad said taking the device and giving his son a hug.

“What?” Norman said and following his dad down the steps as his dad carried his mother in his arms.

“Data on this orb was the key to reversing what happen to her. I been trying for weeks for another answer to the problem. I thought I made another wrong by throwing this away. I been going crazy thinking I screwed things up more. Thank god for you Norman.” His dad quickly explain as he walked into the lab.

Norman glanced around curiously for a minute. He had only caught small peaks at this lab before now.

“There are a lot records on here.” Norman’s dad said looking at the screen. Apparently the computer was downloading everything from the orb. His dad was using the same port Norman used to add more programming to the orb to make it safer and to recharge it.

“Yeah, me and Shawn kinda used it a few times and orb been used a lot lately.” Norman confessed.

“We discuss this later. Right now we should get your mother back to normal. ” His dad said briskly and not sounding the least bit anger with his son.

“There it is. The file I need.” Norman dad said as the computer was copying a file that looked like to be one of the oldest in the device.

Norman watched as his dad picked up another orb device that was slightly bigger then Norman’s. The newer model as Nomral called it for the moment.

“Here we go.” His dad said after he copy the files back into the new orb and changing something in the programming. Quickly he adjusted the device and fired it at the baby girl sitting on the floor that was playing with her toes.

Slowly the baby girl turned into toddler then a young girl. Suddenly she seem to have some understanding about her environment. Norman’s dad put a shirt over her head after he took off her diaper during the slow progress to normal.

“Where am I?” The little girl asked staring wildly at the much older boys who were staring at her.

Norman watched as his dad question her on her age and her name. His mother seemed to think she was 7-years-old and still lived with her own mother. Norman watched as she aged a little more to a 10-year-old and looking worried to be in strange room.

Once again Norman’s dad asked her age and what was the last thing she remembered.

Norman smiled as he realized that his mother was returning to normal, but had to relive all her old memories as she aged. As the preteen told about her skiing trip she was just on. She had a panic look of deer in her eyes.

“Did I have a accident?” She asked after a moment. She thought perhaps this was a doctor of some sort.

“You did, but you getting better by the moment.” Norman said cheerfully looking around the room for more clothes.

Norman had handed her another old t-shirt his dad had left in the room just in time. Soon his mother was teenager and looking worried about be nearly naked in front of them.

Norman watched as his comfort her and told her that he was her husband. Seconds later she remember him even if he looked older.

“But, Norman is only a baby and how you get so old.” The former teen said after she aged to a young woman. His mom was looking confused at the pair.

“Norman, go grab the bath robe from upstairs.” His dad order.

Norman left the room and notice the two old t-shirts that covered his mother were providing little cover now. Minute later he was back down and noticed the lab door was shut.

knocking lightly the door opened a bit and his dad take the robe from his son.

Norman waited outside after the door was shut.

Finally the door opened his mother stepped out. She was old age before she ever used the first time orb.

His dad followed suit and looked greatly relief.

“Hey son.” his mother said sweetly on her eyes fully recognizing her son.

Norman stepped forward and hug her tightly as she hugged him.


Wasn't til days later life return to normal in the house. Maggie stayed on to help in the house work and cooking. After a quick trip to Brad’s house. Brad’s father was restore to younger body of a teenager.

It was Norman himself who went over there and restore him. Sharon drove him to other teens houses to help those who had been turned into kids. It was easy for Norman to convince the parents of the teens he could help. To his slight surprise some teens didn’t want to be teens again. After spending some time in their younger bodies former teens refused his offer.

Then those there were those teens that did want to be back to normal. Norman faked their transformation back to teens by telling them that water he had in a water bottle was the cure.

Finally the last of teens were checked off on Norman’s list of Brad's victims.

“Should be interesting summer vacation.” Sharon said as she dropped off Norman back at his house for the 4th time that week. Sharon had a look in her eyes she wanted have some fun with the Time Orb.

Norman punishment was only to restore all those who had been affected by the time orb back return to normal with exceptions of a few people here and there.

Shawn seemed to be in a depression for weeks after Amy’s down fall, but with some time he brighten up little by little each day. He return to his normal self after he started dating again. Finally he found the right girl and married her.

Sharon dated Norman until they were married a few years later.

Brad thought he never sit again after the spanking his dad and new step-mother gave him on the same day. Brad was happy for a time as he went back to being in elementary school and played peewee sports he could get into.

Lulu enjoyed her new family life and soon gave birth to a son. Sadly her Husband was killed in a car crash a few years later and she soon enrolled her son and step-son into a private school soon after the funeral. For Brad everything changed after his dad was killed in a car accident and he was forced to go to school with no sport activities. His step-mother thought he needed more learning then playing.

Amy never did tell her parents the truth how she was turned into a toddler and was now practically a baby. Her baby brother seemed to take great delight in playing with her and teasing her to point of making her cry. Amy decided not to take cheerleading as she entered her second childhood. For her it felt like repeating the past. Instead she took up a lost dream she gave up when she started to grow breasts. Amy soon become top 4-year-old ballerina in her class she took after her mother picked her up from daycare. Amy’s only wish now was to grow out of diapers as soon as possible. It wasn't for her now older brother taunting her and making her wet herself she be in big girl clothes by now.

Norman’s biggest problem after so many years pass was having parents nearly as young as he was. Later on he smile as thought how many generations of the family were going to be sitting around the dinner table.

The End.