By Merlin

Two of the three neighbors that lived next door constantly teased Greg because he was shy and usually dateless. Even at 26 years of age, he worked mostly alone doing research for various historians as a leg man. There was Lynette the mother, a 35 year old single mother of two who smirked at Greg all the time. She was a fairly attractive "mature" woman with dull blonde hair, decent sized breasts that were beginning to sag and her face was showing the fine lines of middle age. Lynette had two daughters, Stacy who was 16 and Erin who was 10. Stacy was the typical high school knock-out and she knew it. At 5'11" she had long shapely legs, large breasts and fire red hair with green eyes, making her striking in appearance. She used guys all the time and constantly teased and flirted with Greg just enough to let him want her, but know he would never have her. Erin on the other hand was usually pleasant to Greg and very sympathetic. She was a natural genuis and tomboy. Even though she was only 10 years old, she had already graduated high school and was finishing up college. She was known as the towns "Doogie Howser" but was always teased herself because of her age and sloppy appearance. She had a cute face and blonde hair that went down to her shoulders, but she hated the way "lesser minds" gave her a hard time just because she was in a childs body. She also secretly had a crush on Greg, although she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

Greg and Erin had been fast friends and confided in each other all the time. They were best friends and despite their age differance, they talked to each other as equals.

One day while Greg was doing some research for a professor of anthropology, he came across an old book in latin that dated to the 5th century. As he began to translate the book he realized it was a book of magic written by an old sage. One of the first spells he came across was that of age manipulation and the incantation for the user to empower himself with this ability. Greg wrote it down for further research thinking how silly for people to believe that could do such things. The next spell was an alteration of thought spell. A sort of hypnosis spell that would alter a persons thinking or memories. He spoke both of these spells out loud as he wrote them down, as he did he felt a strange warmth come over him and then a sharp jolt of static electricity. "Geez, I better start using more fabric softner" he thought. Finally it was time for him to go home, so he closed the book and got on his bike and rode the 3 miles back to his house.

As he pulled into the driveway, Lynette was getting out of her car and glanced over to Greg. "Well, well, well, here comes the loser. Stacy, take a good look at what you DONT want to marry someday!" Stacy looked over and smiled that wicked smile of hers and giggled as she walked seductively towards the house in her cheerleader outfit.

Erin walked meekly over to Greg who was almost in tears and took his hand "Don't sweat it Greg" she said softly, "If I was older, I would marry you in a heartbeat. Your the only guy who never made fun of me and always treated me like an adult, even though I am only ten. Life is sometimes just cruel".

"Yea, well, I wish I could have a family to come home too as well. Just you, me and a baby, huh?" They both laughed. "Erin! Come over here NOW! And I don't want you to talk to that man again, its not natural, in fact, your not natural either!"

Greg felt a surge of anger swell inside of him. He pointed his finger at Lynette and shouted "You should be the little girl and not Erin, at least she knows how to act!" Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot out of his finger and struck Lynette knocking her down on the ground. This took Greg by complete surprise, as it did Erin and Stacy.

As they watched in shock, their mothers features began to change. The nurses outfit she was wearing seemed to swell a bit momentarily. She no longer seemed like a 35 year old woman, but more of a young woman in her early 20's. The lines and wrinkles were gone and her breasts seemed to rise as they youthened to young adulthood. But it did not stop there. As she stood up, it seemed as if the uniform was getting baggy as a 17 year old girl now stood there. "What...whats happening to me? I feel....oh my, my voice!" as her features softened even more it was appearant that she was regressing in age rapidly. She was now 15 years old and the uniform skirt that once came up to just above her knees was now at her ankles as she began to lose hieght and wieght. Her breasts were dissapearing and her legs and hips began to lose their shape. 14, 13, 12, 11 , 10 years old. She was now the same age as Erin and yet her sense of reality was now taking hold. Oh God, I am just a child! Somebody help me, call 911!" 9, 8, 7, 6 years old, the uniform was now a tent on her as she struggled out of it, her now useless bra and panites simply fell to the ground. All sense of modesty was gone as she ran to her daughter Stacy's arms, who leaned over and picked up her youthening mother. "Help me Stacy...hep mommy, no baby!" 5, 4, 3,....."" Lynette was now only 6 months old and began cooing and gurgling in her daughters arms. Stacy, shocked at what had just happened quickly handed her mother over to Erin and looked at Greg with fear.

Greg in the meantime had realized just what had happened. The spells worked! He had the power now. But what to do with it? He couldnt let Stacy run wild and tell everyone,she was a notorious blabbermouth. But what to do? Then an idea formed in his head and he smiled.

Stacy saw Greg smile and began to run. "Now, now Stacy, a woman of your age should'nt be running like that!" Greg pointed his finger at her and another bolt of lightening shot out and struck Stacy. "No, no, no" sobbed Stacy, "I don't want to be a baby again!" Erin looked at Greg carefully, "Greg, what did you do?"

"Dont worry Stacy, you won't be a baby again, I promise. You use that body of yours to hurt people and get what you want, well why dont we just take all that a way for a while, huh?" Stacy looked up and did not seem to understand, but Erin did as she looked at her sister carefully.

Something was differant. Her face seemed, well, more grown-up than before, and her large breasts seemed to be even larger, and in fact, she seemed taller than before. It then struck her, Stacy was aging! In front of them now was no longer a 16 year old teenager, but a full grown woman of at least 26 years of age. All evidence of baby fat and innocence was gone as she took on the appearance of a full-grown adult woman. Her body had matured a great deal too, but then Erin noticed a few strands of gray hair weaving its way through the red. Fine lines began to form around her eyes and mouth as she took on a more mature appearance. She was her mothers age now, and Stacy finally caught on as to what was happening. "Oh my God, I am getting older!" She ran over to the car mirror and looked in it. "Damn! I am getting old! Stop it Greg, stop it!" Her breasts were noticably sagging as she hit 40 years of age. The lines deepened and her hands took on a worn look as viens became evident. Wrinkles began to appear on her face as over 50% of her red hair was now gray and gaining ground. "Please make it stop!" she pleaded. Her voice sounded lower and more husky as she passed 50. Stacy began to cry as she saw the last of her red hair turn gray. She now had a grandmotherly appearance as all traces of the teenage beauty was gone. She began to moan some as she seemed to bend over slightly. She placed her hand on her back for support as she reached 70 years of age. She was now an old, elderly woman. Greg pointed his finger at her once again and another light shot out but this time, it effected her mind.

"What...wha...what happened to me? Where am I? Young man, could you and this little girl come and help an old woman to a chair?" "Certainly ma'm" as he helped guide Stacy over to the rocker on the pourch. This 70 year old grandmother wearing a cheerleaders outfit that was now muh too small on her elderly body. He covered her up with a quilt and walked back over to Erin who was craddling her mother in her arms.

"How did you do all of that?" She asked amazed. Greg related the whole story about the book and the spells and then let it all sink in to her. "I could solve your problem too you know." Erin looked at Greg for a moment and then took a breath. "Greg, I think I would like that, but I have to tell you something. I have had this crush on you for the longest time. My mind has always been that of an adult, but I was too scared to tell you how I felt. If you make me an adult, could we, perhaps, see if there is anything there we could build on as a couple? Also, who knows what I am going to look like when I get older, I might not have inherited the good looks my sister did, er, I mean had."

"You will always be beautiful to me, no matter what your age. Put down the baby and stand over here". "What a sec." Erin ran inside the house for a minute and then came back out wearing only a large t-shirt. "Dont want to rip anything up. Ok, I would like to be 21 years old".

Greg took a breath and concentrated on that age and pointed at Erin. The lightening bolt shot out and struck her as she glowed. Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then she began to grow in height. Her legs began to lengthen as the t-shirt began to rise up on her from the ankles to her knees. She was now 12 years of age and puberty began to appear. Her nipples became large and puffed, pushing the fabric out on the t-shirt as her legs began to take shape and her body began to look less like a boys and more like a young womans. 13, 14, 15, her hips flaired as her breasts swelled. The t-shirt now came up to her thighs and Greg could see fine, soft golden pubic hair fill her inner thigh. As she hit 17 years of age her breasts seemed to explode as they filled out to a 36C, larger than even her sister. Her legs were now long and shapely as she stoof at 5'11" tall, the t-shirt now rode up to just below her belly button on her flat, firm stomach, almost levitating outwards from th strain of her large breasts. Her rear end had also filled out and took on a pleasing shape. Her body was now full of curves, her hair was down to the small of hr back as she turned 19, her face began to look more like an adults and less like a teenager. She had a strikingly beautiful face with full lips and sparkling eyes. as she stopped aging at 21. She looked down at her newly adult body in wonder.

"Oh my" she said then held her hand up to her mouth in surprise as she sounded a few octives lower than before, it was the sound of an adult woman. Greg smiled and walked over to erin and put his arms around her as well as another quilt and they began to walk towards the house where an elderly woman was holding a sleeping baby. "I feel grown-up. Do you think you could love me, Greg?" He looked at her and then the baby and smiled. "I think I already do"