You’re only as young as you feel

By Libra

Teresa Springs sat at her desk in the real state office waiting for her 11:30 a.m. client. A Mr Watt was due to arrive and it appeared he was running late or a no show.

Teresa, a 32-year-old woman of age, was checking her crow’s feet in the reflection of her computer monitor. Bitterly she thought how old she was getting. Her thoughts then turn to the youth pill that was invented and how she last heard it was being tested on some old lady in France.

Remorsefully she thought why they couldn’t make a pill that could make someone like her a little younger. Teresa put away her thoughts about throwing pennies in the fountain of youth to the back of her mind when the door to the office opened.

Teresa looked up to see what appeared to be a 50ish or 60ish year-old man walking in. After a quick, but polite greeting to the secretary he announced he was here to see Mrs Springs.

Mrs Springs got up from her seat to meet him at the secretary’s desk.

“Mr Watt? I’m Mrs Springs” Mrs Springs asked warmly as she turned the corner of the desk.

“Yes and I called earlier.” Mr Watt said leaning slightly on his wooden cane.

“About the House on Maple Hill?” Mrs Springs asked as Mr Watt took a seat just in front of her desk.

Mrs Springs followed him into her office and sat at her seat just behind the desk after she shut the door to her office.

“Yes, here are my financial records and I’m willing to take out a loan if I must. You’ll see I own a barber shop right in town.” Mr Watt said very serious like and handing a folder to Mrs Springs.

“Mr Watt, you do know I am not a financial advisor? I’m just an agent of real estate and my main goal is to sell people houses and land.” Mrs Springs asked politely. Mrs Springs then thought how lucky Mr Watt was to make an appointment with her. Anyone of her fellow employees would love to get their claws into a sell like this.

“I heard you were honest and I’m glad to see it for myself. I trust your advice all the same.” Mr Watt said now showing his real first smile at her.

“Very well. I can at least have a look.” Mrs Springs said blushing a bit, something she hadn’t done since her children were toddlers and said something embarrassing.

After a quick glance at the records, Mrs Springs could tell at once Mr Watt would be in debt within months. Mrs Springs took a second longer then normal to think of polite way to explain this to Mr Watt.

“I don’t think that house on Maple Hill is right for you. There is a smaller house on Oak Street that would be better for you financially speaking.” Mrs Springs said sitting the folder down.

“Are you sure?” Mr Watt said looking with a pleading face.

“There is a lot land around the other house and it would put you and any family you have in debt. You’re much better off going with the smaller house.” Mrs Springs said dropping her voice down so not to be overheard.

“Only other family I have is my grandson’s family, but I do thank you for consideration. Could you tell me about the place on Oak Street?” Mr Watt said looking somewhat disappointed.

Mrs Springs typed a few keys on her keyboard and printed out all the information they had on the house. After what seemed to be ten minutes of Q&As;, Mr Watt said he’ll take the house.

“I’ll start the paperwork on it then. I’ll call you when it’s ready.” Mrs Springs said shutting down her computer for lunch. Mrs Springs allowed herself one long glance into the monitor staring hard at the wrinkles.

“Worry about wrinkles? My wife, when she was alive, used to get that look on her face.” Mr Watt said in almost admiring tone.

“A little bit.” Mrs Springs said smiling to hide her shame.

“Age ain’t nuthin but a number. You’re only as young as you feel.” Mr Watt said standing up. He leaned heavily on his cane as he stood extending his arm to shake her hand.

Mrs Springs smiled at his old country accent and shook his hand. She expected to feel cold skin due to the fact that older people have thin blood. She jumped slightly as a static spark popped just millimeters from where their hands where to gasp.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to shock you.” Mr Watt said apologetically.

“It’s ok.” Mrs Springs said trying her best not to notice a numbness in her hand now.

“Stop in my shop anytime you like. I’m a bit of a softy in giving out a free hair cuts to pretty young girls.” Mr Watt said looking strong enough to walk now.

“Thank you.” Mrs Springs said jumping from her seat to get the door for him. Seconds ago she felt old and tired and now seemed she had some spunk left in her.

“Remember what I said. I mean every word of it.” Mr Watt said as he walked out with his cane tapping the ground after he took one step.

“I will. I’ll be sure to get back with you soon on that house, Goodbye.” Mrs Springs said quickly as Mr Watt opened the front door of the building.

“Have a good day.” Mr Watt called back hardly looking back at her.

‘Kinda strange.’ Teresa Springs thought as he walked out of sight. Although Teresa couldn’t quite put her finger on what made him so odd.

Glancing around Teresa noticed that all of her fellow employees except for the secretary had left for lunch.

Grabbing her purse and car keys Teresa went out to lunch. As Teresa drove pass the fast food places and even the restaurant, she found she had a craving for some deli type food. It had been some years since she ate deli for lunch so she decided to pick up a few sandwiches. Teresa had even picked up a bottle of Coca-Cola knowing it might upset her stomach later.

Driving back and occasionally snacking on the sandwich, Teresa glanced in the rear view mirror again. Her crow’s feet were gone around her eyes.

‘Guess it was my imagination. I guess I’m not getting that old.’ Teresa said to herself grinning. She felt like she was in her 20s again.

Rest of the work day went off without any trouble for Teresa. She finished up her work and got the ball rolling on Mr Watt’s file on the folder he had left.

Teresa had even enough energy left when she got home to make a wonderful supper for her family.

Lori and Toby her two children now age of 13 and 9 years old. Her daughter being oldest and her son youngest in the family. Teresa always regretted not having more children. She had always wanted a big family. From the looks on their faces alone Mrs Springs could tell they just got out of school.

Her Husband Don was next to come in from work and like always he greeted her with a kiss.

“You look happier today. Get some overtime at the office?” Mr Springs asked his wife.

“Honey, I’m only part time there. Today I just helped out an old man that’s all.” Mrs Springs said filling everyone’s drinks.

“Look’s wonderful.” Mr Springs said casting off his coat and laying it over the back of his chair while taking his seat at the dinner table.

“How was school?” Mrs Springs asked her children and getting the normal “Fine” replies from both of her children.

Mr Springs seemed to get more out of the children then she could. Mrs Springs ate quietly has her husband talked to both children and got each of them to confess exactly what happen in school today.

After dinner they spent a peasant evening in the living room watching some comedy series stuck in reruns. Soon the kids were sent off to bed and Teresa went to bed with her husband soon after.

Long after the kids were in bed and asleep, Teresa spent an even better time in bed with her husband. Normally he would suggest the idea, but tonight Teresa seemed to be the wild one.

“Did you lose a little weight? Your night gown is hanging on you.” Don said tugging playfully at her side causing the gown to slip down past her shoulder.

“I think I have.” Teresa said letting her gown fall down and leaving her topless.

“Just as pretty as the day I married you.” Don said giving her a deep kiss.

Teresa was surprised just how perky her breasts were against her husband’s bare chest of light hair.

“Think you can keep up with your young wife?” Teresa asked turning off the lamp light.

Teresa was first to wake in the house and was amazed she’d beat her alarm clock for once. After a quick shower, she got the kid’s breakfast ready and was nearly ready for work by the time her husband was up.

“You’re full of energy.” Don said looking lovingly at his wife.

“I just feel so alive.” Teresa said frying some eggs for herself.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You’re looking a little thin and paler then normal.” Don said looking at his wife carefully. Somehow she looked older in the near darkness of the master bedroom.

“I feel fine. In fact I feel like I’m twenty one again.” Teresa said and moving some hair out of her eyes. It seemed to lengthen a few inches in the past few hours.

“You look it.” Don said and closing his arms around her waist from her backside and nuzzling his head closer to her neck.

“Are too!” a young female voice came from the hallway. The sound of this voice caused Mr Springs to break his embrace with his wife.

“I’m not.” A young boy’s voice followed soon after.

“What are you two auguring about?” Teresa asked her children as they shuffled to the table.

“Toby is too slow in the bathroom.” Lori said in an angry tone of voice.

“Lori is the one who takes too long.” Toby said sticking his tongue out at his sister for a second.

“Settle down you two.” Mr Springs said in a slightly menacing tone.

Mrs Springs couldn’t help but love her husband for playing the bad guy today.

“Eat up or you’ll be late for the bus.” Mr Springs said in a very serious voice and giving his wife a wink when the children weren’t looking.

“Have a good day at school.” Mrs Springs called after her children had eaten and grabbed their backpacks.

Soon after, Mrs Springs saw her husband leave right after the children were on the bus.

“Remember Honey. My two week vacation starts next week so I’ll be around the house for those chores you want me to do.” Mr Springs said to his wife as he left to drive his car to work.

“Ok. I’ve racked a few sick days so if you need me around I’ll take a few days too.” Mrs Springs said wrapping her arms around her husband. Mr Springs noticed his wife was on her tipee-toes just to give him a goodbye kiss.

“Never noticed how much taller you are with those shoes before.” Mrs Springs said after their kiss.

“See you tonight.” Mr Springs said with a devilish look in his eyes.

“I’ll be waiting.” Teresa said in a very seductive tone.

As Teresa drove to work, she couldn’t think of the last time she had been so sexually active and playful with her husband.

“Like were both teens again.” Teresa said to her rearview mirror reflection.

Teresa felt strange at work all day. The best way she could explain it was like this was her very first day of work and she was the new girl. What made her feel even more alien was that everyone kept giving her second looks.

“New Diet?” Janis, the desk secretary, asked at lunch time when Teresa returned from the deli again.

“No, just feel like eating something different.” Teresa said holding up the white bag for a brief second before going to own her desk to eat.

Even her boss Jack Slope did a double take and gave her an extra smile. Teresa couldn’t be sure, but she could have sworn he looked at her breasts at least twice that day.

The feeling of being looked at so much and the whispers that followed after she passed other people made her feel a little smaller on the inside.

A few minutes before she was suppose to leave, Teresa snuck out of work earlier then normal and went home.

Teresa nearly slipped as she stepped out of her car. The short heel shoes she had worn were now a little loose on her feet.

‘Cheap shoes.’ Teresa thought taking them off and walking into the house barefoot.

After throwing the shoes into a closet, Teresa went through the house cleaning up. First on the list to do was wash the sheets on her bed and then clean up the kitchen.

Teresa had enjoyed cleaning so much she stripped off her work clothes and put on some old clothes that were in the back of the closet. She started by scrubbing down the counter tops. She couldn’t help the old neatness urge to make everything perfectly clean and orderly in her kitchen.

Her hair was tied back in a long pony tail so not to get in the way of her cleaning. She went through the entire house in under 2 hours. Teresa couldn’t help it, but wondered where this burst of energy came from.

Teresa was finishing vacuuming the living room when her husband came home a little earlier then his normal routine.

Teresa was confused by his first reaction upon seeing her. Don, her husband, just stood there with his mouth slightly opened and looking lost and confused as he stared at her.

“Teresa?” Don asked in a very unsure voice.

“Who else would I be?” Teresa said in a mocking tone and then looking confused. The voice she heard was not her own, but sounded like it belonged to a younger woman.

“You look so young.” Don said taking a few steps toward her.

“What do you mean?” Teresa asked looking at him as if he was playing some kind of joke on her.

“Come here.” Don said leading her to the hallway mirror on the wall.

Teresa gasped at her reflection. Instead of 30 year-old self looking back, it was a woman in her twenties looking back with a shock expression on her face.

“It’s just the way I got my hair fixed that’s all.” Teresa said undoing her pony tail. Her much fuller and softer hair fell down past her shoulders and gave the impression she was even younger looking.

“Going to give Doc Rubin a call.” Don said after a second and then nearly ran to the phone in the kitchen.

Teresa thought for a second to tell Don not too, but her fear that this strange thing that was happening to her body wouldn’t stop over took her.

“Ok. I’ve just setup an emergency appointment and called a babysitter for the kids. She is going to pick them up at the bus stop and take them over to her house. I can take you to the doctor now.” Don said after a few minutes on the phone.

“What did you tell him?” Teresa asked as she followed her husband back to the master bedroom.

“That you lost a little weight and look paler then normal.” Don said gathering up some clothes from the closet.

“Going to take some extra clothes just in case he wants to keep you over night.” Don said throwing the clothes roughly into a traveling bag.

“Ok.” Teresa said feeling like a helpless child without any power to help.

A minute later Teresa was sitting in the passenger seat of her husband’s car while he raced down the road to their family doctor. Teresa felt uneasy each time Don looked over at her checking for any more changes.

Teresa was a little relieved to see old Doc Rubin had a new girl at the desk to welcome them.

After some minor paper work was filled out, Teresa was called back to see Doc Rubin.

A grayed hair man, with nearly 40 years of practice under his belt, came in with the usual greeting of “how are we feeling today?” Teresa was a little concerned to see the shock in his face as he stepped in.

“You do look a little green around the gills. Can’t think of when I’ve seen you look so pale, Teresa.” Doc Rubin said as he took a pen light from his coat pocket and checked her eyes.

“Any dizziness or headaches?” Doc asked as he took her temperature.

“Nun” mumbled Teresa trying her best not to let the thermometer slip out of her mouth.

On and on Doc Rubin went asking her every health related question he could think of.

After he took her weight, he could only say she lost a few pounds.

“Well, besides a little weight loss and paler skin I say you’re healthier then the last time I saw you. If you like we can setup another appointment, if you’re still feeling unwell.” Doc Rubin asked politely looking over her chart.

“No.” Teresa said quickly. She was suddenly scared of becoming a lab rat and didn’t like the idea of being stuck in a hospital. Also it had just hit her of what was going on. Somehow or someway she guessed that Mr Watt had something to do with this.

“Well, only thing I can recommend is don’t skip any meals and if you feel any signs of sickness give me a call A.S.A.P.” Doc Rubin said flipping through the papers some more.

“Curse these old eyes of mine.” Doc Rubin said as he rubbed them and took another look at the papers in front of him.

“I’ll give you a call if there are any changes.” Don said with a panic tone in his voice.

“Day or night. You can call me anytime you like.” Doc said making his way out of the room and holding the door for Teresa and Don.

“If I recall right, Toby is due for a check-up. Just bring him in next time you come and see me. We’ll save your family a little money on visits next time.” Doc Rubin said as Teresa and Don were nearly at the door.

“Thanks.” sounded from Don and Teresa almost in unison as they left.

“Honey, why didn’t you want Doc to look at you again?” Don asked as they calmly walked back to the car.

“Because I think I figured out what’s going on.” Teresa said as they reached the car.

Teresa had to tell the whole story about Mr Watt and what he said to her at least three times before they got home.

“So you think you only going to get as young as you feel?” Don asked her as they were nearly home now.

“Those were his words.” Teresa said now sounding tired of repeating the story.

“Well, any younger and we won’t need the babysitter to look after the kids. You look hardly older then her now.” Don said looking at the amazing young face of his wife.

“Not getting any zits am I?” Teresa said checking herself in the vanity mirror.

“Hope not.” Don said regretfully and wishing he hadn’t said a thing.

“I shouldn’t get any younger then this.” Teresa said looking admiringly at herself in the mirror.

“I think you should go straight to bed when we get home and you should call in sick to work for the next two days. Maybe this will all go away by the time Monday comes.” Don said looking worried.

“I feel fine. I feel like I’m a teen again.” Teresa said to ease her husband worries.

“Teresa, you shouldn’t say such things like that. I don’t want you to feel like a kid and wake up tomorrow hardly any older then our own children.” Don said almost condescending to his wife.

“Ok.” Teresa said nearly in the same tone of voice her daughter use when she agreed with something against her will.

Teresa spent nearly all afternoon in bed just laying there trying to force her already restful body to sleep. Meanwhile Don picked up the kids and fixed supper. He allowed the kids to visit their mother when he took a plate of food to her. Lori seemed to notice her mother looked younger and Toby thought she was shrinking or lost a lot of weight.

Don then explained what appeared to be happening. He left out the part about Mr Watt and his words. Only to say that their mother was going through some strange changes.

After a small conversation between her and her children Teresa was left alone again. Teresa’s only happy thought was that she was able to give each of her children a good night hug before they left. After eating her meal and brushing her teeth in the bathroom, Teresa went back to bed and finally feel asleep.

Never in her life could she remember the covers feeling so heavy and warm against her body as she drifted off. Teresa found herself in the kitchen looking around from a point of view that was very low to the ground. Tables and chairs were huge and towered over her. Teresa catching a sight at her hand, saw that it was short and chubby like.

Teresa panicked with fear as she saw that she had the body of a baby wearing a pink outfit with a diaper underneath her shorts.

Teresa refused to be in this outfit a minute longer. So in a flash she stripped her clothes off and went toward the master bedroom to her closet.

Teresa wondered from room to room unable to find the right way to the bedroom no matter which way she took. Finally standing at the other end of hall, she saw her bedroom at least. Just visible in the doorway was her family standing or sitting talking cheerfully to each other.

Teresa ran forward as fast as her legs would carry her and found it was getting harder to walk. Next the bedroom door started to close very slowly. Desperate to reach the door, Teresa now crawled toward it with all her might and it only seem to get further away. In what seem to take forever, Teresa was now at the foot of the door, but not able to move except to frail her small arms and legs in a useless attempt to move as the door slammed shut.

Teresa woke up with a start in bed. The room was pitch dark and only the lights from outside gave her a view of the bedroom.

‘Just a nightmare.’ Teresa thought now taking calming breaths.

Teresa couldn’t help herself from going to the bathroom and making sure she wasn’t getting any younger. Still her youthful face from nearly ten years ago stared back at her, having slightly bloodshot eyes and pale from shock.

Teresa decided not to go back to bed, but instead to watch some late night TV. Tired of watching old movies and info commercials, Teresa decided to wake her husband an hour earlier then normal. More then wanting company, she hoped her husband was in the mood for some sex. Her body seemed to want it as bad as she needed to eat.

Still half asleep and groggy, Don joyfully caressed his wife when she nudged him awake with her playfulness and opened his eyes when he reached her breasts.

“What’s wrong?” Teresa said when her husband stopped touching her.

“Doesn’t feel right. It almost feels like I’m cheating on you with a younger woman.” Don confessed, but not taking his eyes off his wife’s new body.

“Well, just pretend we just started out in life again. Like we were before when we first got married and this is our honeymoon room.” Teresa said playfully stripping off the rest of her clothes.

Teresa was amazed how quickly she exhausted her husband as she took a quick shower a few minutes later.

She was happy to see that he regained his strength when he came to the breakfast table just after the kids. Teresa, hair still wet and wearing old clothes, looked odd next to her neatly dressed children and husband. Lori was first to asked why she wasn’t going to work.

“Your mother isn’t feeling well that’s all.” Don answered his daughter’s question.

Teresa was a little annoyed by the fact that her husband was taking over in the conversation as if she wasn’t really an adult anymore.

Finally everyone was gone from the house to go to school and work, leaving Teresa alone in the house. With nothing better to do, Teresa decided try to control her age.

Going to her daughter’s room and standing in front of the mirror closet she tried various ways in thinking how to become older.

After a few minutes, she noticed she finally done it. Teresa had to focus hard on feeling older, but it work none the less, even if it was only a few years gained in compared to her current age. Exhausted by the up hill battle, Teresa looked around the room and wondered what it would be like to be her daughter’s age. She decided to focus on that age for a short while.

Much quicker then she wanted it to happen, she suddenly found herself shrinking to the age and size of a 13-year-girl. Teresa’s adult robe now hung loosely around her neck and the bottom of the robe pooled around her feet.

“Opps” Teresa said to her reflection and tossed off her robe.

Teresa was stuck with the amazement on just how much her and her daughter looked alike. Only differences was her daughters eyes were different in color and hair style she wore.

Teresa looked at her naked body for a little while and wondered if she even started liked boys at this age. Then she thought how fun it be to still have this power when Halloween comes and Christmas. She could accompany the kids on Halloween and then a few months later spent time with them a little closer to their age as they open presents.

Teresa had even gone so far in trying one or two of her daughter’s outfits for kicks.

Teresa was so caught in thinking about the joys of her new found power she didn’t realize that she accidentally regressed herself a few years more.

Teresa only noticed when she glanced back at the mirror. A flat chested girl with bare privates stared back with a small shocked look on her face. She was midway in changing cloths.

‘Better fix this.’ Teresa thought focusing as hard as she could in aging herself back.

Slowly Teresa managed to get herself back into her teens and stopped at 18-years-old. The aging part felt like running straight up a hill and Teresa had enough for one day.

With nothing better to do, Teresa decided to go shopping for some food. After getting dress and doing some quick laundry, she was off. Teresa was sure not to speed or make any mistakes while she drove to and back from the store. She would have a lot to explain to a cop why she had a diver license of a 32-year-old woman and looked 18-years-old at best.

Teresa found herself going down the baby isle at least twice looking at all the items. How she missed holding her children in her arms and taking care of their every need. Teresa had wondered what it would be like to be a baby again. She was pretty sure it would be easy to become that age, but the dream reminded her how helpless she’d be. Of course she has her husband and children to look after her she thought.

Picking up the cheapest and smallest package of toddler diapers, she decided to buy them just in case. Just maybe she could make herself a toddler at least once while everyone else was away from the house.

Besides her curious desire, she still had relatives who kids were still in diapers.

‘Never hurts to keep them around.’ Teresa thought tossing the package in her cart.

Teresa had also picked up a few supplies that only babies and toddlers would need. Teresa thought it would be best to hide them under the sink in the bathroom that was connected to the master bedroom.

Teresa wondered if she secretly had a desire to be a baby again or did she want a baby to take care of.

‘Won’t know until I become one or have another one.’ Teresa thought as she walked out of the isle.

Teresa found her right hand over her stomach. It didn’t occur to her til now that she could have even more children. Teresa could almost picture herself around over a dozen children. The image was so funny to think about, she grinned as she went down the next isle not really aware what was in it.

Teresa was taken back by the check-out clerk next. He had flirted with her a bit as she was checking out. Even his friend, the bag boy, give her an extra stare or two as she put her bags in the cart.

Teresa grinned more to herself as she put the bags away in the back of the car.

‘If they only knew how old she really was. Almost old enough to be their mother.’ she thought nearly laughing out loud.

Teresa was tapping her feet nearly all the way home as she listened to one of her daughter’s favorite radio stations. The house was still empty when she got home, but in a few minutes that would change. The school bus was due to arrive and then her husband would come in an hour later.

Quickly, Teresa put away her supplies then the food she bought. She then worked furiously to start dinner for everyone. It wouldn’t be as nice as one of her normal prepared meals, but at least everyone would be fed.

The kids came in being as loud as normal and tossing their backpacks down by the door as they came in. Both kids had a curious need to see their mother and Lori wondered how much younger she had become. Lori suspected that her mother was somehow becoming younger despite her dad’s reason that mom was just sick and she only looked young.

Lori smiled when she entered the kitchen and seeing her mom now a few years less then the last time she saw her.

Toby didn’t seem to notice the change and got a can of soda out of the fridge before going upstairs.

“Have a good day?” Teresa asked her children.

“Yeah.” from Toby came as he left the room to go to his own bedroom.

“Mine was good. Hey mom, are you getting younger?” Lori asked when her brother was out of ear shot.

Teresa turned and stared at her daughter for second.

“Yes, but I shouldn’t become much younger then this. I can control it so you don’t have to worry.” Teresa said in a low voice.

“Do you have other superhuman powers? And will I get some too when I’m older?” Lori asked excitedly.

“No, honey. Just that mommy was given a gift and she can pick her age now. Hopefully it will go away and I can get back to being my old self.” Teresa explained as she stirred some sauce in a pan.

“Wish I could choose my age now.” Lori said in low whisper.

“You’re already growing up too fast for me. It seems like only yesterday you were tugging on my apron wanting my full attention.” Teresa said with a happy look on her face.

“How old or young will you get?” Lori asked quickly trying her best to change the topic of old memories.

“No matter how old I am. I’m still your mother no matter what. If you must know I think I stay around this age. I’ll stay above Mandy’s age so I can still drive. I can even take her place as babysitter for a little while so I can spend more time with you.” Teresa said at first being serious then joking a little.

“Go wash up then get your homework done and tell your brother to do the same.” Teresa said before her daughter could ask any more questions.

When Teresa’s husband got home, she found the next conversation wasn’t any easier. Don was not at ease by his now slightly younger wife nor her words that she could control the strange power that allowed her change her age.

“What would you have done if you couldn’t remember who you were?” Don said in a worried tone after he heard the story how she had become a preteen again.

“Guess my mom would be in for a shock.” Teresa said unconcerned.

“Just glad it’s Thursday and it’s only one day away from the weekend. Promise me you won’t become Lori’s age again.” Don said looking imploringly at his wife.

“I promise I won’t be Lori’s age.” Teresa said and then thought ‘you didn’t say anything about becoming younger then her age.’

After supper Teresa found herself going to bed early this time on her own free will. Teresa didn’t bother asking her husband if he wanted to cuddle a bit before going to sleep. His adverting eyes and the gentlemanly way he treated her told her enough he was uneasy just being around her.

Teresa found her dreams to be nice this time. She had a silly dream of flying through the air and speeding up as she flew on.

When she finally awoke, she discovered that she had overslept and the house was empty. Everyone else had gotten their own breakfast and left, Teresa figured when she saw the cereal bows in the sink.

‘Today I think I’ll try out my gift a little more.’ Teresa thought as she gathered her secret supplies and then sat on the living room floor.

‘You’re only as old as you feel.’ Teresa told herself again and again as she sat on the floor only in her robe now.

In rush of seconds, Teresa found herself going through the odd process of getting younger. To her point of view the world was growing larger and she was still normal. If it wasn’t for the physical changes in her body she thought for sure she was shrinking.

Teresa slipped out of the robe when she reached down to her preteens and continued to go at an amazing rate.

‘Strange I don’t feel anything. I must be six or less.’ Teresa thought as her body was now skinny as a bean pole and she looked like nothing but skin and bones.

‘Slow down and stop!’ Teresa thought quickly as her body suddenly took on a chubby look.

Teresa closed her eyes in the final down spiral toward her younger years. She opened them to see bright pink fingers and toes with very pale skin when it was done. Teresa thought it was the only kind of paleness one can get by not getting any sun at all.

Unsteadily Teresa got up, her legs wobbled for second then she got her balance back. As far she could tell and see, she must be a 2-year-old.

“Terweble two Weresa” Teresa said out loud as she patted her stomach. It stuck out and made her feel even chubbier then before. Teresa was shocked by her voice. She had expected it to be high pitch and baby like, but the lisp of her own voice had caught her off guard.

‘Teresa was too adult for her now. Resa will be my name now when I’m a toddler.’ Teresa thought as she looked around and then returned her attention back to her body. The natural breeze the house had sometimes when the cooling fans were on made her have goose bumps.

Resa was suddenly scared to be found without any clothing on. Fear of being spanked or made to stand in the corner filled her mind in what seemed to come out of no where.

‘Don’t be silly, Resa. There no one home and its hours before your husband will get home.’ Toddler Teresa thought to herself. Of course, Resa did put on the diaper that she laid on the floor for herself, around her waist. She enjoyed the sensitive skin she had as she sat on the floored and tapped the diaper closed. It wasn’t a tight fit, but it stayed on her at the very least.

‘Have to see myself.’ Resa thought as she waddled to her daughter’s room. The mirrored door on the closet was the lowest mirror in the house.

‘I’m too cute.’ Resa thought as she looked. An adorable toddler girl with wavy hair, that had curls on the ends, stared back at her with a grin. Her face looked like a cherub with a cute upturn nose and bright little eyes.

Resa looked at the rest of her body. It almost felt indecent for her to be topless even in her own house. ‘There wasn’t much to cover’ she thought as she looked at the two very small pink nipples on a flat chested toddler were normal in her eyes.

Not wanting to change back right away, Resa explored the house and got a better feel for her much younger body. After what seemed like two hours of walking and climbing on chairs, sofa, then beds, Resa was tired and decided to stay on her son’s bed and take an afternoon nap. It was getting boring climbing up and down, but the challenge of it all made it worth all the fun at first.

Resa woke up from the bed a little confused. For a minute she thought she dreamed using her gift to become a baby. Then seeing her body and the pink trim diaper she was wearing she knew better. Resa was troubled by the fact her hand was close to her mouth when she first woke up from a fetal sleeping position.

‘Was I a thumb sucker?’ Resa thinking for a brief second then decided the question wasn’t important.

Climbing down and walking back to her daughter’s room, she saw that she was unchanged; a diaper clad toddler girl looking back was just as cute as ever.

Resa, looking admiringly at herself, felt something that turned her adventure into a nightmare. Movement in her lower body told her that she needed to pee. Increasing pressure told her that she needed to go now.

Running to the nearest bathroom, her little feet were hardly making any sound. She realized, as she stood in front of toilet, that it was impossible for her climb onto it without any help. She looked around for anything that might help her use as a step ladder. She thought to climb into the tub, but it was at her chest level now. Fear of falling over the other and hitting her head made her stand her ground.

‘No choice. It’ll take me too long to change back to an adult.’ Resa thought sitting down on the bathroom mat trying her best to relax to let nature do it’s work.

Resa shuttered at the warm wet feeling that could be felt in her diaper as it spread.

‘Ewww. I guess being a baby is little different then I thought.’ Resa thought.

In what seemed to take a long time, Resa was relieved that flow had stopped. Undoing the tabs on the diaper, Resa thought hard to make herself older. The recent event made it much harder for her to age she noted after a minute. Two more minutes later she was getting older out of toddlerhood and back to early childhood. Disposing of the diaper in the bathroom trash can, she stepped into the tub for a nice long hot bath after she rinsed herself clean.

Resa was surprised by the fact she didn’t have to make the water too warm before she was loved the temperature. The sensitive skin she had was still there even when she reached ten years of age.

Teresa took in the odd pleasure as her breasts grew back. At first there were two round puffy nipples then her breasts grew out then down to form more mature breasts of a girl in her late teens. She rubbed her lower private area for a minute as the hair grew back causing her to itch slightly.

Finishing drying herself and draining the tub, Teresa discovered that she had only an hour left before her kids would be home.

Quickly Teresa went back to the living room and put away any signs that she was up to anything but cleaning.

Teresa decided not to fix dinner, but instead ordered out for pizza. She hadn’t ordered pizza for the kids in a while and decided it was a great idea.

Teresa ended up making herself a little older then eighteen and was around her twenties. She guessed this as she looked in the bathroom mirror for a few minutes.

‘Maybe Don won’t ignore me now.’ Teresa thought as she felt her breasts. They were at the peak level of maturity. Teresa knew in a few years they’ll start to settle down to make a nice pair of woman’s breasts.

Teresa thought it was strange for her to be so proud of her womanhood so much. Part of her knew it was important to have that feeling of adulthood around so she could stay her current age, but couldn’t get on how wild her thoughts were now. Reckless and wild thoughts came to her like she really was a college kid again.

She briefly wondered if there was a struggle in her mind between her younger self against her adult self.

Just then the front door opened and judging from sounds of feet Teresa knew it was her kid’s home for school. Toby saw her first and gave his mother a funny look. His thoughts were how strange his mother had been acting and looked. Then Lori was next to see and looked with a grin at her face as she saw her mother. Teresa knew there was no way she could hide the secret from her own daughter.

Teresa had more fun with her husband then she thought. Instead of giving into his wants, she denied him even touching her. Teresa loved teasing him as she dressed for bed and gave him only small peaks at her new body.

Teresa found herself up early and watching cartoons along with her children. Teresa found them more entertaining then before, but thought them as silly as normal.

While the kids played with other kids in the neighborhood, Teresa explain to her husband she learned to control her age. Did little to relief his worried face, but he was happy all the same that his wife learned to control her aging process.

“Just don’t play around with this. Could be dangerous.” Don said wondering how this was really possible.

“I got it under control.” Teresa said her temper rising.

“Ok, Ok.” Don said looking like he had more to say, but kept it to himself.

“Anyway, I need to go for a while. I got some materials to pick up if I’m going to be working on this old house. I’ll call the babysitter to come and watch the kids in an hour or so you can have some free time to yourself.” Don said as he picked up his car keys.

“Ok, dear. Try to be back around five. You know that when they normally come home.” Teresa said and smiling at an idea she had.

With the house to herself again Teresa couldn’t resist using her gift again. This time she didn’t head for the bathroom, but her daughter’s room. Recently her daughter had a habit of hanging her oldest and “too small for me” clothes on a bottom pole in the closet.

Picking out the smallest and prettiest outfit, Teresa went to the bathroom and decided to change in two very different ways.

Minutes later a girl who looked a little like Lori stepped out, but she was half the age of Lori. The clothes she had on were baggy, but a good fit none the less. Lori was always stubborn about not throwing away old clothes and saving them for her dolls. Some of Lori’s toy dolls were the size of a small child.

Resa checked herself real fast and decided to go outside. The neighborhood had at least a dozen kids and she blended in perfectly now. Most of the younger kids hung out at a mowed field just down the street.

Wasn’t long til she joined a small group of kids playing tag and Teresa’s own daughter recognized her mother then offered for her to join them. Soon she playing and running as if she was really a kid again.

Soon Resa was walking back to her house with her daughter leading the way. Lori was asking more questions and trying to learn everything. Teresa was stubborn and decided not reveal too much.

Resa stopped in her tracks when she saw a car pull up along side her. It was Mandy’s car, the kid’s babysitter.

“Hey Lori. Ran by your house and no one was there. Your dad called and wanted me to babysit you for the afternoon while your mother was out. Lucky I have a key to the house. Looked like your mother had to leave and who’s this?” Mandy asked as she drove the car barely cruising down the street.

“This is my cousin, she’s staying with us.” Lori lied sounding like she planned it out.

“Your dad didn’t mention any cousin, but I’ll be happy to look after you too. I’m Mandy by the way. See you two at the house.” Mandy said and sped up to park in front of the house only a few houses away.

Resa looked around for anything it might help her, but it was no use. All her adult clothing was in the house and she would need some time and privacy to change back to normal.

Resa had no choice, but to go in as Mandy held the door.

“By the way cutie. What’s your name?” Mandy asked as Resa came in

“Resa” Teresa said wishing she didn’t have such a silly sounding voice now.

“Kinda like Lisa, huh. Cool.” Mandy said and gave a look of false admiration.

Resa felt a bit of pride inside her grow at being commented.

Teresa couldn’t find much wrong with Mandy’s job as a babysitter, through her first hand experience of it now. Not until much later while she played a video game with her daughter, Toby came back home from a neighbor’s house to clean up for supper.

“Girls you have to take a shower together. Toby used most of the hot water and there is only enough for one quick shower.” Mandy said walking in looking already a little weary.

Resa was horrified for a second. She hadn’t planned on revealing her immature body to anyone much less her own daughter.

“Resa you go ahead start the shower and Lori pick out some clothes for you and your cousin. It looks like your dad is going to be late coming home tonight. I’ll get some leftover pizza for dinner started in the microwave and try to settle down your brother.” Mandy said with a tired tone of voice.

Resa went ahead and shut the door to the bathroom.

‘I can change back now and wear my old clothes’ Resa said turning to look in the hamper. It was empty and fresh towels now laid on top of it.

‘Damn, Mandy did the laundry while I was playing a video game.’ Resa thought looking around. The only thing that fits her now was the towels if she turned back into an adult, and it would be hard explain how she got back in the house wearing nothing but towels.

Soft knocks came at the door.

“Resa?” Lori voice came in a whisper.

Resa unlocked the door and let her daughter in. Then Mandy came around the corner and walked right in.

“Ok you two in. Don’t be shy I’ll lock the door so Toby doesn’t come in.” Mandy said checking her reflection in the mirror and unconcerned by the girl’s undressing.

At first Resa went slow in undressing then saw her daughter was undressing unconcerned. Summer camps and sleepovers must have taken any shyness out of her long ago, Resa concluded, as she stepped in.

“Don’t spend too much time playing in there. Your mom wouldn’t be too pleased about not having any hot water when she gets home.” Mandy said to the blurred naked figures behind the glass.

Acting as normal as possible, Resa took an extra bar of soap and lathered herself while her daughter did the same. Resa was shocked that her daughter was grinning and not saying anything to her. Resa could only think that the babysitter waiting outside kept her quiet.

Resa could tell by her blurred outline through the shower door that Mandy was checking how much time they been in there.

“Okay girls. Wash your hair then step out. Here’s a towel for you Lori.” Mandy said putting one towel over the top of the door.

“Get out and dressed and I’ll be right back after I check on Toby. He should be still in his room finishing up his homework.” Mandy said a minute later then moving out of sight.

Quickly Resa stepped out to get an extra towel off the hamper while Lori dried her hair.

“Lori, these clothes are too small for me.” Resa said looking at her new clothing. The night time outfit was a size or two too small for her.

“Just get smaller.” Lori whispered quickly looking at the door.

Lori then looked eagerly at her mother. She wanted to see her mother change her age for a while now.

“Ok.” Resa said then relax herself. Almost instantly and a little faster then she wanted, she made herself just a little younger. Now a 5-year-old Resa looked up at her even taller looking daughter.

“Cool” Lori said hardly noticing her mother getting smaller as she was getting younger.

“Aren’t you two dress yet?” Mandy said her temper rising a bit. She took Resa’s hand and took her towel off in a flash. Next she grabbed the panties and PJ’s pants and told her to lift her legs up as she sat on the toilet lid.

Teresa felt worse then even. Here was girl hardly any older then her own daughter telling her what to do and dressing her of all things. Resa swore she felt herself get a little smaller as she was being dressed.

“You all can watch a little TV and then it’s off to bed with you two.” Mandy said after getting Resa’s night shirt on.

Resa thought she never felt so embarrassed in her entire life as she followed the now dressed Lori back to the living room and Mandy just behind her.

‘Come on Don. Where are you?’ Resa thought as she forced to stay in eye sight of Mandy.

A little time passed and Don finally came home to be greeted by Mandy.

His look of confusion was gone in a second as he realized who Lori’s cousin really was. Mandy always debrief the parent of a child in her care on the events and behavior under her watchful eyes.

Don paid a little extra then left her to be on her way.

“Well, well. Look at what they have gotten themselves into.” Don said picking up Resa as if she was as light as a feather.

Don then carried her to the kitchen counter to sit her on and have a look.

Lori only smiled and watched from a distance.

“Still a beautiful girl.” Don said touching her nose lightly with his index finger.

Resa couldn’t help but giggle. Don was making her feel special.

“Start making yourself older.” Don said now moving away toward the fridge for a drink.

Resa imagined herself becoming older and trying her best to feel older. Feelings of shame and joy were blocking her attempt.

“I can’t. I’m still ashamed about being naked in front of Mandy and Lori. The attention you just gave me didn’t help either.” Resa said looking frustrated.

“Too much excitement would be my guess. You got all day Sunday, until then you’re sleeping in Lori’s room. You did say to me a while back you wanted to spend more time with the kids.” Don said leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind he was in full charge now.

Resa had no freedom or any power over her own husband. She was sent off to bed after she brushed her teeth. Resa refused to go asleep even after Don was off in dreamland in the master bedroom. She was on the floor laying on a bed of blankets by her daughter’s bed. Lori had stayed up as well.

“How young can you get?” Lori said after a while of late night television watching. Resa turned to see her daughter staring curiously at her.

“Don’t know. Only been a toddler once then aged back to an adult.” Resa said trying to sound like an adult.

“Only when you feel young you change.” Lori said.

Resa looked back with a little shock and wondered if Lori overheard her talking to Don.

“I’ll bet your get younger if I can make you feel like a baby.” Lori said sliding off her bed and pinning her mother down easy.

“Lori, stop this. I’m your mother.” Resa said struggling against Lori.

“Let’s see if you wet your pants if I tickle you too much.” Lori said and began to tickle her furiously and not stopping for breaths.

Resa trying to sound serious now sounded humorous as she told off her daughter for picking on her. Between high pitch laughing and giggles she could hardly get a word out.

“Come on, whittle Wesa.” Lori said in mock baby voice and stripping her shirt off then her pants as she turned to tickled her feet.

“Stop it. Your making me get younger.” Resa said as she felt Lori body suddenly get heavier and her own shifted as she grew smaller.

Toby walked in that point thinking the girls were playing a game and he wanted to join in. Little they know that Toby had snuck out of bed and listened for some gossip just outside the door. Conversation was a strange one, but now seeing the little girl in front on floor struggling to get free, Toby watched as she turned into a toddler and Lori was still holding her down.

“Little Lisa, Little Lisa.” Chanted Lori looking toward Toby to start saying it.

Toby followed soon after and it was all Resa could hear.

Lori had stripped the last of her children’s clothing. She was naked and hardly older then a toddler and stilling getting younger. Downward she went past 3 years-old to 2 years-old then 1-year-old and still going.

Toby was first to stop chanting then Lori let up and now stood over a baby girl laying on her back. Splitting and babbling at them both in what appeared to be telling them off then looking frustrated that she could not even say a signal word right.

“You turned mom into a baby.” Toby said accusingly at his sister.

“Oh yeah and you helped me.” Lori said accusing her brother right back.

Crying sounds brought Lori’s attention back to her mother.

“There, there Lisa.” Lori said picking her up and copying the actions of a woman she’d seen taking care of her own child.

“Ba be ba.” Resa was saying trying her best to get out of daughter’s arms. She was so small she could hardly move on her own. Resa was trying to say “Bad, Bad, Bad.” She thought she could at least say that right, but all that came out was nonsense words.

“She looks mad.” Toby said peering at the baby in Lori’s arms.

“Watch her for a second. I’m going try to find some diapers in the bathrooms and if I can’t find some diapers we’ll just dress her in some doll’s clothes. Mom said she become a toddler once so she got to have some clothes or diapers around here somewhere.” Lori said thinking the bathroom was perfect place to hide something.

Toby took this free time to look over at the baby girl that was his mother, laying on the bed of blankets. Looking frustrated she couldn’t utter one single word right and still trying to communicate. So pink and pale all at the same time was her skin it was hard to believe this little squirming creature could be his mom. Toby pondered then looked at her naked body carefully.

Asides for a few brief glimpses of his sister naked, he has never seen a girl naked, only if she was just a baby now. So powerful was his urge, he reached out his hand to touch her just to see what she would do.

“Toby! What is going on in here?” his father said from the door, then looking at the baby girl on floor crying and babbling even more at the sight of him. He turned his attention to his son with his hand still halfway out.

“I...I...” Toby started to say and felt a rush of guilt over power him.

“What were you doing?!” Don said rushing forward and taking his son’s hand then pulling his body down to force him in face down position on the floor. Toby felt his night shorts and underwear pulled down his legs as his dad pulled them down. Pains and yelps were heard next in the room as Don spanked his son very hard and telling him not to touch his mother when she is a baby.

Lori came back holding a diaper in one hand and trying to look as innocent as possible. She had hid behind the door when she heard her father get up to check out the strange noises. Of course she had to explain how Toby ended up standing over their mother.

“Was Toby teasing her again?” Lori lied to her father as he stopped spanking her brother and looked at her for an answer.

“Liar!” cried Toby from the floor looking shocked by his sister’s statement.

“What was going in here?” Don said getting up and letting Toby go to crawl away into a corner.

“We were just playing and she turned into a baby all of a sudden after Toby teased her a bit.” Lori said quickly looking at Toby in the corner. Lori’s own face showed no guilt or any sign she had been part of her mother’s downfall.

Being too big for a spanking Don decided a different way to punish his daughter for letting this happen.

“I think you know better young lady and you’re both grounded for a week or until I can get your mother to tell me what really happen.” Don said noticing his daughter’s feet were shifted from one side to the other. A tall tale sign she wasn’t being completely truthful.

“One more word out of either of you tonight and I’ll spank you no matter how old you are.” Don said picking up Teresa in his arms and looking at Lori as he left taking the diaper out of her hand.

“Bed.” Don said as Toby hurried out of the room to get away.

“Guess it will be awhile before you can tell me what happened.” Don said quietly to the baby girl now cooing at him in what appeared to be expressing her thanks as he walked down the hall.

Next few days were a strange one for Don and the kids. Even stranger for Teresa who was now trapped by her own feelings of being helpless and unable to master herself long enough to age back. It was not until Wednesday when she awoke back into her 2 year-old self. She couldn’t understand how she had aged back to normal when she was asleep in the bed beside Don, but didn’t care.

‘I can move around again.’ Resa thought happily as she climbed off the bed, her make shift rag diaper hitting the floor softly, now way to small for her. Don had tried the stash of diapers in the bathroom after he got his daughter to confess where they were, but those were too big and bulky for her at the time.

Strange feeling being naughty overtook Teresa as she walked around the room without any clothing on. After the joyous feeling and excitement wore off, Teresa decided to change back all the way. Heading off to the master bathroom she stared up at the mirror now out view due to the bathroom counter being in the way.

‘Older.’ Teresa thought and tried her best to feel it then closed her eyes.

No feelings got in her way and she was sure that she must be a kid again by now. When she reopened her eyes, she was still at the same point of view.

Again she tried and still nothing happened.

“I’m stuck.” Resa said thinking the horrible thought out loud. Part of her now wanted to cry her eyes out til Don came in to hold her again. Another part wanted to try a hundred more times.

‘I’m going to be a baby while my kids will be going to high school. ’ Resa thought as she looked down at her toddler self. Nice plump belly with pale white skin and two pink dots that were once the place of her breasts. Even lower she was hairless as a little girl and her private area was nearly hidden by the baby fat on her body.

With nothing better to do, Resa grabbed a diaper from under the sink counter and put it on awkwardly then went to bed to snuggle close to her husband.

‘Try again later. I just tried it too soon.’ She told herself as she felt warm from her husband side against her own small body.

Don woke up thinking that Teresa had wet the bed. An extra warm feeling against his body was puzzlingly him and was just the first thought that was reasonable. Turning on his side, he saw now an asleep again toddler Teresa snuggling close to him for warmth.

‘She finally got a hold of herself to make herself a little older.’ Don thought reaching a hand to her head to caress it. He thought how strange it was that this child’s innocence face in front of him will be become the face of the beautiful woman he loved so much.

Teresa opened her eyes thinking her mother would be there. The fingers that were caressing her head had been a habit her mother did sometimes when she was a child in her arms. Little confused, she opened them slowly and saw Don looking at her with a strange look in his eyes.

“Morning Teresa.” Don said quietly.

“Hi” Teresa said feeling herself blush a bit. She didn’t want her husband to see her like this, stuck in the body of a toddler.

“Remember much?” Don said taking her from under the arm pits to pull onto his stomach to sit on.

“A whittle. How manee days passed?” Teresa asked looking at the closed curtain window.

“Nearly three days.” Don said with some hesitation in his voice.

Teresa was shocked that so much time had passed. She figured a day at the most.

“Called work for you. Said you’ll be in bed all week at least with the flu and you’ve lost your voice.” Don said trying his best to guess her thoughts.

“Thwank you.” Teresa said cursing her lisp with her thoughts. She must of sounded funny in front on him because Don got a grin on his face.

“What?” Teresa said looking accusingly at her husband.

“Nothing, just I never thought you looked so cute before.” Don said and tickling her sides a little.

Teresa was too ashamed and overwhelmed by the praise to say anything and shifted her body side to side causing her diaper to slip a little. Without a word Don readjusted so it was a better fit for her.

“I have been wondering what happened in Lori’s room to make you so small?” Don asked after he secured the tabs on the diaper.

Teresa told him everything and Don’s face soon changed to anger toward his daughter mostly because she lied directly to him and for her actions against her own mother.

“We’ll have a long talk with her when she gets home.” Don said his face back to normal.

“I want to talk to her alwone.” Teresa said to Don trying her best to sound serious with her high pitch voice.

“You sure?” Don asked looking worried.

“Yeah.” Teresa said feeling that she was back in control.

“I’ll be in ear shot just in case. Make yourself a little older at least.” Don said picking up Teresa to sit on the bed now, while he got out of the bed and now towered over her in size.

“I can’t. Alweady tried it.” Teresa said almost shamefully and started to feel small again.

“I just noticed you haven’t change in size one bit while we had our conversation.” Don said looking her over carefully.

“Can you make yourself younger? Just a little bit” Don said quickly and looking worried.

“Ok” Teresa thought then relaxed herself. She imagined going back to a 1-year-old. Feeling no change, she looked back up at Don.

“Still the same. I think you’re stuck at that age.” Don said sounding like he didn’t like having a 2-year-old for a wife.

“See Mr Watt at the barber shop.” Teresa said wondering why on earth she didn’t think of it before.

“Well I guess we have to now. Doc Rubin didn’t find anything when we went to him with this problem.” Don said still thinking it over.

“Maybe tomorrow we can go. Toby’s got his doctor’s check-up today after school.” Don said looking at the clock. They had overslept well past noon; it was nearly three o’clock now.

Teresa stayed out of sight until her daughter went to her room as well as Toby. Both children assumed that their mother was still an infant.

Teresa came out after the all clear signal from her husband, now dressed in a small adult t-shirt and socks that belonged to her son. The house was a bit cold for a diaper clad toddler and Teresa wanted to be fully dressed as possible in front of her children.

The plastic diaper still made a swishy sound as she walked or rather waddled down the hall.

Taking a deep breath she entered the room to find her daughter watching TV from her bed in a laid back position. Being grounded only meant she couldn’t have any contact with her friends or go outside.

“Lori.” Teresa said sounding serious.

“Mom.” Lori jumped with a start seeing her mother a little older then the last time she saw her.

“That was a bad thwing you did to me. I want to know why you did it to your own mother.” Teresa said trying her up most best to pronounce every word right.

“You’re not my mom anymore. You’re still a baby.” Lori said sitting up on the bed her hands face down on the covers.

“Wori, I’m your mother no matter how young or old I get and it doesn’t matter what happened because I still wove you.” Teresa said putting her small hand on her daughter’s right hand. Both jumped when some static discharged between them.

“I shouldn’t have stopped that night.” Lori said out loud as if she was thinking something over.

“What do you mean?” Teresa asked casually making her way closer to the door.

“This time I’ll spank you until you disappear or get so small you’ll never grow up again.” Lori said getting up and shutting the door then locking it in a flash.

Teresa had forgotten about the lock Don installed last year to give her daughter some privacy.

“Lori, don’t do this.” Teresa said as she backed into the wall as her daughter came closer to her.

“Don’t worry mom. I’m sure I’ll make a better big sister to you then your daughter.” Lori said grabbing for her arms.

Before Teresa could utter a scream of fright she found her t-shirt had been taken off along with her socks.

“Those are for big girls not a baby like you.” Lori said quietly and looking ready for mother to scream.

Teresa had the fear that she started regressing, but nothing happened. In fact she felt the same no matter what she was feeling right now.

Seeing no changes, Lori decided for the next step.

“Don’t worry mommy I promise to be nice to you when you’re a witty bitty baby.” Lori said undoing the tabs on the diaper and watching with a sick joy of pleasure the diaper fall to the ground.

“Don!” Teresa finally managed to yell over her almost paralyzing fear.

Lori flipped her over in a flash of movement and spanked hard. She started her chant again as the door pounded with a loud knock with a warning from her father “to open it right now, young lady”.

Teresa let loose her cries of pain, but didn’t brawl like a baby.

“Come on, get younger.” Lori commanded as she hit again and again her hand becoming sore itself. The door to the room now thudded suddenly and the sound of cracking wood was heard on both sides.

“Won’t.....(slap)” Teresa said in between her daughter’s unmerciful hand.

Lori stopped her spanking punishment as the door gave away and her father burst into the room looking furiously around.

Teresa looked long at him to see Toby peering just in view of the room to see what all the noise was about.

Lori backed into the farthest corner now crying her eyes out and looking fearful at her father.

“Please daddy, Please daddy.” Lori begged him before he had said a word.

Teresa and Don stood where they were shocked by what was happening to Lori. Lori appeared to be getting smaller where she stood. Her school clothes hanging off her now childish frame. She appeared to be 11 years-old in age and two sizes too small for her clothing.

With a mixture of joy and fear, both realized she was getting younger.

Toby now peaked in from the doorway looking curiously at his soon to be former big sister.

Lori stopped her crying now as she noticed something was wrong with her room and parents. Her father for one had always been big from her point of view, but now he seemed to be growing in size and so was the rest of her room. Lori looked down to see her mother was no longer a toddler, but a girl around Toby’s age.

“Mommee?!” a 9-year-old Lori shouted out in a state of shock and confusion. Then she looked around the room for help. No escape and nothing was around to help her new problem.

Teresa now noticing her sudden burst of aging grabbed up the cover off the bed and wrapped it around her body quickly.

Don stepped forward reaching out his arms for his daughter and Lori collapsed into them crying more then ever and leaving behind most of her preteen clothing on the floor.

Don knelt down to the floor holding his daughter just under her legs and back like she was a big baby.

“Daddee, I don’t wanna be a babee.” A 7-year-old Lori now shuddered in between her tears.

“Calm down.” Don said trying his best to comfort his daughter.

Lori seemed to think he was talking down to her and this only increase her own regression.

“Lori, if you don’t stop crying, you’re the one who is going to disappear.” the now 18-year-old Teresa said after readjusting her home made toga outfit.

Lori seemed to take some notice to her mother’s word and settled herself slowly until she stopped around 2-years-old.

Teresa thought she was a little younger then two.

“How did this happen?” Don asked his wife lifting his arms up a little.

“I think she got the gift from me when we touched hands and some static shock hit us. Mr Watt gave me the same shock just before I started to notice the changes.” Teresa said now putting it together.

Lori was busy trying to cover herself with her oversize t-shirt that had stayed around her waist when her father had picked her up.

“Lay her on the bed.” Teresa said reaching down to pick-up the still clean diaper. Teresa age was now around 25-years-old and appeared to have stopped.

Don laid two pillows first and set Lori down gently and looked up to see Toby opened mouth and staring at his sister in total disbelief.

“Come on in, Toby. Sorry, I didn’t believe you before buddy.” Don said as Toby cautiously moved beside his father to stare down at his once big sister.

Lori looked horrid to be forced to lay down on the bed with only a shirt for cover. Lori gave out a loud “noooooooo!”, when her mother came over and lifted her legs up to diaper her. Lori kicked at her, but stopped when her mother slapped her on the side of her butt.

“Hold still, young lady.” Teresa said finishing tightening the tabs before standing her up on the bed.

Feelings of fear, confusion, and sudden sickness went through her body as Lori looked into each of their faces. Lori sobbed then threw up on the bed.

“Oh honey.” Teresa said taking her in her arms and dabbing the vomit with her daughter’s now discarded t-shirt.

“Toby, back to your room. Your sister got herself upset and it’s made her sick I think.” Don said ordering his son out.

“My poor baby girl.” Teresa said rocking Lori gently.

“I think it was rougher on her. She doesn’t look good.” Don said looking into the very pale face of his now 2-year-old daughter.

“Don’t feel so good.” Lori said in a muffed voice as her mother shifted her to lay over her shoulder. Her head was resting on her mother’s shoulder and turned away.

“I think a trip in the car will settle her down and if she is still sick, she can see Doc Rubin after he does a check-up on Toby.” Teresa said now remembering the appointment out of the blue.

“He can at the very least give her something to calm down.” Don said looking fearful that his daughter would get younger.

“Let me get dressed and you get Toby ready. Have a talk with him to keep this a secret for now.” Teresa said carrying her daughter to the master bedroom. After a warning not to move off the bed Teresa got dressed and took pleasure in putting on her silk underwear and bra.

In under an hour, they all were in the doctor’s examination room. Little Lori in her mother’s arms while sitting in her lap, looking pale and calm, but still red eyed from her crying.

“Well, who this?” Doc asked as he entered the room and saw a toddler in Teresa’s arms.

“Beth, Don’s neice.” Teresa said sounding if she was ready for the question.

“She feeling well?” Doc Rubin asked looking closer at the face.

“No, she threw-up earlier and has been crying a lot.” Teresa answered this time truthfully.

Teresa was amazed how much kindness old doc Rubin showed as he examined the toddler first and then said it was on the house. He checked her temperature, heart rate, and then lungs with a cold stethoscope, because Lori shuddered every time the metal touched her now bare chest.

“Well, as far I can tell she is in perfect heath. My best guess, she is home sick or really upset over something.” Doc said after a while as he did a full body exam. Lori stood naked on the table her diaper just at her feet.

“Simple beautiful child.” Doc said with a smile and looked at her button nose and eyes before turning to grab a lollipop out of a metal jar.

“If she gets any worse contact me as usual.” Doc said as he watched Teresa put Lori’s diaper back on. Lori was ashamed and embarrassed to even act out or say anything except to answer Doctor’s simple questions he asked her.

“I have the nurse give you a child’s sedative so she’ll go right to sleep and get some needed rest. It’s important she doesn’t get to upset so if she acts up again just give her another one.” Doc explained as he handed the lollipop to Lori. Lori took it and held it limply in her hand as her mother picked her up so she could hang off the side on her mom’s hip.

“Thank you for taking a look at her.” Teresa said as she got use to carrying her baby girl again.

“No problem. I have been a family doctor for years and nearly seen it all.” Doc said looking Teresa over.

“You been feeling better?” Doc asked looking at Teresa carefully, his eyes focusing hard.

“Yeah. Just a bug that went through my system.” Teresa said looking at her husband.

“Well, young man. Are you ready for your check-up?” Doc said turning to see Toby still sitting quietly in the corner on a spare chair looking delightedly at Lori’s face of shame.

Few minutes later.......

Teresa thought happily as they drove back home. Lori now asleep in her arms as they sat in the front seat.

‘Like a little angel.’ Teresa thought looking at the sleeping face.

“I think we should keep her calm and sleeping as much as possible until you go see Mr Watt. Maybe he can fix this.” Don said looking briefly over at his young wife and now much younger daughter.

“You know she is much cuter this way.” Teresa said caressing Lori’s hair a little. Lori’s curly hair was nearly the same as her own.

“Yeah.” Toby said from the back and leaning forward to get a look at his mother face and his new little sister.

“Don’t tell me you want to do bottles, diapers and potty training all over again.” Don said looking curious at his wife as they stopped at a red light.

“Why not? How many people get a chance to start their life over again? She will get better grades in school when she’s old enough of course and she will be so much better behaved this time. I’ll quit my job and spend all my time with my little angel. Just maybe this time I raise her a little better.” Teresa explained quickly.

“See that Watt guy anyway. We don’t what Lori disappearing from sight the next time she has a crying fit.” Don said as the light turned green.

“Ok. I am going to see him anyway. I got a few questions to ask him.” Teresa said now touching Lori cheeks gently, soft skin and flesh was just too much not to be amazed.

The next day....

Past 48 hours had been a roller coaster ride of weirdness for most of the family. Teresa, now tired of all the strangeness, felt it was going to end the moment she walked out of the barber shop. She found the place with no trouble. Watt’s Barber Shop was squeezed in between a new coffee place and a fancy custom dress place.

With Lori now asleep again, thanks to last seductive Teresa gave, she entered the shop.

“Morning Teresa. See you looking better and who this little darling?” Mr Watt said as he got up from his chair in the corner. He tossed his morning paper by his cane just beside his seat.

“Thanks to you and this is my 13-year-old daughter.” Teresa said with a smile and knew this sounded very funny to say.

“Dear me....This is a first.” Mr Watt said looking at the child carefully.

“What is?” Teresa asked.

“Well, the little gift I gave you......” Mr Watt said with wink then went on talking.

“...was to be your gift only. I didn’t think it could transfer to your daughter or anyone else. The only time that could have happened was when you opened your heart to transfer it to her. ” Mr Watt said thinking it over fast.

“Poor dear. I’m sorry to say there is no way for her to grow-up back to her normal self except the old way. Adults can barely handle the little gift I give out and a child wouldn’t stand a chance without the adult wisdom and experience we all gain in time.” Mr Watt said looking very sad.

“It’s alright. I like her better this way. She wasn’t exactly an angel when she got the gift from me.” Teresa explained smiling again at her daughter still asleep over her shoulder.

“Well, unless you want her to vanish from sight and suddenly be 9 months pregnant or less with her again, I suggest you let me take the gift out of her now, before it does more harm then good.” Mr Watt said rising his index finger to touch Lori’s bare leg. A small crack of static was heard and Lori stirred awake.

“There we go. All better now. She won’t get any younger and no harm was done to you Teresa.” Mr Watt said reaching for his Cane to lean on.

Lori looked temporary frightened as she looked around.

“Don’t worry little lady. You’ll grow up again and be happy more then ever.” Mr Watt said patting Lori’s back gently.

Lori sniffed loudly, but didn’t start crying for once. Lori was thinking it was bad enough for her entire family to see her, but she was in public now, in full view of strangers.

“Sit her down here on my chair. Like I said before “I’m a bit of a softy in giving out a free hair cuts to pretty young girls“ Mr Watt said digging out a small sheet out of a cabinet then raising the seat as high as possible.

Teresa asked a few questions mostly about him and got little back in answers. When she asked about his gift he only said.

“Just a special gift I have. Not sure if it’s some kind of magic or power my mind can do. All I know is I had it all my life.” Mr Watt said as he trimmed Lori’s very small hair then putting it in two cute pony tails.

“Why did I return back to this age?” Teresa asked toward the end of their conversation.

“Call it an after effect of the gift once it leaves your body.” Mr Watt said briefly and looking like he didn’t what to say much more.

“Thank you for everything.” Teresa said sitting her daughter on her feet. Lori’s new Mary Jane type shoes tapped the floor gently as she kept her one hand on her mother’s for some need she couldn’t explain.

“Might want to check back with your work. I kinda lied about my financial situation and I bought some land as well as those two houses. I imagine they’ll raise your pay and let you work from home for now on.” Mr Watt said with a grin as he settled back in his chair.

“I made it very clear to your boss that he should keep you employed and I considered buying more land through his business.” Mr Watt said adjusting his paper now to open it back up.

“You’re too kind. There is one last favor I need to ask you.” Teresa said feeling she’s asking too much now.

“Yes?” Mr Watt said looking interested at her.

“My husband. He nearly twice my age now and...” Teresa said then was irrupted.

“Say no more. Consider it done and just send him to see me.” Mr Watt said now smiling from ear to ear.

“Goodbye.” Teresa said now a tear of joy leaving her eye.

“Til the next time we meet. It was my pleasure to help you.” Mr Watt said as he nodded his head as she left.

When the door shut all the way, a new voice came from the side room of barber shop.

“Think anyone will ever figure out that you have been turning people back to younger ages so I can stay in the babysitting business?” Mandy asked as she stepped out of the dark doorway.

“No.” Mr Watt said almost in a laughing tone and looking amused at his granddaughter’s question.

“It’s nice we secretly own the daycare, clothing store and this place.” Mandy said looking around the barber shop.

“Don’t forget your old job as a babysitter to the families around here too.” Mr Watt said smiling.

“It’s a great cover to scout out those who deserve your gift, Granddad.” Mandy said looking out the window and seeing a few people pass by.

“Few more years and we’ll completely own this town. Everyone will be in our debt from the gift I give them.” Mr Watt said with a wicked grin.

The End.